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These are Grade Reports from University of Florida professors during my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction (Educational Technology) program

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User reports uf coe m ed_fran siracusa

  1. 1. My Courses ▶ ESE6939Fa09-1196-1197 ▶ Grades ▶ View ▶ User reportfor StudentsFaculty & StaffAlumni & FriendsParents, Visitors & FansUF Directorye-LearningWebMailISISmyUFLMapsCollege of Education University of FloridaNote! Current courses are located at This site is a read-only archive of courses before Fall 2012.Choose an action ...User report - Fran SiracusaGrade item Grade Range Feedback(Fall 2009) ESE 6939: Instructional Design (1196, 1197)DesignProjectReport 1.Due October1140.00 0.00–40.00Fran,I admire your goals: please let me know what specific support I can provide to help you. You have done an excellentsynthesis of relevant literature and design planning. Your description gives a compelling summary of the importanceof the instruction. It clearly communicates your design goal and a learning goal focused on what the learners willaccomplish as a result of participating in your instruction.Your thorough learner analysis identified several characteristics that will guide your next steps. A focus on theexperiences best supported in the physical and virtual environments will help you later in the ID process when you areaiming strategies at needs. Thanks for a very well-organized summary of analysis! You have a strong foundation forcontinuing the design work.While writing the next report, look for articles/reading focused on blended environments.DesignProjectReport 2.Due October2550.00 0.00–50.00Fran,Your project is developing very well into a plan that should benefit your students. In this report, you created a strongfoundation for moving ahead with the continuing development of some or all of the materials you will need forformative evaluation and eventual implementation.You have identified a large and complex goal and you have made sense of it with clear and active objectives,supported by strategies that are likely to result in success and that engage students in a variety of activities. It ishelpful to see which assessment methods address each objective so it is evident that all objectives are accounted forby a potential means of measurement. Your assessment strategies seem designed to provide detailed and meaningfulfeedback.The instructional strategies are appropriate and reflect your understanding of and sensitivity toward the learningneeds and interests of the students The sequence of activities seems well-suited to lead them from discrete skillsto application of multiple skills in increasingly complex tasks.You may find useful instructional resources at the Langwitches site (, developed by oneof my former students. Also, I encourage you to propose your design for a language educators conference oreducational technology conference, as well as an article in a publication like ISTEs Learning and Leading withTechnology, at iste.orgI look forward to seeing what you learn from the evaluation process!DesignProjectReport 3.DueNovember 850.00 0.00–50.00Fran,You have conducted a comprehensive and well-targeted formative evaluation of components of your project. You gotvery useful feedback from learners and experts that you have incorporated into your design. Im glad the processhelped you to improve the project. OfflineOffline
  2. 2. November 8I wonder if there is a mid-point between face-to-face instruction and book-based instruction, such as in the form ofinstructor audio or video, or a narrated presentation.I look forward to seeing the materials you put together this week,C CavanaughDesignProjectMaterials andUnit Plan.DueNovember 1570.00 0.00–70.00Fran,Thanks for the clear and detailed overview of your analysis and design--the Jing was very helpful! You have created apackage of materials that appear ready for full implementation and that address the important need and objectivesyou have identified. The materials encourage repeated independent practice with the skills and use a range ofapproaches and media, including very impressive Ning that helps to make the skills concrete. I wonder if you canchange the default language of the Ning so phrases like "date added" would appear in Spanish.I hope you have the opportunity to use your project as well as to continue to develop it with additional media, and toshare it with other professionals. This project would be a valuable story to share via an article in a education journalor presentation at a conferenceI look forward to the chance to work with you during your program at UF!ID modelreport. DueOctober 440.00 0.00–40.00Fran,These articles are well-chosen--the authors are leaders, the sources are good-quality, and the topics are importantas strategies in ID. Im glad they emphasize student-centered design: this is the direction the field is moving. It isinteresting to think about the appropriateness of nesting the instructional strategy of project-based learning withinthe delivery strategy of blending.Coursetotal100.00 0.00–100.00
  3. 3. My Courses ▶ EME5207Sum09 ▶ Grades ▶ View ▶ User reportfor StudentsFaculty & StaffAlumni & FriendsParents, Visitors & FansUF Directorye-LearningWebMailISISmyUFLMapsCollege of Education University of FloridaNote! Current courses are located at This site is a read-only archive of courses before Fall 2012.Choose an action ...User report - Fran SiracusaGrade item Grade Range Feedback(Summer 2009) EME 5207: Designing Technology Rich CurriculaIntroductoryReadings &Forum:Framework for21st CenturyLearning- NotSubmitted–OutstandingIntroduceYourselfOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingWherecould (andpossiblyshould) we beheading?Outstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,Thank you for submitting your reflections to the prompts associated with participatory culture, personallearning environments and networks, and Michael Weschs video. Quite a bit of information to think about,no?The idea here was to introduce you to new ways of thinking about how Read/Write applications areimpacting us socially and educationally. The use of digital technology to support teaching and learning isrelatively new. What becomes important to consider is how we shape the tools, then how the tools shape usand the way we think and relate to each other and the world. Lets face it, we are in the middle of a majorsociological shift. Therefore its important for us as educators to stand back and look at the big picture tosee how all these pieces work together.Your reflections show a level of depth and critique that I am happy to see. I like your frank honesty whenyou self-reflect. That sense of being honest with yourself will serve you and your students well.Your PLE looks quite useful with plenty of room for growth.Again, as Ive said in past assignment feedback, I hope you enjoyed this activity and found it useful in oneform or another. Remember, what we learn might not have an immediate impact today, but is often feltdays, weeks, months, years later.I enjoyed working with you this semester and hope you were able to get something positive out of theexperience.UsingTechnology inthe CurriculumOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,Wow! I hope you found this assignment rewarding.
  4. 4. You provide a HIGHLY detailed analysis and thoughtful synthesis of the videos under review.Your understanding of the logistical and managerial considerations is clear and savvy.You final critique shows a level of depth and understanding CLEARLY befitting a master educator.Finally, your reflections on how these ideas might work based on your experience demonstrates a level ofunderstanding that is both scholarly and wise. It seems that this experience will be put to good use.Overall, outstanding work!Videoanalysis - 21stcenturylearningOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,I hope you enjoyed exploring the concepts shared in these Edutopia videos.Overall, your critiques showed a depth of analysis representative of outstanding work. I like how youorganized both critiques and the level of attention and reflection you applied. You really handled thisassignment quite well.Hopefully you were able to see what 21st century learning looks like in practice and can carry thisexperience with you into your own teaching and learning practice.School 2.0 Outstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,I hope you enjoyed exploring the School 2.0 learning environment and learned something in the process.Your answers indicate to me that you are comfortable with technology and can use it to support andconnect with colleagues, students, parents, administrators and other outside community members.I must admit I was particularly pleased with the way you handled this assignment. You are one of only ahandful of students who spoke about engaging parents and community/business leaders in a meaningfulway. You present a number of solutions that clearly take advantage of the Read/Write Web thatacknowledge and empower all stakeholders.Given your enhanced perspective, I am curious to know how we might take advantage of School 2.0thinking to bridge the digital divide that exists in many homes and communities?Overall, you have done an outstanding job on this assignment. Now I will expect nothing less! ; )Students asConsumers ofContentOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,I always enjoy reading your responses. You provide a fresh and personal tone in your responses which Iappreciate. The fact that you are a practitioner seems to make these activities a bit more practical andhopefully meaningful.It appears you can now speak with confidence about the ways in which these particular Web applicationssupport learning and engagement.I noticed that you provide thoughtful responses beyond mere summarization.You demonstrate a clear understanding of gaming, simulations, and Webquests and how they can be usedin teaching and learning contexts.Your delicious resources and annotation are quite helpful for me and for you as well. Youve really handledthis assignment well.Finally, thank you for the feedback. It always helps to know how students perceive the activities assigned.Outstanding work!Students asProducers ofContentOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,Based on your responses it is clear you have developed a deeper understanding of digital images andvideo, podcasting, and integrating Internet resources into your curricula.I enjoyed reviewing your personal reflections and insights as well. They give me a much clearer picture ofhow you truly think about the ideas presented.I hope your Delicious links and annotations serve you well in your practice. Thank you for sharing.I appreciate your feedback. It helps Dr. Dawson and I with planning for the next time we offer this course.OfflineOffline
  5. 5. I appreciate your feedback. It helps Dr. Dawson and I with planning for the next time we offer this course.The Delicious activity clearly needs some rethinking.Again, thank you for your thoughtful reflections. You clearly demonstrate strong communication skills thatall educators should possess.Outstanding effort and work!DigitalStorytellingOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,I hope you enjoyed working within Voicethread and can imagine potential uses for this application. Youprovided a thoughtful reflection about incorporating the seven elements of a digital story. While theseseven elements are not meant to be prescriptive, they offer a place to begin thinking about how to usemixed media to create a story online. My father was a great storyteller and he never used anything but hisvoice and his face to capture my attention. Matter of fact, he tells pretty good stories over the phone whereI cannot see anything but his "voice."Similarly, your reflections on True America, Blooms taxonomy, assessment and the production aspects ofdigital storytelling were equally compelling and thought provoking. Thank you for taking the time andeffort to put together such meaningful responses.It is clear a lot of energy was put into this project and it shows, from storyboarding to rubric creation toediting video to working with the talent. This assignment was designed to build on our previousexamination of learners as producers, rather than mere receivers. Obviously this activity was completedearlier in your practice and not designed specifically with this class in mind; however it did meet thestandards set forth in the Guide. It would have been nice to have seen a student-created storyboard.Thank you for the feedback. I will look into finding a way to share student work.I am glad to hear that you enjoyed this assignment and were able to find value in the process overall. Youshould be proud of what you were able to accomplish.Outstanding effort!GlobalConnectionsOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,I am pleased that you enjoyed this global connections activity and found some value in it. This assignmentwas designed to get you to do some exploring in terms of ways to connect learners with learners acrossthe globe. As anthropologist danah boyd* (she prefers to spell her name in lower case) notes:"Web2.0 is about glocalization, it is about making global information available to local social contexts andgiving people the flexibility to find, organize, share and create information in a locally meaningful fashionthat is globally accessible."Part of our job as educators in a 21st century culture is preparing students and practitioners to be able totake advantage of these new ways to connect, communicate and engage while recognizing that "we need topay attention to how different cultural contexts interpret the technology and support them in their variableinterpretations. We need to create flexible infrastructures and build the unexpected connections that willpermit creative re-use" (boyd, 2005).Your annotated resources and tags will hopefully benefit you, your students, and your peers in your futurepractice.Excellent job. I imagine your role as a language teacher lends itself quite well to using digital media toexplore the interconnections between languages and cultures quite nicely.* boyd, d. (2005). Why Web2.0 Matters: Preparing for Glocalization. Retrieved from Use andCopyrightOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,Your notes were comprehensive and show a clear understanding of fair use and copyright law.Your multimedia artifact description is clear, concise and quite strong. You demonstrate a clearunderstanding of the issues involved with sharing intellectual property.Your artifact itself was outstanding! Your rhetoric was both professional and concise. A truly appreciateyour desire to break away from the PowerPoint mold and risk playing with something new. Your time,effort, and knowledge are apparent. Great job.I enjoyed reading your self evaluation. It sounded like you worked between your comfort and risk zones in
  6. 6. I enjoyed reading your self evaluation. It sounded like you worked between your comfort and risk zones increating this artifact. You also show a strong, reflective stance in your write-up, analysis, and in the artifactitself which I truly appreciate and admire. Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the effortrequired to make this assignment come to life.And thank you for the feedback on this assignment. I try to balance too much and too little structure to seehow students respond. Overall, you handled this assignment beautifully.Professionalorganizationsand resourcesOutstanding NotSubmitted–OutstandingFran,You really handled this assignment well. You write in a such thoughtful manner which tells me you are anextra special teacher.Since I have been studying online teacher professional development for several years, I am always amazedat the number of informal, as well as formal, learning opportunities that exist and continue to grow foreducators. Given the expanding nature of information and communication channels on the Net, findingappropriate resources can be a challenge.This activity was designed to provide you with a few places to begin exploring resource-rich professionallearning content. Coupled with your research on using technology in the curriculum, consuming, andproducing content, I hope you are finding some value in these activities and assignments.ISTE is a popular educational technology site in the United States. There annual conference is attended byover 5,000 educators annually. Edutopia is relatively new to the scene, yet given its deep pockets (thanksto the George Lucas Educational foundation), they have become rather successful quite rapidly.It appears from your prompted reflections that you were to gather a better sense of these organizationsand how they may or may not be able to serve you professionally in the future.I hope you found commenting on an Edutopia blog not too stressful. Some people have a real aversion tocommenting on weblogs. However, it is good way to participate in the larger educational community andbuild on your professional learning network.Finally, thank you for sharing the additional resources you discovered. Dr. Dawson and I will review theseand determine which ones we should include in future iterations of this course.Excellent, excellent work!Coursetotal- 0.00–100.00