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Brochure leading business services 2014

  2. 2. The programme has been developed with the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and the Province of Limburg. The programme has been initiated at the request of Océ, Philips and Vanderlande Industries. © 2014 Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics / Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University OF THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS (SBE) AND ROTTERDAM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, ERASMUS UNIVERSITY HAVE CO-CREATED A NEW DIPLOMA PROGRAMME FOR (FUTURE) PROFESSIONALS IN BUSINESS SERVICES. BEYONDPRODUCTS
  3. 3. 1 MANUFACTURING COMPANIES ARE CHANGING THEIR STRATEGIC FOCUS AND BECOMING TRUE SERVICE PROVIDERS. FOR SOME COMPANIES, THE REVENUES FROM SERVICES ALREADY ACCOUNT FOR 50% OF THEIR TOTAL SALES. FOR MANY COMPANIES THIS MEANS A REAL BREAK FROM THE PAST; HAPPEN Over time, industries discovered Business Services, first as associated and reactive break-fix services, later as more value-added service propositions, e.g. performance consulting and training. In some cases firms position themselves as providers of integrated solutions and offer managed services. Business Services are being discovered by manufacturers as a growth area that provides profitable and stable revenue streams and strengthens client relationships. Becoming a true service provider is not an obvious process. It is about finding new business models, implementing new organisational structures and changing the way performance is managed. It is about changing the mind-set of the company. This requires a clear vision and new leadership. Leading companies invited us to develop this pro- gramme Leading Business Services because we Prof. Jos Lemmink, Co-chair Professor of Marketing and Business Services Innovation Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics Prof. Jan van den Ende, Co-chair Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University have a relevant network of experts and are able to deliver an effective programme and diploma. We believe that only a combined knowledge and experience of academia and business will make a difference. That is why we have joined forces. We invite managers and professionals from the manufacturing industry who are or will soon be in leading positions to play a key role in the process of bringing the soul of Business Services into the company. A limited number of professionals from other industries may also be accepted to the programme. They will benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit and the hands-on attitude or our programme. So feel welcome to join this learning journey and make Business Services happen in your company!
  4. 4. 2 TARGET GROUP This programme is aimed at managers and professionals from manufacturing and technology industries who are, or will soon be, in a position to play a leading role in growing Business Services within their company. You need to have at least five years of relevant working experience. In general, most candidates have a university degree and would like to deepen and broaden their knowledge of Business Services. We expect participants to be interactive and open to co-create answers with experts and fellow participants. FORMAT The programme has an executive part-time format in which professionals and academics are brought together to analyse, discuss and find solutions for their real-life challenges in the field of Business Services. The programme demands a total study time of about 700 hours over one year. The programme is delivered in English. STRUCTURE This programme consists of 6 modules, a Business Services Xperience workshop and a project kick off meeting. Modules consist of two or three consecutive days of classes, between 08.30-18.30 hours. Programme locations are: Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Venlo and Maastricht. Each educational module covers a specific theme and calls for analytical, associative, social and leadership skills. Each module concludes with an assignment in which you are asked to reflect on literature, compare activities in other companies, relate your new experiences to issues in your own company, and make a plan for action in your own job.
  5. 5. 3 IMMEDIATE VALUE Given rapid developments in the market, investing in this executive programme must generate immediate value for our participants as well as being a sound investment for the long-term. Our programme provides: An inspiring and challenging learning environmentu that enables you to learn new academic insights and benefit from the experiences of other participants. Assignments that require you to apply youru learning to your company’s activities. A Business Services workshop that inspires you howu to develop new Business Services propositions. Discussions of newly developed Businessu Services cases from leading companies such as Océ, Philips and Vanderlande Industries, among others, to deliver international knowledge of examples of good practice. A Business Services project focussing on youru company’s challenge in Business Services, coached by academic and business experts. Permanent access to a network of Businessu Services experts from academia and the business world that will enable you to keep up with the latest insights in Business Services. A certificate awarded jointly from SBE and RSM,u and an international network of more than 58.000 professionals, bringing together the alumni of both schools. DURATION: 1 year part time STRUCTURE: six modules, a Business Services workshop and a project Kick Off day LOCATIONS: Maastricht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Venlo LEARNING PHILOSOPHY: experienced based learning (cases, problems, theory) ASSESSMENT METHODS: presentations, blogs, assignment papers, workshops CERTIFICATE: a certificate awarded jointly from Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics (SBE) and the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) STUDY LOAD: total of 700 hours START: 18 September 2014 COSTS: €12,995 (including tuition costs and learning material) APPLICATION DEADLINE: five weeks before the start of the programme (14 August) BUSINESS SERVICES LEADERS
  6. 6. 4 MODULE 1 The Soul of Business Services (2 days) From products to services, why?u Services characteristicsu IQ and EQ of servicesu Strategy in servicesu Service Science Xperienceu Module Owner: Prof. Jos Lemmink, Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics Location: Maastricht Date: 18-19 Sep 2014 MODULE 4 Performance in Business Services, financial and IT perspectives (3 days) Service strategy versus finance / accounting models in the value chainu Balance between finance (look ahead) and accounting (look back)u Marketing efforts and costs versus bottom-line services revenuesu IT as competitive advantage in Business Servicesu Business intelligenceu IT maturityu Module Owner: Prof. Eric van Heck, Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University Location: Rotterdam Date: 4-6 Mar 2015 MODULE 2 Managing Service Innovation (2 days) Business model innovationu Individual creativityu Disruptive innovation (in relation to product-services)u The innovation value chainu Organisation of service innovation:u local for local versus global innovation Implementation of service innovationu Module Owner: Prof. Jan van den Ende, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Location: Eindhoven Date: 6-7 Nov 2014 MODULE 3 Service Marketing and Sales (3 days) Customer relationship managementu Services marketing mixu Service profit chainu Drivers of sales performanceu The role of sales managersu Service Science Xperienceu Module Owner: Prof. Gaby Odekerken, Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics Location: Venlo Date: 6-8 Jan 2015
  7. 7. 5 BUSINESS SERVICES XPERIENCE We will draw upon the ideas from participants to explore Business Services in the networks of the programme’s corporate partners, following a step-by- step approach. The aim of this Xperience is to inspire you to work on a new business services proposition within your company or with fellow students. This Xperience can be used as a starter for the Business Services Project as well. We will systematically inspect, construct and generate the new Business Services proposition. We will explore the customer experience and define the business model. Participants draw upon their own resources and the experience of the Service Science Factory. THE BUSINESS SERVICES PROJECT Each participant will work on a real Business Services challenge. This can be a new business services proposition or solves an issue that is hindering a company from developing and implementing its Business Services strategy. The project must meet academic and practical objectives. Each project is documented in a written report, presented as a master class to representatives of the subject company, and defended in front of a jury of academics and business people. MODULE 5 Excellence in Service Delivery (2 days) Exploring the role and position of suppliersu in the Business Services supply chain Trade-off cost, value and risks in the Businessu Services supply chain Insourcing and outsourcing of Business Servicesu Value-based sourcingu Developing and managing engaged supplieru relationships Module Owner: Prof. René de Koster, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Location: Rotterdam Date: 22-23 Apr 2015 MODULE 6 Leading a Service Organisation (2 days) Perspectives on leadershipu Leading Change as a project or continuumu Module Owner: Prof. Marielle Heijltjes, Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics Location: Maastricht Date: 11-12 Jun 2015
  8. 8. 6 Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (MUSBE) is a top-level European business school in the fields of Economics and International Business. MUSBE provides high-quality bachelor, master and postgraduate education, conducts excellent research, and offers an international perspective. All programmes are delivered in English, and use small-scale learning methods supported by electronic learning environments. Strong incentives for top-quality research connect to its four strategic profiles: Quality of Life, Europe and a Globalizing World, Learning and Innovation. Services, and in particular Services Marketing and Management, is one of the main fields of expertise at MUSBE, distinguished by its excellent course offerings and international academic research. In 2009 the school launched the Service Science Factory, a place where researchers and students meet with businesses to create new service-oriented solutions, or to re-think existing services. Canon has recently established a chair at Maastricht University to support the development of new services. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is the business school of Erasmus University Rotterdam – one of Europe’s top research universities. It has a world-wide reputation as a top business school and is well-known among business leaders, international recruiters and academics. This is reflected in its high international ranking – a 7th place in the Financial Times Metaranking. The school attracts highly-qualified students from all over the world. RSM has about 250 faculty. Some 7,000 executives and students attend classes annually. RSM has a portfolio of programmes including its undergraduate programmes, a flagship MBA programme, and executive education programmes. Teaching focuses on real-world insights for real-world applications. It prides itself for being ‘the business school that thinks and lives in the future’. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED Both schools have been recognised by several external organisations and international experts, students, alumni, staff, faculty, corporate clients and employers, for the quality of their teaching staff, learning methodology, academic research and facilities. Both schools belong to the select group of business schools (1% worldwide and the only two business schools in the Netherlands) that are triple-crown accredited by the AACSB, Equis, and AMBA.
  9. 9. 7 Océ is one of the leading providers of document management and printing for professionals. The Océ offering includes office printing and copying systems, high speed digital production printers and wide format printing systems for both technical documentation and color display graphics. Océ is also a foremost supplier of document management outsourcing. In 2010 Océ joined the Canon Group of companies with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, to create the global leader in the printing industry. Océ established the Business Services School, and established this programme among others. Vanderlande Industries provides automated materials handling for warehouse automation, parcel & postal and baggage. Its excellent reputation is based on reliable delivery of projects and services, in close co-operation with customers. Philips is a leading company in health and well-being. They serve professional and consumer markets through three overlapping sectors: Lighting, Healthcare and Consumer Lifestyle. Philips demonstrates its capacity for innovation by translating customer insights into meaningful technology and applications that improve the quality of people’s lives. SEVERAL COMPANIES TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS PROGRAMME. THEY ALL PURSUE A STRATEGY TO STRENGTHEN AND GROW BUSINESS SERVICES, AND ALL RECOGNISE THE NEED TO DEVELOP BUSINESS SERVICES LEADERS THAT WILL ENABLE THEM TO IMPLEMENT THIS STRATEGY. YOUR COMPANY IS PARTNERS ‘Business Services is at the core of our strategy for growth. We need to grow a group of Business Services Leaders that help us get there.’ Mark Euwe, Executive Vice-President SBU Business Services, Océ ‘Business Services will bring additional value to our customers and is at the core of our client focus strategy.’ Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting ‘Business Services will help us to stay ahead. Customers are demanding that we deliver, service and manage excellent projects.’ Jan Hulsmann, Member of the Board of Vanderlande Industries
  10. 10. 8 The programme Leading Business Services is intended for those with an ambition to become Business Services Leaders. The admissions procedure emphasises motivation, maturity and creativity as well as a strong interest in Business Services. Most candidates come from manufacturing and technology industries but the programme is also open to candidates from other sectors. ELIGIBILITY & REQUIREMENTS To be considered for this programme, candidates should: submit a complete application form,u downloadable at or have a minimum of five years relevantu work experience TUITION FEES AND FINANCING The fee for the Leading Business Services programme is €12,995. This covers tuition costs and learning materials (readers, cases and books). This does not include hotel accommodation or transportation. PROCEDURE The deadline for submitting your application is 14 August. The application can only be processed when a completed application form has been received. When we receive your completed application, you will be invited for an intake interview. This gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a suitable candidate for the programme. APPLICATION AND ADMISSION
  11. 11. 9 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University Henriëtte Cleton RSM Leading Business Services Admissions & Programme Manager Phone: +31 10 408 1982 / 2222 E-mail: Klaas Wassens RSM Leading Business Services Programme Director E-mail: Phone: +31 10 408 1975 / 2222 Maastricht University School of Business and Economics Marion Hameleers SBE Leading Business Services Programme Manager Phone: +31 43 388 4939 / 4621 E-mail: Elisabeth (Lisa) Brüggen SBE Leading Business Services Programme Director E-mail: Phone: +31 43 388 3851 FOR MORE INFORMATION YOU CAN CONTACT
  12. 12. ROTTERDAM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT ERASMUS UNIVERSITY Leading Business Services Office Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 (J Building) 3062 PA Rotterdam The Netherlands Phone: +31 10 408 2222 Fax: +31 10 452 2137 E-mail: MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Leading Business Services Office Tongersestraat 49 6211 LM Maastricht The Netherlands Phone +31 43 388 4939 E-mail: FOLLOW US ON Disclaimer. The information in this publication is correct as of January 2014. UM and RSM reserve the right to make changes affecting policies, fees, curricula, or any other matter announced in this publication without further notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without written permission from UM and RSM. 14116.B&TOntwerpenadvies(