Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter - February 2013


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Enjoy the February 2013 edition of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter. Frank Myers Auto Maxx is the premier used car dealership in Winston Salem, NC.

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Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter - February 2013

  1. 1. A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Frank Myers Auto Maxx Sales: 336-767-3432 / Service: 336-831-0656 / This Month The Legend of Valentine’s Day By Jessica L. Chen In History Valentines Day is coming. Sweet While St. Valentine was in prison, he lovers celebrate this special day for their restored the sight of his jailers blind6- 1935 - The board game love, and they usually prepare gifts for daughter by his strong faith. The“Monopoly” went on sale each other. We all know this day is a emperor heard this and wanted the day to show your love to your beloved bishop to be the God of Rome, but he one, but do you know why this romantic refused, so the emperor put him to14 - 1929 - The St. day is on February 14th and why it is a death. Before his execution, St. Valen-Valentines Day massacre day for lovers? tine wrote a farewell note to the daugh-occurred in Chicago as seven ter of the jailer and signed it, "Frommembers of the Bugs Moran You might have heard the name St. Val- your Valentine". Thisgang were gunned down by entine, and from the name we know he sentence then spread and this note isfive of Al Capones mobsters was the founder of thought to be the start of sending Valen-posing as police Valentines Day. But who is tines Day cards. It is said St. Valentine? Why is his that Valentine fell in love name associated with love with the jailers daughter. In and romance in 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius set18 - 1930 - Pluto was February? In fact, the origin aside February 14th to honordiscovered in our solar of Valentines Day can really St. Valentine, and on thissystem and named the ninth be dated to 1,500 years ago, date, sweet loversplanet as early as 270 A.D. Thats a exchange their love long time ago, and we are messages. Mr. Valentine20 - 1962 - Astronaut not sure if the origin is real. became the "Patron Saint ofJohn Glenn became the first However, if you are Lovers".American launched into interested in the story of this romantic day, this legend The English writer Chaucerorbit may give you some help. was the first person who connected Valentines Day with Romans. He wrote28 - 1692 - The Salem St. Valentine was a bishop who lived "Chaucer and the Cult of Saint Valen- around 270 A.D. in Rome. At that time, tine". In medievalWitch Hunt began England and France, people Roman emperor Claudius had prohibited marriage for young believed that birds mated on this special  day and Chaucer wrote: soldiers, and anyone who violated this rule would be executed. The bishop held secret marriage "For this was on St. Valentines Day, ceremonies for soldiers. when every fowl cometh there to choose 4 Unfortunately, the emperor heard this and he had St. Valentine his mate.” arrested.“We Specialize In Helping Individuals & Families Find, Qualify For And Own The Vehicle Of Their Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Even With Less Than Perfect Credit.”
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  3. 3. Do you know of someone who is lookingfor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants toupgrade their current vehicle? SUDOKU Puzzle Even if they have little money to put down Quick SUDOKU rules . . .or they’ve had trouble qualifying in thepast… I can help them! Send them my way. To solve a SUDOKU puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must ap-They’ll be glad you did and so will you! pear in: Here’s why…If you refer someone to me • Each of the nine vertical columns this month, when we finish the paperwork for • Each of the nine horizontal rows their nicer, newer car - I will give them you • Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes the opportunity to walk away with $750 inprizes! The best part? You are guaranteed to Remember no number can occur more than once in any row,be a winner! column or box. Tracy Myers is an author and consumer advocate. He has spent his life fighting the negative stigma that plagues car dealers around the world. He does this by fightingfor the consumer as a car dealer thatadvises people and helps them get thequality vehicle they want and deserve inan positive and safe environment.Call Tracy direct at (336) 831-0646 oremail him THANK YOU!“He has a lot of patients to deal withpeople which is a great customer ser-vice. I got the car i wanted thanks tohim and Avery. If I come again I willdefinitly recommend him to a cus-tomer who may require a little morepatience.” - M. Jackson from WinstonSalem, NC “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, Prize Winner and the life of the candle will not be shortened. HappinessSearch This Newsletter For The Answer never decreases by being shared.” To The Kindle Touch Question and Submit Your Answer Online. Buddha
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