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Om034335 volume 9 issue 3_treb-a

  1. 1. Springing Into The Busy Season!Information courtesy of the Toronto Real Estate Board.TREBSales & Average Price By Major Home TypeJAN. 2013 Sales Average Price416 905 Total 416 905 TotalDetached 502 1,579 2,081 $765,049 $563,675 $612,252Yr./Yr. % Change -7.6% 3.7% 0.7% 2.7% 6.8% 4.7%Semi-Detached 147 324 471 $586,080 $391,830 $452,456Yr./Yr. % Change -5.2% 0.9% -1.1% 12.5% 3.6% 6.5%Townhouse 166 519 685 $418,262 $359,271 $373,566Yr./Yr. % Change -11.2% 1.0% -2.3% 1.8% 5.6% 4.0%Condo Apartment 730 321 1,051 $340,295 $269,073 $318,542Yr./Yr. % Change -4.5% -6.4% -5.1% -1.3% -1.4% -1.2%Commenting on the 4,375 transactionsreported through the Toronto MultipleListing Service®(MLS®) system byGreater Toronto Area REALTORS®inJanuary 2013, Toronto Real EstateBoard (TREB) President Ann Hannahsaid, “The January sales figuresrepresent a good start to 2013. Whilethe number of transactions was downslightly compared to last year, the rateof decline was much less than whatwas experienced in the second half of2012. This suggests that some buyers,who put their decision to purchase onhold last year due to stricter mortgagelending guidelines, are once againbecoming active in the market.”The average selling price for January2013 homes was $482,648 – up by 4.3percent compared to the $462,655average reported in January 2012. TheMLS®Home Price Index compositebenchmark price was up by 3.8 percentover the same period.“There will be enough competitionbetween buyers in the marketplaceto prompt continued growth inhome prices in 2013. Expect annualaverage price growth in the threeto five percent range this year,” saidJason Mercer, TREB Senior Manager ofMarket Analysis.Wondering what the value of yourhome is in our busy spring market?Interested in targeted news regardingreal estate activity in your local area?Please call today for a personal, no-obligation information update!If the real estate sales numbers reported so far this year are anyindication, Toronto’s spring market is gearing up to be a busy one!Recine Team ReportCompliments of Melanie & Fabio RE/MAX Premier Inc., BrokerageEach office is independently owned and operated.Melanie Maranda Recine &Fabio RecineSales Representatives"Its your callCall Melanie and Fabio"RE/MAX Premier Inc., Brokerage9100 Jane Street, Bldg. L, Suite #77Vaughan, ON L4K 0A4Office: 416-987-8000Fax: 416-987-8001Direct Melanie: 647-836-4062Direct Fabio: 416-828-5441mmaranda96@hotmail.comfrecine@trebnet.comwww.RecineTeam.caGreetings! You’re receiving thisnewsletter with hopes that you find itinformative and entertaining.If you’re thinking of making a move, orare just curious as to real estate trendsin your area, please feel free to call atany time. It’s always good to hearfrom you!Best wishes,Melanie and FabioVolume 9, Issue 3
  2. 2. 2Bedrooms Strip beds, laundering skirts, mattress covers, duvet covers,etc. Wash pillows according to manufacturer directions.Sprinkle baking soda on box springs, let sit for an hour,then vacuum; repeat the process with mattresses. Flipover and rotate mattresses for even wear. Empty nightstands, dressers, armoires, etc., throwing outor donating things you can’t/won’t use. Clean their insidesbefore putting everything back. To keep clothes smellingfresh, store them with sachets, fabric-softener sheets,baking soda boxes, etc.Bathrooms Soak showerheads in white vinegar or suitablecommercial product to loosen mineral deposits andrestore water pressure. Gently machine wash shower curtains and liners,including a couple of towels in the load. If safe to do so,add bleach to the cycle to remove mold. Empty out drawers, cabinets, and linen closets, throwingout things like expired medication and old makeup. Wipedown (and re-line) the insides before putting things back. Clean grout with a toothbrush and mixture of two partswater to one part hydrogen peroxide.Kitchen Kitchen walls (especially backsplashes) take a lot ofabuse, thanks to grease and smoke, so give them agood washing. After clearing the food trap/drain of debris, run yourdishwasher empty save for a cup of lemon juice, whitevinegar, baking soda, or, if there’s mold, bleach. Empty cupboards and drawers, throwing out or donatingitems you can’t/won’t use. Wash and, if needed, re-linetheir insides before putting everything back. While oven cleaner is working on the inside, remove andclean (or replace) drip catchers, knobs, burner grates, etc.,and clean them thoroughly. Empty the fridge, throwing out/donating food you won’tuse. Remove and wash shelves and drawers, and wipedown fridge and freezer insides before putting food back. If possible, pull out the fridge and stove, sweep andmop the areas where they normally sit, and vacuumfridge coils.Throughout Your Home Working top to bottom, dust ceiling fans, curtainrods, window and doorframes, light fixtures, artwork,windowsills, and baseboards, as well as lamps, electronicequipment, picture frames, knick-knacks, and the surfacesthey sit on. Vacuum lampshades, blinds, upholstered furniture,and HVAC registers and vents, using the appropriateattachments for delicate surfaces or getting down intonooks and crannies. Take down window coverings and hand wash, machinewash, or dry-clean them per the manufacturerinstructions. At the very least, vacuum (if safe to do so)and tumble dry them with a fabric-softener sheet. Empty closets, throwing out or donating items you can’t/won’t use. Clean the insides, including shelves, rods, andfloors, before putting everything back. Disinfect light and ceiling fan switches; temperaturecontrols; door and drawer handles, pulls, and knobs; andappliance and fixture (e.g. toilet) handles.A FreshNew Season!It’s that time of year when the change of seasoninspires us to give our homes a more thorough cleaningand purging. Below are some chores, broken down byroom, that may get overlooked as part of your daily orweekly cleaning routines but should be on your spring-cleaning “to-do” list.
  3. 3. Preventative MeasuresFirst Things FirstVolume 9, Issue 3 3The busiest home-buying time of the year is justaround the corner. But as savvy buyers know, thereare a few things you’d be wise to do before youeven begin to pound the pavement this spring.They are: Checking your credit. You’d be surprised how oftenpeople find mistakes on their credit report: closedcharge accounts that appear as available credit orrepaid loans that show up as outstanding, are just twoexamples. You’ll want to clear up any mistakes beforethey impede your ability to secure the financing you’llneed to fund your home purchase. Getting pre-approved by your lender. In addition tohelping you establish your budget (an important thingto do before shopping for anything), mortgage pre-approval means you can act more quickly than non-approved buyers once you find the right property – andthat’s particularly important during the spring season,when competition for homes can be stronger. Establishing your needs and wants. How can youexpect to find what you’re looking for when youhaven’t yet figured out exactly what that is? If youdon’t establish your must-have criteria before you startlooking at homes, you’re likely to spend precious timeviewing properties that aren’t a good fit for you, andspend more money than you intended. Hiring a real estate sales representative. Sure,you could wait until you’re ready to buy to hirerepresentation, but doing so before starting the home-hunting process means ending your search a lot morequickly. Plus, your rep can help you with the otheritems on this list, such as securing a loan pre-approvaland figuring out what it is you need in your next home. Inspection issues. Many buyers make their purchaseoffer contingent on a home inspection; when theresults reveal problems, buyers may back out. Gettingyour home inspected before you list is a great way toreduce this risk. A pre-listing inspection allows youto discover any problems and address them – on yourterms, not the buyer’s – before your home even goeson the market. Financing issues. It can be heartbreaking to finda buyer only to have the deal fall through becausethey couldn’t obtain financing. Lower the chancesof this happening to you by hiring a real estaterepresentative, who will pre-screen potential buyersby ensuring they’ve been pre-approved for financing– in other words, by making sure they’re actuallycapable of purchasing your home. Failure to satisfy the offer conditions. Buyers oftenmake their offers contingent upon certain conditionsbeing met, such as the seller making agreed-uponrepairs. Failure to meet these conditions by the datesspecified means having to arrange for an extension oreven losing the sale altogether, so to ensure a smoothclosing, be sure to address all the buyer’s conditionsin a timely manner. A low appraisal. If your home appraisal comes inlow, the buyer’s lender won’t likely approve mortgagefinancing. To avoid a low appraisal, prepare a listof improvements/upgrades for the appraiser; makesure your home shows well (i.e. is move-in ready);have your own appraisal done before listing; askyour real estate rep to provide information oncomparable sales.Real estate deals sometimes fall through forreasons entirely out of the seller’s control. Below,however, are some common deal-killers and thesteps sellers can take to prevent them.
  4. 4. Your front entrance is one of the first things buyers noticeabout your house. Make a great entrance this spring withthese curb-appealing tips. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, ideally in acolor that contrasts (but coordinates) with the façade ofyour house. Touch up surrounding trim too, if needed. Polish up your hardware (e.g. door handle and lock,knocker, kick plate, mailbox, house number, andlight fixtures) to a shine or replace hardware that’soutdated or looking a little worse for wear with newcoordinating pieces. Trim any trees or shrubs that are blocking views ofyour front entrance, or that are spilling over onto thepathway leading up to it. If you don’t already have any,add a pair of seasonal plantings in containers on yourfront steps. Make sure your front entrance, walkway, and housenumber are well lit at night – savvy sellers will make apoint of visiting your neighborhood during the day andafter dark. Small touches such as a new floor mat, a wreath on thedoor, and a proportionate table and chair(s) set can goa long way towards making your house look like a warmand inviting place to potential buyers. Clean the area of dirt and debris. Give your walkway,steps, and porch a good pressure washing if needed, andmake sure your front windows are clean, inside and out.Please call for more seller-savvy home selling tips today!Front and CenterTerminology TipEASEMENT — A legal right to use orcross another persons premises for limitedpurposes. An example includes a utilitycompanys right to run wires or lay pipeacross a property. A private easementcould include the right to cross a neighbor’sparcel of land to gain access to your home,or a mutual driveway that both ownersshare to access garages in the backyard.4The information and opinions contained in this newsletter are obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The publishers assume no responsibility for errors and omissions or for any damages resulting from the use of the publishedinformation. This newsletter is provided with the understanding that it does not render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Not intended to solicit properties or businesses listed for sale and agency agreements in place with other real estate brokers. Whole orpartial reproduction of this newsletter is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher. © Market Connections Inc.® 2013, Phone: (800) 387-6058.www.RecineTeam.caMelanie Direct647-836-4062Fabio Direct416-828-5441Fabio and Melanie RecineSales RepresentativesCompliments of Fabio Melanie Recine RE/MAX Premier Inc., Brokerage