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Fifa 13 FUT Millionaire AutoBuyer Review
Fifa 13 FUT Millionaire AutoBuyer Review
Fifa 13 FUT Millionaire AutoBuyer Review
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Fifa 13 FUT Millionaire AutoBuyer Review


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  • 1. FIFA 13 FUT Millionaire AutoBuyer ReviewEver since FIFA Ultimate Team became popular, theres been a lot of talk about these so-calledautobuyers that will trade for your account while youre away. Often, this is described as a quick wayto become unfathomably rich and build the team of your dreams. However, most of these autobuyersare incredibly risky to download because you cant trust that the creator isnt just saving your accountcredentials and stealing your coins. This changes with the FUT Millionaire Autobuyer, a completely-functional, 100% safe autobuyer that actually works. How do I know? Well, Ive been using it myself! Ivebeen making a steady 100-200k daily for the past week or so because it trades while Im at school. I gotthe autobuyer early to test because I wanted to test it out for my readers when I heard Mike Miranda,creator of the incredibly helpful FUT Millionaire Ebook. The autobuyer will allow you to automatemost of the techniques offered in that ebook so you can profit in greater volume and with no work.Whats more, buy today and receive the ebook free too!
  • 2. I know its expensive. $77 isnt cheap. Let me tell you something though, FIFA coins arent cheap either.If you go to buy 100k coins from a coin vendor today, it will cost you approximately $20, and it wouldcost much more to get that in packs. If youre going to get that by actually playing the game, youbetter have a lot of time and/or be a fantasticly shrewd trader. While it isnt impossible, it is verydifficult to beat the efficiency and value the autobuyer can provide for you with any other means.Can I trust this?Like I talked about before, some of you are probably very skeptical of this. I would be too. In fact, Iwas very skeptical myself. Personally, I just made a new FUT account and traded around 20k from mymain account to begin with to minimize risk. The guide offers a 100% warranty -- if it isnt working Mikewill try to help you and if he cannot, he will happily return your license fee to you. I can tell you withcomplete honesty that this piece of software functions exactly as described -- at no point was I eversuspicious that my account was at risk. Not to mention, I could see that it was trading as it said it waswhen I actually visited my account. To give you a taste of what could come, I started with a fewplayers to test and when I woke up that 20k had turned into just over 100k, only a few hours later. Allwhile I was sleeping! Of course, over the course of the next few days I learned how to optimize this andIm earning even more every day with just a few minutes spent trading. I cant wait until I can buildliterally the best team imaginable. Its only a matter of time. You can start too.How it WorksYou may be wondering how this differs from you going through the trading market yourself and pickingup bargains by hand. The autobuyer is a piece of software that nearly-instantly analyzes the entire
  • 3. market for any given player. You give it a maximum price to buy at and it will pick those cards up forthat price (or lower) before your competition even has a chance to click Buy Now. As soon as it picksup a card, it resells it at your determined price and moves on. You can program in a large number ofdifferent players for it to survey so you have options nearly all the time. Like I said, with theautobuyer, profits are really only a matter of time.TechniquesAs youll see in the informational PDF that is provided with your purchase, you will want to build out aninventory of highly-traded cards that you can pick up and resell relatively quickly. The key is tominimize the amount of time you are tied up with your money in any given card. Through trial anderror, youll find a few players to focus on that will become your "cash cows". From there, you canoptimize the price to figure out what turns over faster and for the highest margin. It sounds like it getscomplicated, but everything is far simpler than youd expect. Once you get a system and a decentinventory of players put together, your coin pile will grow astronomically because it gets easier toprofit with more expensive players.Final ThoughtsLook guys, you HAVE to buy this! I was extremely excited when Mike Miranda sent his affiliates a sneakpeek of this product. This was for a number of reasons: I knew this was an autobuyer I could actullytrust because I know the seller to be a reputable FIFA guy, and I knew you guys could use this as well. Itake great pride in showing you guys stuff that can improve your FIFA game or your Ultimate Team. Andlet me tell you, making coins in UT is a pain, and this becomes even more clear when I have my laptopnext to me making coins without any effort on my part. In fact, its made about 3k as I wrote this.Seriously, you guys need this.Click Here To Visit FUT Millionaire AutoBuyer Website