Oracle WebLogic: Feature Timeline from WLS9 to WLS 12c


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Overview of WebLogic Server features from version 9 to 12c. Part of a WebLogic coaching slideset.

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Oracle WebLogic: Feature Timeline from WLS9 to WLS 12c

  1. 1. WebLogic Feature TimelineWhat is new in WLS9, 10, 10.3, 11,and WebLogic 12c? munz & more Dr. Frank Munz V1.8 March 2012
  2. 2. DisclaimerThe following is my personal, biased view of WebLogic featuresand how they were added over time starting from WebLogic 9 toWebLogic 12c.The lidTh slides are d i d f derived from various W bL i coachings I i WebLogic hidelivered world-wide, targeting admins, architects and developers.I don’t strive for a complete list of features and deliberately leaveout things I consider less important (for my audience).To keep updated feel free to subscribe to my blog (for tech stuff), newsletter (talks andtrainings) or twitter (annoyances, announcements and musings). If you find that some linksare not working for you, try to download the PDF file instead of using the browser plugin.Your feedback is welcome.(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #2
  3. 3. WLS 9
  4. 4. New in WLS 9• Running on Java 5• Portal light framework used for admin console• Workshop IDE is Eclipse based first time• Change center -> new scripting: startEdit()• Improved scripting tool (WLST)• Workmanager concept replacesfixed size execute queue (c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #4
  5. 5. ... also new in WLS 9• Side-by-side deployment keeps user sessions= production redeployment• Application modules: config deployment pp g p y• Deployment plans• MAN and WAN clustering• config.xml is in DOMAIN_HOME/configand references subdirectories (c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #5
  6. 6. config.xml and Subdirectory config.xml = core config file deployments = staging directory diagnostics, jdbc, jms, diagnostics jdbc jms security = system modules lib = added to classpath startup = startup plan for shell scripts at server startup(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #6
  7. 7. config.xml is XSD basedCheck XML namespace of system modules: JAR files in META-INF subdirectory underWL_HOME/server/lib/schema(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #7
  8. 8. WorkmanagerWLS has only one thread pool /Default WorkmangerPool size based on runtime metrics(self( lf tuning) i )You can create additional workmangers (systemor application scoped)Assign applications to workmanager("dispatch policy")(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #8
  9. 9. WorkmanagerWorkmanager components: • Fair Share Request Class • Response Time Request Class • Min Threads Constraint • Max Threads Constraint • Capacity Constraint • Context Request Class(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #9
  10. 10. WLS 10
  11. 11. New in WLS 10• Admin: rather small step from WLS9.x• biggest change: EJB3 support• WLST recording from admin GUI• Still running on Java 5(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #11
  12. 12. So what is new in WLS 10?Almost the same admin console(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #12
  13. 13. WLS 10gR3
  14. 14. What is new in WLS 10g R3?• Java 6 based• New JAX-WS web service stack p y• On demand deployment:• C# JMS client support• Change center is off again (default)• New and faster admin server GUI(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #14
  15. 15. New console in WLS 10g R3(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #15
  16. 16. Change Center• Preferences: Enablechange center• Always ON inproduction mode(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #16
  17. 17. Audit Configuration ChangesYou can enable auditing for configurationchanges under:Domain / General / Config / AdvancedThis is useful in large teams with personalizedlogin for admin role(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #17
  18. 18. Web Service Stacks andWebLogic Versions• WLS 10 begins with basic JAX-WS support(successor of JAX-RPC)• JAX-B data binding will replace XMLBeans inthe l h long term• JAX-WS does not support all "advanced" JAX-RPC features• JAX-RPC still supported in WLS 10.3• Derived from Sun Glassfish Metro(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #18
  19. 19. Web Service Standardsin WLS 10.3 JDK 6 WS-SecureConversation 1.3 JAX-WS2.1 SAML 2.0 JAXB 2.1 WS-Security 1 1 WS Security 1.1 WS-Addressing 1.0 WS-Policy 1.5 WS-SecurityPolicy 1.2 WS-ReliableMessaging 1.1 WS-Trust 1.3(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #19
  20. 20. WLS 11g= WebLogic 10.3.3
  21. 21. WebLogic 11gStarts with Naming Confusion…• Technically WebLogic Server 10.3.3• Foundation for Fusion Middleware 11g• Default install to:OracleMiddlewarewlserver_10.3(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #21
  22. 22. WebLogic 11gTechnically WLS 10.3.1, but new admin console look and feel new schema namespaces and -> all WLS schema definitions see: F. Munz Slide #22
  23. 23. New Namespace ExampleWLS specific web deployment descriptor:<weblogic web app<weblogic-web-app xmlns="">(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #23
  24. 24. WebLogic 11g New Features• Formal support for JSF 2.0• Security Updates from My Oracle Support• MW HOME takes over from BEA_HOME MW_HOME BEA HOME(currently still both co-exist)(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #24
  25. 25. WebLogic 11g New Features• Integration with Coherence and Toplink(= WebLogic Suite)• Two new Authentication Provider:  Oracle Internet Directory  Oracle Virtual Directory(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #25
  26. 26. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse• Eclipse version 3.4 SP1+ or version 3.5• Sun or JRockit JDK 5/6• Supports Oracle WebLogic Server 8 1 to 10 x 8.1 10.x(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #26
  27. 27. WebLogic 11g… New FeaturesBetter Spring support:• Spring console only needs to be enabled• New monitoring in Spring console• MedRec demonstrates Spring usageStill limited supported configurationse.g. 64 bit Solaris etc.(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #27
  28. 28. WebLogic 11gSSLCerticom SSL is replaced withJava Secure Socket Extension (JSSE)-> SSLMBean is modified as wellDifferences: Supported ciphers: F. Munz Slide #28
  29. 29. New in WebLogic 10.3.2WLS 10.3.2 comes with a technical preview forScalable Component Architecture (SCA)No other documented new features(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #29
  30. 30. WebLogic 10.3.2Link to Oracle what-is-new documentation:> This documents repeates all new featuresfrom WebLogic 10.3.1 as „new“ again.(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #30
  31. 31. New in WebLogic 10.3.3• PlatformMBeanServerUsed default true• Persistent Store: Direct-Write-With-Cache(data integrity same as Direct-Write Direct Write,increased runtime performance) F. Munz Slide #31
  32. 32. New in WebLogic 10.3.3• AppDeploymentRuntimeMBeanJMX only start and stop operations.• TraceMemoryAllocationAction yAmount of memory allocated during a methodsimilar to TraceElapsedTimeAction• MethodMemoryAllocationStatisticsAction• Monitoring Dashboard replaces WLDF view(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #32
  33. 33. Monitoring Dashboardhost:port/console/dashboard(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #33
  34. 34. New in WebLogic 10.3.3Development only installer zip 400 MB:• Samples• Derby All this• web server plugins• JDK NOT• Coherence included• OEPE(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #34
  35. 35. Derby Java DBDerby 10.5.3 replaces Pointbase DBDerby manuals: F. Munz Slide #35
  36. 36. … new 10.3.3 Features• Freeze/Unfreeze the Statement Pool• Server Logging Bridge:log messages redirected to WebLogic logging g g g gg gweblogic.logging.log4j.ServerLoggingAppenderconfigured in placedin application classpath• supports Oracle HTTP Server too(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #36
  37. 37. WebLogic 10.3.3Link to Oracle what-is-new documentation: F. Munz Slide #37
  38. 38. WLS 10.3.4CAT: Classloader Analysis ToolTo access the tool in development mode use:http://adminserver:port/wls-cat/Displays which classes are loaded by whichclassloader and potential conflicts.Live demo: F. Munz Slide #38
  39. 39. WLS 10.3.4• GridLink for RAC• WLS optimizations for Oracle Exalogic(can b enabled f( be bl d from WLS admin console) d i l ) F. Munz Slide #39
  40. 40. WLS 10.3.4New Standards Supported• Java Persistence API now JPA 2.0• REST-ful web services: JAX-RS 1.1 JInfoQ overview article aboutannotation based REST support in Java EE 6: F. Munz Slide #40
  41. 41. WLS 12c
  42. 42. WebLogic 12c New Features• Online WLS 12c documentation:•Currently still on J y JDK6:WLS 12c will support 7 in near future,WLS10.3.6 does it now!• ZIP Distribution with 164 Mbytes only• Finally supports Java EE 6(EJB3.1 in war, Servlet 3, CDI, BeanValidation)(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #42
  43. 43. WebLogic 12c New Features• Supports non-XA JDBC store for TX logs• New Maven plugin (install, start and stop servers,create domains, execute WLST scripts, and compile anddeploy applications)(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #43
  44. 44. WebLogic 12c DEPRECATED Features• UDDI v2 registry and explorer removed(most OFM products need v3 anyway)• -D deprecated now (still working in devel mode).(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #44
  45. 45. Risks, Glitches and Problems• WLS12c does not include proxy pluginfor web server load balancing. F. Munz Slide #45
  46. 46. Web Services Compatibility• Version tag is recommended for Java EE 6webservices:<Jan 9, 2012 3:57:34 PM CET> <Warning> <Munger> <BEA-2156203><A version attribute was not found in element "webservices" inthe d l h deployment ddescriptor iweblogic.utils.classloaders.ChangeAwareClassLoader@16fa677finder: weblogic.utils.classloaders.CodeGenClassFinder@1846149annotation: Monitor@Monitor.war/WEB-INF/webservices.xml. Aversion attribute is required, but this version of theWebLogic Server will assume that the latest version is used.Future versions of WebLogic Server will reject descriptorsthat do not specify the Java EE version. To eliminate thiswarning, add an appropriate "version=" to element"webservices" in the deployment descriptor.>(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #46
  47. 47. Maven PluginComes as .jar + .pom file inWL_SERVER/server/libGood introduction to the WebLogic Maven plugin byJeffrey West Download and Documentation: F. Munz Slide #47
  48. 48. Java EE 6 Web• Servlets – without XML files -> web.xml optional – asyc processing y p g• Web Profile  war file can contain EJBs  Bean Validation (enforced in JSF and JPA!) @Size(min=1, max=18) private String city(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #48
  49. 49. Java EE 6: EJB 3.1• EJB 3.1 – No interfaces -> 1 source file per EJB – Singleton EJBs: 1 instance p J g J per JVM @Singleton – Lightweight Async methods return void or Future – Improved EJB Timer Service @Schedule(dayOfWeek=“Mon/Wed”)(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #49
  50. 50. Java EE 6• Events across beans with @Observes• Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) – Replaces JNDI lookups(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #50
  51. 51. Java EE 6 with WLS IntroductionsGood resources to get started with Java EE 6Adam Bien and Netbeans F. Munz Slide #51
  52. 52. More InformationBlog Books http://bit ly/tdColuCloudBook ( free chapter for downloading at Oracle ArchBeat )Twitter @frankmunz(c)-2007-2012 F. Munz Slide #52