Henry H Swan My Work With Necedah Volume Iv 1959 Second Printing1976


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Necedah, Mary Ann Van Hoof, Henry Swan, W.W.II [ index : Hitler p.23,27,28, etc, Church, Church History, eschatology.
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Em. Swedenborg : A.R.881 : ...
", ita quoque mihi datum est Ecclesiam videre"...
", to me also it was granted to see The Church (thus represented)"... [ The Church Celestial, The New Jerusalem ]
", il m'a été accordé à moi aussi de voir l'Eglise (ainsi représentée)"... [ L'Eglise Céleste, La Nouvelle Jérusalem ]

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Henry H Swan My Work With Necedah Volume Iv 1959 Second Printing1976

  1. 1. Mlf 'k/Mk wdJ" Nec:Jd,. (Jf)1urnJl., IV Compi/fll, flJUflJ anJ annotMflJ tg ~~~ . Sf#fU Published for the Honor and Glary of God in Obedience to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Second Printing - 1976
  2. 2. In obE'Jirnce to tne ~JpcrE'e of Popr Urban VIII and in eonformi ty with thr ?postolic Consti tution "Uf/lclUrwn uc mw:er'l" of Pope LPo :<III. l of'clare that l clain! no mure than il pur'.'ls hum'1n con"idrrntinn for thr pxtra­ or'linary graces rpportpo in thi,.; book, an'I that l thf'reby sU!JllIit at Jl1 tim,'s and unf(~servpjly tn tht' ,i udgment of the C",thol ic church. ,[Ïle :Iuthor PUBLISHED BY FOR MY GOD AND MY COUNTRY INe . ................... ...... ' . Copyright 1959. AlI rights reserved. No part of this may be reproduced in any ............. ........................... form without permission from the author . ...
  3. 3. Fred Van Hoof, Mary Ann Van Hoof, and Henry Swan at Sacred Spot on one of the anniversary days
  4. 4. CON T E N T S Book IV Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. l 1 - One Who Was Condemned by History Speaks 1 2· - A Warning fram Alex... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 22 3 - Alex Tells of Moral Destruction 32 4 - Pope Pius IX........................... 36 5 - Ignorance of Russian History Fosters Errors 65 6 - Geo. Washington~and the Beautiful Lady. 68 ~A.~ __~~ish DisraeJJ:) 71 ~Clst of SubveYS1ves 79 9 - Why the Tzars Bad to Die 83 10 - How the Tzars Died .. , 85 11 - They Bad to Die... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 92 12 - The Icons and Easter 95 13 - Criticize the Freaks 101 14 - Monroe Doctrine and Events Leading Up To It 103 15 - Bow the True Facts of History Are Concealed 105 16 - The Color SCheme 109 17 - The Crime of Unrevealed Facts 114 18 - Washington, D. C 116 19 - Our Lady' s National Shrine 118 20 - The Struggle for the Minds of Men 121 21 - Intellectual Pride '.. 127 22 - spots on the Sun 129 23-=-_Revelations Qn the Fridays of Lent. 133 (--- 24- S.9ct~n' s OwnÇtiain D.fcommanéf~ 135~ '--2;)--,:;-parallels :7 -:.~.. 142-' 26 - The Fraulein 144 27 - Spy Reports and Subversive Activ.ities .. 147 28 - The Big Brass Meets 153 29 - Radio Activity and Testing Fallout 155 30 - Shanghaing 158 31 - Articles on Revolutions and on Doctor Golendos 160 32 - Franco and Spain , 162 33 - Another Revelation Proven True 164 34 - Bigotry , 166 35 - Anti-Clericalism.~ 168 36 - Work Given According to Date 173 37 - Activities of Subs and Jets .....•...... 201
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION History is being rewri tten in this book through the revelations of Tzar Alexander III of Russia te Mrs. Mary Ann van Hoof. 1ifiereas historians have mistakenly, or through malice, accused these Russian Tzars 0 f ter­ rorizing their country because of a greed for power, Just the opposite was true. Henry Swan, the author, quotes directly from a His tory book used in the Necedah High School which says ((that Tzar Alexander III was à "stern, relentless tyran t, and free government made no headway in Russia under him." Readers will be surprised ta learn that Russia and it..S rulers were at one Ume the most Christian people on leartg. and i t--Ï.-s--f.o.L.th.is...r.e_a'li1n alone that those work­ ing for anti-Chrjst deljberate1:Y: set out to destroy it, and. as Mr. Swan has put i t so clearly. Il It~poople Iïave become the sla~~s of these gowers who govern them. Many thousands of them have died as ht.:man sacrifices on the altar of Satan." . Of special interest to Americans will be the chap­ ter on Our Lady' s revelations to the father of our country, L~grge washtngton] Already then Our Holy Mother was revealing to him the five sieges our country would go through, how the textbooks would be subverted, that he would be plaled down as a hero to our children, how the blacks would be è1eliberately aroused against the whites, etc. Because of Our Holy Mother' s promise to appear on tt:! washington monument if Her requests are heedecr;­ ( readers will be inspired to work harder so that they may live to see this day. Th e reve lations on unkty are very timely now ge - ~ (Ilcause of the forthq~ Ecumenical council. The short chapter on Modern Art w111 cause many to lU nod their heads in agreemen t. -1­
  6. 6. The chapter "Satan's Own Chain of Command" will fill in many gaps for Ehose wbo have. spent almost a) I @time stuclying subversion, and for whom there still remains a number of questions without answers. As Christ has His anny on earth sa does Efie deV1l-; and this chapter reveals the complete set-up of Satan' s ( kingdom on earth. In time. when these~ari!ions have been approved by1thEn)l~ th~ will form the basis for the writing m of a fi"Il'ëhistory of the world. Because of his closeness ta the work and revela­ tians at Necedah. the author has shawn keen knowledge of human nature, and has written up every phase of this subj ect cl~l~ and concisely. Anyone. no matter llQlv limited his education, will be able ta upderstand aIl II of It. ThIs IS the mark of a truly bril1iant and in­ spired man. -II­
  7. 7. l ONE WHO WAS CON DE MN ED B Y J-l l S TOR Y S PEAK S NOTE: PART Of THIS 15 WRITTEN AS MARY ANN WROTE. PARTLY IN MY WORDS. TAKEN FROM MY NDTES AS SHE INTER. PRETED IT TO ME. On June 3, 1956 about 11: OOpm l had a feeling of something or someone near me. l looked toward the kit­ chen door and t. here stood the tallest and largest man l ever saI'!. He frj.ghtened me. Hank_ 9 a.td l screame~s ( eyes Iooked kind. He l'lore a soldier's coat with a shin­ ing broad black belt and black shiny leather boots. He had on a long grayish blue overcoat. He l'lore a beard and had a wide forehead. His height makes him so frightening to me, l be­ heve. HEL91!lJ: stood ?-nd looked at me. l asked who he was and what he wanted. He didn't answer. l told him 1 ta get out and leave me aione. He gave me the ~. l covered my head with a pillOlv twice. The second Bme l did it he l'las ~ne. On June 4th about 10:45pm he l'las there again. Again he startled me. l again asked him what he 1 wanted and told him to go away a.nd leave me alone. He said in a 101'1 voice in German that l should not be frightened, that he wouldn' f1ïârii1ITïe., l just couldn' t get-rid of the strange feeling, a creepy feeling as if l wanted to fly, to go away from him. l turned towards Hank for l thought l had heard Hank ask me something, and when l looked back he l'las gone. At this time Jo Ann (my daughter) who had been out, arrived home. Hank went to the door to let her in. On June 4th after my first expérience with this strange person in vision, Hank didn' t say anythlng for th is rTIaae-me feel so strange anyway that l would just as soon not talk about it, but still l wanted ad~ ~~ vice, for this l'las. unusu~l. l ~hought. l would, dÇlW ~s Ipicture. for he l'las impnnted on my mlnd. ThlS l (fld. lïèft the drawing laY- wher:e Hank would sur"ely see it. -1­
  8. 8. '+-0 0 0 r =r: s:: tll :> ai 't ~' '" ~ :>. ..0 d 1 ~ tll '"' "'C 00 tll . '"' Q) "'C ~ d tll 1~ ~ ~ Q) ~ ~ ~
  9. 9. He did. He asked me who it was. l said l didn't knoll', aIl l can tell you is he just stood there and he gave me the creeps. l just couldn't get him off my mind. He was before me aIl the time, even sa much that l would forget what l was doing. Hank said that it was a Russian sold~er, and that it coüIa he Tzar Alexander III, Alexanderlexandrovich 1:( Romonoff. l told him l had never he ard of him. 1 SA on June 5th when l spoke ta Hank of it again, he i dr~~home tg get a book with his picture. He Mid the ','1 picture l drew re_sJll!!.Q.led llim enQug!l ta make him feeli t was he. The vision did not come back for the next three nights. But on June 8th he came again. l still felt afraid and creepy from seeing this huge man. l told him ta go away, what did he want? Who was he? The first thing he said was that l should not be 1 afraid of him, that he l'as not h.ere fa hurt. me. He 1 spoke this in German, and said that he was here ta ask help for his country, and that he was Alexander Al~- drovich III. (Note by Author: Here l must say that when l said it could be Alexander III, l was hazarding a guess pure and simple, but there was a resemblance in the picture to a picture of Alexander ~II in a book wpich l had at home and her description of h ~ i z e fits also.) Then he said that "Heinrich moost schreiben. ft l [( told him Heinrich (HankJ.~llld not understand Deutsch. He said for him to write it down as it sounded ta him. l told Hank this, but l found my own German sa poor that l could not even repeat his German dialect, for when l spoke German at ,home as a child, our German was ( more of a Danube-Swabish German. It was very difficult for me ta repeat, --f-coura~nderstand pretty wel~ but to translate waSharder:-- l tried to translate it ta HarïKtnebesl"r-Cûu Id. Alexander's German was the regular German, but he had a strange accent to it and a very deep voice. He Ialso spQKë-rapTâly when he spoRe of the things that seemed to hurt him. Several times l had to ask him ta repeat a little slower. He said something that l can only tran~l~te t~ mean that, historians have aç_c~~g~im ot~lzlng hIS own country for want of power. This he said. was not true. ~he InternationaïlBanker~ t 1 Niha]jZ!s were hehjod the terrible destruction of his '6ê loved cOûntry. !,he International Bankers, by pressure and -2­ w­
  10. 10. î rrJ..r..J...11.r'­ fl~ had encouraged the ~s to massacre many !~ Christians. This caused the war betweën Russia and the Turks. It was just another attempt to disrupt and des­ troy Christians and a Christian nation. At the death of'Nicholas l, Alexander ~I became a Tzar. He also was a fine man and a CfirIStian. He de­ termined to carry on the work and carry out the ideal of his father. Thil'_J!!..ade hillLtlle_ targ~t of the. EVl1 F'Orces as his father had been before him. Under his rule much was accomplished to improve the lot of his subjects. Much vicious propaganda promo~ed_bY the EXil Forces waSJ directed against him. The Nihalist assassins directed by the devil' ~g~l}ts finally~succeedecr=:ftërseveral Il trys in assassinating him by bombing in March, 1881. He s aid his father before him had died similarly ta our beloved Li~n, that he took over after his father' s assassinahon in 1881. His father was assas­ sinated hl- the Yiddish Nibalists hecaose he had wanted 1( to remove the yoke of 0 ression that was placed on his coun ry by Peter the Great. He wanted ta remove the poverty of sa many people who were so "desperately trying to make a living~under this heavy yoke~--Hë wanted to give them freedom of religion and more freedom in their newspapers or press. Alexander III said his people loved the Madonna Maria very much. l though-r-fie referred ta sorne nobi­ l ity, sorne royal lady of sorne kinçL for they have a strange way o~~ eakin of this class 'of people. l later found out the Madonna Maria meant Our Holy other. , This surpri~~ me v~rY much coming from a Tzar. For, to me, the Tzar was always a person who exploited his people, especially the poorworker and peasan~ farmer. It seemed strange to have ~ar stand here talking to me and pleadin~ for lielp for his peop~. He said that under tlîe great pressure from the l financier~~as not possible for his people to live a 1decent life. The money system put a heavy yoke on them. K--rIVIii"g'of desperat"lon, no happiness. He wanted to change the value of the ruple. Here l thought he was re­ ferring to the jewel ruby, so l asked him if he me.ant the jewels, the ruby? H~d and said: "Den Rubel ( ich mein vast ist ein Deutschen Mark -- Gelt." Sa Rubel meant dollar. or money. ­ H~said f~ this same reason in our country so fine a man llinCQlD ll.acLtUie pecause he want~d_ to.,Ç,Qj,n his 1 o~ maney ta get away from the clutches of "Englander, . "'" -3­
  11. 11. des house for de Internation~nkeraires.· He did coin three million dollars worth. --a:iîirwa"i'largely 'res­ ponsible for the failure of the plans of the Hidden f 1l.!..ê:.!W to dividè and destroy our country. As l have written sorne place in this book, much of the history must be rewritten if the true facts are to be made known, for ~owerful subversive forces have not ! ~anted the true facts kno~n. The d1st~rt10Q 9~s­ torical~s has dane much to mold public opinion tO) fit certain desirerl ends. Many of those mal4-n.ed in history books are now saints in Heaven forïh-rstorians) cannot seè -ioto the hearts and minds of men. Many of' whom history has painted a beautiful picture, b~e.ll 6 they controlled the writing of history, are now i~Jlfll. During the second half of the nineteenth century revolutionary evil ~had gained' a trernendous~fOO1­ l '~ hOld til_aU of the major ~~s of the world, des ­ t.!Jl.~, 1 troyers aIl, whose ultimate aim was world destruction (and d2,mi.natiür1, l1lT'atlt defitfuC'tlon of al! exist"fng goyernments and beCaUSf) they are evil and irrrnoral, they must destroy illtli"at i 5 good and moral. Tfierefore they must, to attain their ends, destroy aIL Christian­ it),. Their primary aim bein~ that of destraying ~JI) ~atholi~ism, the Church ~us ChristJ As enemies of Christ, they were allies and advocates of the devil. The Jews, Rothschilds, were the big force în con­ trol of the International Bankers and were in direction of the sub~-;r;iv-e-forces of d~truction. tll.e invis ible rl~ force behind the mani ulat 'on of aIl he o;r.- ment '_on jlVthe contTi1en 0 ,urope and all>O menca. These Inty ­ Ii( nat wna] Jew bankMs were the only ones who éould pro fit ~ from'war, and therefore were behind the promotion of . war. War was serving them a dual purpose, for besides )~ fi11ing their coffers with gold, w.ars promoted amopg .Qll..istian nati~'1'as serving in.. destroy.i!lg. ChrisUani,ty w~ich they conglgered as their arch-enemy. The greatest obstacle in the path of their plans for world control ~ was the Catholic Church. Therefore, it must be des ­ troyed. AlI of their efforts and int_rigues werË:::dire~­ 1~~;r to that i,pd.J.h ~§.._hJl.Deen true during aIl of !:Ëe I~ and 20th centuries. j The revolutionary tendencies of the ~and their resistance to assimilation hact long be~n recognized. In ~U fact it was the recogniti.on of those tendencies that hact caused the English King to have themall run ~u~of ~~iand in the 13th cent~y. They naa g01len bac~in -4 ­
  12. 12. chrough the reyglutjon of 1610, which l'las of their pro­ l~on. During the latter half of the 19th centyry un- der the absolute cQlltro)_ ~l1d ct irection oCthe Rolli­ ~ c~were the following political figures who play-eà a very Important part in the intrigues of Europe: Benja­ /) min D~, Otto Von Bismark, Napoleon III, Adolph C-remeaux and Maz.zini of It~IY. ---- The Jew ~israe1T had risen to power as Prime Minis­ ter of Englan. As a tool of the International Bankers he did much to create confusion and disruptioÏ1 bY/iiëai1s of intrigue at home and on the continent of Europe. ~r Alexander said Disraeli wai-â Yiddish Nihalist. HiS-!!!1-)~ hesitating use of the double cross did much to cr eate disJrust. havoc and hate amongst the rulers of Europe. as under his direchon England tried t9 play one against l another to maintain the balance of power for t~m­ selves and the International Bankers. Disraeli in this .~job made them a very fine servant for he l'las absolutely nlheartless and wrtnout scruples. He feared thai Russia. becaus~ of ~e: huge s i~e_, __mighL-de_v..el.0-ILLo__a point where shecould_chaUenge the power of Great_ B...r.i tain. Gladstone, on the other hand, who changed off with Disraefrll:S Prime Minister for a period of nearly thirty years as the pendulum of public opinion and power swung from one party to another, l'las a good man, religious and honest. He did not approve of Disraeli's poIlcies or methods and though he tried l'las unable to undo the damage Disraeli created. Gladstone wrote,~ Alexander a letter of regret for the trouble DisraeliJY l'las causing Russia. After Alexander's accession to the throne, when it became evident that he l'las going to try to carry out the plans of his father and resist the pressure of the In­ ternational bankers and of Di en who-was a leader of )l t e Niha 18 , reve utlenary activiti~~are stepped up greatly. Russia l'las the number one target for destruction by the evil forces because it l'las one of the largest of ~ he countries of Europe, and their ogwer .ascreared also because RUssIa l'las at the time undoubtedly the most firÏStian and C~~h~lic of aIl the European natjons. RUBBIa l'las the most peace leving of aIl nations and served as a'great deterrent on war on the continent. Nicholas 1 said: "1 shall fire on the first who fires." Nicholas l also tried to apply ChIistian prjnci~les in the ruling of his country. He wanted very much to im­ -5­
  13. 13. '-6'! I..A ,;..- '~"'"I , L ('T ' '!-----'("-'.'-"" ;-. 'J l!js Il "Heinrich moost schreiben", words taken ftom the work given to Mary Ann Van Hoof, words spoken by a visi­ tor from Heaven, Alexander III, Îormerly Tzar of ~sià. He was speaking and pleading for us ta save his country and ours. Inasmuch as that part of the story has al­ ready been told in that which is written up on work given by Alexander, this is a continuation or further work. ~ _ f As l previously have written,~ory) as it has been writtp.n up under the control of the_Forces of Evil, f_- has been so distarted as not to be istor t aIl, but ls based on propagan a and iie;:- ""It has beeu purposeÏy s llbverted ta con.ceal rather than reveal t.he aet ual factS)) ri of hi.:'tory--tO'ëOi1ceal the activities aIlQ even the very existence of t ~ l behind the scenes, forces that 1. sh.9uld have bee.n-exposed i!!.its wriUng. No prognosti­ cation of future world events can he made without reeo g-)) nition of'these hidden forces and knowleage of their aims. No analysis of historieal events ean be made IVIthout traeing their movements and knowing their aims, ) ~ for ï.vithput tha~dge, history ha.s·-foÜoW~d no path that could he flgured out by loglc or reason. When the ineteenth een ury dawned these Forces of Satan were very-We~rganlzed. They had long con rol­ l' Led, through their a~ent& and control-cïf money, the aes­ ( tinies of nations. They had already built up and des­ 'troyed nattons, been responsible for the death of many Cl].ristians, assassinat,.ed kings, rulers, statesmen, nobles, Bishops, pt'iests: Monks and Nuns. They had al­ irready~anize1 their powerfutJMà~oniê Secret Societies 1.'. through wl1ich most of these activities Viere carried on. ~The Anti-Christ, the Forces of Satan, were in truth " welLiU:~:.!lJzed and ~ry ac..tive. . Protestantism had in sorne cases bean f d b W and in aIl c~sas fur ere and supported by these H~~ ~ ~ ~s because, througn-tliê creation of ~ y among Cfirlstlans the cause of Satan was being served. Inasmuch as Alexander III named the Rothschilds as the leaders of Sà1;art S l"ofées and rnentlOned sorne of those of his own time and of his father's time, specifi­ -6­
  14. 14. cally James Rothschild and Lionel Rothschild, let's go back a little on the history of the family. 1~mschel Mayer,' a dirty old Jew second hand store opera or of Frankfort, Germany was the pat..e.rnal ances­ tor of the proud Rothschild money barons. His wife was a Jewess by the name of Gretta SchnapIler. They lived in a dilapidated wooden building that served as both shQp ( and living quarters. Second hand artIcles and junk cluttered up the pavement in front of the building. It was in this miserable, dirty shack that the rulers Of the world. the deyj~o-s-t---4ta-lue.cLag.ent-s..,~ l 1 ( b~. There was a reQ emblem or shield ~the bUilding) and from this the Dâmé ~adshield or Rothschild was adopted. The original family fortune was started by the ex­ ploiting and stealing of funds entrusted to Amschel' s lI handling for investment because of his uncanny ability to multiply those funds through devi~us and unscrupu­ lous methods. Amschel hact five sons and five daughters. Inasmuch as we are interested in the Rothschild name, we will discount the daughters. AlI of the greedy sons of old Amschel Vere thoroughly indoctrinated witt the Talmud and the ID r er an e makin of money ou of t e p un erlng 0 Jlristians. As true sons of Satan, their great aim (in addition ta the plundering of aIl the world' s wealth, was the destruction of aIl Christ­ ianity. To these ends aIl of the descendants of the Rothschilds have directed aIl of their efforts, laboring diligently and tirelessly. Amschel allotted Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy and France ta his five sons. Later on one of their agents by the name of Schoenberg was accorded the United States---:--Hë-c1m:n-ged-his-rrame to BelmOrït.~m,.A ~- Solomon, Nat~an, Ka~l and James Vere the five sons. ~~ Nathan~was established in London, S~on)in Vienna, Karl'tat Naples and James'ln Paris. Anselm the oldest tOOk:Over the Bank at Frankfprt. The affai~ aIl sa closely interwoven that it would be impossible to trace their activities separately. The~ were aIl sa un­ scruPUlOuS, sa murderous that they had saon eliminated practlcally aIL competition, even of others of their own race .. AlI the Rothschilds collaborated in the financ­ ing of aIl Vars, the parties of bath sides indis­ criminately because it aided them in both promoting the -7­
  15. 15. " death of Christians aJld fill1ng their coffers with gold. Through their influence and mQTIey co~ol, they were able to get many Jews into positions of prominence and responsibility, in praci!cally al! of the countries of the world, pos itions from which they, like termi tes, 1 could eat into and destroy the very foundations of those governments. The notorious Metternich was an exampie. He had been a minor employee-or-Solomon Rothschild who, through the influence of Satan' s Agents, became Prince ( Met~ernich, the hand or Satan' s Agents. Amschel Mayer was feit in the United States as early as the Revolutionary War, for it was through him that the Hessians, the young Germans who were soldiers f~!"e, were -fûnlished-to George III of En~!.~nd. He. tJirough agents, e.El:.isted the services of these young ft Germans as soldiers for hire, and then received a profit on-l!Ldr.-hJ7;: He' was 8.t the verl... J2.~.ginni..!!g 0 f l'I1.s career dealing in death and QlQod. The lives of any of these sold iers k illed or of those whom they ki lIed ~e serving the purpose of his Master, the devil, for they [ were Christians' fightlng agalnst Christians. He made huge profits on the exploiting of these soldiers. - In the year 1805 there was born to Israel Disraeli. a Jew and an agent of the Rothschild's Satanic Forces, a son who was named B.~nJamln Dl§raell and wno was to be­ come such a power among the subversives and in the in­ trigue among the governments of his time that A]ex­ ander III in his revelations has called other leaders of subversion and intrigUe~~as a means of iden­ ( tif.x..Ï-ng-tbeir actiyitles, Just as Vie' speak of Judases identifying betrayers. -­ In order to penetrate better into t Of) ~ng a an serve his Masters, h was s­ ~out not until 1817, at WhlC Ime rs olS.: He was well taug -t',w.è1IIùJ a e wi th al! of the knowledge of the Satanic For~s and served very .well fheu causeduring al! the period of his lifetime. ,[In h~s younger !ears h~ served as the agent a~oge l of hlS Masters ln carrYlng out their orders. Gften us­ ing disguise, he committed acts of actual subversio~d (J{PŒmoted sorne Of tbeir wnrders fQr them in countries) ~ aU Q~er RprQ,pe. When he achieved prominence in poli­ r tics he of course Quit partakin~ in these activities be- L cause he was of more value to hlS Masters. His particu­ lar ~ster, mentor and hero was (Lionel) Rôthschilcl, -8­
  16. 16. with at that time is a fact that even a distorted history could not have covered up. When he re-crossed the bor ­ der of France on his return. he had with him only about 20,000 men of the huge. proud SO,OOOomen army that had marched into Russia. Most of his soldiers had not fal­ len to the guns of the Russians, :tfjhad died of starva ­ tion or freezing ~S2 ~Wh -in.. tbe . J.iIOiûühp wlÎÎler. Is most of those todle were Christians. this was a), ~ victor=:Yfür the AntT='Cnrist. Inobedience to the ~ orders of Satan's mInions. many of Napolean's soldiers had een 1 e e s ln e - ough whic they were orced to pass as they returned home starved and frozen. Napolean of course met his final defeat at ~terloo where his troops were met and defeated by thenglish under the Duke of Wellington. Here also one of the greates t factors was the treason of Mar Jew Agent of the Rothschilds and one of t e Sou t a I l~ading ~ ).. Jews and a Grand M-aster. Ma;'silaIi Sourt was ln ;-o;;;and ' of a large ~rron of Na~'s forces. and his J treachery brought about the destruction of the empire of " N@OIëan l .§empi rerTfsC5UiTt up and then destroyed by the same diabolical forces. Napoiean never itfdJj l' -- -- recognize the force that caused his downfall.O -- .'" THE WAR OF 1812 IN THE UNITED STATES It has been shawn that the war and turmoils in the world were aIl created and promoted by the same forces of the Invisible Government of the Anti-Christ and the ~EuJrope at that time had been created in the same manner. Its principal target for destruction was the empi re of NapoIëan l, who was cooperaUng Wl th tne CaUio­ ( lie Church and in coming out openly in opposition to the Jews had brought about his own condemnation. If divi ­ rSion and destruction could be brought to the newly lfclJITOed Un Heer-Sta tes a t the same Time. lt would be killing two birds witt one stone. The United States had aCQuired by purchase from France the terri tory of Loui~~a. which had in i ts turn been taken from Spain by Napo ean. England was fighting against France and had set up a blockade to shut offner imPorts. In order to enforce the blockade she had inter ­ fered with tbe fore;gn trade of tÀe United States. S~l sea battles had taken place. England. in order to keep up the strength of her Navy. had forcibly - 10 ­
  17. 17. impressed sorne American seamen into her Navy on the claim that if you were born a British citizen you always remained one. England had always looked on the Americans as colonials of England, and even ta this day her aim has been our de~truction andre-subjugatlon to Great BrITain. Russia, who hact alwaysaët-ecr â-s more or less ~big brother to our country in holding the ambi­ tions of other countries in check, was now engaged in war in Europe, a1so promoted by the Invisible Hand of Satan' s Forces. It looked to Grea~ain as though while her two enemies, France and Russia, were knocking away at each other as if it would be her opportunity to ( re-subjugate the United States. The plan was to divide-the country ta gain control of the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys and isolate the Eastern seaboard states. We of course knew that their plan didn't work. Their armies were defeated in the North; and then as Alexander said, Our lfof-MOther took a an ad New Orleans which should by aIl natural reasoning have faIlen to the greatly superior forces of the English. New Orleans was attaeked by a force of 12,000 Eng­ lish soldiers. It was defended by 2,000 Tennessee rIfle­ men under the command 0 f General ~:rew Ja~k~O!!) Wfïen t1ië battle was over, there were 700 frrilTs ead, 1400 woundedànd 500 British prisoners taken. The Ameriçans had only ~lJld and 13 wounded. The Madonna Maria)l had come to the rescue as She promised She would when~ Sh~ appearea-1o the Pather of our Country. What had appeared ToEngià:ri-a-;-wrth their süperior naval forces and man power, as an easy victory had turned into a very expensive defeat, a~heY pulled out of the country,. not with the idea of giving up, but to ( bide their time and hateh up further plans fOrlJ,Ur oestruction. -­ A Peaee Conference was held at Ghent, at which John Quincy Adams was one of our representatives. The treaty drawn up-wâs a very queer document because it didrnOt even mention most-D~bepOlnLs over wfileh the war llad be~-clared, sueh as the improvement of AIDerican s~­ men. It was, however, approved by Congress. John Quincy Adams had served as a Minister ta Russia for sorne time. He had been appointed by President Madi­ son in HJ09. While in Russia he had made many friends, including Tzar Alexander I. It was through the media­ tian of the Tzar that the treaty was negogiated and -11­
  18. 18. through his influence that the major concessions demanded by the British were dropped. The treaty was considered as a diplomatie victory for the Americans. but the influence and backing of Russia played a large part in the eventual settlement. The treaty was signed at Ghent. Belgium on December 24, 1814 and was ratified by Congress on February 17, 1815. The battle of New Orleans was won against grea~j odds through the intercession of Heaven. St. Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans., played a part in i t, as did' Our Holy Mother. Joan was the maid of war who had been in many battles ~ainst the British. ((1- NOTE: ST. JOAN OF ,!.RC WAS CAL.LED THE MAI D OF'I l~ ORLEANS IN FRANCE. NEW ORLEANS IN THE NEW WORL[)J . WA S NAM EDF 0 R T HAT F R EN CHe '1 T Y . In the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans there was a rather small delicate nun who had a small statue of Our L~dy of Prompt Succor and who prayed to Our Lady almost constantly. Her superior thought she was overdoing it ana-rebuked and chastised her for it. The Superior thought she should be devDting more time to the other work. This little nun continued to pray wi th aH her heart for hours in the chapel that the battle would be won. When the canons roared the S~ior herself and aIl the other nuns of the community joined her in prayer. AlI prayed for the intercession of Our Lady that the battle might be won. MEXICAN IVAR After the IVar 0 f 1812 the next attempt on the part of the-.ln~rnational Jew bankers and of Great Britain Ilunder their control to weaken and destroy the United states Vas the MéXican IVar. The Mexicans Vere ==- encouraged by the British under Prime... Minister Benlamin D~eliL--. was also a valued w~o servant of Satan' s AgeILts. the Rothschilds, in the IjcreaÙ"on of the incide~ts which'wére thecause of i1Th Mexican War OI 1846 1848. lt waS another att~t afrer-rfi~ar of ~12 to weaken and destroy the UnIted ( Sta~~th~exIcans had been led to expect much grëâter aid from Great Britain than they received, but once again it was the fear of intervention by Russia that prevented England from any active participation. This plan backfired on those who promoted it because -12-
  19. 19. instead of weakening the United States, it became much stranger as Mexico was forced to give up nearly a half million square miJes of l·errito~ding aIl of-thé territory which it claimed north of the Rio Grande. THE CIVIL WAR It was under Alexander II that our country, America, was saved from destruction by the forces of the Agents of Satan, the International. Jew Banhers. The Uni ted States, as a Christian nation. was also a target for destruction and di vi sion. 'Ih(' Ci vi l War was plannedoy the Invis-ible Forces long herors it actuallY came aoout l) '~na was promotecLf!:Qm without. England and Prance ;ere ' to-CÔntrol the divided country. France was ta control the Southern states. They were ta be invaded by the) French and Mexicans and ta become part of the Empi re of 1 0 . Napolean îÏI-,---The Northern states wer~o 5e taken over b~_~~J..J,.i..s.h...-alw.a.ys a nren..e.m..v. and bec.Qme an ad ­ dition to Canada. The fact that the creation of the Mexican Empire was part of the plot to destroy the United States shows how deep, how complex and to what eods the Satanists will resort ta achieve their desires, First the United states must be preoccupied with inter~âÎtrol!.QJ.es ta such a degree that she would not be in a position to en ­ force the terms of the MOI]~_Doctrine. wht"ch forbade colonization and interference in the affairs of the gov­ ernments of the countries in the Western Hemisphere. This preoccupation was produced by the cr~tjg~f i~J;s which brought on the Civil War. Slavery was ~Sue.Jlsed. but many. many Jews }tel:L~ntTn_to the, ~uthern states ta glVe flery speeches arowÜng the fe~~~he ~le and creating the antagonism and 1 sOiiie 0 f the incldents which led ta the finaror'eak be- '1 1 betw~ern and Southern states. It was aIl ~- q""..,. - .",rI -­ ~polean III Roth child u et, was led to belieVe) that Wf the Um ted Sfates invo ved in InternaI € r ouble thë time was propi ttous to set himself up in the Western Hemisphere:- ot1Jëï= nations were invi ted to participate in the aetign. including Rus sia. EngIand and Spain bott! furnished sorne troops. (,Napolean IIDthought that the conquest would boo~t his stocks somewhat in the eyes of the world, as-hls prestige was at rather low ebb. -13 ­
  20. 20. ~ Enghsh and Spanish troops landed in ~,gx: '1 in 1863 and without tao much resistance from the Mexlc s marched on Mexico City. Archduke Maximillian was induced ta serve as pUQPet emperor and set up the Mexican Ernpue. He landedin Mexico on May 28, 1864. The Devil' s Forces tried secure the approval of Rome by promising that the new t011 empire would te Catholic. ~ The freeing of the serfs by Tzar Alexander II' s f.mpenaI Deeree F'ebruary 19. 1861 undoubtedly ln­ [ fÎuenced Ehe movement ta free the slaves in the United States. Forty-seven million serfs Vere freed in Russia. The Tzar throllgh his own Secret Agents ltiî.ici' of the plans of the Evil Forces, the International sankers, to destroy our country. l Judah P. Benjamin,} a tricky Jew, servant of the In­ ternatlonal Bankers, was used in iliis country ta promote the war. He later becarne Secretary of State in the 1 South. He was successful in creating incidents and arousing feelings that brought about the war. Bismark/l Vas the one who revealed the fact that the ~r~of the Civil War Vas planned long before the IVar became an actuality. --~xander II warned both England and France that to interfere In 'th;;; Civil IVar would be equivalent ta firing on Russia; in fact. he placed the Russian Navy at the disposaI of Abraham Lin~n. The Russian Pacifie Fleet sailed into San FrancIsêO Septe~ 8, 1863. It was in command of AdmiraI Lessovsky. The Rllssian Atlantic Fleet under AdmiraI A. P. Popoff sailed into New York Harbor September 11, 1863 . . Not only did Alexander III place his navy at the disposaI of Lincoln, but he also warned Napolean III, a p]pDet of the Rothschilds, that he would lnvade France .[ Vi th his armies i f sne participated in the lot ta des- . tra e e lOg the South ta destroy J the North. . This alone served as a deterrent which prevented England and France from interfering in the Civil War. England did give sorne help ta the South and the only ships the South had in their navy were furnished by England. They also helped the Confederacy financially. l wonder hoV man Amerieans a preeiate the great) debt of gratitude we owe ta Russia for the fae at thé United states is as we have il today. We betrayed chat debt, mueh ta the surprise of the Russians, by sup­ -14­
  21. 21. porting the Japs in the Russo-Japanese War. Th is was 1 due to_the, innu.ence a!!.d pressure exerted onc~ '~ J t~e big_ !.I}t..?rn~t.ionalJ.?ankers, 1~..Ll?Ll"a,h.J)chiff, head of the huge American banking firm of _ uhri,-kQ.ilb and Company. After the Civil IVar was ended ~F~ were forced to wi thdraw their soldiers fromÎiîeXlco. Em­ peror Maximillian foo~ly refused to evacuate with them an~ was promptly assass~ed; thus ended the 1Mex.Ü~anJ~:mper.o.,canlLg:_":!j:JÏ re. While the Civil IVar di d not dw.r.oy the Uni ted ,1/ StatJls as the International Jew Bankersnad p~anned, jJ ~~t-themLlour b~llion dollars in profit at the ex­ pense of the American taxpayers. BACK TO ALEX Alexander III was also plagued by the resistance to change among the nobili ty and aristocracy of his own country, as his father had been before him. The~Jity did not approve of freeing the sexfs and the bettering of living condi tions for the poor, as they thought J t IYOuI_çLd.etract from their olYn position andÎmportance. ( Sorne became involved with-the revolutionaries. Sorne werea:ctually traitors to their Tzar, and as they held posi tions of importance in the army and the government, their opposi tion was very disrupting. Hired terrorists VerA used to create havoc and terror=rn parts of "Russia. They destroyed and burned ( IYh~le villages, killing, raping,~ng off beautiful girls. Most of these raiders were Cos­ saLck~ard rI dIng, fierce fighters from the plains and what made it look bad for Alexander was the fact that { among these raiders were m~ny trai tors who were memi;;s lof his olYn Secret Police. This ma,d~1t_look as the plotters wanted it ta look, as if Alexander-;as promot­ ing these raids lïî.Ii1Së1I-to bUiJ.çL.JJp__his own power. This Vas of course defini tely false;'--ï)'üthe was ( powerless to put down that opinion or the rebel ra~ers either.' , The relations of Russia had been good with most of their foreign neighbors on the continent, but gradually under pressure from England and Disraeli, they were turned against her. Germany was supposectly ruled by the.Kaiser, but the actual head of power in Germany~as Bismark--a stiff, proud but rather dum6 Prussian -15 ­
  22. 22. , . go _ mili tarist, !ho, as has been said, was under the com­ plete control of the RothschHds, heads of -the ~ic Forces and leaders of thë-NIhalists and the three hun­ dred Jews. H~Lat least part Jew on his mother:' s s~: His mother Vas the mistress of the Jew,(SoUlt.2 /-1,/0 who was one of hree hundred who ruled. , "g Bi smark was turned agains texan er because.-l!e was made to believe that AlexanQ~r-w_~_b~hind the r. U ra i ct ini?:JJLd-t-e.r:iOr"isJrL.in-h.i~L.Jl..WltS~U nt ry . The r e ­ lationship between Russia a d F-rance had been good, but in France, as in England, Apolph Cremeaux, a tool of thëTiîterna tional Banke!,"8, . another Di sraeli, became Prime Minister and he succeeded in turnlng France [ against Russia. In Ita.ry--"the- same thing was taking place, another Disraeli by the name of Mazzini turned the trick. Bismark tried to get France and Austria, whose ruler was Franz Josef, to sign a pact that th~ld stand together against Russia. Much false propa~anda was used against Alexan­ der III by the EviI Forces, jus~iJ!~"Ldoing-to- m daY against that which they would destroy. When sorne of the murderous revolutionaries were caught and ex~ted, ) Alexander wasac-ctlseaoI cruelly murderingTJïose who w;re=-flgn-tlng Îor freeaom and nîuch p"lIbllcity was gnen which made-hIÏn"appear fO he a cruel mônarch-;- the plctûre that the Godless forces wished to portray. At the instigation of the International Jew Bankers and tfiêfr contra'lled go~"ernments, the hue iindcÎ"yWent forth in aIl the newspapers of Europe, enlarging uQQn 'f. and trying to create sympathy for the poor persecuted t Jews. This was an opportunity to lash out at and add to th~ destruction of Russia. It was vicious propaganda ( w~ch they cou~~ and.would most certainlY make the most Q1:. Most of this propaganda lssued from England, WhO]1 thro~h their history have been guilty of exploiting and_~~r~QYtiug_more people to gain their ends than aIl the rest of the nati0us on God's earth. - _!2.§cause of the hatred directed at Russia by aIl of th,ls vicious propagarida, antagolllsm grew agalnst them a l,over the world. Prince Nicholas, son of Alexan­ der III, was a facked by an assailant as he traveled in Japan with his cousin, Prince Nicholas of Greece. His cousin was instrumental in saving him. He was attacked with a sabre Alexander said it was anly a miracle that his life was saved. -----~---- -16 ­
  23. 23. Alexander went to see Franz Joseî, but he too was having his troubles. Here too the International Bankers were trying to take over and rule his country. Hére they used Bismark to pressure him. Franz-Josef tried desperately to keep his country tagether. They finally broke him when they-~ssassinated his helr, Prince Ferdi ­ nand. This was the spark which set off World War 1. Alexander had talked for many hours with and found much comfort in Monsignor Stepniak untU the ter- rorists destroyed a whole Jewish village 0 f over 2, 000 1people. Stepniak then turned agalnst lÜm, for he thought J Alexander had turned against his Church and the POOl' people. He still found sorne comfort in the person of a priest, ~ther Ivan. Alexander was a religious ~n and often prayed in his room to God and Madonna Maria for guidance. As has been said, most of the Russlans l were religious and God-fearing people in spite of aIl the obstacles placed in their paths, and sti Il are. The Evil Forces now in power in Russia hope (hat they can stamp out religion in tbe rising generation Il and are now counti~ more on-that than Irying to change the beliefs and-taitb of the older ones. During the time of--Aiexander they were hoping that Lutheranism would, by causing a split, destroy Catholicism in Ger-­ many. On June 10, 1956 Alexander III appeared to Mary Ann again and said he had received a message from the Secret t Police, which caused his death on October 20, 1894. The , message said the Nihalists were just holding off until 1 his death and then they would ru le asbè~ Alexander safd the Nihalists were not Bolshevists as many people believed. Mary Ann asked him what i t was, and he used a strange word which sounded like Judaism and finally when she gat ta understand him thâ1:Tt was Judaism­ nry of which the English Disraeli was n t ii4fi!d. Th~_..weIe.- ta pOUDce on Russia as saon as he died. He said he knew Nicholas, his son, dia not have the strength to resis-rthem. When Nlcholas II ascended the throne, the International Bankers soon controlled the finances, and he was betrayed from wlthln and with ­ out by Trotsky and Lenin and others. 11 I~ -ATexanaertë---rG Mar,YAïm that ~he .maj,n obi ec~ ~f lthe_Nihalists was sU-de~troy Chrlstlff:rtty, malnly IJC~holicism, Orthodox or Roman;. ana t a th~re were . il' Nihalist leaders in France, Austna, Italy, Spaln, Portu ­ gal, Denmark §Ad aIl other countries. He said we have -17 ­
  24. 24. Nltl&list terr-ori::;ts in our OWll country, and that if we are not strong and stand together, they will control us. Alexander said hé oled on the receipt of that mes­ sage of October 20, 1894, of a broken heart, although his breath finally left him on AlI Saints Day, Novem­ ber l, 1894. Pather and Alexander' s faithful wife were his last companions. His wife had been at his bedside and he. Id his han.d during aU of his i Ilness. His i llne§s was induced originally b! Doi;wn administe~.ed in .his food. The poison used was agaln ;ll:<:Ufa tofannv a pOlson ver~_hard to trace or detect, but wh1ch, while slow to [ ~-'L~ry deadly. ­ The secret apostles of revolution, the Nihalists, the underground advocates 0 f reform, -are directly res­ ponsible for the death of Alexander III, as they wére for' the death of his fat~. Alexander II. The Hidden Hand up to this time had to their credit the assassina­ rr;n of Abraham Lincoln, six Romanoffs, ten kings and} scores of mlnlsters. l wonaef wrrar=an up-to-date score f'their murders would show now. Truth that our history books fail ta print, but What a shock and surprise to Mary Ann to listen to this ~~Y. ~ ~ ~ t ~ e and plead for prayers for his 1 He said that we must fielp his people pray be­ l fore it is too late for aIl. Pray to the Madonna Maria for-.!.!.elp. He said, Pray--Pray, allé Wl-ttr that he-;as gone. l wish l could put on paper the exact words as he spoke them to Mary Ann and transmi t the depth of feeling ( and siocerity with wQj~ch-sluLJLaid each ward w~en. The translation sounds so flat, but l did the best l kno'w how. THIS 18 IN MARY ANN' S WORD8 JUST AS 8HE WROTE IT The return visit of Tzar Alexander Illon Aug. 29th was very unexpected and surprised me. He still gives me that strange feeling, i t' s hard to explain, i t' s reallY not fear, fo..!:....though he is a very huge man, his !f eyes are kind looking, 4~u.cthere_was nosmile. -rfe again spoke in this same German dialect. He told. me he Il j was here to warn Us. for we t.OJL~tLe followLng the same • path his FatlL~~~Dd did. It is a very dangerous path. It' s a way of only sorrow with bloodshed, heartbreak to many innocent people, people thal the D~is of today are misguiding and confusing. Oh, you must go to the -18­
  25. 25. Madonna Maria for help, you must bring the MadonIla Maria ta their hearts. She loves your Fatherland. She will help you if you turn ta Her with sincere and true love and devotion. Do not let the devils, the Disraelis and Niha li sts des troy Y<i"ûr ti""'ëauti fuI Father"ïanëI-.-rhë"".Y8.re takTng- away your'Freedom, 'the Freedom you love, the Freedom your Fatherland was founded on. Do Ilot let it be destroyed. You.J;oo_are haviIlKJo.ur-.E.a.th.e..rl.an.cL.!..n­ )l ~ivaded' the same kind",,9f inv~j.on;!J;tat some da.)' will ter­ JJr~ze YourJ1omes, schools and Church:s. This. na~ed dunng tIredays of rny father and dunng the tlme of my father' s so saddened death, who, as Jour faithful ( l~r saw the path of the Oisraelis and Nihalists were taking to destroy you. Had my father and your Lincoln lived, Christianity would not have been doomed in mYFatherland, and as it' s leading ta in your beauti­ fuI Fatherland. The same fate will befal~-YQur pe021e; your Freedom rignt novis-Tn'serious danger. You speak of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and-Press. WitntliISyouli:re5IinîIëëfbY"thecun.n.lng invasion of the Ofsraelis and Niha'lists whose method tg-ta-'n iTy'our Fatherlancr"wi th thOSe that will saon be used to terror­ i ze you, d..e-s..trOY.....eyerY.m:..:U:icipJoe_o..Ls.Q..I!!: Freedom 0 f mind. Fœ. COD AND CWN7R'l 'lW MUST Nat SIEE? 1 The Di sraelis are not sleeping, the Nihalists are only waiting to destroy you, as in my F'atherland. Jose~ Vissarionovich Djugashvilli, whom you know as ;,ta~n, was watching the downfall of Lenin and Trotsky as ou now them, and ruthlessly waited his opportunity ta take over. He was worki!,!g_I:2~.hind the scenes as early as 1917 during the revolution. He came into con­ trorüTlliy-PatherlaI1cClii- year 1924--25. The DisraeÏis a ncnulïalTs""t-reaaers---rrKeêfhfSrnetTiOd. S ta li n bec ame greedy Jor po~er. He became p.,2..,wer happy.--PQiêLI:iiSt was_...Q riying fi f 1I!.-..Q.fi.....i:J:.!LW:L.-ancL.ru th les s ly._ d es tro y in g [ hum~nity,~became heartless and cUQning; in thIS-Way he gained many foÜ~e~S-:-'-iie'Taid liTspT"ans cunninglY, exploiting his people. With the help of the Oisraelis and Nihalists who financed aTI..È.isyg.dertaK~ngs of eVll- rll( n~ and"IITfntheheI"Pof your Fatherland. This will bring destruction upon you. But in the._y~f 1950, March and April during Lent. he seemed ta r.eaïi.ze the harm,--the'hardship and bloodshed he had placed upon his people, and the harm that would befall your Fatherland, f~he knew ~ur people would and we.r.e..J!.9ing.JJJuchJ.OI.. his...F.atherland. In -19­
  26. 26. May 1950, the month of the Madonna Maria, the same month the Oisraelis used to celebrate in mockery against Her and Christian followers, he saw before h i ~ e sC! ruthlessly slaughtered and how heartlessly he placed ' many Christian peoole in poverty and desperation. He Il sawliOJLClJ!~l1Y he h~.?~trpii<I fnefrnapëSO-{ F'reedom . .J' So in May, the month of the Madonna Maria, he h~a change of heart. He knew Madonna Maria lovea-nlS people and he hoped it was not too late for him to help h_is people. His change alarm,-eathe OisraeIÙ, those l tfiat worked so powerfully behind him--~~ev, Bul­ 9~~n, Berj a andlŒ~HP~voa Dï~TaeIr~ Sfiunarn; t~e the cruelest, most lieartless of all~aders in my F'atherland. They did aIl the Killing and destroying. They were the power behind the scenes. - Kruschev is now sending executioners into Mexico City, MexIco, looking for Lenin and Trn~sky~~es and for others' who could put the finger on him and ~~anin for aIl the killings and m~urd~gs for w r2n he is guilty and is now blaming and smearing Stalin. That is the reason for subs and planes from my F'atherland in that area as you may have been aware of. That is why he has to have drink, his evil heart is frTghtëning him. - - --­ ----Stâlln bëcame ill with grief and had many headaches, so an operation was scheduled. Newspaper headlines were reporting Stalln had a tumor. It was only a cist and not I( a serious matter. A ,~ritish doctor was enga~ed. He-9Jd his job weIl, for they could not let him survive and 1 ruin theIr plans. After his change of heart for the good of my F'atherland and yours-~e had to di~-Ïike so many otnïers, iilCïûctfng Kaganovich, wlio nad hopes he would come next in line ofpower: So did Mo-1,gJ.Q'y, as they were related to Stalin. Malenkov and Vishinsky were power happy, but they are o;ly-tne tools of the OlU3­ raelis and NihaHsts, who are becoming ~~re powertul in your-Fatherland, will soon have you in complete control unless your F'atherland turns to their only hope, which is Gocrand-rrre-MâGonna MarIa. You must bring Her into the fiearts of your people with true love and devotion. Give your hearts to Her in prayer--oh, you must pray! Pray for my F'atherland. Oh, help my F'atherland, then your F'atherland will be saved. The Madonna Maria's heart b~Jis for your Fatherland, your prayers and true devotion ta the Madonna Maria will help disarm those who -20­
  27. 27. are power happy, the Disraelis and Nihalists who are 50 powerful now in YQur headquarters. The United NàtlOns, you must destroy this Den of Evilness and return to your Fatherland' s Constitution, with God loving men they must be for Thy Father in Heaven and your Father­ land. Here again l turned to Hank to give him notes, for II found my Ge rman s 0 poar and rus ty tha t l fel t he should and could put down a few notes in hopes it would help me to re~ember, as tanight it was very difficult for me to understand him. •• • • ••• • • In the work 0 f Al ex it has been gi ven several timesj' that there i<; much dissension among the top brass of the J Communist Party. From time to time small items have crept into the news which indicates the same thing. During this past week this dissension reached one of the peaks of climax with the ousting of Molotov, Kagano­ vtch and Malenkov fro~~iL-no.siLiQDs. Several others of not quite so great importance also fell with them. Kmshçhev, the most viciaus, the most cruel, most mur­ derous of the devil' s tools:::lias remained as the top aOg. This most certainly i5 no cause for rejoicing anywhere in the world and certainly not for the poor slaves in Russia. Mary Ann said to me one day that she though t Molo­ tov was a relation of Joe Stalin. Alex appeared that night ta straighten out that misconception. He said that Molotov was no relative of Stalin, but that they had been friends and companions for many years, that eveIL..he.fm:..e the Revolution oLlJU7 they had as youngmen rpalled around together. He said that Molotov was born four years before he (Alexander) died, which would make him now 67 years old. When Krushchev was selected by Stalin, he and M::llo­ tov never got on weIl together, namely because of the facl-1hat Stalin and Molotov had been-pals. Kru~ev was always jeJÙSlus. Alex also sai d tha t Kuc_I!~.....a-.r..clati ve _of J ~. He als?~aJd that ~~hchev would not al10w anY/Il man to stand in the way 0 f hlS ambi tions to be top man, thaThe-would not share top honors vith any man; tfiêI-e­ fore Bulganin is also slated to have the props ( k icked from under him as ~ as Krushchev has consoli­ dated his position and feels sure of himself. - 21­
  28. 28. II A WARNING FROM ALEX Alexander in his warning to us said that the same thing that was happening in bis country fro~5ë- f8I!ë the time of Abraham Lincoln' s death and up to the tim~ 0 f h i5 father' s death, i s now happening in our ( cQ.!!.!tl.ry. 'lie are nowând have for sorne time been in­ vaded by an armYQIuna-ëSiuble immi gran ts. Anti­ christian Jews by the thousands to add to-the miliTOns l(we aiready have. Now playing on our sympathy for the refugees from Hungary, many. many more are coming in. Our bars have been let down by PresIdenbal order and ( more and more will be let in. How many among those who ~.are coming in will subversives, spies, revolutiona­ PRries? How many? If our enemles WI out and their agents within our country did not take full advantage of the wonderful opportunity they would sure miss a good bet, and-tQ-rn~DQwledge they hav~~§sed any yet. l heard over a radio news"ëàsT the other night where one of our representatives to Congress had made a plea to the Presi dent tha.t our doors be opened to the poor ( persecute~om-F~~ypt. Why~ld they come here. when the home of the Jews. Israel...... is 50 handy? Why shotiTërt1ïey not care for refugees of their own people, refugees created through their own military action? l' 800 000 Arab refu~ees now created . their land stpUn DY the sârnpJiWi$ out­ laws, This representative who was mâking ha plea has a"M:rish name, Boyle. l do not know if he is just a soft hearted. soft beaded idiot) just an ignorant tool l or one of the male proshtufës, one of t.hose who have sold themselves, doing ihê work of hlS MastlHs. Senator McCarron died because hia-eiforts ta ]lug r the 100PfiQIes in our I~ration laws and stem the tide of aliens into this country interfered with the plans of the sinister agents of the diabolical forces who are in control of our Government. - 22­
  29. 29. Let' s look at another phase of the same warning: "Throu h their fluence and money control, the l'lere able to et many Jews into positions 0 promlnence an responsibi y ln prac u ries 0 the world; po si lons from which they, like termites, could eat into and destroy the very foundations ofu. those Governments. • - How many posi tions would be left vacant in Wash­ ington, D.C. if those termites of evil l'lere to be driven out? How many more would 5e 1eft vacant if their Gen­ tile stooges were to be driven out. How many more lould go if the Communists l'lere driven out, ~m­ muni§m 18 but a tnnl-~ the same mO~nEers. In this supposedly Chri sti an nation, how many would be len in our Capitol City if aIl who l'lere not actual practis­ in g Christians l'lere dri ven out? l wonder if you IhQuldn' t { be surprised at the mass evacuation that would have to take place. If you know the answer to the th ird question, you kn~.lLt..eITi..fLcJ..nroads made by the Forces of ADti­ Christ i_n..-tlJ~_Jr great effort to destroy aIl Christian­ 1 ~, aIl Christi ans and aIl Christian nations of which ~~e-suDPosed to be one. If Washi r:gton i s bad, how much 1'10 rse i5 the Uni ted Nations Organization in the U.N. Building in New York City, for there l'le find employed many of those who as security risks were discharged from employment in Wash­ ington, D.C. lt l'las essential that sorne be discharged in order to create in the minds of the people the Idea, -the l11usiQ~:Jli~~-~ëâl1i=hâY~a securlty system in Washington. Very recently this was gi ven in the Work. "T m YI k the art of Adolph Hitler after Hitler's death is now in Austria SCTeen ng- e refugees"Y 0 are to be 4 sent to the various countries.· 1 ·Pe roR is helping to get them into South America.·~ An Agent of the Invisible World Government is ~w screening the refugees who are being sent into the Unrted State~an-You lmaglne wfiat a beautiful lot of refugees l'le are getting? Trained subversives, members of the Secret Police, C mmunists, Jewish revo1ution­ ar es W ein a ed. f they cou n t get enough subversives into our country under the auspices of the Devil's U.N. and unde~e unconstitutional, il- ~ legal, abortive aoomination of NATO Treaties, l'le have certainly got the doors open now. Listen to the heart­ -23­
  30. 30. _n_.... -; .9.f Il -24­
  31. 31. No! Kelly Irishman tn the counter CHRIST WARNED US Alexander ,III as the visitaI' from Heaven warned us. We have been warned again and again by many, many people. We have refused ta accept those warnings. The warnings of the people have been disregarded, the warnings of his·­ tory have been disregarded. We have allowed the war­ nings of reason ta be, dominated .~!2tLQJXEwêighed by lies and propaganda. Ve have cast aslde reason in favor of wishful thinking. The warnings of man we might cast aside because he is subject ta human erraI', but those warnings from Heayen l w.e had certainly better heed. The warning from Alexander Romanov was Just recentl~Jven.as a remtnder ta be adiled ta aIl of those we had previousLY been. gi ven and di s regarded. The greatest warning of them alI was the warning or warnings given in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as written by the Apostles. --::a> Christ said, in s~aking ta the Jew.s: "You are of your Father the Devil and the deslres of your Pather you will do. He Vas a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not for the truth because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own for he is a liaI', and the Pather thereof. Il ,This is from the Gospel of St. John, Chapter VIII, Verse 44. That warning given to-t~-WnIld in the Gospel of Jesus Christ cannat be misinterpreted; it_is not given-in paraiJTêaS-wa'; iïï'üè1ioY-C~-rks. it was gIVefiSo -25­
  32. 32. there could be absolutely no l!l.isunderstanding of the warn(ng He meant ta conve~ ' " " " ' - - - - ­ The Jews claim the Gospel of St. John was written thirty years after the death of Christ, that his memory had failed him and that the statement was spurious. ~ Christian can discount that warning without discarding alÎ of the GospeLof the Apostles. IVe have been taUght that aIl of the Gospel was written by the fJ AP.22.tles und..ar the guidance of the Holy Ghost. If we refuse ta accept the teachings of Gad and aIl of 'Ch!istianity must then crumDre and farl, for t~ly l IGhOS"tls one with Gad and with Christ. -it·n--of -ne teachings of Christ that were written, were written by the Apostles. He wrote nothing of Himself. Sorne would like ta imply that ta accept such a statement as that warning is unchristian for the Gospel tells us we must love aIl, even our enemies. That is very true, Put cau anyone be more Christian than Christ Himself, who gave !IS that warning. We should lôVe them, but how better could we show our love for them than b takin heed ta the warnin and reventIng them from commttting those crimes which wi 1 bring about their eventual condemnat1àn by Gad Almighty? Here is another warning from the Bible which bears out the same warnings as was given in the other. ?>l "Woe ta you Scribes and Phar isees, hypocrites: because you go around about the sea and the land ~ e proJLelyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of Hell twofold more than yourselyes. " - From the Gospel of st. Matthew, Chapter XXIII, Verse 15. This is not only a warning against the Jews, ~t against those who are their politica _nverts, their too sand stooges who serve their cause, who as given are twofold more of Hell th an the Jews are. The p~­ ishment of Christlans who serve the cause of the Jëws Shoul. d be twice the pun ishment that t. he Jews get De- . I cause as baptized Christians they are be 'n --:"r I ~r, 0 mlg y, w 1 e e ews are but carr,r"ing out the work of their Father, the Devil. September 26, 1956 - "New York, Washington, the Pentagon, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis and Chicago are now the main bases of opera tian for spi es. There are s topping a ft places for them in other ci ties, like Bal timore, Boston, and Corpus Christi, but they don' t stay there too long. -·26­
  33. 33. Sorne come in ta Chi cago by water from Canada." October 25, 1956 - "There are youth riots in Hungary and Poland and East Germany. Th~ call i t look­ in.g for freedoID, bu j " tbe~r bave Cammunist leaders. The youth are trained. They have them in the Uni ted States, " Mexico. r~, Spain, aU over any place you mention. You will bear of sorne more uprisings in Berlin, Franco' s terri tory, Austri a and Ti to' s Jugoslayi a. " "It was said on the radio that(ij~:-:i-:t:-:l~e-m-is now authentically dead. " -=­ III JI HAS DERED NOTE: BEEN BV DE"DER THE THIS AGENTS 15 TH"N BOTH " or TRUE "ND LIE. PICKLED HERRING SIN.CE SATAN. THE PHONY THE RE"L 1939. HITLER WHO PLAVEO HI T ­ MUR­ J LER F"ROM 1939 •• 1945 IS STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE AND ACTIVE. December 13, 1956 - "They are going to find out that there are lots of those people like the Fraulein who were supposed to have been executed hut ar;-;t'fil aEye and working. They are disguised with dyed hair, false teeth, buck teeth, faces lifted, etc. It will 1 1 ~ ' I e . IVe can give them the information. Hitler is supposed to be dead, the Fraulein i8 supposed /to be dead. d he same t'hin over her tence' l Jthem to prison, then release them, like ~lger Hiss " "T e who started the" Hungarian Revol t were the first ones to escape. They are sea ered, somêhere, sorne ln SWI tzerland, sorne in France. The revol t suc­ ( ce!?ed, the ammunition the peopl7'had stored up 1 s gone now. " . December 18,1956 - Words spoken as given: "1 "Are we going to let the sarne thing happen here that happened in Russia? They are bringing them in Hank. " December 28, 1956 - "He (Alex) said the Madonna Maria warned us in 1917. Alex warns us now. H~ said they have got ta Esten to Her or there will be much m9re annihilation. " Our Lady said: "If My requests are heard, Russia will be converted and there will be Peace. " "If not she (Russia) will scatter her errors through the whole world, p rovokirrg wars and p ersecu­ tion a~alnst the Chureh. rn!t good will bemartyred. The Holy Father will have much ta suffer and several na ti ons wi 11 be wiped 0 ut. " NOTE: HER REOUESTS IVERE PRAYERS, PENANCE. A RETURN TO GOD. How TRUE WERE HER PROPHECIES FOR RusSI" HAS EX. ~D HER ERRORS THROUGH THE WHOLE WORLD. THE CHURCH HAS - 27 ­
  34. 34. 'EEN AND 15 BEING PERSECUTED THROUGHOUT THE .HOLE WORLD · AND THERE H"S BEEN MUCH GIVEN ON THE SUFFERING Of THE 1 Ho L Y F" TH ER 1 N 0 U R W0 RK HE RE. January 1, 1957 - "The refugee si tuation is very saddening because among the refugees are many evil on~s. How can we separate the wheat from the chatt wi thout injuring the wheat? It i s very saddening.· January 2, 1957 - ·You knoiv when Hitler was per ­ cutin~ the Jews a bunch of them fled into Hungary, Rümania and Bulgaria. Some of those are among the first refulees over here now. T~ey will be placed tnNew York. san DIego and other large important cities. " January 7, 1957 - "Many people are going to obj ect ta the refugees. They have got ta work and be housed. They will have ta take sorne Americans' jobs . • Remember 1 told you the Secret X Men. They hact a meeting on the Eisenhower Doctrine in East Berlin. They also discussed the increase of refugees. There are other people taJl;ing advantage of the refugee deal to ( ~~desiLables into tbe country. January 24. 1957 - ·There are lots of undesirable that came in with the refugees." January 25. 1957 - ·Ie have got lots of new Yids. We sure are being invaded. " January 29, 1957 - ·You know we have spies in all our industries who give reports to the YI0S. "There is sab~ing of material like electrical ( wiring, especially where i t goes for defense. The explosions and acc idents are not aH accidents. "le are surely badly invaded now. Nobody reali zes i t. Hank.' January 3D, 1957 - "The maioritv U! vll!.I.::HH111 including the Hierar~_won' t beÎ1ev- that th--- ---­ _ ill destroy this country. ( idea i s fanatical. What will i t be when ou t, Hank? No bo wan ts ta bite th then. u . les corruption cree Qf their control of money, e erna lona '-"""""v. ~w IfJ( 0;>, Rock ellers. the Rothschilds." . Februâry 1, 1957 - Hit er is now in Vienna. He iS) !~ plckln, ou t th, rotu,,,s to b, s,nt ove, h '" as i'eiU= ( gees. The l'ids come across as refugees. " - - NOIE: JHIS IS OF COURSE THE PHONY WHO PL/IYEO THE tART OF HITLER AFTER HITLER'~ MUROER IN 1939. 'NHAT BEAU, TI FUL REFUGEES HE WILL SEND US. Here is another Quote of note: -28­
  35. 35. "Peron is helping ta get sorne of tlle subversive refugees into South Awerica. " NOTE: PERON IS JUST ANOTHER DISR,.ELI. AN AGENT OF THE DEVIL'S INVIS:9lE GOVERNMENT. Friday, March 29, 1957 - "Do you remember wh en in the Message i t was given that if the sheep' s clothing were removed you' d be surprised hall' they would Sprin g ) up about you, the wolves? Sorne would even act like Christians and gO ta Church. Sorne dally. "Every city in our country (of course this de- pends on i ts strateglc valuer: but every city wi th a POPUlatiOn of 50,000 or over have from five ta ten I( l~rned spies, weIl educated, besides a few that are just common stooges or pigeons. Many of those we have in the boweries. TIle kind the Fraulein met here, those kind are aIl from between five and ten in each large city. Count your cities above the population of 50,000 and then add up what you gather in spi es. The Enemy knows the most valuable strategic points hetter t1iai1We knolVOïï"'r"own pocketbook when i t'S--iurned-wrong side out. Does that give an idea hall' versed the Enemy is? Hall' we are protected? Why has this happened? The man that tried ta avert this danger l'las disposed of and that is Pat McCarran. Pat McCarran hact to die because he got into their hair. He knew tao much. Re was right and now it's tao late. The ones that will suffer for this will be the innocent Christian refugees that were per- J IIlJ.tted to come in just--WCover up for the anes that came before them. The first that arrived were aIL Evil Ones that reach for the Thirty Pieces of Sïlver. "In your Teamsters Union there is much ,more sub­ versi.on th an meets the eye. The wron g o~s again Wi..ll~ . be accused. Just watch and 1 isten.. The re' Il be Soom ~ ore Ju1' Il Rosenber s. They don' t mind des ­ cr ln e r wn a caver up, to fool us poor gu111b1e Am ericanJl. ey don t min a a . e ave es raye Ys many as 20, 000 of the; r DWO io one lick. ----nyQu Vi 11 h ear <2.i DPrsec.u...tion and prose~lJ-2!!.....Qf one that~~..ing accused right now of stirring up J{ tr6Ubl-e:::lleJw..e.en_the c_Qt9red peoprea,-nâ the ones t!1aX sfionld be here to ,protect him will he the-nrs-t ones to shou t for his li fe. That' show i t '~ed. WAKE UP! Can' t you see their plays? Their moves are very Obvious. " NOTE: THIS REFERS TO K~SPER AGAIN WHO D~R~D TO TELL. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE JEWS'-PLOT TO CREATE TROUBLE BE­ TWEEN THE WHITES AND BLACKS. -29­
  36. 36. "Don' t wai t until your headquarters a re camp let ed. You still have a fighting chance. Once your headquarters are completed, you won't have a chance. Who are you afraid of man or God? WHO?" NOTE: LOOK OUT. REPRESENTATIVE w~ OR you ARE APT TO FOlLe'll YOUR FRIENO SENATOR PIT MCCARRAN FOR BEING ( TOO GOOO AN A"lERICAN AND TELLING THE TRUTH. This is a copy of a newspaper article on Represen­ tative Walter. 1 also heard the same thing discussed bY a radio news commentator. WALTER FAVORS HALT IN INFLUX FRœ HUNGARY Washington, February 12, 1957: Chairman Francis E. Walter (Democrat of Pennsylvania) of the House Immigra­ tion Sub Committee, said today he is considering asking the Administration ta haIt the flow of Hungarian Refu­ gees to the United States. "r feel we should stop the Refugee Program right this minute," he told the reporter. Walter said any recommendation for halting the pro­ gram would oe made to Attorney General Herbert Br~ell, Jr., either by him or oy the Immigration Subcommittee. He was the second member ta advocate halting the program. Walter re eated his charge that the vast maiorit y] 1'10 the 'Lrst 6200 unganan re ugees admLtted to tris Uc0.!E:rt!::i. were ornmun}s.ts e Freedom Fight­ -ers 4! 16Mb lUere Reds. 1[ "My fee ling is that everyone of the 6200 were - Communists,' he said. NOTE: How TRUE. REPRESENTATIVE WALTER. THE 6200 AND "lORE: BUT SHUTTING THE"l OFF NO'W IS 1.IKE LOCKING ,.. THE BARN' AFiER THE HORSE 1S STOLEN. WE ALREADY HAVE THE"l tHRE. IT HAS BEEN tilVEN IN THE REVELArlONS THAr 'liE HAVE [ AT LEAST /5,000.000 Ylosl,N Hl'lS COUNTRY NOW. THEY "/lAVE CXRioA WEl.L ES TABL 1SHEO 'II 1TK JE!S_~RE ( GETTING THE UNITED STATES WELL ESTABLISHED • •- • *_ • ... • • e In the work given by Alex. he said we were being invaded. by way of Canada and Mexico. One nlght recently l was listening to a Canadian Broadcasting Co. news report. The commentator said that Canada was being opened up to un1imited immigration and -then went on ~o të11that this was nëcessa~~of 1abor shortage in Canada. That statement wou1d most -30­
  37. 37. ccrtainly fit with the statement of Alexander. There has been a great hysterical cry going up since our closing off the immigration of the Hungarian RefUgees. It seerns that they have many subversives and Jews over l th.era yat tha t they would Ilke to have live in crur country. ­ ----With the laxity of restrictions at the border be ­ tween the United States and Canada, anyone who gets into Canada is j ust as good as in the good old Uni ted States. Tt just means that they must follow a sma11 detour. II March 12, 1957 - "Lots of refugees, Yids, come in from Canada and Mexico lllegally. They land at New­ foundland. Yis!s fram aIl OYAr undesirables. They are coming in as migratory workers too from Puerto Rico. "Claude Pepper promoting that deal. "Between 1844 and 1893 they planted Yids a11 over, (( espeçjally in Ttaly France and Garrnany. il NOTE: THAT PART OF THE PLAN HAS COHTINUED Ta THIS DAY. LOOK AT THE YIDS IN OUR GOVERNMENT. VOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW MANY THER E A!,E FROM ANY loi ENTI ON 1N THE CON TROL· LED PRESS 8ECAUSE NEVER DO THEY MENTION THAT FACT. WAS THERE ANY MENïlON OF THE FACT THAT FEU:IX FReNKE'!;!!J!R IS A JEW. AND STILL WHEN BRENNAN liAS APPOINTED TO THE SuP. ~ REME~JL!l....!.-MU~_WAS MADE IN THE PAPERS OF THE FACT T~...AT () HE liAS A CATHOLIe. SENATOR KENNEDY IS NOW 8EING MEN­ 'ïONED AS POSSIBLE PRESIDENTIAL TlMBER. AND MUCH IS MADE oF THE FAeT THAT HE IS A CATHOLIe. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD MENTION IN THE PAPERS THAT SENATOR L~N IS A JEW OR If THA; HIS sueeESSOR ~S 1S A JEW. Alex said as the Churches were destroyed in his ] country so will it happen in our country. AmerTca woü1d have been taken over a long tirne ago if it were not for God and the Madonna Maria. We have got to help Russia ln omer to help ourselves. There is no one in Russia who would try to combine the Churches now. April 23, 1957 - "The subversi~es brought in are going to cause a big eruption from within one of these days. They have those s weIl established aIl over the country, as bellboys, bus boys an ln a ln ustries. Sorne of them speak with an accent, many talk as plain as y ~ 1. They I1IlSt go to jobs and bave homes. "'Th-&y 1 receive better treatment than our .Dwo peo{Ùe. The;r) have aIl had military training and are ready forïMie revoit witnin. tfiey tned evety way to invade AmerIca, now they have sure got the way. " Alex said the revolts that have happened are as. nothing to those that will happen. -31­
  38. 38. III ALEX TELLS OF MORAL DEST~UCTION ex told al tne terrible moral degeneratlOn n the t Century. He spoke sp~c'- Iv of 'the..- annari tians of Our _Ho ~ Mother in 1 end in ~ (He told ofHer warnings, Her pleading i th tfiPëôple. Her trying ta save them, Her trying ta steer them from the paths of Godlessness and des- truction back ta Gad. -32-
  39. 39. The streets "ill run ho le world ID ill be fi lIed w ith Later Our Lady asked that a medal be cast as She tad ·appea~~~to-S1~er~Laboure.~Af~riaI and tr - - - - d isbeli ef8ïï~ersecut1on she finalb ibulation, -'-­ -33­
  40. 40. succeeded in convincing Father Aladel tu have the medal ( ~. T~:9ugh the medal many, many ;tracles Vere per­ l for.med d~r ing the tqing-.2ays th_r.~gh WhlCh France was , tQ.. suffer. It became known as the nMiraculous Medal" and i s a. very powerf~ medâl fô ;Pi§.. very (~a.Y. Our Lady appea,red wlth a message and a warning. While i t was undoubtedly responsible for the saving of man y souls, it was not publicized or heeded as it ! 1 shaul ct have been. AH 0 f the revel ations and warn ings J gIven came true, and France and her people suffered greatly. LA SALETTE On September 19,~1846Iour_LadY made anothu ê;p­ pearance ln France. e appeared to two children who were watching cattle. This appearance was just very shortlY after Pope Pius IX had become Pope. It was another a.ttempt on the part of Our Holy Mother ta warn the people who had been neglecting God and their reli­ gious duties i.!l' favor of the Godless materi alism QLQ­ moted bY the Forces of Satan, She as any good Mother was trying to save Her chîldren from the punishment of God. They hact paid bu~ l i ttle heed to the warning She had given but sixteen years before. Conditions weré worse instead of better. This Vas the Message given to Maxim and Melanie, the two children: n'If my people will not submit, l shall be forced ta le t go the Hand· of my Son. It i s sa s trong, sa heavy that l can no longer withhold it. For how long a t ime do l suffer for you.! If l would not have My Son abandon you, J am campe lled ta pray ta Him w itFwu t ceasing. And as ta you, you take no heed of it. nHowever much you pray, however much you do, you will never recompense the pains I have taken for you. -Six days have l given you ta labor, the seventh l have kept for myself and they will not give it ta me. flt is this which makes the Hand of My Son sa heavy. -Those who drive the carts cannat swear without in­ troducing the name of My Son. nThose are the two things that make the Hand of My Son sa heavy. nIf the harvest is spoilt, it is aU on your ac­ count. l gave you warning last year in the potatoes, but you did not heed it. On the contrary, when you -34­
  41. 41. found the potatoes spoilt, YOU Sl/Iore, you took the name of My Son in vain. Th.ey lOi li continue to decay so that by ChrIstmas there will be none left.· (Mel an ie di dn' t know what potatoes were and the Lady had tü explain) "lf the potatoes (las truffas) are spoilt it is aU on your accouflt. J gave you warning last year, but you woulcl not take heed of it. 01 the contrary when you found the potatoes spoilt, JOU swore nnd intro­ duced into Jour oath the name of My Son. -If JOU have corn it is no good ta S.)I' I t . All that you soU' the beasts wtIl eat. What .~iùes come up will turn ta dus'1 when lt is tnreshed. Th·'!'e !till be a great famine. -Betore the famine chtldren under sel~n years of age will be seized with trembling and dIe and others wIll do penance by famine. "The walnuts lOi Ll be bail, the grapes :!.! iil rot. He re again Our Lad.y gave a prom ise: "If the people wil l be cOllverted and do God's iIi.iU, the stones wd l be changed into heaps of corn and fXitotoes lOi LI will be self planted on the lands. -There are none that attend Mass but a few old women. The rest work in the summer and in the winter whetL they do go ta J1ass, they go only ta mock at re li­ gLOn. During Lent they go ta the shambles l.tke dogs.· That was the warning to the people and the promise which didn' t have to be fuI filled for the people didn' t l , r~.n.d ta the warnings, the pleadings of Our Lady. 1 They don' t even ta this day for we hav:~had other war­ I nillBs and they are not heeaed either. How long will it take the people and the Church ta learn that~ssages from Heaven had best be heeded. France at that Ume (1 8 44-1893) degenerated aw- If!!!lY. They became morally very sinful. NOTE: AN IMMORAL N"TION IS A WEAK NATION. -35­
  42. 42. IV POPE PIUS IX Alexander sai d s tudy the pe r iod 0 f th e on e who was Pope in 1846. Most of the material herein was furnished by Alexander himsel f gi ven through Mary Ann and trans- lated by her from the German in which it was given. A small portion of i t came from the li ves of the Popes in following out the instructions given by Alexander to study the Pope of 1846. Most of what he gave cannot be found in records. The body of one of the great Popes, Pope Pius IX Vas just recently disinterred and Vas found to be in~ ~pt. That fact alone should give great impetus~ the cause of his beatification procedure wh ich Vas al- ready started by Pope Pius X, now st. Pius X. Itmost certainly could only be through the Hand ot: G ~ t ( the forces of nature which Vould have caused his bodily decay and dismte~ratlOn could have been stayed. I t is also most certainly logical to assume that He and His Reign as Pope were most pleasing to God. It gives us great certainty of divine approval of His works. During the early part of His Reign as Pope, he fell for the propaganda line and was ha iled far and wide as a liberal and particularly· by those forces who would des- troy aIl Christian ity. He made certain concessions to the Li berals wh ich he later regretted very much. His mistakes Vere in judgment and his relations with man and not with Gad. He Vas in no Vay a Liberal in matters of Fai th, MoraIs or the Doctrine of th e Church. He was in truth not only a great Pope, but also a great man be- ( qause it takes a great man to recognize and adm~t his mistakes and try to rectify them. In facto that 1S one of the tests of greatness. Pope Pius IX suffered much remorse and persecution for his early mistakes. The works of Pope Pius I,2: should be studied now by aIl of our Hi erarchy and Clergy, for it is very evident -36-
  43. 43. that many are fall mg into the same traps, and for the same propaganda that caused sa much grief for the Pope and for the Church in his time. Today, as in the li fetime of Pope Pi us 1 X, the same forces under the same guises of liberal ism, progressivism and modernism are striving for the same 1 end, the destruction of Christiani ty and particularly { the Catholic Church. In the year 1792, the year in which Pope Pi us IX was 'born there were the September Massacres. Three hundred freed assassins from pari s orisons and @s macr with lust and filled with dope and drink, mas­ sacred the Archbishop of Arles, twoBishoJ)s, fuur hundred priests and monks, one thousand catholic no~s and elght tfiousanct citizens in Paris. At o the l' Fre'nch cI~ies simllar events were taking place. In IliO, lm and .ijJQ the same Satanic Forces caused revOTutionsall over Europe. Italy was attacked, Rome conquered and the papâI states seized. These same forces promoted the Russian Revolution of 1&7 and The lgreat Worid War of 1914 in which thirty-seven a~e I Ihalf miU ion men were k illed. wounded or taken Pl' isoner. Thesame foroce set up after WorId IVar l, thê crlabôllcal- IllY conceived League of Nations, the first attempt ata One World Government. Its failure was ta them a great disapPointment. Masonry controlled by the Invisib e Il Forces of Evil was behind i ,an reemason President Woodrow WtJson, directed by agents of Satan's S na­ goiüë': Cblonel E. M. House and Bernar aruch promoted i~ Presi dent Woodrow Wilson had three t imes as many (( Jews in hi s entonrage as he hact Gentiles, and in the main the Gentiles were in the servant class. No man could be elected President who would have the necessary breath of knowledge ta make his own decisions on aIl matters. Her~ is where the Jews en~rl into the picture with their ever present and willing group of promotecr and bullt up experts ln eacn field who secure adyisory positions from which they can in­ fl uence and in many c~es direct the thinking. The same Satanic Evil Forces, the same enemies of Jesus Christ and of aIl Christian..i,ty then were suc-) Il cessful in creating the circnmstances wt)ich brought on WorlaWar II, the most disastrous and CQstly of aIl wars both in human life-<llliLmaterials. Tliën-the-f~~mation of the D.N., another diabol~l- =­ -37­