Presenting the Open Web Device by Telefonica


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Here is the presentation about the Open Web Device from Telefonica, powered by B2G technology from Mozilla!

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  • theLab -> O2 -> Telefonica Digital
  • Presenting the Open Web Device by Telefonica

    1. 1. Open Web DeviceA look to the HTML5 device. By Francisco Jordano (@mepartoconmigo) and Alberto Pastor (@pastoret)Telefonica Digital - PDI
    2. 2. Lets go back in timeTelefónica Digital - PDI
    3. 3. A bit of history Lets take a look to some insights: Still more users with features phones than smartphones 4 billion feature phones will be sold between 2011 and 2015 First approach to internet through mobile devices Telefonica is big in LATAM Telefónica Digital - PDI
    4. 4. A bit of history Let’s do something about that! Let’s create a smartphone for their needs Able to give a high end user experience Don’t compete with the current market players Telefónica Digital - PDI
    5. 5. A bit of history How do we do proceeded: We were working on a web based solution Open Using standard technologies Telefónica Digital - PDI
    6. 6. A bit of history And Mozilla appeared with B2G: Love to first sight Satisfying all Telefonica needs Best technological partner ever Telefónica Digital - PDI
    7. 7. Not history anymore! So, what is Open Web Device Is a mobile phone build with love Based on B2G Aims to bring you the best experience with an incredible price Telefónica Digital - PDI
    8. 8. Simple question Wait, this sounds familiar to me Someone tried this before Why this time could successTelefónica Digital - PDI
    9. 9. What’s this B2G? Nice acronym but ...what is its? Boot directly to Gecko How do you manage to do it? Build the APIs you don’t have, and standardize them Telefónica Digital - PDI
    10. 10. How it looks like “TYPICAL “ SMARTPHONE NEW HTML5-PHONE Web Apps and Fully Web Based: Web Apps Web Based UX Simple UX creation process Native Based in open Browser Browser + WebAPIs Apps and UX standards (No proprietary API) Execution Environment Thinner stack: ACCESS DIRECT Middleware Framework Improves scalability across different device Libraries tiers System Service Re-Using already System Service existing software Kernel Drivers Kernel Drivers (e.g. Drivers for Android) = Low Porting Effort Hardware Platform Hardware Platform Telefónica Digital - PDI
    11. 11. What is this B2G?… and also:Mozilla is creating an amazing UX: GaiaOr just create your own one!Build anything with HTML5 technologiesTelefónica Digital - PDI
    12. 12. How are you working? How Telefonica is helping? Working as a single team. Helping in both BE and FE. Provide specific knowledge from the network and the market. Telefónica Digital - PDI
    13. 13. How are you working? … and also Add extra services like D2B. Open source any extra software that we create. Telefónica Digital - PDI
    14. 14. Let’s go a bit technicalTelefónica Digital - PDI
    15. 15. Hands on the code Let’s take a quick overview of all the technologies Two projects, both of then 100% free B2G, what we call the backend … and Gaia, guess what, the frontend Telefónica Digital - PDI
    16. 16. Toast your phone You can create your own ROM Several devices supported. Build it from: (linux and mac) ICS and GB supported Telefónica Digital - PDI
    17. 17. Is some kind of magic The backend Here lives the magic, new apis and new flavours Is working like any other Mozilla product and technologies In fact, some of the work done in B2G is landing in the desktop Telefónica Digital - PDI
    18. 18. Run it from the desktop B2G is 4x4 Compile it for your desktop Modify it using XPCOM Telefónica Digital - PDI
    19. 19. Modify the backend! Use familiar technologies talkPirate: function(content) { let piratePhrase, phrase = content.split( ); piratePhrase = []; phrase.forEach(function (word) { if(pirateTranslations.hasOwnProperty(word.toLowerCase())) { piratePhrase.push(pirateTranslations[word.toLowerCase()]); } else { piratePhrase.push(word); } return piratePhrase.join( ); }); Telefónica Digital - PDI
    20. 20. Play with the frontend Gaia Is ‘one’ user experience in top of B2G You can create your own one, it doesn’t need to be a phone even Get the code:ónica Digital - PDI
    21. 21. Playing with the frontend Let’s play a bit with the frontend What is ‘building’ GAIA? The profile? How I can try this without a phone? Telefónica Digital - PDI
    22. 22. Can my APP run there? I have an HTML5 app what should I do? Go and visit the Open Web Apps project: Telefónica Digital - PDI
    23. 23. Can my APP run there? What if my app is already there? Take a look to the Mozilla Market, submit your app: Use the Apps JS API: navigator.mozApps.install(manifesturl); Telefónica Digital - PDI
    24. 24. Collaborate IRC, Mailing list, Repo, Bugs … Everything on how to collaborate: Keep an eye on us: Telefónica Digital - PDI
    25. 25. Thanks a lot! … and welcome to the future. Telefónica Digital - PDI