Frank Magliochetti: Reconstructing You


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Learn about Frank Magliochetti in his ebook "Frank Magliochetti: A Guide to Reconstructing You" This book will cover Frank's story, and how he plans on changing your life forever. Read more and even download the book.

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Frank Magliochetti: Reconstructing You

  1. 1. A GUIDE TO RECONSTRUCTING YOU YOU’RE NEXT CAREER IN 7 DAYS -Frank P. Magliochetti-Remaking Yourself and Competing in the New EconomyIt is true the “New Economy” has changed most everything for all of us.Whether you are 20 something or 70 something; as it relates to your cur-rent job, future job, job prospects, retirement and how you prepare for thefuture, it has been turned up side down. The process of finding a job inyour chosen field use to be predictable. You would scan newspapers, coldcall human resources, network and call recruiters. Things changed a bitwhen the internet blossomed, the shift went from paper to the paperlessinternet. A further shift took place with the advent of social networks/media, the ability to network exponentially changed everything over-night. You are able to reach millions of people by just a key stroke. Youcan stick a video of yourself and your accolades on the internet for all tosee you in your glory.
  2. 2. Never before has the ability to get you noticed and in front of millionsas it is today. So what went wrong? Why aren’t you employed? Why haveyou been unemployed for longer than you have ever in your life? Theeconomy stupid!Unemployment has reached record levels amongst the entire employmentspectrum. Newly minted graduates to 50 something’s are pounding theircomputers in frustration. Recently I viewed a news documentary on thestate of unemployment in this country. I watched a senior middle man-ager who had been displaced for 18 months earlier from the company hehad worked for 19 years delivering pizza for Domino’s. When asked whatbrought him to this, he stated two things, Necessity and Dignity. His fam-ily was running out of money, he had no job prospects and he couldn’tspend another day at home facing his family. The guilt was eating himalive!This book is not an end all guide, it is meant to ignite your inner voiceto say to you I have the courage within me to remake myself in today’seconomic world by applying 10 key principles starting today. By takingthe time to go through each of these principles, you will come to a pointwhere you have discovered the next chapter in your life. This guide isnot filled with personal anecdotes, or stories of people achieving success.It’s NOT a feel good guide. You do not have the time to read about otherpeople’s success. It is a journey you must take to get to the other side ofthe nightmare of being unemployed or in my mind, you will see it is ablessing in disguise. I am not going to give you Vince Lombardi speeches,or Tony Robbins breaking board messages. Both of these have their placejust not in my guide. If you want to truly remake yourself for the neweconomy and find a job, career, placement, etcetera, whatever you wantto call going to work and getting paid for it and being happy doing it youMUST go to work today on yourself and follow this guide to becomingthe new you in this new economy.In preparing to begin please have a notebook, pencil, calculator, computerwith internet access and a full length mirror. Once you have these itemsand you are in a quiet place with your mind prepared to work openly andhonestly you are set to begin. Enjoy the journey of rediscovering who youare and what you are meant to do right now in your life.
  3. 3. 1. Rediscovering YouI want you to go now to a full length mirror (clothing optional) and stareat yourself from your feet to the top of your head. There is no time limit,just stare. Let your mind wander without any compass, just stare and letyour thoughts flow in and out of your consciousness. After a while focuson your face, look deeply into your eyes still allowing your thoughts towander. Notice all the little intricacies of your face. Take note of the lines,freckles, scares, the proportions of your ears, nose, eyes, chin, and cheeks.Now begin to focus your thoughts on important moments of your past,starting as early as you can remember. As you look into your own eyes seethose moments as if they were happening today. Whatever created whoyou are now see them happening in your own eyes as you stare into themirror. Ponder those moments. How did you feel when these events werehappening? After you have exhausted this exercise get a pen and a padof paper. I want you to write down the moments you recounted as youlooked into your eyes moments earlier. This could be emotional. Guesswhat? It should be! Once you have written them all down, go back andput them in distinct categories. An example of categories could be timesspent with Mom or Dad, sporting events, success’s, failures, family vaca-tions, getting a new pet or bike, you get the idea. While doing this if othermoments pop into your mind include them in your list. Once completedtake the time to ponder this list. Think about why you chose this momentto remember, what feelings does it bring about, how does it relate to theother moments you remembered while staring in the mirror? Do notbe judgmental just let your feelings happen. Inevitably most people willremember moments focused in six general areas; family, friends, failure,success’s, elation and despair.Get up and go to the mirror again, look deeply into your eyes viewingyour inner soul, enjoy the moment with yourself and rejoice in the lifethat is distinctly yours. Take special note on how your mind will wanderthen fix on a moment in your life, good, bad or indifferent log what youare feeling in your memory and go back later and think about why youfeel that way about that remembrance. Let your guard down, as they say,let it all happen, just be a bystander. You will be surprised at what thingsyour mind brings forward. This is all about you and who you were andwho you are now. It is your life you’re bringing forth, it is powerful stuff.You may be overcome by emotion, let it happen. Try to remember it all ajot it down when you feel you are finished.Now sit quietly and allow yourself time to process the results of theexercise you just went through. If you allowed yourself to be open to theexercise and put forth concerted effort to get the most out of it you should
  4. 4. be sitting their tired, drained and contemplative. You just explored thehighlights of your life as you remembered them, from your point of view,with your biases you have rediscovered YOU. Now with this informationlet’s move to CREATING the NEXT YOU so you can construct a newchapter in your life your journey.2. Your Future: The Mind: Friend or FoePonder for a moment the idea the Future is made up, it’s all make believe.The future is what you decide it to be in your mind. You can decide itwill be difficult, filled with fear, jubilation, success, suffering, love, peace,harmony you get the point. So if it is all made up anyway and you aretaking the time to think about the future and what it holds why not makeup the most exciting, the best possible, most successful , in fact, make upthe very best future possible for yourself!! It’s your mind, it’s your time, it’syour future. Take a moment now and write on a piece of paper the aspectsof the best future you want for yourself. Start with tomorrow and chartyour future for the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. Pick anddevelop your own personal destination. You are your very own Captain,you set the course, and you prepare what’s needed to take the journey. It’syour very own make believe future. Right? Yes it is! Have the courage todream and act upon your dreams.It is well documented, what you put in your mind as truth (belief) willbecome fact. In theory you become what you think. Why not think high?I am sure you have been acquainted with individuals who remind youof Eor, poor me, the sky is falling, I should have, if I could have, if I onlythought of, and on and on it goes. Now think about the people you havemeet who are dreamers, who act on their dreams and do not allow nega-tive thoughts to creep into their self-established plan or future. Thinkabout the words that emanate from their mouth. It’s more about why notthen it’s impossible. I am sure you have read books that speak to posi-tive versus negative thoughts. What I am suggesting is quite different; Iwant you to establish in your mind your future. Not just a broad picture,a detailed description of how you see the smallest details of your future.Write it down and read it daily. Believe in it as if it were going to hap-pen and ACT on it as if it were happening. Reinforce you belief in yourplanned future by leaving notes in places you see every day. Your mindwill catalog all these items of reinforcement and begin to create the futureyou have imagined. I want for you your best future, start today, grab yourpen and start creating.
  5. 5. 3. What’s in your Personal SafeWhen is the last time you have taken an inventory of the skill sets youhave acquired over your life time? The skills you have unconsciouslyaccumulated and haven’t taken notice could be as a group quite valuabletoday. We tend to lose sight of what we learn on a daily basis. We get putinto situations which cause us to adapt and learn. I don’t necessarily meanjust the skills we have obtained in our work life. I am intending you getto know and understand all of the skills you have learned in and outsideof work. It could be you were part of a capital campaign for your houseof worship or you helped your grade school child set up a school bank toteach the children about money and commerce, it could be your roll as abig brother to an inner city teen ager. Consider all of your activities as youbegin to take inventory of your skills. Begin to think about this before youput pen to paper. As you go about today keep the idea of a skill set inven-tory in the front of your thoughts throughout the day. At the end of todayas you are winding down take some quiet time and begin to list your skillsand where you learned them and how you use them now if at all. Onceyou feel you have compiled a thorough list begin to group the skills incategories which are similar. An example of this could be activities suchas, big brother, social worker, car pool driver, etc. Therefore a skill set cat-egory could be; good listening skills. Another example could be; CollegeClass President, baseball captain, capital campaign manager, hence a skillcategory could be leadership or organizer. The point here is to list whatyou have done inside and outside of your work life and pull out the skillsyou have accumulated and to group them in categories. The result will bea half dozen or so categories depicting what is in your personal safe.Now comes the fun part, I want you to order the categories 1 to howmany categories you have, giving the number one to the category youenjoy most doing and then number two and so forth until you are fin-ished numbering the categories. As you look at the top 3 categories youwill most likely see congruence in the skills underlying the categories. It’simportant to recognize as you take your step in this new economy youposition yourself in the area you most enjoy. This exercise has preciselyidentified for you the skills you have and the skills you most enjoy utiliz-ing on a daily basis. Later you will learn how to carve a place out foryourself doing what you enjoy and what you are terrific at.4. List it and they will ComeYou have spent an entire life making lists, Right? Let me suggest to youthe list I am going to have you create could prove to be your most impor-tant one to date. Fold a piece of paper in half vertically. On the left hand
  6. 6. side I want you to list everyone and I mean everyone you have come intocontact with since as long back as you remember. When I say everyone Imean Joe the butcher at your local grocer, your banker, your college his-tory professor, head hunters, friends, friends of friends, people you haveworked with and worked for, I hope you understand at this point, this is acomprehensive list! On the right side of the paper list how you know thisperson and how they are connected to you. Now begin researching eachperson. Go to the internet and get updated on what they are doing today,yesterday, there affiliations, and there network (LinkedIn). An examplecould be you have on your list Dan Spankle, your college chemistryteacher. You google Professor Dan and find out he is still at UCLA andsee a picture of him shaking hands with a CEO of a prominent BiotechCompany. This CEO has just selected Professor Dan to his company’sadvisory board. Make a note of this under Professor Dan. This may comein handy later when we discuss how you take the big step in remakingyourself in this new economy. This project will amass for you a compre-hensive universe of your personal network. You will discover amazingthings amongst this group of people. You will be surprised and shockedat what people you have come in contact with are doing now, what theywere involved in and who they have in their network. This exercise willbring out many feelings as you go through it. Resist making any judg-ments of those you are researching or making comparisons between youand them. This is not meant to make you feel good or bad it is solely a re-search project which I promise will prove to be one of the important toolsin your tool chest as you build yourself for the New Economy. You mayhave started to do something like this already before reading my guide.You now are saying, hey wait a minute, you want me to go back as far asI can remember and list everyone who I remember and then do a cur-rent day research project on each of them! This will take forever!! I don’thave the time, I need to jump start my life, my career, my bank account!!Just like the movie, Field of Dreams, everyone looked at Kevin Costnerscharacter like he was CRAZY. I need you to look crazy for a bit. Please dothis project and they will also come.5. PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW!!When you read this what came to mind? I give up? I surrender? FaithfulGratitude? A call to Prayer? Expression of Joy? A friend of mine, BearsKaufman from the Option Institute rescued me from my own mindsself-destruction wrote about this topic of “one action-many interpreta-tions”. He states, “Why does this matter? Because our interpretations, ourfirst responses internally, tell us much about ourselves, our beliefs and our
  7. 7. general attitude toward our lives. Hands Up! Excited? Terrified? Imag-ine a universe so benevolent it gives each of us challenges we can handle(even if we deny those challenges or our own capabilities). Imagine theuniverse is so abundant that it only gives us what appear to be “easy” giftsbut (even if we deny those challenges or our own capabilities). Imaginea universe so benevolent it gives each of us challenges we can handle(even if we deny those challenges or our own capabilities). Imagine theuniverse is so abundant that it not only gives us what appear to be “easy”gifts but, additionally, ones which encourage us to grow. Challenges.Gifts. Difficulties. Troubles. Blessings. Loss. We get to call it! And howwe call it becomes our experience of life. What about thinking of some-thing you always called difficult and putting it into the blessing category?How about moving one or two of those troubles into the gift category?Am I serious? You bet! It’s one step at a time, one transfer at a time...andthen you start to pave a path in a new direction...for errified? Imagine auniverse so benevolent it gives each of us challenges we can handle (evenif we deny those challenges or our own capabilities). Imagine the universeis so abundant that it not only gives us what appear to be “easy” gifts but,additionally, ones which encourage us to grow. Challenges. Gifts. Dif-ficulties. Troubles. Blessings. Loss. We get to call it! And how we call itbecomes our experience of life. What about thinking of something youalways called difficult and putting it into the blessing category? Howabout moving one or two of those troubles into the gift category? Am Iserious? You bet! It’s one step at a time, one transfer at a time...and thenyou start to pave a path in a new direction...for a new life.”errified? Imag-ine a universe so benevolent it gives each of us challenges we can handle(even if we deny those challenges or our own capabilities). Imagine theuniverse is so abundant that it not only gives us what appear to be “easy”gifts but, additionally, ones which encourage us to grow. Challenges. Gifts.Difficulties. Troubles. Blessings. Loss. We get to call it! And how we call itbecomes our experience of life. What about thinking of something you al-ways called difficult and putting it into the blessing category? How aboutmoving one or two of those troubles into the gift category? Am I serious?You bet! It’s one step at a time, one transfer at a time...and then you startto pave a path in a new direction...for a new life.”, additionally, ones thatgives us encouragement to grow. Challenges. Gifts. Troubles. Difficul-ties. Blessings. We get to call it! How we call it becomes our experience oflife. What about thinking of what you called difficulty and put it into thecategory of Blessing. How about moving one or two of those troubles andputting them into the gift category. Am I serious? You bet! It’s one stepat a time, it’s one transfer at a time. You start to pave a new path in a new
  8. 8. direction….for a new life”Bears hit on a very important aspect of your journey. How do you viewyour life’s experience? What category do you put items into? Fear? Confu-sion? Disappointment? Anxiety? Blessing? Gift? WOW?In order for you to embrace all aspects of your plan for you, you mustsee the world or better, create the world in your mind which is built onconfidence, fearlessness, joy, and happiness. You must see yesterday, todayand tomorrow as a gift and a blessing. This is not always easy, however,it is simple to do and you can do it in a moment. You have to be the onewho sees the world through a lens of opportunity and forgiveness versus aworld filled with destructive distractions and resentments.Bottom Line: The path you have decided to journey down can be filledwith delight, enlightenment, new adventures, self-discovery or frankly, ahuge waste of time.Everyone has a bird sitting on each of their shoulders, one who wants foryou greatness, he sees in you all of the goodness, creativeness, determina-tion, passion, wonder, forgiveness, etcetera and on the other shoulder sitsthe bird who whispers ugliness, self-doubt, resentment, fear, insecurities,the why not’s versus the whys. You know these two birds don’t you. Hereis what I want you to do tonight before you go to bed. I want you, in yourimagination; fill two tiny containers of water and put one on each shoul-der. Before placing the water on the shoulder where the self-doubting birdstands put a teaspoon of lemon flavored arsenic in it. Yes tonight whenyou go to bed you will KILL forever that nasty little bird who has beenlimiting every part of your life. When you awake you will have only onebird sitting happily on your shoulder encouraging you to live your BESTLIFE.Every once in a while you will be visited by a relative of that ugly bird thatyou killed. When this happens you will now be acutely aware of his pres-ence. Once you are aware he has arrived just simply whisper to him I havesome nice lemon water for you!! Please don’t be self limiting in a limitlesslife.6. LOOKING FOR A JOB? CLOSE THE GUIDE! I’MFINISHED WITH YOU.Alright, so you’re still reading, great! It’s time to speak about PASSION.What is passion anyhow? Passion is the ability to function with extremeemotion. When you are passionate you always have your destination insight and you are not distracted by obstacles. Because you love what youare pursuing, things like rejection and setbacks will not hinder you inyour pursuit.
  9. 9. What is it that you’re passionate about? Anyone can find a job eventuallyand get paid for it. Mostly, when you have a job you talk about it as work.I have to go to work today, tomorrow, tonight, this weekend. Damn, Ihave work tomorrow. I have to leave soon I have work waiting for me.Work is synonymous with labor. Ouch, just saying it seems to hurt! Isn’tit time to do what you love to do every day? I love it when people say Inever had a job to go to everyday. I am doing what I love to do. I hateleaving to go home I love what I’m doing. What is it you love to do? Whatis it that you’re passionate about?Let’s find out. Go to a group of friends, family members and others whoyou consider close to you. Now ask them, when you are with me what arethe things we do that bring a smile to my face, that gets me excited, thatbring overt joy to my face? The people around you will let you know forsure.Now take this input and ask yourself the question you asked them. Iden-tify areas of congruency in what they said and what you feel. You mayknow right off the bat. No need to ask anyone. You may say “I alwayswanted to make the greatest pies ever.” You love to bake, you love creat-ing, you love making people indulge in delicious pleasures and most ofall, you are passionate about baking pies. Then why wouldn’t you spendthe rest of your life doing what you are passionate about. If you have notkilled that bird on your shoulder yet, then now is the time to KILL him!!So you are looking at your circumstances and saying, forget it I need a jobnow! I have bills and kids to feed. Now is not the time to chase my pas-sion. STOP! Go back and read section 2 again now.7. Magic! Gratitude and Giving ThanksThere is an amazing book recently written by Rhonda Byrne titled; TheMagic. Do not wait, go buy it today and start reading it today. It is anamazing 28 day journey of giving thanks and blessings for what we havereceived and what we plan on receiving. The bottom line: as the GoodBook states: Ask with an open and clean heart and thy shall receive theBlessings one desires from the Lord.8. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHERYou are now ready to put the last 7 days of work to use in establishingyour new role in the world of making money. You have looked deep into
  10. 10. the recesses of your heart and mind where you have not traveled in quitesome time. You have discovered and rediscovered things about yourselfin which you forgot and learned for the very first time. You have identi-fied how your very own mind will attack your own motivation; how it willsabotage you from progressing and will put a big yield sign up to preventyou from chasing your dreams. You have discovered how to identify anddeal with this self-destructive behavior when it raises its ugly head. Youtook a whole day identifying what skills you possess, what productivetraits you have amassed over your lifetime, behaviors in which you enjoydoing and which bring you happiness, you have made lists of everyoneyou can remember who has touched your life and have researched wherethey are now and what they are doing now, you have decided to create theworld in your mind which is built on confidence, fearlessness, joy, andhappiness, remember we spent a full day deciding what is it that you’repassionate about. IMPORTANT: Anyone can find a job eventually andget paid for it. Mostly, when you have a job you talk about it as work. Ihave to go to work today, tomorrow, tonight, this weekend. Damn, I havework tomorrow. I have to leave soon I have work waiting for me. Workis synonymous with labor. Ouch, just saying it seems to hurt! Isn’t it timeto do what you love to do every day? I love it when people say I neverhad a job to go to everyday. I am doing what I love to do. I hate leaving togo home I love what I’m doing. What is it you love to do? What is it thatyou’re passionate about? Just two days ago you spend considerable timeon this subject. You queried friends, co-workers, family and others onwhat they noticed that emblazoned passion with you. If you do not knownow why you were put on this earth and how you were supposed to spendthe majority of your waking hours doing then re do day 6!!Ok, you made it through the 7 day personal journey and you discoveredwhat you will be happy and productive doing for the rest of your career.So how do you take the first step? Always the toughest is the first step,however, recall your physics class in high school, it’s much easier to keepan object in motion than to start an object in motion. So get started! Goto the list of everyone you have researched in your personal data base andisolate the ones who are directly involved in or with the area you want topursue. Contact them directly, get a meeting with them and explain thejourney you just went through and how you ended up at the meeting withthem.Have the courage to ASK THEM FOR HELP. By human nature, peoplewant to help others. Take advantage of others peoples human instinctto help. Be very clear, state, I need your help in getting an assignment indoing what I love to do and this is how you can help me. Stay focused and
  11. 11. confident. If you read the book The Magic, you know this will work outfor you and it will happen the way you want it to. You will see once youhave taken the first step and begin having meetings the law of inertia willtake hold. Meetings will lead to further meetings, introductions will takeplace and then more meetings will take place. IMPORTANT: Be preparedfor each meeting! What does this mean? Always know what your objec-tive is for each meeting you attend and it is well defined. Make sure theperson or people in which your meeting with understand before handyour objective and always and I mean always close for the business. Whatdo I mean? I mean ask for what you want! I want an internship at an ad-vertising agency that your friend owns please call him for me and ask himto take my call, I want a loan to open up a pastry shop and your brother isa loan officer at CitiBank can you please call him and make an introduc-tion, I want to teach a lecture at your Alma Mater in which you are a largebenefactor, please call Dr. Smith the head of the English department andarrange a call between her and I, I want your help in calling your friendwho manages company xyz and ask him to meet with me to discuss op-portunities in his Human Resource department.This activity requires you to step out of your comfort zone and takecharge of your life, of your actions, and what does this mean? Risk! Forsome it’s an ugly scary word. Remember the two kinds of birds that eachwill sit on your shoulder? Always keep that special lemon water handy forthe times they start chirping in your ear negativity. Risk is your friend,embrace it, understand it, prepare for it and then attack it with energy,confidence, perseverance, and a well thought out plan of action to suc-ceed.Go back to Day 1. Bring an understanding to your mind that You haverediscovered and certainly discovered how wonderful, how imaginative,how resourceful, how successful you have been up to this point and youhave learned from all of the opportunities you had which didn’t turn outas you expected. You have meticulously reviewed and canvased your life,your heart, your soul and mind up to this point and have without anydoubt have a better understanding of who you are today than you haveever had in any time before today.You have put the work in over the last 7 days to come to this very pointwhere you know what you want, you are prepared to go get it, I want younow to ask for it on a piece of paper (write down exactly what you want,I want to have my own Inn on Ogunquit Beach, Maine) and tape it to the
  12. 12. mirror you look into every morning when you wake up. Every morningthis is a reminder of what you want for yourself.You have all the tools now to develop your plan to achieve what you wantfor your career in this current and future socio-economic environment.It is now up to you to take the first step in your total pursuit of happiness.Use this guide as needed and revisit it on the occasion you find yourselfstuck or slowing down. Above all, never lose sight of your final destina-tion!