Using the Power of Social Media for Business


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Here are the slides from a talk I gave for Time Warner on Internet Marketing - Franklin McMahon -

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  • Using the Power of Social Media for Business

    1. 1. Using the Power of Social Media for Business • Franklin McMahon
    2. 2. Franklin is founder of Franklin McMahon Studio and is a New Media Producer specializing in creative marketing, social Franklin McMahon media, on-line video, podcasts, multimedia, writing and photography. With a client list that includes Adobe, FOX, Time Warner, McDonalds, Covergirl and HP, his range of work spans many industries. His on-line podcasts have produced millions of downloads in over 20 countries and he has been • New Media Producer featured on, ABC Boston and BBC America. His podcast Rumor Girls ran weekly on Sirius Satellite Radio and specializing in creative the video version was the 5th most downloaded podcast of marketing and production, the year in 2006 according to Yahoo News. As an international photographer, his photo work has been seen in ads and audio and video, podcasts, magazines for clients such as Microsoft, and his coverage of photography, on-line video and the industry as a writer can be read in publications such as social media MovieMaker, Millimeter, DV, Res and Computer Arts Projects. Locally he has developed several Maine-based social organizations such as Portland Media Artists and Facebook Maine. His website and podcast Media Artist Secrets features • Studio page - career advice for content producers specializing in creative industries and social media. • Media Artist Secrets Blog and TV Show -
    3. 3. Twitter • Mix of promotion and conversation • Broadcast info about your brand, field questions from potential clients • Others can Re-Tweet and help you promote • You help others as well • Great source of info depending on who you follow
    4. 4. Twitter • Takes most interaction of any network to be effective • The more you Tweet and put into it, the more you get out of it • Best network to make new connections • Being active on Twitter, interacting, will gain you more followers
    5. 5. LinkedIn • Geared mostly towards professionals and business people • Recommendations on your profile are very helpful • Join groups based on your interests • Post questions to your contacts on the network and answer other’s questions
    6. 6. LinkedIn • Professional digital resume • Live element with stream of updates is not as high as other networks, most content is more static • You can craft your profile to be impressive and others will see it • The more connections you can create the more opportunities
    7. 7. Facebook • Currently the most aggressive at being developed, Facebook is in it to win it • Recent stream of new features such as real-time updating of the news feed and ability to tag friends in your status update have kept Facebook improving • Multimedia options with pictures, audio and video • Profile can be public or private
    8. 8. Facebook • Improved Pages now allow businesses to get the message out about their brand • Easiest network to tell a visual story with images and video right on your page or profile • Live chat is immediate • Facebook is not just for friends, it is a key business and branding resource
    9. 9. Blogs • Complete control over crafting the story of your company • Audio and video easily embedded • Comments allow conversations between you and potential clients • Best for search engines • A chance to be less official and offer an inside view
    10. 10. Podcasts • Inexpensive way to reach thousands or millions • Reach is 20+ countries via iTunes, audio or video • Best success for my clients, outperforms YouTube, web video • Most shows I produce over time attain millions of viewers • Shows can be portable, more intimate
    11. 11. Podcasts • Podcasting is a huge market untapped by many, it is an incredible way to get your message and your brand out to thousands or millions for a very low cost • Podcasts are the TV shows of New Media - You are the star and this is your show • Best way to take your brand and business message to the masses
    12. 12. Which to Use When? • Blog or Podcast - Position yourself as an expert • Twitter - Field questions on your industry • Twitter - Send out special offers or announce events • Facebook or Podcasts - Audio and video clips - compelling • Facebook - Connect your Blog RSS and Twitter stream
    13. 13. Strategy • If your social networks are static, so is your message • You are either still air, windy or a tornado • Promote your links to your social networks everywhere • Offering your expert advice develops you and your brand • Home turf: Start a blog or podcast for best branding
    14. 14. Work Your Networks • Competition - be dramatically different online to stand out, focus on the unique • Create a digital legacy of content • Cross promote • See them all as your audience, don’t classify certain networks as friends or clients • Dive in and work it!
    15. 15. Franklin McMahon • New Media Producer • Studio page - Media Artist Secrets Blog and TV Show - • Questions? 207.772.5724 •