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  1. 1. ffi;l {{ :
  2. 2. Wh4t sqrt oI clty do ^ C ^lt- - YOU Want 7ollongong Futures is an exciting project involving the whole communify. Together, we can create a vision for our cily and plan a future that generations to come can enjoy and share. Wollongong Futures is a chance to get involve d and help ensure we all work towards reaching that vision. BrieF ttistory A community survey identified the need to establish a vision for the City of Wollongong. At the same time, there was a clear need to review the crtys statutory planrrLng too1, the Local EnvirSrun"ent plan (LEp). That orovided an exciting oppor-tunity to begin a planning process to draw together all elements of the city and lts future. flollongong Futures, as it is now known, will produce a vision and goals for the city, and ensure that all subsequent plans suppolt that vision. l:: FAq I;.;.;1.
  3. 3. UlhY do Ve ned q Visioning topzf?Tollongong faces many challenges. Like many cities around the world, we are in a transition petidfrom traditional industries to a more diverse economy.This impacts direct$ on local areas through issues including: . Economic issues (unemployment, closing down of traditional industries, etc); . Demographic trends (gentrification, ageing population, diversity, etc); . Changing social needs (housing, education, social services, etc); . Social problems (drug use, crime, etc);In modern cities the wodd over, local government finds it hard to fund and manage the multitude ofemerging issues, and is in a continual state of crisis management.W.ollongong Futures,with its community yisioning process,was developed out of these circumstancesto address the issues by: . Focussing on a wider range of concerns, . Seriously considering and incorporating community values, . Gearing towards the future and preparing for uncertainty and change, . Developing a shared vision to focus development efforts.*hl.qt ie Wohngorrg Frfivra?NTollongong Futures is a strategic planning initiative.Strategic planning determines where an organisation is going and how it is going to get there.In;strategic planning, flexibility is very impoftant in order to be creative arrd react to new developments.To develop .a strategig plan an organisation needs to develop a vision. A vision provides guidance andmotivation for the following strategic planning process.Visioning is a process in which a community thinks about the future it wants, develops a shared vision,and plans how to achieve it.The visioning process: Provides a clearer understanding of community values and incorporates it into planning; . Identifies issues and trends that influence development in communities; C.onvgYs a comprehensive future-orientated view to guide short and long-term decision making in the city; and Develops action plans and implementation toois to achieve a preferred future in the city.If the visioning process does not lead to a vision - and an action plan to reach the vision - then thereis little point in undertaking it.*Ames, Steuan C. (Ed), A Guide to Community Vtsioning (American Plttnning Axociation, Wasbingiltn DC, 1998): p 3 - 5
  4. 4. o{e te underlyiry pfinai ple* The, undedying principles of l7ollongong Futures are sustainability and inclusiveness.Sustainability A sustainable community can face the future with confidence because it has a secure and renewable supply of resources, a strong social fabric and a healthy environment, which combine to support all varieties of life for the long term, both locally and globally. Tollongong Futures will endeavour to promote the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of current and future generations.Inclusiveness Participation, communication and coordination are vltal aspects of strategic planning. l7ollongong City Council accepts the communitys crucial role in the development of Wollongong Futures. As part of that process, Council is committed to moving away from a semi-bureaucratic leadership style to a system of involved community governance. It is important to get genuine community representation and involvement during the process. Care should be taken in compiling representative groups to involve everybody, including the traditionally silent voices.Consislanc wit ota initiqtiva Wollongong Futures is consistent with both the Plan First initiatives of the NSW Government and Local Agenda 2L.Plan First The Plan First State Government initiative, to modernise the plan-making system in NS7, endeavours to promote sustainable economic development. Plan Firsts aim is to enable closer working relationships, for effective coordination of actions, to reach a preferred future. Like the Plan First initiative, Wollongong Futures is a global and holistic strategic approach that will flow through to different levels of planning to achieve sustainabilitylocal Agenda 21 Agenda 21 refers to the agreement between 160 countries participating at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio in 7992. The intent of this conference was to get the wodd leaders to commit and work towards global sustainability. Chapter 28 of Agenda 21 describes the role of local authorities and is referred to as Local Agenda 21. J As with LocalAgenda 2l,Wollongong Futures also: . Takes a long term perspective, . Aims at sustainability and inclusiveness, . Is implementation oriented.
  5. 5. ffifii:l,l!i:r!iI:!r::r: ttoW do Ve aange te Fr;/rvre? The role of the vision is to define a preferred future for the city and to align the Council, community and other relevant agencies or stakeholders effofis to reach the goal. The elements used to ensure implementation and support of the plans in the Wollongong Futures process include: . The positioning of the Tollongong Futures Vision as the, or part of the, flollongong Strategic Plan that drives the corporate plan; An action plan as part of the visioning process; Internal and external coordination and partnerships within council, with stakeholders and the community; The development of a decision support system that addresses the vision; The development of a monitoring and evaluation system to measure how the city is developing in relation to the specific goals under the vision or strategic plan; Review of the strategic plan in the future. FiSore t. Reaeing 1,e PreFerreA Folore la.lning tile preFerred Foire e.fua and al6niry qll eFForts of, te aannlrnity, b"rSineSS qnd garlernnent to it ig ar,.raiql in &pital Nork* reaaingtqt desired f,rrfu re. Progrqh vqnA lsel fransport PR69SN.r Planning € covtonic DeveloPl.,ent >a-Ziql and d^rlturql Planning 6nvironnevrtql ttana3esevrt Fqilure to dentif,y l.e preTerred Foture or to align all drivtn3 Fozeg lo ti9 eonnan goal will ras"rlt in qn undesirolle f,utrre
  6. 6. Figtre Z. Plqae in or3q^igqtioval 9trtclore SlfgR iJAL Rg6lor.lAt ACflVtflgS gtrfgRr.lAL 4oNSTRANrS 9tqte 6overnr^ evl ASertcieg, Le3islation, 6eanorrr/, f€Y Stq[€olderst dc. 6nvirannent, ata. C,.tl*,.tre, v 9lPlirE Glc Pl-ANNllNlG gpqtiql Plqn (ttP) goeiql Pla,n Corporale Plqn Buginess Plqns 6nvironnentql Plqn eta. BoAgds dc. Rg?ORflN6 lndiaatorg, Monitonn3, 6vq[;qtion U-- €xeecldiong f,ronn Wollongon3 Folrtres The broad aim of the Wollongong Futures Project is: To establish a vision based on the principles of sustainability and inclusiveness to take Tollongong into the future, . To formulate an implementation plan to do it, and . To establish a monitoring and reporting process to evaluate progress.Page 5
  7. 7. ffi#sffi,;lM.. ffi$#frr Objectives T:.jj,:T:"::.H:Hffi;T::?:"ff,"en, s,ra,esies and p,ans, . Acknowledge changing character and pro actively plan for it, . Identify a range of key issues and subsequent strategies, . Facilitate participation in all sectors (community, political and inter-agency), . Identfy and build on community values, o Create general common ownership of plans, "r,iill . Design and implement (contribute to) a decision support system, . Develop indicators to measure progress, . Develop a reporting system that will flow back into the strategic plan. Partnerships Partnerships arc vital to achieve the vision for 7ollongongs future. Coordination, the facilitation of participation and the role that partnerships play in this regard is an important element of the Wollongong Futures project. Partnerships refer to: . Active involvement of different groups in the Tollongong Local Government Area, . The establishment of dialogue between groups, o Consultation and consensus building with groups, . Coordination and communication. These groups refer to the: . Citizens (the community), . Elected officials (councillors), . State government agencies, . Key stakeholders, . Council staff, etc. Products It is expected that thd 7ollongong Futures project will provide the following primary product: A vision statement and action plan that will: . Drive the corporate plan; Contribute to other strategic planning initiatives like the LEP, social plan, budget, etc; o Contribute to a decision suppofi system to suppofi implementation; and o Conffibute to the development indicators that will support the evaluation of Xtrllongongs development.
  8. 8. Ttfg:progess followed in the Wollongong Fufures project is based on rhe Oregon Model Ftgre 9. (e Nollangoq €tlures P(o.e99 NrtsRg ARS W6 NttgRg ARg N6 r{oN ? GoltJ6? Prof,ile 6annnrrnity frends qnd Pegeqrzr, Probqlle Dqtq 4olleation, ,.e^qrio9 Data 4anpilaton, Deternnine ASre-eA 9lalet"er*s Data Analysel Correr* TrenAs Assess Bqged 6omnntrnit! frendi lnpaat €oats Grap r4siots 4ons,rltatian, qnd and dq.EBoeA Diala3ues Cannruni 9urrJeyt. Probqble 9cettafio. ttoN ARg N€ GoItJa ? PohlDa E @r fiew ? Moniton^3 and 6valuation, Aetion/lnptennentqtion Plqn ldentif,ieation and Developnent ldentif,y Gaals of, lndiaatorl Develop glrate3ies qnd 9etting Pnorities 6stqllishent of, Reporiing and Dateloe qe+ian qnd lmpleuevrt qgehdqs FeeAbqcV System. Carpor ale Plan, Bldgat, Capital NarI+ Progran, Lqnd rJse Planning, Irangort Planning, €.o^otie Develaprnen{ 6nrJiromentql Mana3enen{ Saeiql qnJ C,-rlt.rral Planning ate.rSl.I3lx:tl:.ll :t I:i :" i ...) :
  9. 9. t lnpbnnartation S.everal overlapping implementation elements are crucial to the success of the project. Although they do not form parl as a.distinct phase in the process as set out under the previous heading, the! wi[ form part of it throughout the process. Community Participation The aim of this element is involve the communiw and build community and political suppolt for the project. The community participation element of follongong Futures aims to involve the community in all phases of the process. The objectives of this initiative will be to: . Facilitate real community participation, o Promote community ownership, . Build public awareness. v €i3ore 4.4onnnunt Portieipation in hlollongong Folores r---- , 1 NrERs_ARs N6 ? { Profile 4annurni NroN B fflrrry^dffi**sl*h,.fr-.% f $ { SrJRVgy, t *ow Ae6 N€ GoltJG? so"pL. [, WRER6 ARg N€ GolttG ? $ IJ Manitarinq qnd 6vql,.rqtion 9urvey /,/ FoCu!,6RDrlP frends qnd Probo,ble gzenariog i3 i- liy ,9tallaolders 4or$,Uhllly P-F"rnc"6r;; i I 4onnuni Advisory 6ro,.rp, feznieql NorLing 6roup, f Residents, L3eweie9, v$ ttoN Do N€ Ce€f leW ? Aation/lr.plennentqtian Plqn .i@ Organisation/ Coordination The interaction between the Council, citizens, and all other key stakeholders will neecl to be organised and coordinated. As it is not possible to run the visioning process with all individuals in the city, various advisory and working groups will be essential t6 ihe success of the process. Bngaf
  10. 10. Communication and Promotion Communication is very important throughout the visioning process. A specific communication strategy will be put in place to ensure the community is educated, informed and invited to become involvedl" The main aim of the Tollongong Futures communication strategy is to engage and activate the community on the question: what sort of city do you want rWollongong io beZ, The communication strategy will ensure that: . A widespread positive awareness is created about Wollongong Futures; Participation is encouraged in the project; Information is disseminated; . The community is interested and involved in the exchange of ideas across the ciry; . The iTollongong Futures communication strategy w-ill er.en go further than the immediate proiect activities and seek to promote the projects broader themes of innovation and creativity, and celebration of the citys cultural diversity. Filo.e 9 Nollongang Fottces Coordinqtion glatdrore V- NaLLoNl6or.l6 Clfl b)t.J4;l! Io rati€! te strate3! p(o.e99 and developnnant To coordivrod,e developnnent qnd revievJ of, te stratejy and pravide rezant"rn,on,o ns / qAttice lo Cz,oneil on 1e develapr"ent of, te visio^ and aation plans (hJollon3on3 Ftlores )f,or -ie el. coFg hrfgRNlAL IEAM Mana3e ,.e proiecl, caordivtqle inFornqtion qnd qetivities. 6yu,.rre {at inportant dlvisiono,l i9roe9 qre qAAresseA. ldegration of, Nollan3ong Folore; into oter plqns qnd polieies. Assist in ceseqrc, q^d provigiov o€ inFornqtion qnd relevqnt r.ariiu^i f,qzilitqtion. L cor,ttuNlFy ADVI9oRY 6RaUP lZCthJl4.AL NoRtrh.l6 6Roup ProviJe broqA lose involvenent in review o.F Provide slrale3ic direcfion and ideqg ta qddress in te aurteoue9 in eqe of, te tte 9+q3e9 i^ strrdy. 6nsura arganisational/zit! Wide igrt)e9 qre te pro3rann. Aetively partieipate in te identif,ied qnA qAAregseA. Provide ro,rnding boqrd in variaus inp,-rtlworl4op 9e59io^t tat develap te relqtion ta vigio^ and strqfur, direcliovt &"alify rJision qnd aation plan. Provide linuFeedbqcV to aezL plan). feznieql qdvi." i^ cortrge oF qelion. teir once rcliort plan derleloped, evsrre qetro,tt, AatelopA stqll€ol derste nei3bourood zorlrtiltee or 3rotp dc| Ne iy*e3raleA into 6a"rnails plqns qnd /or a3evtcy b,jSiness plqn9. 9peziFic wor[ing 1roop9 lo qAAregs AiFFerer* issteg qnd iderrtif,ied 1ennet.Fag" 9
  11. 11. Communication ToolsS7ill lnclude: . The logo . Newspaper articles . Editorial endorsements o Newsletters . Web site and Geographical . Public meetings . Special publications Information System . Special events, etc . Public service announcements Program and Timing A detailed project program has been compiled for the 7ollongong Futures process up to the completion of the visioning element of the process. The rest of the project has been preliminarily scheduled. The following table sets out the main tasks and general timing of the project. Jan -Jun 2002 TASKS Jul -Dec 2003 TASKS . Profiling the community r Action planning . Trends and probable scenarios . flollongong Local Plan review . Internal LEP review . Vision survey . Communiry survey o Action pianning workgroups . Community participation design . Place Based Local Plan/Development Control Plan (DCP) workshops o Communication strategy . Communication PRODUCTS . Proiect outline PRODUCTS . . Action Plan Promotion matetial r Vision document Jul -Dec 2002 TASKS . Profiling the community Jan -Dec 2004+ TASKS . . Monitoring system development Trends and probable scenarios . . 7ollongong Local Plan review Visioning o Place Based LocalPlan/DCP workshops . Internal LEP review . . Communication Community suffey . Communication PRODUCTS . Place Based Local Plan (DCP) PRODUCTS . Community profile . Community values . Technical working group and Concbsion community advisory group Wollongong Futures is a very important strategic planning process. Jan -Jun 2003 TASKS It will help decide the future paths* that the cofirmunity takes to cteate a o VisioningI citywhere they want to live. . Action planning . Wollongong Futures will help the city Vollongong Local Plan review to take control of its own destiny. . Visioning feedback . Communication strategy update PODUCTS r Vision strategy framework
  12. 12. {WorroNcoNc City of Innouatlon 6 a q ! c .> C c c e C c o o c L N c @ q a o a o o E o