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Presentación donde se da una pincelada de los anuncios del 2Dec y del portfolio de producto en sistemas.

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Generica HW_Oracle 2010

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Sistemas OracleFran NavarroArquitecto de sistemas
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Temes a Tractar• Estratègia Oracle HW• Roadmap de Servidors: Solaris / Sparc / x86• Novetats: T-Series (T-3), M-Series (UltraSparc VII+), Solaris 11.• Noves polítiques de llicenciament Oracle• Virtualització• Solucions Optimitzades• Solucions dEnginyeria conjunta: Exadata; Exalogic (ara també amb Sparc); SuperCluster 3
  4. 4. Oracle Addresses a Broad Range of Customer Needs High Performing Application-to-Disk Solutions from a Single Vendor Engineered Systems HIGH Oracle’s Optimized Compute, Solutions storage, network, VALUE TO CUSTOMER software ApplicationsEFFICIENCY & Fusion Middleware Database VM Solaris/OEL Server • Engineered Storage • Tested • Packaged • Tested • Certified • Certified • Deployed • Deployed • RISK Supported • Supported together • Upgraded LOW Together INTEGRATION LEVEL Manageability & Simplicity HIGH 4
  5. 5. Oracle + Sun Complete, Open, Integrated Systems • Engineered to work together • Tested together • Certified together • Packaged together • Deployed together • Upgraded together • Managed together • Supported togetherORACLE CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. Oracle + Sun: Product Strategy Summary• Complete, engineered, and integrated systems• Innovation across the stack• Industry solutions• Open standards• Highest level of customer service 6
  7. 7. “If It Must Work, It Runs on Solaris” #1 UNIX Enterprise OS• Mission-critical reliability and security• #1 Oracle Database deployment platform• Supported by 11,000+ applications• Scales to 64 sockets on both x86 and SPARC• Outships AIX, HP-UX• Breakthrough innovation• Guaranteed compatibility 7
  8. 8. Increased Investment In Solaris• Security • Independent security verification at industry’s highest levels• Scale • Linear scale to the world’s largest systems• Built-in virtualization • OS-level, hypervisor level, network and storage• Oracle Solaris ZFS • Reliability, simple administration, data integrity• Oracle Solaris DTrace • Safe, comprehensive observability on production systems• Predictive Self Healing • Hardware and software resiliency with no app changes needed 8
  9. 9. Solaris Roadmap Maximizing Integration Solaris 11 Update "Oracle is committed to Core Scalability continued development and support of Solaris. The Solaris 11 potential synergy between Update Oracle software and Solaris is System Management obvious.” I/O Scalability Solaris 11 --Richard Fichera, Forrester Update Solaris 11 High Availability Software Lifecycle Memory Solaris 10 Scalability Platform Support Scalability Networking Virtualization Software Integration Security 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 M-Series M-Series M-Series SPARCSPARC 1-64 Socket 8-64 Sockets 8-64 Sockets T-Series + 20`% T-Series +6x Throughput +2x Throughput 1-64 Sockets 1-4 Socket 1-4 Sockets T-Series +2x Throughput +1.5x Single Strand + 2x Throughput +3x Single Strand 1-8 Sockets +1.5x Single Strand +3x ThroughputINTEL Power, Reliability, Power Management Optimizations for Latest-Generation Intel Processors 9
  10. 10. {Solaris 11 Raises the Bar – PerformanceDesigned For Next Generation Datacenter TODAY TOMORROW TODAY TOMORROW TODAY TOMORROW TODAY TOMORROW 10 Gbs 100s Gbps 100s 1000s Several TBs 100s TBs Terabytes Exabytes 10
  11. 11. The Oracle Solaris Advantage• Part of Oracle’s integrated, application to disk offering• Cost effective and open: lower cost of acquisition and ownership• Proven, continuous innovation that counts• Optimized for a broad range of technologies and applications• Supported by more applications than any other open OS 11
  12. 12. SPARC ServersThe Foundation for Mission Critical Computing for More than a Decade 12
  13. 13. SPARC and Solaris Set Database OLTPTPC-C World Record 13
  14. 14. HP Superdome: Best Ever Performance for any HP ComputerSource: Transaction Processing Performance Council, as of 12/2/10. HP Integrity Superdome-Itanium2, 4,092,799 tpmC,$2.93/tpmC, available 8/6/07. 14
  15. 15. IBM P7: Current World-Record … Set 4 Months AgoSource: Transaction Processing Performance Council, as of 12/2/10. IBM Power 780 Server, 10,366,254 tpmC, $1.38/tpmC, available 10/13/10. HP Integrity Superdome-Itanium2, 4,092,799 tpmC,$2.93/tpmC, available 8/6/07. 15
  16. 16. Sun SPARC Solaris: New World Record 30,249,699 tpmCSource: Transaction Processing Performance Council, as of 12/2/10. Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 server cluster, 30,249,688 tpmC, $1.01/tpmC, available 6/1/11. IBM Power780 Server, 10,366,254 tpmC, $1.38/tpmC, available 10/13/10. HP Integrity Superdome-Itanium2, 4,092,799 tpmC, $2.93/tpmC, available 8/6/07. 16
  17. 17. Sun SPARC: 3x Faster than IBM, 7.4X Faster than HPSource: Transaction Processing Performance Council, as of 12/2/10. Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 server cluster, 30,249,688 tpmC, $1.01/tpmC, available 6/1/11. IBM Power780 Server, 10,366,254 tpmC, $1.38/tpmC, available 10/13/10. HP Integrity Superdome-Itanium2, 4,092,799 tpmC, $2.93/tpmC, available 8/6/07. 17
  18. 18. SPARC Processor Strategy • Compatibility • Scalability • Efficiency • Availability • Security • Performance • Accelerated roadmap • Application performance • Co-engineered with Oracle Software 18
  19. 19. SPARC Enterprise Servers Maximizing Results 5 Year TrajectoryCores 4x SPARCThreads 32x 1-64 SocketsMemory Capacity 16x +2x ThroughputDatabase TPM 40x +1.5x Single StrandJava Ops Per Second 10x M-Series 8-64 Sockets +2x Throughput T-Series 1-8 Sockets M-Series +3x Throughput 8-64 Sockets +6x Throughput  T-Series +1.5x Single Strand 1-4 Sockets M-Series  +3x Single Strand 1-64 Socket T-Series + 20% 1-4 Socket  + 2x Throughput Solaris 10 Solaris 11 Solaris 11 Solaris 11 Solaris 11 Update Update Update Update 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 19
  20. 20. SPARC Processors SPARC VII+ T3 1-64 SPARC64 VII+ 1-4 T3 Processors Processors 16 Cores 4 Cores 8 Threads per core 2 Threads per core Crypto Co-proc Logical Partitions AVAILABLE TODAY 20
  21. 21. M-Series: Investment ProtectionDelivers Longevity, Security and Scalability• Industry leading reliability, availability and serviceability• Extreme single threaded performance• 3rd in-box upgrade and counting• Seamless scalability: 1 to 64 CPUs• Mix/Match CPUs for improved TCO• Highest level of consolidation• Breakthrough virtualization ORACLE CONFIDENTIAL 21
  22. 22. Announcing M-Series SPARC64 VII+ ServersPerformance. Scalability. Investment Protection.Scalability Announcing Today•Database Acceleration: 2ximprovement in L2 cache•2.4x the performance of theoriginal SPARC64 VI•Multiplicador 0,5 22
  23. 23. T-Series: Redefining Data Center EconomicsBreakthrough Performance and Eco-Efficiency• World class performance• Built-in, on-chip wire-speed security• Unmatched power efficiency and density• Breakthrough virtualization• High reliability, availability and serviceability ORACLE CONFIDENTIAL 23
  24. 24. The Most Secure Systems For MissionCritical ApplicationsFeaturing The Industry’s First 16-Core Processor Oracle’s SPARC T3 Systems New Today! Performance, Availability, Security, Management 24
  25. 25. SPARC Enterprise Servers The Industry Leader in Multi-core Technology SPARC T3 16 Cores 128 Threads SPARC T2 8 Cores 64 ThreadsSPARC T1 IBM POWER 7 8 Cores 8 Cores 32 Threads 32 Threads HP Itanium 9300 IBM POWER6 4 Cores 2 Cores 8 ThreadsIBM POWER5 HP Itanium 9100 4 Threads 2 Cores HP Itanium 9000 2 Cores 2 Cores4 Threads 4 Threads 2 Threads 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 25
  26. 26. SPARC T3 Systems T3-1B T3-1 T3-2 T3-4 Size (RU) 1-slot Blade 2RU 3RU 5RU Cores/Threads 16/128 16/128 32/256 64/512 Max Memory 256 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB I/O Slots 2/4 6 10 16 1 GbE/10 GbE 2/2 4/2 4/4 4/8 Max HDD 4 16 6 8 Recommended 16 16 32 64 Oracle VMsService Processor Integrated Lights Out Management 26
  27. 27. Lowest Risk Mission Critical RAS Leadership • Hot Swap critical componentsM-Series • CPUs, Memory and Service Processor • World Class Serviceability • Dynamic Reconfiguration • Hard Partitioning • Proven track record of Reliability • Electrical isolation of domains • Dual Redundant Service Processors • Partial ASIC recovery • Hot swap fans, Disk, PSUT-Series • Cold Service Model for CPU, memory • System on Chip (SoC) - Reduced component count for high reliability and lower cost • Energy efficient: less heat = fewer failures • Thread and Core offlining • HW and SW RAID • Isolation with Oracle VM Server for SPARC 27
  28. 28. Sun SPARC Virtualization Hard Partitions SPARC Hypervisors Solaris Containers M-Series T-Series All Sun SystemsDynamic Domains Oracle VM server for SPARC Solaris ContainersComplete Isolation: (formerly Logical Domains) (Zones + SRM) Resources Granular Solaris Trusted Extensions Security Dynamic Solaris 8 and 9 Containers Faults Low-overhead Service Multiple OSes Single OS Included at Included at Included at No Cost! No Cost! No Cost! 28
  29. 29. Value of Oracle x86 Cluster High Performing Application-to-Disk Solutions from a Single Vendor Exadata v2 Oracle HIGH Validated Blade ConfigsVALUE TO CUSTOMER Oracle Database Rack-Mount Servers Clusters Fusion Middleware Solaris and Open Storage Linux OS Server • Engineered Storage • Tested • Packaged • Tested • Deployed • Certified • Certified • Supported • Deployed • Deployed • Upgraded • Supported • Supported • Supported together • Upgraded together • Upgraded Together together INTEGRATION LEVEL HIGH RISK LOW 29
  30. 30. Sun Blade 6000 Chassis All-in-a-Box Solution Form factor 10 RUServer Modules 10 Mix-and-match up to ten x86 and per Chassis (single or dual node) SPARC blade server modules 2 per server module (EM) Number of I/O 2 per chassis (NEM) Industry-leading chassis ModulesI/O Throughput 64 Tb/s bandwidth for peak application Availability performance and hardware Hot swappable I/O, investment protection HDD, and networking Category-best reliability 30
  31. 31. Sun x86 Rack-Mount Server Family• Comprehensive portfolio refreshed with Intel Xeon Processor 5600 & 7500 Series • Array of flash options to accelerate application performance and lower Sun Fire X4800 Server operating cost • Choice of leading operating systems and virtualization platforms Sun Fire X4470 Server Sun Fire X4270 M2 Server Sun Fire X4170 M2 Server Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server 31
  32. 32. Optimized Oracle Infrastructures Oracle Premier Support for Systems Solaris Linux consists of services in support of hardware systems, firmware, and software. For hardware systems, this support is limited to Oracle/Sun hardware only. For Oracle/Sun servers, this support applies to the x86 / x64 following system software: Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM.• Best multi-operating system virtualization brary/hardware-systems-support- • Choice of policies-069182.pdf Solaris or Linux 32
  33. 33. Oracle Processor Core Factor Table Vendor and Processor Core Processor Licensing Factor SPARC T3 processor Sun UltraSPARC T2+  0,25 0,5 SPARC64 VII+  Intel Xeon Series 56XX, Series 0,5 65XX, Series 75XX, Sun and Fujitsu SPARC64 VI, VII 0,75 Sun UltraSPARC T2 Intel Itanium Series 93XX IBM POWER7  1 33
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. Integrated Application-to-Disk Management Only Oracle Enterprise Manager Delivers Complete Stack Management Hardware Database Middleware Applications Full Stack• Complete • Industry’s • Integrated, • Deep out-of-the- Lifecycle Mgmt Leading Deep box mgmt Complete, of Physical & Database Self- Middleware solutions for Integrated, Virtual Systems Management Management Apps Unlimited, App-to-Disk• HW, Firmware, Solution • WebLogic, Fusion Apps Management OS, VM, Storage SOA, Portal, Identity Mgmt, BI 35
  36. 36. Oracle Addresses a Broad Range of Customer Needs High Performing Application-to-Disk Solutions from a Single Vendor Engineered Systems HIGH Oracle’s OptimizedEFFICIENCY Solutions Compute, Applications storage, network, software Fusion Middleware Database VM Solaris/OEL Server Storage Manageability & Simplicity HIGH 36
  37. 37. Solutions on SPARC Announced September 20• Oracle Optimized Solution for Siebel CRM • SPARC T3 Servers, Sun Storage 6000• Oracle Optimized Solution for WebCenter • SPARC T3 Servers, Sun Storage 7000• Oracle Optimized Solution for PeopleSoft HCM • M-Series Servers, Sun Storage 6000, Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array• Oracle Optimized Solution for E-Business Suite • M-/T-Series Servers, Sun Storage 6000/7000• Oracle Optimized Solution for WebLogic Suite • SPARC/x86 blades with integrated networking and Sun Storage 7000• Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Database • M-Series Servers, Sun Storage 6000/7000, Sun Storage F100 Flash Array 37
  38. 38. Optimized Solution For Oracle Database Mission Critical Enterprise SolutionsOracle Software For Mission Critical Environments SAN Oracle RAC/DataGuard/Solaris ClusterPre-Sized Configurations Small Medium X-Large Large M8000  M4000 M5000 M9000Flash Acceleration & Disk Storage Oracle Flash F5100 Storage Arrays  Oracle Flash Oracle Oracle Network F20 PCI Cards Storage 6000 Unified Storage 7000 (VLAN) (Not pictured) (pictured right (pictured bottom right) center) 38
  39. 39. Systems for Database – OLTP FlashFire Optimization for Scalability + Performance New Orders per Minute 5x 6000 Flash optimized SPARC MORE Transactions systems deliver… 5000• 2X increase in overall 4000 application service level Workload performance 3000 – Executes more than 2½ 2000 times the workload Flash – In half the response time Disk 1000 0 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 New Order Service Time(s) TimeOn Line Transaction Processing - service performance testing: Oracle 11g on Sun F5100 + Oracle SPARC® Server platforms Source: Oracle Performance Benchmarks 39
  40. 40. FlashFire Accelerates Database Performance up to 4x with Flash Cache Oracle 11g, Sun SPARC Enterprise 5000, F5100 Flash Array 5 5x 4X 4 4x FASTER Performance 3 3x Workload Throughput 2 Response Time 2x 1 1x No Flash = No Scale Acceleration 0 0x Database Flash Cache SizePlease Note: Use of Flash Cache can boost performance significantly.  When one uses the Flash Cache feature of 11gR2 results will be dependent upon the amount of memory a system has and the amount of System Global Area (SGA) defined, the amount of flash cache being requested, and the working set size at any point in time. Source: Oracle Performance Benchmarks 40
  41. 41. Storage StrategyDelivering Technology Innovation 41
  42. 42. Oracle Storage Strategy• #1 Database and #1 Filesystem. We engineer and tune them from the software all the way down to disk and flash controllers.• Complete line of enterprise-grade storage products: database machine, disk, tape, flash, software and management tools.• Oracle solution ecosystem tuned and validated on our storage platforms, with integrated support and phone-home telemetry.• Work as best-of-breed for every use case or application; or combine with our software, servers, and networking for best tuned and integrated solution. 42
  43. 43. Data Growth Vastly Outstrips IT Budgets Data center best practices demand tiered storage efficiencies Single Disk Modern Tier of Disk Multi-tiered Multi-tiered Storage Storage Storage Flash Storage $40 - $54/GB Performance Disk 6% $7 - $22/GB 38% Capacity Disk 32% $1 - $6/GB Tape Storage 100% 62% 60% $0.1 - $0.85/GB Average Average Average ~$15,000/TB ~$8,000/TB ~$4,000/TBSource: Horison Information Strategies, 200943 43
  44. 44. Oracle Storage Leading HW and SW to Address Data Management Needs Disk Storage Tape Storage Primary Secondary • Mission Critical • Fixed Content • Video, Medical, Databases • Backup and Recovery Data Archive • High-Performance • Business Continuity • Regulatory Applications • Snap/Mirror/Replication Compliance • Flash Storage • Online Archive • Disaster • Hybrid Storage RecoveryTiered Storage Business Applications Unified Storage Archive ManagerSoftware (11g partitions) Hybrid Storage PoolAverage Days 30+ Days 0 Days 90 Days to ForeverSince creationRecovery Time Milliseconds Seconds MinutesObjectives (RTO) 44
  45. 45. Flash Storage Comprehensive Flash Storage Portfolio Accelerate Your ApplicationReduce Operating Costs Flash Array Compact Storage Device Flash Controllers Flash/HBA PCIe cards for Servers Flash Drives (2.5” & 3.5” SSDs) Optional with Servers and Storage Flash Modules Sun FlashFire Technology - delivering the Embedded in Servers and Flash Array highest level of performance, durability and reliability 45
  46. 46. Oracle’s Software Driven Flash Strategy Without software, flash integration and use is expensive Software Hardware Complete. Smart Flash F5100 Cache, Adv. Exadata Database Compression, Database Partitioning F20 Machine F5100 Hybrid ZFS Storage F20 Storage Storage Appliance Pools SSD46 46
  47. 47. Hybrid Storage Pool 100 Enterprise Hybrid Storage HDDs Pool 2 SSDs 30 High Capacity HDDs 4.5X Les Pow s 9.1Xer Les Capacity: 30TB Capacity: 30TB Cos s t Performance: 30K IOPS Performance: 40K IOPS Cap/Op-X: $55,000 - 1.75kW Cap/Op-X: $6,040 - 392W 47
  48. 48. Sun Oracle Database Machine The First Generation of Engineered Systems • Best for DW • Run data intensive query processing in storage grid • 10x compressed tables • Up to 50TB of data in scalable PCI Flash • Best for OLTP • Only database that scales real-world applications on grid • Smart flash cache for 20x IOP’s or 20x fewer disks • Up to 50x compression for archival data • Secure, fault tolerant • Best for Consolidation • Only database machine that runs and scales all workloads • Predictable response times in multi-database, multi-application, multi-user environments48 48
  49. 49. Storage Bottlenecks • Today, database performance is limited by storage – Storage systems limit data bandwidth from storage to servers – Storage Array internal bottlenecks – SAN bottlenecks – Random I/O bottlenecks due to physical disk speeds • Data Bandwidth limits severely restrict performance for data warehousing • Random I/O bottlenecks limit performance of OLTP applicationsCopyright © 2009, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates 49
  50. 50. Exadata Product Performance Single Quarter Half Rack Full Rack Server Rack Raw Disk Data SAS 1.5 GB/s 4.5 GB/s 10.5 GB/s 21 GB/s Bandwidth1,4 SATA 0.85 GB/s 2.5 GB/s 6 GB/s 12 GB/s Raw Flash Data 3.6 GB/s 11 GB/s 25 GB/s 50 GB/s Bandwidth1,4 Max User Data Bandwidth2,4 (10x compression & Flash) 36 GB/s 110 GB/s 250 GB/s 500 GB/s Disk IOPS3,4 3,600 10,800 25,000 50,000 SAS 1,440 4,300 10,000 20,000 SATA 75,000 225,000 500,000 1,000,000 Flash IOPS3,4 Data Load Rate4 1 TB/hr 2.5 TB/hr 5 TB/hr 1 – Bandwidth is peak physical disk scan bandwidth, assuming no compression. 2 - Max User Data Bandwidth assumes scanned data is compressed by factor of 10 and is on Flash. 3 – IOPs – Based on IO requests of size 8K 4 - Actual performance will vary by application.Copyright © 2009, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates 50
  51. 51. Tape Storage What is the purpose of tape storage?• Increase scalability: Accommodate rapidly growing data by off-loading storage requirements from primary storage to tape• Reduce cost: Consolidate storage for multiple server and/or application environments and store at a much lower cost/TB• Reduce risk: Protect critical data with multiple “near-line” copies for quick recovery and secure the data with encryption• Tape is THE most scalable, cost-effective storage! 51
  52. 52. Oracle StorageTek Tape Portfolio• Best TCO and investment protection • Highest scalability • Industry-leading reliability and availability SL8500 Software VSM Entry Device Management SL3000 Data Management Tiered Storage SL500 Virtualization SL24/48 LTO T9840 T10000 Encryption 52
  53. 53. The Traditional Datacenter Is Evolving Silo Consolidated Optimized Cloud 53
  54. 54. Transforming the Technology Stack Brutal EfficiencyCompute, Storage, Network Optimized Systems Engineered Building Blocks and Solutions Systems Silo Consolidated Optimized Cloud 54
  55. 55. Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudSoftware. Hardware. Complete. Building the 21st Century Datacenter 55
  56. 56. Sun Oracle Database MachineThe First Generation of Engineered Systems • Best for DW – Run data intensive query processing in storage grid – 10x compressed tables – Up to 50TB of data in scalable PCI Flash • Best for OLTP – Only database that scales real-world applications on grid – Smart flash cache for 20x IOP’s or 20x fewer disks – Up to 50x compression for archival data – Secure, fault tolerant • Best for Consolidation – Only database machine that runs and scales all workloads – Predictable response times in multi-database, multi-application, multi-user environments 56
  57. 57. Sun Oracle Database Machine • Grid is the architecture of the future • Highest performance, lowest cost, redundant, incrementally scalable • Sun Oracle Database Machine delivers the first and only complete grid architecture for all data management needs RAC Database Server Grid • 8 High-performance low-cost Exadata Storage Server Grid compute servers • 14 High-performance low-cost • 2 Intel quad-core Xeons each storage servers • 100 TB raw SAS disk storage InfiniBand Network or • 40 Gb/sec fault-tolerant unified 336 TB raw SATA disk storage server and storage network • 5TB+ flash storage!Copyright © 2009, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates 57
  58. 58. The Products Exadata Storage Server & Database Machine• Exadata Storage Server • Sun Oracle Database Machine – Storage Product Optimized for – Pre-Configured High Oracle Database Performance – Extreme I/O and SQL Processing – Balanced performance performance configuration – Combination of hardware and – Takes the guess work out of software building an Oracle deployment• Exadata Storage Server Software • Exadata Storage Server Software • Oracle Database 11.2Copyright © 2009, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates 58
  59. 59. The Future Of Mission CriticalClusters 59
  60. 60. SPARC Supercluster: Software, Servers, Network, Storage Record Setting Configuration• Servers • Single Oracle Database – 108 SPARC T3: 1,728 cores Image – 13.5 Terabytes main memory – 1 Quadrillion rows in• Network database – Infiniband 40 Gigabit Links • Performance• Storage – 43 Trillion transactions – 246 Terabytes of Flash per day – 1.7 Petabytes of total storage – 0.5 sec average response time 60
  61. 61. SPARC Supercluster Models T3-2 T3-4 M5000CPUs 4 12 16Cores / 64 / 512 192 / 1536 128ThreadsMemory 512 GB + Flash 1.5 TB + Flash 1 TB + Flash 96 TB HDD 144 TB HDDStorage 1.7 TB Write Optimized FlashInterconnect 4 TB Read Optimized Flash 40 Gb/s 61
  62. 62. Exalogic Elastic Cloud:One Platform for the whole EnterpriseMiddleware Cloud Server: Performance, reliability and simplicity • Fastest Java Performance – Application performance improved up to 10X • Foundation for Mission Critical Cloud – Best for application consolidation – Best for elastic capacity on demand • Engineered System – Lowest cost to deploy and operate – Fastest path to production 62
  63. 63. Traditional Application Deployment Many platforms distributed across the enterprise• Unbalanced hardware Application – Poor and uneven resource utilization by many applications – Application-specific hardware WebLogic Coherence silos COTS HW COTS HW• IO bottlenecks – High-latency network Ethernet – Underperforming database• Diminished Reliability – Limited fault management, Oracle DB tuning SAN COTS HW – Complex to deploy and maintain 63
  64. 64. Exalogic: Balanced for Java Performance Optimal Middleware design, tuning, management• Balanced CPU and Memory Application – JVM efficiency improved 5-10% with new fast DIMM memory – Discovering correct JVM tuning WebLogic Coherence for the hardware environment Oracle HW Oracle HW yields 10-25% efficiency gain• FlashFire SSD Ethernet – OS boot, paging, local caching performance increased 10x – Compute nodes with no moving parts Oracle DB SAN COTS HW 64
  65. 65. Exalogic: Lossless Switched Fabric Increase CPU utilization and application efficiency• Improve CPU utilization Exalogic – RDMA eliminates unnecessary buffer copying by bypassing OS kernel WebLogic Coherence – Fewer CPU cycles wasted Oracle HW Oracle HW waiting on IO because of InfiniBand InfiniBand reduced communication latency Ethernet• Reduce unnecessary communication overhead – Security, reliability and QoS efficiently handled lower in the Oracle DB communication stack SAN COTS HW 65
  66. 66. Exalogic: Integrated Database and Storage Complete private cloud platform• Add data warehousing, Exalogic OLTP and relational database – Unified availability, security and WebLogic Coherence management models Oracle HW Oracle HW – Maximum system performance InfiniBand – End-to-end engineered system Ethernet InfiniBand Ethernet• One system for all workloads – Foundation for enterprise-class, Exadata Oracle DB mission critical private cloud Oracle HW Oracle HW Exadata 66
  67. 67. SPARC Exalogic Elastic CloudFeaturing Sun SPARC T3-1B Blade System with Solaris Available CY 2011 Integrated Storage • Central storage for systemT3-1B: SPARC Compute imagesBlades • Clustered for HA• 30 compute servers • 40 TB SAS disk• 480 1.6 GHz high- • 4 TB read cache efficiency cores• 3.8 TB DRAM • 72 GB write cache• 960 GB mirrored solid- state disk InfiniBand Interconnect Fabric • 40 Gb/sec links • 1.2 microsecond latency • 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to datacenter 67
  68. 68. Q&A 68