MarketSqr Supply Network Introduction
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MarketSqr Supply Network Introduction



Introduction of MarketSqr Supply Network the online supply community. We facilitThis demonstrates the future of social media in purchasing and supply.

Introduction of MarketSqr Supply Network the online supply community. We facilitThis demonstrates the future of social media in purchasing and supply.



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MarketSqr Supply Network Introduction MarketSqr Supply Network Introduction Presentation Transcript

  • MarketSqr Supply Network Introduction Francois Naudé
  • BackgroundIn old world economies, people came to the How often do we still see that our bestmarket to do business. At the market they could customers are those whom we have the bestbrowse through merchandise and meet new personal relationships with? The old worldbusiness associates, but also people who could personal relationships still triumphs over anhelp them in making their business decisions impersonal electronic transaction.and share information. People feel more comfortable doing businessIn modern day society markets have with a person who has been recommended byconsolidated and became more efficient. They someone they consist of many times more people andcover larger geographies. Yet, they still consist MarketSqr brings these old world values back toof people. our contemporary society by providing a platform that allows and encourages theParticularly in the Business-to-business fostering of relationships, sharing of informationarena, markets have become much more and enhancing the professional profiles ofefficient since processes have been optimized participants in their business community.and increasingly sourcing and transactionprocessing are done electronically. Thisefficiency has certainly brought tremendousbenefits to businesses but it has been at theexpense of personal relationships.
  • Benefits to buyers and suppliers Suppliers rated by Buyers find references on 1.Discover business contacts (buyers) suppliers Reduce support cost for Less assistance needed by 2.Support suppliers buyers Share best practice 3.Associate Engage interest groups information Suppliers engage opinion Buyers can identify & 4.Analyze leaders engage with influencers Suppliers build Buyers share information 5.Network relationships online with peers Buyers share their opinion Suppliers can exhibit new 6.Showcase products & services on suppliers’ products & services
  • Social Media in B2B Changes in behaviour Social The bulk of innovation in Social Media Marketing has taken place in marketing and in particular consumer targeted Social marketing. Social Sales Innovation Sales has seen some progress with Business huge potential growth remaining. Use Cases Business areas with potential to Process Social explode in their use of socialCollaboration Support technologies: •Customer driven support Social •CRM/SRM SRM/CRM •Process Collaboration •Innovation
  • Social Media in Purchasing The use of social technologies in Purchasing and Supply processes is in its infancy and holds tremendous potential for greater collaboration and efficiencies. Stay on top of developments in the supply market Understand what Research suppliers are saying about you as a customer Informed supplier Listen Select selection decisions Purchasing Have access to Benefit Share policies and consolidated news, Aggregate Inform procedures withknowledge and research suppliers Derive value from shared Learn Influence best practices, case Share opinions and studies and experiences experiences with peers with suppliers Participate actively in support forums
  • A cluttered social media landscapeMarketSqr aims to consolidate trade relationships for the Purchasing and Supply community in one place
  • Personal ProfileThe personal profile identifies and positions the individual in his professional environment . Profiles usually include shortbios or résumés, photos, and summaries of the individual’s area(s) of expertise.Profiles can be valuable vehicles for finding people with the right proficiency for specific projects or issues that need to beaddressed. Many companies use profiles to enhance community within, and external to the organization, allowing staff topost photos and slightly more personal information to assist in fostering relationships.The individual can promote his profile through active engagement in interest groups, forums and writing a regular blog ontopics of personal expertise.
  • Professional Network Each personal profile can be connected to a network of professional connections made up of: • Colleagues • Ex-colleagues • Classmates • Suppliers • Customers This personal network will be utilised to: • Evaluate suppliers • Find recruiting prospects • Generate sales leads • Promote personal profile
  • Company ProfileCompanies showcase their products or services on their company profile.This is also where they communicate with potential and existing customers or suppliers.
  • ApplicationsThe MarketSqr platform offers four core collaboration applications utilised by Companies andInterest Groups. These applications lend themselves to different interaction styles and needs.Not all applications are activated in all cases but they are always available to be switched on: 2. Forums1. Wikis Forums enable exchange of information andCollaborative instruments for keeping ideas, expertise and advice on how to addressknowledge, reference materials, project issues among members. Types of forums:information, and operations manuals up to date • Discussions (posts with replies).because they are always accessible for updates • Q&A (questions with replies, suggestedand error corrections by permitted users. answers, or verified answers).They can include moderation tools to ensure Forums are useful for Customer-driven Supportquality of information. and Interest Group debate.3. Blogs 4. Media GalleriesA blog is generally maintained by an individual Rich media is shared amongst members in thewith regular posts or commentary and form of audio/video podcasts, photos, and otherdescriptions of events. documents. Short videos in the likeness ofPersonal opinion carries heavy emphasis and it is YouTube are easy to create offer far-reachingimportant to have a personal flavour to a blog company exposure. Particularly useful forwhich assist in fostering relationships. training, product demo’s. Available 24/7, theyAccess to blog functionality is determined by can greatly enhance productivity and efficiency.user privileges.
  • Company ProfileCompanies showcase their products or services on their company profile.This is also where they communicate with potential and existing customers orsuppliers. 1. Blogs (News) 2. Forums (Support) The four applications on the MarketSqr 3. Media Galleries platform are used to showcase the company and interact with its community. 4. Wiki’s (Brochures)
  • Interest Groups
  • Interest Groups 1. Blogs 2. ForumsCollaboration around interest 3. Wiki’sgroups or communities of practice is 4. Media Galleriesfacilitated through the fourapplications provided on theMarketSqr platform.
  • Site search Site search allows searching for any company name or keyword across the entire site. All companies groups and any blog post, forum thread and wiki’s are included in the search.
  • Supplier RecommendationBuyers enter supplier recommendations based on previous exposure to the supplier. Peers can view this in their review of the supplier.
  • Supplier RatingBuyers enter supplier ratings (out of five stars) based on previous interaction. Peers can view this in their review of the supplier. An average of all buyers’ ratings is shown on the supplier search screen.
  • Supplier search1. Search criteria are entered as UNSPSC Segment and Family or key word.2. Results list suppliers who meet the search criteria.3. The user’s network relationship with the supplier is shown along with review indicators.4. Click through to supplier profile provides direct access to more detailed information.
  • MarketSqr OverviewCompany Profile Purchasing Lead Role based functionality Personal Profile 1. Blogs 2. Forums 3. Wiki’s Professional Network 4. Media Galleries Interest Groups 1. BlogsSupplier Search 2. Forums 3. Wiki’s 4. Media Galleries
  • Sourcing•RFQ/Quote/Award functionality is added specific for the DCCI/Nedbank/Worldbank project.•Combined with the process automation the knowledge provided by the community ads todramatically improved procurement decisions. RFQ Notification 1 1 1. Create RFQ 2. Submit Quotation 2 3. Award & Notify 3 Buyer Supplier
  • Technical PlatformMarketSqr deployed TelligentCommunity 5.6 on the TelligentEvolution Framework.This platform was customised to meetthe needs of the Purchasing & SupplyCommunity.• Company Profiles• Supplier Search• Supply related roles and role based functionality.Telligent Analytics completes thepicture to enable social analysis.
  • Forrester evaluation The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Social Platforms, Q3 2011 IBM, Jive, NewsGator, and Telligent have the edge. “Telligent maintains a razor-sharp focus on analytics, a platform designed from the ground up for extension, and a growing and impressive stable of partners.”“Forrester evaluated nine of the 90-plusvendors in the exploding communityplatforms market. JiveSoftware and Telligent Systems lead thepack because of their strongadministrative and platform features.”Forrester: June 29, 2010Community Management Checklist
  • Telligent Solutions“Telligent leverages analytics as a differentiator. The focus is on identifying and prioritizing information of businessvalue across a disparate vendor landscape. Telligent will continue to drive innovation at the platform level…” - Forrester: Enterprise Social Networking 2010 Market Overview
  • Francois Naudé