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Mac ruby deployment

Mac ruby deployment



The talk focuses on the processes and requirements to ship a software, which was written with MacRuby, to the end user. I present libraries and tools, that are helpful for this purpose and show how to ...

The talk focuses on the processes and requirements to ship a software, which was written with MacRuby, to the end user. I present libraries and tools, that are helpful for this purpose and show how to use them.



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    Mac ruby deployment Mac ruby deployment Presentation Transcript

    • Deploying MacRuby How to do it the Apple Way Thilo Utke - RailsWayCon 2010
    • HI, I’M THILO!
    • Outline Intro MacRuby MacRuby 0.5 - 0.6 The last year Using MacRuby Build Embed Pack Updates Bonus
    • HI, I’M THILO!
    • UPSTREAM Our Company: http://upste.am Twitter: @upstream_agile
    • Our Coworking Space: http://co-up.de or http://coup.cobot.me Twitter: @co_up
    • I Love
    • I like the Software
    • Don’t Like Obj-C
    • First Objective-C App @interface Foo : NSObject { IBOutlet NSTextField *textField; } - (IBAction)gerneate:(id)sender; - (IBAction)seed:(id)sender; @end @impelemtation Foo - (IBAction)generate:(id)sender { int generated = (random() % 100) +1; [textField setIntValue:generated]; } - (IBAction)seed:(id)sender { srandom(time(NULL)); [textField setStringValue:@"Generator seeded"]; } Headerfiles Types Many Bracets Semicolon
    • Thats why I love: MacRuby
    • First Objective-C App class Foo ! attr_writer :text_field ! ! def seed(sender) ! ! @text_field.StringValue = "Generator doesn't need to be seeded ;)" ! end ! ! def generate(sender) ! ! @text_field.StringValue = (rand(100) + 1) ! end end Ruby => Less Noise
    • MacRuby? Ruby’s first class citizenship on OSX
    • MacRuby give access to most frameworks on OSX Plattform
    • MacRuby? Replaces RubyCocoa which is already gone from XCode RubyCocoa was included before
    • MacRuby 0.5 App Std Lib Frameworks Ruby Code Obj-C LLVM JIT/AOT GC IO GCC Obj-C Runtime
    • MacRuby 0.5 Object => NSObject Ruby specific extensions App Std Lib Frameworks Ruby Code Obj-C LLVM Primitives On Obj-C JIT/AOT GC IO GCC Obj-C Runtime
    • MacRuby 0.5 Generate Obj-C calls for Ruby code Intermediate Representation (IR) App Std Lib Optimization Frameworks Ruby Code JIT compiler to execute code GCC LLVM faster than 1.9 JIT/AOT GC IO LLVM Ahead of Time Compiler Obj-C Runtime
    • MacRuby 0.5 One runtime App One Lib Std object space Frameworks Shared infrastructure Ruby Code Multithreaded Obj-C LLVM JIT/AOT GC IO GCC Obj-C Runtime NO GIL! Access to GCD
    • MacRuby 0.5 This Was basically MacRuby 0.5
    • MacRuby 0.6 Current 0.6 is considered stable for Cocoa development
    • MacRuby 0.5 -> 0.6 DEBUGGER: macrubyd Usable like gnu debugger.
    • MacRuby 0.5 -> 0.6 XCODE: Integration Improved New Templates Target to RunTests/Compile/Embed
    • MacRuby 0.5 -> 0.6 Primitives: Refactoring Hash.ancestors => [Hash, NSMutableDictionary, NSDictionary, Enumerable, NSObject, Kernel] String.ancestors => [String, NSMutableString, NSString, Comparable, NSObject, Kernel] New Ruby primitives are sub classes instead of aliases plus extensions.
    • MacRuby 0.5 -> 0.6 Improved API for Grand Central Dispatch Job queue Proxies Parallelisation extensions on Enumerable
    • MacRuby 0.5 -> 0.6 Better support for MRI C-Extensions <nokogiri/> eg. NokoGiri and Postgresql
    • MacRuby 0.5 -> 0.6 ICU for Strings and RegEx !"! #$% &'()**+,+ +(-.&'(/ 0 (.,)$%(*1. 21(/3.*0% Threadsafe and Multibyte Char handling for your encoding pleasure.
    • MacRuby 0.5 -> 0.6 Got slower: Performance will be a focus for the 0.7 release with a new VM and compiler
    • That was what changed from 0.5 to 0.6
    • Using MacRuby short overview over functional and language extensions
    • Using Frameworks #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> framework 'Cocoa'    
    • Calling Obj-C Methods [dog makeNoise:@”wuff” level:6]; dog.makeNoise “wuff”, level:6 dog.makeNoise “wuff”, :level => 6     No Colon -> No parameter
    • Defining Methods for Obj-C - (id) makeNoise:(NSString)noise level:(NSInteger)level; def makeNoise(noise, level:level)   Obj-C style methods mostly need for Delegates
    • Using Structs NSPoint(0,1) NSpoint.new(0,1)   Like they are Objects
    • Pointer NSError* error; //MacRuby 0.5 error = Pointer.new(:object)   As a means of an output parameter, mostly for error handling
    • alloc & init [[NSMutableArray alloc] init] Array.alloc.init Array.new Array.arrayWithArray [1]
    • Build Embed MacRuby Packing Deliver Updates Tasks ahead
    • Build Click in XCode
    • Build your_project$ xcodebuild -configuration Release -target IntegrityX Command line is better.
    • Build ^o^/ EASY
    • Embed - Meaning copying MacRubyFramework inside the application Bundle - Updating file references to point inside the app. Bundle
    • Embed your_project$ macruby_deploy --embed build/ release/IntegrityX.app Helpfull script. This is basicly the same what the embed target in XCode does
    • MacRubyFramework ~ 60MB By Sergei Golyshev http://www.flickr.com/photos/29225114@N08/3112939993/ CC Only Framework, no Gems, they will be excluded
    • Embed without Ruby StdLib your_project$ macruby_deploy --embed --no-stdlib build/release/IntegrityX.app your_project$ macruby_deploy --embed --stdlib yml build/release/IntegrityX.app --no-stdlib will remove the entire std lib from the framework, eg. FileUtils, Net, openssl, zlib, yml. -> Not a big problem we have the Cocoa libs but they aren’t as nice to use as the stdlib ones. --stlib can embed single stdlibs only
    • MacRubyFramework without StdLib ~36 MB Only Framework
    • Embed without Ruby StdLib can easily add this options to your embed target in XCode
    • Embed 0_0 Customers don’t require MacRuby Big Bundle even without StdLib No Gems yet Lets Move on to Packing
    • Pack No support from XCode
    • Pack your_project$ hdiutil create -srcfolder release/ IntegrityX.app IntegrityX.dmg This skript is a very basic version to create a dmg.
    • Pack: DMG Is a: RAW Disk Image Offers: Compression, Encryption, Meta Data Used for: Apple Software Distribution FileVault
    • Pack: DMG Shell Script set -ex dir="$TEMP_FILES_DIR/disk" dmg="$BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR/$PROJECT_NAME.dmg" rm -rf "$dir" rm -f "$dmg" mkdir "$dir" cp -R "$BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR/$PROJECT_NAME.app" "$dir" chmod -Rf go-w "$dir" ln -s "/Applications" "$dir/Applications" sync hdiutil create -srcfolder "$dir" -volname "$PROJECT_NAME" -imagekey zlib-level=9 -format UDZO "$dmg" hdiutil internet-enable -yes "$dmg" rm -rf "$dir" A more throughout script for XCode
    • Packing in Xcode
    • Pack (@_@) DMG Creation easy scriptable No initial support from XCode
    • Ready for distribution ($_$) and earn you money ;)
    • Updates
    • Updates: Sparkle OpenSource Update Framework
    • Updates: AppCast Podcasting Feed for your App <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <rss xmlns:atom="..." xmlns:sparkle="..." version="2.0"> <channel> <title>IntegrityX</title> <description>IntegrityX updates</description> <link>http://freaklikeme.de/pub/res</link> <language>en</language> <pubDate>Sun, 02 May 2010 16:18:44 +0200</pubDate> <atom:link type="application/rss+xml" href="..." rel="self"/> <item> <title>IntegrityX 0.1</title> <sparkle:releaseNotesLink>...</sparkle:releaseNotesLink> <pubDate>Sun, 02 May 2010 16:18:44 +0200</pubDate> <guid isPermaLink="false">IntegrityX-0.1</guid> <enclosure type="application/dmg" url="http://...IntegrityX-0.1.dmg" length="10784979" sparkle:version="0.1" sparkle:dsaSignature="MC0CFQCvYKP +elGXrPUEV2Yoxj6OTLKioA="/> </item> </channel> </rss>
    • Adding Sparkle 1.Add Sparkle Framework to App Bundle 2.Add Check for Update Option 3.Generate Key Pair for Signing 4.Add Info where to find Updates and PubKey A Video to show it.
    • In the original presentation was a video here to show how to setup Sparkle but you can follow the instructions in this article: http://foolsworkshop.com/rubycocoa/2008/06/adding- a-check-updates-feature-for-rubycocoa-and-macruby/
    • Release with Sparkle 1.Create Signature for your App Bundle 2.Create AppCastFeed with current Signature 3.Add Release Note Yes there is a script for that: http://github.com/CraigWilliams/appcastautomation
    • Updates 0_0/ Add SparkleFramework Sign App Bundle Publish with AppCast
    • Grand Finale ChocTop
    • ChocTop All you need at your command line rake build # Build Xcode Release rake dmg # Create the dmg file for appcasting rake feed # Create/update the appcast file rake upload # Upload the appcast and dmg to host rake version:bump:major # Bump the major version. rake version:bump:minor # Bump the minor version. rake version:bump:patch # Bump the patch version. rake version:current # Display the current version
    • ChocTop Offers Custom DMG with Positioning Doing this with Apple Script (requiers original apple ruby as it uses ruby cocoa)
    • ChocTop
    • Thanks Start: macruby.org Help: MacRuby-devel on MacOSForge Twitter: @MacRuby
    • Resources ChocTop and Logo Dr. Nic William http://drnic.github.com/choctop/ Macruby and Logo http://macruby.org Framework Foto: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29225114@N08/3112939993/ Sparke Instructions: http://foolsworkshop.com/rubycocoa/2008/06/adding-a-check- updates-feature-for-rubycocoa-and-macruby/ Sparkle Video, Tweetscreen DMG Design, web site screen shoot from Patrick Hüsler: http://huesler-informatik.ch/ Sparkle Framework: http://github.com/andymatuschak/Sparkle