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For More Info. Farrukh Rasheed +92-336-6510465 +92-315-7322808

For More Info. Farrukh Rasheed +92-336-6510465 +92-315-7322808

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 开场白:大家好!今天非常高兴和在座的俄罗斯朋友一同分享关于中老年人如何拥有健康的话题。 中国有句俗话叫做:“家有一老,如有一宝”,我们中老年人朋友不仅是社会的主要群体,更是我们每个家庭的宝贝,所以,中老年朋友的健康是我们应该非常关注的问题。 下面,就由我来和大家分享如何保持身体的健康
  • Transcript

    • 1. SPIRULINA
    • 2. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station1:40 am on Apr.26,1986,the No.4 Reactor ofChernobyl Nuclear Power Station exploded, andcaused the biggest ever nuclear leakage in history
    • 3. 31 persons died ,130000 persons injured in the accident due to super-strong radioactivity !2,400,000 people were affected .
    • 4. Physical test of people who were exposed to theexcessive radioactivity showed a dramatic decrease of white blood cell, with a decease of immunity as well as ability to reproduce blood. Doctors had no way to control!
    • 5. One Japanese NGO came and donated Spirulina for the affectees.Remarkable results was observed after using the Spirulina--- white bloodcell increased ,immunity improved,and blood reproduction restarted.Price of Spirulina increased and exceeded the price of heroin! Spirulinabecame a hotcake!
    • 6. Residence around the Chenghai lake in Shenghai County,Yunnan Province has thetradition to eat the alga/spirulina from the lake for extra body energy
    • 7. Spirulina is a greenish alga with 3.5billion years history.With a microscope, the alga cells take the form of spiral.It is an amazing creature in between animal and plant.
    • 8. Spirulina is a god-blessed super nutriment for human beings,it contains almost all the nutriments, trace elements, minerals needed by human body.
    • 9. In 1492,the European explorer Columbus found spirulina in Mexico andwitnessed its amazing results. But his discovery was not heeded.In 1940,another European expeditor rediscovered spirulina in Lake Chad inAfrica, and was amazing by the stronger and tougher natives who took spirualinaas their diet. Spirulina brought a green revolution in food industry. It again caused a new wave of researches worldwide after the 1986 Nucleardisaster in Ukrain.
    • 10. Spirulina is being used in different formats to make dietary supplements ,and personal care commodities
    • 11. Spirulina-a unique dietary supplement
    • 12. Spirulina-a super nutrimentAmong all natural foods,Spirulina contains the most protein Βcarotene Organic iron Vitamin B12 γ linolenic acid 1g Spirulina contains same amount of nutriments as in 1000g of vegetables
    • 13. Nutriments in 100g of Spirulina: • Water-saleable protein 65-70g Inose 60 - 100 mg • carbohydrate15 - 20 g folic acid0.02-0.05 mg • fat3 - 6 g biotin 0.05 - 0.1 mg • fiber1 - 2 g amylose2000 - 4000 mg • chlorophyl1500 - 2000 mg γlinolenic acid 1000 - 2000 mg • Carotene 400 - 800 mg V B13 - 4 mg • albumen9 - 12 g V A200 - 300 mg • Calcium 400 - 600 mg V B6100 - 200 mg • Fe80 - 150 mg V B320 - 30 mg • Ma200 - 500 mg V B120.1 - 0.5 mg • Zinc5 - 15 mg V C20 - 80 mg • Pantothenic acid cal1 - 2 mg V E10 - 20 mg • SOD400000 - 800000 unit V B25 - 15 mg1g Spirulina contains same amount of nutriments as in 1000g of vegetables
    • 14. Nutriments contain in Spirulina meet the most ideal nutrition requirements designed by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).Therefore Spirulina is the only natural& most balanced diet discovered by man so far! 8g Spirulina enable a man to survive 40days1g Spirulina contains same amount of nutriments as in 1000g of vegetables
    • 15. FAO : Spirulina= Most ideal diet in 21 centuryUNESCO : Spirulina= Best food in futureFAO Conference: Spirulina=Super foodWHO: Spirulina=Best source of nutrimemts in new centuryUS FDA: Spirulina=Man’s best source of proteinChina Ministry of Health: Spirulina=new source of nutrition
    • 16. Major Functions of SpirulinaBoost immunity,increase the capability of the body against infectious diseases
    • 17. Major Functions of Spirulina Enhance the body for prevention of radio activities
    • 18. Major Functions of SpirulinaIncrease the body of a diabetic for:•secretion of insulin•Activation of pancreas cells•Supply nutrition to body
    • 19. Major Functions of SpirulinaReduce cholesterol ,Clean the waste in theblood system of patient of cardiovascular disease
    • 20. Major Functions of Spirulina Spirulin and slimming+beautification Slimming: 8 capsules of spirulina before meals Beautification: Green Mask
    • 21. Major Functions of Spirulina Spirulina and Child GrowthNutrient substances are essential for child growth. Lack ofnutriments cause malnutrition which will negatively affect the futurelife of a child.Spirulina contains rich and complete nutriments for bodydevelopment of a child .It is easy for absorption. ThereforeSpirulina creates a shortcut for supply of nutrient substances forthe growth of a child
    • 22. Good for those who•is weak with low immunity, and easily becomes ill•Is excessively using computer, mobile ,and devices with microwave•Feels tiredness easily•Does not take meals on regular hours ,or skip meals•Is a fast-food lover•Has problems with stomach or intestines ,with poor digestion system•Is choosy with foods, especially for children in growing stage•Is taking radioactive or thermal treatment as a cancer patients•Is fasting ,or undergoing slimming or fitness• has poor liver function•is diabetic
    • 23. Dosage6 capsules ,3 times a dayFor those who has difficulty to swallow:open the capsules and mix into water
    • 24. How to select SpirulinaPurityThe More pure, the better
    • 25. technologyTechnology to dry Spirulin is very important
    • 26. Price factor
    • 27. colorMore nutrient when color is darkerpurityColor in water
    • 28. 如何选择螺旋藻 brand
    • 29. 沟通互动
    • 30. A Healthier &wealthier Life Begins with TIENS Quality Products