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Middleware the open-source way: technical superiority and business opportunities for the digital age

Middleware the open-source way: technical superiority and business opportunities for the digital age



Presentation delivered at LinuxWorld 2005, San Francisco. www.flet.fr...

Presentation delivered at LinuxWorld 2005, San Francisco. www.flet.fr

Middleware is the new frontier for open source and brings opportunities to contain costs, to focus on innovative engineering, to find new sources of revenue and to go to market with unique competitive advantages. With members in about 80 countries and a team of 400 committers, ObjectWeb is a fast-growing, nonprofit organization that focuses on high-quality open source middleware. For example, JOnAS from ObjectWeb was the first open source application server developed in a nonprofit way to achieve J2EE certification. The benefits of open standard compliant, production-grade middleware is made available to everyone as an alternative, or as a complement, to proprietary solutions.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how open source players come together to build an ecosystem where users find high quality software and professional services. Case studies of open-source middleware deployed in production in government, healthcare, financial institutions and more will demonstrate that, however hidden, open source middleware is now a mainstream option that you should consider too.



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    Middleware the open-source way: technical superiority and business opportunities for the digital age Middleware the open-source way: technical superiority and business opportunities for the digital age Presentation Transcript

    • San Francisco, CA, USA - August 9, 2005 ObjectWeb: Middleware the Open Source Way Technical superiority and business opportunities for the digital age François LETELLIER – INRIA/ObjectWeb francois.letellier@objectweb.org © ObjectWeb 2005 www.objectweb.org
    • What’s Middleware Anyway? WfMc IBM advertisement Liberty WebServices BPEL e-business e-administration, … network « The function of middleware is to mediate interaction between SyncML the parts of an application, or Globus CORBA between applications » Java/J2EE OSGi XA HTML/XML www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2
    • Commoditization of Key Enabling Technologies Commodity Applications a Definition (Tim O’Reilly)  Water, Ore, Sugar, Bolts, Oil, … Middleware RAM, Microchips, …  Basic building blocks for many different purposes Operating  Sourced by more than System one producer  Uniform quality standards Hardware to which they conform Components www.objectweb.org Key Enabling Tech. Free Competition Open Standards3 F.Letellier –
    • Commodity Software: Free as in Free Beer $ Demand Manufacturing $ Software Demand Cost Cost Mkt size Quantity Mkt size Quantity Commodity Market The Software Exception  Significant value (huge demand)  Unbiased, close to “perfect  High cost for the first copy (entry competition” barrier)  Marginal production cost  Zero!  Shrunk margins are a  Unlimited supply competitive advantage  Nash equilibrium Radical drift to price  0 E.g.: sf.net – June 30, 2005 – Registered Projects: 102,362 … www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 4
    • FOSS: a Collective Strategy to Develop Commodity Middleware Because sooner or later, publishers of proprietary software have to compete against vendors of (almost) free substitutes Because software production costs can be reduced through collaborative engineering Because opening the source code is the best way to maximize the potential of collaboration And because collaborating when competing is pointless is the best way to keep innovating www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 5
    • 1st International Consortium for Open Source Middleware 2 005 J uly 60+ Corporate Members 1600+ Individual Members 3 continents, 75+ countries YANGFANSOFT www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 6
    • Organization Governance, Objectives Transparent Governance  Strategy: 12 board members  Technical vision: college of architects • Co-founded ’02 by Bull, INRIA, France Télécom R&D  Operations: executive committee • Hosted by INRIA (cf W3C) • Sponsored by Together Teamlösungen  Driven by the community of members A Heavyweight Open Source Player Business neutral and not for profit: Users ObjectWeb does not sell software nor services Contributors Wide roster of industry grade projects: Needs 80+ projects, 30 solutions Committers Compliance with open standards (W3C, OMG, JCP, OSGi, …) Code Management F/OSS License Code source Expertise & network: +3000 developers, 75 countries Version Management System www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 7
    • Third Generation of Free/Open Source Software Cha lleng ers Lead ers ASSOCIATIONS OF EAS “Magic Quadrant” Source: Gartner Research (April 2005) COMPANIES IBM J2EE BEA J2EE IBM T PM Ora cle SAP Micr osoft BEA TPM JBoss Ab ility ASSOCIATIONS OF to Tma x TPM Fujitsu Siemens TPM Execute Sun Fujitsu Pra mati NEC Borland Software Sybase Macr omedia Hita chi IO NA Ir onfl are Tmax J2EE INDIVIDUALS Caucho Trifork Kabira Technologies Kingdee O jectWeb b Zend Technolo gies No vell App istry Desider ata Software Paremus A of Apr il 2005 s Nich e Players Visio naries Co mpleten ess o f Visio n INDIVIDUALS BEA = BEA S ystems S n = Sun Microsystems u «Consider ObjectWeb when looking for Fujitsu Siemens = Fujitsu Sie mens Computers Tmax = Tmax Soft IONA = IONA T echno logies TPM = tr ansact ion-processing monitor J2EE = Java 2 Platfor m, Enterprise Edition Trifor k = Tr ifor k Technologies a single source for a comprehensive set Pramati = Pramati Technologies of open-source middleware and development tools». Yefim Natis, VP Distinguished From ethical to economical motivations Analyst, Gartner, November 2004 From techno-centric to business-centric www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 8
    • By Professionals For Professionals Big Companies I nnovative SM Es  Atos O rigin  ADN EOM Technologies  Bull  ARGIA  Code Lutin  Capgemini  Cotranet  Dassault Aviation  e-Care  EDF R&D  EBM WebSourcing  Engineeering Ingegneria Informatica  Ecensity Corp .  France Telecom R& D  EdifiXio  Iona  eMAXX  NEC Soft  Emic N etworks  Thales  Erlang -projects  Eteration  eXo Platform Public Sector / Academi a  Experlog  CEA  Fossil e-commerce  Char les University Prague  Funambol  CN AF  InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc  CNRS  Librados  French M inistr y of Interior  Linagora  Groupe des Ecoles des Télécommunications  Lynx  Guangzhou M iddl eware Research Center  Mandriva  MySQL  I3 S (UN SA - CNRS)  Open W ide  IM AG / LSR  Orbeon Inc  I N RI A  Red Hat  LIFL/ USTL  ScalAgent Distributed Technologies  LIP6  SourceBeat  SUSE LINUX  Together Teamlösungen  XQuark Group 1600 I ndividuals Members  XCalia www.objectweb.org  Yangfan soft F.Letellier – 9
    • How Business Models… …Add Up to an Innovation Ecosystem Innovation opportunities for all stakeholders www.objectweb.org
    • Growth of a Business Ecosystem: Case Study HOWL Business Ecosystem (James F. Moore) Competition Complimentar ity I ndust r y players « breed », live, die Neogia LongTeng T he ecosystem remains End users Application Server End users (1,000s End users companies) www.objectweb.org F.L etell ier – 11
    • FOSS Beefs Up Innovation Capacity ► Reuse  Cost containment Stronger commitment Innovation capacity  Contribute through adoption ► Double sourcing  Negotiation  Unlimited scalability / hybrid platforms ► Outsourcing  Contribute open source code to outsource maintenance and evolution  Percolation: outsource all which is not a competitive advantage ► Shared R&D  Flexible platform for collaborative engineering www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 1 2
    • FOSS Business Models Conservation of “Attractive Profits” (Christensen)  At any given point in time, not all the value stack is commoditized  Innovation happens on the boundary between open source and proprietary parts  Transient and permanent windows of opportunity Business Models (Most Often, a Blend of 2+)  Innovation Produces OSS Patronage, Optimization, Dual Licensing, Bait & Hook, Bait & Switch Emerging Commoditized  Added Value Opportunities Consulting, Subscription Hosted, Embedded www.objectweb.org Adoption F.Letellier – 1 3
    • Innovation &Technology Transfer from Academia Middleware is Hot  For pervasive, distributed computing  For software interoperability Share R&D Efforts  Gather real world needs  Faster technology transfer ActiveXML  Complement of activity in standardization bodies Carol Place of Research in the Business Ecosystem C-JDBC  Trust and professionalism CLIF  Virtuous cycle between fundamental research and industrial JORAM applications Fractal  Global outreach Rubis ProActive www.objectweb.org … F.Letellier – 1 4
    • Government & Citizenship Ethical Motivations Economical Knowledge to the people Motivations Architecture regulates (Lessig) Citizen scrutiny « Free as in Free Beer » China « Free as in Freedom » India Germany Code Public Invitations to Tender France Neutrality Base Laws & Regulations USA Spain Japan Korea « Open Source » UK Exemplarity Externalities of Free/Open-Source Brazil Prescription Opportunities for cost containment Russia Software quality Adaptability: no de facto regulations EU (Local) economical development etc… Technology independence Commons for Infrastructures www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 1 5
    • ObjectWeb gets boost from China research group Research institute joins open source middleware consortium 4 By James Niccolai, IDG News 7 6 Service 6 December 09, 2004 ObjectWeb, the European open source middleware consortium, has added a Chinese research institute to its membership in a move that could help broaden the use of its software in China, the groups said Thursday. www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 1 6
    • ObjectWeb Middleware Industrial Grade Software for All to Use www.objectweb.org
    • Software You Might Have Never Heard of…  JOnAS: J2EE Certified Application Server NO DEMO  eXo Platform: Enterprise Portal & CMS  Sync4j: Synchronization of Mobile Devices  C-JDBC: Clusters of Relational Databases  Celtix: Business Integration  ProActive: Computational Grids  And more… N.Buonomo, CNAF: NO CRASH « The system has been in production for 1 year now. Accessed daily by hundreds of users from our 123 local offices, it just never crashed: we did not receive a single incident report! » www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 1 8
    • JOnAS: Open Source, Industry Grade J2EE 1.4 Application Server 1/ 2 8, 2 0 0 5 - 7 .3 0 PM 00%tests [ passed ] 1 Scholarship JCP 3 years, 800.000 OW lines Collaborative development Companies, academia High-end open source J2E E JOnAS committers 1.4 www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 1 9
    • Eclipse Web Tools Platform Top Level Project: J2EE & Web ObjectWeb Proposal Endorsed by Eclipse Tooling for All J2EE, Including JOnAS M.Milinkovich, June 30, 2005 « I had a interesting conversation with a fellow who was a huge fan of the Eclipse Web Tools project. He has been using it since WTP M1 to build internet banking applications and is very very happy. Quote: "You have no idea how much I love your tools." Hats off to WTP! » www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2 0 Eclipse Web Tools Platform kick off
    • Enterprise Service Bus Initiative Integration & SOA for the Masses J2EE Packaged .Net Web Application Application Application Service JMS JCA Soap-HTTP Soap-HTTP MOM facilitie s  Asynchronous communication system  XML/SOAP m essaging Enterprise XML transformation services Service Content -based routing Bus (ESB) Development Tools . Platform Managt .  Deployment  Monitoring  ESB Core / JBI – Celtix  Workflow, BPEL – Bonita, Shark & JaWE, MOBE  Message Bus – Joram  J2EE / Web Services – JOnAS  XML Processing – OPS, XQuark  Extract-Transform-Load – Enhydra Octopus www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2 1
    • C.N.A.F. (Family Branch, Social Security) >100 business 1 year intelligence apps No crash 10 M individuals France 10.000 fields 123 local offices 8 Regional Computing Centers www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2 2
    • Greco International GrECo International selected Enhydra's projects (Enhydra 5.1, Dods, Director, Shark, JaWE) for an application to administer data for about 20.000 clients, 120.000 insurance contracts and 1.5 million documents 300 employees in Austria, 9 subsidiaries. It is a mission-critical web application providing advanced features such as document management, multilingualism and complex security. GrEco decided to extend the system to local offices in the Czech Republic and Hungary in 2005. www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2 3
    • France Télécom JOnAS JOnAS is one of the J2EE servers recommended by France Telecom for deployment on Linux. JOnAS is used operationally by more than 20 projects today About 50 projects being planned to be operational with JOnAS by the end of 2005 JOnAS, JORAM Additionally, a number Research and Development projects have been deployed operationally on top of an M2M platform (Paris- Dakar, Marathon de Lyon…) www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2 4
    • US Joint Forces Command Joint Futures Lab (CDCIE Project) Maximize Benefits of Open Source & Open Standards Stimulate industry Enable Coalition partners the ability to roll their own interoperable solution Reduce the cost of collaboration in DoD Why eXo Platform? One of the first certified JSR-168 portals Very flexible layout engine with good Multinational group layout/page controls Information Sharing Leapfrogs the commercial portals in its Solution to support war technology fighters operating in a Supports server load balancing coalition environment www.objectweb.org http://www.dodccrp.org/events/2005/10th/CD/papers/213.pdf2 5 F.Letellier –
    • ObjectWeb Today Community Impact Size x 2 / year 60 Companies 150,000 V isitors/m 1800 I ndividuals 1000% 1,200,000 D l/y 800% 75 Countr ies 600% L ocal to Global 250 M ailing-L ists 400% JOnA S Cer0% tification 200% 7,500 Suscri bers Eclipse Web ToolsQ1 03 2 03Q3 03Q4 03Q1 04 Q2 02 02 02 Q3 Q4 Q 40% US, 40% E U E SBi Software E nhy 80+Projects Sha r 30 Solutions J C- J dra k Rm iJ S ync J OnA JD B ORA DBC X 4J B S Fr aWE 450 Commit ter s S Octo C M J B onit AS M APo amw pus O OTM M X a L And Tomorrow? S pee ol k X S CA JA C onol Q uar om b 5,100 Contr ibutors do C M MLC R P ers og k oz J D R ubi Z eus ARO EDO eus ODs s OP E J L Dot N R G Direc Bara FD B K elp ORM M Mobi etJ OTM S or t toc cuda S By li n Jef fr odF a lit ool CLIF kOnli K ell y OFA D e ee O ct J Is s hm M ne Oys t J REA EAF pen C W TP A SS ael Ac ti v OB E er R 2ME P roA M Jona F ra ct CCM ARD E cli p Kil im eX M ubb o eXo ctiv e t han al AMO C se L s T hin J B ui J2 SE J2E E ON RB k dler A Trust Fairness Independence Transparency Openness www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2 6
    • San Francisco, CA, USA - August 9, 2005 Thank you for your attention Questions ? Le middleware François LETELLIER – INRIA/ObjectWeb francois.letellier@objectweb.org partout ? est © ObjectWeb 2005 www.objectweb.org F.Letellier – 2 7