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Agile Test Management with Open Source Testing
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Agile Test Management with Open Source Testing


When an organization moves to agile software development methodology it becomes easier to forget about agile performance testing. Many organizations depend on PushToTest to educate agile teams on …

When an organization moves to agile software development methodology it becomes easier to forget about agile performance testing. Many organizations depend on PushToTest to educate agile teams on agile load and performance tests. Agile got developers and testers talking to one another. Agile performance testing gets business managers and technical team members communicating.

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  • 1. Managing Software Projects With Agile MethodologyAGILE PERFORMANCE TESTING Open Source Software (OST) Adoption Todd Bradfute, bradfute@pushtotest.comFrank Cohen, +01 408-871-0122, fcohen@pushtotest.com August 2, 2011
  • 2. Open Source Test AutomationAbout PushToTest‣Our Mission: We Test, For A More Reliable World‣Make It Easier To Move From Manual To Automated Testing‣Support Advanced Testing, including Agile, Load, Integration‣Open Source Testing (OST) For Everyone2
  • 3. Open Source Test Automation Intellectual Property of PushToTest. (c) 2009 All rights reserved.Your Team ‣fcohen@pushtotest.comFounder, PushToTest Frank Cohen, CEO and ‣bradfute@pushtotest.com Services, PushToTest Todd Bradfute, Professional
  • 4. Open Source Test AutomationSlides on Twitter‣http://twitter.com/fcohen‣Please retweet‣Please follow me4
  • 5. Open Source Test Automation Next let’s talk about Agile Open Source Testing ‣Test Driven Development ‣Roles and Fungability ‣Testing and Test Management5
  • 6. Open Source Test AutomationAgile Is Seldom Achieved‣Test-First development‣Resource interchangeability (aka “fungibility”)‣Commercial tools lock test tools to “testers”‣OST lets everyone on the team be more involved.
  • 7. Open Source Test AutomationOverview‣Test Driven Development‣Resource Fungibility‣OST as the Lingua Franca‣Certification using OST‣Demonstrable Results‣Detailed Results‣Provable Results
  • 8. Open Source Test AutomationTest Driven Development‣Write the test before implementing the feature ‣To expand lookupZip(String addr) to return zip+4 • First: write test that expects #####-#### as output • Second: Run it and watch it fail because output is ##### • Third: Change implementation • Fourth: Run it and watch it pass ‣You’re finished adding the feature when this (and all other) tests pass‣OST enables TDD
  • 9. Open Source Test AutomationResource Fungibility‣Any person can work any task‣Most Agile teams don’t even try‣The prize is extreme velocity and flexibility!
  • 10. Open Source Test AutomationOST - The Lingua Franca‣Cross testing ... i.e. person A’s code is tested by person B ‣A and B are both members of the agile team ‣Both A and B may be developers, but not testing their own code‣Using OST the team selects a standard tool set‣On the current Best Buy project the primary OST is soapUI
  • 11. Open Source Test AutomationCertification Using OST‣At Best Buy the organization has a “certification” process ‣Starts with the sub-teams own test artifacts ‣Reviews plans and execution output ‣tests Responsible for repurposing tests as concurrency/load/performance
  • 12. Open Source Test AutomationDemonstrable Tests‣Reports are saved to the database‣The Agile process is enabled by using Rally‣Process flow: ‣User Story -> Test Case -> Test Card -> Test Results -> Test Output
  • 13. Open Source Test AutomationRally/TestMaker integration
  • 14. Open Source Test AutomationEasy Control For Everybody PushToTest TestCards - Best Buy fcohen signed-in, help, sign-out Welcome To TestMaker TestCards TestMaker Enterprise 6.0.1 3rd Party Connector View Results Delete Licensed for 50 virtual users Associate Rally User Story and 10 service monitors Create Copy New TestCard Assign To Rally List TestCards My TestCards 3rd Party Connector TSH Mock Services Address Lookup Verizon Registration
  • 15. Open Source Test AutomationDetailed Results‣Seeing a pass is comforting, but how do you know it really did?‣Use drill-down to see details on a passing case‣Drill down from a fail to the actual error messages‣Anyone on the team can review any pass/fail results
  • 16. Open Source Test AutomationTransaction Report
  • 17. Open Source Test AutomationDrilled Down Detail‣Input: ‣http://server1.bestbuy.com/TSH/v1/offers HTTP/1.1 ‣… ‣{ "variable1": "value1", "variable2": "value2" …}‣Output: ‣HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error ‣... ‣<response> ‣ <error>Unrecognised resource: offers</error>
  • 18. Open Source Test AutomationProvable Results‣Test results should be 100% reliable, but what’s the safety net?‣Run it again, Sam.‣Rally -> Test Case -> TestCard -> Execute
  • 19. Open Source Test Automation Next let’s talk about Agile Performance Testing ‣Test Orchestration ‣Repurposing Methodology ‣Cloud and Grid Deployment19
  • 20. Open Source Test AutomationWhy An OST Alternative?‣the Internet Professional does a great job for testing a small part of HP QuickTest ‣Functional Testing (Smoke, Regression, Integration) ‣Windows using ActiveX ‣Flash, Flex ‣MS Internet Explorer ‣Web 2.0 with Coding Effort ‣Best Money Can Buy20
  • 21. Open Source Test AutomationOST For Everywhere Else‣Open Source Testing Tools ‣TestMaker Object Designer ‣Selenium ‣Sahi ‣Unit Tests (Java, Ruby, Python, PHP)‣Record in WebKit based browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera), IE, Firefox‣Agile Testing, Agile Performance Testing and Production Monitoring‣Rich Internet Applications (RIA,) Mobile, Pads‣OST For Everyone (Developers, Testers, Business Managers)21
  • 22. Open Source Test AutomationOST Architecture Application Under Test PTTMonitor Web, RIA, BPM, SOA CPU, Net, Memory Test Injector Bundles ScriptRunners Data Production Libraries MySQL, HtmlUnit Sahi, Selenium, SoapUI, Java csv files, rdbms queries Test Operation Console Designer Grid and Cloud Repository Results Analysis Record/Playback Test Deployment MySQL RDBMS Business Intelligence Tool Continuous Integration Test Management22
  • 23. Open Source Test AutomationWhere To Go From Here‣Watch A Screencast and Tutorial ‣http://www.pushtotest.com/screencastcentral‣Attend An Open Source Test Workshop ‣http://workshop.pushtotest.com‣Ask For A Proposal on Licenses, Training, Support, Consulting ‣Call +01 408 871 0122, sales@pushtotest.com23