SAP focusgroup ADM for business transformation
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SAP focusgroup ADM for business transformation



The focusgroup Advanced Delivery Management (ADM) determines the roadmap for business transformation using the possibilities of Application Liveycle Management (ALM), Business Process Management ...

The focusgroup Advanced Delivery Management (ADM) determines the roadmap for business transformation using the possibilities of Application Liveycle Management (ALM), Business Process Management (BPM), ), Project Livecycle Management (PLM) and Value Livecycle Management (VLM) within an SAP environment



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SAP focusgroup ADM for business transformation SAP focusgroup ADM for business transformation Presentation Transcript

  • SAP focusgroep ADM for Business Transformation
  • Topics BPM focusgroup BPM framework Focusgroup ADM © Frank Luyckx Netweaver BPM Focusgroup BPM
  • ADM = The New Way of implementing SAP SAP focus group ADM
  • SAP focus group ADM
  • VNSG-themadag 'Realtime BPM' | 9 december 2010
  • Objectives ADM focusgroup CusNew markets tomers New InnoinnoNew New Products vations Markets products vations customers Business Model Process Model Adoption Legacy CRM New implementation Applications ERP Modernization SCM Integration SAP focus group ADM
  • ADM improvement cycle => alignment Business architect ICT management: Reduce ICT costs Business Model Architecture Operational excellence manager E2E E2E Process Performance Management Process based Business Design Business process architect © F ran k L u ck x y BPM governance E2E E2E Risk & Compliance officer Process Compliance & Implementation & Change Management Orchestration E2E Template Management for SAP BPM management: Increase profitability ALM support manager Solution architect
  • ADM best practices & tooling Standard Corporate Process Model with global, local and harmonized processes BPM Organization Jr en u ge g Sa le e ttr CE CEO O Fra nk Volmer Pro gra m Mana er g Cl u s a Pe t re s n o BPM( CPO) ma n g e r a Monik a BAUDIS CH Fin a n a l ci Ma n a e r g ©F a n L u k x r k yc Robe r t THOMSON Bu s n e s is Ar c ti e t h c Pe e r t SONNTAG Gl o a E2 E b l Bu s n e s is Own e r Pete r MAY Bus ne s i s Pro c es s Ana y ts l Gunnar o ha nn J a el m n F d a T Arc h ie c t I t Lin da ROSE FELD N Org a in s ti n a l a o Ch n g e a Ma a g re n Eti enn e DUCRET Knowle dg e Manag r e BPM Approach & Standards Car l BRAUN Hea o d f Serv ic e Cen er t Ste v e MCAL L IS T R E Bu is n s s e Op e a o n s r ti Ma n a e r g OLSSON I T Sy s em t Support M a ager n Wolfg a ng BE KER C He d o fGRC a Org a z a o n n i ti Ma c u s r ANDER EN S Ma a g e ,r n Op re ta o a l in Ex e e n c c l e BPM objectives Roles Process Structure & Levels Responsibilities Steering Committee Communications Portal & Process improvements Productivity Strategy Financial Pers pective Improve Cost Structure Business Model & business objectives Business Value Architecture Tools Corporate Process Model & Industry Best Practices Growth Strategy Long-Term Shareholder Value Increase Asset Utilizatio n Business Model Cockpit & Project Portfolio Standards, Conventions, Handbook, Guidelines Expand Customer Value Expand Revenue Oppo rtunities Customer Value Proposition Customer Perspective Cost Price Quality Selection Availability Functionality Product / Service Attributes Innovation Processes Internal Perspective •Opportunity ID •R&D Portfolio •Design/Develop •Launch Product Leadership Supply chain management •Supply •Production •Distribution •Risk Management Operational excellence Service •Maintenance •Consultancy •Co- development •Relationship Customer intimacy Market & Sell Products •Acquisition •Live time valu e •Retention •Growth Expand customers Experts Logistics Service Sales Knowledge Benchmarks Satisfaction Market info Innovation Leadership Collaboration Initiatives Competencies Learning and Growth Perspective Partnership Relationship Customer Service Technolo gies GRC Relationships Brand Image E2E E2E Process Performance Management Process based Business Design EH&S and Social responsibility •Environment •Safety and Health •Employment •Community Good citizenship Human Information Organization Growth Performance cockpit & Best practice KPI’s & PPI’s Enterprise architecture & Project best practices © Fra n L u ck x k y BPM & SSM Governance SAP BusinessObjects Risk Aggregated Detection of Risks and Control Monitoring SAP SAP Environment BusinessObjects Health & Safety Global Trade Compliance Services Bu siness Management E2E Processes SAP BusinessObjects Access Control E2E Process Compliance & SAP BusinessObjects Process Control Implementation & Change Management GRC best practices & Identity Access Management Orchestration Business Requirements & SAP best practices E2E Template Global process design 1 Management SAP Solution Manager Standard Processes Harmonized and Local Processes 3 Loc al Variant 2 Template (temp late project) Update proc es ses Global bus iness design Co mpare & adjus t 9 Summit Co py template t o & from im plementation Projec t EWA & OSS (Solution) Is sues & Change reques ts Update Template (Implemen tation (Implementation) project) 1 Applic ation monit ors CTR Roll-out / New release OMQ 6 5 Roll outs 9 OMP CTD Project Landscape Regress ion Test Plan (multiple tes t pack ages ) Implementation Test plan (multip le test pac kages) (Impleme nta tion proje ct) with unit te st scripts a nd E-Catt 2 OMD 8 7 4 7 OMP Tran sport Requests 5 CTQ 3 Template Test Plan (multiple E2E test pac kages) CHARM (Maintenan ce project) IMG projec t Transport Reques ts CTD SAP Soluti on Manager ( temp late pro ject ) with unit te st scripts a nd E-Catt 4 8 Compare & adjust IMG projec t for SAP BPmon (So lutio n) Auth, RICEF Copy templat e to Roll-out projec t Operation s 6 D ocs, Config Test, training Roll-out Publish for Project & Stakeholders E2E Process based change & knowledge management Implementation Sync hronize CTQ CTR OMD OMQ OMP Production Landscape Pro ject Land scape Template harmonization & CHARM /alert management Pro ductio n Land scap e E2E Process based testing & issue management E2E process orchestration & BPMS workflows / ESB Copyright Frank Luyckx
  • Example topics ADM focus group for the Business process transformation manager Business architect: • Business strategy allignment (Osterwalder) • Dynamic business models (Vision waves) • Stakeholder management • Business Value management Business Value Architecture Operational excellence manager: E2E E2E Process based Business Design Process • E2E Process performance management Performance • Lean / Six sigma value stream analysis Management • Business improvement portfolio • E2E process communication / requirements Business process architect: • Industry process models (AP/QC) • BPA (Roles, KPI’s, Risk, SAP trx) • ASAP documentation and V-model • Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF/LEAD) © F ran k L u ck x y BPM governance Risk & Compliance officer: • E2E process organization & ownership • Role based E2E training & procedures • Role based SAP authorization design • GRC compliancy and validation audits E2E • BPM architecture • BPM alignment • BPM strategy • BPM roadmap Compliance & E2E Process Integration & Change Management Validation E2E Solution architect: • Application design across platforms • Reusable customizing/ applications/ ESR • Sharing best practices/ business rules • E2E process execution (BPMS) Template Management for SAP ALM support manager: SAP focus group ADM • Singles source of truth / project portfolio management (Agile) • ALM platform (IT service / E2E test management) • Integration platform / Process orchestration (BPMN) • (Global) E2E Template management & E2E system monitoring
  • ASAP 8 Agile methodology SAP focus group ADM
  • SAP support inspired by design thinking SAP focus group ADM
  • Agile way of implementing changes / RFC SAP focus group ADM
  • Cloud Model for SAP OnPremise Landscapes SAP focus group ADM
  • Next steps • • • • • • SAP representative of Business Transformation services SAP Trend watcher for Business Transformation services & Advanced Delivery Management Core team members to compose the agenda for the meetings Coperation with other SAP focusgroups (CCE, SSM, BPM, ) Multi disciplinaire presentations (HANA, ARIS, BSC, PO, SSM) Customer cases / roadmaps in which the triad of Business transformation management is being discussed: SAP focus group ADM
  • Thank you for your attention