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Eu report case studies service innovation 2011ase_stud

  2. 2. The views expressed in this publication, as wellas the information included in it, do not necessar-ily reflect the opinion or position of the EuropeanCommission and in no way commit the institution.February 2011
  3. 3. Table of contentIntroduction 2Transformative service innovations to promote Smart Growth 5Case 1: CzechPOINT – a universal place for citizen-government interactions 6Case 2: – The Capital City of Prague Tourism Portal 7Case 3: Appearance models supporting user-centred development processes in Senate Properties 8Case 4: Tailor-made staff service concept for welding production 9Case 5: EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr 10Case 6: @BILITA SME Integration platforms for Global market 11Case 7: Hyper Media News 12Case 8: Abel Adventures/ AbelLife 13Case 9: MeMo – A business model tool for mobile services 14Transformative service innovations to promote sustainable growth 15Case 10: PRE Centre for Energy Advisory 16Case 11: Global Environmental Services 17Case 12: Eniram Ltd. 18Case 13: PIUS®-Check 19Case 14: car2go GmbH 20Case 15: InnovationCity Ruhr 21Case 16: The ECO Logistics Project 22Case 17: SEM Smart Energy Management 23Case 18: Volvo - Commute Greener 24Case 19: Opportunity Peterborough 25Transformative service innovations to promote Inclusive Growth 27Case 20: The Moravian Wine Trails – a network of bicycling paths supporting local agriculture and sustainable tourism in South Moravia 28Case 21: Age management as a factor for competitiveness and profitability in PWD Technical Services of the City of Helsinki 29Case 22: Language Café 30Case 23: VerkehrsmittelVergleich 31Case 24: trivago GmbH 32Case 25 CARD Project 33Case 26 Smart Inclusion project 34Case 27: VIP-PA – Visualisation of patient-centred processes and business models 35Case 28: New Opportunities Programme (Services for jobseekers and for improving skills and education) 36Case 29: Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS) 37
  4. 4. 2 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 Introduction At the beginning of 2010, the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commis- sion established an Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU comprising 20 members. The Panel’s mandate has been to consider the concrete and specific steps which should be taken at European level to support service innovation in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The ‘Europe 2020 Strategy. A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’1 puts forward a dy- namic vision of an effective social market for the 21st century. It identifies three priorities: Firstly Smart Growth to develop an economy based on knowledge and innovation. Secondly, Sustainable Growth to promote a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy. Thirdly, Inclusive Growth to foster a high-employment economy delivering social and territorial cohesion. The Europe 2020 Strategy was presented in March 2010 and was followed by the launch of seven flagship initiatives 2. These flag- ship initiatives are intended to be the main tool for implementing the ambitious targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The Europe 2020 Strategy also sets out five measurable targets for 2020 that will steer the process to- wards growth and innovation: 1. 75% of the population aged 20-64 should be employed. 2. 3% of the EU’s GDP should be invested in Research & Development. 3. The “20/20/20” climate/energy targets should be met (including an increase to 30% of emissions reduction if the conditions are right). 4. The share of early school leavers should be under 10% and at least 40% of the younger generation should have a tertiary degree. 5. 20 million less people should be at risk of poverty 3. In the course of the year, the Expert Panel has met four times to discuss the role of service innovation in at- taining the Europe 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth The Panel has been evaluating the policy rationale behind successful service innovation initiatives both at national level and EU level to assess what can be done, notably at European level, to promote the power of service innovation to trans- form the economy. This collection of 23 case studies supplements the report of the Expert Panel “Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020: The Transformative Power of Service Innovation”. The Expert Panel has selected the cases, which have been edited by the Expert Panel Secretariat, to provide evidence, data and examples of the transformative potential of service innovations, in the three priority areas of smart, sustainable and inclu- sive growth of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Expert Panel Recommendations The analysis and case studies of the Expert Panel show that business is becoming increasingly aware of the way in which service elements and service innovation transforms value chains and their own position within them. However, while considerable focus has rightly been given to creating a Single Market for services, industrial and innovation policy at the European, national and regional level needs to be similarly geared towards services. The recommendations of the Expert Panel are therefore aimed at strengthening the policy framework in five main areas: 1. Raise awareness of the transformative potential of service innovation and its contribution to EU competitiveness 1 2 The seven Flagship Initiatives are: “Innovation Union”; “A Digital Agenda for Europe”, “Resource efficient Europe”, “An industrial policy for the globalisation era”, “An Agenda for new skills and jobs”, “European Platform against Poverty” and “Youth on the move” 3 See introduction in Europe 2020 Strategy. A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’
  5. 5. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 3The Expert Panel recommends that: • The European Commission develop a European Service Innovation Centre (ESIC) to strengthen the links between policy makers, business and academia. The ESIC can help raise awareness of new developments and emerging opportunities related to service innovation. • The ESIC act as a central hub of expertise, and collaborate closely with the Institute for Pro-spective Technological Studies in Seville, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis near Vi- enna, universities, think tanks, industry and knowledge intensive service sector associations, to pro- vide authoritative analyses, sectoral and foresight reports, and evaluations of support programmes. • The findings of the ESIC inform the thinking of the High Level Group on Business Services, which the Commission is proposing to establish. 42. Strengthen political leadership at the European, national and regional levelsThe Expert Panel recommends that:• The High Level Group provide the political leadership that is necessary to promote a service perspec- tive in policy making and take forward the recommendations of this report.• Regional innovation strategies give particular weight to the role which services and service innovation might play in contributing to growth and economic development.• Where appropriate, Member States review their strategies towards the use of Structural Funds and, in particular, develop measureable outcomes in relation to supporting innovative services. Such an approach could lead to their active participation in the Innovation Partner-ships and large-scale dem- onstrator programmes set out in this report.3. Build new competitive business from service innovation and improve the agility of policy making to do soThe Expert Panel recommends that:• The European Commission adopt established mechanisms for encouraging the development of the new innovative services. The European Creative Industries Alliance may provide such a model.• Under the Alliance, the Commission set up an Expert Group to help the Commission and Member States develop and share a common vision of how creative industries can contribute to modern in- dustrial policy, to monitor the Alliance’s progress, and to liaise with the High Level Group on Business Services.4. Develop dedicated programmes in support of innovative servicesThe Expert Panel recommends that: • The European Commission develop a Service Gazelles Programme to support high impact gazelles within the EU. • The European Commission implement initiatives to foster and strengthen joint innovative interac- tions between service and manufacturing companies.5. Promote the application of service innovation to meet societal challengesThe Expert Panel recommends that: • The European Commission set out its model for Innovation Partnerships in relation to its chosen pilot of assisted living at the earliest opportunity. • Urgent consideration be given by the European institutions to the selection criteria and gov-ernance of Innovation Partnerships/demonstrators with a view to adopting this policy tool as a key driver of innovation and industrial policy in the EU. • The next R&D Framework Programme (FP8) give due consideration to the technologies that under- pin the “smarter”, sustainable systems which enable firms to develop responsive real time services in sectors as diverse as transport and logistics, construction and facilities man-agement, energy distribution, telecommunications and financial services.4 As worded in the European Commission document ‘An Integrated Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era: Putting Competitiveness and Sustainability at Centre Stage, COM(2010) 614: “… The Commission will … set up a High Level Group on Business Services to examine market gaps, standards and innovation and international trade issues in industries such as logistics, facility management, marketing and advertising (2012) …
  6. 6. 4 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020
  7. 7. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 5Transformative serviceinnovations to promote SmartGrowthSmart growth involves improved acquisition and management of information about customer needs andbehaviours, and business processes, to create better, or completely new, goods and services with higheradded value
  8. 8. 6 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 1: Smart GrowthCzechPOINTA universal place for citizen-government interactionsCountry : Czech RepublicResponsibleThe project is managed and operated by the Czech Ministry ofInternal Affairs (Ministerstvo vnitra Ceske republiky)’DescriptionThe CzechPoint project – which is an integral part of Czeche-Government strategy – represents a system of universalelectronic contact points designed for citizen-government in-teractions. The legislative background of the Czech Republic isstill mostly based on paper-based certificates, confirmations, vision is that the citizens will not need to collect and/or supplyand authorised records. Consequently, can be hard and time- the information, instead the receiver will ex-tract the requiredconsuming work for Czech citizens to interact with various information from the system.state bodies. Impact/assessmentThe CzechPOINT project substantially reduces the paper The first CzechPOINT contact places were introduced to thework by providing Czech citizens with more than five thousand public in 2007. Since then, the system has grown to 5,769electronic contact points to interact with various governmen- local contact points situated at local municipalities, post of-tal bodies. The contact points are usually situated in local post fices and other places of public convenience and has producedoffices, municipalities, or notary offices. more than 3 million individual outputs. The most widely is- sued documents include certified personal criminal records,At the contact places, the users can encrypt the content of certified records of land and property ownership, and certifiedtheir messages. Messages can only be decrypted at the re- information on registered companies, enterprises and busi-ceiving end of the system and vice versa thanks to the PKI ness individuals.encryption standard. This encryption technology makes theelectronic communication in both directions absolutely safe.Another key architectural component is that the interface al- Websitelows user interactions and multiple cli-ent side operations in http://www.czechpoint.czmulti-platform heterogeneous environments. A substantialpart of the system is an innovative concept of “authorised Contact detailsconversion” allowing for document conversions (from paper Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republicto electronic form) without the documents losing their legal Nad Štolou 3, 21/TPpower. In this way, the CzechPOINT system enables author- 170 34 Prague 7 – Letnáised conversion of official documents to be performed in a leg- Czech Republicislatively con-trolled, secured environment. Tel: +420 974 832 972 3The transformative potential of E-mail: press@mvcr.czthe serviceApart from the technical innovative aspects, the systembrings a substantial improvement to Czech citizens as it re-duces previously scattered, paper-rich dealings with variousgovernment bodies and agencies to one single, electronic in-teractive point. The next development of the CzechPOINT willinterconnect the network with the personal computers of indi-vidual Czechs allowing even more convenient handling direct-ly from the their homes or offices. The ultimate eGovernment
  9. 9. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 7CASE 2: Smart Growthpraguewelcome.czTHE CAPITAL City of Prague Tourism PortalCountry : Czech RepublicResponsibleThe portal was launched and is managedby the Prague Information Service (Pražská informa níslužba), an organisation under the capital city of Prague. Theweb-design was created by FG Forrest, a.s.DescriptionThe Prague Information Service recently launched tourist portal. The Prague InformationService is an organisation under the capital city of Praguepromoting the development of the travel industry in Prague.The core idea behind the new internet portal, which isinfluenced by comparable information services in Londonand Vienna, was to offer a complex virtual presentation ofthe City of Prague and the services available to tourists. Theportal is designed by the renowned Czech web-studio FGFORREST, which specialises in web and intranet designs andonline campaigns. The transformative potential of the serviceThe portal contains rich and largely interactive information in The portal represents an example of advanced, highly inte-ten world languages including Chinese and Japanese. Apart grated and user-friendly virtual infor-mation service based onfrom detailed factual information on Prague’s history, monu- multimedia platform. The system with its excellent manage-ments, ac-commodation, transport, and catering possibilities, ment content system facilitates visits to Prague for foreignthe portal also operates several useful functions based on a tourists who so far have depended on a number of dif-ferentfully interactive map of the City embedded onto the Google telephone, publication and personal services. The portal andmap platform. An interac-tive guide enables the tourists to its associated services also con-tribute to the development ofdesign scalable visits or long stays in Prague depending on experience economy.his or her preferred means of transport and time available.The function also allows for interactive planning of visits to Impact/assessmentto the most favourite tourist attractions. The portal indicates Since its introduction to the public in June 2010, more thanthe location of the nearest points of interest and calculates 250,000 visitors from 158 countries have visited the portal.the price of a taxi drive to predefined locations. An interactive A web survey also shows that 70 % of these visitors repeat-calendar of actions is also available. The calendar con tains a edly enjoy the use of the services offered by the portal.comprehensive list of all the cultural, sports and social eventsin Prague and enables quick online ticket reservations. The Websitemultimedia section of the portal offers virtual walks through http://www.praguewelcome.czthe most prominent city monuments in 360° perspective aswell as current views of Prague weather conditions provided Contact detailsby 24-hours operated webcams. Finally, the portal has sec- Prague Information Officetions targeted at specific groups of visitors, such as disabled Arbesovo námestí 4people, senior citizens, etc., a B2B section for media profes- 150 00 Prague 5sionals and congress managers, and ac-tive links to social Czech Republicnetworks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Tel.: + 420 221 714 444 E-mail:
  10. 10. 8 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 3: Smart GrowthAppearance models supporting user-centreddevelopment processes in Senate PropertiesCountry : FinlandResponsibleSenate Properties, a government owned enterprise underthe aegis of the Finnish Ministry of Finance, is responsiblefor managing the Finnish state’s property assets and lettingpremises.DescriptionVia an appearance model, the user and the designer jointlycreate an idea for a future service concept through better com-munication. The appearance models allow the entity of a finalproduct or service to be described visually and are a very ef-fective way to communicate. To create an appearance model itis necessary to gather customer requirements efficiently andlet people with different backgrounds develop it further. In ad-dition to the customers, using appearance models includes ex-perts from, e.g., graphic and games design. The model helps nication between people coming from different backgroundsto identify the current stage of the de-velopment process and during the development process.the main product/service components that need further de-velopment. One of the new concepts developed with the help Impact/assessmentof appearance models is Sesame. The Sesame concept is a End-users gain a better understanding of the final product al-description/a map of the e-business environment of Senate ready at the early stage of the develop-ment process throughProperties. Sesame gathers knowledge related to real estate the appearance models application. The interaction with cus-and properties management and acts as a new ICT platform tomers strength-ens the understanding of the customer’sfor the company. The concept is ideal in usage contexts for business environment and the method improves the effec-persons working at the executive level in real estate busi- tiveness in developing and designing new and better-fittingness. The 2-year appearance model project began in 2007 solutions for customers. In addition, costly and time-consum-with support from Tekes (Finnish Fund-ing Agency for Tech- ing redesign efforts can be minimised in the later phases ofnology and Innovation). the process. The concept has been used both in development projects involved in information management as well as inThe transformative potential of the rapid concept development of expert service modules tar-service geted at supporting the executive man-agement level of theIn the future, interaction between a customer and a company customer base.will increasing take place without physical contact, i.e. via elec-tronic channels. To ensure smooth communication, these elec-tronic forms should be developed further to achieve enhanced Websiteusability and functionality. Via the appear-ance models the us- can easily express their needs and understand the impactof their ideas. Contact details Senate PropertiesDuring the development project of appearance models, sever- Kaj Hedvall, Director Business Developmental methods were used to ensure user involvement. Contextualinterviews, process analyses, and prototypes were the most E-mail: kaj.hedvall@senaatti.fifruitful meth-ods. Use of visual elements makes the develop-ment process as well as the components of new solu-tionsmore concrete. Visualisation also allows enhanced commu-
  11. 11. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 9CASE 4: Smart GrowthTailor-made staff service concept forwelding productionCountry : FinlandResponsibleThe Finnish companies Kemppi and Barona have announceda new staff service solution aimed at improving the competi-tiveness of the welding industry.DescriptionKemppi’s welding equipment and solutions, which representthe latest technology in the field, are renowned globally. Thecompany has subsidiaries in 13 countries and sales officesand distributors in more than 70 countries. Barona is one ofthe biggest staff service companies in Finland. The companyhas an international recruiting network. They offer personnelresourcing and recruiting as well as various personnel service the companies visited during the product development phasesolutions. were enthusiastic about the concept, especially the ones that were planning a change in own-ership due to owner’s upcom-The collaboration between Kemppii and Barouna has resulted ing retirement. Many companies also welcomed fresh ideasin the development of a novel ap-proach combining the best for devel-oping their production processes, which have notskills, the latest welding technology and follow-up on produc- changed for years.tivity. The name of the concept is “HumanWeld”. The imple-mentation of the service is based on production analyses atcustomers’ premises. The analysis offers complete informa- Websitetion on the welding processes and the related costs and ena-, www.barona.fibles optimisation of the welding production as a whole. Thecustomer is then able to manage the capacity variations and Contact informationbalancing their business cost structure as well. The follow-up Kemppi Welding Management Solutionssystem verifies the cost structure, improves the welding qual- Dr. Petteri Jernström, Business Managerity and shortens the lead-time of the welding production. P.O. Box 13 Hennalankatu 39The transformative potential of the FI-15801 LahtiserviceTwo companies operating in different lines of business have Tel. +358 (0)3 899 11joined forces. Barona is responsible for recruiting skilled weld- E-mail: petteri.jernstrom@kemppi.comers, and Kemppi is responsible for making sure that the work-ers have all re-quired skills and that they can get the most outof their tools. The welders are equipped with state-of-the-artwelding machines, which also include the possibility to moni-tor the work performed – not only in terms of quality but alsoin terms of productivity. The system also introduces paymentby results instead of traditional payment by the hour.Impact/assessmentHumanWeld is a customer-driven service concept that out-grows the separate service elements. It gives metal manufac-turers an easy and effective way to develop their productionto make an urgent increase in production volumes. Most of
  12. 12. 10 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 5: Smart GrowthEffizienzClusterLogistikRuhrCountry: Germany/North Rhine-WestphaliaResponsibleEffizienzCluster Management GmbH (ECM) is the agencyof the cluster “EffizienzCluster Logisti-kRuhr”. It is a public-private partnership between Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Initia-tivkreis Ruhr, and agiplan GmbH. and efficient services in logistics to create new workplaces and secure existing workplaces and economic successful andDescription ecological and social responsible economic management.The EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr (Leading-Edge Cluster) de-velops decentralised and autonomous logistics services along Impact assessmentthe entire value added chain. The key issues in the cluster Only by working together can science and industry find the an-include adaptable logistics systems, goods traffic manage- swers to major social and economic challenges through con-ment, and logistical organisation expertise. The focus is on tent related and regional partnerships in which energy is bun-the optimisation of logistics services with regard to the use dled and strengths are boosted. The German Federal Ministryof resources and energy. The Internet of Things, for example, of Education and Research has recognised the potential ofsimplifies material flow by means of RFID (Radio Frequency clusters and is promoting this potential with the Leading-EdgeIdentification). Cluster Competition, which addresses all industries and re- search areas in its thematic openness. The issue concerning120 companies and 11 research institutes work in the clus- the economic challenges to be faced tomorrow is at the centreter. Among them we find the Fraunhofer Institute for Material of the joint activities of the Efficien-zCluster LogistikRuhr. Ex-Flow and Logistics, the Technical University of Dortmund, the panding metropolitan areas and fulfilling the demands madeUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, the corporations REWE, Deut- by more and more people to live in an environment with mini-sche Post and Deutsche Bahn, as well as numerous small mum pollution levels pose very great challenges for urbanand medium sized enterprises. In addition to developing the centres. It is for this reason that the EfficienzCluster has de-location’s leading global position in the field of logistics, the voted one of its seven major sec-tions to the issue of “Provid-Leading-Edge Cluster aims to establish itself as a worldwide ing Urban Areas with Public Utilities”.centre for the innovative design of high-quality logistics serv-ices. The Leading-Edge Cluster competition is intended to takeGermany to the top of the league of technologically advanced Websitenations. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research www.effizienzcluster.delaunched the competition in the summer of 2007 under theslo-gan “Germany’s Leading-Edge Clusters - more innovation, Contact detailsmore growth, more employment”. info@effizienzcluster.deThe high-performance clusters formed by business and sci-ence that enter into strategic partnerships are set to boostGermany’s innovative strengths and economic success. In2010, the cluster Logisti-kRuhr was selected by an inde-pendent jury and was one of five winners in the second roundof competition out of three in total. The plan is to hold threerounds of competition some eighteen months apart.The transformative potential of theserviceThe EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr will establish itself as aworldwide acting centre for innovative design of high-quality
  13. 13. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 11CASE 6: Smart Growth@BILITASME Integration platforms for Global marketCountry : ItalyResponsibleThe project is coordinated by ISED SpA, and managed withthe technological contribution of Hewlett-Packard ItaliaDescriptionConceived to facilitate the contact of Italian production excel-lences and international consumers, the program @BILITA(in the Valtellina region) has the aim to offer an e-Commerceservices and marketing intelligence platform to networked en-terprises, strengthening brand reliability over the net and fa-voring synergies in the promotion activities towards interna- Websitetional markets. The platform is designed to serve thousands enterprises and support exports through e-Commercechannels, also allowing aggregation between enterprises. Contact detailsThe objective is to reach the critical mass necessary to carry ISED SpAout common actions through the portals, centralizing back of- Via Tiburtina, 1236fice services, profiling products demand driven, coordinating 00131 Romalogistic, security, and integrations issues between virtual andphysical channels. Tel.: +39 06 41523.1The transformative potential of Fax: +39 06 41523.304the serviceThe goal of the project is to put producers together and to fa- Email: info@ised.itcilitate them to sell and deliver Europe-wideThe objective is to reach the critical mass necessary to carryout common actions through the portals, centralizing back of-fice services, profiling products demand driven, coordinatinglogistic, security, and integrations issues between virtual andphysical channels.Impact/assessmentExpected impact of the newly launch is to opening marketingof Valtellina District to European markets, also enabling spe-cific services in support of producers that can better promotetheir products within the region, nationally and abroad.The platform model will be extended to other Italian territo-ries so to create a qualified producers’ and buyers’ network.
  14. 14. 12 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 7: Smart GrowthHyper Media NewsCountry : ItalyResponsibleRAI Radio televisione Italiana - Italian National Television Strategie TecnologicheDescriptionHyper Media News is an IT system conceived for the aggre-gation and multimodal presentation of journalistic contents.Hyper Media News is capable of integrating information gen-erated automatically by the analysis of audiovisual contentwith the news found on the web on a daily basis. The operatingprinciple of this system is based on an innovative hybrid tech-nology for the aggregation of objects. The analysis of audio-visual contents is performed by an integrated system for au-tomatic registration of the media. The analysis of audiovisualcontents is performed by an integrated system for automaticregistration of the media.The transformative potential ofthe serviceThe main functionality of the system are: a) automatic tran- Websitescription of speech into text, b) segmentation of content into information units (news), c) classification of theinformation units based on the content; d) extraction of se- Contact detailsmantic elements from the transcription of speech. RSS mul- Raitimedia services consists in the publication of RSS channels Direzione Strategie Tecnologichecontaining clusters found by the system Hyper Media News, Rai, viale Mazzini 14arranged sequentially in time or based on user’s preferences. 00185 Rome, ItalyThe system maintains an archive of these reports and offersalso to the users a more advanced navigation model based onvisual representation in the form of graphs.Impact/assessmentThe impact for the specific audiovisual industry will be tostrengthen and extend product and service offerings, inte-grating outstanding technologies and achieving a competi-tive advantage by integrating solutions addressing the fullcontent management processing chain.
  15. 15. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 13CASE 8: Smart GrowthAbel Adventures/AbelLifeCountry : The NetherlandsResponsibleAbel Adventures BV originates from open innovation consor-tium consisting of Novay (Innovation mediator), the RegionalBureau of Tourism Twente, and a foundation of 40 local hotelsand hospitality concept company.DescriptionAbel is a tourism concept for smartphone route navigationfor cycling, walking and sailing. It is available on I-phone, An-droid, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile as an application,download or on a memory card. The idea behind Abel is notthat it takes you through the shortest route to your destina-tion. It takes you over the most scenic route, combining it witha personalised tourist guide. Abel tells everything about thepoints of interest by means of text, pictures, movies and/oraudio. Abel is not only technology, it also combines techno-logical possibilities with new tourism concepts and businessmodels for hotels and operators. Abel started in 2006 as aspinoff from a number of open innovation research projectsat Novay. In these projects, Novay researched into a dynamiccombination of services applied to geo-data in a mobile set-ting. The first demonstrators of an Abel-like service were thendeveloped into commercial services, adapting them to themore stringent needs of technology unaware tourists usingPDA’s with GPS modules. This became Abel. After the start ofAbel, continuous innovation and adaptation were necessaryto keep up with the growing possibilities of mobile devices and boat routes promoted by partners who share in the revenuetrends in smartphones. of the routes sold. Moreover, leading online tour operators as well as individual hotels are promotion partners in this con-The transformative potential of the cept.serviceA concept such as Abel requires much more than the geo datacurrently provided by Google or OVI. Detailed local informa-tion is also necessary such as maps and content for tourists Websitefor describing cultural heritage, natural surroundings, and oth- www.abellife.nler sites of interest, i.e., content that is often hidden in regionalarchives or personal collections. Making such content avail- Contact detailsable to an interested audience is an important component of Abel Adventures BVthe experience of Abel. Fred van Schoonhoven Zwiepseweg 27Impact/assessment 7241 GM LochemAbel is a proven concept. It has been operational for four years The Netherlandsand is available in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.Trips are sold by tour operators such as Fietsvakantiewinkel, Tel. +31573-280772, Fax +31573-281180SNP, Cy-cletours, TUI. Abel’s latest innovations are Apps and E-mail:
  16. 16. 14 BOOKLET: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 9: Smart GrowthMeMoA business model tool for mobile servicesCountry : SwedenResponsibleThe MeMo-business model has been developed by research-ers from five disciplines and CDT at the Luleå University ofTechnology in Sweden in co-operation with TeliaSonera andEricsson. The project is part of the VINNOVA programme “In-novations in the Service Society”.DescriptionAs a part of the model a tool for visualising the abstract andcritical factors behind business models has been developed.The tool is intended to be used for guiding/coaching organi-sations in their business model development and is based on business perfor-mance. Beneficial interaction/partnershipthree core business model management strategies: (1) com- between key stakeholders enables smart, sustainable, andplexity management, (2) risk management, and (3) resource inclusive growth within the These management strategies can be used foranalysing, testing, validating and articulating cause-and-effect Impact/assessmentrelationships in connection with business model development This is an inspiring example of smart growth as the businessin specific environments. Coping with envi-ronmental factors model tool for mobile services has the power to transform Eu-such as uncertainty, technological turbulence/variation, and rope. As the project started at the same time as the launch ofmarket complexity, as well as interaction with key stakehold- the iPhone and AppStore , the speed with which changes caners, are central parts to consider when seeking competitive occur and the consequences this has for firms and their busi-advantage. The business model landscape allows for com- ness models are illustrated in our data. For example, the in-prehension of internal and external factors, e.g., in terms of troduction of a new platform and distribution channel for mo-environmental opportunities and threats or internal strengths bile applications, which in many ways outperformed previousand weaknesses. This awareness may help to ensure appro- ones, meant that firms could standardise parts of their busi-priate choices, e.g., in choosing management strategies and ness model. This dynamic environment re-quires methodsbusiness model development. The management strategy, the and models that help managers visualise critical factors forbusiness model design, and organisation all depend on the development of viable business models. Based on rich datacritical business model factors. As an example, the findings from mobile service developers and mobile service consum-indicate that a complex business model requires high degrees ers, the MeMo-project has developed a meta-business modelof structures in its organisation and a high degree of flexibility for mobile services representing multiple industry actors, the-in its design, whereas the high-risk strategy is characterised oretical perspectives, and hierarchical high flexibility in business model organisational structureand a low degree of flexibility in the business model design. WebsiteThe transformative potential of the, www.vinnova.seserviceThe MeMo-tool for business model development helps to Contact detailsvisualise the business potential in innovative businesses. For Michael Nilsson (Project manager, CDT)instance, focus may be on management of complexity in thebusiness model (e.g. radical innovation), risk management Tel. +46 920 492306(high risks, e.g., financial, business and market) and man- E-mail: Michael.Nilsson@cdt.ltu.seagement of resources (e.g., in resource intensive innovativebusinesses). This may be connected to the indicated findingson the entrepreneurs’ awareness of factors that influence
  17. 17. BOOKLET: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 15Transformative serviceinnovations to promoteSustainable GrowthSustainable growth is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the abilityof future generations to meet their own needs.
  18. 18. 16 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 10: Sustainable GrowthPRECentre for Energy AdvisoryCountry : Czech RepublicResponsiblePražská energetika Group (PRE) is the third largest electricitysupplier in the Czech Republic.DescriptionPRE decided to build up a new, representative and user-friend-ly energy centre, which encourages its customers to makefrequent visits. The new PRE Centre for Energy Advisory, lo-cated in central Prague, offers a range of consultancy and edu-cational services aimed at rational use of electricity, energysavings, and alternative and renewable energy sources. Theservices include high-quality energy advisory services, short young people to engage in responsible energy consumptionexhibitions of the latest trends in technologies that promote and contributes to the sustainable development of the societyinnova-tive use of electricity and renewable sources, educa- in general.tional programmes for elementary schools and kindergartens– education and training in how to use electricity safely and Impact/assessmentefficiently, public ser-vices, workshops and “expert days” in Some of the previous PRE projects have already demonstrat-cooperation with partner companies and advisory non- prof- ed that a certain positive impact can been achieved. The earlyitable organisations, customer contests focused on energy PRE project “Families of Prague save money with PRE” provedsavings activities, free test rides of electro bikes, free lending that Pra-gue households have a substantial energy-saving po-of measuring sets for energy consumption analysis, shop of- tential that can be achieved through some rela-tively simplefers for an assortment of high-quality energy-saving products changes and improvement in energy consumption habits. In(bulbs, fluorescent lamps, heating and water-heating device another reference project, an advanced hybrid energy-usingetc.), and in-house art gallery which is frequently visited by car that displayed low fuel consumption and reduced CO2tourists and Prague citizens. emis-sions was demonstrated to the public. Finally, in another PRE project, several dozens of Prague families were given theThe transformative potential of the opportunity to install heat pumps in their houses and monitorservice and evaluate the heat pumps’ efficiency. These PRE activities,PRE’s Centre for Energy Advisory project is innovative in though their direct effect in terms of energy sav-ings is difficultmany ways. First, it utilizes the newest technologies com- to quantify, certainly cultivate the general awareness of con-bined with a multimedia and interactivity concept. These in- sumers and PRE clients in particular about the energy savingnovations are necessary to establish effective communication issues and the sustainable development in general.with technologically developed consumers who prefer indi-vidual search for information. CEP PRE also offers calculationapplications on touch screens where the customer is able to Websitecalculate easily his or her household energy savings potential. www.energetickyporadce.czIn this way, CEP PRE introduces the latest trends in effective Contact detailstechnologies and their exploitation for households and compa- Centrum energetického poradenství PREnies. The PRE Centre is also involved in electro mobility devel- Jungmannova 28opment and takes part in reference projects devoted to hybrid Praha 1propulsion; it provides education campaigns and competitions Tel.: 420 267 055 555that motivate households and companies to engage in energy E-mail: poradce@pre.czsavings and utilizing renewable energy sources (solar collec-tors, heat pumps). Through its educational programmes forelementary schools and kindergartens, CEP PRE motivates
  19. 19. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 17CASE 11: Sustainable GrowthGlobal Environmental ServicesCountry : FinlandResponsibleREACHLaw Ltd with more than 20 global partners from in-dustry associations, environmental consultancies, toxicologyand eco-toxicology specialists, to testing laboratories and lawfirms.DescriptionThe pressure to reduce risks to environment and health of hu-mans has led to a fast-increasing num-ber of complex regu-lations and technical requirements affecting manufacturing,importing and trading of products worldwide. For the industrythe costs, complexity and management of the increasing reg-ulatory compliance requirements in different markets havebecome a vital issue.At the same time, environmental sustainability has becomea strategic rather than a compliance issue affecting the strat-egy, products, branding, investments and management ofcompanies. For public bodies the same development has ne-cessitated the creation of management structures, initiativesand programmes for environmental sustainability. Impact/assessment The main value proposition for customers is managementREACHLaw Ltd has created and implemented a set of service of risks in a complex environment, sharing the best availableproducts for the compliance needs of companies as well as knowledge, and cost advantages compared to building andenvironmental service needs from both the private and pub- managing much specialised competences in house.lic markets world-wide. The majority of customers are largecompanies within the oil, petrochemical, metals and fine & The company got more than 200 large customers in threespecialty chemicals industries, where the services integrate years. The customers are from more than 40 different coun-risk management, customer project management and techni- tries in all continents. Several of the largest customers belongcal services. to Fortune 100 com-panies. The public sector customers are governmental bodies and large agencies.The transformative potential of theservice The company was awarded The Internalization Award by theThe main innovations are related to the design and implemen- President of Finland in 2010.tation of a business model for a small company that has made The company has created awareness and understanding ofit possible to target global clients profitably from the outset. regulatory and environmental issues for a large number of in-This business model has enabled a very fast growth for a dividuals from both public and private organisations in its freecompany that was established in late 2006. events, seminars and webinars organised globally.The main elements of the business model are combining high-ly specialised legal, technical and business competencies intoproductised services, creation of a wide and specialised part- Websitener network to address global markets, service development http://www.reachlaw.fimodel, and all of the innovative elements are related to devel-opment of service business, there are no new technological Contact detailsinnovations involved.
  20. 20. 18 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 12: Sustainable GrowthEniram Ltd.Country : FinlandResponsibleEniram Ltd., established in 2005, provides the shipping in-dustry with technologically advanced solutions that help shipowners and operators save fuel, reduce emissions and in-crease the knowledge of ship operations. The 50-person com-pany has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and subsidiar-ies in the USA and the UK.DescriptionEniram provides solutions for operating vessels more efficient-ly, firstly through real-time optimisa-tion of the vessel trim, i.e.floating attitude, and secondly delivering intelligence servicesbased on the data collected from the vessels. Eniram Dynamic namic and optimum trim is presented in an intuitive graphicalTrimming Assistant (DTA) is a vessel-based decision support user interface, guiding the crew to make appropriate ballastsystem for monitoring and optimising the vessel trim in real adjustments.time, targeted at large commercial vessels including cruiseships, freight carriers and tankers. DTA also widely collects Based on its own sensor technology and advanced data mod-vessel performance related data for further savings through elling Eniram can provide very accurate data in real time. ByEniram FLEET information system, a web-based service for using the DTA and Eniram FLEET the shipping companies canoptimising performance and allowing additional Information maximise their fuel savings and simultaneously see how theIntelligence through detailed analysis of performance affect- overall on-board propulsion energy is factors. The Eniram Fleet collects information on all ves-sels of the shipping company enabling the shipping company Impact assessment:to optimise the performance of its fleet. For a large cruise The main benefits of DTA are substantial fuel savings, in-ship, the savings in fuel costs can be up to EUR 200,000 per creased vessel performance by better utili-sation of the ma-year. The corresponding environmental impact is a reduction chinery, less pollution, and better understanding of the vesselin CO2 emissions totalling more than 1,000 tons per year. performance.Eniram FLEET consists of reports that guide the users to mak-ing the right decisions to reduce the vessel’s energy consump- Installations can be carried out while the vessel is at sea, andtion. The reports can be accessed from standard web brows- customers typically see a ROI of less than 6 months, with aers for a monthly fee. It is also possible to create tailor-made single vessel achieving savings of 300,000 euros per year–intelligence analysis based on the data collected for the DTA about 1,000 tons of fuel and 3,000 tons of carbon emissions.and Eniram FLEET. WebsiteThe transformative potential of the www.eniram.fiserviceDTA is derived from an innovation to combine and utilise Contact detailsmathematics, statistical analysis, modern information tech- Eniram Ltd.nology, knowledge of ships and insight of seafarers. DTA Itälahdenkatu 22 ameasures the attitude of a vessel with high precision attitude 00210 HELSINKIsensors and collects other data, such as propulsion power and FINLANDvessel movement data, from the vessel’s automation and nav-igation systems. This data is then inte-grated, filtered, logged Tel. +358 10 843 3800and analysed with multidimensional analysis to calculate the Fax +358 10 843 3999optimal trim for all prevailing conditions in real time. The dy- E-mail:
  21. 21. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 19CASE 13: Sustainable GrowthPIUS -Check ®Country : Germany/North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)ResponsibleThe Effizienz-Agentur NRW centre for small and mediumsized manufacturing enterprises in the German federal stateof North Rhine-Westphalia.DescriptionThe Effizienz-Agentur (EFA) North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Impact/assessmentwas founded as a centre of excel-lence for cleaner produc- Since the start of the project in the 2000, over 500 PIUS-tion. As an authority for optimised knowledge transfer and Checks have been initiated. 234 companies have implement-target-oriented project activities, EFA coordinates services ed measures and introduced new and renewable produc-from developers, providers, funding bodies and users of futur- tion structures with an in-vestment of over €39 million. Theistic innovations. The agency’s main objective is to improve savings in factory supplies alone amounts to approximatelythe competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises €12 million per year for these projects. To date, wastewa-(SMEs) by supporting a strategy of sustainable growth. The ter savings have amounted to 1,194,026 cubic meters pernumerous instruments that have been developed aim at year. This figure does not include the cost reductions throughenhancing resource efficiency in companies and sup-port a higher quality or longer maintenance intervals that can onlysustainable economy through new strategies, innovative be effectively measured after a long time. With all the projectstechnology and ecologically-oriented measures. With the that have been started so far, an overall investment of approx.PIUS-Check (Cleaner Production), EFA provides companies in €63 million is expected. From this, estimated savings in fac-NRW with a tried and tested instrument for the development tory supplies of approximately €19 million per year will be theof new business opportunities. The PIUS-Check is a coopera- result. For resource water, savings of around 1.9 million cubiction project between a manufacturer, a technical consulting meters per year are, and the EFA with the objective of performing a ma-terial flow analysis at the manufacturer. Five steps have beenidentified to improve resource efficiency significantly. First, Websitean initial meeting will be arranged to check the relevance of Production (e.g. technologies). The second step, themacro analysis analyses the material flow within the com- Contact detailspany. An intermediate meeting is the next step for the defini- efa@efanrw.detion of a further action. A Micro Analysis will then follow todevelop alternative man-ufacturing concepts. Subsequentlyduring the concept planning, the implementation of the resultsare targeted. After 6 - 9 months, the EFA visits the companyand checks whether the goals have been achieved.The transformative potential of theserviceWith the check, the relevant material flows and the currentlevel of production technology are rec-orded and the possi-ble improvements in production are illustrated. Thus, the ap-proach of the EFA aims at introducing innovative technologies,methods and (business-) processes to SMEs that im-prove re-source efficiency avoid waste and hazardous emissions anddeliver instant results.
  22. 22. 20 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 14: Sustainable Growthcar2go GmbHCountry : GermanyResponsibleThe car2go project took off in 2009 after a 208 pilot project.DescriptionA spin-off from Daimler, the car2go is a completely new, flex-ible type of mobility solution. The principle is simple yet ap-pealing. Whenever you need a car, you can book one of morethan 200 car2go’s in a town. car2go is a new car-sharing con-cept. A fleet of cars allows spontaneous booking or booking inadvance. Wherever you need a car, you will be able to get into ment. To stay competitive it is crucial to capitalise on Europe’sa clean, ready and re-fuelled car. leadership in developing new green technologies and produc- tion methods. Here, car2go finds its place. It offers a simpleUntil now the cities of Ulm and Austin are the only cities concept to keep people mo-bile, allow for individual transpor-served by car2go, but by the spring of 2011 more cities, led tation in urban surroundings yet reducing pollution by reduc-by Hamburg, are expected to follow. The fleet will also be ex- ing the number of cars. The on-the-spot approach to rent-a-carpanded to 300 vehicles per city. for a one-way trip in towns eliminates the barriers that usu- ally exist in connection with car sharing concepts. With goodThe Austin was the first North American city to partner with communication strategies, car2go helps consumers make thecar2go internationally. This launch followed the successful choice of using greener transportation with maximum indi-implementation of the first car2go pilot in October 2008 in vidual comfort.the southern German city of Ulm. The 200 cars in the firstpilot were rented 500 to 1,000 times per day and they were Impact/assessmentused by 15,000 customers, corresponding to more than 15 Transportation and mobility as well as urbanisation and pol-per cent of the citizens who hold a driver’s license in Ulm. 90 lution are main concerns in a modern society. Changing indi-per cent of the participants took advantage of the unique offer vidual transportation towards less polluting systems is highlyto use car2go spontaneously without booking in advance for important for a sustainable yet competitive trips.It is easy to participate. There is no security deposit or usu-al fixed costs associated with car owner-ship involved. The Websiteuser simply registers online for a one-time fee and drives off. the cars, which are mostly rented for one-way trips, areno longer needed, the clients simply park them at their desti- Contact detailsnation. With car2go there is no need to return the car to a spe- Robert Henrich and Helmuth Ritzercific spot. The offer is valid within city boundaries. Car2go has HPC U061a simple price structure that allows members to pay for what Wilhelm-Runge-Str. 11they use: pricing is per minute with maximum fees per hour, 89081 Ulmwhich includes the costs of fuel, insur-ance, parking, mainte- Germanynance, and mileage. E-mail: ulm@car2go.comThe transformative potential of theserviceOne of the Europe 2020 goals for sustainable growth is tobuild a competitive low-carbon economy that makes efficient,sustainable use of resources, therefore protecting the environ-
  23. 23. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 21CASE 15: Sustainable GrowthInnovationCity RuhrCountry : Germany/North Rhine-WestphaliaResponsibleInitiativkreis Ruhr, an association of more than 60 leadingcommercial enterprises (industry, service providers, science/agencies).DescriptionInnovationCity Ruhr is a pilot project and long-term economicstimulus package for innovation and energy efficiency in- take on a pioneering role in the field of electric-mobility by us-tended to give an economic impetus for the future. A city with ing e-cars and e-bikes. This way, the urban quarter will reach aabout 50,000 residents or a district in the Ruhr Region will 50% reduction in the demand for rebuilt as a low-energy city. The goal of the Inno-vationCityRuhr project is to take an existing city - with all its industrial fa- Impact/assessmentcilities, green spaces, and neighbourhoods - old and new - and As the project just started a few months ago, there are noreshape it along more sustainable lines. In the spring of 2010, impacts to be presented yet. However, several important im-the “Initiativkreis Ruhr” used the motto “Blue sky, green city” pacts are expected during the life of the project. The projectto launch a competition for the cli-mate city of the future in to benefits individual companies, business alliances and theencourage the transition to the “green” economy of tomorrow. Ruhr Region. Benefits for individual companies will includeSixteen cities in North Rhine-Westphalia applied for the Inno- the expansion of business volume, involvement in system so-vation City Ruhr. The winner city, Bottrop, was selected in No- lutions (e-mobility concepts, etc.), e.g., as suppliers of individu-vember 2010. Innovation City Bottrop will receive incentives al components and improvement in international competitiveand private in-vestments for the next ten years to convert into position. Bene-fits for business alliances point to join forces ina low-energy city. initiatives, collaboration along the value chains, and sharing knowhow, higher response speed of the system as a whole,The big goal is halving the demand for energy in the Innovation- e.g. in product development. Last but not least, the Ruhr Re-City Ruhr until 2020 through the application of new technolo- gion will have a position as an innovative region with a highgies. The reduction in energy consumption will be targeted in standard of living, attractive for highly-qualified workers fromthree ways: firstly, through improving existing technologies/ outside and developed system solutions that can be exported.infrastructure; secondly, through energy generation with theuse of alternative technologies (focus on distributed solutions)to generate elec-tricity and heat (room + process heat); and Websitethirdly, through improved and novel mobility concepts without, personal mobility freedom offered in this area. wirtschaft/Zukunft_Bottrop/innocity/index.phpThe transformative potential of the Contactservice info@innovationcityruhr.deInnovations are the basis for the competitiveness and the long-term success of companies. One of the greatest challenges ofour time is the sustainable use of existing resources. The goalof the com-panies of the Initiativkreis Ruhr is to combine theirinnovative power in a pilot region in North Rhine-Westphalia.Existing houses will be rebuilt using the latest technologies inenergy savings; municipal institutions, such as indoor swim-ming pools or kindergartens, will be heated by cost-effectiveand low-carbon energies, and innovative green companies willbe located. Furthermore, the InnovationCity Ruhr intends to
  24. 24. 22 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 16: Sustainable GrowthThe ECO Logistics ProjectCountry : ItalyResponsibleThe project is managed and operated by Municipality ofParma (Comune di Parma)’DescriptionThe Ecologistics, project aims at reducing the access in thecity centre of the more polluting commercial vehicles bydeveloping new urban logistic strategies so to optimize theutilization of delivery cargo space and reducing the transitof empty commercial trucks, as well as promoting the use oflow or zero pollution vehicles.The project has been conceived to significantly reduce traf-fic congestion in the historical city centre of Parma, trafficmainly due to the large number of commercial vehiclesengaged every day in the delivery of goods and merchandisewithin the central area.The Project represents an innovative and effective serviceto deliver goods in town particularly focused on delivery offood products. The system is based on logistic IT localizedplatform located outside the city center able to integrate util-ity suppliers and content oriented to manage logistic process transit of vehicles in the city centre (37.000 access less inand carriage of goods destined to the city center. After con- respect to the previous year, -6%, 9 and the polluting emis-solidation goods and merchandise are then delivered to the sions (37 Tons of CO2 less per year)city centre using only eco compatible commercial vehicles(ex electric, bi fuel, methane) or with less polluting vehicles (in Websiteaccordance with prescription imposed by Euro 3 and Euro 4) transformative potential of Contact detailsthe service Infomobility ParmaBy developing new urban logistic strategies so to optimize Viale Mentana 27the utilization of delivery cargo space and reducing the transit 43121 - Parmaof empty commercial trucks, as well as promoting the useof low or zero pollution vehicles, the Project has extensively Tel: + 39 0521-1680211reduced the access in the city centre of the more pollutingcommercial vehicles. The city logistics deals with local deliv- E-mail: of goods following an integrated and systemic approachwith reference to the principles of sustainability and partici-pate planning.Impact/assessmentThe so called EcoCity service is operational since April 2008and uses specific storing warehouses and logistic platformsand a methane fuelled fleet of commercial vehicles equippedwith GPS, GSM and Bluetooth technologies. The project hasregistered valuable performances in terms of reducing the
  25. 25. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 23CASE 17: Sustainable GrowthSEMSmart Energy ManagementCountry : ItalyResponsibleThe project is managed and operated by AlmavivaDescriptionIt is a System for analysis, monitoring and optimizationof electric consumption. It consists of an on line platformconcentrating in a single tool several services: the possibil-ity to access in real time information of energy consumptionrelated to a specific area; a Business Intelligent solution Websiteapplied to the whole DB measurements (historical and real; a Building Energy Management System to manage Home/Gruppo/ChiSiamo/AlmavivA_Green/applications. SEM is the system for analysis and monitoringof electric consumption developed by Almaviva, conceived Contact detailsmostly for public and private entities managing large real Almaviva SpAestate assets such as: Ministries, Banking and Insurance Via di Casal Boccone, 188-190Institutions. A sole DBMS which integrates and correlates 00137 Romathe following: energy measurements, environmental data,buildings’ structural characteristics, equipment data, data www.almavivaitalia.itpertaining to use or production and the characteristics of sup-ply contracts.The transformative potential ofthe serviceMain innovative aspects of the service are: i) technologicalsince the platform allows the creation of several consumptionindicators that compared to measures coming from othersbuildings permit to highlight potential discrepancies and in-dividuate relevant economic costs; ii) organizational: enlargeanalysis tools of facility management operators increasingthe efficiency of their activity and eventually reducing theirnumber and iii) Economical considering the ease of identifica-tion and elimination of energetic wastes producing imme-diate gains and permitting the immediate identification ofinefficienciesImpact/assessmentThe activation of workstations, according to their functionali-ties in actual use, has resulted in a savings which, projectedon an annual basis, is approximately equal to 23% of totalelectricity consumption for the AlmavivA contact. The analy-sis and monitoring of plants has resulted in a rationalizationwhich, in addition to the benefits to the state of use and main-tenance of the plants themselves, has produced a further10% reduction in consumption.
  26. 26. 24 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 18: Sustainable GrowthVolvo - Commute GreenerCountry : SwedenResponsibleVolvo Bus and Volvo IT in cooperation with Marketing Techno-logical Center and VINNOVA provide a suggestion on how tounlock the potential of service innovation.DescriptionCommute Greener is designed to help organisations, com-panies, cities and authorities as well as individuals to makepositive climate changes. Together with the commute greenerwebsite, the ap-plication turns a mobile phone into a CO2 me-ter - helping to reduce personal and global CO2 foot-prints. Acommuter who downloads the Commute Green application to understand and later to develop travel patterns in a morecan use his or her mobile tele-phone to register the methods sustainable way. It addresses the system effectiveness priorof transport that he or she uses to commute to and from work. to promoting Volvo products, but the knowledge gained fromThe computer program calculates how much carbon dioxide better system understanding is a value-creating asset thatis emitted when using different modes of transport, such as can be used in the development of new services and conceptscarpooling, train, bus, boat, bicycle, or by foot. in co-creation with customers.The service also provides an online community for exchang- Impact/assessmenting experiences and for competitions between colleagues, An important part of the concept is the calculation and visu-friends and family members about the possible reduction in alisation of the result to meet personal targets. Tests havecarbon dioxide emissions. The benefits from Commute Green- shown that individuals can significantly reduce their carboner are not only individual reductions in carbon foot-prints. The emissions by using Commute Greener. Companies and mu-service enables increased efficiency for cities and road infra- nicipalities use Commute Greener as a CSR-initiative. Thestructure as many environ-mental problems result from traf- employees of the city of Gothenburg in Sweden use the serv-fic jams during the rush hour, which affect most of the major ice to set a good example regarding the fulfilment of the city’scities all over the world. The hope is that motivating individu- environmental objectives. In San Francisco Commute Greenerals to commute in a greener way will also reduce the pressure will also be implemented in order to encourage nine million in-on the roads and increase the range of commuting alterna- habitants to change their travelling habits. The service easilytives available. supports other company initiatives such as cost reductions in company car fleets, sustainable eco-driving and transportThe transformative potential of the policy alternatives. For local public transport authorities Com-service mute Greener is a fun and effective way to promote publicBy supporting people’s (individually and in groups) interest in transportation. It also can be used to boost the use of carpool-competing and thereby lowering their environmental impact, ing and other environmental-friendly commuting options.Volvo can develop and improve its products and services incooperation with their customers. These insights enable a Websitestrengthening of Volvo’s competitiveness while creating value, customers. Volvo’s customers gain from the service inno- Contact detailsvation in different ways. Through systemisation of informa- Staffan Movintion, cities and public transport authorities can learn from their,residents’ commuting behaviour and gain a better understand- +46 8 586 175 90ing of commuting patterns in their cities. This information can Dr. Irene Martinsson (VINNOVA)be used to improve capacity and support business evolution. Irene.martinsson@vinnova.seThe Com-mute Greener service is a systemic approach first E-mail:
  27. 27. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 25CASE 19: Sustainable GrowthOpportunity PeterboroughCountry : United KingdomResponsibleOpportunity Peterborough: Peterborough City Council, IBM,Royal Haskoning and Green Ventures announced a new col-laboration that aims to transform Peterborough into the lead-ing sustainable city in the UK.DescriptionPlans have been outlined to launch a sustainable city visuali-sation project, which will initially focus on building a new on-line platform to monitor and analyse data on Peterborough’s to be at the forefront of taking advantage of this, water, transport and waste systems. This data will New technologies are capable of understanding and con-be used to produce a real-time, integrated view of the city’s necting city scale systems, so they can sense, analyse andenvironmental performance. Residents and city officials will integrate data, enabling the city to respond intelligently to thebe able to access necessary in-formation to make more in- needs of citizens.formed decisions about resource usage. For example, the citywill be able to make suggestions to improve home water and Impact/assessmentenergy usage, while being able to work more ef-fectively with Helping our cities become sustainable is essential to ourthe utilities to plan the long-term energy and water infrastruc- planet’s future. With 80% of the UK popu-lation now living inture that is needed for a sustainable future. For the first time, urban areas, cities across the country are increasingly lookingutilities, government agencies and local businesses will be at new ways to become smarter, and lessons can be learnedable to share information for a more comprehensive view of from looking at the new intelligence being infused into the waythe city’s ecosystem. This will enable the various agencies to cities work around the world. The aim of the project is to pro-streamline and make more effective, ecologically-minded de- vide Peterborough with a big picture overview of its currentcisions and strategies to maximise sustainability. The system sustainability performance coupled with the right level of de-will also allow residents to provide feedback and offer sugges- tail to identify how organisations and individuals could bettertions for improvement. Fifteen years ago, Peterborough was work together and where the city can best prioritise invest-made one of four UK Environ-ment Cities by the Department ment. The interactive and animated style of presentation ofof the Environment and is set to become one of a cluster of environmental data will be a great way to capture the enthusi-IBM “Smarter Cities” being developed around the world. Pe- asm of businesses and the community and will support Peter-terborough’s growth targets are ambitious and connecting the borough’s ambition to create a more sustainable systems is central to increasing quality of life for the pro-posed extra 20,000 jobs, 25,000 homes and 40,000 people Websitethat will be in the city by 2021 compared to 2001. The first of the project will focus on energy and water data and is already underway to move transport and waste re- ies.pdflated data onto the platform with other environmental data setto follow. The-se changes aim to cement Peterborough’s place Contact detailsas a leading environmental city and directly impact the quality Stuart House, East Wingof life for people living and working in Peterborough for future St John’s Streetgenerations. Peterborough PE1 5DDThe transformative potential of the ENGLANDservice Tel. +44 (0) 1733 317417, fax +44 (0) 1733 317400Technological advances allow cities to collate data and inter- E-mail; it in ways not achieved before and Peterborough is going
  28. 28. 26 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020
  29. 29. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 27Transformative serviceinnovations to promoteInclusive GrowthInclusive growth is development which enables all members of society to participate in the process ofwealth creation, in a way commensurate with their own abilities and potential.
  30. 30. 28 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 20: Inclusive GrowthThe Moravian Wine TrailsA network of bicycling paths supporting local agriculture and sustainabletourism in South MoraviaCountry : Czech RepublicResponsibleCzech Environmental Partnership Foundation (Nadace Part-nerství) in collaboration with 280 wine-growing municipalitiesand other partners.DescriptionThe Moravian Wine Trails is a long-term project aimed at thedevelopment of viniculture and sustainable tourism in SouthMoravia. The idea of building a network of dedicated trailsfor tourism and bicycling has evolved gradually since 1997based on experience with similar projects in winemaking re-gions of Germany, France and Austria.At present, the project develops and maintains a 1200-kmnetwork of signposted bicycling and tourist trails intercon-necting 10 principal wine-growing regions of South Moravia.The backbone of the trails is the Moravian Wine Trail passing ism”, aimed at improving the quality of services for specificthrough the picturesque landscape of South East Moravia and groups of tourists.traverses 70 winemaking towns, dozens of protected natu-ral reserves and many important historical and architectural Impact/assessment if possiblemonuments. Visitors can choose from a number of one-day The project promotes eco-tourism in a specific region of South-trips or long tours to discover local culture, taste excellent lo- ern Moravia. It also contributes to the preservation of natu-cal wines and/or visit historical monuments along the cycling ral and cultural heritage and improves the general quality oftrails. Associated services available to the tourists include in- tourist services by creating additional opportunities for sports,formation panels and travel maps accessible at information recreation and tourism. By doing so, the project idea creates apoints along the trails. The dedicated website also offers ad- stimulus for adopting a healthier lifestyle and sustainable useditional useful information on local accommodation and local of local conditions, catering and accommodation opportuni-ties, comprehensive virtual guides to individual wine trails andwine cellars as well as a list of cultural events to be held alongthe trails all the year round. WebsiteThe transformative potential of the http://www.stezky.czserviceThe project is unique in that it combines aspects of sustain- Contact detailsable tourism and eco-tourism with the development of local Juraj Flamik, Project Coordinatoragriculture and winemaking culture in particular. Another in- Phone: +420 606 763 117novative feature is the close cooperation between the project E-mail: juraj.flamik@nap.czcoordinator (Czech Environmental Partnership Founda-tion)and a number of regional municipalities, winegrowers, and Nadace Partnerství, Údolní 33managers of local accommodation and tourist facilities. 602 00 BrnoNeighbouring Slovakian and Austrian wine trails have also Czech Republicbeen involved in joint marketing and development activities.In addition, the project has introduced two brand-new national Tel. +420 515 903 111certification schemes, i.e. “Cyclist welcome” and “Wine tour- E-mail:
  31. 31. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 29CASE 21: Inclusive GrowthAge management– as a factor for competitiveness and profitability in PWD Technical Servicesof the City of HelsinkiCountry : FinlandResponsiblePWD Technical Services is a business unit in the PublicWorks Department of the City of Helsinki and the ConsultingCompany Hozen Ltd.DescriptionPWD Technical Services produces competition based con-struction, engineering, machinery, and material services forthe city of Helsinki. In 2004, 60% of the unit’s workforce was45 years or old-er. Rapidly ageing workforce posed a chal-lenge for the whole organisation of 433 people.The management of the unit had a clear idea of the organisa-tion’s age structure, the rate of re-tirement, and the problemscreated by these factors, e.g., loss of silent knowledge and itssignificance for the organisation’s competitiveness. The em-ployee programmes could not tackle the issues caused by theageing workforce. The new solution was to involve the age- Impact/assessmenting workforce in the prob-lem solving process. The implemen- The programme has had several positive impacts. The man-tation of the Age Management as a Factor for Competitive- agement showed interest towards the well-being of the work-ness and Profitability Programme began in 2004 and it was force and the occupational health care encouraged the workersplanned jointly with the workforce. The pro-gramme included to take better care of their health. Well-being at work as wellthe composition of a comprehensive programme to manage as coping with the work increased among the work-force. Thethe ageing workforce. The goals were healthier and longer programme strengthened the unit’s cohesiveness and oldercareers and supporting and updating the workforce’s skills, workers gained more respect. The management was moreknowledge transfer as well as methodologies to go back to aware of the needs of employees and this in turn increasedwork from retirement. the workers’ trust in and openness with the management al- lowing conversations concerning problems and diffi-culties.The transformative potential of theserviceThe programme was planned and implemented in an innova- Websitetively by involving the workforce and occupational health care www.hozen.fiin the process as well as ensuring sufficient communicationwith the whole workforce. All the members of the workforce Contact details(45 or older) were given a chance to create a personal ageing E-mail:, heikki.kettunen@hozen.fiprogramme and were provided with measurements of theirworking ability for their years at work to come. An importantpart of the programme was ICT (electronic human resourcespro-gramme) that supported the communication and devel-opment in employee-manager- relationship. Employees andmanagers also had their own support groups.The programme resulted in strengthened confidential and re-spectful relationships between employees and the employer,increased the commitment of the workforce to the programmeand provided a window of opportunity for continuous develop-ment.
  32. 32. 30 CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020CASE 22: Inclusive GrowthLanguage CaféCountry : FinlandResponsibleThe case was developed between the summer of 2009 andthe spring of 2010 in the MIND Research Group. The conceptwas first ideated and tested by an interdisciplinary team ofstudents during their summer internship in the Murjottelu pro-gramme. The case was commissioned by Active Life Village,Espoo. pats are creating value for each other by giving and receiving. The context is informal, inclusive and promotes socialisation,Description which helps to solve both the problems of integration and gen-Language Café is one of the numerous concepts developed erational gap. Both user groups are growing in numbers. Thisby an interdisciplinary team of students during their sum- also means that the traditional institutions providing servicesmer internship in the MIND Research Group. The team did for them will become inefficient due to time and money con-not receive an extensive brief, but was just asked to design straints. Language Café is a possible alternative, because it“concepts for products and services to make the life of elderly satisfies important needs in an economically sustainable way.people happier, easier, healthier and more independent, sothat they could live longer in their own homes and avoid hos- Impact/assessmentpitalisation”. Observing and listening to the target group was The project offers a promising idea for social enterprise. Bothencouraged, as well as quickly trying out every idea consid- seniors and foreign students gave positive feedbacks aboutered to have a potential. the experience, and stated that they would like to repeat it.The increasing number of senior citizens (and their needs) is All the testing sessions lasted longer than expected, becauseone of the major challenging of Finnish society. Nowadays, the conversation was genuinely engaging for the par-ticipantssenior citizens are often passive receivers of services, but, as and the researchers did not want to interrupt it. The age dif-the inter-views revealed, they do not always want to be taken ference did not seem to be a problem, even though testingcare of. Why can they not play an active role? Another major revealed that this service would be optimal for intermediateissue is the growing number of foreigners living and work- students (natural conversation is too difficult for beginners).ing in Finland. Language is a barrier, and Finnish is one of the Both seniors, foreigner and expats were inter-ested in the pos-most difficult languages to learn. sibility of seeing their student-teacher relationship develop-Language Café offers a place and an opportunity for interac- ing. The idea was award-ed as best business idea in the Aaltotion to these two marginalised groups: senior citizens play the Entrepreneurship Society Pitching Competition, winning arole of language teachers and foreigners the role of students. small amount of funding for further experimentation and de-The basic idea is that through cooperation different people can velopment.generate and gain value from each other. Senior citizens areperfect natural teachers, i.e. they have the time, they are pa-tient, they like to meet people, and are “experts” in national Websiteculture and history. The service gives them an active role that www.mindspace.fimakes them feel useful and retain social relations. Contact DetailsThe transformative potential of the Responsible personsservice stefania.passera@aalto.fiLanguage Café offers a bottom-top creative solution in which reetta.maila@aalto.fidesign thinking is used to create a social impact in society. Itsbasic starting point is to challenge the assumption that a serv-ice de-signed for senior citizens is always one-directional. Theinnovative element of the project consists in involving the userin the process. Thus, both senior citizens, foreigners and ex-
  33. 33. CASE STUDIES: Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020 31CASE 23: Inclusive GrowthVerkehrsmittelVergleichCountry : GermanyResponsibleStart up from RWTH Aachen, founded in 2008DescriptionVerkehrsmittelVergleich (comparison of means of transpor-tation) offers a comparison of means of transportation to Travel in connection with business or tourism offers a hugeidentify the best combination for a given travel event. Verke- potential for inclusive growth that helps the benefits of growthhrsmittelVergleich mostly offers its services to private users reach all parts of the EU. By using VerkehrsmitelVergleich, theand allows for comparing prices of travelling by car, train, user is in-volved in a system that helps to reduce pollution byplain, taxi, etc. Initially VerkehrsmittelVergleich only covered making travelling more efficient. The constant feedback willGermany, but recently the service has been extended to Eu- help to develop the quality of the offers. This will help to mod-rope. VerkehrsmittelVergleich is free of charge for the user. ernise the labour mar-ket. The participating train/ship/aerialThe financial reward comes from commission paid to Verke- companies can improve their ranking by offering high-qualityhrsmittelVergleich if a user books an offer from the Verkehrs- services and a simple interface that make transfers easy.mittelVergleich webpage. The user may on the one hand use Therefore, companies will need staff at locations like airportthe service to find obvious data such as date and start/desti- or harbour that do not necessarily have to be highly skilled ornation, but he may also ask the system to consider personal work full-time. Additionally, the more effective combination ofcharac-teristics such as bonus cards for travelling by train or transportation means will lead to a significant re-duction inthe mileage of her/his personal car. The pre-ferred time sched- greenhouse gas emission. Thus, VerkehrsmittelVergleichalsoule and maximum prices as well as the number of accepted helps to reach the ambitious Europe 2020 goals.transfers can be added to the search mask. If the systemcannot identify a certain piece of geographical information, itof-fers an alternative. The system offers price and availability Websitechecks, a combination of possible itiner-aries, a pre-screening the (financially) best offer and more. The website is easyto follow and understand, and the service is fast and reliable. Contact detailsVerkehrsmittelVergleich was founded as a spin-off from the Johannes Grassmann and Veit Blumschein (CEOs)University of Aachen, RWTH. It was supported by public Theaterstraße 47funding scheme for start-ups. 52062 – Aachen GermanyThe transformative potential of theservice E-mail: info@verkehrsmittelvergleich.deInclusive growth – a high employment economy deliveringeconomic, social and territorial cohesion – will help increateEurope’s rate of employment leading to more and better jobs.This is one of the Europe 2020 aims. Investments in skillsand training will help manage the change, and here Verkehrs-mittelVergleich should be mentioned. VerkehrsmittelVergleichaims at a new approach to organising travelling. Users canchoose not only from a list of means of transportation, butfrom a matrix-like grid of information that allows for an individ-ually adapted travel schedule. Details are available for all giv-en combinations of travel routes and vehicles. Provide a fastand personalised choice helps saving time and money andtherefore supports business trips as well as tourism needs.Impact/assessment