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Employee appraisal examples
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Employee appraisal examples


employee appraisal examples

employee appraisal examples

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  • 1. Employee appraisal examplesPerforming appraisals on employees is a necessary exercise that every companyshould implement. Being able to continuously monitor the performance of employeesto determine if they are contributing at the same level or higher is essential if youwant your company to prosper. What you need to decide is which appraisal you aregoing to use. Here are some popular performance appraisal examples that you couldchoose from.1. General appraisal form - this is the most commonly used of all the appraisalexamples out there, and many companies use it to assess the performance ofemployees. It takes aspects of different styles of appraisal and incorporates them intoone form. This type of appraisal involves rating scales, short-answer sections andcompetency ratings.2. Employee performance appraisal form - this type of form could be very similar instyle to the general appraisal form, except the performance criteria and competenciesmeasured are tailored for general staff. Therefore, you will not find competencies thata manager would normally be rated on.3. Manager appraisal form - this is another one of the performance appraisal examplesthat many companies will use because they feel it is necessary to differentiate ratingsand appraisals of management personnel from general "rank & file" staff members.As such, the criteria for this type of appraisal will be different from the one previouslymentioned.4. Essay evaluation form - there could be a separate evaluation form for managementand general staff with this type of evaluation, however the format will be the same.People performing the appraisals are required to submit a descriptive assessment ofperformance, which could either be structured or unstructured. An unstructuredevaluation needs to state the performance level of the employee, while a structuredevaluation needs to indicate the suitable performance measures and standards for theperson being evaluated.Of course, there are a few other performance appraising forms that could be used, butthese are some of the most commonly used.An employer needs to decide which of these performance appraisal examples is idealfor the aim of the organization. In some cases, it may not be necessary to get a fullyessay written to be able to assess the performance of managers and employees. Thetype of job could easily be assessed with a standard type of appraisal form. The oneyou choose would really be based on what your organizations needs are.http://performanceappraisalebooks.info/ : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.