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As foundation portforlio presentation evlaulation

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AS media evaluation powerpoint

AS media evaluation powerpoint

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  • 1. As foundation portfolio evaluation
    By Franklin, Petros and Ed.
  • 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  • 3. Opening titles convention
    For our opening titles we looked at the opening of ‘Se7en’
    We found the effect of the titles jumping like in Se7en was the right effect.
    Se7en opening
    Click to play video
  • 4. Narrative convention
    We used a narrative convention to create enigma in our opening, similar to ‘Tormented’. This introduces the characters BUT doesn't tell the audience how they got to the position they are in.
    Beginning of film
    “5 days earlier”
    Beginning of film (flash back is later in the narrative)
  • 5. Sound convention
    Click to play sounds
    These are the sounds from the opening of the films we researched and our own.
    Dark Days
    We have used the sound convention from Tormented over our opening titles to create tension and mystery from the start.
  • 6. Continuity editing
    We used conventional continuity to establish a logical flow of our opening.
    We used this so the audience could follow, also we used different paces of editing.
    Example of continuity editing.
    Click to play video
  • 7. What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why?
  • 8. Distribution
    We thought that Revolver would be interested in our product because they are independent distributors.
    We thought that our film would be suitable to have revolver because it fits the genre of our film (drama films such as Kidulthood).
    Example a Revolver film
    We would be closer to Warp than Working Title as an independent distributor.
  • 9. Why Warp and Revolver?
    Art house
    Low budget
    No famous actors
    Not a high concept film
  • 10. Other options...
    We would distribute this ourselves on YouTube and Facebook
    Filmed on DV
    Very easy to distribute
    With web 2.0 we can distribute ‘Dark Days’ our selves.
    We could create our own adds and viral adds on YouTube.
  • 11. Who would be the audience for your media?
  • 12. Audience
    Male lead Character
    Violent themes
    Research reveals that the film was more popular with teen males
  • 16. AUDIENCE
    The audience for our film can also be defined by the genre
    Dark Days is a Teen Crime Thriller
    We feel ‘Dark Days’ would attract a similar audience to films like:
  • 17. How did you attract/address your audience?
  • 18. Audience
    The sort of films that Warp and Revolver distribute films like ours.
    • Teenage actors
    • 19. Audience could relate to the film
    • 20. Enigmatic code used to engage the audience
    Dealing with
    teen themes
    youth crime Recognised genre murder
    Teenage actor same age as target audience
  • 21. Themes that attracts our audience.
    Theft (keys)
    Mobile phones
    Theft and money
  • 22. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  • 23. Technologies
    DV cameras
    Software on computers
    Lower advertising costs
    The wide range of options that web 2.0 opens.
    E.g. YouTube, MySpace etc..
    Old cameras
    Rolls of film
  • 24. Easier filming and editing
    Addition of DV cameras means faster easier filming
    Also with new editing software means faster easier editing
    And easier to correct bad filming, add effects that would be hard to get and cost effective.
    We were able to re-frame shots as well as use some transitions such as fades
  • 25. Producing ideas... made easier with software such as Celtx
    Celtx formats the script to the industry standard. This means that we know that 1 page of script equals one minute of film
    It produces cast/props lists
    Skype allowed us as a group to communicate our ideas with each other.
  • 26. Time
    New software is a huge time saver.
    We can film, then quickly download it on the computer and then edit the movie and sound.
    We also saved time by doing our schedule with Celtx.
    Editing and finishing off the film has been made a lot faster with the help of computers and the software's they can hold.
  • 27. Soundtrack pro
    • We used soundtrack pro to create all of the foley effects.
    • 28. We added things such as birds and general atmos.
  • Livetype
    • We used Livetype to create our opening titles for ‘Dark Days’
    • 29. We could create the right effect for the tiles to give the right atmosphere.
    Example of our titles
    Click to play video
  • 30. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  • 31. Evaluation
    We used the skills and knowledge gained from the preliminary task to help us in the making of our film.
    We learnt the importance of storyboarding
    Time management
    Then we learnt new skills such as how to edit a proper scene
    Create titles
    Create a soundtrack