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Seo Plan
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Seo Plan


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. SEO, SEM, and SMMCorporate Solutions
    Francisco Cervantes,
    Graphic Designer
    Web Designer
    Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
  • 2. Logo design
    A logo is the brand of the company
    Rectangle/square like twitter
    Having the right type and size logo in your home page
    Having the right type and size logo in all web pages
  • 3. Print Media
    The design of all marketing materials is an extension of the logo
    The website/facebook/twitter in all print media
  • 4. On-line branding
    A company logo, marketing and website should always have a familiar look
    A company facebook page similar look
    Mailing list form
    Vanity URL
    A company twitter page similar look
    Custom Twitter Background
    RSS feed home page
    A company blog page similar look
    RSS feed home page
  • 5. Corporate Branding
    Due to the over exposure to marketing, it takes more that 12 times for people to acknowledge advertizing
    Having logos, brochures, websites, business cards, billboards, advertisings, vehicle graphics, and other marketing and informational match makes branding more effective
  • 6. How to have/maintain top ranking
    This does not happen by chance
    Setting a target to outperform the current top 2 websites
    Monopolize top positions by having multiple websites, blog, YouTube, twitter, facebook, directories
  • 7. Is not about you
    A website is not about your company’s structure but on how your company can solve the problems, needs, or wants of your visitor
    Knowing by reverse search what the needs or your visitors are and addressing them clearly in your landing pages
  • 8. Where is our niche
    Find out how are potential clients looking for your company using this Google link
    List all long tail key terms
    Bechmark KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • 9. Domain names
    Purchase .comdomain names for all long tail key terms
  • 10. Strategic Marketing
    Feature yourmost popular product/service clearly
    Capture the attention of your customers fast
    Limit too many choices, allow client to dig deeper if the client is overwhelmed with choices they might not purchase any.
  • 11. Clear/easy Sale Process
    Your client has to be able to buy the product in the fewest clicks possible
    Your client has to be able to see the “Call to Action” in every page
  • 12. Content that is relevant
    Be the company that gives the most useful information regarding the target phrases
    Give relevant and up-to-date information regarding the targeted phrases in a continual basis
    Use recent content for your landing pages
    Use recent content for your SEO, SMM, and Blogs
    Training videos
    Tweet Tips
  • 13. Content that is recent
    Be the company that gives the most recent and frequent information regarding the target phrases
    Use recent content for your landing pages
    Use recent content for your SEO, SMM, and Blogs
  • 14. Content that is targeted
    Knowing what your client is looking for allows you to market yourself accordingly
    Use targeted content for your landing pages
    Use targeted content for your SEO, SMM, and Blogs
  • 15. Link Exchange
    Have a system to systematically link exchange with websites already in high ranking
    What a system to check links automatically
    Use inner links to cross reference your own website, blogs, content (list key phrase link to the main landing page for that term)
    If we link to our top competitors
    we both rank higher
    Get posted in .gov websites
  • 16. Purchase Links by PR
    Knowing your own PageRank PR will help you determine the value of purchasing links
    Buy only from higher or Equal PR than yours
    Buy only from relevant websites
  • 17. Dynamic sitemap
    Create a dynamic sitemap XML
    Include all social media links
    Include list of purchase domain names
  • 18. Quality and concise Headlines
    Create catchy headlines to send clear message on how product and service addresses visitor’s needs
    Keep page titles under 70 characters
    Give each page on your website a unique title
  • 19. Home page
    Keep content clean
    Focus on the main thing
    Clear call to action
    Links to Social Media
    Linked in follow button
    Facebook bar
    RSS feeds
    Youtube video
    Mailing List form/trade
    Fast download
  • 20. Landing pages
    A landing page foe each key phrase
    Keep content clean focus on key phrase
    Focus on main product or service that addresses client’s needs
    Clear call to action
    Incorporation of Social Media Images
    Incorporation of Social Media Videos
    Incorporation linking to and from relevant Blogs
  • 21. SEO
    Search Engine Optimization, The strategic padding of the targeted phrases in the websites titles, text, images, creates high rankings
    Process takes months to achieve and requires constant monitoring and editing to maintain
  • 22. SEM – Search Engine MarketingPPC – Pay-per-click Paid Listing
    Actively pay to be artificially found on targeted phase searches within days
    System is only 20% effective and requires constant monitoring and budgeting relevant to the value of the target phrases
    Google/Yahoo/Bing PPC
    Facebook PPC
    B2B PPC
    B2B PPC
    PPC should ONLY enhance SEO not replace it
  • 23. e-Mail marketing
    Actively solicit and mine relevant customer information from website, facebook, mailers, contracts & e-mails blasts
    E-Mails should include links to Social Media Sites and A Social Media Share Icons
    Include a join mailing form list on home page
    Include a join mailing list link on all company e-mails
    Include a join mailing form list on e-newsletter
    Include a join mailing form list on facebook
    Include a join mailing list on mailers/trade off
    Include a join mailing form list Invoices/Trade off
  • 24. Follow-up/Trade Process
    Before driving more traffic to the site we should make sure we maximize the current traffic and sales process
    Establish a downloadable “FREE” product/service/information with no cost to you that should have value to your client
    Client trades valid e-mail for trade (verified instantly)
    Establish a non-sales related follow-up e-mail campaign with sales tracking features
  • 25. Company Industry Apps
    Company can create an industry relevant app that would help current and potential customers
    Post free app in homepage
    E-mail free app in e-mail blasts
  • 26. Company newsletter/home page
    To keep the home page fresh designing the company e-newsletter be the home page keeps it fresh monthly
    A small Table of Content of the articles on the newsletter is a good alternative
    Offer free e-newsletter, brochure, or manual/to every visitor of your website in exchange for e-mail (pdf)
    Program so company e-newsletter generates actual traffic to website
  • 27. SEO vs. Social Media
    While SEO in under the client’s control Social Media is under the customer’s control
    Social media is now more relevant on Search engine ranking than SEO
    If you don’t manage and guide what your clients say about you company your unsatisfied clients will
  • 28. Long tail key terms capturedwith Mini sites and Blogs
    Mini sites are an artificial way to create link exchange networks
    Mini sites or blogs can be used to drive focus into less relevant long tail key terms
    Mini sites can focus on a related group of long tail key terms
  • 29. facebook
    Every company should have a facebook page and post update daily
    Every employee should friend and follow it
    Every client should be invited to friend and follow it
    Facebook is one of the top visited websites today
    Facebook bar should befeatured in homepage
  • 30. Enforcing home page to employees
    Every office computer should use the company website as their home page
    Company staff can increase web traffic improving relevance ranking to search engines
  • 31. twitter
    Every company should have a twitter account and post a tweet daily
    Every employee should follow it
    Every client should be invited to follow
    Twitter is the only “same-time” Search Engine
    Twitter RSS feed should bein Home page and every page
  • 32. Blogger/WordPress/Joomla
    Every company should post weekly
    Every employee should like and follow it
    Every client should be invited to read subscribe and follow
    Relevant Guest bloggers
    The blog is the Hub of the Social Media campaign
    Create a video blog
  • 33. YouTube
    Every company should have a channel
    Every employee should subscribe and view videos
    Every client should be invited to subscribe and view videos
    The internet has grown despite the fact that people have to read it, Video is the future of internet
    Post YouTube videos on related landing pages
    Post Infomercial Home page
  • 34. Flickr– Image searches
    Name all website images with relevant image names. Example: Industry_Location.jpg vs. untitled.jpg
    Use Image Tag Associability Attributes to create extra padding of key phrases
    Post Weekly images to using Key Phrases on names, title, to create top image rakings in Yahoo
    Only non commercial photos/videos
  • 35. “neutral” directory
    Create a directory as a second website to do the things the main website brand won’t or shouldn’t do
    Custom develop php directory to create industry hub if information
  • 36. Synergize
    Facebook, twitter, blog, YouTube, and website content can be updated simultaneously
    The buffalo theory “use all internet marketing efforts your efforts simultaneously” YouTube video produces a tweet, updates a facebook, etc.
  • 37. linkedin
    All companies should create their own identity on
    All employees should post their profile in LinkedIn
    Create LinkedIn groups based on search phrases and industry
    Add Linkedin Company follow Button in Home Page
  • 38. Analyze
    Actively monitoring the web traffic is the only way maintain continual high rankings
    Using Google Analytics, Omniture, ClickTaleGoogle Search Service/Appliance
  • 39. Summit site
    Submit site to
    Google paid review
    Merchant Circle/blog
  • 40. How to keep top ranking
    Analyze what the websites currently on the top position are doing
    Analyze key word density and strategy of top competitors
    Analyze competitors’ matatags
    Out perform them
    Out smart them (Spend less than them but more intelligently)
    Target to outperform top two ranking websites