100 Years Epilogue


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100 Years Epilogue

  1. 1. Milestone Projects of DA with UPLB 6. Indigenous Plants for Health and Wellness Program DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND Given the rising demand for herbal products and plant raw materials UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES LOS BAÑOS catering to health and wellness, the Philippines is making a pitch for medicinal tourism. It is high time that a program specifically addressing Forging Strong Ties for Agricultural Growth indigenous plants is established. DA, together with UPLB, launched the “Indigenous Plants for Health and Wellness RDE Program” in October 2007. This is in support to the AJJACALAN Proclamation No. 1280 which declared October as National Health and Wellness Tourism Month. This collaborative effort with UPLB takes into consideration the Philippine biodiversity wherein plant species other than the conventional food crops are studied for their health promoting values. This program is seen to help improve the country's health status while boosting its local economy. The indigenous plants of the country are explored and utilized for their functional use and as sources of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and other raw materials for the industry. PHOTOS BY RDELACRUZ
  2. 2. AJJACALAN The Department of Agriculture (DA) is the principal Milestone Projects of DA with UPLB agency of the Philippine government responsible for the promotion, development, and enhancement of agriculture 5. Biotechnology and fisheries industries. Inasmuch as DA implements applied researches In pursuit of this, it provides the policy framework, helps which have direct impact on the lives of farmers direct public investments, and provides the support services and fisherfolk, it never fails to recognize the necessary to make agriculture and agri-based enterprises importance of basic or upstream research. It profitable in partnership with the local government units contributes to new knowledge and insights that may lead to breakthroughs and the development (LGUs), private sector, local communities to help spread the and enhancement of generating new benefits of development to the poor, particularly those in the technologies. UPLB has established a working rural areas. framework for biotechnology researches to minimize uncertainties when research outputs are shared to prospective beneficiaries. Although basic research results may not immediately find their way to adoption and utilization, DA believes that conducting basic and strategic research is an Agriculture Secretary Arthur C. Yap investment for the future. The underlying principle is to increase their research applications which are vital to technology development. Major Contributions/Accomplishments With the new direction and priorities set by AJJACALAN Secretary Yap, DA has strengthened its support in S ecretary Arthur C. Yap has the conduct of basic research aimed at addressing marshaled the entire DA's the emerging issues and concerns that resources behind the beset the agriculture and fishery sectors. In implementation of the Five Pillar Programs particular, researches on agricultural designed to help the farmers and biotechnology covering both modern and fisherfolk productively and profitably traditional biotech. manage their farms. These programs involve the completion of more 1) Among the recent developments are on irrigation and road infrastructure, 2) high-yielding seed varieties for corn, access to technology, extension services vegetables, and legumes; developments of and rural credit, 3) building postharvest bio-organic fertilizers such as the Bio-Con drying and storage facilities for on-farm and Bio-N, and implementation of the site- production use, and 5) access to domestic specific nutrient management for corn. and international markets. Through the DA-UPLB efforts on PHOTOS BY AJJACALAN and CDEGUZMAN information and knowledge management, His major directions and policy people are assured of appropriate and initiatives are geared on sustainable and timely information on biotechnology breakthrough profitable farms and agribusiness as key and information for development. factor to the future growth and development of the Philippine
  3. 3. Milestone Projects of DA with UPLB Milestone Projects of DA with UPLB T he UPLB has carved its solid research and development (R&D), DA When DA initiated and set the reputation as a premiere recognizes and supports such directions to formulate the national 4. Agricultural Value-adding and learning institution in the endeavor particularly, in UPLB’s research agenda and programs and Postharvest Technologies fulfillment of its research, country and in Asia. For years now, it systematized the funding and resource has kept its lead in generating diverse development, and extension (RDE) allocation for R&D, DA knew that Generating yield-improving technologies and breakthroughs in the hard sciences functions. forging ties with UPLB will make the expanding them into high-value commodities is the including key areas in social sciences. An effective and sustainable agriculture sector stronger, key to meet the much needed opportunities for job As UPLB aims to secure its partnership entails a high level of productive, and competitive. creation and income growth among our farmers, position as the leader in agricultural commitment and complementation. fisherfolk and the rural sector. With breakthroughs in technology development and management, significant innovations are discovered DA has partnered with UPLB through various collaborative endeavors. to keep us abreast with the fast-changing time. Among them include: Presently, DA is exploiting the strength of R&D to discover more productive procedures to enable 1. Enterprise and Agribusiness Development in the farmers and fisherfolk to effectively Agriculture Curriculum manage the entire production system and meet the challenges of globalization, As UPLB aims to strengthen its UPLB being an oasis of climate change, poverty alleviation, and position in the field of agricultural technology generators is holistic conservation and protection of our research and development, DA in its approach. It focuses on the PHOTOS BY AJJACALAN environment. hopes to inject “enterprise and capability to develop future agribusiness” in its agriculture experts and scientists in coming DA is giving strong emphasis on the role curriculum by aligning course up with interventions and of technology vis-à-vis the modernization offerings with a program innovations on how to better of agriculture and fisheries. The framework that will infuse modern build opportunities in the globalization thrust of DA is premised on perspectives on agribusiness agriculture sector with particular the development and management of technology. It is development in “businessizing” the emphasis on marketing and within this perspective that DA issued an Philippine agriculture for its increasing profitability of Administrative Order in 2006 mandating and various stakeholders and clientele. stakeholders through efficient authorizing the Bureau of Agricultural Research management of resources. (BAR) to orchestrate and provide the overall This collaborative effort hopes to coordination in the implementation of the National open the minds of young and Technology Commercialization Program (TechCom) promising students to the bright which is now instituted as one of its banner programs. and exciting business side of agriculture. The capabilities of Some of the most recent and high-impact future experts in agribusiness will collaborative projects with UPLB are on wine be developed to help them realize processing from indigenous fruits (Institute of Food the importance of looking into the Science and Technology), pineapple and citrus entire supply chain management waxing to prolong shelf-life (Postharvest Training from commodity production and Research Center), and Extended Hot Water PHOTOS BY RDELACRUZ and NDELROSARIO III activities to competitive Treatment (PHTRC), among others. marketing. RDELACRUZ
  4. 4. Milestone Projects of DA with UPLB Milestone Projects of DA with UPLB 2. Biofuels R&D Roadmap 3. ICT Capability as Tool to Enhance Technology Transfer With the increased economic activity and the ever- growing population that resulted in the ICT has brought many changes into the world by unprecedented exhaustion of primary energy enhancing human capacity in acquiring and demand, recent talks have drawn worldwide sharing information and knowledge. We now attention in finding the best alternative biofuel rely on these technologies for leveraging source. The issue has become global and the search information and knowledge gained and made for a sustainable and efficient bioethanol source them relevant to today's society. This powerful plays a major role in the country's drive towards tool can improve institutional management so energy independence. These gave DA the that our country can move towards globalization. opportunities to create more jobs for the agriculture sector. Over the years the Philippine government has invested substantially on ICT infrastructure . The newly-enacted Biofuels Law signed by These are harnessed to modernize Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on January 12, agriculture, particularly in strengthening 2007 is a landmark legal instrument that supported research-extension-farmer linkages for wider the adoption of biofuel as a viable alternative. DA, agricultural research and extension. The along with other concerned agencies, has fundamental concern is the dissemination of developed R&D roadmap for biofuels including timely, reliable, and comprehensive information identified commodities with potential as biofuel to ensure that R&D thrusts are well placed in the stock such as: cassava and jathropa, among others. formulation of policies, plans, and programs. DA is collaborating with the UPLB as primary DA collaborates with UPLB to strengthen its IT source of information and technologies in laying capability and interconnectivity with other the groundwork for utilizing the identified fuel Centers of Excellence, research institutions, and stocks, coming up with comprehensive feasibility ultimately down to the provincial and municipal studies, and generating the most appropriate levels. UPLB, being a repository of various production and management strategies through researches and technologies, will make its R&D for utilizing the fuel stocks for biofuel information accessible online and effectively production. linked with the DA's R&D and Extension information service centers. The biofuels R&D roadmap aims to identify commodities with potential for biofuel production, All relevant information on agriculture and production management and implications to fisheries technologies and researches are web- current market demand, and commercialization enabled for content build-up of the existing and expansion by linking the technology with databases housed in the centralized DA IT service investors through provision of relevant center for easy access and use of farmers and information . fisherfolk, and students. PHOTOS BY AJJACALAN and RDELACRUZ PHOTOS BY RDELACRUZ