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  1. 1. Slidelinks System 3.0Copyright 2012 All Rights ReservedCopyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Using the SlideLinks System 3.0 To Build Inbound Links Our new SlideLinks System uses Power Point slides to quickly create inbound links for your spaces through is a file upload site much like YouTube except it uses PowerPoint, Word and other file types. As search engines become more sophisticated, they can now read the content of these types of files online and do use that content in ranking determination. In the same way we use the Rapid Launch Video 3.0 Package to quickly build incoming links to our spaces, we use the SlideLinks System to do the same thing. The way this works is that you will upload a content relevant PowerPoint file for each of your spaces to your SlideShare account. Then, adding a Title to the slide which MATCHES the URL for the specific space, that file when put online through become in inbound link to your space, thus adding one more high WARNING: As with most any upload site, if they decide you are quality content link to boost your positioning in local search. “spamming”, your account will get closed down. Spamming would be uploading too many files at one time. So, keep it to a reasonable pace. It would be recommended that you upload no more than 2 or 3 files per week to play it safe. If you are following my recommended method for getting your spaces positioned, then you are working on them ONE at a time. So, uploading files at a pace of 2 or 3 per week should be more than sufficient. The process of using the SlideLinks System is very simple. The details of each step are detailed on the beginning of the next page. STEP 1 - Sign up for an account at Please read ALL of it before starting!!! (that’s dot NET, not COM) STEP 2 – Confirm your Email address to activate your account. SlideShare will send you an email to the email address you registered with. You will need to find that email, open it and click on the link that says, “Please STEP 3 – Login to your NET SPACE Back Office and go down to the confirm your email address”. SlideLinks System.Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Find the first file you are going to Upload. Using “Catering” as an example, you would put your mouse over the link “Catering” and then RIGHT CLICK and select “SAVE LINK AS” and save it somewhere on your computer where you will know how to access it (your Desktop is the recommended location to save to). STEP 4 – Go to the “UPLOAD” page in your account at SlideShare. STEP 5 – Click on “UPLOAD” and that will open the File Menu of your computer. Locate the file you just saved to your Desktop, select that file, and click on “Open” The file will begin immediately uploading to your SlideShare account. Once your file is at 100% complete, you are done and ready to move to the next step. STEP 6 – Once your file is uploaded, the SlideShare platform will take a few minutes to “convert” your file into a format that can be published in its network. You will know the process is complete when your file then shows in the upload window. Once fully uploaded and “published” you will need to click on “Edit” next to the file name.Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. This will open up the section where you can add Titles, Tags, and Descriptions. Step 7 - THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Adding a TITLE, TAGS, and DESCRIPTION to the uploaded file is what creates the inbound link back to your specific space the file was A = Title. Always put ONLY the URL for the Space this file is for in the uploaded for. Very important!!! TITLE field. In my example I used “catering”, so my title is: B = TAGS. We know from our Video uploading that “tags” are keywords separated by commas. Don’t overdo it here. Keep it specific. In my example, my tags are: C = Description. Again, don’t overdo it. I simply repeat my tags and then Local caterer, Boulder Colorado, catering in Boulder CO add in my URL. Once uploaded, saved and online, you can go to the top, right hand side of your Account page and click on “My Uploads” and you will see the files you have online.Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Congratulations you have completed your first upload using the new SlideLinks System! Our recent experience has shown these files getting picked up by the search engines very quickly and it appears that the search engines consider SlideShare to be a very “credible” site. Therefore, the value or “weight” the search engines put on the links found on SlideShare seem to be high value! Great for boosting our local positioning quickly! FINAL NOTE: As with all of the other uploads you do, I still strongly recommend you do these in Internet Explorer. It seems to be the most reliable browser for this kind of stuff. If you have trouble getting the whole file to transfer then you will need to temporarily loosen your security settings, turn off pop-up blockers and firewalls. Once uploaded you can re-activate this stuff, but it is quite possible taking these steps will be essential to complete most uploads/file transfers.Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved