How To Win a Woman's Heart (HD)


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‘How to win a woman’s heart when you’re an average cowboy with a big nose’ is exactly what you already thought it was when you read the title, summarized in 20 random recipes and conveniently subtitled in content marketingese.

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How To Win a Woman's Heart (HD)

  1. 1. How to win a woman’s heart when you’re an average cowboy with a big nose @FrankDelmelle
  2. 2. 20 random recipes subtitled in content marketingese
  3. 3. Be ready for her Real-time ready
  4. 4. Surprise her Get her attention
  5. 5. Make her laugh No humor = no engagement
  6. 6. Tell her she looks fab Loyalty requires congrats
  7. 7. Encourage her to buy more shoes Make your content shoppable
  8. 8. Write her regularly Check: editorial calendar
  9. 9. Have no fear No confidence = no influence
  10. 10. Never BS her Always be relevant (especially when gamifying)
  11. 11. Manage your facial hair Take your brand id seriously
  12. 12. Make yourself useful ‘Youtility’ builds loyalty
  13. 13. Share a dream Feed aspiration
  14. 14. Make an amazing impression, every time Care for your cover
  15. 15. Let her come to you Be found by Google Hummingbird
  16. 16. Get to know her Collect all her data (She likes ‘empathic’ better than ‘creepy’)
  17. 17. Make sure she knows you’re talking to her Check local-mobile targeting
  18. 18. Aim at soft spots Curate cute animals
  19. 19. Give her a break Grow old-fashioned desire
  20. 20. Make her feel at home Consider native advertising
  21. 21. Astonish her She might help your content go viral
  22. 22. Sing her a song Music was her first love
  23. 23. ... Or: save yourself more trouble...
  24. 24. And talk to an expert
  25. 25. winning women’s hearts since 1889.