Fall summit 11


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short show about how to add video and audio to Etudes

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Fall summit 11

  1. 1. Audio & Video in Etudes Etudes Fall Summit 2011
  2. 2. How to Get Video Real camcorder Flip camera Digital camera iPhone Photo Booth/iMovie Find (share) someone else’s great video
  3. 3. NEW code vs. OLD code Old code begins with <object…  Generally based on shockwave-flash  Won’t work in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. New code begins with <iframe…  Supports iPad, iPhone, Flash, HTML5 video, etc.  Now ALL editors will accept new code
  4. 4. Programs Reviewed YouTube – www.youtube.com  Most widely used – can usually find other videos in your subject matter  Will machine transcribe video you own  You can add your own transcription  Lots of options & help  Uses New or Old code- your choice Vimeo – www.vimeo.com  Uses New or Old code- your choice  Can upgrade for more features  Lots of help
  5. 5. Programs Reviewed (cont.) dotSUB – www.dotsub.com  Pretty easy to add transcription  Allows you to translate into many languages  Allows you to download your transcription (use to add transcription to other program’s videos  Only NEW code is available Viddler is no longer recommended  Uses only old code  No more free accounts
  6. 6. Code for Home Page Use code from any program Remove all code in front of and behind the http address (including quotes)
  7. 7. Code for Modules Code from all programs works: new code, old code, YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, dotSUB, etc. Sferyx editor  Click on HTML Source tab at bottom of editor box to paste in code FCK editor  Click on Source link in toolbar to paste in code Usually won’t see anything while editing unless you’re in the HTML source code – just save and view
  8. 8. Code for AT&S Tiny MCE editor, used only in AT&S Only “new” code works – from YouTube, dotSub, Vimeo Once again, you won’t see the video while in editor mode unless you’re viewing the html, and then you’ll only see the code, not the video Save the question, then preview.
  9. 9. Code for Discussions Use code from any source This is the FCK editor – click on the Source link in the toolbar to paste in your code No need to edit code
  10. 10. Captions Captions are usually needed to assist students with disabilities (ADA) YouTube will create an automatic transcription for videos you own, but it’s usually hilariously incorrect  You can download, edit and re-upload the transcriptions dotSUB is the best program for creating captions  You slowly play back the video and type in what you hear.  Time codes are supplied but can be edited  Download these transitions to use in other programs Other programs exist to help you make captions
  11. 11. Voki for Audio www.voki.com Create customized avatars Add voice to your avatars Embed into your Etudes site Advantage: gives you a talking head without having to BE the talking head
  12. 12. Creating an Audio Player (upload audio into resources first)