Speed sketching UX Cambridge 2011


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  • Introduce myself and Antony\nWe work in an organisation where there are silos... we’re not the only ones, right?!\nThis is about working across those silos\n
  • More about sketching ideas an concepts: interface elements, scenarios, etc\nNot about beautiful drawing skills (although that’s a great skill to have!)\nSketching is about rapid communication \n\nWho works in UX?\nWho in the audience regularly uses sketching as part of their work?\nWho thinks they’re pretty good at sketching? :)\n\n
  • Simple shapes are all you need as a “visual language” - build on this to make more complex sketches\nConvince “non-designers” that they can do this, too.\n
  • ... actually, this “speed dating” metaphor could be applied to all sorts of situations. \nColleagues have used it for collaborating on scientific problems\n
  • Eva-Lotta does sketching workshops and UX Sketch Club\nOther people use sketching a lot\nGamestorming if you like the idea of collaborative workshops in general\n
  • Lets get everyone into groups of 2 or 3, give them stickers, and away we go!\nHand out design problems if people don’t have their own\n
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  • Speed sketching UX Cambridge 2011

    1. 1. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 Speed Sketching like speed dating but with more pens & paper Francis Rowland & Antony Quinn EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute session hashtag: #skdmb
    2. 2. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 In UX design, we mean... ... and not UI sketch Caribou skull sketch Francis Rowland Steve Loya
    3. 3. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 You don’t need to be good at drawing in order to communicate through sketches Line, circle, curve for more on visual language, check out the work of Ed Emberley
    4. 4. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 Why sketching? Explore Collaborate Generate ideas Communicate Share Why speed sketching? Work across silos New perspectives Rapid iteration It’s pretty good fun!
    5. 5. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 Some inspiration for sketching and sharing ideas Sketchnotes Twitter sketch Helicopter See What I Mean Gamestorming Eva-Lotta Lamm Jack Dorsey Leonardo da Vinci Kevin Cheng Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo
    6. 6. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 How this works In groups of 2 or 3 One person presents a design “problem” You have 10 minutes to sketch ideas and solutions to this problem Then you rotate to the next table We alternate who presents their problem Repeat, and keep iterating ideas Time at the end for us all to review and discuss
    7. 7. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 10 mins Then it’s time for your next date!
    8. 8. Speed Sketching: UX Cambridge 2011 Get in touch Twitter: @francisrowland and @antonyquinn Blog: http://ebiinterfaces.wordpress.com