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Plan b iu3

  1. 1. IU 3: Performance Objectives & Assessment The Plan B Program: Career Exploration and PlanningOVERVIEWIn under-performing schools, the terms “at-risk” and “disadvantaged” have been used interchangeablyto describe the student population in general and more specifically their performance. Many of theseschools suffer from a myriad of socioeconomic issues that range from decentralization and expansionto the outer suburbs, a dwindling tax base, limited civic involvement, underdevelopment, mediocreleadership, and an eroded value of education through negative peer pressure. In Dekalb CountyGeorgia, which is in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, the graduation rate is 78%. The overallgraduation rate for the state of Georgia in 2008 was 75.4% (Georgia Department of Education, 2008).What happens to the students that did not graduate? How do we address their needs and bring them intothe new economy. My proposed approach is to reach them middle school, when they still believe thatthey have possibilities for the future. The Plan B program is a career exploration and planningroadmap for “at-risk” students that provides practical activities and skills for the youth to identify areasof interest for a future career or trade.GOAL STATEMENTThe instructional goal of the Plan B Program is to provide student learners with the knowledge, skills,and tools, to perform career exploration research and develop a basic career plan. After completion ofthe program, the students will be able to describe what their primary field of interest is and demonstratethe capacity to build a revisable career plan to reach their intended career goal.INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES • The student will perform a self examination and a two generation analysis of family work history and chart the correlation between highest grade or degree earned and career/job status. • The student will be able to identify the requirements for admission of their suggested • The student will be able to define a job skill or talent, and research traditional and non- traditional career paths and trades for the 21st century.PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVESThe training for the program will take place at the home, classroom, and computer lab (CN). Thestudent learner will perform activities and tasks related to career planning and exploration (B). Theoutput of the activities and tasks will be a career plan that is completed fully with minimal errors (CR). Instructional Goal Instructional Goal with Assessment Performance ContextStudents will perform career The instructional goal of the Plan B The assessment is aexploration and develop a basic Program is to provide student combination of checklists andcareer plan. learners with the knowledge, skills, short answer questions to
  2. 2. and tools, to perform career validate the activities have exploration research and develop a been completed. basic career plan.The student will identify three While at school or home (CN), the Checklistpotential careers or trades. student will identify three potential careers or trades (B) they are 1. Complete the initial family interested in and rank them in order survey. highest interest to lowest interest 2. List existing talents and (CR). skills. 3. Complete the interest inventory.The student learner will research On the computer (CN), the student Short Answerhuman resource and workforce learner will research their careerdevelopment web sites. interest (B) on human resource and 1. Provide a brief overview of workforce development web sites the career interest. (CR). 2.The student will perform an On the computer (CN), the student Checklistinternet search of the knowledge, will perform a Google search of theskills, and abilities required for knowledge, skills, and abilities 1. Verify the bookmarks in thehis top career interest. (B)required for his top career browser menu. interest. The students will find 2. List the KSAs for the top three job announcements and field of interest. bookmark their website locations (CR).The student will compile the In the classroom (CN), the student Checklistinformation from the lesson and will compile the information fromcomplete templates for career the lesson (B)and complete the 1. Validation of the careerplanning and seeking a virtual Plan B career planning template planning template.mentor. (CR). PLAN B – PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE CHECKLIST CRITERIA YES NO Student Learner completes the initial Family Survey. Student Learner identifies existing skills and talents. Student Learner completes the Interest Inventory. Student Learner researches career interests and examines the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the career or trade.
  3. 3. Student Learner reviews current admissions criteria and program costs for training in their field of choice. FINAL OUTCOMES - PLAN B PRODUCT Student Learner participation Student Learner constructs their career plan in the Plan B template with 80% of the required elements from the training. Student Learner participates in training survey and reviews and modifies the plan as needed moving forward.SUMMARYThe Plan B Program is designed to provide 8th grade male students with exposure to the careerdevelopment process. Successful completion of the Plan B Program training will provide the studentlearner with the ability to create a basic career roadmap for the future. The expectation of theinstructional designer is that the student learners will chart a plan for the next five year period, whichshould lead them to graduation from high school. The performance objectives and assessment of theIU will validate that the student learners have acquired the tools, skills, and practical experience in anasynchronous environment. The combination of activities, assignments, and practice will build theskills towards reaching the overarching instructional goal, which can be revisited by the student learnerin the future to modify and adapt their plan.