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The Power of Sharing on Facebook for Organizational Recruiting & Marketing
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The Power of Sharing on Facebook for Organizational Recruiting & Marketing


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Facebook: There is No Better Way to Recruit or Market
  • 2. 48% of all job seekers did social media job hunting on Facebook in the past year. That's a lot of eyes searching for opportunities, and if your brand is already active on the network, it could be worth engaging power users to recommend applicable candidates.
  • 3. 76% of Jobseekers would switch jobs for the right opportunity.
  • 4. The Power of Sharing on Facbook All Hands On Deck
  • 5. Average Person On FB Has 245 Friends 50 Amazing Facebook Facts
  • 6. Example FB Page Followers = 235 Do the Math, If everybody who is currently a fan of your company FB Page “shared” 1 post or photo or video they liked from the FB Page with their Friends-Network just once a week – there would be a 57,575 person Potential Reach. 235 x 245 = 57,575 If you have all “hands on deck” to share a post once a week if not more in a year or 52 Weeks x 57,575 = 2,993,900.00 Potential Reach.
  • 7. If You Have Not Shared a Post Yet On Your Timeline from your company FB Page – Why Not?  Didn’t know the power of it and the potential reach to potential recruits or customers  Don’t Know How to Share a Post-Photo-Video  I don’t know if my friends would care about a our Company Post-Photo-Video  I don’t want to come off as spammy or salesy  Would like different type of Posts-Video-Photos to share  Don’t have time  Don’t Care About the Companies Growth
  • 8. Do You Know How to Share a Post?  Click to play the 1 minute training video.  If you have trouble playing this one go to: Click Here to View the Video.
  • 9. Summary  1.15 Billion People Are On Facebook  128 Million Active Daily Users in the United States  The Average # of Users Who Log In Once a Day – 76%  Only 1 Share of a Post a Week by all Employees, Volunteeers and Fans will get the word spread about your organization quickly and with powerful reach 57,000+ people.  3 x a week of Sharing would be 171,000 people.  1 x a week over a year the Reach is 2,964,000  These numbers are why the majority of companies are now using Facebook for Recruiting & Marketing
  • 10. Trainings Coming Soon  Content Creation – What Makes a Good Post That is Shareable Creating High Engagement  How to Use Twitter for Recruiting  How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting  How to Use Pinterest for Recruiting  What Would You Like to Be Trained On?