Exq an empirical contruct of customer experience quality (cranfield school of management)


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An empirical contruct of customer experience quality (cranfield school of management)

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Exq an empirical contruct of customer experience quality (cranfield school of management)

  1. 1. Frontiers in Service Karlstad 2010 EXQ – An Empirical Construct of Customer Experience Quality Dr Phil Klaus! Dr Stan Maklan! email: phiipp.klaus@cranfield.ac.uk! email: s.maklan@cranfield.ac.uk!
  2. 2. Call for a measure of customer experience •  Creating superior customer is a key objective for service organisations (Verhoef et al. 2009) in their efforts to build customer loyalty (Badgett, Boyce and Kleinberger 2007). " •  Focus of research as it is the key determinant of consumersʼ service quality evaluation: “By definition, a good customer experience is good customer service, thus the customer experience is the service” (Berry et al. 2006, p.1). " •  A corresponding scale needs to be developed to evaluate the customer experience quality from the customerʼs point of view (Verhoef et al. 2009). " •  “Scale [development] must go hand-in-hand with conceptual development of the construct [customer service] itself” (Brakus et al. 2009, p. 52). " 2 Frontiers in Service
  3. 3. Stage 4:" Stage 1:" Stage 2:" Stage 3:" Conceptual Framework Scale Generation and Scale Purification Reliability and Validity and SEM connection to Initial Purification" through EFA" Assessment" outcomes" - Insight from literature - Collect responses - Additional - Test salience of to choose context from representative representative sample (n=218) EXQ scale in - 30 in-depth interviews sample (n=75) - Initial pool of items - Confirmatory factor explaining variances - Exploratory factor analysis on 4- and predictive ability - Readability Check dimensional model analysis (on 5- (n=10) - Assess factor structure to important - 7 experts assess face dimensional model) and dimensionality of customer experience and construct validity - Assess content scale validity, scale outcomes: customer - Q-sorting (8 - Assess model fit categories) reliability and validity - Assess scale and satisfaction, loyalty, - Initial purification and - Develop purified construct reliability and and word-of-mouth discriminant validity categorization (a)n=7 scale with 19 items - Final EXQ scale of 19 intentions (b)n=5 in four dimensions items in four dimensions -Produced 37 items in for next stage 5 dimensions Qualitative Enquiry and Purification and Final Refinement and Initial Purification Refinement Validation 3 Frontiers in Service
  4. 4. Dimensions of Customer Experience Quality (EXQ)! Moments of Product Peace of Mind! Outcome Focus! Truth! Experience! Expertise" Inertia" Flexibility" Freedom of choice" Cross-product Process ease" Result focus" Pro-activity" comparison" Relationship focus Past experience" Risk perception" Comparison necessity" (versus transaction)" Convenience retention" Common grounding" Interpersonal skills" Account management" Familiarity" Service recovery" Independent advice" 4 Frontiers in Service
  5. 5. Expertise" Process ease" Peace of Relationship V transaction" Mind Convenience retention" Familiarity" .69 Independent advice" Loyalty Inertia" .86 Result focus" Outcome Past experience" Focus .61 Customer .94 Common grounding" Word-of- Experience Quality (EXQ) Mouth Flexibility" .71 Pro-activity" Moments Risk perception" of Truth .63 Interpersonal skills" Service recovery" .66 Customer Satisfaction Freedom of choice" Product Cross product comparison" Comparison necessity" Experience Account management" 5 Frontiers in Service
  6. 6. Our definition Customer experience quality is the customer's assessment of all attributes of their dealings with a service provider that explains their purchase behavior. Its dimensions are product experience, outcome focus, moments-of-truth, and peace-of-mind (POMP). 6 Frontiers in Service
  7. 7. EXQ dimensions’ impact on marketing outcomes Standard Path Estimates" Customer Loyalty" Word-of-Mouth" Satisfaction" Peace of mind" 0.90" 0.72" 0.40" Outcome focus" 0.09" 0.20" 0.20" Moments of truth" 0.04" 0.13" 0.09" Product experience" 0.10" 0.09" 0.04" 7 Frontiers in Service
  8. 8. Explanatory power of EXQ vs customer satisfaction Customer Word-of- Loyalty" Satisfaction" Mouth" EXQ" 0.63" 0.86" 0.94" Customer NA" 0.65" 0.87" Satisfaction" 8 Frontiers in Service