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Plan b iu2

  1. 1. IU2: Task Analysis and Instructional Objectives IU2: Plan B Program Task Analysis by Frank ThorntonGoal StatementAfter completion of the program, the students will be able to describe what their primary field of interest is anddemonstrate the capacity to build a revisable plan to reach their intended career goal.First-Level Task AnalysisThe first level analysis for the Plan B Program has been a challenging exercise to identify the major steps for thetraining program. • Assessment of the student learner and determine career interests • Research of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the career or trade • Design and create the career exploration plan • Execute and revise the plan as needed and perform Formative Assessment • Perform Summative AssessmentIn-Depth Task AnalysisThe diagram on page 2 below depicts the in-depth analysis of the subordinate skills and entry behaviors for thePlan B Program.
  2. 2. 5.1 5 SummativeEvaluation Evaluation 4.1 4 4.2 FormativeImplement Monitor Plan Assessment 3 Planning 3.1 3.2 3.3 List job Admissions & Construct Plan KSAs Program Cost 2 Research 2.1 2.2 2.3 Choose (3) Research Review Careers Web sites Job listings 1Assessment 1.3 1.1 1.2 Interest Family Survey List Skills Inventory Entry Level Behaviors/Skill Flexibility and Choose a Possess basic willingness to career or trade PC Skills learn
  3. 3. Classification of Goal into a Domain of LearningThe goal of the Plan B Program is to improve the student learners capabilities within the Blooms TaxonomyCognitive Domain. The tasks of the program allow the student learner to ponder, research, design, and plan for thefuture. A student that has mastered the Plan B Program will have an adaptable plan to chart his future. Therequirements for achievement will be known and he will be able to see his progress towards his career interest.Review of Task Analysis by a Peer EvaluatorThe Plan B Program Task Analysis was evaluated by two peer evaluators. One peer evaluator was familiar with thegeneral concept of the program and the other evaluator had no insight into the project. The peer evaluator that wasunfamiliar with the program reviewed the initial task analysis. He made suggestions for me to clarify terminologyand reorganize steps in the planning and implementation process. The peer evaluator familiar with the concept ofthe program did not add any suggestions for modification of the initial task analysis created. As a result, I re-evaluated the suggestions from the first peer evaluator and made adjustments. While continuing the instructionaldesign process for the program, I will revise and adapt the plan as necessary moving forward.