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What is Content Marketing?


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Content marketing in 3 acts, 27 cases, 8 sequences & 40 slides. …

Content marketing in 3 acts, 27 cases, 8 sequences & 40 slides.

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  • Dag Bart at Readz. Geen idee waar je op aanstuurt, maar embedden is sowieso van harte toegelaten. Dank alvast voor de belangstelling. Groeten, Frank
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  • Hey Frank - fantastische presentatie! Mag ik je een voorstel maken om de content ook op internet beschikbaar te maken? Wou een joint project zijn - en vermits jij al de content gemaakt hebt, doen wij de 'carrier' . Hier is een voorbeeld van wat ik bedoel:
    Laat me weten als je interesse hebt.
    All best,
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  • 2. FASHION E-TAILER NET-A-PORTER’S shoppable print glossy ‘Porter’ This is CONTENT MARKETING
  • 3. DEBENHAMS ‘Life Made Fabulous’: a department store’s AV / Web TV Series; v=yaBNjTtCxd4&feature=share&list=P L400132F5A3726A87 This is CONTENT MARKETING
  • 4. ASTELLAS’ Get BladderFIT mobile app This is CONTENT MARKETING https:// app/get-bladderfit/ id387682478?mt=8
  • 5. This is CONTENT MARKETING VOLKSWAGEN’S ‘People’s Car project’ (co-creative content) 2012/05/volkswagen- hover-car.html
  • 6. This is award-winning CONTENT MARKETING A.S.ADVENTURE Convergent multichannel content marketing & CRM
  • 7. You can imagine the landscape in the PRE CONTENT MARKETING ERA
  • 8. ... when ads were avoided, distrusted, filtered, skipped, BLOCKED, BYPASSED, BINNED AND BANNED...
  • 9. CMO’s... Well, one should’ve feltF SORRY FOR THEM...
  • 10. ... CMO’s set out on a quest for stuff that people still did WANT TO SEE OR READ...
  • 11. ... ‘stuff’ that’d meet people’s curiosity, THEIR HUNGER FOR NEWS, TRENDS, THRILLS, ... RED BULL’S Cliff Diving Newsroom
  • 12. ... ‘stuff’ that’d meet people’s need for INSPIRATION NEIMAN MARCUS YouTube Channel NeimanMarcuscom
  • 13. Women/Books--stationery/stories/Travel-Books; http:// travel-books-collection/ ... ‘stuff’ that’d make people FEEL SMART(ER) LOUIS VUITTON Travel Books
  • 14. ; the-hybrid-graphic-novel PEUGEOT’S HYBRID GRAPHIC NOVEL Gamified & converting storytelling ... ‘stuff’ that’d keep them ENTERTAINED
  • 15. LAVAZZA ‘OPERA VIVA’: co-created, curated & customizable calendar; lavazza-2013-social-calendar/ ... ‘stuff’ that people’d WANT TO BE PART OF
  • 16. ‘stuff’ that’d pull them OUT OF THEIR COUCHES RENAULT Content / CRM
  • 17. ... ‘stuff’ people’d LIKE, SHARE, DISCUSS, ... DOVE Real Beauty Sketches
  • 18. Activation Content urging action Congratulations Rewarding content Participation Engaging, co-creative content Inspiration Enlightening content Conversation Talk of the town, shareable content Education Useful content Aspiration Entertaining content, stories 2 3 4 7 1 5 6 The ‘stuff’ CMO’s crave(d), off course, was/is CONTENT
  • 19. ... and the staff able to create that ‘stuff’, were CUSTOM PUBLISHERS A.K.A. CONTENT MARKETERS
  • 20. That’s how content marketing was brought into the spotlight: TO FIX A MARKETING PARADIGM THAT WAS FUNDAMENTALLY BROKEN
  • 21. LAMBORGHINI MAGAZINE CMO’S EMBRACED CONTENT on/in their brand’s microsites, magazines, blogs, ...
  • 22. Content turned strangers into fans AND FANS INTO CUSTOMERS
  • 23. +32%brand loyalty 77%of supermarket customers take positive action as a result of reading content marketing +8% sales54% is inspired by magazines 61% do search before purchase 25’ reading time 90% “undivided attention” for customer magazine 100%mobile internet users consume content 55%talk about what theyread 81% iPad-users read mags on tablets 70% prefer articles rather than ads 82%like reading relevant content from brands 92% of marketers say content creation is effective for SEO 100% of what is circulating on social media is content CONTENT BROUGHT BACK THE IMPACT* CMO’s had lost for their ads *throughout the entire customer journey
  • 24. Then these two guys THREW THEIR BOMBSHELLS
  • 25. ... scattering audiences even further across... MULTIDEVICE, OMNI-TOUCHPOINT, TRANSMEDIA OR EVEN CHANNEL-AGNOSTIC EXPERIENCES... VIRGIN’S VirginMobileFeed;
  • 26. Some CMO’s dodged towards SNAPPY CONTENT SNIPPETS & SNACKS* *Puffy pins, asthmatic tweets, ephemeral memes, viral videos featuring funny animals, hijacked hashtags, ... THREE MOBILE #DancePonyDance gamified viral video music-marketer
  • 27. Some feverishly befriended APP DEVELOPERS, GEO-TARGETERS, GAMIFICATION GURU’S, ... ASOS Fashion Up app: “Style-heavy inspiration and celebrity Hotness, monthly on your iPhone and iPad”
  • 28.; v=yaBNjTtCxd4&feature=share&lis t=PL400132F5A3726A87 Others looked at Hollywood FOR EPIC BRAND STORYTELLING & ENTERTAINMENT CARTIER L’Odyssée de Cartier
  • 29. media-initiative/1/191422.html Some tried content co-creation, and/or curation TO RESCUE SEARCH RANKINGS & REACH BURBERRY The Art of the Trench
  • 30. Others engaged influencers TO SECURE A VOICE AMID THE FRACAS bloggers-capture-venture-capitalist- interest/241687/ LANCÔME ‘hired’ hot shot beauty blogger Michelle Chan
  • 31. AKZO NOBEL Let’s Colour magazine (print, digi & iPad) + urban events = branded docureality TV Others cut their way through the clutter by reinstating the ‘PR-STUNT’ TO WIN EARNED MEDIA
  • 32. STUMPTOWN COFFEE Source Trip Film Series The good news: whatever a CMO’s strategy, CONTENT IS KEY
  • 33. Bad news? In fact, CMO’s have become so diligent and content marketing so dominant that we’re now producing... 27M PIECES OF CONTENT EVERY DAY (2.5 quintillion bytes of data)
  • 34. Algorithms are squeaking SOCIAL STREAMS ARE SILTING...
  • 35. CONTENT CONSUMPTION CONTENT PRODUCTION ... inspiring pessimists to predict “stream blindness” or even an imminent... See: MARK SCHAEFER, BUSINESSGROW.COM, JANUARY 6, 2014,
  • 36. CMO’s ‘on the safe side’ return to their ‘old flame’ paid media, BUYING SPONSORED STORIES, BANNERS, NATIVE ADS, ... KATE SPADE NEW YORK Shoppable Video Banner kate-spade-new-york-gives-the-banner- a-purpose-with-this-shoppable-video-ad TACO BELL Native advertising on/with Buzzfeed
  • 37. More clairvoyant CMO’s future-proof their efforts BY INTEGRATING CONTENT MARKETING AND CRM... HARRODS 360° integrated content marketing & - mobile / email / social - CRM + sold space / native ad solutions magazine-app/magazine-app/
  • 38. ... maximizing (owned) content ROI WITHIN ONE-TO-ONE* CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS NESPRESSO ‘Club Digizine’ (featuring exclusive member content) magazine/gb/en/home.html
  • 39. BIG DATA are making content & CRM-integration even more rewarding RENT THE RUNWAY Strong data enabling e.g. upsell strategies
  • 40. The key success metric, however, has always been & will always be “WANT TO SEE OR READ” MONT BLANC The Beauty of a Second: short-film contest (crowdsourced / curated content) http:// m/#/en/; http://results.epica-
  • 41. SANOMA CONTENT MARKETING 0032 (0)15 67 83 77