Tips to help a person through a change


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7 tips to help a person through a change. Includes, for example, listening to the person and helping the person create a strategy for change.

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Tips to help a person through a change

  1. 1. 7 tips to help a person through a change
  2. 2. Tip # 1 Listen to how the person feels
  3. 3. Make it possible for people to share their feelings with others. Hayes, John: The Theory and Practice of Change Management, p. 155.
  4. 4. High energy Angry Alert Nervous Excited Stressed Happy Upset Sad Contented Depressed Relaxed Fatigued Calm Low energy
  5. 5. Listening tips
  6. 6. Tip # 2 Find out where in the change cycle the person is
  7. 7. Energy 7 Reflection and learning 2 Denial 1 Shock 6 Consolidation 3 Depression 5 Testing 4 Letting go Acceptance of reality Hayes, John: The Theory and Practice of Change Management, p. 151. Time
  8. 8. Tip # 3 Help the person analyze arguments for and against the change
  9. 9. Encourage the person to do a careful, thoughtful analysis, for and against the change.
  10. 10. Example Arguments for investing in a smartphone Arguments against investing in a smartphone
  11. 11. Tip # 4 If the person resists change, find out why
  12. 12. Problem analysis methods
  13. 13. Reasons why people resist change
  14. 14. Tip # 5 Help the person discover his/her values
  15. 15. Questions to discover values
  16. 16. Tip # 6 Help the person make a strategy to change
  17. 17. Help the person make a strategy that focuses on realistic goals. Example Setting a goal of changing a few specific behaviors such as less shouting is more effective than focusing on personality aspects such as interpersonal sensitivity, empathy, and sociability.
  18. 18. Things to do to reach the goal When to do them Task # 1 Tuesday morning. Task # 2 Thursday afternoon.
  19. 19. Tip # 7 Help the person repeat new behaviour
  20. 20. Deliberate practice requires steady, consistent repetition over time, until new behaviors take root in the body as new habit. As Aristotle put it: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.”
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