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  • 2. • CALI, KNOWN AS THE CITY BRANCH OF HEAVEN for years has been a destination forcongresses and conventions, given the strong presence of multinationals andpioneering companies in different industry sectors nationally and globally.• CALI HISTIRICALLY has been a major economic and industrial centers of the Pacific andthe urban, economic, industrial and agricultural important in southwestern Colombia.• BRITISH JOURNAL Financial Times CHOOSE CALI, AMONG TOP 10 CITIES WITHFUTURE INVESTOR.• It has a solid strategy, based and structured to attract investment• The continued emergence of retail chains, hotels and businesses.• Improving infrastructure. It has invested in roads and the Mio.• Its area of influence has potential industrial and commercial expansion.​​• 2 Zones• GDP, U.S. $ 7.5 billion, the region contributes to 11% of Colombias GDP and 18.5% ofGDP national manufacturing.• Its proximity to the port is another advantage. It offers 4 port terminals.• Growing investment in major road infrastructure on the road to Buenaventura. Thedual carriageway and route Mulaló - Loboguerrero.• THE NEW YORK TIMES : THE 41 PLACES TO GO IN 2011.– Sultana del Valle is notable for Salsa music– The big shows like DELIRIO– The nightlife with its food and fun sites.– It is one of the hottest cities in Latin America.– The neighborhoods of San Antonio and Granada as essential destinations toenjoy the time Cali, boutiques and smooth Colombian coffee.• Selected By THE SWISS TOURISM AWARD As the CAPITAL OF CREATIVITY, THE SALSAAND JOY IN 2008
  • 4. EVENTSCENTERCALIVALLE DEL CAUCAIt features advanced technology, comprehensiveIt features advanced technology, comprehensivesecurity,? Considered the best multi-Pacific space to holdsecurity,? Considered the best multi-Pacific space to holdmeetings, conferences, meetings, academic events, fairsmeetings, conferences, meetings, academic events, fairsand exhibitions, concerts, parades, cultural, social andand exhibitions, concerts, parades, cultural, social andsportingsporting..ADDITIONAL SERVICES AND FACILITIES• logistics Operation• Area and Registration System• Food court• parking Lots• Audio and Video• Lounges• simultaneous translation• Craft Shop• Tourist Information Point• Air Conditioning System• Mechanical Ventilation and Extraction• Money Exchange• Energy and AqueductRIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.
  • 7. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.TOUR CITY TOUR CALIWOODDEPARTURE TIME: 8:00 AMARRIVAL TIME: 1:00 PMDURATION: 5 HORASVALUE PER PERSON: USD 50 / BASE: 10 PAXINCLUDESTRANSPORT, BILINGUAL GUIDECHOSEN BY THE OPTION INPUT.SNACKSOUVENIRRIOJA PACIFIC TRAVELD.M.C.CALI – COLOMBIACITY TOUR IN CALIThe tour begins by visiting the main attractions and Historical cultural of the City as The Monument of the “Gato”by Hernando Tejada, The Museum of Contemporary Art “La Tertulia” where an expert will count the importanceand activities that the Museum. Walking we get to the park of el Peñon, were we talk about the essence of theneighborhood as the Fun Zone. Shopping and gastronomy, Hotel close to the supply of this part of the City Wecontinue to San Antonio, The bohemian district of the city, where we visit artisan workshops and the iconicchurch, gazebo favorite of families and lovers.We will take the transport to a small square of San Francisco, with the surprising Mudéjar tower and the squareOf Caycedo, Where there are different architectural influences and Main Town Square. We continue walking tothe theater of Jorge Isaacs and the welcoming Church of the Ermita, and then appreciate the work of the sinkingof Av Colombia. We follow on and we get to el Paseo Bolivar and the AlcaldíaSeguimos por el Paseo Bolivar until the 6th Avenue where the transport to pick us up to go to:OPTION 1: GASTRONOMY Visit the Galleria Mall with Maura Caldas as the guide tour, matron and livingmemory of the stories and recipes of traditional Colombian Pacific food. With tastings and demonstrations, thenvisit the Granada neighborhood, to recognize Gastronomic Zone largest city with a small tour of the CulinarySchool, where he finished the tour.OPTION 2: SALSA Y SALUD Around the major sporting venues in the city as the Pascual Guerrero Stadium and thesports complex of the canchas Pana Americana, and then end up in one of the best Dance Schools, creator of oneof the best dance shows in the world, where you will see a dance exhibition group and finally take a dance class.OPTION 3: ZOO Visit one of the best zoos in Latin America, where there are the most amazing animals in a naturaland familiar. Here you will find tigers, Butterfly, Birds, The worlds most poisonous frogs, aquarium and moreenvironmental amid Flora as of this region, much more.CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 8. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.COOKING WORKSHOP, THE WONDERFUL WORLD?OF THE PACIFIC DININGWORKSHOP PACIFIC KITCHEN PARTICIPATIVERealization Day and time: to be agreed between the partiesHours: to be agreed between the partiesDuration: 3 academic hours in kitchens.Cost per person $ 76Special Price per person $ 65Assistant Minimum: 7 PEOPLEAttendees Maximum 50 people (in different workshops)Includes: Chef, Kitchen Assistant, Entrance, main course, dessert, two glasses wine, recipe and apronIt offers them dinner table set, after they have made the recipes programmed into the cooking workshop.​​The workshop is held in the Auditorium and are presenting will preparations of each dish while people areenjoying it.WORKSHOP: COOKING PACIFIC DEMONSTRATIONRealization Day and time: to be agreed between the partieHours: to be agreed between the partiesDuration: 3 academic hours Vega Grove Auditorium SofyCost per person $ 76Special Cost per person USD 50Assistant Minimum: 20 peopleMaximum 70 people attendingIncludes: Chef, Entrance, main course, dessert, two glasses wine, recipe and apronThe workshop is held in the Auditorium and are presenting will preparations of each dish while people areenjoying it.PACIFIC KITCHEN MENU:INPUT: Carapace of CrabMAIN COURSE: Grouper peach sauce, accompanied by rice with toasted coconut and banana.DESSERT: Rice milkOther workshops:?RICE, SALADS, GRILLED, FISH, SEAFOOD, Paella, COCTELERIA.CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 9. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.DINNER AND SHOW2 To 3 4 To 5 6 To 9 10 To 16 17 To 25 26 To 40109 94 82 68 65 59RATES PER PERSONTIME 8:00 PMOPERA: FRIDAY, SATURDAYDESCRIPTION:Enjoy one of the best restaurants in the city, in a lively andEnjoy one of the best restaurants in the city, in a lively andfun, a dinner with the best flavors of the region with musicalfun, a dinner with the best flavors of the region with musicalgroup and presentation of the best dance schools in the city,group and presentation of the best dance schools in the city,with the power of the dancers Cali Salsa, recognizedwith the power of the dancers Cali Salsa, recognizedworldwide as the best.worldwide as the best.INCLUDESINPUT, DINNER WITH WINE GLASS, MAINCOURSE AND DESSERT. SHOW OF SALSADANCERS AND MUSICAL GROUP.CALI IS SALSA NIGHT TOURRATES X PERSON2 To 3 4 To 5 6 To 9 10 To 16 17 To 25 26 To 4065 53 44 35 32 29DURATION: 4 HOURSOPERA: THU - FRI - SAT - SUNINCLUDES:TRANSPORTTICKETSA WELCOME DRINKEXPERT GUIDE.DESCRIPTION:Tour sites salsa culture icon in Cali. Streets will be visited, Barrios andthe bars and salsa clubs recommended by the travel section of the NewYork Times.THE 41 PLACES TO GO IN 2011 - NEW YORK TIMES10. CALI, COLOMBIAZaperoco: You can enjoy the music you listen the Cali traditionally, withorchestra presentations on Thursday.TINTINDEO: Recommended for travelers Longley Planet, the rumbanight TinTinDeo Bohemia, is a scenario that a tourist can not miss.CALIVALLE DEL CAUCACHIVA SALSA + DANCERSTRAVEL DURATION 2 HOURS / 50 PEOPLE MAXIMUM CAPACITYDESCRIPTION: The Chiva Rumberas, Cali created over 30 years ago, are a tradition for the Cali. True Nightclubs on wheelsthe rhythm of salsa, dance, sing and rejoice, while along the main streets and traditional sites of the City.The travel guide is made with a cheerleader, Describing the places visited as the iconic the 5th street, the 6th AV, Granada​​neighborhood, the Rock, Sebastian Belalcázar Lookout and other interest sites, while three pairs of dancers makeexhibitions Salsa, Tango, Cumbia and Pacific . During the tour, the dancers invite visitors to dance, to live the experienceand learn the tricks of the willow Caleña.The tour ends after two hours at Zaperoco Bar, where the dancers Accompany the group to continue to enjoy the music,dance and folklore Chonta Pacific with Marimba, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.WHATTODOINCALI
  • 10. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWORLD PREMIEREDELIRIO AN EXOTIC EQUATIONThe magic of the circus, know our dancers body and connecting Cali ear? With the body ...composed Delirium, A Visual and Sound Universe Made in Cali? FOR COLOMBIA AND THEWORLD.•The best salsa dancers in the world•A tribute to the sauce from the delusional world of the circus•With the taste of the best salsa bands•In delirio music plays, feels and dance3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS 2 TO 3 pax 4 TO 6pax 7 TO 10pax 11 TO 15paxHOTEL DBL TRP DBL TRP DBL TRP DBL TRPINTERCONTINENTAL 469 - 459 - 448 - 437 -SPIWAK 359 305 350 295 339 284 328 273FOUR POINTS SHERATON 281 268 271 258 260 247 249 236STANCIA 266 248 256 239 245 228 234 216VIZCAYA REAL 280 261 271 251 259 240 248 229WINDSOR PLAZA 275 262 265 253 254 242 243 231POSADA SALSA BOUTIQUE 266 - 256 - 245 - 234 -INCLUDES:•3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS ACCOMMODATION•TRASFER IN OUT•BREAKFAST, INSURANCE, TAXES•INCOME AND TRANSFERS TO DELIRIONET RATES IN USD PER PERSONDATES OF OPERATION:•MAY 31 JUNE 28 JULY 26 AUGUST 30 SEPTEMBER 27•OCTOBER 25, NOVEMBER 29, DEC 26 TO 30FORCE OF NOVEMBER 30 2013WHATTODOINCALI
  • 11. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.ENSALSATEWorld Dance SalsaSalsa is a culture that mixes melody, harmony and instrumentation in one show that is accompanied by joyful and colorful costumes full of lifeand movement that attracts every day, more and new viewers. ENSÁLSATE is why it presents an innovative approach and merge musical genresand rhythms around the salsa, it has become the first show fully that combing instruments and stage movements of the best dancers, themajesty of the locker room full of brightness and colorful, showing the fantasy of dance with a stage full of lights and sounds that evoke theimagination, awaken the senses and provoke emotions, creating a single flavor called ENSÁLSATE.3 NOCHES 4 DIAS 2 TO 3 PAX 4 TO 6 PAX 7 TO 10 PAX 11 TO 15 PAXHOTEL DBL TRP DBL TRP DBL TRP DBL TRPINTERCONTINENTAL 469 - 459 - 448 - 437 -SPIWAK 359 305 350 295 339 284 328 273FOUR POINTS SHERATON 281 268 271 258 260 247 249 236STANCIA 266 248 256 239 245 228 234 216VIZCAYA REAL 280 261 271 251 259 240 248 229WINDSOR PLAZA 275 262 265 253 254 242 243 231POSADA SALSA BOUTIQUE 266 - 256 - 245 - 234 -INCLUDES:•3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS ACCOMMODATION•TRASFER IN OUT•BREAKFAST, INSURANCE, TAXES•INCOME AND TRANSFERS TO SHOW, SOUVENIR•DANCE CLASS ONE HOURNET RATES IN USD PER PERSONDATES OF OPERATION:•MAY 17 JUNE 14 JULY 12 AUGUST 2, SEPTEMBER 13•OCT 11 NOV 15 DEC 26 TO 30FORCE OF NOVEMBER 30 2013CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 12. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.DESTINATION PARADISE TOURBASE PRICE 1 2 To 3 4 To 5 6 To 9 10 To 16 17 To 25 26 To 40PRICES IN USDPERPERSON 152 109 94 74 65 56 51DURATION: 8 HOURS DESCRIPTION: Learn the industrial history of the region and cultural touring Hacienda Paradise, Valle del Cauca cultureicon, known worldwide for being the setting of the novel summit of Latin American romanticism: “MARÍA” of Jorge Isaacs.The House Museum Hacienda Paradise is steeped in the novel by Jorge Isaacs. The experience of visiting leaves fondmemories of a tour in the mentioned fragments of Mary that has captivated readers from different countries.It describes the main protagonist of the novel, Ephraim, landscape and the Hacienda El Paraiso:I was speechless at such beauty. […]So the sky, the horizon, the plains and mountains of Cauca make mute whocontemplates them. […] Before sunset I had seen bleaching on the side of the mountain the home of my parents. As Iapproached her anxious eyes had groups of willow and orange, through which I saw shortly after crossing lights that weredistributed in the rooms. [...]Finally breathed never forgotten the smell of the garden. […]My horse horseshoes sparkled onthe cobblestones of the courtyard. [...]At eight we went to the dining room, which was picturesquely situated on theeastern side of the house. Since he saw bare ridges of mountains on starry sky background. Desert Auras passed throughthe garden, picking up scents, to come to play with the roses around us. The fickle wind could be heard for a few momentsthe sound of the river. /Jorge Isaacs, María/Then Visit the Maloka of winds with an excellent view of the Valle del Cauca and adventure attractions, includingparagliding, rope bridges, climbing and fun.Continue the tour to the city of Buga, Where you Visit the main pilgrimage center of Colombians, THE LORD OF THEMIRACLES OF Buga with more than three million pilgrims a year. After visiting the Basilica, you will appreciate thesurroundings the most precious religious items and handicrafts of Valle del Cauca. Youll enjoy a delicious lunch and SPAHotel Guadalajara, considered architectural heritage of the country.OPER: TUESDAY TO SUNDAYINCLUDES:•TRANSPORT•GUIDE•ENTERING THE MUSEUM•TYPICAL LUNCH.CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 13. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.DURATION: 10 HOURSTOUR RETURN TO WESTDESCRIPTION: Considered one of the places that produce oxygen in the world, cloudy Forest San Antonio, designated anIBA (Important Bird Area) by Bird Life International, 18 miles from Cali, can be seen from the foothills of the FarallonesNational Park, magical places.It starts at the FINCA ALEXANDRIA, where Carlos Mario Wagner, expert guide and considered one of the best in thecountry along with the hosts, give a brief explanation about the place, sites to visit and the benefit to the communitygenerates Tourism nature. In the House, the different birds in the region seem to come and dance to Salsa. In the Placehaving breakfast.Then follow ZINGARA FARM, house literally hundreds of hummingbirds that have been fed by the hand of AsdrubalCorrales for the past seven years. There, on the balcony, enjoying the company of Hummingbirds, fairy-like creaturesbuzzing and whistling in trough feeder.This is the opportunity to feed them while holding a plate of food, which becomes unforgettably exciting experience.Before following the journey will take a delicious lunch at one of the favorite restaurants in the area of Cali.Then we went to the RESERVE BICHACUE yath where a Craftsman Fantasy passionate about nature and the recovery ofour customs, myths and legends, developed a harmonious space between sculpture in clay, birds, plants and flowers,creating goblins and play areas for children, families and nature lovers. A madness that became the project life of yourfamily.Finally passed by the VIEWPOINT OF CHRIST THE KING, ending the evening of The Town and the majestic NATIONALPARK OF CLIFFS NATURAL. . "When someone starts to interact with nature, begins to develop his senses becomes morehuman, in a way.Birds are a great vehicle to sensitize people about the wonders of the world around us. "(*) JENNY FARRANDA JORDAN, FOUNDATION GUIDE MAPALINA.TIME: 7:00 AM TO 4:00 PM.VALUE PER PERSON: $ 97BASE: 10 PAXINCLUDES:TRANSPORT GUIDE, SNACKS,LUNCH AND TICKETS TORESERVATIONS.CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 14. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.CALIMA LAKE TOUR ANDBUGADURACIÓN: 6 HORASDESCRIPTION: Visit one of the best attractions in the region with the second strongest winds in the worldfor water sports, boat trip on the Lake, visit the Archaeological Museum Calima culture, tour around thelake, visit to Darien and Lunch typical regional setting.Calima Lake, as it is known to Calima Reservoir, has become one of the main tourist sites in Colombia. Withits strong and steady winds up to 43 knots, Lake Calima is the best place in Colombia for water sports suchas windsurfing and kitesurfing.If all this is added the landscape that collects and mix Jungle Mountains with peaks bathed in fog, The sunsreflection on the mirror of the lake and architecture which highlights the Swiss chalet style, more thewarmth of its people smiling, you know why you want to return to this paradise.•Located at 100 kilometers from Cali•Located 100 miles from Birmingham•150 miles from the coffee•45 kilometers from the Basilica of Our Lord of Miracles in Buga.Finally we visit The Lord of Miracles in Buga, the Principal Pilgrimage Center of Colombians with 3 millionviews a year.OPER: TUESDAY TO SUNDAYINCLUDES:FULL PRIVATE TRANSPORTPROFESSIONAL GUIDE(BILINGUAL CHARGE 47)ENTERING THE DARIEN CALIMAMUSEUMSAROUNDLAKE RECDORRIDOBOAT TRIPTYPICAL LUNCHCALIVALLE DEL CAUCAVALUE PER PERSON: 1 2 To 3 4 To 5 6 To 9 10 To 16 17 To 25 26 To 40LAGO CALIMA + BUGA 169 115 105 92 75 59 52WHATTODOINCALI
  • 15. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.ETHNIC TOURTO SILVIA "Guambía" CAUCARATES PERPERSON 1 2 To 3 4 To 5 6 To 9 10 To 16 17 To 25 26 To 40PRICE UN USDPERPERSON259 132 115 88 68 59 50TIME: 9AM-4PMDESCRIPTION: Silvia is a municipality in the department of Cauca; Located on a high valley (2620 m) in the central mountains ofColombia It consists of six Indian reservations: Ambaló, Guambía, Kisgo, Pitayó, Quichaya and Tumburao, the rural area and theurban.Allotted land is located in the October 23, 1562 to Francisco Belalcazar son of the conqueror Sebastian de Belalcazar and waspreserved by his descendants until July 31, 1581, when he sold it to Jose Antonio Concha. In times of Governor Antonio Nieto(1798) did the final move to the place where now stands, around the parish church. Then they had 400 inhabitants. In the year of1808 was chosen as the first mayor of the village and into 1838 Hurtado Linen is changed Guambía indigenous name for thecurrent, Silvia. It seemed the president more poetic name.The Indian market day “Minga” in the population, was held on Tuesday of each week in their main square where diverse culturesthroughout the region are mixed and come together to sell their production. The language Guambian, the Wampi-misamera-wam the great Chibcha linguistic family, and colorful clothing that proudly wear, have been important factors for social cohesion.Paeces and mestizo missionary’s thousand churches, Gear vendors and trinkets, Sibundoy herbalists, The European backpackers,and mystics Creoles of all kinds of esoteric currents, And mystics Creoles of all kinds of esoteric currents. Market Days villagersare many, but few meet the bustle and colors silviano market. The minga, a widely disseminated in many indigenouscommunities, this is another social unification strategy. Through this form of community work is arranged as roads, crops areplanted and built bridges homes or schools. The Minga ends with a great party where everyone makes a contribution.The men wear a blue cloth skirt, sometimes black, callers lusig, while women are almost uniform, with a shawl-cloth-also deepblue that grip a metal hook on their embroidered blouses, and they adorn the neck with a multitude of necklaces, which togethercan weigh-easily-more than one kilo. The ones and the others use black felt hats, mushroom-like, with small brim, and leathershoes or rubber boots, now have displaced traditional espadrilles.OPER: TUESDAYINCLUDES:•TRANSPORT•GUIDE•TICKETS•LUNCH•SNACK.CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 16. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.RATES PER PERSON 2 To 3 4 To 5 6 To 9 10 To 16 17 To 25 26 To 40UNESCO TOUR POPAYÁN 132 115 88 68 59 50DURATION: 9AM-5PM DESCRIPTION: Popayan is a Colombian city, capital of thedepartment of Cauca. It is located in the Valley of Pubenza,between Central and southwestern.Its one of the oldest and best preserved of America, what isreflected in its architecture and religious traditions.In 2005, UNESCO designated the city of Popayan as the firstCity of gastronomy for its variety and meaning to theintangible heritage of the Colombians.Cuban cuisine was chosen to maintain their traditionalmethods of preparation through oral tradition.In September 28, 2009 Easter processions in Popayan were declared by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral andIntangible Heritage of Humanity.The old town center of Popayan and is considered one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Colombia and LatinAmerica. The city has managed to preserve its urban scale and harmony of its colonial character for more than fourcenturies, attractive attracts many domestic and foreign visitors. The cobblestone streets were paved almost entirely in1937.OPER: DAILYINCLUDES:•TRANSPORT•GUIDE•TICKETS•LUNCHCALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 17. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.RESERVA ACUAMARINA AND LADRILLEROS2 NIGHTS 3 DAYSNET RATES IN CABINS 2 PAX NET RATES - PER PERSONSTAY PA PAM3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS 179 161EXTRA NIGHT 62 53NET RATES IN HOTELSTAY PA PAM3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS 147 1373 DAYS 2 NIGHTS 226 203EXTRA NIGHT 76 65INCLUDES:•Water transport from the touristdock in Buenaventura,•Accommodation,•Power plan selection,•Eco Walk.NOT INCLUDED:•Ground transportation betweenJuanchaco and Brickmakers USD 2•Hotel insurance.IMPORTANT NOTES The cabins have fans Hotel rooms with air conditioning. Supplement to transfer from Cali to Buenaventura privately withDriver Guide. Both Transfers USD 412. Buenaventura Cali Transfer in NPV and Public Service in the twotransfers Guide Buenaventura with. USD 212.TOURS IN THE PACIFICWhale watching (July to October) 26Waterfalls The Wurms 26Chucheros beach 18Whale and Chucheros 32Estuaries and mangroves 15Mangrove swamps and beach bar 15Kayak 104CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 18. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.NIRVANA NATURAL RESERVE PICNICDESCRIPTION: 85 acres up NIRVANA Nature Reserve, A patch of hillside above thecentral range of the Colombian Andes at 1,500 meters above sea level retainingduring a climate of 20 ° C, an ideal temperature which feels neither too hot norcold.Nirvana was a traditional hacienda of colonization of Antioquia-Caucana, Advancedin the Cordillera Central in the early twentieth century and initially intended tocoffee. In 1986 the present one of the countrys coffee crisis existing coffeeplantations were abandoned, Destroyed by the "rust", resulting in an interestingprocess of reforestation spontaneously and naturally that led to its owners in 1996to let forest reserve, and destine for the conservation of flora, Fauna andecosystem of the creek "vilela" in whose watershed is located. He wanted to showwell a recovery model of nature by the phenomenon of natural revegetation, Todayit serves as an example to study and research communities, persons engaged inenvironmental education and those interested in ecotourism.The presence and operation of Comino CrespoNIRVANA have given their greater identity andrelevance. It is the finest precious wood ofAmerica. It is called vegetable gold becausetreatedin cabinet gives the color of gold bullion andbecause in the Spanish conquest was shipped fromCartagena de Indias to the European continenttogether with metallic gold. It was allocatedspecifically for building altars and altarpieces ofthegreat cathedrals of Europe and for themanufactureof furniture, windows and doors of royal palaces.The conquerors of time “New Kingdom ofGranada”he was presented to King Philip II large quantitiesofthis wood for the furnishing of El Escorial.ITS RECOMMENDED THE SPORTS SHOES AND ELEMENTS SUNLIGHTOPERA: SATURDAYSTIME: 8.00 AM TO 4.00 PMINCLUDESJoin the reservationPresentation in the auditorium of institutional videoGuide for every 30 peopleButterflyRefreshments (pita bread sandwich, lamb ham lettuce and tomatomozzarella with natural juice or boxed if they want to take it in the gazebo)Lunch: Trout, lemonade hail or chicken stew with lemonade hailstorm.ATTRACTIONS IN THE RESERVEBOTANICAL GARDENNURSERYFOREST RESERVE NATIVE WILDLIFEECOLOGICAL PATHSVILELA BROKEN: WATER PROTECTION MODELTHE HIVEFARMING: TROUT FARMINGCUMIN CRESPO (ANIBA PERUTILIS)ROOTS GARDEN PLEADINGTOWN VILELACALIVALLE DEL CAUCARATES PER PERSONPAX 1 PAX 2 To 3 PAX 4 To 6 PAX 7 To 9 PAX 10 To 16 PAX 17 To 25 PAX 26To 40149 116 113 75 64 49 44WHATTODOINCALI
  • 19. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.VIVA COFFE PLAN CULTURECOFFEE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE - THE FOREST OF ALCALA SAMANDESCRIPTION: Stay in the wonderful Finca Hotel coffee surrounded by beautiful coffee plantations, guaduales and a variety of crops wWhere the only thing that interferes with your rest is the chirping of birds. The farm is certified by the "CLUB COFFEE FARMS QUALITY""Which ensures compliance with the highest standards of quality to make your stay unforgettable and especially of great learning. Thehotel infrastructure consists of three houses: 1 Typical, 1 Paperback, 1 Colonial for a total of 35 rooms (100 people).SERVICES INCLUDED:INTERACTIVE PROCESS AND COFFEE CRAFTCafeteritos, enlist their costumes and baskets because we will learn about our culture emblem, COFFEE Know from the seed of grain to the tasting of thesame through the seeder, harvest, learn about crop diseases and then lets peel, drying, threshing, roast, grind and enjoy a spectacular gourmet coffeeprocessed by yourself.INTERACTIVE FARM TOURIn Saman forest farm can interact with pets, learn to milk, poultry feed, feed calves and learn about farm work.INCLUDES BASE 30 PAXAccommodation 1 night 2 days, Accommodation multiplex.1 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 2 breaksHall, Water Station, Café, aromatic, Wi-Fi.Interactive process and craft of coffee in our coffee crops.Visit the interactive farm and milking Saman forest.Services Villa Hotel (swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish)Board games, field, typical Fonda, bar, restaurant, safe deposit boxesOTHER SERVICES2 swimming pools, Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkishbath.Ecological path.Board games, Games Field.Typical Fonda, Bar and RestaurantPlayground and WI-FIPROPOSAL WITH ACCOMMODATION LAND TRANSPORT AND PROFESSIONAL GUIDEINCLUDES NOT INCLUDESTransport full equipmentServices not describedprofessional guideActivities described in inclusionsAccommodation 1 night 2 days (*)SERVICES TOTALGUIDED BY PERSON TRANSFER USD 38ADULT BASE DOUBLE OR TRIP + TRANSFERS + GUIDE USD 125CHILD 2-11 YEARS + TRANSFERS + GUIDE USD 108CALIVALLE DEL CAUCAWHATTODOINCALI
  • 23. RIOJA PACIFIC TRAVEL D.M.C.UP TO 7 PASSENGER VEHICLES VEHICLES OVER 8 PAXPUBLIC VEHICLE - CAR TYPEVehicle Type sedan, with capacity of 3 passengers, fullequipment (AA, late model, all risk insurance). They areideal for out of town transfers, airport transfers, specialevents and availability for days or hours.PUBLIC VEHICLE - TYPE PAX VAN CAP.11Vehicle full model version for 11 passengers out oftown transfers, availability for hours and airporttransfers. Insurance against all risks, Multi spacesinterior according to your needs, reclining chairs. (AA,TV, radio mp3, CD and DVD)PARTICULAR VEHICLE - CAR TYPEVehicle Type sedan, with capacity of 3 passengers, fullequipment (AA, late model, all risk insurance). They areideal for out of town transfers, airport transfers, specialevents and availability for days or hours.VEHICLE TYPE MICROBUS - CAP. 17 PAXVehicle for up to 17 passengers, full equipment,comprehensive insurance, reclining seats, large cellar,perfect for all occasions, point to point transfers,availability of hours and out of town trips. ? (AA, radiomp3, CD).PARTICULAR VEHICLE - TYPE TRUCK 4X44x4 type vehicle with capacity of 4 passengers, fullequipment, insurance against all risks (AA, latest model,TV, radio mp3, CD).VEHICLE TYPE BUS- CAPA. 27 PAXVehicle type minivan, up to 27 passengers, fullequipment, comprehensive insurance, special events,available by the hour, transfers airport and excellentfor long trips, luggage hold wide, reclining seats witharm rests and foot rests. (AA, TV, radio mp3, CD andDVD.PARTICULAR VEHICLE - TYPE TRUCK ARMORED 4X4Vehicle type 4x4 armored truck with a capacity of 4passengers, full equipment, insurance against all risks.VEHICLE TYPE BUS – CAPA. 40 PAXComfortable full version team to 40 passengers,comprehensive insurance, special events, conferences,availability for hours, has two tv, bathroom, sidewineries with ample capacity for luggage, recliningchairs Pegs Pegs arm and feet. AA, TV, radio mp3, CDand DVD.VEHICLE TYPE MINIVAN - MAX 07 PAXVehicle computer full version latest model for 7passengers outside the city transfers, availability forhours and airport transfers. Insurance against all risks,Multi spaces interior according to your needs, foldingchairs for your comfort. (AA, TV, radio mp3, CD andDVD.)VEHICLE TYPE BUS - CHIVA RUMBERACAPA. 50 PAXThe Chivas Rumberas was born in the city of Cali,which gives us a great experience in this kind of fun. Ina real nightclub with Minitk, Smoke, Refrigerators,Music, DJ and everything needed for a good tour of thecity.