Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter - April of 2011

Uploaded on Here is the monthly newsletter from Winston-Salem's premier used car dealership, Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Read it from the comfort of your home or office. This newsletter … Here is the monthly newsletter from Winston-Salem's premier used car dealership, Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Read it from the comfort of your home or office. This newsletter is designed to deliver our special blend of
information, inspiration and fun for your life.

We'll share stories, funny stuff we’ve found, tips, consumer advice and information
you can use to make life better. We also run a little contest every month where you
can win lots of really cool prizes.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is located at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC 27105. Call them at 336-767-3432

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  • 1. A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Frank Myers Auto Maxx The Nation’s Premier Automotive Solutions Providers / 336-767-3432 / Trivial Facts about April This Month It Isnt Just About Easter Celebrations and Paying Taxes In History by Karen Zakayec Source: When you think about the month of Birthstone1- 1954 - United States April, do thoughts of Easter or in-Air Force Academy was es- come tax forms come to mind? The birthstone for April is the dia-tablished. mond. Usually the word diamond There’s a lot more to April than dye- brings to mind thoughts of engage-6- 1896 - The First Olym- ing eggs, eating jelly beans and fill- ment rings and colorless, sparkling ing out tax forms. There are other stones, but diamonds come in severalpic Games were held in holidays during the month. Many colors too. Yellow, red, pink, blueAthens, Greece. famous people celebrate their birth- and green diamonds are rare and of- day in April, and many historic ten more expensive than colorless14 - 1865 - President Lin- events took place during the fourth diamonds.coln was shot. month of the year. Flower15 - 1912 - Titanic struck Read on to learn some trivial facts about April. The flower for the month of April isan iceberg and sank. the daisy which symbolizes inno- Basic Facts cence. Daisies come in dozens of23 - 1584 - Shakespeare colors and a favorite flower to put inwas born! April comes from the Latin word a bouquet. The Gerbera daisy is par- aperire which means to open. This ticularly popular. It exists in many25 - 1953 - DNA was dis- usage is appropriate vibrant colors and is a beauti-covered by James Watson & because in many ful reminder of springtime places trees and flow- and warm weather.Francis Crick. ers begin to bloom and open during the month Astrological Signs27 - 1791 - Samuel Morse of April.was born… Aries and Taurus are the as-Have you In ancient Rome, April trological signs for April.ever used was the second month Birthdays from April 1stthe MorseCode? 4 of the year. When the Gregorian cal- through the 19th fall under the sign endar was adopted, it became the of Aries; April 20th through the 30th fourth month of the year. April is one birthdays fall under the sign of Tau- of the four months with thirty days. rus. Continued on Page 3...“We Specialize In Helping Individuals & Families Find, Qualify For And Own The Vehicle Of Their Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Even With Less Than Perfect Credit.”
  • 2. Metabolism— Interesting Facts Improve Yours in 2 Weeks You Never Knew Source: Jonny Bowden, author, nutritionist and weight loss coach cuts through all the misconceptions about diet and fitness to help you transform your body, your health and your life. Its hardly news that exercise isgood for you -- we know that it "Doing a few intense muscle ex-can help keep weight off, build a ercises, each lasting only aboutbigger brain, improve mood and 30 seconds each, dramatically Did you know…. In 1987lower the risk for cancer and improves your metabolism in American Airlines savedheart disease. But many people just two weeks," said James $40,000 by eliminating just onecontinue to put off the idea of Timmons, a professor at theexercise because of time con- Heriot-Watt University. olive from each salad served instraints, even with first like this: Studies have“High-intensity shown that inter- Did you know…The custom ofexercise for brief val training --periods of time which is the kind shaking hands with a strangermay help reduce of high-intensity, originated to show that both par-the risk of diabe- short-burst train- ties were unarmed.tes.” ing used in this current study --A new study dem- improves cardio- Did you know...People haveonstrates -- as vascular fitness been wearing glasses for aboutIve argued for and is an effec- 700 years.years -- that you tive way to burndont have to spend an hour in fat. This same kind of exercise Did you know...Niagara Fallsthe gym or on the track in order may be an effective weapon into get the significant health the fight against diabetes. experienced a break of half anbenefits that exercise has to of- hour in 1848, when an ice jamfer. In the study, researchers This is an important study be- blocked the source river.had young healthy male volun- cause it helps make the caseteers use exercise bikes to per- that theres a lot you can actu-form quick, rigorous 30-second ally accomplish for your healthsprints, Over the course of two in very little time -- that is, if you FAMOUS WORDSweeks, the subjects performed train smart. While walking 3030 of these sprints (about two or minutes a day is terrific, andthree a day) for a grand total of weight training and spin class15 minutes total exercise. You and all the other terrific ways to "Consider how hard it is toread that right: 15 min- exercise the body still have their change yourself and you’ll un-utes…over the course of two place, its nice to know that you derstand what little chance youweeks. The researchers found can still get a lot accomplishedthat this low-volume high- even if all you have to work out have in trying to change others.”intensity training substantially is a few minutes a day.improved the bodys ability to Jacob M Braudeprocess sugar.
  • 3. Continued from Page 1... April Holidays and Observances April Fools Day is April 1st. Many people play practical jokes or pranks on the first day of the month. (Some people enjoy those jokes/pranks… but some don’t, Do you know of someone who is looking so………. chose your targets wisely!!!) Easter is the most well known holidayfor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants to that usually takes place in April. However, in some years, Easter falls at the endupgrade their current vehicle? of March. Even if they have little money to put downor they’ve had trouble qualifying in the Earth Day is observed on April 22nd.past… I can help them! Send them my way. Many communities plan programs and events geared toward protecting and clean-They’ll be glad you did and so will you! ing up the environment.Here’s why… Dont forget that Income Tax Day is April 15th. Be sure to have your tax return If you refer someone to me this month, postmarked by midnight! In years when the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday,when we close the deal, I will you an oppor- the due date ends up being on Monday, April 16th or 17th.tunity to go home with $500! Go to http:// for details. Monthly Observances TRACY MYERS is an There are over two dozen monthly observances during the month of April. You author and consumer ad- might want to check into some of them that are listed below. vocate. He has spent his life fighting the negative stigma that plagues car Alcohol Awareness Month dealers around the world. Animal Cruelty Prevention Month He does this by fighting Autism Awareness Month for the consumer as a car Cancer Control Monthdealer that advises people and helps them Child Abuse Prevention Monthget the quality vehicle they want and de- Donate Life Month (Organ Donation)serve in an positive and safe environment. Garden Month Humor MonthFrank Myers Auto Maxx Keep America Beautiful Month4200 N. Patterson Avenue Mathematics Education MonthWinston Salem, NC 27105 Poetry MonthSALES: 336-767-3432SERVICE: 336-831-0656 To see more monthly observances in April go to: Famous People Born in April THANK YOU! Many famous people were born in April. Here are just a few of them.“First time shopping for a car and went to Frank Four presidents: James Buchanan, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S.Myers Auto Maxx first. I liked the cars and the Grantemployees a lot but I went to 10 or 11 other deal-ers afterwards just shopping for the best deal. I Several actors and actresses: Jennifer Garner, Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Alwent back to Frank Myers Auto Maxx and bought Pacino, Renee Zellwegera car from them due to the incompetance of the Authors/Poets: Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworthother dealers I visited. They were either rude, Singers/Musicians: Kelly Clarkson, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Streisandsmug, ignorant about their product or all of the Late Night talk show hosts: David Letterman, Jay Leno (Isn’t ironic that these twoabove. Dane at Frank Myers was professional andhis manager, Keith, was helpful.” rivals were born in the same month?)- Deidre Santos from Winston Salem, NC You can find a complete listing of famous people born in April at: Prize Winner Other Sources:Search This Newsletter For The Answer To The Kodak EasyShare 12.4 Digital Camera Question and Then...Submit Your Answer Online
  • 4. W hy am I giving away a Kodak EasyShare 12.4 Megapixel Digital Camera? Becauseeveryone likes to win stuff. It’s fun. And I want thisnewsletter to be fun for you. I also want you to readit. you’ll see my selfish motivation. Don’t Get Ripped Off The Next Time You Buy A Car. In order to win the Kodak Digital Camera you FREE REPORT Reveals The 10 Most Notorious and Common Car Scams Dealershave to answer the question below. In order to an- Use To Rob You Of Your Cash & Sanity and How You Can Avoid Being A Victim!swer the question, you have to read this newsletter. TI’ve hidden the answer somewhere in the contents of here are dastardly scams being pulled making a vehicle purchase in the next fewthese four pages. on innocent car buyers every day. months. This report explains the ten If you read the whole newsletter, I think you’ll It’s really tough to tell where these shyster most notorious and common car scamslike it and you’ll look forward to getting it every lots are and whether or not you’re on one. that go on at dealerships all over the coun-month. Remember these people are very well try. Some right here in our own town. Then when you are looking to buy a vehicle or trained and may be taking advantage of This report will show you how to spotknow someone who is, you’ll remember this news- you without you ever knowing it. these scams and how to avoid being a vic-letter and hopefully you’ll give me the chance to tim. This is insider information youearn their business. That’s my master plan. So an- You know this to be true because of the stereotypes we all hear about how shady won’t get from any other car dealer. Inswer the question and you could be the winner. and unscrupulous car dealers and used car fact, I’m sure I’ll get some heat from theThere’s a new winner every month. salesman are. It’s true. There are some bad industry just for writing this. But I don’t apples out there that spoil it for the bunch. care. I’m here for you. So what can you do about it? Arm If you are in the market for a car you yourself with the insider information are entitled to this information. It is you need to recognize a common car available to you absolutely FREE with no Here’s The Question: scam when you see it. This information cost or obligation. What holiday might at times be celebrated in March or sometimes in April?? can save you big money, lots of time and To request your free copy of this spe- an enormous amount of pain, heartache cial industry expose’ visit my report re- Submit Your Answer And Win and frustration. quest web site at: http:// Go to I’ve prepared a FREE REPORT espe- CONTEST CODE : Frank Myers Auto ( DEALERSHIP NAME) cially for people who are thinking about secrets.html Submit Your Answer By: April 30th, 2010 Because I’m an automotive transportation and financing expert, I can do things that most other car dealers can’t. I’ve been helping individuals like you and families like yours for years and you know I’ll do it for you. So here’s my promise…If I can’t offer you financing, I’ll give you $1000! Get Expert Automotive Financing Answers & Solutions For Free. Call Me Now At 336-767- 3432. INSIDE THIS ISSUE • Trivial Facts About April • Metabolism-Improve Yours • Interesting Facts • Kodak Digital Camera Contest