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Digital technologies have considerable potential to transform how companies create revenue and results via innovative strategies, products, processes and experiences. But do companies recognize that potential, and are they mobilizing to capitalize on it? According to our research, the answer is a qualified “yes.”

Of the major digital technologies—including mobility, social media, big data analytics, the cloud and connected products—mobility has risen to the top in terms of importance to organizations. Seventy-seven percent of participants in our survey considered mobility among their top five priorities for the coming year, and 43 percent said the technology was in their top two.

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Accenture mobility research infographic

  1. 1. Mobility: Fueling the Digital Surge Accenture Mobility Insights Report 2014 Accenture surveyed nearly 1,500 C-level executives in 10 industries and 14 countries around the world, to explore how companies are applying digital technologies—especially mobility—to improve their organizations. At a Glance Investment in digital technologies is seen as a strategic investment 77% have mobility in their top 5 priorities, 43% in their top two 87% have a formal mobility strategy at enterprise or unit level At 35% of companies the CEO is involved in mobility strategy Initiatives most likely to receive budget: 44% Opening up new sales or marketing channels 43% Driving revenue through transactions on mobile devices 39% Driving revenue through customer engagement on mobile devices 39% Improving field service/customer service delivery Challenges Strategic, organizational and operational challenges have made it d ifficult for companies to take full advantage of mobility’s promise Only 10% have experienced a ROI of 100% or more 85% do not have metrics to measure mobility effectiveness 7 in 10 struggle to keep pace with new mobile devices and systems Mobility Leaders Leaders consider the full range of digital: Mobility, Analytics, Connected Products, C loud and Social to be among their top five priorities 69% have effectively adopted and deployed mobile technologies 54% have a formal enterprisewide mobility strategy 52% use this strategy to inform their mobile investments © 2014 Accenture. All Rights Reserved. Download the full report at