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Ao h berlin nov 2011 20110910_21h

  1. 1. 9am Friday 18th – 5pm Sunday 20th November 2011 in Berlin, Germany Many of us are leading transformative initiatives in our cities... We are working in civil society, business, government, culture and the arts, some of us across sectors and organizations. We strive to improve the well-being and sustainability of our communities and places of work. We are creating and connecting movements for the common good in new and collaborative ways. We are drawn into this space because we feel the possibility of a different way of living and working together. We feel the possibility and have had glimpses of the experience, that a different future is possible. We are aware that we can make this „Public Hubbing“ (in front of the Reichstag, Berlin/Mitte) happen in our lives. Berlin can in many ways be seen as a laboratory for change, providing spaces for a wide range of experiments in creating urban communities, connecting locally and translocally in order to address local and global challenges such as climate change, migration or an ageing society. Throughout its history, the city has undergone a series of remarkable changes, not least the peaceful transformation in 1989, when it became a crystallization point for a new world order. Today, people from all over the world move to Berlin, searching for orientation, inspiration and visions. New manifestations of democracy, civil-participation and cohabitation spread out to world from here, and contribute to shaping ideas of future cities – may they be metropoles or provincial towns. The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter
  2. 2. 9am Friday 18th – 4pm Sunday 20th November 2011 in Berlin, Germany We invite you to join us in conversation and dialogue to explore: ? What will thriving cities look like in the future? ? How do we want to learn and engage as changemakers in our local realities? ? How can we make meaning of our experiences and connect translocally in order to address global Intercultural urban gardening area “Mauer challenges? Garten” (Wall Tree House, Berlin/Kreuzberg) Entrepreneurs, social innovators, people who We invite: * are attracted to change Business/public sector leaders, facilitators, * trainers, consultants,teachers, community and youth workers, coworkers Learning practitioners who would like to join * a growing local and global learning community All people who want to experience a * Social innovators connect during breakfast at coworking space (Betahaus/ Berlin) different perspective of collaborating and leading which sets free other peoples creativity and intelligence The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter
  3. 3. 9am Friday 18th – 4pm Sunday 20th November 2011 in Berlin, GermanyContext and background The Art of HostingWe have discovered that the principles of self- is more than just a trainingorganisation, participation, ownership and non-linear This is a practice ground for all who aspiresolutions are key to both individual and collective to bring out the best in themselves anddiscoveries. others. It is based on the assumption and experience that human beings have anWe are particularly inspired by what happens in the enormous untapped potential andcreative tension between chaos and order – the chaordic resilience.field – where learning, innovation and harvesting takeplace and where wise and sustainable change can be The Art of Hosting is a practice for a worlddiscovered and grounded into acting wisely. that is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, where true solutions and innovations lie not in one leader or one viewpoint, but in the bigger picture of our collective intelligence. It is a response at a time when institutions and democracies as we know them are failing to address the increasing complexity in our world. It is a testing ground for thoseThis training is not for spectators! seeking to find new, effective and healthy patterns for organising, innovating andOur learning will grow out of everyone’s contributions interacting to create new structures.and presence – we will support each other as co-learners. There is a growing global community of practitioners, supporting each other toWe will learn by observation, experience and practice, explore and accomplish what we most careusing our collective experience and wisdom to build a about. It is a self-convening network ofsafe and inspiring learning ecology. practitioners / hosts. Art of HostingThe training offers… trainings have been offered in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South and Exploring hosting as a practice for collaboration North America in the past 10 years. Learn and participatory leadership more about Art of Hosting at Conditions for using different facilitation methods and tools Entering the network of learners and practitioners supporting you in using new skills Grafitti at playground that hosted one of our calling team meetings (Berlin/Neukölln)What will you learn? Design and lead powerful conversations that result in clearer thinking, intelligent solutions, and group coherence Initiate interactive processes to generate fresh thinking, restore trust, and create shared commitment to wiser actions Fundamental organizing patterns that invite profound shifts in how we can live and work together The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter
  4. 4. 9am Friday 18th – 5pm Sunday 20th November 2011 in Berlin, GermanyWho is calling for this event? Anonymus arts installation (Weichselplatz/Berlin)We are a group of committed and driven individuals coming from differentbackgrounds, who strongly believe that meaningful conversations across thecity can transform living and working together in urban environments:Sascha Altenhoff (Egopreneur), Valentina Catena, Frauke Godat (LearningDesigner), Benjamin Kafka (Social Entrepreneur), Giulia Molinengo, SoledadPons Caruso, Eva Ressel, Martina Rudolph (Wellness Coach), Karen Schmidt(Consultant & Entrepereneur).Who is hosting this event?Mary Alice Arthur, SOAR, Ria Baeck, Vitis, www.vitis-tct.beMary-Alice is New Zealand’s leading narrative Ria is fascinated by communities-teams-collectives andpractitioner, and at the heart of her work is the practice how we can make them work. She is a long-time self-of recognising, bringing to light and working with the employed psycho-therapist who combines deeppersonal and group stories, conversations and inquiries compassion, bodily awareness and a lust for life. She.that hold the keys to collective wisdom and wise action. founded Vitis whose core purpose is to bring deepShe is a well-seasoned and delighted practitioner of all transformation in individuals, organisations and society.types of participatory practices and a keen participant in Ria is a clinical psychologist and coach with a lot ofthe art and practice of transformational conversations experience in individual and group work. She is aand creating powerful questions. Her current focus is Steward of the global network of Art of Hostingaround conversations on stewardship, eldership, and practitioners. And besides all that: she is dedicated tocollective wise action. create beauty in her garden and in all conversations. Simone Poutnik, Simone studied Communication Systems for International Relations at the International University of Perugia in Italy. She is initiator and co-founder ofFrauke Godat, future@ucation the Hub Brussels and Natural Innovation - a socialFrauke was born and raised in northern Germany. She enterprise whose purpose is collaborative learning,studied political science and international relations in research and experimentation for resilient futures. SheBerlin and at the London School of Economics. She is also a member of FoAM - a research group andworked with AIESEC in Germany and India, with transdisciplinary laboratory for holistic and speculativeGreenpeace International in Amsterdam, and co- cultures. She has been working with socialcreated The Hub Berlin. Since 2000, Frauke has been movements, learning networks and communities ofactive as a freelance and volunteer trainer for social practice for the past ten years; for the past two yearschange, youth leadership, and education for she has been supporting two systemic change projectssustainable development. She has co-initiated in the Uk ‘The Finance Innovation Lab’ and ‘Tastingfuture@ucation in Berlin with the vision to establish an the Future’ (changing the way we work with food).intergenerational future learning space in the city Simone has been part of the Art of Hosting networkusing Art of Hosting as her learning and project since 2006 and has called and co-hosted trainings indevelopment practice. Belgium, the Uk, Germany and most recently Egypt. The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter
  5. 5. 9am Friday 18th – 5pm Sunday 20th November 2011 in Berlin, GermanyOur VenueWe will be hosted by the Forum of the EvangelischeSchule Berlin Zentrum. A newly built learning spacewhich is the general assembly hall of the schoolbetween its Eastern German architecture buildings.The Forum is currently developing into a communitylearning center focusing on school innovationexchange, social responsibility, and sustainabledevelopment education. A part of your fee will go tosupport the schools work in the future.Evangelische Schule Berlin ZentrumWallstraße 23, 10179 Berlinwww.ev-schule-zentrum.deSome Pictures of the FeesThis training is run on a not-for-profit basis. We as a calling team of nine people have been workingsince February 2011 to make it happen. One of our goals is to keep costs as low as possible. Takingthis into account, we have calculated a price that we consider fair and appropriate. We do howeverrealise that the price might be prohibitive for some potential participants. Financial constraintsshould not prevent you from participating. If you feel called to this training, please get intouch with us by e-mail as soon as possible!Fee for Businesses and Government: EUR 950Self funded: EUR 650 Fee includes: Training (Friday 9 a.m. till Sunday 5 p.m.), Workbook, Lunch and Coffee Breaks. Accommodation is not included, we will however provide some recommendations for accommodation when the training comes closer. We offer a 10% reduced “Early Bird Rate” for all registrations before September 30th.Please register online before October 21st: you have any questions, write to artofhosting@impuls.netThis training is hosted by Impuls, Agentur für angewandte Utopien. It is VAT free according to §4 No 22a UStG. The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter