Hydro power
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Hydro power

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Hydro power rocks the house

Hydro power rocks the house
It is cool

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  • 1. Hy dr o - po we r
  • 2. Walchensee Hydro-power plant
  • 3. Hydro power
    • Water falls through pipelines known as the Pen-stock then it spins a turbine.
    • The turbine spins a metal shaft.
    • The shaft is connected with a generator which generates electricity.
    • Pylons and cables send the energy to our homes
  • 4. General info
      • Hydro means water in Greek.
      • 72% of the earth surface is covered by water.
      • 20% of the worlds energy comes from water power.
      • The first water power plant was build in 1881 in Appleton Wisconsin, USA.
  • 5. Pro's
      • Hydro power causes no pollution - it is considered as clean energy.
      • Water is not expensive.
      • Water will never run out.
      • It is available in most places.
  • 6. Con's  
      • Building a dam may move people from their home.
      • It may prevent fish from returning home.
      • You need a big fast flowing river.
  • 7. Future
      • We need to use water power more.
      • Improved turbines will improve kinetic and tide energy.
  • 8.   Water cycle
    • The sun heats up the water, then the water evaporates.
    • After the vapor turns into clouds. The water falls down as rain or as snow etc. Then it flows through rivers into the ocean and we can use it’s energy again.
  • 9.   The cost to build a water power plant  
    • It costs about 175 million U.S. dollars to build a water power plant with a dam.
  • 10. Is it good in my host country
    • No, it’s not good in Hong Kong, because there are not enough lakes were there is one at the top and one at the bottom. There are are not enough fast flowing rivers.
  • 11.
    • Yes it’s good in Germany, because there are enough lakes were there is one at the top and one at the bottom. There are are enough fast flowing rivers.
    Is it good in my home Country
  • 12. Tidal power
    • Tidal plants use the energy in the sea that is caused by high and low tide.
  • 13. Wave power
    • Together with electrical generators and turbines. Wave plants make use of the energy of waves.
  • 14.
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    • 12/10/10