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Some Project Patterns for my team inspired by some 37signals practices.

Some Project Patterns for my team inspired by some 37signals practices.

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  • 1. Project Patterns Breaking practices By Fred Lee (with tons of inspiration from 37signals)
  • 2. Project Patterns General concepts we shall adhere to Not hard and fast rules Good projects are flexible and adaptable. We shall take responsibility Live for nothing, or die for something.
  • 3. Reject mediocre requirements
  • 4. Interpretation 101 screenshot != requirements
  • 5. Documents this == Time.lots == Change.lots == Time.waste
  • 6. Touch Stakeholders touch => agreement == happy == awesome
  • 7. Challenge “need”
  • 8. “need”, really? “Everyone else is doing it.” “The old system did it that way.” “In order to . . .” “It should be easy, so . . .” “Eva Longoria is wearing Uggs.” “The Macbook Air is so light.”
  • 9. Need this == Feature.creep == Project.done.never
  • 10. Decisions are temporary
  • 11. Break it down Fear == Application.bad
  • 12. Break it down when It smells Can’t remember why It can’t be broughten up (yeah, that’s a word)
  • 13. Focus on what does not change
  • 14. Death and Taxes 99.99% sure
  • 15. What won’t change Performance and Speed Good UI Good design Client’s core business functions Desire to make a lot of money
  • 16. Remove abstractions
  • 17. Abstractions Documents Drawings PS prototypes Emails Meetings Discussions
  • 18. Wood block => awesome Get to the point faster: IDEO and rapid prototyping
  • 19. Project Patterns
  • 20. Wrap it up Reject mediocre requirements Challenge “need” Decisions are temporary Focus on what does not change Remove abstractions
  • 21. The Fix: Agile Practices Requirements, “needs”, and what does not change Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Features Stories Scenarios Specs Temporary Decisions Short, short, short iterations Remove Abstractions Rapid prototypes