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The new edition of Customer Concepts explains how ensuring an excellent and consistent customer experience across every sales channel will help deepen your customer relationships, and drive sales.

Click on the link below for direct access to the digital version of the current issue.

Oracle Customer Concepts magazine

Read this edition to find out how to:

Maximise mobile productivity for sales people
Deliver a consistently excellent customer experience
Optimise customer data management
Plus, register for access to Oracle thought leadership and customer testimony presented in our insightful white papers, videos and podcasts.

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Oracle crm 2011-02_uk_web

  1. 1. Issue 2011.02Ensuring an optimisedcustomer experienceCustomer ExperienceManagementWhy and how to ensure a consistentlyexcellent customer experience acrossevery channelSales ProductivityThe best value tools to enable yoursales teams to work smarter and bemore productiveMaster Data ManagementHow taking control of customer datadrives improved service, increased loy-alty and higher sales
  2. 2. Welcome Customer Experience Management Forget multi-channel – Delivering a cross-channel experience go cross-channel! In today’s hyper-connected world, most companies are trying to maximise revenues Customers commonly use multiple channels and de­ approach to CEM can increase sales, improve customer by selling to and interacting with customers across multiple physical and digital chan- vices within the context of a single purchase. However, retention, lower costs and enhance differentiation. Oracle nels. However, this multi-channel approach to the customer experience is no longer the way most companies manage the customer experi­ is developing the CEM solutions you need in this new busi- enough to ensure success. ence has not changed. Discover new approaches to CEM ness environment. and the technologies empowering them. The proliferation of Internet-based platforms for commerce, information sharing and Watch the webcast: opinion forming means that customer behaviour is now guided by a wider range SIX KEY CEM TRENDS of influencers than ever before – most of whom are independent. In addition, cus- 1) The move away from a siloed approach to CEM, towards tomers are accessing these platforms via an ever-expanding range of devices, from an integrated approach that leverages cloud-based software INTEGRATING MARKETING & LOYALTY smartphones to tablet computers. tools to increase revenues and reduce costs Organisations’ CEM processes need to catch up with the“A multi-channel way customers make purchases today. That means ensuring Given this fragmentation of influence and access methods, the potential for the cus- 2) A shift in thinking which acknowledges that customers customer interactions are consistent and valuable, irrespec-approach to the tomer experience to also fragment is considerable. The result is customer frustration, use multiple channels per buying decision, and seeks to tive of the channel used. To achieve this, thorough customercustomer experience lower satisfaction and lost sales. That is why it is time for a new, cross-channel ap- proach to customer experience management (CEM). ensure a smooth experience as they switch between them profiling for increased marketing effectiveness, a personal- ised user experience, and rewarding loyalty are all no longer enough 3) A focus on improving sales effectiveness through the This edition of Customer Concepts focuses on: integration of mobile access to sales tools Watch the webcast:to ensure success.” CONNECTING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – why and how to pursue sales, mar- 4) The increasing use of social networking tools within keting and service consistency across channels customer groups and sales organisations NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES Oracle is developing a range of technologies that enable a SALES IN MOTION – the best value approach to enabling smarter, more productive 5) Efforts to create a more balanced distribution of sales consistent cross-channel customer experience. Real-Time selling from anywhere opportunities across sales territories. Decisions supports the delivery of tailored product recom- mendations based on individual user behaviour. Oracle Policy A HOLISTIC CUSTOMER VIEW – empowering deeper, broader customer relation- 6) The evolution of powerful but easy-to-use CEM applica- Automation provides a simple user interface for customers ships, improving customer service, and supporting sales through data centralisation tions based on open standards and service agents to easily execute potentially complex tasks. Oracle E-Billing gives customers much greater insight For an even more detailed analysis on how to deliver a superior cross-channel com- Watch the webcast: into their spending patterns and makes optimisation recom- merce experience, you can also download a special white paper that recently ap- mendations. Oracle Real-Time Scheduling ensures custom- peared in DestinationCRM magazine:­channel_commerce ers can perform tasks or receive purchases at their con- MAXIMISING SOCIAL COMMERCE venience. Finally, Oracle’s Live Help solution powers smart I hope you find this edition of Customer Concepts valuable. As always, ideas, sugges- Combining customer data and social media presents an live website service interactions based on user behaviour. tions or requests regarding any aspect of the magazine are always welcome! enormous but largely untapped opportunity for merchants. Only few early adopters have succeeded in going beyond a Watch the webcast: Best regards, passive “monitoring the conversations” exercise, or placing a storefront on Facebook by pairing customer data from so- Steve Fearon cial media channels with their existing CRM, Web analytics, Vice President, Applications Sales Development, merchandising and e-commerce systems. Nevertheless, in- Alliances & CRM On Demand, EMEA dustry observers believe this shift, often referred to as “so- Oracle United Kingdom cial CRM” or “sCRM, represents the next great wave in ” online commerce. Download the white paper: Getting it right Discover the seven steps to boosting sales and cus- In This Issue Next Issue Contact Us ENABLING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE tomer satisfaction while lowering service costs: MANAGEMENT THE SECRETS OF GAIN INSIGHTS INTO FOR FURTHER Independent analyst Forrester believes we are transition- GREAT CUSTOMER SHAPING YOUR INFORMATION ing into a new era of agile commerce in which the right EXPERIENCE SERVICE EXCELLENCE 0870 876 8301 MANAGEMENT 2. 3.
  3. 3. Sales Productivity Master Data Management Closing deals via the cloud Master your data, maximise customer relationshipsImagine having access to comprehensive information GET SMARTER Greater competition increases the importance of retain­ This requires integration with tools that help you extract in-about your pipeline, opportunities, leads, accounts and Oracle CRM On Demand provides the historical analytics ing customers. However, poor customer data quality sight from customer data and use it to, for example, designcontacts, plus the ability to analyse and update it – all in and real-time reporting to support informed decision- and management stop many organisations from max­ loyalty campaigns based on a more thorough understandingreal time, and all via your smartphone or other mobile making. It also integrates sales and marketing information imising the service, up­selling­ and cross­selling oppor­ of a customer’s buying behaviour, service experience, anddevice. Enterprise­class Cloud­based CRM solutions like to create a unified pipeline for greater effectiveness visibility, tunities that would deepen their customer relationships likely needs.Oracle CRM On Demand make it possible. better quality leads, higher close rates and a shorter sales and increase loyalty. We identify five key aspects of cre­ cycle. In addition, it provides a 360-degree view of the cus- ating and extracting value from master customer data. Oracle Customer Hub, Oracle’s lead Customer Data IntegrationPicture the scene. Prior to an important sales meeting, you tomer across all channels through a hosted contact centre, solution, is a key part of Oracle’s approach to master datarealise you do not know all the customer attendees. So you integrated sales, marketing and service data, and integration 1) CONSOLIDATION THAT ENSURES management.take out your phone, look up their public profile on a site like with Microsoft Outlook. COMPLETENESSLinkedIn and import it into your contact management tool. A comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date view of custom-Then you access a complete history of all the interactions er information is the foundation of great customer relation-with this prospect, the details of the current opportunity, ships. This consolidated view will enable you to extract theand other relevant information such as recent press re- insight you need to improve customer service and spot newleases. You are now fully informed, improving the chances of sales opportunities. Look for a tool that delivers the inter-a successful meeting. Not only that, after the meeting you faces, services and processes necessary to consolidate cus-perform follow-up activities such as updating opportunity tomer data from multiple heterogeneous systems.details and creating tasks as you walk to your car. 2) CLEANSING THAT MINIMISES ERRORS & Oracle CRM On Demand in action DUPLICATION Ensuring data accuracy requires effective tools to analyse, Discover how organisations all over the world Watch Oracle customers talk about getting smarter: standardise, cleanse and de-duplicate the data to eliminate are leveraging the power of Oracle errors and redundant information. Ideally, it should also be Learn more about Oracle Customer Hub: CRM On Demand: possible to easily enrich each customer record by integrating GET MORE PRODUCTIVE additional, external information. Oracle CRM On Demand provides quick, easy access to Integrating your customer data with a solution like Oracle’s complete customer information via mobile devices such as 3) GOVERNANCE THAT SUPPORTS COMPLIANCE Siebel Loyalty Management enables you to extract in- smartphones and the iPad. It helps you replicate success FULFILMENT sight that helps you understand your customers moreORACLE CRM ON DEMAND RELEASE 19 by allowing you to change workflows to close performance Secure data handling and privacy policy compliance is es- deeply, serve them more effectively, and maximise salesThe latest release of the complete, integrated and gaps between sales people. sential for building and maintaining customer trust. Proper opportunities.enterprise-class Oracle CRM On Demand solution is making data governance provides a solid framework for determin-this kind of mobile productivity a reality for tens of thou- Watch Oracle customers talk about getting more ing who can access and edit specific data fields. This helps Learn more about Oracle Siebel Loyalty Management:sands of sales people globally. productive: ensure full internal accountability for data management and reduces the chances of data errors or misuse.In addition to the mobility aspects, Release 19 features GET THE BEST VALUE For the latest thinking from Oracle on master data man­multiple enhancements in industry-specific functionality, Oracle CRM On Demand enables tailored industry-specific 4) SHARING BETWEEN OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS agement, read the Oracle Master Data Managementtransaction and communication integration, collaboration processes that help you maximise the effectiveness of your To extract maximum value from centralised master custom- blog: the delivery of the platform as a service. sales, marketing and service activities. It also offers the se- er data, you need to be able to share it across key business curity, integration, scalability, and flexibility that only come processes. For example, sales personnel should be ableWatch a video about the new functionality: with a truly enterprise-class SaaS solution, in addition to low to call up information on a customer’s most recent total cost of ownership. requests that might affect their next conversation. So, it is important that customer data is accessible to multiple ap- Learn moreOracle CRM On Demand Release 19 enables sales organisa- Watch Oracle customers talk about getting the best value: plications across the organisation.tions of all types and sizes to:­crm­value/en Discover how master data management can 5) INTEGRATION WITH EXECUTION TOOLS support the success of Cloud computing initiatives: Once a complete, centralised set of master customer data has been established, it can be used to improve service lev- els and maximise possible up- or cross-selling opportunities. 4. 5.
  4. 4. Customer Voices Customer Voices Success with Oracle solutions Success with Oracle solutionsHundreds of organisations across the globe are using GENTOO GROUP UK (PUBLIC SECTOR) , MCKESSON PHARMACY, USA NIKO GROUP BELGIUM ,Oracle solutions to help optimise the customer experi­ This leading property development and management organi- McKesson Pharmacy Systems and Automation (MPS&A), Niko Group supplies Europe with innovative, stylish, andence, enhance sales productivity and establish a set of sation needed to boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, reten- provides comprehensive pharmacy management system user-friendly electro-technical solutions and services. Themaster customer data. Here are just a few examples. tion and advocacy through a more personal, high-quality suites and business services to more than 7,000 pharmacies company selected Oracle Siebel CRM to help it: service, while simultaneously cutting overhead and improv- and handles approximately 300,000 service requests annu-AMBU A/S, DENMARK ing staff efficiency. Implementing Oracle CRM on Demand ally. The company selected Oracle Siebel CRM to help it: • Centralise data for more than 70,000 customer and pros-Ambu A/S develops, produces, and markets diagnostic and helped the company improve customer satisfaction by 20% pects spread across multiple legacy systemslife-supporting equipment and solutions to hospitals and and cut annual IT costs by $190,000. David Dixon, Director • Enable order tracking • Integrate customer and prospect information for fasterrescue services. The company selected Oracle CRM On of Customer Experience at Gentoo Group reports: “Oracle • Ensure a more responsive service to customers proposal creationDemand to help it: CRM On Demand has enabled us to innovate and reengi- • Empower management with a unified view of customer • Improve customer transaction transparency• Lower its CRM development and maintenance costs while neer our business around customers and communities, win data • Integrate an easy-to-use lead management tool increasing scalability to meet future requirements the hearts and minds of our committed employees, and • Enable targeted trend analysis to enhance decision-making • Increase cross-selling opportunities• Standardise sales processes across its sales affiliate drive out cost as we expand our portfolio of creative, holistic organisations housing and lifestyle solutions for a new-generation.” The implementation has enabled McKesson to transform The implementation has enabled Niko Group to transform• Increase the depth of information recorded for both con- the customer experience it delivers through: the customer experience it delivers through: verted and unconverted sales opportunities Read the full story:• Improve insight into customer buying behaviour to improve • A comprehensive view of customer data • Centralisation of all customer data accessible via a stand- campaign and sales activity effectiveness • Improved service order tracking and resolution ardised interface CSA CONSULTANTS, INDIA • Process automation via integration with other business ap- • Standardised customer management processes and in- This leading east-Indian IT services and consultancy firm plications such as warehouse management creased customer information availability wanted to consolidate its customer information and improve • Improved proposal generation and management through its lead conversion rates. CA Manoj Mani Agrawal, Managing Gary Johnson, Vice President, Customer Support, McKes- synchronisation of Siebel CRM with proposal application Director, CSA Consultants Pvt. Ltd, reports: “Oracle CRM son Corporation, comments: “Oracle’s Siebel CRM is help- On Demand enables us to record and maintain our customer ing us to take our customer service to a whole new level. Guido Peeters, IT Project Manager, Niko Group, comments: and sales information in one place, which has improved our We can respond faster and more thoroughly to pharmacy “Oracle’s Siebel CRM enables us to both improve our quality ability to cross-sell and up-sell products and ensured leads customers’ inquiries, expedite service and parts requests, of service towards existing customers and optimise the way are always followed up. We are now generating 30% more and make more targeted operational decisions utilising the we address prospects. ” leads and the number of leads that result in a sale has analytical tools of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise increased by 50%. ” Edition.” Read the full story: Read the full story: Read the full story:Results included: EMAAR PROPERTIES, UAE• Improved customer data quality, enabling more targeted Emaar Properties has used Oracle Master Data Management sales and marketing activities to precisely defined cus- to achieve a 360˚ view of its customers and generate deeper tomer segments insight into customer buying behaviour.• Increased sales performance and pipeline visibility through mobile access to detailed account information Watch the video:• Enablement of real-time reporting capability• Scalable system launched in ten countries within twelve monthsAllan Murphy Bruun, Business Consultant, Ambu A/S, com- Learn more now!ments: “Oracle CRM On Demand is a proven CRM platform Learn more now!with options for strong integration with other applications. Access more information on these and a wide rangeOracle’s features, such as pipeline management, lead gen- Learn more about how organisations like yours are of other Siebel CRM customer success stories:eration, and tracking tools, have improved our ability to apply succeeding with Oracle CRM On Demand: sales processes. ” crmondemandRead the full 6. 7.
  5. 5. Oracle Applications Strategy Update event seriesMASTER THE NEXT WAVE OF PRODUCTIVITY AND on Oracle Fusion Applications including Fusion CustomerINNOVATION Relationship Management, a component of the OracleThis event highlights the trends that are impacting business Fusion Applications suite that sets a new standard for salestoday and illustrates how the balance of the right strategies performance management.and actions can have a positive impact on businessperformance and the bottom line. Attendees will gain Click here for more detailsinsight into Oracle’s product strategy, including the latestAccess tools and resources that prove the value of Oracleproducts and solutions to your business. Click on one ofthe links below for access to a wide range of white papers,product documents, videos, podcasts and customertestimonials. Customer Experience Master Data Management Sales Productivity Management Learn more about Customer Learn more about Sales Learn more about Master Data Experience Management: Productivity: Management: customer­experience/en sales­productivity/en data­management/en Oracle CRM Web Forum Stay Informed! Check out the Oracle CRM Web Forum at to learn more about Oracle’s latest CRM strategy and solutions © 2011 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for information pur-poses only and the contents hereof are subject to change without notice. This document is not warranted to be error-free, nor subject to any other warranties or conditions, whetherexpressed orally or implied in law, including implied warranties and conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We specifically disclaim any liability with respectto this document and no contractual obligations are formed either directly or indirectly by this document. This document may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by anymeans, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without our prior written permission.This magazine was printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks. Oracle is committed to developing practices 8. and products that help protect the environment