History SAP BPM Framework


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Consolidation of the results of the
Dutch SAP focusgroup BPM

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History SAP BPM Framework

  1. 1. SAP BPM framework : Customer casesConsolidation of the results of the Dutch SAP focusgroup BPM
  2. 2. The 4 BPM business objectives From business strategy to continuous business model management Dynamic business strategies both in terms of new markets as well as changed sourcing and production locations, has increased the need for real time business models to increase the speed to introduce new product and services. The aim is to simplify the business model and to continuously update the business model indicators Business From keeping score to optimizing capital How are the business units optimizing their activities and costs and what are the synergies of a shared-service center ? The aim is to simplify the cost structure and to optimize the capital employed Process Organization From ICT maintenance to business agility From business process models to business value management The current application landscape is typically vast and Business process improvements in terms of quality, efficiency and compliancecomplex, and new requirements from business owners are should lead to an exchange of best practices across the organization and aligning hard to implement. the business process performance indicators.The aim is to simplify the ICT landscape and reducing the The aim is to simplify E2E business processes and determine the business ICT cost and effort of maintenance. value of each process step.
  3. 3. The BPM framework to implement the 4 BPM objectivesCEO viewpointCIO viewpointBPM viewpoint CFO viewpoint 3
  4. 4. The BPM framework described in the book: Enterprise BPM roadmap assessments http://www.lulu.com/shop/frank- luyckx/enterprise-bpm-roadmap- assessments/paperback/product- 20265487.html
  5. 5. World wide on-line BPM framework maturity check World wide on-line BPM maturity check Segment based: 2500 BPM maturity evaluations (e.g. Healthcare) across industry segments On-line BPM Maturity check Product based: (e.g. PD SAP BPM ) BPM maturity check for segments and application environments (e.g. SAP)Blogs on results of the World wide on-line BPM BPM maturity frameworkmaturity check across industry segments evaluation by external analysts
  6. 6. BPM maturity check at several (SAP) companies Segment based: (e.g. Healthcare) On-line BPM Maturity check Product based: (e.g. PD SAP BPM )I percieved this BPM check both positive and confronting in the sense that we got better insight in what BPM stage we areIt would be a good thing to repeat this regularly to check ourselves if we have made any progress improvement on BPM.For the short term we were able to identify the most important actions to take and we are now busy implementing these
  7. 7. Implementing SAP BPM framework at companies BPM Standard Corporate Process Model BPM Approach Organization with global, local and harmonized processes & Standards Jurgen Jurgen Steve Carl Sattler Sattler MCALLISTER BRAUN CEO CEO Business Head of Operations Service Manager Center Robert Johanna Gunnar Frank THOMSON Feldman OLSSON Volmer Business Program Architect IT Architect IT System Manager Support Manager Claus Peter Linda Wolfgang Petterson SONNTAG ROSENFELD BECKER BPM (CPO) Glo bal E2E Organisat ional Head of GRC manager Business Change Organization Owner Manager Monika Peter Etienne Mar cus MAY DUCR ET ANDERSEN BAUDISCH Business Knowledge Man ager, Financial Manager Operational Manager Process Excellence © F rank Luyckx AnalystBPM objectives Process Structure & LevelsRoles Standards, Conventions,Responsibilities Handbook, GuidelinesSteering Committee ToolsCritical Success Factors :• Management support of the Business Process Owners, CIO and the PMO office• BPM governance has a separate budget and a mandate within the support and project organization• BPM governance is responsible for the all methods and tools (including template, test and learning )• BPM governance is responsible for the quality assurance of the project deliverables after each phase
  8. 8. Business value of SAP BPM framework for companies Strategy Design Implementation Controlling Business Strategy Business Management Business Transformation Communications Management Improve revenue Improve revenue Reduce operational costs Reduce operational costs By company focus on profitable By market alignment of business By effective execution of business By alignment of business users andBusiness business process information market segments and strategy requirements and markt segments processes and planningManagement 1% 1% -5% -5% BPM Program Management BPM Design BPM Configuration Management BPM Support Management Reduce project costs Reduce project costs Reduce project costs Reduce BPM costsProcess By optimalisation of the company By efficient design and utilzation By efficient configuration and validation By efficient support of the business project portfolio and standards of the processe and architecture of the processes processes and ICT toolsManagement -1% -15% -15% -5% BPM Change Program BPM Organizational Design BPM Change management BPM Governance Reduce HRM costs Reduce project costs Reduce project costs Reduce BPM costs By alignment of HRM / resources By effcient design and utilization By efficient implementation of the By effcient management of theOrganisation planning and company resources of the organisation job profiles and authorizations organisation and the BPM standardsManagement -1% -50% -50% -1% BPM Financial Management BPM Quality Management BPM Knowledge Management BPM Objectives Management Reduce operational costs Reduce operational costs Reduce operational costs Reduce operational costs By controlling the ROI of projects By optimalisation of the quality of the By improvement of the BPM By management of the processManagement and company costs (ABC) business processes competencies of the employees performance (KPI’s)Control -1% -1 % -20% -1 %
  9. 9. Most advanced SAP companies selected
  10. 10. SAP BPM framework seminar
  11. 11. Consolidation into book:SAP BPM framework: Customer Cases http://www.lulu.com/shop/frank- luyckx/sap-bpm-framework-customer- cases/paperback/product-20252579.html