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    Procesy pads en Procesy pads en Presentation Transcript

    • Processes: First Contact
      Author: František Kocun
      Reviewer: Ján Všetečka
    • Contents
      Use of processes
      Process definition
      Relationship to the state machine
      2 x example
      Pros and cons
    • Where are the processes used?
      What is the difference between inter- and intra- application process?
      What technologies are used?
      Use of processes
    • Use of processes
      Inter application
      coordination of several existing applications (IS)
      Intra application
      coordination of work between the users of a single application
    • Inter application processes - EAI
      Integration several IS
      Example – process Salary accounting
      Accounting system
      Work planning system
      Attendance records
      Bank payment system
      Process Repository
      Process engine
      Technologies: WS, SOAP, BPEL, ESB
    • Intraapplication processes
      • Coordination of work between the users
      Example – process of Vacation approval
      (John’s manager)
      Attendance records module
      Technologies: process engine in language of application, Task Management system
    • What is a process?
      What is a process application?
      Process definition
    • What is a process
      „A collection of related, structured activities or tasks to achieve a specific goal“
      “Business processes don't represent things the business object is doing, rather things being done to the business object.”*
      *More about this subtle but it very important difference.
    • Process definition and process instance
      Relation between process definition and process instance is similar to the relation between the class and its instance
      Process definition specifies the paths whose the process instance can take
      Every process instance takes its own path55%
      Process definition: Job application business process
      Instance 1: John is waiting for the interview
      Instance 2: Peter already had an interview, and the record from the interview was sent to his future manager to review
      Instance 3: Xenia’s work contract has to be approved by the division manager
    • Process definition and process instance
      Process diagram is 2D. Process instance are 3D. Same as an UML class diagram is 2D and an object diagram is 3D.
    • Process language describes
      Sequence of activities
      What data the process is using
      Who will carry out the activity
      Insurance contract
      Accident record
      Expert testimony
    • Example of simple process
      Requirement: John wants Mike to approve his vacation request
      How does John tell Mike that exactly this vacation request he wants to approve?
    • Entity: request
      Task: create request
      Entity: employee
      Task: approve request
    • Process application
      In process application business processes are modeled
      Process engine executes process instance in that way that according to the process definition it allocates tasks to systems and users
    • Summary
      Main purpose of process engine – to achieve specified goal by transparent distribution of work between the people and the systems
      Process can reference entities (0 and more entities).
      Work is distributes in form of tasks.
    • Do we need them both?
      State machine vs. Process
    • State machine
      State machine controls the state (value of state attribute) of a single entity (that is single instance of EntityClass)
      State machine is represented by state
      State attribute is attribute of type Enum
      with controlled life cycle
    • Relationship between state machine and process
      State machine controls the value of a single attribute in entity
      Process engine moves entities between the users of a system
      In a single process instance can figure more entities with the state machine, every in different state
      State attribute is used for inter process communication because entity can figure in multiple process instances
    • Relationship between state machine and process
      State machine
    • BPMN
      Business process modeling and notation
    • BPMN
      The most used language for business process modeling
      OMG standard
      Just like UML, XMI, MDA
      Consortium of companies: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Sun, Apple...
    • Core BPMN elements
    • The simplest process
      Example 0
    • The simplest process
      Send a message to a selected user
      Peter Gašparovič
    • The simplest process - model
    • Document approval
    • Document approval
      Author creates a document
      Author can edit the document until it is sent on approval
      Reviewer can approve or reject the document
      If reviewer approves the document it gets published
    • Document approval- diagram
      Send for approval
      Document creation
      Company for creating documents
    • Why use process engine?
      What are the advantages for the users?
      Where should we pay attention?
      Pros and cons
    • Pros
      For SW developer
      Code comprehensibility- joint of business logic to bigger pieces than transactions/server calls
      Analysis comprehensibility- joint of business logic to bigger pieces than use-cases
      Consistent authorization
      Separation of entities life cycles and processes, easier to change logic
      For SW user
      Process versioning (multiple concurrent version of same process)
      Process console for process management
      Necessity to map processes in analysis(without use of process engine it was optional, with its use it is necessity)
      Visualization of process instances
      BAM a BI
    • BAM a BI
      • BAM (Business activity monitor) - online monitoring
      If three Tasks have been canceled in a row
      If four invoices were creates with the price more than 5000EUR in a single day
      • BI (Business intelligence) – reports/statistics
      Who is the most effective user (who ends the most Tasks)
      Who ends the fastest the Task of specific type
      Which process is most used
      What is average duration of this process
      What is the rate of successfully finished processes
      Routing on the base of process history (e.g. Tasks are allocated to the most effective user, or to the user which has the least work..)
    • Risk
      • Wrong modeled processes
      • Little examples - proof of concept on a big projects
      (this applies for our company)
      • Updating process instances to the new definition
      • Explore the way to connect with client (this applies for our company)
      Navigation is now only in one direction “processes -> entities”
      Tasks/process filtering just on its type (and user) (filtering on attributes of Tasks just like entities will be soon done:)
    • D end
      Time for questions