BCM (Blood Circulatory Machine)


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  • 讲解目标:口腔危机 讲解时间: 1 分钟 讲解要点:胶片中已注明
  • 讲解目标:口腔危机 讲解时间: 1 分钟 讲解要点:胶片中已注明
  • 讲解目标:口腔危机 讲解时间: 1 分钟 讲解要点:胶片中已注明
  • 讲解目标:口腔危机 讲解时间: 1 分钟 讲解要点:胶片中已注明
  • 讲解目标:口腔危机 讲解时间: 1 分钟 讲解要点:胶片中已注明
  • 讲解目标:口腔危机 讲解时间: 1 分钟 讲解要点:胶片中已注明
  • 讲解目标:天狮牙膏 讲解时间: 2 分钟 讲解要点: 1 .产品主要成分:本品富含草珊瑚、金银花、野菊花等多种植物提取精华。 1) 草珊瑚:具有强大的广普抗病毒、抗菌及消炎止痛的功效。 2) 金银花:内含木犀草素、肌醇及皂甙、鞣质,抗菌、收敛功效显著。 3) 野菊花:含有野菊花内脂、矢车菊甙、苦味素及维生素 a 、维生素 b1 ,具有清热解毒的作用。 4) 磨擦剂是选用天然碳酸钙进行精细加工,其特点是不损伤牙釉质。 5) 泡沫剂是以精制椰子油为原料制成,具有泡沫丰富,去污垢力强,不刺激口腔,还具有除菌、除口臭等特点。 6) 选用的“叶绿素”、“三棵针”是生长在我国东北小兴安岭一带的一种多年生植物,异名:铜针刺,有效成分有小檗(柏)碱、黄连碱等生物碱,具有清热解毒、消炎止痛、止血的功能。用于牙膏中可被口腔组织直接吸收,对消除牙周炎、牙龈炎、咽炎、止痛止血有奇特的功效,长期使用无副作用,相当安全。 2. 功效、用法:胶片中已注明
  • BCM (Blood Circulatory Machine)

    1. 1. BLOOD &QI CIRCULATION MACHINE (BCM) Curtsey to Ms Liuxiaoxia
    2. 2. What is Blood &QI? • Qi is the General for Blood, Blood is the mother of Qi. When Qi movement is smooth, Blood circulation will be fine. When Qi stasis occurs, it causes Blood stasis (disturbance of hemodynamics) • When there is Qi circulation ,there is no pain. There is pain when circulation stops.
    3. 3. TIENS Blood &Qi Circulation Machine Result of a collection of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese healthcare culture
    4. 4. Mechanism: Based on Volution Promoting Health theory ,as well as foot reflexology and Massage treatment. The clockwise high frequency movement of the BCM creates complete vibration of both Qi and blood in the body.
    5. 5. Machanism:Use Foot reflexology ,BCM massagethe reflecting acupuncture points ofdifferent organs in the body, to enable allchannels in the body are open, so as topromote blood and Qi flow and improvethe functions of the organs
    6. 6. Mechanism The hi frequency clockwise movement which causes complete vibration of the blood and Qi in the body, forms a whirlpool force stronger than G-force.It increase the blood flow to flush the waste in the blood vessel. The faster blood flow also increase body metabolism,so as to remove the toxins in the body through urine, sweat,and intestines. Thus improve immunity
    7. 7. Mechanism •The whirlpool force also stimulate the nerve ending .This adjust the nervous centralis function ,so as to correct the illness in the body.
    8. 8. Mechanism: To massage the skin, muscle, channels ,points, nerves endings, reflecting points of spine in the hands and feet through poses like stand,sit,squat,genuflect,lean,be on the back, etc. BCM is your personal massager, and health assistant to the whole family.
    9. 9. Efficacy• Open channels,make free blood& Qi flow,detoxify the body,promote health and prolong life• Clean blood vessels to improve blood circulation ,increase metabolism• Strengthen function of different organs, Improve digestion• Activate cell ,and increase immunity• Keep a balanced hormone ,through points massage &stimulation• Adjust micro circulation ,good for skincare and healthcare
    10. 10. Usage:1>Supply oxygen Pose :sit on a chair,place 1/3 of the front part of the feet on the rubber disks for 5 minutes2> Accommodating Pose:after Pose 1,place both soles ,as well as topes,on the disks.Press slightly hard onto the disks for 3-5 minutes.For those who are old and weak ,extend few more minutes, or use only Pose 1 +2 for the following 4-7 days ,after initial use. 3>Standing Pose: Best to increase blood &Qi circulation in the body!It’s the mail Pose for normal users.
    11. 11. Other Poses : stretching Handing kneeling sitting lying
    12. 12. TIENS BCMUse 15 minutes daily ,get the result of 2 hours sporting
    13. 13. 8 Features of BCM:1.fully functional: no time &space restrictions2.all poses :standing,sitting,lying,squatting,lying…3.easy &comfort4.stress-free to body5.hi-frequency clockwise volution matches hemodynamics6.patent&quality product7.ecomomic &convenient: no need to go to fitness centers ,massage parlors8.free of harm &side effects to body
    14. 14. Caution: 1.DO NOT USE WHEN BLEEDING, for whatsoever reason ! (heamatemesis,vomit blood,have blood in stool,cerebral hemorrhage, stomach&uterus bleeding!No use for WOMEN IN MONTHLY PERIODS ,OR PREGNANCY ) 2. TB patient 3. patient of miocardial infarction 4. patient of rheumatism ,and heart disease 5. hypertrophic cardiomyopathy(HCM) patient 6. Patient of Congenital Heart Disease , arteritis 7. patient of heart ,liver, lungs ,kidney failure ,& patient with any other critical health problems 8.people after surgical operation,or has thrombus,aneurim, unattended fracture ,swelling … 9.patient of acute poisoning, or with any infectious diseases 10. Patient with any chronic diseases shall NOT stop medication,due to BCM
    15. 15. THANK S www.tiens.com