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Fundraising for Young Life Committee
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Fundraising for Young Life Committee


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Slides presented to Young Life committee members in August 2009 to aid with fundraising concepts and assist with planning.

Slides presented to Young Life committee members in August 2009 to aid with fundraising concepts and assist with planning.

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  • 1. Supporting Fundraising Young Life Committee Weekend August 2009 Frank McKay [email_address]
  • 2. 10 Laws of Fundraising
    • People give to people
    • People give because they are asked
    • 80 percent of the money comes from 20 percent of the donors
    • People will give to a winning cause
    • People give in relation to the person who asks
    • Giving is contagious
    • Previous donors make the best prospective donors
    • High sights plus managed expectations result in success
    • Personal visits result in larger gifts
    • Correlation between number of requests and number of gifts
  • 3. Fundraising in the Bible
    • Matt 6: 1-4 (practice giving in secret)
    • Matt 26 6-13 (Jesus recognizes woman & her gift of oil)
    • Mark 12: 41-44 (Widow’s Mite)
    • Phil 4: 14-20 (Paul shows gratitude for Philippians’ support)
    • 1 Chron 29: 1-9 (David gives leadership gift for temple)
  • 4. Henry Nouwen on FR:
    • From the perspective of the Gospel, fundraising is first and foremost a form of ministry. It is about meeting needs, sharing the love of God and strategizing for changes toward justice.
    • It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission. It helps answer the questions of what is our vision and who owns our mission.
  • 5. Henry Nouwen on FR:
    • Asking people for money is giving them the opportunity to put their resources at the disposal of the Kingdom.
    • To raise funds is to offer people the chance to invest what they have in the work of God.
  • 6. Relational Fundraising
    • Fundraising is most successful when:
    • People feel cared for
    • People understand and relate to a vision
    • People have the chance to be involved
    • --------------------
    • Consider 3I’s: Informed, Involved, Invested
  • 7. Donor Cultivation Cycle Identify Ask Research Steward Cultivate
  • 8. Committee Support?
    • My struggles in development work:
    • Board not invested in fundraising
      • Giving
      • Assisting
    • Asking for help
      • Volunteer management
      • Encouragement
      • Spreading the Vision
      • Work WITH staff
  • 9. Economy (collective groan!)
    • From Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis:
    • Fundraisers for arts, culture, and humanities organizations and human services nonprofits also are less confident about the current conditions for giving than other types of nonprofits. Development officers from educational and religious organizations were the most optimistic about the present climate.  Expectations for improvement in the fundraising climate in the next six months are highest among religious, education and health organizations, and consultants . Public society benefit, environment/animal and international organizations, arts groups and human services organizations have the lowest expectations for the immediate future.
  • 10. Religious Giving in Recessions
    • Historically, recessions have had little effect on religious giving
    • Even in recessions, religious organizations remain the #1 recipient of all household dollars given to charity
    • Over 50% of all household charitable giving goes to religion
    • In times of recession, decline in religious giving, adj. for inflation, has been -0.1%, compared with average growth of 2.8% in non-recession years
    • Religious giving fell in 6 of 12 recession years and did not fall in any non-recession year
  • 11. Giving USA Stats for 2008
    • Estimated $307.65 billion in giving
    • Individual giving = 75% of total
    • Bequests (indiv’s) = 7% of total
    • Corporate giving = 5% of total
    • Foundation grants = 13% of total
    • Religion is largest sector at $106.89 billion, or 35% of total
    • This is the second year that giving to religion has exceeded $100 billion. Giving to religion increased an estimated 5.5 percent (1.6 percent adjusted for inflation).
  • 12. Fundraising Wisdom in Economic Uncertainty
    • Maximize good fundraising practices
      • Stewardship, thank you, recruit new members
    • Tell stories about the difference Young Life is making in your community
    • Remember, your donors are also experiencing tough times
    • Be a ‘share the vision’ org. rather than a ‘meet the budget’ org. (emphasize the needs you meet rather than the needs you have)
    • Do not use guilt to raise money
    • Remember, people want to give to meet human needs, not buildings or bureaucracies
    • In this time, religious orgs cannot be selfish and self-centered. We need to reach out and address those who are hurting in our communities
  • 13. Recommended Reading
      • Books:
      • Ask Without Fear, Marc Pitman
      • Blogs / Online Resources:
      • (NonProfit Times)
  • 14. Bibliography
      • Books/Institutions:
      • Ask Without Fear, Marc Pitman
      • Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University
      • Essential Principles for Fundraising Success, Douglass Alexander
      • Articles/Presentations:
      • Enjoy the Ride! How to effectively raise funds in a roller-coaster economy, Mary Ellen Collins
      • Fund Raising in a Difficult Economic Climate, Derval Costello
      • The NonProfit Times (Henry Nouwen quotations)
      • Fundraising in the Bible, Marc Pitman
      • Non-Profit Fund-Raising Demystified, Tony Poderis
      • Growing and Nurturing Your Donors: Cultivation Tools for Today and Tomorrow, Frank McKay
      • Fundraising and Stewardship, Frank McKay
  • 15. Supporting Fundraising Young Life Committee Weekend August 2009 Frank McKay [email_address]