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Primera Parte de la revision del portfolio de sistemas de Oracle

Primera Parte de la revision del portfolio de sistemas de Oracle



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Oow Ppt 1 Oow Ppt 1 Presentation Transcript

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  • Simplifying IT Openword Update 30 de Nov 2012Fran NavarroPrincipal Sales Consultant
  • Agenda Estrategia de Oracle : Simplificar IT <Insert Picture Here> Sistemas de Ingeniería Conjunta Soluciones optimizadas 3
  • Oracle Strategy Complete Stack Complete Customer Choice • Best-of-breed • On-premise • Open • Private Cloud • Vertical Integration • Public Cloud • Extreme Performance • Hybrid Cloud • Engineered Systems 4
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  • The Unique Oracle Advantage • Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together 7
  • Traditional purchase model Pre-integrated purchase model Software 12% Running Costs 20% Hardware 10% Savings Running Costs -75% implementation 43% 40% Implementation Facilities 7% -50% running costs 8% Facilities 7% Implementation Hardware 31% 10% Software 12% Relative cost – 100 units Relative cost – 57 unitsSource: Gartner/Credit Suisse 8
  • Typical costs – pre-integrated purchase model -75% implementation -50% running costs Software 21% Running Costs 35% Hardware 18% Implementation Relative cost – 57 units 14% Facilities 12%Source: Gartner/Credit Suisse 9
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  • Engineered Systems 12
  • Information TechnologyConstant Change 1950 2011 13
  • Data Center EvolutionConvergence Pain Cure 14
  • “By 2015, 35% of total server shipped value will be asintegrated systems.”Gartner Data Center Conference presentation“Will Fabric Computing Change the Concept of the Traditional Server?”, December 2011 15
  • Choice Is Not Always a Good Thing ExalogicOther Vendors Applications & Middleware Integrated OS Patch Level? Kernel OS Layer Tuned RAM Flash Rack Compute & Optimized CPU Blade Virtualization Layer Identical InfiniBand Ethernet FC I/O Layer NAS SAN SSD HDD? Storage Layer 1 Engineered System Unpack to production in hours 160+ Separate Parts Months from start to production 16
  • Engineered SystemsWorkload-optimized Data Center Building Blocks Exadata Exalogic Exalytics Big Data SPARCDatabase Machine Elastic Cloud Appliance SuperCluster Expedited time to value Reduced change management risk Easier to manage and upgrade Better reliability and one-stop support one- Lower cost of ownership Extreme performance 17
  • Exadata X3 | Database In-Memory Machine 2012 2009 2010 X3 2008Warehouse OLTP & VLDB Scale-Up Massive Flash All I/Os to Flash Database On Disk Database In-Memory 18
  • Exadata ArchitectureComplete Database platform using standard servers for Compute and Storage Scale-Out Database Servers • 8x 2-socket, or 2x 8-socket Xeon database servers • Oracle Database, ASM, RAC; Linux or Solaris • Standard Ethernet to data center Scale-Out Intelligent Storage Servers • 2-socket storage servers, Exadata Storage Software • Up to 500 terabytes disk per rack • 56 PCI Flash memory cards per rack InfiniBand Network • Unified internal connectivity ( 40 Gb/sec ) 19
  • Oracle Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine Mass Memory for Extreme Performance X3 mass memory hierarchy delivers extreme performance2 or 4 TB – Automatically moves all active data from disk to memory DRAM – DRAM memory expanded to 2 or 4 TB for hottest data Hottest Data • 4 to 40 TB of compressed user data22 TB PCI – Flash memory expanded 4X to 22 TB per rack FLASH • 40 to 200 TB of compressed user data – ALL active data Active Data • 1.5 Million SQL random read I/Os per second for OLTP – Comparable to 15,000* disk drives in 150 array frames 500 TB DISK • 100 GB/sec SQL data scan rate for reporting and warehouses Cold Data – *Comparable to 1,000 disk drives in 10 array frames 100 -200 IOPS per DISK 20
  • Oracle Exadata X3 Database In-Memory MachineOracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache Write-Back • New software caches write I/Os in flash1 Million 8K write IOPS memory from SQL – Now all reads and writes of active data go to flash – 1 Million 8K random write I/Os per second on X3 • Comparable to 1000 disks on 100 array frames – Half-million random writes on existing V2 and X2 systems • Cache is persistent and highly available – Faster restarts 21
  • NEW Exadata X3-2 Eighth Rack • Lowest Cost Exadata ConfigurationLowest Cost – Hardware List price $200K: 60% of Quarter Rack – Highly Available configuration with all Exadata features • Brings Exadata Extreme Performance to smaller workloads, development, test, disaster recovery • Hardware Identical to Quarter-Rack • Upgrade to Quarter-Rack with software command 22
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine Best Platform for • Data Warehousing • OLTP • Database Cloud Oracle’s strategic platform for ALL Database workloads 23
  • Highly Engineered and StandardizedLess Risk, Better Results • Hundreds of engineer years spent optimizing and hardening the system end-to-end – Frees I/T talent to focus on business needs • Standard platform improves support experience • Runs all existing Oracle Database workloads 24
  • SOFTWARE INNOVATION FOR PERFORMANCE Up to 10X 50X + + + Hybrid Columnar Compression Smart Flash Smart Scan Queries Cache 25
  • Oracle ExadataExtreme Performance, Extreme Value.Lower data center costsStore 10x more dataSearch data 10x fasterReal time decision makingSpeed time-to-market for new products and servicesMitigate deployment risks 26
  • Exalogic Performance Exalogic and Exadata Standard hardware Business Applications: RESPONSE TIME E-Business E-Business PeopleSoft Siebel UCM JD Edwards Suite Suite Self Service HRMS, Customer Hub Order Management FIN Order to Cash Self Service and HR and Procurement 3x better Response Time 8x better Response Time 3x better Response Time 8x better Response Time 3x better Response Time 2x better Scalability 2x better Scalability 5x better Scalability 4x better Scalability 2x better Scalability 2.23 s 1.18 s 0.51 s 11.94 s 200 msResponse Time 0.74 s 0.39 s 0.17 s 1.42 s 25 ms 28
  • Exalogic Performance Exalogic and Exadata Standard hardware Business Applications: SCALABILITY Utilities Communications ATG Web CommerceScalability Meter Data Management Billing Revenue Commerce Reference Management Store 2x better Response Time 2x better Response Time 3x better Response Time 7x better Scalability 2x better Scalability 3x better Scalability 4000 10 20 million 2027 3.1 2.75 million 29
  • Exalogic vs. the Status Quo ExalogicStatus Quo Applications & Middleware OS Virtualization & Cloud Management Compute X3-2 Networking Storage Layer 31
  • Exalogic X3-2Converged InfrastructureCompute Power 2 socket, 8-core, 2.9 GHz Intel Xeon processors 256 GB of 1600MHz DRAM 480 cores in a Full Rack; also available in 1/2,1/4,1/8 or multi-rack configurations Redundant SSD, power, cooling, InfiniBandInternal I/O Fabric and Data Center Connectivity 40 Gb/sec internal I/O backplane 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to datacenterIntegrated Storage Enterprise-class, integrated Network Attached Storage ZFS Clustered for high availability 60 TB SAS disk, 4 TB read cache, 292 GB write cache Clones, snapshots, remote replication 32
  • Exalogic HypervisorEnhanced OVM 3.0 Guest VM Guest VM Guest VM Device Device Device• Secure segregation of traffic for Driver Driver Driver specific VM guests 1• Optimized I/O performance Virtual Switch OVM – Inbound traffic is sent to correct 2 guest VM Device Driver Server – Guest VM is configured to use selected dedicated virtual function Virtual Physical Virtual on HCA Function Function Function – Traffic flows directly between guest 3 Exalogic VM and physical HCA port Physical I/O Port HCA 33
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager for Exa Management Integrated View of Hardware and Software• Hardware view • Schematic of cells, compute nodes and switches • Hardware components alerts• Software/system view • Performance, availability, usage by databases, services, clusters • Software alerts db, cluster, ASM • Topology view of DB systems/clusters• Configuration view • Version summary of all components along with patch recommendationsCopyright © 2012, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates – 34 –34
  • Optimized Solutions 35
  • Oracle Optimized Solutions• Optimization across the Full Stack – Identification of cross stack integration opportunities – Early development stage testing – End to end functionality validation – Interoperability testing – Fault injection testing – Patch regression testing – Load/stress testing – Performance and scalability testing – Real world workload testing – Sizing and configuration optimization 36
  • Oracle Optimized Solutions 37
  • 38