How to be More Relevant in Donors Lives


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by Kivi Leroux Miller,


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  • Georgetown University and Ogilvey PR
  • You don’t start the conversation in the same way with each person.
  • Bookkeeper cares about facts and number and theory and logistics.
  • Angel is all heart (or gut). Angels are in control, and decide. Bookkeepers justify the decisions that angels make. We act irrationally all the time based on how we feel.
  • Donor Voice Research: Specifically, timeliness of thanks, feeling involvement is appreciated.
  • Donor Voice Research: being a part of an important cause, given opportunities to make views known, know what to expect
  • Donor Voice Research: They see nonprofit is trying to achieve mission, and send info on who is being helped
  • The Benefit Exchange answers the question, “What’s in it for them?” What’s the payoff for following through on your call to action? In the nonprofit world, it’s often an emotional payoff, such as feeling effective, appreciated, powerful, included, heard, validated, relieved, or some other highly valued emotion.
  • Connection to the artists and the artistic process – feeling like they are part of this tight knit community of ceramics arts lovers
  • Reward is getting to express themselves. Over 12,000 shares. More than 40K likes.
  • Barriers to your call to action may prevent your target audience from following through, even when the Benefit Exchange is well understood. This is often when our emotions overrule our heads. I know I shouldn’t eat that pound of fudge because I want to lose weight, but I’m going to anyway because I’ve had a hard week and I deserve it! Take a hard look at your call to action. Is it (honestly) inconvenient, difficult, and expensive to perform? Is it just too hard or confusing? Is there any social stigma attached to what you are asking people to do (What will my husband, neighbor, boss think?)Most women know they need Pap smears. So why don’t they get them regularly? How can we address the barrier in our messaging? 
  • Lots of talk about comfortable chairs, snacks, beverages, music, games, etc. Lots of emphasis on comfort.
  • National NewsState NewsLocal NewsSeasons and HolidaysYour Programs, Services, Events ScheduleWhat Else?
  • Republican candidates talking about legitimate rape, or stopping pregnancy during rape, gave WEAVE, in Sacramento Ca, domestic violence and sexual assault group was able to reframe the conversation, be the expert without being political.
  • This had some of their best reach in last month or so.
  • Think of communicating as gift giving. Be a helpful human – story isn’t about you.
  • Take us back stage. Bringing New Info or Perspectives to Light
  • Show some personality! Facts are fine, but emotions drive action. Show us the personal side of your work – think You and I/We. Express an opinion!
  • Crisis Center in Johnson County, Iowa, Beth Ruback, communications and development director
  • How to be More Relevant in Donors Lives

    1. 1. 8/30/2013 Footer 1 TALK TO THE ANGEL, NOT THE BOOKKEEPER HOW TO BE MORE RELEVANT IN YOUR DONORS’ LIVES Practical ways to connect with supporters, activate donors, and raise money online. #npEXPERTS | @franswaa
    2. 2. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 2 NPEXPERTS > DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOK Connect with supporters, activate donors, and raise money online. Nonprofit experts share their extensive knowledge and expertise in: - Online marketing and fundraising - Email communication - Social media - Mobile engagement Download the npEXPERTS eBook and register for free webinars at
    3. 3. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 3
    4. 4. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 4 TODAY’S NPEXPERT Kivi Leroux Miller @kivilm
    5. 5. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 5 HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR MESSAGING RIGHT NOW?
    6. 6. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 6 We get media messages a day. We pay attention to about We positively remember about The rest? So WHAT? WHO Cares? 3,000 52. 4.
    7. 7. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 7 57% support nonprofits because the cause is “important to me or someone I know.” Source: Georgetown University and Ogilvy PR
    8. 8. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 8 50% get involved because “it is something that has impacted me or someone I know.” WHY GET INVOLVED Source: Georgetown University and Ogilvy PR
    9. 9. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 9 38% get involved because “I feel like I can make a difference.” Source: Georgetown University and Ogilvy PR
    10. 10. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 10 IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s about them!
    11. 11. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 11 •Kind •Caring •Compassionate •Helpful •Friendly •Fair •Hard-working •Generous •Honest HOW AMERICAN DONORS DEFINE A MORAL PERSON Based on research by philanthropic psychologist Jen Shang
    12. 12. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 12 • I am a committed • I feel a sense of loyalty • ____ is my favorite charitable organization. HOW THEY FEEL PREDICTS BEHAVIOR Based on research by
    13. 13. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 13 Half of donors give 2/3rds of their annual donations to a single favorite charity. THE FAVORITE CHARITIES GET MORE
    14. 14. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 14 The real question: How can you become their favorite cause?
    15. 15. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 15 The Inner Bookkeeper and the Inner Angel
    16. 16. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 16 There’s some bookkeeper in all of us.
    17. 17. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 17 But we are mostly Angel. The Angel ALWAYS wins.
    18. 18. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 18 Angels want to feel appreciated.
    19. 19. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 19 Angels want to feel included.
    20. 20. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 20 Angels want to feel in the know.
    21. 21. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 21 Show your love for your donors’ inner angels by being relevant in their lives.
    22. 22. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 22 Follow the Six Rs of Relevant Messaging Download as a PDF:
    23. 23. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 23 It’s Rewarding The benefits of following through on the calls to action are clear.
    24. 24. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 24 Thank you, Tom Ahern, for the example. Ten fold increase from one edition of the newsletter to the next, simply by switching from corporate storytelling to donor- centered storytelling. “Spine care” raised $5,000. “Zawadi” raised $50,000. REWARDING MESSAGES: Make donors feel awesome!
    25. 25. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 25 REWARDING MESSAGES: Make donors feel like they are part of it.
    26. 26. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 26 REWARDING MESSAGES: Let donors express themselves.
    27. 27. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 27 It’s Realistic The barriers to following through on the call to action are addressed.
    28. 28. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 28 REALISTIC MESSAGES: Acknowledge and address their fears head on.
    29. 29. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 29 REALISTIC MESSAGES: Make it super easy to follow through.
    30. 30. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 30 It’s Real Time It makes sense given the context and what else is happening right now.
    31. 31. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 31 REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Connect to what they are already hearing about.
    32. 32. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 32 REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Acknowledge what else is happening in their lives.
    33. 33. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 33 REAL-TIME MESSAGES: Don’t wait for an annual report to show progress.
    34. 34. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 34 It’s Responsive They can tell we are listening and taking what we hear into account.
    35. 35. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 35 RESPONSIVE MESSAGES: Show that your org is full of helpful humans.
    36. 36. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 36 HSUS Goal for Responsiveness: 2 hours on Facebook; 30 minutes on Twitter
    37. 37. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 37 It’s Revealing We are sharing or showing something new and interesting.
    38. 38. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 38Read the story of this post here: REVEALING MESSAGES: Bring new info or perspectives to light.
    39. 39. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 39 REVEALING MESSAGES: Share the back stage story.
    40. 40. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 40 REVEALING MESSAGES: Share what happened AFTER the fundraiser.
    41. 41. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 41 It’s Refreshing The style and tone are authentic and maybe a little surprising.
    42. 42. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 42 REFRESHING MESSAGES: Have some fun!
    43. 43. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 43 REFRESHING MESSAGES: Can make you look twice.
    44. 44. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 44 REFRESHING MESSAGES: Express an opinion!
    45. 45. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 45 Favorite nonprofits win. To become their favorite, speak to the inner angel and be more relevant.
    46. 46. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 46 What Have You Learned Today? What Questions Do You Have?
    47. 47. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 47 Download the First Chapter Free Right Now #cm4np
    48. 48. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 48 Kivi Leroux Miller @kivilm
    49. 49. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 49 NPEXPERTS > DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOK Connect with supporters, activate donors, and raise money online. Nonprofit experts share their extensive knowledge and expertise in: - Online marketing and fundraising - Email communication - Social media - Mobile engagement Download the npEXPERTS eBook and register for free webinars at
    50. 50. 8/30/2013 Kivi Leroux Miller | #npEXPERTS 50 Luminate™ Online helps you understand your online supporters and improve online fundraising performance. You'll have everything you need to acquire more constituents, build online fundraising campaigns and nurture sustainable donor relationships.