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What differences are there between women and men?
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What differences are there between women and men?


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14 differences between women and men. …

14 differences between women and men.

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  • 1. What differences are there between women and men?
  • 2. Here are 14 questions about differences between women and men. How many can you get right?
  • 3. Question # 1 Who weighs more?
  • 4. The body size of men is, on average, 10% larger than that of women. Hofstede, Geert: Cultures and organizations, p. 137 and 462.
  • 5. As the bone structure of a girl develops, she develops broader hips and narrower shoulders.
  • 6. As the bone structure of a boy develops, he develops broader shoulders and narrower hips.
  • 7. Further inspiration
  • 8. Question # 2 For whom is meaning more important than pay and status?
  • 9. Men Women Most men rate pay and status higher than meaning. Most women rate meaning higher than pay and status.
  • 10. Further inspiration
  • 11. Question # 3 How do women lie? How do men lie?
  • 12. Women tend to lie about their age and their weight.
  • 13. And women tend to lie to make the person they are talking to feel good.
  • 14. Men tend to lie about their earnings and their height.
  • 15. And men tend to lie to make themselves look better.
  • 16. Question # 4 Who has more social competence?
  • 17. Women experience more emotions than men do.
  • 18. Women tend to be a little better than men on average at sensing in the moment what the other person is feeling. Daniel Goleman
  • 19. Women are rated on average as having greater levels of social competence than men.
  • 20. Board members observed that female directors tended to seek the opinions of others and tried to ensure that everyone in the boardroom take part in the discussion.
  • 21. Empathy derives, originally, from maternal care. Frans de Waal
  • 22. Women have, on average, more emotional intelligence than men. Groups with more women therefore tend to be smarter. Thomas Malone
  • 23. Women cooperate more than men in mixed-sex interactions. However, male-male interactions are more cooperative than female-female interactions.
  • 24. Further inspiration
  • 25. Question # 5 Who has deeper relationships?
  • 26. Men Women Men build wide networks but not deep relationships. Women build deep relationships with a few people. Sources
  • 27. Men get a lot more help from their contacts than women do from their contacts. Study by Lily Fang and Sterling Huang of 1,815 Wall Street analysts.
  • 28. Gender distribution on Twitter
  • 29. Protected accounts by gender on Twitter
  • 30. Question # 6 Who is more likely to disregard guidance from others?
  • 31. Studies show that men are more likely than women to disregard guidance from others.
  • 32. Men are more narcissistic than women.
  • 33. Men do not feel well when being interrupted.
  • 34. Further inspiration
  • 35. Question # 7 Whose voice do people find more pleasing?
  • 36. Scientific studies have shown that people generally find women's voices more pleasing than men's.
  • 37. Further inspiration
  • 38. Question # 8 Who has fewer children: Female or male leaders?
  • 39. The higher women climb up the corporate ladder, the fewer children they have. For men, it’s the opposite.
  • 40. Question # 9 Who takes more risks?
  • 41. Women tend to apply for senior roles if they consider that they meet 100% of selection criteria. Men apply if they think they meet 60% of requirements.
  • 42. Under stress, men take more risk and women take less risk.
  • 43. Further inspiration
  • 44. Question # 10 Who lives longer?
  • 45. Years that women outlive men
  • 46. Women live longer than men mostly because they avoid a risky lifestyle. Women avoid risk because they are primary care-givers.
  • 47.
  • 48. 4 reasons 1. Later age at marriage led to fewer pregnancies, reducing women's risk of dying in childbirth. 2. Access to food and health care within households became more equal. 3. Greater migration and trade increased the spread of disease, disadvantaging men. 4. Urban settings led to more competition for mates, causing increased male risk-taking behavior. Through most of history, women lived shorter lives than men. That changed towards the 15th century.
  • 49. Question # 11 Who is more aggressive?
  • 50. Men have 7 to 8 times the concentration of testosterone in their blood plasma than women do.
  • 51. Question # 12 Who uses more body language?
  • 52. When entering a room, women tend to use 27 distinct behaviours while men displayed only 12 distinct gestures.
  • 53. Further inspiration
  • 54. Question # 13 Who recognizes faces better?
  • 55. When women were shown images of unfamiliar people, eye-tracking technology showed that they fixed upon the faces 10% to 40% more times than men did.
  • 56. Girl babies pay attention to facial expressions. Boy babies pay attention to toys.
  • 57. Question # 14 Who likes brighter colours better?
  • 58. Favourite colours of men Source Survey of 232 people from 22 countries.
  • 59. Source Survey of 232 people from 22 countries. Favourite colours of women
  • 60. Background color preferences among male Twitter users
  • 61. Background color preferences among female Twitter users
  • 62. Further inspiration
  • 63. Thank you for your interest. For further inspiration and personalized services, feel welcome to visit Have a great day.