Dog Training Problems how to elimanate the estress


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Dog Training Problems how to elimanate the estress

  1. 1. ==== ====For Dog Training tips Check This out ====There are probably as many dog training problems as there are dogs and trainers. That isbecause most of us dont have a clue about the right way to teach our dogs. Avoiding dog trainingproblems means using the correct dog training methods right from the start when training yourdog. Almost all of us make the same mistakes when training our dogs, and end up with variousproblems getting the results we expect with our training efforts. These problems then show upwhen our dogs dont listen to us-or only listen when they feel like it. These training mistakes occur primarily because people try to communicate and train their dogs asif the dogs were human, instead of canines. We also tend to spoil our pets. Just like children, dogsneed guidance to learn their place in the family and how to behave appropriately. If you haventlearned how to properly go about training your dog, it is only natural that you will have a variety ofdog training problems.Dogs have their own world view and communicate in their own type of way. Dogs usevocalizations as well as distinct body languages in order to express themselves to other dogs. Byfollowing a good dog training program that teaches you about dog psychology and about howdogs communicate with each other, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of training a dog withoutthe right methods, and resolve many dog training problems before they even start. That is the bestway to go about training your dog.If you have already made mistakes while attempting to train your dog, or have adopted anotherdog that has its share of behavior issues, you can still solve those dog training problems bylearning the right way to retrain your dog.There are several good dog training programs on-linethat teach you step by step the correct ways to train your dog. Every good program that I havereviewed always features positive training techniques. These methods all rely on positivereinforcement -praise and rewards from the trainer (you) when the dog correctly performs thecommand it is being taught.The best training programs always emphasize the need for the trainer to be in charge of the dog,to become the "Alpha dog". You will be taught how to use your vocal tones and confident bodylanguage to present  the right image to the dog being trained.. You must learn how tobecome the "Alpha dog" in order to earn your dogs respect, confidence and trust. Once you havelearned how to communicate to your dog the right way, and become the Alpha dog, you will findyour dog is very eager to follow your lead and to do as you command. Becoming the Alpha leaderdoesnt mean you have to intimidate or yell or be mean to your pet. Being the Alpha dog is mostlyabout having and projecting the right attitude to your dog.  It is your dogs nature to want toplease its alpha leader. If you can establish your self as the leader, you will have no troubleavoiding dog training problems.
  2. 2. You can easily see the dog training problems that are the result of incorrect training or fromneglected training. Such problems as a dogs aggression towards other dogs or people, jumpingup on people, barking excessively, running away, not coming when called, and many othercommon dog misbehaviors can be corrected. By making  a consistent effort. and using theright techniques you can correct these problems. For good training results, frequent short sessionsdone on a daily basis are necessary -especially when trying to correct a pre-existing dog behaviorproblem. These problems did not just occur overnight, so it will take some time and effort on yourbehalf to train them to behave as you want.The good news is you can solve these dog training problems as soon as you know how, and arewilling to make the commitment it takes to retrain your dog. Of course if you are training a newpuppy you have a great opportunity to avoid problems in the first place. Either way, it is imperativefor your successful training that you do use a great training program. You will avoid dog trainingproblems and have a dog that learns much more quickly and consistently to do as he is asked,and always behave himself. This is the kind of pet that will be a joy to have.==== ====For Dog Training tips Check This out ====