Henry H Swan My Work With Necedah Volume Iv 1959 Second Printing1976
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Henry H Swan My Work With Necedah Volume Iv 1959 Second Printing1976

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Necedah, Mary Ann Van Hoof, Henry Swan, W.W.II [ index : Hitler p.23,27,28, etc, Church, Church History, eschatology. ...

Necedah, Mary Ann Van Hoof, Henry Swan, W.W.II [ index : Hitler p.23,27,28, etc, Church, Church History, eschatology.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Em. Swedenborg : A.R.881 : ...
", ita quoque mihi datum est Ecclesiam videre"...
", to me also it was granted to see The Church (thus represented)"... [ The Church Celestial, The New Jerusalem ]
", il m'a été accordé à moi aussi de voir l'Eglise (ainsi représentée)"... [ L'Eglise Céleste, La Nouvelle Jérusalem ]

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  • 1. Mlf 'k/Mk wdJ" Nec:Jd,. (Jf)1urnJl., IV Compi/fll, flJUflJ anJ annotMflJ tg ~~~ . Sf#fU Published for the Honor and Glary of God in Obedience to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Second Printing - 1976
  • 2. In obE'Jirnce to tne ~JpcrE'e of Popr Urban VIII and in eonformi ty with thr ?postolic Consti tution "Uf/lclUrwn uc mw:er'l" of Pope LPo :<III. l of'clare that l clain! no mure than il pur'.'ls hum'1n con"idrrntinn for thr pxtra­ or'linary graces rpportpo in thi,.; book, an'I that l thf'reby sU!JllIit at Jl1 tim,'s and unf(~servpjly tn tht' ,i udgment of the C",thol ic church. ,[Ïle :Iuthor PUBLISHED BY FOR MY GOD AND MY COUNTRY INe . ................... ...... ' . Copyright 1959. AlI rights reserved. No part of this may be reproduced in any ............. ........................... form without permission from the author . ...
  • 3. Fred Van Hoof, Mary Ann Van Hoof, and Henry Swan at Sacred Spot on one of the anniversary days
  • 4. CON T E N T S Book IV Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. l 1 - One Who Was Condemned by History Speaks 1 2· - A Warning fram Alex... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 22 3 - Alex Tells of Moral Destruction 32 4 - Pope Pius IX........................... 36 5 - Ignorance of Russian History Fosters Errors 65 6 - Geo. Washington~and the Beautiful Lady. 68 ~A.~ __~~ish DisraeJJ:) 71 ~Clst of SubveYS1ves 79 9 - Why the Tzars Bad to Die 83 10 - How the Tzars Died .. , 85 11 - They Bad to Die... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 92 12 - The Icons and Easter 95 13 - Criticize the Freaks 101 14 - Monroe Doctrine and Events Leading Up To It 103 15 - Bow the True Facts of History Are Concealed 105 16 - The Color SCheme 109 17 - The Crime of Unrevealed Facts 114 18 - Washington, D. C 116 19 - Our Lady' s National Shrine 118 20 - The Struggle for the Minds of Men 121 21 - Intellectual Pride '.. 127 22 - spots on the Sun 129 23-=-_Revelations Qn the Fridays of Lent. 133 (--- 24- S.9ct~n' s OwnÇtiain D.fcommanéf~ 135~ '--2;)--,:;-parallels :7 -:.~.. 142-' 26 - The Fraulein 144 27 - Spy Reports and Subversive Activ.ities .. 147 28 - The Big Brass Meets 153 29 - Radio Activity and Testing Fallout 155 30 - Shanghaing 158 31 - Articles on Revolutions and on Doctor Golendos 160 32 - Franco and Spain , 162 33 - Another Revelation Proven True 164 34 - Bigotry , 166 35 - Anti-Clericalism.~ 168 36 - Work Given According to Date 173 37 - Activities of Subs and Jets .....•...... 201
  • 5. INTRODUCTION History is being rewri tten in this book through the revelations of Tzar Alexander III of Russia te Mrs. Mary Ann van Hoof. 1ifiereas historians have mistakenly, or through malice, accused these Russian Tzars 0 f ter­ rorizing their country because of a greed for power, Just the opposite was true. Henry Swan, the author, quotes directly from a His tory book used in the Necedah High School which says ((that Tzar Alexander III was à "stern, relentless tyran t, and free government made no headway in Russia under him." Readers will be surprised ta learn that Russia and it..S rulers were at one Ume the most Christian people on leartg. and i t--Ï.-s--f.o.L.th.is...r.e_a'li1n alone that those work­ ing for anti-Chrjst deljberate1:Y: set out to destroy it, and. as Mr. Swan has put i t so clearly. Il It~poople Iïave become the sla~~s of these gowers who govern them. Many thousands of them have died as ht.:man sacrifices on the altar of Satan." . Of special interest to Americans will be the chap­ ter on Our Lady' s revelations to the father of our country, L~grge washtngton] Already then Our Holy Mother was revealing to him the five sieges our country would go through, how the textbooks would be subverted, that he would be plaled down as a hero to our children, how the blacks would be è1eliberately aroused against the whites, etc. Because of Our Holy Mother' s promise to appear on tt:! washington monument if Her requests are heedecr;­ ( readers will be inspired to work harder so that they may live to see this day. Th e reve lations on unkty are very timely now ge - ~ (Ilcause of the forthq~ Ecumenical council. The short chapter on Modern Art w111 cause many to lU nod their heads in agreemen t. -1­
  • 6. The chapter "Satan's Own Chain of Command" will fill in many gaps for Ehose wbo have. spent almost a) I @time stuclying subversion, and for whom there still remains a number of questions without answers. As Christ has His anny on earth sa does Efie deV1l-; and this chapter reveals the complete set-up of Satan' s ( kingdom on earth. In time. when these~ari!ions have been approved by1thEn)l~ th~ will form the basis for the writing m of a fi"Il'ëhistory of the world. Because of his closeness ta the work and revela­ tians at Necedah. the author has shawn keen knowledge of human nature, and has written up every phase of this subj ect cl~l~ and concisely. Anyone. no matter llQlv limited his education, will be able ta upderstand aIl II of It. ThIs IS the mark of a truly bril1iant and in­ spired man. -II­
  • 7. l ONE WHO WAS CON DE MN ED B Y J-l l S TOR Y S PEAK S NOTE: PART Of THIS 15 WRITTEN AS MARY ANN WROTE. PARTLY IN MY WORDS. TAKEN FROM MY NDTES AS SHE INTER. PRETED IT TO ME. On June 3, 1956 about 11: OOpm l had a feeling of something or someone near me. l looked toward the kit­ chen door and t. here stood the tallest and largest man l ever saI'!. He frj.ghtened me. Hank_ 9 a.td l screame~s ( eyes Iooked kind. He l'lore a soldier's coat with a shin­ ing broad black belt and black shiny leather boots. He had on a long grayish blue overcoat. He l'lore a beard and had a wide forehead. His height makes him so frightening to me, l be­ heve. HEL91!lJ: stood ?-nd looked at me. l asked who he was and what he wanted. He didn't answer. l told him 1 ta get out and leave me aione. He gave me the ~. l covered my head with a pillOlv twice. The second Bme l did it he l'las ~ne. On June 4th about 10:45pm he l'las there again. Again he startled me. l again asked him what he 1 wanted and told him to go away a.nd leave me alone. He said in a 101'1 voice in German that l should not be frightened, that he wouldn' f1ïârii1ITïe., l just couldn' t get-rid of the strange feeling, a creepy feeling as if l wanted to fly, to go away from him. l turned towards Hank for l thought l had heard Hank ask me something, and when l looked back he l'las gone. At this time Jo Ann (my daughter) who had been out, arrived home. Hank went to the door to let her in. On June 4th after my first expérience with this strange person in vision, Hank didn' t say anythlng for th is rTIaae-me feel so strange anyway that l would just as soon not talk about it, but still l wanted ad~ ~~ vice, for this l'las. unusu~l. l ~hought. l would, dÇlW ~s Ipicture. for he l'las impnnted on my mlnd. ThlS l (fld. lïèft the drawing laY- wher:e Hank would sur"ely see it. -1­
  • 8. '+-0 0 0 r =r: s:: tll :> ai 't ~' '" ~ :>. ..0 d 1 ~ tll '"' "'C 00 tll . '"' Q) "'C ~ d tll 1~ ~ ~ Q) ~ ~ ~
  • 9. He did. He asked me who it was. l said l didn't knoll', aIl l can tell you is he just stood there and he gave me the creeps. l just couldn't get him off my mind. He was before me aIl the time, even sa much that l would forget what l was doing. Hank said that it was a Russian sold~er, and that it coüIa he Tzar Alexander III, Alexanderlexandrovich 1:( Romonoff. l told him l had never he ard of him. 1 SA on June 5th when l spoke ta Hank of it again, he i dr~~home tg get a book with his picture. He Mid the ','1 picture l drew re_sJll!!.Q.led llim enQug!l ta make him feeli t was he. The vision did not come back for the next three nights. But on June 8th he came again. l still felt afraid and creepy from seeing this huge man. l told him ta go away, what did he want? Who was he? The first thing he said was that l should not be 1 afraid of him, that he l'as not h.ere fa hurt. me. He 1 spoke this in German, and said that he was here ta ask help for his country, and that he was Alexander Al~- drovich III. (Note by Author: Here l must say that when l said it could be Alexander III, l was hazarding a guess pure and simple, but there was a resemblance in the picture to a picture of Alexander ~II in a book wpich l had at home and her description of h ~ i z e fits also.) Then he said that "Heinrich moost schreiben. ft l [( told him Heinrich (HankJ.~llld not understand Deutsch. He said for him to write it down as it sounded ta him. l told Hank this, but l found my own German sa poor that l could not even repeat his German dialect, for when l spoke German at ,home as a child, our German was ( more of a Danube-Swabish German. It was very difficult for me ta repeat, --f-coura~nderstand pretty wel~ but to translate waSharder:-- l tried to translate it ta HarïKtnebesl"r-Cûu Id. Alexander's German was the regular German, but he had a strange accent to it and a very deep voice. He Ialso spQKë-rapTâly when he spoRe of the things that seemed to hurt him. Several times l had to ask him ta repeat a little slower. He said something that l can only tran~l~te t~ mean that, historians have aç_c~~g~im ot~lzlng hIS own country for want of power. This he said. was not true. ~he InternationaïlBanker~ t 1 Niha]jZ!s were hehjod the terrible destruction of his '6ê loved cOûntry. !,he International Bankers, by pressure and -2­ w­
  • 10. î rrJ..r..J...11.r'­ fl~ had encouraged the ~s to massacre many !~ Christians. This caused the war betweën Russia and the Turks. It was just another attempt to disrupt and des­ troy Christians and a Christian nation. At the death of'Nicholas l, Alexander ~I became a Tzar. He also was a fine man and a CfirIStian. He de­ termined to carry on the work and carry out the ideal of his father. Thil'_J!!..ade hillLtlle_ targ~t of the. EVl1 F'Orces as his father had been before him. Under his rule much was accomplished to improve the lot of his subjects. Much vicious propaganda promo~ed_bY the EXil Forces waSJ directed against him. The Nihalist assassins directed by the devil' ~g~l}ts finally~succeedecr=:ftërseveral Il trys in assassinating him by bombing in March, 1881. He s aid his father before him had died similarly ta our beloved Li~n, that he took over after his father' s assassinahon in 1881. His father was assas­ sinated hl- the Yiddish Nibalists hecaose he had wanted 1( to remove the yoke of 0 ression that was placed on his coun ry by Peter the Great. He wanted ta remove the poverty of sa many people who were so "desperately trying to make a living~under this heavy yoke~--Hë wanted to give them freedom of religion and more freedom in their newspapers or press. Alexander III said his people loved the Madonna Maria very much. l though-r-fie referred ta sorne nobi­ l ity, sorne royal lady of sorne kinçL for they have a strange way o~~ eakin of this class 'of people. l later found out the Madonna Maria meant Our Holy other. , This surpri~~ me v~rY much coming from a Tzar. For, to me, the Tzar was always a person who exploited his people, especially the poorworker and peasan~ farmer. It seemed strange to have ~ar stand here talking to me and pleadin~ for lielp for his peop~. He said that under tlîe great pressure from the l financier~~as not possible for his people to live a 1decent life. The money system put a heavy yoke on them. K--rIVIii"g'of desperat"lon, no happiness. He wanted to change the value of the ruple. Here l thought he was re­ ferring to the jewel ruby, so l asked him if he me.ant the jewels, the ruby? H~d and said: "Den Rubel ( ich mein vast ist ein Deutschen Mark -- Gelt." Sa Rubel meant dollar. or money. ­ H~said f~ this same reason in our country so fine a man llinCQlD ll.acLtUie pecause he want~d_ to.,Ç,Qj,n his 1 o~ maney ta get away from the clutches of "Englander, . "'" -3­
  • 11. des house for de Internation~nkeraires.· He did coin three million dollars worth. --a:iîirwa"i'largely 'res­ ponsible for the failure of the plans of the Hidden f 1l.!..ê:.!W to dividè and destroy our country. As l have written sorne place in this book, much of the history must be rewritten if the true facts are to be made known, for ~owerful subversive forces have not ! ~anted the true facts kno~n. The d1st~rt10Q 9~s­ torical~s has dane much to mold public opinion tO) fit certain desirerl ends. Many of those mal4-n.ed in history books are now saints in Heaven forïh-rstorians) cannot seè -ioto the hearts and minds of men. Many of' whom history has painted a beautiful picture, b~e.ll 6 they controlled the writing of history, are now i~Jlfll. During the second half of the nineteenth century revolutionary evil ~had gained' a trernendous~fOO1­ l '~ hOld til_aU of the major ~~s of the world, des ­ t.!Jl.~, 1 troyers aIl, whose ultimate aim was world destruction (and d2,mi.natiür1, l1lT'atlt defitfuC'tlon of al! exist"fng goyernments and beCaUSf) they are evil and irrrnoral, they must destroy illtli"at i 5 good and moral. Tfierefore they must, to attain their ends, destroy aIL Christian­ it),. Their primary aim bein~ that of destraying ~JI) ~atholi~ism, the Church ~us ChristJ As enemies of Christ, they were allies and advocates of the devil. The Jews, Rothschilds, were the big force în con­ trol of the International Bankers and were in direction of the sub~-;r;iv-e-forces of d~truction. tll.e invis ible rl~ force behind the mani ulat 'on of aIl he o;r.- ment '_on jlVthe contTi1en 0 ,urope and all>O menca. These Inty ­ Ii( nat wna] Jew bankMs were the only ones who éould pro fit ~ from'war, and therefore were behind the promotion of . war. War was serving them a dual purpose, for besides )~ fi11ing their coffers with gold, w.ars promoted amopg .Qll..istian nati~'1'as serving in.. destroy.i!lg. ChrisUani,ty w~ich they conglgered as their arch-enemy. The greatest obstacle in the path of their plans for world control ~ was the Catholic Church. Therefore, it must be des ­ troyed. AlI of their efforts and int_rigues werË:::dire~­ 1~~;r to that i,pd.J.h ~§.._hJl.Deen true during aIl of !:Ëe I~ and 20th centuries. j The revolutionary tendencies of the ~and their resistance to assimilation hact long be~n recognized. In ~U fact it was the recogniti.on of those tendencies that hact caused the English King to have themall run ~u~of ~~iand in the 13th cent~y. They naa g01len bac~in -4 ­
  • 12. chrough the reyglutjon of 1610, which l'las of their pro­ l~on. During the latter half of the 19th centyry un- der the absolute cQlltro)_ ~l1d ct irection oCthe Rolli­ ~ c~were the following political figures who play-eà a very Important part in the intrigues of Europe: Benja­ /) min D~, Otto Von Bismark, Napoleon III, Adolph C-remeaux and Maz.zini of It~IY. ---- The Jew ~israe1T had risen to power as Prime Minis­ ter of Englan. As a tool of the International Bankers he did much to create confusion and disruptioÏ1 bY/iiëai1s of intrigue at home and on the continent of Europe. ~r Alexander said Disraeli wai-â Yiddish Nihalist. HiS-!!!1-)~ hesitating use of the double cross did much to cr eate disJrust. havoc and hate amongst the rulers of Europe. as under his direchon England tried t9 play one against l another to maintain the balance of power for t~m­ selves and the International Bankers. Disraeli in this .~job made them a very fine servant for he l'las absolutely nlheartless and wrtnout scruples. He feared thai Russia. becaus~ of ~e: huge s i~e_, __mighL-de_v..el.0-ILLo__a point where shecould_chaUenge the power of Great_ B...r.i tain. Gladstone, on the other hand, who changed off with Disraefrll:S Prime Minister for a period of nearly thirty years as the pendulum of public opinion and power swung from one party to another, l'las a good man, religious and honest. He did not approve of Disraeli's poIlcies or methods and though he tried l'las unable to undo the damage Disraeli created. Gladstone wrote,~ Alexander a letter of regret for the trouble DisraeliJY l'las causing Russia. After Alexander's accession to the throne, when it became evident that he l'las going to try to carry out the plans of his father and resist the pressure of the In­ ternational bankers and of Di en who-was a leader of )l t e Niha 18 , reve utlenary activiti~~are stepped up greatly. Russia l'las the number one target for destruction by the evil forces because it l'las one of the largest of ~ he countries of Europe, and their ogwer .ascreared also because RUssIa l'las at the time undoubtedly the most firÏStian and C~~h~lic of aIl the European natjons. RUBBIa l'las the most peace leving of aIl nations and served as a'great deterrent on war on the continent. Nicholas 1 said: "1 shall fire on the first who fires." Nicholas l also tried to apply ChIistian prjnci~les in the ruling of his country. He wanted very much to im­ -5­
  • 13. '-6'! I..A ,;..- '~"'"I , L ('T ' '!-----'("-'.'-"" ;-. 'J l!js Il "Heinrich moost schreiben", words taken ftom the work given to Mary Ann Van Hoof, words spoken by a visi­ tor from Heaven, Alexander III, Îormerly Tzar of ~sià. He was speaking and pleading for us ta save his country and ours. Inasmuch as that part of the story has al­ ready been told in that which is written up on work given by Alexander, this is a continuation or further work. ~ _ f As l previously have written,~ory) as it has been writtp.n up under the control of the_Forces of Evil, f_- has been so distarted as not to be istor t aIl, but ls based on propagan a and iie;:- ""It has beeu purposeÏy s llbverted ta con.ceal rather than reveal t.he aet ual factS)) ri of hi.:'tory--tO'ëOi1ceal the activities aIlQ even the very existence of t ~ l behind the scenes, forces that 1. sh.9uld have bee.n-exposed i!!.its wriUng. No prognosti­ cation of future world events can he made without reeo g-)) nition of'these hidden forces and knowleage of their aims. No analysis of historieal events ean be made IVIthout traeing their movements and knowing their aims, ) ~ for ï.vithput tha~dge, history ha.s·-foÜoW~d no path that could he flgured out by loglc or reason. When the ineteenth een ury dawned these Forces of Satan were very-We~rganlzed. They had long con rol­ l' Led, through their a~ent& and control-cïf money, the aes­ ( tinies of nations. They had already built up and des­ 'troyed nattons, been responsible for the death of many Cl].ristians, assassinat,.ed kings, rulers, statesmen, nobles, Bishops, pt'iests: Monks and Nuns. They had al­ irready~anize1 their powerfutJMà~oniê Secret Societies 1.'. through wl1ich most of these activities Viere carried on. ~The Anti-Christ, the Forces of Satan, were in truth " welLiU:~:.!lJzed and ~ry ac..tive. . Protestantism had in sorne cases bean f d b W and in aIl c~sas fur ere and supported by these H~~ ~ ~ ~s because, througn-tliê creation of ~ y among Cfirlstlans the cause of Satan was being served. Inasmuch as Alexander III named the Rothschilds as the leaders of Sà1;art S l"ofées and rnentlOned sorne of those of his own time and of his father's time, specifi­ -6­
  • 14. cally James Rothschild and Lionel Rothschild, let's go back a little on the history of the family. 1~mschel Mayer,' a dirty old Jew second hand store opera or of Frankfort, Germany was the pat..e.rnal ances­ tor of the proud Rothschild money barons. His wife was a Jewess by the name of Gretta SchnapIler. They lived in a dilapidated wooden building that served as both shQp ( and living quarters. Second hand artIcles and junk cluttered up the pavement in front of the building. It was in this miserable, dirty shack that the rulers Of the world. the deyj~o-s-t---4ta-lue.cLag.ent-s..,~ l 1 ( b~. There was a reQ emblem or shield ~the bUilding) and from this the Dâmé ~adshield or Rothschild was adopted. The original family fortune was started by the ex­ ploiting and stealing of funds entrusted to Amschel' s lI handling for investment because of his uncanny ability to multiply those funds through devi~us and unscrupu­ lous methods. Amschel hact five sons and five daughters. Inasmuch as we are interested in the Rothschild name, we will discount the daughters. AlI of the greedy sons of old Amschel Vere thoroughly indoctrinated witt the Talmud and the ID r er an e makin of money ou of t e p un erlng 0 Jlristians. As true sons of Satan, their great aim (in addition ta the plundering of aIl the world' s wealth, was the destruction of aIl Christ­ ianity. To these ends aIl of the descendants of the Rothschilds have directed aIl of their efforts, laboring diligently and tirelessly. Amschel allotted Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy and France ta his five sons. Later on one of their agents by the name of Schoenberg was accorded the United States---:--Hë-c1m:n-ged-his-rrame to BelmOrït.~m,.A ~- Solomon, Nat~an, Ka~l and James Vere the five sons. ~~ Nathan~was established in London, S~on)in Vienna, Karl'tat Naples and James'ln Paris. Anselm the oldest tOOk:Over the Bank at Frankfprt. The affai~ aIl sa closely interwoven that it would be impossible to trace their activities separately. The~ were aIl sa un­ scruPUlOuS, sa murderous that they had saon eliminated practlcally aIL competition, even of others of their own race .. AlI the Rothschilds collaborated in the financ­ ing of aIl Vars, the parties of bath sides indis­ criminately because it aided them in both promoting the -7­
  • 15. " death of Christians aJld fill1ng their coffers with gold. Through their influence and mQTIey co~ol, they were able to get many Jews into positions of prominence and responsibility, in praci!cally al! of the countries of the world, pos itions from which they, like termi tes, 1 could eat into and destroy the very foundations of those governments. The notorious Metternich was an exampie. He had been a minor employee-or-Solomon Rothschild who, through the influence of Satan' s Agents, became Prince ( Met~ernich, the hand or Satan' s Agents. Amschel Mayer was feit in the United States as early as the Revolutionary War, for it was through him that the Hessians, the young Germans who were soldiers f~!"e, were -fûnlished-to George III of En~!.~nd. He. tJirough agents, e.El:.isted the services of these young ft Germans as soldiers for hire, and then received a profit on-l!Ldr.-hJ7;: He' was 8.t the verl... J2.~.ginni..!!g 0 f l'I1.s career dealing in death and QlQod. The lives of any of these sold iers k illed or of those whom they ki lIed ~e serving the purpose of his Master, the devil, for they [ were Christians' fightlng agalnst Christians. He made huge profits on the exploiting of these soldiers. - In the year 1805 there was born to Israel Disraeli. a Jew and an agent of the Rothschild's Satanic Forces, a son who was named B.~nJamln Dl§raell and wno was to be­ come such a power among the subversives and in the in­ trigue among the governments of his time that A]ex­ ander III in his revelations has called other leaders of subversion and intrigUe~~as a means of iden­ ( tif.x..Ï-ng-tbeir actiyitles, Just as Vie' speak of Judases identifying betrayers. -­ In order to penetrate better into t Of) ~ng a an serve his Masters, h was s­ ~out not until 1817, at WhlC Ime rs olS.: He was well taug -t',w.è1IIùJ a e wi th al! of the knowledge of the Satanic For~s and served very .well fheu causeduring al! the period of his lifetime. ,[In h~s younger !ears h~ served as the agent a~oge l of hlS Masters ln carrYlng out their orders. Gften us­ ing disguise, he committed acts of actual subversio~d (J{PŒmoted sorne Of tbeir wnrders fQr them in countries) ~ aU Q~er RprQ,pe. When he achieved prominence in poli­ r tics he of course Quit partakin~ in these activities be- L cause he was of more value to hlS Masters. His particu­ lar ~ster, mentor and hero was (Lionel) Rôthschilcl, -8­
  • 16. with at that time is a fact that even a distorted history could not have covered up. When he re-crossed the bor ­ der of France on his return. he had with him only about 20,000 men of the huge. proud SO,OOOomen army that had marched into Russia. Most of his soldiers had not fal­ len to the guns of the Russians, :tfjhad died of starva ­ tion or freezing ~S2 ~Wh -in.. tbe . J.iIOiûühp wlÎÎler. Is most of those todle were Christians. this was a), ~ victor=:Yfür the AntT='Cnrist. Inobedience to the ~ orders of Satan's mInions. many of Napolean's soldiers had een 1 e e s ln e - ough whic they were orced to pass as they returned home starved and frozen. Napolean of course met his final defeat at ~terloo where his troops were met and defeated by thenglish under the Duke of Wellington. Here also one of the greates t factors was the treason of Mar Jew Agent of the Rothschilds and one of t e Sou t a I l~ading ~ ).. Jews and a Grand M-aster. Ma;'silaIi Sourt was ln ;-o;;;and ' of a large ~rron of Na~'s forces. and his J treachery brought about the destruction of the empire of " N@OIëan l .§empi rerTfsC5UiTt up and then destroyed by the same diabolical forces. Napoiean never itfdJj l' -- -- recognize the force that caused his downfall.O -- .'" THE WAR OF 1812 IN THE UNITED STATES It has been shawn that the war and turmoils in the world were aIl created and promoted by the same forces of the Invisible Government of the Anti-Christ and the ~EuJrope at that time had been created in the same manner. Its principal target for destruction was the empi re of NapoIëan l, who was cooperaUng Wl th tne CaUio­ ( lie Church and in coming out openly in opposition to the Jews had brought about his own condemnation. If divi ­ rSion and destruction could be brought to the newly lfclJITOed Un Heer-Sta tes a t the same Time. lt would be killing two birds witt one stone. The United States had aCQuired by purchase from France the terri tory of Loui~~a. which had in i ts turn been taken from Spain by Napo ean. England was fighting against France and had set up a blockade to shut offner imPorts. In order to enforce the blockade she had inter ­ fered with tbe fore;gn trade of tÀe United States. S~l sea battles had taken place. England. in order to keep up the strength of her Navy. had forcibly - 10 ­
  • 17. impressed sorne American seamen into her Navy on the claim that if you were born a British citizen you always remained one. England had always looked on the Americans as colonials of England, and even ta this day her aim has been our de~truction andre-subjugatlon to Great BrITain. Russia, who hact alwaysaët-ecr â-s more or less ~big brother to our country in holding the ambi­ tions of other countries in check, was now engaged in war in Europe, a1so promoted by the Invisible Hand of Satan' s Forces. It looked to Grea~ain as though while her two enemies, France and Russia, were knocking away at each other as if it would be her opportunity to ( re-subjugate the United States. The plan was to divide-the country ta gain control of the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys and isolate the Eastern seaboard states. We of course knew that their plan didn't work. Their armies were defeated in the North; and then as Alexander said, Our lfof-MOther took a an ad New Orleans which should by aIl natural reasoning have faIlen to the greatly superior forces of the English. New Orleans was attaeked by a force of 12,000 Eng­ lish soldiers. It was defended by 2,000 Tennessee rIfle­ men under the command 0 f General ~:rew Ja~k~O!!) Wfïen t1ië battle was over, there were 700 frrilTs ead, 1400 woundedànd 500 British prisoners taken. The Ameriçans had only ~lJld and 13 wounded. The Madonna Maria)l had come to the rescue as She promised She would when~ Sh~ appearea-1o the Pather of our Country. What had appeared ToEngià:ri-a-;-wrth their süperior naval forces and man power, as an easy victory had turned into a very expensive defeat, a~heY pulled out of the country,. not with the idea of giving up, but to ( bide their time and hateh up further plans fOrlJ,Ur oestruction. -­ A Peaee Conference was held at Ghent, at which John Quincy Adams was one of our representatives. The treaty drawn up-wâs a very queer document because it didrnOt even mention most-D~bepOlnLs over wfileh the war llad be~-clared, sueh as the improvement of AIDerican s~­ men. It was, however, approved by Congress. John Quincy Adams had served as a Minister ta Russia for sorne time. He had been appointed by President Madi­ son in HJ09. While in Russia he had made many friends, including Tzar Alexander I. It was through the media­ tian of the Tzar that the treaty was negogiated and -11­
  • 18. through his influence that the major concessions demanded by the British were dropped. The treaty was considered as a diplomatie victory for the Americans. but the influence and backing of Russia played a large part in the eventual settlement. The treaty was signed at Ghent. Belgium on December 24, 1814 and was ratified by Congress on February 17, 1815. The battle of New Orleans was won against grea~j odds through the intercession of Heaven. St. Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans., played a part in i t, as did' Our Holy Mother. Joan was the maid of war who had been in many battles ~ainst the British. ((1- NOTE: ST. JOAN OF ,!.RC WAS CAL.LED THE MAI D OF'I l~ ORLEANS IN FRANCE. NEW ORLEANS IN THE NEW WORL[)J . WA S NAM EDF 0 R T HAT F R EN CHe '1 T Y . In the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans there was a rather small delicate nun who had a small statue of Our L~dy of Prompt Succor and who prayed to Our Lady almost constantly. Her superior thought she was overdoing it ana-rebuked and chastised her for it. The Superior thought she should be devDting more time to the other work. This little nun continued to pray wi th aH her heart for hours in the chapel that the battle would be won. When the canons roared the S~ior herself and aIl the other nuns of the community joined her in prayer. AlI prayed for the intercession of Our Lady that the battle might be won. MEXICAN IVAR After the IVar 0 f 1812 the next attempt on the part of the-.ln~rnational Jew bankers and of Great Britain Ilunder their control to weaken and destroy the United states Vas the MéXican IVar. The Mexicans Vere ==- encouraged by the British under Prime... Minister Benlamin D~eliL--. was also a valued w~o servant of Satan' s AgeILts. the Rothschilds, in the IjcreaÙ"on of the incide~ts which'wére thecause of i1Th Mexican War OI 1846 1848. lt waS another att~t afrer-rfi~ar of ~12 to weaken and destroy the UnIted ( Sta~~th~exIcans had been led to expect much grëâter aid from Great Britain than they received, but once again it was the fear of intervention by Russia that prevented England from any active participation. This plan backfired on those who promoted it because -12-
  • 19. instead of weakening the United States, it became much stranger as Mexico was forced to give up nearly a half million square miJes of l·errito~ding aIl of-thé territory which it claimed north of the Rio Grande. THE CIVIL WAR It was under Alexander II that our country, America, was saved from destruction by the forces of the Agents of Satan, the International. Jew Banhers. The Uni ted States, as a Christian nation. was also a target for destruction and di vi sion. 'Ih(' Ci vi l War was plannedoy the Invis-ible Forces long herors it actuallY came aoout l) '~na was promotecLf!:Qm without. England and Prance ;ere ' to-CÔntrol the divided country. France was ta control the Southern states. They were ta be invaded by the) French and Mexicans and ta become part of the Empi re of 1 0 . Napolean îÏI-,---The Northern states wer~o 5e taken over b~_~~J..J,.i..s.h...-alw.a.ys a nren..e.m..v. and bec.Qme an ad ­ dition to Canada. The fact that the creation of the Mexican Empire was part of the plot to destroy the United States shows how deep, how complex and to what eods the Satanists will resort ta achieve their desires, First the United states must be preoccupied with inter~âÎtrol!.QJ.es ta such a degree that she would not be in a position to en ­ force the terms of the MOI]~_Doctrine. wht"ch forbade colonization and interference in the affairs of the gov­ ernments of the countries in the Western Hemisphere. This preoccupation was produced by the cr~tjg~f i~J;s which brought on the Civil War. Slavery was ~Sue.Jlsed. but many. many Jews }tel:L~ntTn_to the, ~uthern states ta glVe flery speeches arowÜng the fe~~~he ~le and creating the antagonism and 1 sOiiie 0 f the incldents which led ta the finaror'eak be- '1 1 betw~ern and Southern states. It was aIl ~- q""..,. - .",rI -­ ~polean III Roth child u et, was led to belieVe) that Wf the Um ted Sfates invo ved in InternaI € r ouble thë time was propi ttous to set himself up in the Western Hemisphere:- ot1Jëï= nations were invi ted to participate in the aetign. including Rus sia. EngIand and Spain bott! furnished sorne troops. (,Napolean IIDthought that the conquest would boo~t his stocks somewhat in the eyes of the world, as-hls prestige was at rather low ebb. -13 ­
  • 20. ~ Enghsh and Spanish troops landed in ~,gx: '1 in 1863 and without tao much resistance from the Mexlc s marched on Mexico City. Archduke Maximillian was induced ta serve as pUQPet emperor and set up the Mexican Ernpue. He landedin Mexico on May 28, 1864. The Devil' s Forces tried secure the approval of Rome by promising that the new t011 empire would te Catholic. ~ The freeing of the serfs by Tzar Alexander II' s f.mpenaI Deeree F'ebruary 19. 1861 undoubtedly ln­ [ fÎuenced Ehe movement ta free the slaves in the United States. Forty-seven million serfs Vere freed in Russia. The Tzar throllgh his own Secret Agents ltiî.ici' of the plans of the Evil Forces, the International sankers, to destroy our country. l Judah P. Benjamin,} a tricky Jew, servant of the In­ ternatlonal Bankers, was used in iliis country ta promote the war. He later becarne Secretary of State in the 1 South. He was successful in creating incidents and arousing feelings that brought about the war. Bismark/l Vas the one who revealed the fact that the ~r~of the Civil War Vas planned long before the IVar became an actuality. --~xander II warned both England and France that to interfere In 'th;;; Civil IVar would be equivalent ta firing on Russia; in fact. he placed the Russian Navy at the disposaI of Abraham Lin~n. The Russian Pacifie Fleet sailed into San FrancIsêO Septe~ 8, 1863. It was in command of AdmiraI Lessovsky. The Rllssian Atlantic Fleet under AdmiraI A. P. Popoff sailed into New York Harbor September 11, 1863 . . Not only did Alexander III place his navy at the disposaI of Lincoln, but he also warned Napolean III, a p]pDet of the Rothschilds, that he would lnvade France .[ Vi th his armies i f sne participated in the lot ta des- . tra e e lOg the South ta destroy J the North. . This alone served as a deterrent which prevented England and France from interfering in the Civil War. England did give sorne help ta the South and the only ships the South had in their navy were furnished by England. They also helped the Confederacy financially. l wonder hoV man Amerieans a preeiate the great) debt of gratitude we owe ta Russia for the fae at thé United states is as we have il today. We betrayed chat debt, mueh ta the surprise of the Russians, by sup­ -14­
  • 21. porting the Japs in the Russo-Japanese War. Th is was 1 due to_the, innu.ence a!!.d pressure exerted onc~ '~ J t~e big_ !.I}t..?rn~t.ionalJ.?ankers, 1~..Ll?Ll"a,h.J)chiff, head of the huge American banking firm of _ uhri,-kQ.ilb and Company. After the Civil IVar was ended ~F~ were forced to wi thdraw their soldiers fromÎiîeXlco. Em­ peror Maximillian foo~ly refused to evacuate with them an~ was promptly assass~ed; thus ended the 1Mex.Ü~anJ~:mper.o.,canlLg:_":!j:JÏ re. While the Civil IVar di d not dw.r.oy the Uni ted ,1/ StatJls as the International Jew Bankersnad p~anned, jJ ~~t-themLlour b~llion dollars in profit at the ex­ pense of the American taxpayers. BACK TO ALEX Alexander III was also plagued by the resistance to change among the nobili ty and aristocracy of his own country, as his father had been before him. The~Jity did not approve of freeing the sexfs and the bettering of living condi tions for the poor, as they thought J t IYOuI_çLd.etract from their olYn position andÎmportance. ( Sorne became involved with-the revolutionaries. Sorne werea:ctually traitors to their Tzar, and as they held posi tions of importance in the army and the government, their opposi tion was very disrupting. Hired terrorists VerA used to create havoc and terror=rn parts of "Russia. They destroyed and burned ( IYh~le villages, killing, raping,~ng off beautiful girls. Most of these raiders were Cos­ saLck~ard rI dIng, fierce fighters from the plains and what made it look bad for Alexander was the fact that { among these raiders were m~ny trai tors who were memi;;s lof his olYn Secret Police. This ma,d~1t_look as the plotters wanted it ta look, as if Alexander-;as promot­ ing these raids lïî.Ii1Së1I-to bUiJ.çL.JJp__his own power. This Vas of course defini tely false;'--ï)'üthe was ( powerless to put down that opinion or the rebel ra~ers either.' , The relations of Russia had been good with most of their foreign neighbors on the continent, but gradually under pressure from England and Disraeli, they were turned against her. Germany was supposectly ruled by the.Kaiser, but the actual head of power in Germany~as Bismark--a stiff, proud but rather dum6 Prussian -15 ­
  • 22. , . go _ mili tarist, !ho, as has been said, was under the com­ plete control of the RothschHds, heads of -the ~ic Forces and leaders of thë-NIhalists and the three hun­ dred Jews. H~Lat least part Jew on his mother:' s s~: His mother Vas the mistress of the Jew,(SoUlt.2 /-1,/0 who was one of hree hundred who ruled. , "g Bi smark was turned agains texan er because.-l!e was made to believe that AlexanQ~r-w_~_b~hind the r. U ra i ct ini?:JJLd-t-e.r:iOr"isJrL.in-h.i~L.Jl..WltS~U nt ry . The r e ­ lationship between Russia a d F-rance had been good, but in France, as in England, Apolph Cremeaux, a tool of thëTiîterna tional Banke!,"8, . another Di sraeli, became Prime Minister and he succeeded in turnlng France [ against Russia. In Ita.ry--"the- same thing was taking place, another Disraeli by the name of Mazzini turned the trick. Bismark tried to get France and Austria, whose ruler was Franz Josef, to sign a pact that th~ld stand together against Russia. Much false propa~anda was used against Alexan­ der III by the EviI Forces, jus~iJ!~"Ldoing-to- m daY against that which they would destroy. When sorne of the murderous revolutionaries were caught and ex~ted, ) Alexander wasac-ctlseaoI cruelly murderingTJïose who w;re=-flgn-tlng Îor freeaom and nîuch p"lIbllcity was gnen which made-hIÏn"appear fO he a cruel mônarch-;- the plctûre that the Godless forces wished to portray. At the instigation of the International Jew Bankers and tfiêfr contra'lled go~"ernments, the hue iindcÎ"yWent forth in aIl the newspapers of Europe, enlarging uQQn 'f. and trying to create sympathy for the poor persecuted t Jews. This was an opportunity to lash out at and add to th~ destruction of Russia. It was vicious propaganda ( w~ch they cou~~ and.would most certainlY make the most Q1:. Most of this propaganda lssued from England, WhO]1 thro~h their history have been guilty of exploiting and_~~r~QYtiug_more people to gain their ends than aIl the rest of the nati0us on God's earth. - _!2.§cause of the hatred directed at Russia by aIl of th,ls vicious propagarida, antagolllsm grew agalnst them a l,over the world. Prince Nicholas, son of Alexan­ der III, was a facked by an assailant as he traveled in Japan with his cousin, Prince Nicholas of Greece. His cousin was instrumental in saving him. He was attacked with a sabre Alexander said it was anly a miracle that his life was saved. -----~---- -16 ­
  • 23. Alexander went to see Franz Joseî, but he too was having his troubles. Here too the International Bankers were trying to take over and rule his country. Hére they used Bismark to pressure him. Franz-Josef tried desperately to keep his country tagether. They finally broke him when they-~ssassinated his helr, Prince Ferdi ­ nand. This was the spark which set off World War 1. Alexander had talked for many hours with and found much comfort in Monsignor Stepniak untU the ter- rorists destroyed a whole Jewish village 0 f over 2, 000 1people. Stepniak then turned agalnst lÜm, for he thought J Alexander had turned against his Church and the POOl' people. He still found sorne comfort in the person of a priest, ~ther Ivan. Alexander was a religious ~n and often prayed in his room to God and Madonna Maria for guidance. As has been said, most of the Russlans l were religious and God-fearing people in spite of aIl the obstacles placed in their paths, and sti Il are. The Evil Forces now in power in Russia hope (hat they can stamp out religion in tbe rising generation Il and are now counti~ more on-that than Irying to change the beliefs and-taitb of the older ones. During the time of--Aiexander they were hoping that Lutheranism would, by causing a split, destroy Catholicism in Ger-­ many. On June 10, 1956 Alexander III appeared to Mary Ann again and said he had received a message from the Secret t Police, which caused his death on October 20, 1894. The , message said the Nihalists were just holding off until 1 his death and then they would ru le asbè~ Alexander safd the Nihalists were not Bolshevists as many people believed. Mary Ann asked him what i t was, and he used a strange word which sounded like Judaism and finally when she gat ta understand him thâ1:Tt was Judaism­ nry of which the English Disraeli was n t ii4fi!d. Th~_..weIe.- ta pOUDce on Russia as saon as he died. He said he knew Nicholas, his son, dia not have the strength to resis-rthem. When Nlcholas II ascended the throne, the International Bankers soon controlled the finances, and he was betrayed from wlthln and with ­ out by Trotsky and Lenin and others. 11 I~ -ATexanaertë---rG Mar,YAïm that ~he .maj,n obi ec~ ~f lthe_Nihalists was sU-de~troy Chrlstlff:rtty, malnly IJC~holicism, Orthodox or Roman;. ana t a th~re were . il' Nihalist leaders in France, Austna, Italy, Spaln, Portu ­ gal, Denmark §Ad aIl other countries. He said we have -17 ­
  • 24. Nltl&list terr-ori::;ts in our OWll country, and that if we are not strong and stand together, they will control us. Alexander said hé oled on the receipt of that mes­ sage of October 20, 1894, of a broken heart, although his breath finally left him on AlI Saints Day, Novem­ ber l, 1894. Pather and Alexander' s faithful wife were his last companions. His wife had been at his bedside and he. Id his han.d during aU of his i Ilness. His i llne§s was induced originally b! Doi;wn administe~.ed in .his food. The poison used was agaln ;ll:<:Ufa tofannv a pOlson ver~_hard to trace or detect, but wh1ch, while slow to [ ~-'L~ry deadly. ­ The secret apostles of revolution, the Nihalists, the underground advocates 0 f reform, -are directly res­ ponsible for the death of Alexander III, as they wére for' the death of his fat~. Alexander II. The Hidden Hand up to this time had to their credit the assassina­ rr;n of Abraham Lincoln, six Romanoffs, ten kings and} scores of mlnlsters. l wonaef wrrar=an up-to-date score f'their murders would show now. Truth that our history books fail ta print, but What a shock and surprise to Mary Ann to listen to this ~~Y. ~ ~ ~ t ~ e and plead for prayers for his 1 He said that we must fielp his people pray be­ l fore it is too late for aIl. Pray to the Madonna Maria for-.!.!.elp. He said, Pray--Pray, allé Wl-ttr that he-;as gone. l wish l could put on paper the exact words as he spoke them to Mary Ann and transmi t the depth of feeling ( and siocerity with wQj~ch-sluLJLaid each ward w~en. The translation sounds so flat, but l did the best l kno'w how. THIS 18 IN MARY ANN' S WORD8 JUST AS 8HE WROTE IT The return visit of Tzar Alexander Illon Aug. 29th was very unexpected and surprised me. He still gives me that strange feeling, i t' s hard to explain, i t' s reallY not fear, fo..!:....though he is a very huge man, his !f eyes are kind looking, 4~u.cthere_was nosmile. -rfe again spoke in this same German dialect. He told. me he Il j was here to warn Us. for we t.OJL~tLe followLng the same • path his FatlL~~~Dd did. It is a very dangerous path. It' s a way of only sorrow with bloodshed, heartbreak to many innocent people, people thal the D~is of today are misguiding and confusing. Oh, you must go to the -18­
  • 25. Madonna Maria for help, you must bring the MadonIla Maria ta their hearts. She loves your Fatherland. She will help you if you turn ta Her with sincere and true love and devotion. Do not let the devils, the Disraelis and Niha li sts des troy Y<i"ûr ti""'ëauti fuI Father"ïanëI-.-rhë"".Y8.re takTng- away your'Freedom, 'the Freedom you love, the Freedom your Fatherland was founded on. Do Ilot let it be destroyed. You.J;oo_are haviIlKJo.ur-.E.a.th.e..rl.an.cL.!..n­ )l ~ivaded' the same kind",,9f inv~j.on;!J;tat some da.)' will ter­ JJr~ze YourJ1omes, schools and Church:s. This. na~ed dunng tIredays of rny father and dunng the tlme of my father' s so saddened death, who, as Jour faithful ( l~r saw the path of the Oisraelis and Nihalists were taking to destroy you. Had my father and your Lincoln lived, Christianity would not have been doomed in mYFatherland, and as it' s leading ta in your beauti­ fuI Fatherland. The same fate will befal~-YQur pe021e; your Freedom rignt novis-Tn'serious danger. You speak of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and-Press. WitntliISyouli:re5IinîIëëfbY"thecun.n.lng invasion of the Ofsraelis and Niha'lists whose method tg-ta-'n iTy'our Fatherlancr"wi th thOSe that will saon be used to terror­ i ze you, d..e-s..trOY.....eyerY.m:..:U:icipJoe_o..Ls.Q..I!!: Freedom 0 f mind. Fœ. COD AND CWN7R'l 'lW MUST Nat SIEE? 1 The Di sraelis are not sleeping, the Nihalists are only waiting to destroy you, as in my F'atherland. Jose~ Vissarionovich Djugashvilli, whom you know as ;,ta~n, was watching the downfall of Lenin and Trotsky as ou now them, and ruthlessly waited his opportunity ta take over. He was worki!,!g_I:2~.hind the scenes as early as 1917 during the revolution. He came into con­ trorüTlliy-PatherlaI1cClii- year 1924--25. The DisraeÏis a ncnulïalTs""t-reaaers---rrKeêfhfSrnetTiOd. S ta li n bec ame greedy Jor po~er. He became p.,2..,wer happy.--PQiêLI:iiSt was_...Q riying fi f 1I!.-..Q.fi.....i:J:.!LW:L.-ancL.ru th les s ly._ d es tro y in g [ hum~nity,~became heartless and cUQning; in thIS-Way he gained many foÜ~e~S-:-'-iie'Taid liTspT"ans cunninglY, exploiting his people. With the help of the Oisraelis and Nihalists who financed aTI..È.isyg.dertaK~ngs of eVll- rll( n~ and"IITfntheheI"Pof your Fatherland. This will bring destruction upon you. But in the._y~f 1950, March and April during Lent. he seemed ta r.eaïi.ze the harm,--the'hardship and bloodshed he had placed upon his people, and the harm that would befall your Fatherland, f~he knew ~ur people would and we.r.e..J!.9ing.JJJuchJ.OI.. his...F.atherland. In -19­
  • 26. May 1950, the month of the Madonna Maria, the same month the Oisraelis used to celebrate in mockery against Her and Christian followers, he saw before h i ~ e sC! ruthlessly slaughtered and how heartlessly he placed ' many Christian peoole in poverty and desperation. He Il sawliOJLClJ!~l1Y he h~.?~trpii<I fnefrnapëSO-{ F'reedom . .J' So in May, the month of the Madonna Maria, he h~a change of heart. He knew Madonna Maria lovea-nlS people and he hoped it was not too late for him to help h_is people. His change alarm,-eathe OisraeIÙ, those l tfiat worked so powerfully behind him--~~ev, Bul­ 9~~n, Berj a andlŒ~HP~voa Dï~TaeIr~ Sfiunarn; t~e the cruelest, most lieartless of all~aders in my F'atherland. They did aIl the Killing and destroying. They were the power behind the scenes. - Kruschev is now sending executioners into Mexico City, MexIco, looking for Lenin and Trn~sky~~es and for others' who could put the finger on him and ~~anin for aIl the killings and m~urd~gs for w r2n he is guilty and is now blaming and smearing Stalin. That is the reason for subs and planes from my F'atherland in that area as you may have been aware of. That is why he has to have drink, his evil heart is frTghtëning him. - - --­ ----Stâlln bëcame ill with grief and had many headaches, so an operation was scheduled. Newspaper headlines were reporting Stalln had a tumor. It was only a cist and not I( a serious matter. A ,~ritish doctor was enga~ed. He-9Jd his job weIl, for they could not let him survive and 1 ruin theIr plans. After his change of heart for the good of my F'atherland and yours-~e had to di~-Ïike so many otnïers, iilCïûctfng Kaganovich, wlio nad hopes he would come next in line ofpower: So did Mo-1,gJ.Q'y, as they were related to Stalin. Malenkov and Vishinsky were power happy, but they are o;ly-tne tools of the OlU3­ raelis and NihaHsts, who are becoming ~~re powertul in your-Fatherland, will soon have you in complete control unless your F'atherland turns to their only hope, which is Gocrand-rrre-MâGonna MarIa. You must bring Her into the fiearts of your people with true love and devotion. Give your hearts to Her in prayer--oh, you must pray! Pray for my F'atherland. Oh, help my F'atherland, then your F'atherland will be saved. The Madonna Maria's heart b~Jis for your Fatherland, your prayers and true devotion ta the Madonna Maria will help disarm those who -20­
  • 27. are power happy, the Disraelis and Nihalists who are 50 powerful now in YQur headquarters. The United NàtlOns, you must destroy this Den of Evilness and return to your Fatherland' s Constitution, with God loving men they must be for Thy Father in Heaven and your Father­ land. Here again l turned to Hank to give him notes, for II found my Ge rman s 0 poar and rus ty tha t l fel t he should and could put down a few notes in hopes it would help me to re~ember, as tanight it was very difficult for me to understand him. •• • • ••• • • In the work 0 f Al ex it has been gi ven several timesj' that there i<; much dissension among the top brass of the J Communist Party. From time to time small items have crept into the news which indicates the same thing. During this past week this dissension reached one of the peaks of climax with the ousting of Molotov, Kagano­ vtch and Malenkov fro~~iL-no.siLiQDs. Several others of not quite so great importance also fell with them. Kmshçhev, the most viciaus, the most cruel, most mur­ derous of the devil' s tools:::lias remained as the top aOg. This most certainly i5 no cause for rejoicing anywhere in the world and certainly not for the poor slaves in Russia. Mary Ann said to me one day that she though t Molo­ tov was a relation of Joe Stalin. Alex appeared that night ta straighten out that misconception. He said that Molotov was no relative of Stalin, but that they had been friends and companions for many years, that eveIL..he.fm:..e the Revolution oLlJU7 they had as youngmen rpalled around together. He said that Molotov was born four years before he (Alexander) died, which would make him now 67 years old. When Krushchev was selected by Stalin, he and M::llo­ tov never got on weIl together, namely because of the facl-1hat Stalin and Molotov had been-pals. Kru~ev was always jeJÙSlus. Alex also sai d tha t Kuc_I!~.....a-.r..clati ve _of J ~. He als?~aJd that ~~hchev would not al10w anY/Il man to stand in the way 0 f hlS ambi tions to be top man, thaThe-would not share top honors vith any man; tfiêI-e­ fore Bulganin is also slated to have the props ( k icked from under him as ~ as Krushchev has consoli­ dated his position and feels sure of himself. - 21­
  • 28. II A WARNING FROM ALEX Alexander in his warning to us said that the same thing that was happening in bis country fro~5ë- f8I!ë the time of Abraham Lincoln' s death and up to the tim~ 0 f h i5 father' s death, i s now happening in our ( cQ.!!.!tl.ry. 'lie are nowând have for sorne time been in­ vaded by an armYQIuna-ëSiuble immi gran ts. Anti­ christian Jews by the thousands to add to-the miliTOns l(we aiready have. Now playing on our sympathy for the refugees from Hungary, many. many more are coming in. Our bars have been let down by PresIdenbal order and ( more and more will be let in. How many among those who ~.are coming in will subversives, spies, revolutiona­ PRries? How many? If our enemles WI out and their agents within our country did not take full advantage of the wonderful opportunity they would sure miss a good bet, and-tQ-rn~DQwledge they hav~~§sed any yet. l heard over a radio news"ëàsT the other night where one of our representatives to Congress had made a plea to the Presi dent tha.t our doors be opened to the poor ( persecute~om-F~~ypt. Why~ld they come here. when the home of the Jews. Israel...... is 50 handy? Why shotiTërt1ïey not care for refugees of their own people, refugees created through their own military action? l' 800 000 Arab refu~ees now created . their land stpUn DY the sârnpJiWi$ out­ laws, This representative who was mâking ha plea has a"M:rish name, Boyle. l do not know if he is just a soft hearted. soft beaded idiot) just an ignorant tool l or one of the male proshtufës, one of t.hose who have sold themselves, doing ihê work of hlS MastlHs. Senator McCarron died because hia-eiforts ta ]lug r the 100PfiQIes in our I~ration laws and stem the tide of aliens into this country interfered with the plans of the sinister agents of the diabolical forces who are in control of our Government. - 22­
  • 29. Let' s look at another phase of the same warning: "Throu h their fluence and money control, the l'lere able to et many Jews into positions 0 promlnence an responsibi y ln prac u ries 0 the world; po si lons from which they, like termites, could eat into and destroy the very foundations ofu. those Governments. • - How many posi tions would be left vacant in Wash­ ington, D.C. if those termites of evil l'lere to be driven out? How many more would 5e 1eft vacant if their Gen­ tile stooges were to be driven out. How many more lould go if the Communists l'lere driven out, ~m­ muni§m 18 but a tnnl-~ the same mO~nEers. In this supposedly Chri sti an nation, how many would be len in our Capitol City if aIl who l'lere not actual practis­ in g Christians l'lere dri ven out? l wonder if you IhQuldn' t { be surprised at the mass evacuation that would have to take place. If you know the answer to the th ird question, you kn~.lLt..eITi..fLcJ..nroads made by the Forces of ADti­ Christ i_n..-tlJ~_Jr great effort to destroy aIl Christian­ 1 ~, aIl Christi ans and aIl Christian nations of which ~~e-suDPosed to be one. If Washi r:gton i s bad, how much 1'10 rse i5 the Uni ted Nations Organization in the U.N. Building in New York City, for there l'le find employed many of those who as security risks were discharged from employment in Wash­ ington, D.C. lt l'las essential that sorne be discharged in order to create in the minds of the people the Idea, -the l11usiQ~:Jli~~-~ëâl1i=hâY~a securlty system in Washington. Very recently this was gi ven in the Work. "T m YI k the art of Adolph Hitler after Hitler's death is now in Austria SCTeen ng- e refugees"Y 0 are to be 4 sent to the various countries.· 1 ·Pe roR is helping to get them into South America.·~ An Agent of the Invisible World Government is ~w screening the refugees who are being sent into the Unrted State~an-You lmaglne wfiat a beautiful lot of refugees l'le are getting? Trained subversives, members of the Secret Police, C mmunists, Jewish revo1ution­ ar es W ein a ed. f they cou n t get enough subversives into our country under the auspices of the Devil's U.N. and unde~e unconstitutional, il- ~ legal, abortive aoomination of NATO Treaties, l'le have certainly got the doors open now. Listen to the heart­ -23­
  • 30. _n_.... -; .9.f Il -24­
  • 31. No! Kelly Irishman tn the counter CHRIST WARNED US Alexander ,III as the visitaI' from Heaven warned us. We have been warned again and again by many, many people. We have refused ta accept those warnings. The warnings of the people have been disregarded, the warnings of his·­ tory have been disregarded. We have allowed the war­ nings of reason ta be, dominated .~!2tLQJXEwêighed by lies and propaganda. Ve have cast aslde reason in favor of wishful thinking. The warnings of man we might cast aside because he is subject ta human erraI', but those warnings from Heayen l w.e had certainly better heed. The warning from Alexander Romanov was Just recentl~Jven.as a remtnder ta be adiled ta aIl of those we had previousLY been. gi ven and di s regarded. The greatest warning of them alI was the warning or warnings given in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as written by the Apostles. --::a> Christ said, in s~aking ta the Jew.s: "You are of your Father the Devil and the deslres of your Pather you will do. He Vas a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not for the truth because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own for he is a liaI', and the Pather thereof. Il ,This is from the Gospel of St. John, Chapter VIII, Verse 44. That warning given to-t~-WnIld in the Gospel of Jesus Christ cannat be misinterpreted; it_is not given-in paraiJTêaS-wa'; iïï'üè1ioY-C~-rks. it was gIVefiSo -25­
  • 32. there could be absolutely no l!l.isunderstanding of the warn(ng He meant ta conve~ ' " " " ' - - - - ­ The Jews claim the Gospel of St. John was written thirty years after the death of Christ, that his memory had failed him and that the statement was spurious. ~ Christian can discount that warning without discarding alÎ of the GospeLof the Apostles. IVe have been taUght that aIl of the Gospel was written by the fJ AP.22.tles und..ar the guidance of the Holy Ghost. If we refuse ta accept the teachings of Gad and aIl of 'Ch!istianity must then crumDre and farl, for t~ly l IGhOS"tls one with Gad and with Christ. -it·n--of -ne teachings of Christ that were written, were written by the Apostles. He wrote nothing of Himself. Sorne would like ta imply that ta accept such a statement as that warning is unchristian for the Gospel tells us we must love aIl, even our enemies. That is very true, Put cau anyone be more Christian than Christ Himself, who gave !IS that warning. We should lôVe them, but how better could we show our love for them than b takin heed ta the warnin and reventIng them from commttting those crimes which wi 1 bring about their eventual condemnat1àn by Gad Almighty? Here is another warning from the Bible which bears out the same warnings as was given in the other. ?>l "Woe ta you Scribes and Phar isees, hypocrites: because you go around about the sea and the land ~ e proJLelyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of Hell twofold more than yourselyes. " - From the Gospel of st. Matthew, Chapter XXIII, Verse 15. This is not only a warning against the Jews, ~t against those who are their politica _nverts, their too sand stooges who serve their cause, who as given are twofold more of Hell th an the Jews are. The p~­ ishment of Christlans who serve the cause of the Jëws Shoul. d be twice the pun ishment that t. he Jews get De- . I cause as baptized Christians they are be 'n --:"r I ~r, 0 mlg y, w 1 e e ews are but carr,r"ing out the work of their Father, the Devil. September 26, 1956 - "New York, Washington, the Pentagon, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis and Chicago are now the main bases of opera tian for spi es. There are s topping a ft places for them in other ci ties, like Bal timore, Boston, and Corpus Christi, but they don' t stay there too long. -·26­
  • 33. Sorne come in ta Chi cago by water from Canada." October 25, 1956 - "There are youth riots in Hungary and Poland and East Germany. Th~ call i t look­ in.g for freedoID, bu j " tbe~r bave Cammunist leaders. The youth are trained. They have them in the Uni ted States, " Mexico. r~, Spain, aU over any place you mention. You will bear of sorne more uprisings in Berlin, Franco' s terri tory, Austri a and Ti to' s Jugoslayi a. " "It was said on the radio that(ij~:-:i-:t:-:l~e-m-is now authentically dead. " -=­ III JI HAS DERED NOTE: BEEN BV DE"DER THE THIS AGENTS 15 TH"N BOTH " or TRUE "ND LIE. PICKLED HERRING SIN.CE SATAN. THE PHONY THE RE"L 1939. HITLER WHO PLAVEO HI T ­ MUR­ J LER F"ROM 1939 •• 1945 IS STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE AND ACTIVE. December 13, 1956 - "They are going to find out that there are lots of those people like the Fraulein who were supposed to have been executed hut ar;-;t'fil aEye and working. They are disguised with dyed hair, false teeth, buck teeth, faces lifted, etc. It will 1 1 ~ ' I e . IVe can give them the information. Hitler is supposed to be dead, the Fraulein i8 supposed /to be dead. d he same t'hin over her tence' l Jthem to prison, then release them, like ~lger Hiss " "T e who started the" Hungarian Revol t were the first ones to escape. They are sea ered, somêhere, sorne ln SWI tzerland, sorne in France. The revol t suc­ ( ce!?ed, the ammunition the peopl7'had stored up 1 s gone now. " . December 18,1956 - Words spoken as given: "1 "Are we going to let the sarne thing happen here that happened in Russia? They are bringing them in Hank. " December 28, 1956 - "He (Alex) said the Madonna Maria warned us in 1917. Alex warns us now. H~ said they have got ta Esten to Her or there will be much m9re annihilation. " Our Lady said: "If My requests are heard, Russia will be converted and there will be Peace. " "If not she (Russia) will scatter her errors through the whole world, p rovokirrg wars and p ersecu­ tion a~alnst the Chureh. rn!t good will bemartyred. The Holy Father will have much ta suffer and several na ti ons wi 11 be wiped 0 ut. " NOTE: HER REOUESTS IVERE PRAYERS, PENANCE. A RETURN TO GOD. How TRUE WERE HER PROPHECIES FOR RusSI" HAS EX. ~D HER ERRORS THROUGH THE WHOLE WORLD. THE CHURCH HAS - 27 ­
  • 34. 'EEN AND 15 BEING PERSECUTED THROUGHOUT THE .HOLE WORLD · AND THERE H"S BEEN MUCH GIVEN ON THE SUFFERING Of THE 1 Ho L Y F" TH ER 1 N 0 U R W0 RK HE RE. January 1, 1957 - "The refugee si tuation is very saddening because among the refugees are many evil on~s. How can we separate the wheat from the chatt wi thout injuring the wheat? It i s very saddening.· January 2, 1957 - ·You knoiv when Hitler was per ­ cutin~ the Jews a bunch of them fled into Hungary, Rümania and Bulgaria. Some of those are among the first refulees over here now. T~ey will be placed tnNew York. san DIego and other large important cities. " January 7, 1957 - "Many people are going to obj ect ta the refugees. They have got ta work and be housed. They will have ta take sorne Americans' jobs . • Remember 1 told you the Secret X Men. They hact a meeting on the Eisenhower Doctrine in East Berlin. They also discussed the increase of refugees. There are other people taJl;ing advantage of the refugee deal to ( ~~desiLables into tbe country. January 24. 1957 - ·There are lots of undesirable that came in with the refugees." January 25. 1957 - ·Ie have got lots of new Yids. We sure are being invaded. " January 29, 1957 - ·You know we have spies in all our industries who give reports to the YI0S. "There is sab~ing of material like electrical ( wiring, especially where i t goes for defense. The explosions and acc idents are not aH accidents. "le are surely badly invaded now. Nobody reali zes i t. Hank.' January 3D, 1957 - "The maioritv U! vll!.I.::HH111 including the Hierar~_won' t beÎ1ev- that th--- ---­ _ ill destroy this country. ( idea i s fanatical. What will i t be when ou t, Hank? No bo wan ts ta bite th then. u . les corruption cree Qf their control of money, e erna lona '-"""""v. ~w IfJ( 0;>, Rock ellers. the Rothschilds." . Februâry 1, 1957 - Hit er is now in Vienna. He iS) !~ plckln, ou t th, rotu,,,s to b, s,nt ove, h '" as i'eiU= ( gees. The l'ids come across as refugees. " - - NOIE: JHIS IS OF COURSE THE PHONY WHO PL/IYEO THE tART OF HITLER AFTER HITLER'~ MUROER IN 1939. 'NHAT BEAU, TI FUL REFUGEES HE WILL SEND US. Here is another Quote of note: -28­
  • 35. "Peron is helping ta get sorne of tlle subversive refugees into South Awerica. " NOTE: PERON IS JUST ANOTHER DISR,.ELI. AN AGENT OF THE DEVIL'S INVIS:9lE GOVERNMENT. Friday, March 29, 1957 - "Do you remember wh en in the Message i t was given that if the sheep' s clothing were removed you' d be surprised hall' they would Sprin g ) up about you, the wolves? Sorne would even act like Christians and gO ta Church. Sorne dally. "Every city in our country (of course this de- pends on i ts strateglc valuer: but every city wi th a POPUlatiOn of 50,000 or over have from five ta ten I( l~rned spies, weIl educated, besides a few that are just common stooges or pigeons. Many of those we have in the boweries. TIle kind the Fraulein met here, those kind are aIl from between five and ten in each large city. Count your cities above the population of 50,000 and then add up what you gather in spi es. The Enemy knows the most valuable strategic points hetter t1iai1We knolVOïï"'r"own pocketbook when i t'S--iurned-wrong side out. Does that give an idea hall' versed the Enemy is? Hall' we are protected? Why has this happened? The man that tried ta avert this danger l'las disposed of and that is Pat McCarran. Pat McCarran hact to die because he got into their hair. He knew tao much. Re was right and now it's tao late. The ones that will suffer for this will be the innocent Christian refugees that were per- J IIlJ.tted to come in just--WCover up for the anes that came before them. The first that arrived were aIL Evil Ones that reach for the Thirty Pieces of Sïlver. "In your Teamsters Union there is much ,more sub­ versi.on th an meets the eye. The wron g o~s again Wi..ll~ . be accused. Just watch and 1 isten.. The re' Il be Soom ~ ore Ju1' Il Rosenber s. They don' t mind des ­ cr ln e r wn a caver up, to fool us poor gu111b1e Am ericanJl. ey don t min a a . e ave es raye Ys many as 20, 000 of the; r DWO io one lick. ----nyQu Vi 11 h ear <2.i DPrsec.u...tion and prose~lJ-2!!.....Qf one that~~..ing accused right now of stirring up J{ tr6Ubl-e:::lleJw..e.en_the c_Qt9red peoprea,-nâ the ones t!1aX sfionld be here to ,protect him will he the-nrs-t ones to shou t for his li fe. That' show i t '~ed. WAKE UP! Can' t you see their plays? Their moves are very Obvious. " NOTE: THIS REFERS TO K~SPER AGAIN WHO D~R~D TO TELL. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE JEWS'-PLOT TO CREATE TROUBLE BE­ TWEEN THE WHITES AND BLACKS. -29­
  • 36. "Don' t wai t until your headquarters a re camp let ed. You still have a fighting chance. Once your headquarters are completed, you won't have a chance. Who are you afraid of man or God? WHO?" NOTE: LOOK OUT. REPRESENTATIVE w~ OR you ARE APT TO FOlLe'll YOUR FRIENO SENATOR PIT MCCARRAN FOR BEING ( TOO GOOO AN A"lERICAN AND TELLING THE TRUTH. This is a copy of a newspaper article on Represen­ tative Walter. 1 also heard the same thing discussed bY a radio news commentator. WALTER FAVORS HALT IN INFLUX FRœ HUNGARY Washington, February 12, 1957: Chairman Francis E. Walter (Democrat of Pennsylvania) of the House Immigra­ tion Sub Committee, said today he is considering asking the Administration ta haIt the flow of Hungarian Refu­ gees to the United States. "r feel we should stop the Refugee Program right this minute," he told the reporter. Walter said any recommendation for halting the pro­ gram would oe made to Attorney General Herbert Br~ell, Jr., either by him or oy the Immigration Subcommittee. He was the second member ta advocate halting the program. Walter re eated his charge that the vast maiorit y] 1'10 the 'Lrst 6200 unganan re ugees admLtted to tris Uc0.!E:rt!::i. were ornmun}s.ts e Freedom Fight­ -ers 4! 16Mb lUere Reds. 1[ "My fee ling is that everyone of the 6200 were - Communists,' he said. NOTE: How TRUE. REPRESENTATIVE WALTER. THE 6200 AND "lORE: BUT SHUTTING THE"l OFF NO'W IS 1.IKE LOCKING ,.. THE BARN' AFiER THE HORSE 1S STOLEN. WE ALREADY HAVE THE"l tHRE. IT HAS BEEN tilVEN IN THE REVELArlONS THAr 'liE HAVE [ AT LEAST /5,000.000 Ylosl,N Hl'lS COUNTRY NOW. THEY "/lAVE CXRioA WEl.L ES TABL 1SHEO 'II 1TK JE!S_~RE ( GETTING THE UNITED STATES WELL ESTABLISHED • •- • *_ • ... • • e In the work given by Alex. he said we were being invaded. by way of Canada and Mexico. One nlght recently l was listening to a Canadian Broadcasting Co. news report. The commentator said that Canada was being opened up to un1imited immigration and -then went on ~o të11that this was nëcessa~~of 1abor shortage in Canada. That statement wou1d most -30­
  • 37. ccrtainly fit with the statement of Alexander. There has been a great hysterical cry going up since our closing off the immigration of the Hungarian RefUgees. It seerns that they have many subversives and Jews over l th.era yat tha t they would Ilke to have live in crur country. ­ ----With the laxity of restrictions at the border be ­ tween the United States and Canada, anyone who gets into Canada is j ust as good as in the good old Uni ted States. Tt just means that they must follow a sma11 detour. II March 12, 1957 - "Lots of refugees, Yids, come in from Canada and Mexico lllegally. They land at New­ foundland. Yis!s fram aIl OYAr undesirables. They are coming in as migratory workers too from Puerto Rico. "Claude Pepper promoting that deal. "Between 1844 and 1893 they planted Yids a11 over, (( espeçjally in Ttaly France and Garrnany. il NOTE: THAT PART OF THE PLAN HAS COHTINUED Ta THIS DAY. LOOK AT THE YIDS IN OUR GOVERNMENT. VOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW MANY THER E A!,E FROM ANY loi ENTI ON 1N THE CON TROL· LED PRESS 8ECAUSE NEVER DO THEY MENTION THAT FACT. WAS THERE ANY MENïlON OF THE FACT THAT FEU:IX FReNKE'!;!!J!R IS A JEW. AND STILL WHEN BRENNAN liAS APPOINTED TO THE SuP. ~ REME~JL!l....!.-MU~_WAS MADE IN THE PAPERS OF THE FACT T~...AT () HE liAS A CATHOLIe. SENATOR KENNEDY IS NOW 8EING MEN­ 'ïONED AS POSSIBLE PRESIDENTIAL TlMBER. AND MUCH IS MADE oF THE FAeT THAT HE IS A CATHOLIe. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD MENTION IN THE PAPERS THAT SENATOR L~N IS A JEW OR If THA; HIS sueeESSOR ~S 1S A JEW. Alex said as the Churches were destroyed in his ] country so will it happen in our country. AmerTca woü1d have been taken over a long tirne ago if it were not for God and the Madonna Maria. We have got to help Russia ln omer to help ourselves. There is no one in Russia who would try to combine the Churches now. April 23, 1957 - "The subversi~es brought in are going to cause a big eruption from within one of these days. They have those s weIl established aIl over the country, as bellboys, bus boys an ln a ln ustries. Sorne of them speak with an accent, many talk as plain as y ~ 1. They I1IlSt go to jobs and bave homes. "'Th-&y 1 receive better treatment than our .Dwo peo{Ùe. The;r) have aIl had military training and are ready forïMie revoit witnin. tfiey tned evety way to invade AmerIca, now they have sure got the way. " Alex said the revolts that have happened are as. nothing to those that will happen. -31­
  • 38. III ALEX TELLS OF MORAL DEST~UCTION ex told al tne terrible moral degeneratlOn n the t Century. He spoke sp~c'- Iv of 'the..- annari tians of Our _Ho ~ Mother in 1 end in ~ (He told ofHer warnings, Her pleading i th tfiPëôple. Her trying ta save them, Her trying ta steer them from the paths of Godlessness and des- truction back ta Gad. -32-
  • 39. The streets "ill run ho le world ID ill be fi lIed w ith Later Our Lady asked that a medal be cast as She tad ·appea~~~to-S1~er~Laboure.~Af~riaI and tr - - - - d isbeli ef8ïï~ersecut1on she finalb ibulation, -'-­ -33­
  • 40. succeeded in convincing Father Aladel tu have the medal ( ~. T~:9ugh the medal many, many ;tracles Vere per­ l for.med d~r ing the tqing-.2ays th_r.~gh WhlCh France was , tQ.. suffer. It became known as the nMiraculous Medal" and i s a. very powerf~ medâl fô ;Pi§.. very (~a.Y. Our Lady appea,red wlth a message and a warning. While i t was undoubtedly responsible for the saving of man y souls, it was not publicized or heeded as it ! 1 shaul ct have been. AH 0 f the revel ations and warn ings J gIven came true, and France and her people suffered greatly. LA SALETTE On September 19,~1846Iour_LadY made anothu ê;p­ pearance ln France. e appeared to two children who were watching cattle. This appearance was just very shortlY after Pope Pius IX had become Pope. It was another a.ttempt on the part of Our Holy Mother ta warn the people who had been neglecting God and their reli­ gious duties i.!l' favor of the Godless materi alism QLQ­ moted bY the Forces of Satan, She as any good Mother was trying to save Her chîldren from the punishment of God. They hact paid bu~ l i ttle heed to the warning She had given but sixteen years before. Conditions weré worse instead of better. This Vas the Message given to Maxim and Melanie, the two children: n'If my people will not submit, l shall be forced ta le t go the Hand· of my Son. It i s sa s trong, sa heavy that l can no longer withhold it. For how long a t ime do l suffer for you.! If l would not have My Son abandon you, J am campe lled ta pray ta Him w itFwu t ceasing. And as ta you, you take no heed of it. nHowever much you pray, however much you do, you will never recompense the pains I have taken for you. -Six days have l given you ta labor, the seventh l have kept for myself and they will not give it ta me. flt is this which makes the Hand of My Son sa heavy. -Those who drive the carts cannat swear without in­ troducing the name of My Son. nThose are the two things that make the Hand of My Son sa heavy. nIf the harvest is spoilt, it is aU on your ac­ count. l gave you warning last year in the potatoes, but you did not heed it. On the contrary, when you -34­
  • 41. found the potatoes spoilt, YOU Sl/Iore, you took the name of My Son in vain. Th.ey lOi li continue to decay so that by ChrIstmas there will be none left.· (Mel an ie di dn' t know what potatoes were and the Lady had tü explain) "lf the potatoes (las truffas) are spoilt it is aU on your accouflt. J gave you warning last year, but you woulcl not take heed of it. 01 the contrary when you found the potatoes spoilt, JOU swore nnd intro­ duced into Jour oath the name of My Son. -If JOU have corn it is no good ta S.)I' I t . All that you soU' the beasts wtIl eat. What .~iùes come up will turn ta dus'1 when lt is tnreshed. Th·'!'e !till be a great famine. -Betore the famine chtldren under sel~n years of age will be seized with trembling and dIe and others wIll do penance by famine. "The walnuts lOi Ll be bail, the grapes :!.! iil rot. He re again Our Lad.y gave a prom ise: "If the people wil l be cOllverted and do God's iIi.iU, the stones wd l be changed into heaps of corn and fXitotoes lOi LI will be self planted on the lands. -There are none that attend Mass but a few old women. The rest work in the summer and in the winter whetL they do go ta J1ass, they go only ta mock at re li­ gLOn. During Lent they go ta the shambles l.tke dogs.· That was the warning to the people and the promise which didn' t have to be fuI filled for the people didn' t l , r~.n.d ta the warnings, the pleadings of Our Lady. 1 They don' t even ta this day for we hav:~had other war­ I nillBs and they are not heeaed either. How long will it take the people and the Church ta learn that~ssages from Heaven had best be heeded. France at that Ume (1 8 44-1893) degenerated aw- If!!!lY. They became morally very sinful. NOTE: AN IMMORAL N"TION IS A WEAK NATION. -35­
  • 42. IV POPE PIUS IX Alexander sai d s tudy the pe r iod 0 f th e on e who was Pope in 1846. Most of the material herein was furnished by Alexander himsel f gi ven through Mary Ann and trans- lated by her from the German in which it was given. A small portion of i t came from the li ves of the Popes in following out the instructions given by Alexander to study the Pope of 1846. Most of what he gave cannot be found in records. The body of one of the great Popes, Pope Pius IX Vas just recently disinterred and Vas found to be in~ ~pt. That fact alone should give great impetus~ the cause of his beatification procedure wh ich Vas al- ready started by Pope Pius X, now st. Pius X. Itmost certainly could only be through the Hand ot: G ~ t ( the forces of nature which Vould have caused his bodily decay and dismte~ratlOn could have been stayed. I t is also most certainly logical to assume that He and His Reign as Pope were most pleasing to God. It gives us great certainty of divine approval of His works. During the early part of His Reign as Pope, he fell for the propaganda line and was ha iled far and wide as a liberal and particularly· by those forces who would des- troy aIl Christian ity. He made certain concessions to the Li berals wh ich he later regretted very much. His mistakes Vere in judgment and his relations with man and not with Gad. He Vas in no Vay a Liberal in matters of Fai th, MoraIs or the Doctrine of th e Church. He was in truth not only a great Pope, but also a great man be- ( qause it takes a great man to recognize and adm~t his mistakes and try to rectify them. In facto that 1S one of the tests of greatness. Pope Pius IX suffered much remorse and persecution for his early mistakes. The works of Pope Pius I,2: should be studied now by aIl of our Hi erarchy and Clergy, for it is very evident -36-
  • 43. that many are fall mg into the same traps, and for the same propaganda that caused sa much grief for the Pope and for the Church in his time. Today, as in the li fetime of Pope Pi us 1 X, the same forces under the same guises of liberal ism, progressivism and modernism are striving for the same 1 end, the destruction of Christiani ty and particularly { the Catholic Church. In the year 1792, the year in which Pope Pi us IX was 'born there were the September Massacres. Three hundred freed assassins from pari s orisons and @s macr with lust and filled with dope and drink, mas­ sacred the Archbishop of Arles, twoBishoJ)s, fuur hundred priests and monks, one thousand catholic no~s and elght tfiousanct citizens in Paris. At o the l' Fre'nch cI~ies simllar events were taking place. In IliO, lm and .ijJQ the same Satanic Forces caused revOTutionsall over Europe. Italy was attacked, Rome conquered and the papâI states seized. These same forces promoted the Russian Revolution of 1&7 and The lgreat Worid War of 1914 in which thirty-seven a~e I Ihalf miU ion men were k illed. wounded or taken Pl' isoner. Thesame foroce set up after WorId IVar l, thê crlabôllcal- IllY conceived League of Nations, the first attempt ata One World Government. Its failure was ta them a great disapPointment. Masonry controlled by the Invisib e Il Forces of Evil was behind i ,an reemason President Woodrow WtJson, directed by agents of Satan's S na­ goiüë': Cblonel E. M. House and Bernar aruch promoted i~ Presi dent Woodrow Wilson had three t imes as many (( Jews in hi s entonrage as he hact Gentiles, and in the main the Gentiles were in the servant class. No man could be elected President who would have the necessary breath of knowledge ta make his own decisions on aIl matters. Her~ is where the Jews en~rl into the picture with their ever present and willing group of promotecr and bullt up experts ln eacn field who secure adyisory positions from which they can in­ fl uence and in many c~es direct the thinking. The same Satanic Evil Forces, the same enemies of Jesus Christ and of aIl Christian..i,ty then were suc-) Il cessful in creating the circnmstances wt)ich brought on WorlaWar II, the most disastrous and CQstly of aIl wars both in human life-<llliLmaterials. Tliën-the-f~~mation of the D.N., another diabol~l- =­ -37­
  • 44. Q conceived attempt at one World Government, more dia­ b2,lical than Hs twin, the League of NatiOns. - ­ , K!:I- sIed by propaganda and lies and pressured by tne members of Satan' S own Synagogue, sorne of our oIVn American Bishops are asking us to pray for that Abomination of all Abominations,to pray for the suc­ cess of. that organization whic~ was conceived, set up {! and promoted for our destructlOn and the destruction of aIl [ree governments. There is as much chance of making the United Nations an instrument of good as there is of converting the devil. It was and alw-i:hsJI will be wh it was set up to be :headguarters tor t e operations of Satan' s oIYn orees. Pope Pius IX, once his eyes became opened, exposed and eondemned aIl of the Evil Forces and their aims, aIl during the long period of His Papacy. It caused him great persecution, humiliation and grief, great danger to his li fe for their aim vas his destruct'IO!ï. I( The change of Pope Pius IX alanued the Jews y!!"'TY much. It was during the time of Pope Pius IX that the slogan "Separation of Church and State" was popularized. "Separation of Church and State" to the Forces of Evil ll means just one tbing, "Domination of Church b.y'~'state"~ and to that end they have labored. That end haSl5een achieved now in all Cbmmunist dominate~tes. We have~yJmmY lioera1S--Llberal Democrats, Liberal Republicans, Liberal Catholies, Liberal Hier­ archy, and then we have those worse than LiberaIs who tTY to disguise their liberalism by masquerading: as con­ servatives or middle-of-the-roaders or what have you. President Eisenhower' s often spoken of middle-of-the­ road policies are taking our country straight down the road on the 1eft hand side, and are just as sure to lead us to disaster as driving your car down the left side of the road in heavy traffic. Pope Pius X warned His Clergy: "Let Priests be on gu. ard against accepting any doctrines, of that Liber,ali:;;m ( whi ch under the pretext of good, alms a t effectl n &. a reconciliation between right and wrong." To this l can only make one comment and that is in fonu bf question, what other kind of Liberalism is there? "':,rre",.son", '- ,ontrolled by Judais.·under the g'!ise)'. . of Liberalism in the tlme (ft P6pit1"lUS IX, was eatmg rI away at the foundations of the Faith, aIl Chns'Eian government and aIl Christian morality. It is doing - 38­
  • 45. exact!] the same th ing in 1956 as 1 t dld ln 1856. 'lhAre has been no cnan2e. - ­ Pope Plus 1 X cooperated w1 th and main ta in ed fri endly rel a tiens If ith Ru ss i a wh i ch he hop ed wou l d come back into the Îold at Rome. 80th Pope Pius IX and Alexander II and III recognized that behind aIl the f ~ t l 1 Nihalists and Id were the Judahists and the Masonlc at their main obj ect was tian of the Catholic Church. He new a e estruc ­ plot tQ control the world through the control of !§Fey, He knew Rlso that in his time the seat Qf their opera ­ e ews'ill tions "as England. Pope PlUS IX made these things kncnm. AS a gteat Pope he fought these Forces and ex­ posed them as did the Tzars, which was the reaSQn for the ir assassiDat ions. Because of these friendly relations and the con­ tacts maintained b~n Pope Pius IX anst T,zar Alexan ­ de!....!!. the Evll Porces ~onry and Judaism .:Bere very 1 1 much afraid tliat a un ion would be affected between the two great branches of the Catholic Church--the Roman and ( the Orthoaox. This would have been a tremendous blow at the plans of tbese Evil Porees for the destruction of tne OlUrch. Alexander II sent mueh documentation to PODA Plus IX exposing the aetivities of the Satanic Porees. The union between the two branches of the Church [ "ould pr06a6ly bave come abou-t durlngtbe time of Pope Pius IX were i.t not for the fact that the P ~ d invasion of Jews iota Russia and the subvers-ive ac­ uvuies promoted by the Invisible Evil ~ becàme so severe as ta occupy the full atten tian <iT the Tzar' s l( forces. This was particularly true from 1864 on. The plan was not given uP. however, and contacts were maintained. The exchange of documentation cçn­ tinued to tate place. Alexander II made a pèrsonal trip ta Rome and was rece 1ved by Pope Loo XIII in December of 1880. wh 1ch was j ust about three months before he ~as assassinated in March of 1881. Although there had been prev10us attempts on his l ife. 1t may very well have been that this trip. of which the Agents of Satan uncloubtedly litknew throulUJ their li'ystem of spies and informers, pre­ cipi tated the final and sllceessful attempt at assassma­ tian. Alex said that his father. Alexander II was very)J much concemed w1tb the Nl h a,1î stS-1Ul.d:Judalsts ~ t that i f noth ing was done. the, would rui e the world and -39­
  • 46. ~stroy aIl Christians. Anet t1îe death of his father, Alexander III was determined that the plans of his father and his grand- fa th er shoul d be carri ed ou t. He wen t p erson aIly to s ee Pope Lee XIII. Then trouble arose which occupied his at- tention, sa he sent one of his secret trusted agents ta see Pope Leo; l'f...ith this secret ~nformation he sent docu- mentation con ce rn mg What he called Judaism Freemasonry. This documentation also contained mate rial with regard [ ta combining the two great churches--the Orth ox and the It9man. e agreemen t had been made by th e two grea t Popes, Pius l X and Leo XIII. AlI that was 1eft for com- pletion of the great merger was Just technicalities or l/'fo~ahhes of ritual.. There was ~vilness in the Hely lOff1ce then as there 1S today. Th1S has been givenlCo bear ou t the pre cedin g sta temen t, Il The Holy Fa ther (Pope Pius XII) cannet trust His Cardinals and He kî'îows l' it." The merger agreement had been made during the tlIDé of Alexander II and Tzar .~exander III. The Secret Agent became suspicious when he found out he was be ing followed. He was also suspicious of a certain con tact :in the Holy Office. As prey iously writ- ten, the Agents of Satan have always been able ta main- tain sorne Judases in the Pope' s househol d. l suppose J wat Yi th present day inflationary prices, i t costs them , more than the thirty pieces of sil ver ta buy a man' s soul. but they h,ave been successful. As a resul t of his suspicions, the Agent changed his route home, b~e ( ~emY Vas clev~r and anticipate~ the move and he was assassinated whlle enroute from K1el ta st. Petersburg. The enemy did not get the documents, hewever, be- cause he ITiiiiled them ta Father Ivan who placed them !!lto the Rands of Alexander. Alexander naathem for safe keeping. 'nie Agent had died a martyr ta save the papers. The visits to the Popes of Alexander II and Alexander III ( were never made known, and l doubt i f they can even be found in the Papal Records. Tzar Nicholas II also wished te fulfill his fat- her' s mission. IVhen the Enemy heard of this they seized him and tertured hirn to ob tain. th.e whereabouts_of ( this great documentation, even ta kl1llng of h1S lev~dflf ones. He still would not speak. 'Ihe en.emy feared th1S movement very. very gre~Y. undoubtedly the material sent by Alexander I~ had sorne bearing on the decision of pope Lee XIII to l~SU~ His Encyclical. Humanum GW!Js on At51'11 20. 1884, a ou -40-
  • 47. thr'ee years after the assasslnation of Alexander IL Very l.i tUe attention Vas paid by the Hierarchy and the Clergy te that E:ncyclical which exposed-Vreemasonry. Particularly 1s this sa in our coun try Where our Hi er­ archy disregarded it and buried it completely. This treasonous disregard of an Encyclical of the HOÏy F'â11ië? s !:lY our Clergy fias and will cause much persecu­ ( tion in our Churcll, much destruction. It appears that sorne of our Hierarchy would rather listen to the propa­ ganda of Satan' s Fbrces than to the warnings of the Hals Pather. The last attempt ta uni:f:y the Church at the time of th e Tzars l'las during the Ume of Tzar Nicbolas....1I. As saon as Nicholas II had agreed to have the Papal Nun­ cio, Monsignor Tarnassi, come to St. Petersburg to ar­ range the Agreement at the request of Pope Leo Xlrr and his Secretary of State, Cardinal Pompella deI Tindaro. ri Monsignor Tarnassi l'las poisoned by the Agents of Satan. The Pope and the Tza:r baLII hllcT±fi!d and grief stricken postponed the plan. It is very;evident that !t iÊiQE]Y through the machinations of Satan' s Agents that the Church i8 not uni ted. -- Nicholas II also had in mind to see Pope Pius X, JJ.!:!j; 'i the Forces of Evil l'lere too strong. The si tuation in Russ!a deprecia ted very rapi dJ.y after 1900 and Nicho­ las II l'las not strong MOllen t.a st.em the tide of evil. --[-]ere i s a ~ation of a paragraph taken from Red­ path's History of the World which bears out statements that Vere made by Alexander III in giving the Work through Mary Ann Van Hoof. Alex said that his people )1 ll'ere still very religious and loved God and the Madonna ~ Maria very much. ,- "At the close of the Nineteenth Century, Russia~ by far the most religious country in the world. This is said of the heart of the matter. There l'lere other countries in which the Roman Catholic Pageant l'las more un i versaI an d more spI en di d, bu t th e Russi an s 11 ave an actual living Fai th which seizes theJlfe and cbaracter and dominates all action. They believe what they profess; t.1.at is the peculiari ty of the Slavic race and i ts reli­ gion. That profound apathy and undeveloped hypocrisy l'ohich mark the Christian profession in the States of the West are not seen among the Russians. They are sincere ( in their religion as in their business, and this cannot be said of any civilized people. n This l'las given on the day of the Espousal of our -41­
  • 48. Holy Mother: "Pope Pius IX really loved Our Lord and His Holy Mother wtth all Hts heart, that's why He dicl sa much for them. Even when He made mis takes He was innocen t. He stuc~ ta His convictions. It is, tao bac! lex dtdn t get together on the uni tn the Church." On December. Pop e Pius IX procl aimed the Dogma of OUr Lady' s CODceJilj.on. ( . ,On July lB, 1870 Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma deflQ.lng the Infallibility of tnePope. Once again aIl rcan say is His works were cer ­ tainly most pleasing to God. On six d~fferent occasions between 1846 and 1873 ~ l1 _c~ndemned F'reemasoll ry and i ts relate:d Secret Organiza ­ t.iQu. "You are the Pather :>'" ,e s id ta them in ·Sin uZan uadam." He also said that this referreci to the Masonic Associations in America and in whatëVer part of the world they may be. He said that i t was through them i!}at tbe SJrnagogue of Satan was organizing its Forces against the Ctîurch of t1irist. Alexander II and Alexander III and Pope Pius IX lmew that Judaism and the Masan ic Nihs] ists were belU!ld )l aIl governments and aIl thai was going on, and tbat tbey planned ta destroy a11 Christianity, espëCiilTy Cathol1 ci sm, Roman and Ortl1odox. They knew that the Invisible Evil Forces and i~ controlled Masonry was in control of the governments JUda-l in Germany. Erance, Austna and Tu~ and th a. t-:- the head­ qllarters for-COntrol was in England during ihis time. An investigation reYealed that the Freemasons were deliberatelY executing the orders of the Rothschilds ( and their Agents and aIl Masonic Lodges were ordered closed as early as .1826 in Russia. As a resul t the ac­ ti vi ties of Judaic Masonry were more or less stymied for a oeriod of time. It was after this time that the t Satanic Forces promoted the invasion of Russia by the Jews. January 23, 1957 - • Pope Pius IX really loved Our Lady wi th His heart, Hank. ~at' s why he did sa mueh for them. Even when He made mistakes He wa.s innocent, Hank. He stuck to His convictions. Tt' s tao bact He and ,Uexander II didn' t get together on unitying the OlUreh. • . April 23, 1957 - "The devil i8 sure working iu.....t!lê J HoU 6fIièeana agalnst Our Holy Pather a11 l;fi.e fiiiië.) j f I t shoold be no place for jealousy, but sorne of the Car ­ Idinals are so jealous that they say it was the Devil -42­
  • 49. who appeared ta the Haly Pat.heT instead Our Lord. • Nf IITh.at Cardinal that mingles WIn ëâS in /l,France ~s no angel. - - "They are spread ing propaganda in ou l' country telling us the Holy Father leans toward the pink side. Sorne even infer that He ls the Anti-Christ. He is one ( of the best Popes we have hact for a long time, ana­ . lyze His Reign. n January 14, 1957 - "The biggest of the Anti- Christian Jews is in tricking Catho]jcs into pl~ing { ~eir game unbeknownst ta the CatÈ.-0lics. It looks like they have succeeded, Hank. lhe..v destroy the Christians. " As earl~ as 1848 $ëlîT"MJin Dis~eli)bragged that the 1,(Jews weie. gôiÏÏ g to destroy the Ca'EhOlics. =te said th,...Y l w~re b.~}ting t~~_~ra~~r th_em and the Catholic wauld faH for 1 it. Tha t aIl may be a bl e to read Pope Leo XIII' s Eh cy cl ical Humanum Genus, it is reproduced he ra: [HUMANUM GENUS/ ENCYCLICAL LETTER of our Holy Father by Divine Providence POPE LEO XIII on F R E E MAS 0 N R Y To OUR VENERABLE 8RETHREN. All PATRIARCHS. PRIM~TES. ARCH. BISHOPS AND BISHOPS OF THE CATHOllC WORlD. IN GR,,"CE AND COMMUNION WITH THE ApOSTOllC SEE • POPE LEO XIII. VENERABLE BRETHREN. HEAlTH AND APOSTOLIC BE'NEDICTION Two Kingdoms 1. The race of man, after its miserable fall from Gad, the Creator and the Giver of heavenly gifts, "through the envy of the devil," separated into two diverse and opposite parts, of which the one steadfastly contends for truth and virture, the other for those things which are contrary to virtue and to truth. The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ; and those who desire from their heart to be united with it, so as to gain salvation, must of necessity serve God and His only­ begotten Son with their whole mind and with an entire will. The other is the kingdom of Satan, in whose possession and control are aIl whosoever follow the fatal example of their leader and of our first parents, those who refuse to obey the divine and etemal Iaw, and who have many aims of their own in contempt of God, and many aims also against God. Two Loves and Two Cities 2. This twofold kingdom St. Augustine keenly dis­ cerned and described after the manner of two cities, con­ -43­
  • 50. trary in their laws because striving for contrary objects; and with a subtle brevity he expressed the efficient cause of each in these words: "Two loves formed two cities: the love of self, reaching even to contempt of Gad, an earthly city; and the love of Gad, reaching to contempt of self, a heavenly one." At every period of time each has been in conflict ith the other, with a variety and multiplicity of weapons, and of warfare, although not always with equal ardor and assault. At this period, however, the partisans of evil seem to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. They are planning the destruction of holy Church public1y and openly, and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom, if it were possible, of the blessings obtained for us through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Lamenting these evils, We are constrained by the charity which urges Our beart to cry out often to God: "For 10, Thy enemies have made a noise; and they that hate Thee have lifted up the head. They have taken a malicious counsel against Thy people, and they have consulted against Thy saints. They have said, 'Come, and let us destroy them, so that they be Dot a nation.'" The Pope's Duty 3. At so urgent a crisis, when so tierce and so pressing an onslaught is made upon the Christian name, it is Our office to point out the danger, to mark who are the adver­ saries, and to the best of Our power to make head against their plans and devices, that those may not perish whose salvation is committed to Us, and that the kingdom of Jesus Christ intrusted to Our charge may not only stand and re­ main whole, but may be enlarged by an ever-increasing growth throughout the world. Our Predec;essors on the Alert 4. The Roman Pontiffs Our predecessors, in their inces­ sant watchfulness over the safety of the Christian people, were prompt in detecting the presence and the purpose of this capital enemy immediately it sprang into the light in­ stead of hiding as a dark conspiracy; and moreover they -44­
  • 51. took occasion with true foresight to give, as it were, the alarm, and to admonish bath princes and nations to stand on their guard, and not allow themselves to be caught by the devices and SDares laid out to deceive them. From Clement XI! to Pius IX 5. The first warning of the danger was given by Clement XII in the year 1738, and his Constitution was confirmed and renewed by Benedict XIV. Pius VII followed the same path; and Leo XII, by bis Apostolic Constitution, ((Quo graviora," put together the acts and decrees of former Pontiffs on this subject, and ratified and confirmed tbem forever. In the same sense spoke Pius VIII, Gregory XVI, and many times over Pius IX. The Church, the State and Masonry 6. For as soon as the constitution and the spirit of the Masonic sect were clearly discovered by manifest signs of its actions, by cases investigated, by the publication of its laws, and of its rites and commentaries, with the addi­ tion often of the personal testimony of those who were in the secret, this Apostolic See denounced the sect of the Freemasons, and publicly dec1ared its constitution, as con­ trary to law and right, to be pernicious no less to Christen­ dom than to the State; and it forbade any one to enter the society, under the penalties which the Church is wont to inflict upon exceptionally guilty persons. The sectaries, indignant at this, thinking to elude or to weaken the force of these decrees, partIy by contempt of them, and partly by caIumny, accused the Sovereign Pontiffs who had passed them either of exceeding the bounds of moderation in their decrees or of decreeing what was not just. This was the manner in which they endeavored to elude the authority and the weight of the Apostolic Constitutions of Clement XII and Benedict XIV, as well as of Pius VII and Pius IX. Yet in the very society itself there were to be found men who unwillingly acknowledged that the Roman Pontiffs had acted witbin their right, according to the Catholic doctrine and discipline. The Pontiffs received the same assent, and in strong terms, from many princes and heads of govern­ ments, who made it their business either to delate the Ma­ sonie society to the Apostolic See, or of their own accord by special enactments to brand it as pernicious, as, for -45­
  • 52. example, in Rolland, Austria, Switzerland, Spah.. Bavaria, Savoy, and other parts of Italy. Our Predecessors' Warnings Vindicated 7. But, what is of highest importance, the course of events has demonstrated the prudence of Our predecessors. For their provident and paternal solicitude had not always and everywhere the result desired; and this, either because of the simulation and cunning of sorne who were active agents in the mischief, or else of the thoughtless levity of the rest who ought, in their own interest, to have given to the mattt;r their diligent attention. In consequence the sect of Freemasons grew with a rapidity beyond conception in the course of a century and a haH, until it came to be able, by means of fraud or of audacity, to gain such entrance into every rank of the State as to seem to be almost its rul­ ing power. This swift and formidable advance has brought upon the Church, upon the power of princes, upon the pub­ lic well-being, precisely that grievous harm which Our prede­ cessors had long before foreseen. Such a condition has been reached that henceforth there will be grave reason to fear, not indeed for the Church-for her foundation is much too firm to be overturned by the effort of men-but for those States in which prevails the power, either of the sect of which we are speaking or of other sects not dis­ similar which lend themselves to it as disciples and sub­ ordinates. The Teaching and Aims of Masonry 8. For these reasons We no sooner came to the helm of the Church than We clearly saw and felt it to be Our dutY to use Our authority to the very utmost against so vast an evil. We have several times already, as occasion served, attack~d certain chief points of teaching which showed in a special manner the perverse influence of Masonic opin­ ions. Thus, in Our Encyclical Letter, "Quod Apostolid muneris," We endeavored to refute the monstrous doctrines of the Socialists and Communists; afterwards, in another beginning "Arcanum," We took pains to defend and explain the true and genuine idea of domestic life, of which mar­ riage is the spring and origin; and again, in that which be­ gins "Diuturnum," We described the ideal of political gov­ ernment conformed to the principles of Christian wisdom, -46­
  • 53. which is marveIousIy in harmony, on the one hand, with the natura! order of things, and, on the other, with the well..:being of both sovereign princes and of nations. It is now Our intention, following the example of Our predecessors, direct­ Iy to treat of the Masonic society itself, of its whole teach­ ing, of its aims, and of its manner of thinking and acting, in order to bring more and more into the light its power for evil, and to do what We can to arrest the contagion of this fatal plague. Unity of Ali Secret Societies 9. There are several organized bodies which, though differing in name, in ceremonial, in form and origin, are nevertheless so bound to..,gether by community .s>f purpose and by the similarity of their main opinions, as to make in facTOfi l Wl e sect of t e reemasons w lC IS a kin 0 center whence they all go forth, and w It er tey aU return. Now, these no longer show a desire to remain concealed; for they hold their meetings in the daylight and before the public eye, and publish their own newspaper or­ gans; and yet, when thoroughly understood, they are found still to retain the nature and the habits of secret societies. There are many things like mysteries which it Ïs the fixed rule to hide with extreme care;notOnly from strangers~t from very many members also; such as their secret and final designs, the names of the chief leaders, and certain ( secret and inner meetings) as well as their decisions, and the ways and l'i'iëaIis of carrying them out. This is, no doubt, the object of the manifold difference among the mem­ bers as to right, office, and privilege-Df tlie received dis ­ ) tinctIon of orders and grades, and of that severe discipline which is maintained. Secrecy and Deceit Candidates are generally commanded to promise-nay,. with a special oath, to swear-that they will never, to any person, at any time or in any way, make knèiwn the members, the Pa.s.sf~S.,..J1Llhe-s'ubj.ects discussed. Thus, with a fraudulent externat appearance, and with a style of simulation which is always the same, the Freemasons, like the Manichees of old) strive, as far as possible, to ( conceaI themselves) and to admit no witnesses but their own rnembers. As a convenient manner of concealment, -47­
  • 54. they assume the character of literary men and scholars associated for purposes of learning. They speak of their zeal for a more cultured refinement, and of their love for the poor; and they declare their one wish to be the [ amelioration of the condition of the masses, and to share with the largest possible number aIl the benefits of civil life. Were these purposes aimed at in real truth, they are by..!!.o means the whole of their object. Moreover, to he enrolled, it is necessary that the candidates promise and undertake to be thenceforward strictly obedient to their leaders and masters with the utmost submission and fidelity, and to be 1 iDfeadiness to do their bidding upon the slightest expression of their will; or, if disobedient, to submit to the direst penalties and death itself. As a fact, if any are iudged to have betrayed the doings of the sect or to have resisted commands given, punishment is inflicted on them not in­ frequently, and with 50 much audacity and dexterit that the ~sassin very olten escape~ the etectlOn and penalty of his crime. Evil Fruits of Masonry 10. But to simulate and wish to lie hidj to bind men li~e slaves in the very tightest bonds, and without giving any sufficient reasonj to make use of men enslaved to the will of l{another for any arbitrary act; to arrn men's right hands for bloodshed after securing impunity for the crime-~ is_an enorinity from which nature recoils. Wherefore rea­ son and truth itself make it plain that the society of which ( we àre speaking is in antagonism with justice and natural uprightness. And this becornes still plainer, inasmuch as other arguments also, and those very manifest, prove that it is essentially opposed to natural virtue. For, no matter how great may be men's cleverness in concealing and their experience in lying, it is impossible to prevent the effects of any cause from showing, in sorne way, the intrinsic nature of the cause whence they come. "A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor a bad tree produce good fruit." Now, the Masonic sect produces fruits that are pernicious and of the bitterest savor. For, from what We have above most clearly shown, that which is their ultimate purpose forces itself into view-namely, the utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order of the world which the Christian teaching has produced, and the substitution of a new state of things -48­
  • 55. in accordance with their ideas, of which the foundations and laws shaH be drawn from mere "Naturalism." Masonry and Associated Orgoni:a:otions Il. What We have said, and are about ta say, ml.lst be understood of the sect of the Freemasons taken generically, and in sa far as it comprises the associations kindred ta it and confederated with it, but not of the individual members of them. There may be persons amongst these, and not a few1 who, although not free from the guilt of having entan­ gled themselves in such associations, yet are neither them­ selves partners in their criminal acts, nor aware of the ulti­ mate abject which they are endeavoring ta attain. In the same way, sorne of the affiliated societies, perhaps, by no means approve of the extreme conclusions which they would, if consistent, embrace as necessarily following from their common principles, did not their very foulness strike them with horror. Sorne of these, again, are led by circumstances of times and places either to aim at smaller things than the others usually attempt, or than they themselves would wish ta attempt. They are not, however, for this reason, to be reckoned as alien to the Masonic federation; for the Masonic federation is to be judged not so much by the things which it has done, or brought to completion, as by the sum of its pronounceà opinions. The Principles of Naturism 12. Now, the fundamental doctrine of the Naturalists, which they sufficiently make known by their very name, is that human nature and human reason ought in aH things to be mistress and guide. Laying this down, they care little for duties ta Cod, or pervert them by erroneous and vague opinions. For they deny that anything has been t.aught by God; they aHow no dogma of religion or truth which cannot be understood by the human intelligence, nor any teacher who ought to be believed by reason of his authority. And since it is the special and exclusive dutY of the Cathoiic Church fully to set forth in words truths divinely received, to teach, besides other divine helps to sal­ vation, the authority of its office, and to defend the same with perfect purity, it is against the Church that the rage and attack of the enemies are principally directed. -49­
  • 56. Masonry Upholds Nah.:ralism 13. In those matters which regard religion let it be seen how the sect of the Freemasons acts, especially where it is more free to act without restraint, and then let any one judge whether in fact it does not wish to carry out the policy of the Naturalists. By a long and persevering labor, they endeavor to bring about this result-namely, that the office and authority of the Church may become of no account in the civil State; and for this same reason they declare to the people and contend that Church and State ought to be al­ together disunited. By this means they reject from the laws and from the commonwealth the wholesome influence of the Catholic religion; and they consequently imagine that States ought to be constituted without any regard for the laws and precepts of the Church. Mosanry Attacks Christ's Church 14. Nor do they think it enough to disregard the Church -the best of guides-unless they also injure it by their hostility. Indeed, with them it is lawful to attack with im­ punity the very foundations of the Catholic religion, in speech, in writing, and in teaching; and even the rights of the Church are not spared, and the offices with which it is divinely invested are not safe. The Jeast possible liberty to manag~ affairs is left to the Church; and this is done by laws not apparently very hostile, but in reality framed and fitted to hinder freedom of action. Moreover, We see excep­ tional and onerous laws imposed upon the clergy, to the end that they may be continually diminished in number and in necessary means. We see also the remnants of the posses­ sions of the Church fettered by the strictest conditions, and subjected to the power and arbitrary will of the adminis­ trators of the State, and the religious orders rooted up and scattered. Masonry Assails Christ's Vicar 15. But against the Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff the contention of these enemies has been for a long time directed. The Pontiff was first, for specious reasons, thrust out from the bulwark of his liberty and of his right, the civil princedom; soon he was unjustly driven into a condition which was unbearable because of the difficulties raised on -50­
  • 57. aU sides; and now the Hme has come when the partisans of the sects openly declare, what in secret among themselves they have for a long time plotted, that the sacred power )I of ntiffs mllst be abolished, and that the J>ontificate itself, founded y Ivine right, must be utterly destroye([ If otlier proofs were wanting, this fact would be sufficiently disclosed by the testimony of men weIl informed, of whom sorne at other times, and others again recently, have de· clared it to be true of the Frefwasous that they especially desire to assail the Church with irreconcilable hostility=;ànd that they will neVer rest until they have destroyed @t­ 1 ever the supreme Pontiffs have established for the sake of reIiglOn. Masonry Undermines Ali Religion 16. If those who are admitted as members are not com­ manded to abjure by any form of words the Catholic doc­ trines, this omission, so far from being adverse ta the designs of the Freemasons, is more useful for their purposes. First, in this way they easily deceive the simple-minded and the heedless, and can induce a far greater number ta become members. Again, as aIl who offer themselves are received whatever may be their form of religion, they thereby teach the grea.t error of this age--that a regard for religion should be held as an indifferent matter, and that aU religions are alike. This manner of reasoning is calculated ta bring about the ruin of aIl forms of religion, and especially of the Catholic religion, which, as it is the only one that is true, cannat, without great injustice, be regarded as merely equal ta other religions. Masonie Belief in God 17. But the Naturalists go much further; for having, in the highest things, entered upon a whoUy erroneous course, they are carried headlong ta extremes, either by reason of the weakness of human nature, or because God inflicts upon them the just punishment of their pride. Hence it happens that they no longer consider as certain and permanent those things which are fully understood by the natural light of reason, such as certainly are--the existence of Gad, the immaterial nature of the human soul, and its immortality. The sect of the Freemasons, by a' similar course of error, is exposed ta these same dangers; for aIthough in a general -51 ­
  • 58. way they may profess the existence of Cod, they themselves are witnesses that they do not aIl maintain this truth with the full assent of the mind or with a firm conviction. Nei­ ther do they conceal that this question about God is the greatest source and cause of discords among them; in fact, it (s certain that a considerable contention about this same subject has existed among them very lately. But indeed the sect allows great liberty to its votaries, so that to each side is given the right to defend its own opinion, either that there is a God, or that there is none; and those who obsti­ nately contend that there is no God are as easily iniHated as those who contend that God exists, though, like the Pan­ theists, they have false notions concerning Him: aIl which is nothing else than taking away the reality, while retaining sorne absurd representation of the divine nature. Loss of Natural Truths 18. When this greatest fundamental truth has been over­ turned or weakened, it follows that those truths also which are known by the teaching of nature must begin to fall­ namely, that aIl things were made by the free will of God the Creator; that the world is governed by Providence; that souls do not die; that to this life of men upon the earth there will succeed another and an everlasting life. Effect on Morality 19. When these truths are done away with, which are as the principles of nature and important for knowledge and for practical use, it is easy to see what will become of both public and private morality. We say nothing of those more heavenly virtues, which no one can exercise or even acquire without a special gift and grace of Gad; of which necessarily no trace can be found in those who reject as unknown the redemption of mankind, the grace of Gad, the sacraments, and the happiness to be obtained in heaven. We speak now of the duties which have their origin in natural probity. That Gad is the Creator of the world and its provident Ruler; that the eternal law commands the natural order to be maintained, and forbids that it be disturbed; that the last end of men is a destiny far above human things and beyond this sojourning upon the earth: these are the sources and these the principles of all justice and morality. -52­
  • 59. No Foundatior. for Justice If these be taken away, as the Naturalists and Free­ masons desire, there will immediately be no knowledge a..c; to what constitutes justice and injustice, or upon what principle morality is founded. And, in truth~ the teaching of moral­ ity which alone finds favor with the sect of Freemasons, and in which they contend that youth should be instructed, is that which they call ((civil," and "independent," and "free," namely, that which àoes not contain any religious belief. But how insuffident such teaching is, how wanting in sound­ ness, and how easily moved by every impulse of passion, is sufficiently proved by its sad fruits, which have already be­ gun to appear. For wherever, by removing Christian edu­ cation, the sect has begun more completely to rule, there goodness and integrity of morals have begun quickly to perish, monstrous and shameful opinions have grown up, and the audacity of evil deeds has risen to a high degree. All this is commonly complained of and deplored; and not a few of those who by no means wish to do 50 are com­ pelled by abundant evidence to give not infrequently the same testimony. Weakness of Our Nature 20. Moreover, human nature was stained by original sin, and is tberefore more disposed ta vice than ta vir­ tue. For a virtuous life it is absolutely necessary to restrain the disorderly movements of the souI, and to make the pas­ sions obedient to reason. In this conflict human tlllngs must very often be despised, and the greatest labors and hardships must he undergone, in arder that reason may al­ ways hold its sway. But the Naturalists and Freemasons, having no faith in thos.: things which we have learned by the revelation of God, deny that our first parents sinned and consequently think that free will is not at aIl weakened and inclined to evil. On the contrary, exaggerating rather our natural virtue and excellence and placing therein alone the principle and rule of justice, they cannat even imagine that there is any need at aU of a constant struggle and a perfect steadfastness to overcome the violence and rule of our passions. A Gospel of Pleasure Wherefore we see that men are publicly tempted by the many allurements of pleasure; that there are journals -53 ­
  • 60. and pamphlets with neither moderation nor shame; that stage-plays are remarkable for license; that designs for works of art are shamelessly sought in the laws of a ( so-called realism,. that the contrivances of a soft and deli­ cate life are most carefully devised; and that aIl the blan­ dishments of pleasure are diligently sought out by which virtue may be IUlled to sleep. Wickedly also, but at the same time quite consistently, do those act who do away with the expectation of the joys of heaven, and bring down aIl happiness to the level of mortality, and, as it were, sink it in the earth. Of what We have said the following fact, astonishing not so much in itself as in its open expression, may serve as a confirmation. For since generally no one is accustomed to obey crafty and c1ever men so submissively as those whose soul is weakened and broken down by the domination of the passions, there have been in the sect of the Freemasons sorne who have plainly determined and pro­ posed that, artfully and of set purpose, the multitude should be satiated with a boundless license of vice, as, when this had been done, it would easily come under their power and authority for any acts of daring. Teachings on Marriage 21. What refers to domestic life in the teaching of the Naturalists is almost aIl contained in the following declara­ tions. That marriage belongs t~~nus of commercial ( contracts,' which can rightly be revo e by the...will of those who made them, and that the civil rulers of the State have power over the matrimonial bond; that in the education of youth nothing is to be taught in the matter of religion as of certain and fixed opinion; and each one mu.-St be left at ( liberty to foIlow, when he cornes of age, whatever he may prefer.-'fo these thmgs the Freemasons fully assent; and not only assent, but have long endeavored to make them into a law and institution. For in many countries, and those nominally Catholic, it is enacted that no marriages shall be considered lawful except those contracted by the civil rite; in other places the law permits divorce; and in others every èffort is used to make If lawful-as-soon as may be. Thus the time is quickly coming when marriages will be turned into another kind of contract-that is, into changeable a~d ( uRcertain unions which fancy may jom together, and whiCb Hie same when changed may disunite. -54:­
  • 61. Educatioftol Principles With the greatest unanimity the sect of the Freemasons aIsa endeavors ta take ta itself the education of youth. They think that they can easily mold ta their opinions that soft and pliant age, and bend it whither they will; and that nothing can be more fitted than this t.o enable them to bring up the youth of the State after their own plan. Therefore in the education and instruction oi children the)' allow no share, either of teaching or of discîpline, to the ministers of the Church; and in many places they have procured that the education of youth shall be exc1usively in the hands of lay­ men, and that nothing which treats of the most important and most holy duties of men ta Gad shaH be introduced into the instructions on morals. Political Doctrines 22. Then come their doctrines of politics, in which the Naturalists lay down that aIl men have the same right, and are in every respect of equal and like condition; that each one is naturally free; that no one has the right to command another; that it is an act of violence to require men ta obey any authority other than that which is obtained from them­ selves. According to tbis, therefore, aIl things belong to the free people; power is held by the command or permission of the people, 50 that, when the papular wlll changes, rulers may lawfully be deposed; and the source of aIl rights and civil duties is either in the multitude or in the governing authority when this is constituted according to the latest doctrines. It is held also that the State should be without Gad; that in the various forms of religion there is no rea­ son why one should have precedence of another; and that they are aIl ta occupy the same place. Communism the Sequel 23. That these doctrines are equaUy acceptable to the Freemasons, and that they would wish to constitute States according to this example and model, is too weIl known to require proof. For sorne time past they have openly en­ deavored to bring this about with aIl their strength and resources; and in this they prepare the way for not a few bolder men who are hurrying on even to worse things, in their endeavor ta obtain equality and comrnunity of all goods by the destruction of every distinction of rank and property. -55­
  • 62. Masonry Means Paganism 24. What therefore the sect of the Freemasons is, and what course it pursues, appears sufficiently from the sum­ mary We have briefly given. Their chief dogmas are so greatly and manifestly at variance with reason, that noth­ ing can be more perverse. To wish to destroy the religion and the Church which God Himself has established, and whose perpetuity He insures by His protection, and to bring back after a lapse of eighteen centuries the manners and customs of the pagans, is signal folly and audacious im­ piety. Neither is it less horrible nor more tolerable that they should repudiate the benefits which Jesus Christ has mercifully obtained, not only for individuals, but also for the family and for civil society, benefits which, even accord­ ing to the judgment and testimony of enemies of Christian­ ity, are very great. In this insane and wicked endeavor we may almost see the implacable hatred and spirit of revenge with which Satan himself is inflamed against Jesus Christ.­ So also the studious endeavor of the Freemasons tü de­ stroy the chief foundations of justice and honesty, and to co-operate with those who would wish, as if they were mere animaIs, to do what they please, tends only to the igno­ minious and disgraceful ruin of the human race. Dangers to Society The evil, ,too, is increased by the dangers which threaten both domestic and civil society. As We have elsewhere shmvn, in marriage, according to the belief of almost every nation, there is something sacred and religious; and the law of God has determined that marriages shaH not be dissolved. If they are deprived of their sacred character, and made dissolu bIe, trouble and confusion in the family will be the result. the wife being deprived of her dignity and the chil­ dren left without protection as to their interests and well­ being.-To have in public matters no care for religion, and in the arrangement and administration of civil affairs to have no more regard for God than if He did not exist, is a rashness unknown to the very pagans; for in their heart and soul the notion of a divinity and the need of public religion were so firmly fixed that they would have thought it easier to have a city without foundation than a city without God. Human society, indeed, for which by nature we are formed, -56­
  • 63. has been constituted by God the Author of nature; and from Him, as from their principle and source, fiow in aU their strength and permanence the countIess benefits with which society abounds. As we are each of us admonished by the very voice of nature to worship God in piety and holiness, as the Giver UDto us of life and of an that is good therein, so also and for the same reason, nations and States are bound to worship Him; and therefore it is clear that those who would absolve society from, aIl religious duty act not only unjustly but also with ignorance and folly. Foundation of Civic Obedieace 25. As men are by the will of God born for civil union and society, and as the power to rule is 50 necessary a bond of society that, if it be taken away, society must at once be broken up, it follows that from Him Who is the Author of society has come also the authority to rule; 50 that whoso­ ever rules, he is the minister of God. Wherefore, as the end and nature of human society 50 requires, it is right to obey the just commands of lawful authority, as it is right to obey God Who ruleth aIl things; and it is most untrue that the people have it in their power to cast aside their obedience whensoever they please. True and False Equality 26. In like manner, no one doubts that aIl men are equal one to another, so far as regards their common origin and nature, or the last end whioh each one has to attain, or the rights and duties which are thence derived. But as the abilities of aIl are not equal, as one differs from another in the powers of mind or body, and as there are very many dissimilarities of manner, disposition, and character, it is most repugnant to reason to endeavor to confine aIl within the same measure, and to extend complete equality to the institutions of civil life. Just as a perfect condition of the body results from the conjunction and composition of its various members, which, though differing in form and pur­ pose, make, by their union and the distribution of each one to its proper place, a combination beautiful to behold, firm in strength, and necess-ary for use; so, in the commonwealth, th-ere is an almost infinite dissimilarity of men, as parts of the whole. If they are ta be all equal, and each is to follow ms own will, the State will appear most deformed; but if, -57­
  • 64. with a distinction of degrees of dignity, of pursuits and em­ ployments, aIl aptly conspire for the common good, they will present a natural image of a well-constituted State. A Threat to Statel 27. Now, from the disturbing errors which We have de­ scribed the greatest dangers to States are ta be feared. For, the fear of GDd and reverence for divine laws being taken away, the authority of rulers despised, sedition permitted and approved, and the popular passions urged on to lawless­ ness, with no restraint save that of punishment, a change and overthrow of aIl things will necessarily follow. Yea, this change and overthrow is deliberately planned and put forward by many associations of Communists and Socialists; and to their undertakings the sect of Freemasons is not hostile, but greatly favors their designs, and holds in com­ mon with them their chief opinions. And if these men do not at once and everywhere endeavor to carry out their ex­ treme views, it is not to be attributed to their teaching and their will, but ta the virtue of that divine religion which can­ nat be destroyed; and a1so because the sounder part of men, refusing ta be enslaved ta secret societies, vigorously resist their insane attempts. People and Rulers Deceived 28. Would that aIl men would judge of the tree by its fruits, and would acknowledge the seed and origin of the evHs which press upon us, and of the dangers that are im­ pending 1 We have ta deal with a deceitful and crafty enemy who ratif in the ears of eo le alid of princes, bas ( ensn eec a IOn. n­ gratiating themselves with rulers under a pretense of friend­ ship, the Freemasons have endeavored ta make them their allies and powerful helpers for the destruction of the Chris­ tian name; and that they might more strongly urge them on, they have, with determined calumny, accused the Church of invidiously contending with rulers in matters that affect their authority and sovereign power. Having, by these artifices, insured their own safety and audacity, they have begun ta exercise great weight in the government of States; but nevertheless they are prepared ta shake the foundations of empires, ta harass the rulers of the State, to accuse, and ta cast them out, as often as they appear to govern other­ -58­
  • 65. wise than they themselves cculd have wished. ln like man­ ner they have by flattery deluded the people. Proclaiming with a loud voice liberty and public prosperity, and saying that it was owing to the Church and to sovereigns that the multitude were not drawn out of their unjust servitude and poverty, they have imposed upon the people; and, exciting them by a thirst for nove1ty, they have urged them to assai! bath the Church and the civil power. Nevertheless, the expectation of the benefits which were hoped for was greater than the reality; indeed, the cornmon people, more op­ pressed than they were 'before, are deprived in their _misery of that solace which, if things had been arranged in a Chris­ tian manner, they would have had with ease and in abun­ dance. But whoever strive against the order which divine Providence has constituted pay usually the penalty of their pride, and meet with affliction and misery where they rashly hoped to find aIl things prosperous and in conformity witb their desires. Benefit of Ch.urch's Teaching 29. The Church, if she directs men to render obedience chiefly and above aU to Gad the sovereign Lord, is wrongly and falsely believed either to be envious of the civil power or to arrogate to herself something of the rights of sovereigns. On the contrary, she teaches that what is rightly due to the civil power must be rendered to it with a conviction and con­ sciousness of duty. In teaching that from God Himself cornes the right of ruling, she adds a great dignity to civil authority, and no small help towards obtaining the obedi­ ence and good-will of the citizens. The friend of peace and sustainer of concord, she embraces all with maternaI love; and, intent only upon giving help to mortal man, she teaches that to justice must be joined clemency, equity to authority, and moderation ta law-giving; that no one's right must he violated; that order and public tranquillity are to be main­ tained; and that the poverty of those who are in need is, as far as possible, ta be relieved by public and private charity. "But for this reason," ta use the words of St. Augustine, "men think, or would have il believed, that Christian teach­ ing is not suited ta the good of the State; for they wish the State to be founded not on salid virtue, but on the impunity of vice." Knowing these things, both princes and people would act with political wisdom, and according to the needs -59­
  • 66. of generaI .sa.fety, if, instead of joining with FreeDl850DS 10 destroy the Church, they joined with the Church in repelIing their attacks. Th. Pope,' Warning Reiterat.d 30. Whatever the future may be, in this grave and wide­ spread evil it is Our duty, Venerable Brethren, to endeavor to find a remedy. And because We know that Our best and firmest hope of a remedy is in the power of that divine reli­ gion which the Freemasons hate in proportion ta their fear of it, We think it to he of chief importance ta ca11 that most saving power to Our aid against the common enemy. There­ fore, whatsoever the Roman Pontiffs Our predecessors have decreed for the purpose of opposing the undertakings and endeavors of the Masonic sect, and whatsoever they. have enacted ta deter or withdraw men from societies of this kind, We ratHy and confirm it aIl by Our Apostolic author­ ity: and trusting greatly ta the good-will of Christians, We pray and beseech each one, for the sake of bis eternal salva­ tian, to be most conscientiously careful not in the least to de­ part from what the Apostolic See has commanded in t.lili matter. Ho Compromi.e With MalOnry 31. We pray and beseecb you, Venerable Brethren, to joïn your efforts witb Ours, and earnestly to strive for the extirpation of this fouI plague, which is creeping through the veins of the State. You have to defend the glory of God and the salvation of your neighbor; and with thi~ ab­ ject of your strife before you, neitber courage nor strength win be wanting. It will be for your prudence ta judge by what means you can best overcome the difficulties and ob­ stacles you meet with. But as it befits the authority of Our office that We Ourselves should point out sorne suit­ able way of proceeding, We wish it to be your rule first of a11 to tear away the mask from Freemasonry, and to let it be reen as it really is; and by sermons and Pastoral Letters to instruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind in seducing men and enticing them into tbeir ranks, and as to the depravity of their opinions and the wickedness of their acts. As Our predecessors have many times repeated, let no man think that he may for any reason whatsoever join the Masonic sect, if he values his Catholic -60­
  • 67. name and his eterna! salvatio.n as he ought to value them. Let no one be deceived by a pretense of honesty. It may seern to sorne that Freemasons demand nothing that is openly contrary to religion and morality; but, as the whole priil­ ciple and object of the sect lies in what i5 vicious and crim­ inal, to joïn with these men or in any way to help them can­ not be lawful. Sound Religious Instruction Neecfed 32. Further, by a'5siduous teaching and exhortation, the multitude must be drawn to learn diligently the precepts of religion; for which purpose We earnestly advise that byop­ portune writings and sermons they be taught the elements of those sacred truths in which Christian philosophy is con­ tained. The result of this will be that the minds of men will be made sound by instruction, and will be protected against many forms of error and inducements to wicked­ ness, especially in the present unbounded freedom of writ­ ing and insatiable eagerness for learning. United Effort of Clergy and Laity 33. Great, indeed, is the work; but in it the c1ergy will share your labors, if, through your care, they are fitted for it by learning and a well-trained life. This good and great work requires to be helped also by the industry of those amongst the laity in whom a love of religion and of country is joined to learning and goodness of life. By uniting the efforts of both clergy and laity, strive, Venerable' Brethren, to make men thoroughly know and love the Church; for the greater their knowledge and love of the Church, the more will they be turned away irom clandestine societies. Ideal of St. Francis . , 34. Wherefore, not without oause do We use this occa­ sion to state again what We have stated elsewhere, namely, that the Third Order of St. Francis, whose discipline We a little while ago prudently mitigated, should be studiously promoted and sustained: for the whole object of this Order, as constituted by its founder, is to invite men to an imita­ tion of Jesus Christ, to a love of the Church, and to the ob­ servance of aIl Christian virtues; and therefore it ought to he of great influence in suppressing the contagion of wicked societies. Let, therefore, this holy sodality be strengthened -61­
  • 68. by a daily increase. Amongst the many benefits to be ex- pected from it will be the great benefit of drawing the minds of men to ill?erty, fraternity, and equality of right; not such as the Freemasons absurdly imagine, but such as Jesus Christ obtained for the human race and St. Francis aspirëd to: [fie liberty,We mean, of sons of Gq~. throu~h which we may be free from slavery to Satan or to our passions, both of tli~m most wicked masters; the fratëmify whose origin i~jn God, the common Creator and 7atlîer of all; the equality wliiëli;founded on justice and charity, does not take away aIl distinctions among men, but, out of the varieties-<>f life, "o,Lduties1_an~ursuits, formS-1hat u~ and that !ar- mony whkh naturally.-iend-to the-henefit and dignity of the <;tate -- Restore Catholic Guilds 35. In the third place, there is a matter wisely instituted by our forefathers, but in course of time laid aside, which may now be used as a pattern and form of something similar. We mean the associations or guilds of workmen, for the protection, under the guidance of religion, both of their temporal interests and of their morality. If our an- cestors, by long use and experience, felt the benefit of these guilds, our age perhaps will feel it the more by reason of ïhe opportunilY-l!.hich they :wilLgi,v,e_oLw.1sh.ing the power of the sects. Those who support themselves by the labor of their h ..ands, besides being, by their very condition, most worthy above aIIOlhers of cnarity and conso1ati~on, are alSo 1 especià.Ily exposed toJ-hLallurements -of men whose ways lie-in miudand deceit. Therefore they ought to be heIpoo witn the grearesfpossible kindness, and to be invited to jQin associations that are J?;ood, lest they bëârawn away to others t1ïat are eviI. For tbis reason, We greatly-wîSh, for the sal- vation of the people, that, under the auspices and patronage of the Bishops, and at convenient times, these guilds may C be generally restored. To Our great delight, sodalities of tliiS Kina and also associations of masters, have--m-many places already been established, haVing, each cIass of them, for tlieifübject tÔ]leIp the .honest workman, to protect and/( guard his children and family, and to promote in them piety, Ç,h.!:i§.tian knowlftdge, and a moral life. And in this matter We cannot omit mentioning that exemplary society, named alter its founder, St. Vincwt, whi~ hasl1eservêQ 50 well of - -62-
  • 69. t~eople~he lower order. !ts act~ and its aims are weIl known. !ts whole object i~Ive relief to the2QQr and miser3.Èle. T.his it does with singula.r prudence anëlrllOâesty; ( anatlle less it wishes to _ se~Q.,Jhe better is it fitted for the b~ e:irefëÎsèorClirisfiancharity, and for iJië"r"ëliefofSUffëï1rïg. Special Guidance of Youth 36. In the fourth place, in order more easily to attain what We wish, to your fidelity and watchfulness We com­ mend in a special manner the young, as being the hope of human society. Devote the greatest part of your care ta their instruction; and do not think that any precaution can be great enough in keeping them from masters and schools whence the pestilent breath of the sects is to be feared. Under your guidance, let parents, religious instructors, and priests having the cure of souls, use every opportunity, in their Christian teaching, of warning their children and pu­ pils of the infamous nature of these 50cieties 50 that they may learn in good time to beware of the various and fraudu­ lent artifices by which their promoters are accustomed to en­ snare people. And those who instruct the young in religious knowledge will act wisely, if they induce aIl of them to re­ solve and to undertake never to bind themselves to any so­ ciety without the knowledge of their parents, or the advice of their parish priest or director. A Coll to Proyer and Action 37. We weIl know, however, that our united labors will by no means suffice to pluck up these pernicious seeds from the Lord's field, unIes! the Heavenly Master of the vine­ yard shaIl mercifully help us in our endeavors. We must, therefore, with great and anxious care, implore of Him the help which the greatness of the danger and of the need re­ quires. The sect of the Freemasons shows itself insolent and proud of its success, and seems as if it would put no bounds to its pertinacity. !ts followers, joined together by a wicked compact and by secret counsels, give help one to another, and ,excite one another to an audacity Jor evil things. So vehement an attack demands an equal defense-namely, that aIl good men should form the widest possible association of action and of prayer. We beseech them, therefore, with united hearts, to stand together and unmoved against the advancing force of the sects; and in mourning and suppUca­ -63­
  • 70. tion to stretch out their hands to God, praying that the Christian name may flourish and prosper, that the Church may enjoy its needed liberty, that those who have gone astray may return to a right mind, that error at length may give place to truth, and vice to virtue. Let us take as our helper and intercessor the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, so that she, who from the moment of her conception overcame Satan, may show her power over these evil sects, in which is revived the contumacious spirit of the demon, together with his unsubdued perfidy and deceit. Let us beseech Michael, the prince of the heavenly angels, who drove out the infernal foe; and Joseph, the spouse of the Most Holy Virgin, and heavenly Patron of the Catholic Church; and the great apostles, Peter and Paul, the fathers and victorious cham­ pions of the Christian faith. By their patronage, and by perseverance in united prayer, We hope that God will merci­ fully and opportunely succor the human race, which is en­ compassed by so many dangers. 38. As a pledge of heavenly gifts and of Our benevolence, We lovingly grant in the Lord, to you, Venerable Brethren, and to the clergy and aIl the people committed to your watchful care, Our Apostolic Benediction. 39. Given at St. Peter's in Rome, the twentieth day of April, 1884, the 6th year of Our Pontificate. LEO XIII, POPE. -64­
  • 71. v IGNORANCE OF RUSSIANS' HISTORY FOSTER ERRORS IGVORANCE OF RUSSIANS' HISTORY FOSTER ERRORS by Paul H Hallett Brookville, Pa. (Special) -- Ignorance of Russian History in the dally press, complains Father Goorge Varga, assis­ tant pastor of Immaculate Conception Church and a leader in American-Slovak affairs. Too many people. the pri est avers, seem to think that Russia began with Communism and make the grievous error of identifying Russians with Communists. On the ) contrary, Russia has had a Christian history of a thou­ sand years, during which time i t has preserved, despite an unfortunate history of government control and ig­ norance arnong many of the clergy, a remarkable degree of doctrinal puri ty. Russia, in fact, never consciously went into schism, as did the Greeks. NO QUARREL OVER DOCTRINE There never was a time in the hlstory of the Church, when Russia IOuld have quarreled about Catholic doctrine, says Fa ther Varga. Ther~ have been through her h istory many disputes between the Russian government and the Vatican, but these did not directly involve articles of fai th. A fact too little regarded, Fathel Varga insists, in that Russia did not participate in the Eastern Schism, which began finally iri 1054. Tt drifted into schism al­ most wi thout the people being aware of i t. Father Varga ascribes the flnal beginning of Rus­ sia's separation from Catholic unity to the confused period following the l iberatioQ..of the countr,y from .Q1e Tartars in the 14th century. In the first decade of thel7th century, the Polish nobles put the pretender Dmitri on the Moscovite throne. Because the Poles were -65­
  • 72. Catholics, and because Ornitri became a Catholic in the Latin anà not the Byzantine Rite, Catholicity was thought of as foreign and un-Russ ian. Yet ev en then, when Russian feeling was aroused against the Catholic Poles, emissaries from the Protes­ tant sects could not induce the Russian religious leaders to accept their creed. When the Bishop of Kieff Vas told that the Protestants held to only two sacraments, he dismissed them immediately. Protestant­ ism never became strong among the Russians. The advent of the anti-Catholic Peter the Great (d - 1725) marks the beginning of permanent Russian persecution of Catholicity, and of state domination of the national Church. Yet even then doctrinal purity Vas not attacked, save as this is implied in g o ~ n ­ trol of the Church. When in the 19th Cent ury Anglicans approached the Russian Clerics with the proposition that the Orthodox and the Anglicans should unite as two ( branches of one true Church, the Russians wou.l~e l none of i t. The very fact that religion is persecuted so bit­ ~lY in SOviet Russia, Pather Varga concludes, is Owï2:. g to the purity with which so much of ChristianiQ' has be'èn retained in the land. The Russian National Church has prèserved the s""ëVëi1 sacraments, and validly ordained ( priests offer the Sacrifi~s. Despite state in ter'ference and cleri cal ignorance, heresy has never been prominent in the thought of the national Church . . The Slovak priest expressed confidence that the Coll.,ê$ium Russicum in Rome and the Rus_~Lan~er ~t) FQrdham University, will at length be successfulln their efforts -to uni te Russia wi th Rome. . * * • • * * * * • * "Ignorance of Russian history is responsible for much inept handling of that country in the daily press. " This was taken from the above article 'Mlich was prin ted in the Register Times Review, the LaCrosse, Wisconsin diocesan newspaper on June 7, 1957. The aoove statemen t is very true, but in further statements made in the article, Pather Varga displays sorne of that same ig­ norance of true Russian History. In the main the article is good and certainly shows no deliberate distortion of facts on the part of the author, such as has been the case in most History books printed in this country. Sorne of the facts the author would have no way of ascertaining; therefore, the -66­
  • 73. opinions he expressed would he the result of his own deduetions, based on what material ",as available to him. "The advent of the anti-Catholic Peter the Great (d-.1'725) marl<s the beginning of permanent Russian per. secution of Cathol1cl ty and of state domination of the Na tional ChuTch. " Peter the Great 'lias a strong willed. dictatorial ruler who Infiicted his w111 upon every phase of govern­ ment as weIl as UDon the O1urch. true. However. start­ :lng with PaulI (1796--1801) and followed by aIl of those Tzars from then on up ta the Ume of the Russian Revolution of 1917 during the reign of Tzar Nicholas II all.-9f Russian Tzars maintained friendly relations with me and cooperated with Rome. There was no persecution of the Church by the rulers of Russia. but rather each and everyone tried ta promote i ts cause during his reign. Eam and everyone was a very religious man who loved Gad and the Madonna Maria and best tried to serve Their cause and the cause of the Church. Contrary to that which i8 not stated. but Yrhidl ls implied bY tlle article. eaeh one of those Tzar's tri ed to promote union oÎ the Russian Orthodox and the Roman Callian c Church. whi ch meant the subjugating of themselves and their people and ( the relinquishing of thelr posl tions as heads of the Orthodox Church to the Pope of' Rome. Ans persecution of the Church came from outside and 'lias pTOOloted Qy the Satanlc F>rces. ~e ensll1es of me cnurclî. those Whose ( 1aim was IDe aes truction of all cbri sU anl tJ': Elsewhere in this bOOKYOU have th/(! recording of the Tzars to bring about the reunion of the two great dtvislon s of the Catholic Church. You al 50 have th e facts of the great ln t'ri gue. of tbeefforts of tne SYnl!..gogue of Satan tD preven t th e unl~n of th e Church v.hiCIr Oula~tly strengthen the Forces of Christ on J earth. 1 am sure that i t 1S wi thout doubt the plan of Ch rist that there shaH be union betweeï1"trre-t"wogreat l5i'IffiCfies of the Catholic Church, for revelations pro­ f/ cTii.im the time of OCDe Flock and One Shepherd". However, 1 am not s"CJS1rr-e--rnarl t w111 take plaçe through the efforts oÏ ei ther the Collegium Russicum in Rome or the ') Russia.'l Center at Fordham University. fOI: our Work has ) Ishown that there is infiltration and subversion in both p~, whfCh must of necessity be cleaned up flrst. -67­
  • 74. VI GEORGE WASHINGTON AND THE BEAUTIFUL LADY- Our Holy Mother, or as Alexander III calls her, the MadonnaMariahas from the very beginning favored this country, the New World. It.iJLs:trictly and only thrOUgh th is aid from Heaven that this coun tzy, and particularly Oï.ïf""" nation, the Uni ted States of America, has become the great nation that i t is today. IVe have become the greatest, most powerful, most prosperous nation on earth, but most people are not willing to give credit where crecli t is due, and man is taking the credi t unto bimself. Had it notbeen for the intercession of the MaëiOÏÏna Maria, on several occasions when we faced superior odds and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, we would have been destroyed. Why God and His HO,ly ~~er have lavished l'beir love, Theil' bounty, prosperi ty and power on so ungrateful, so thankless a nation only ( They can answer. Still the Madonna Maria appeals to us and warns us to save ourselves and tells us how. A-beautiful Lady appeared to George Washington, the Father of our Country, and gave him aid, comfort and help in the dark days of the Revolutionary War when l t appeared to him wi th his haH frozen and haH starved Continental Army that al! was lost. IVe of course know that aIl was not lost, and ·that with the aid of the Madonna Maria all was saved, the war was won and ) through the help of God and the Madonna Maria, a new na1ion was born. Vthat isnot generally known is that when this beau- Hful Lady, the Madonna Maria, appeared to George Washington, She also gave him in vision revelations of ([ the future of tiè Nation at wh.o.s.-e birth She had of­ ficiated. The Madonna Maria told and showed George Washington that his beloved country would have to go through fi ve IIIgr~iëges of War, and that She would help to protect his Coun tzy through each one of ~em. She told hi:lTrtffat in the second great Siege of the Ci~War, She would -68­
  • 75. help the great leader of our Country, She told George Washington of the great Siege of ~ in wi1ich mueh of the lVorld would be involved, Madonna Maria told the Father of our Country there would be a_second and greater World Var beeause of many turning to sin and con tinuing ta offend God. She told him that after ""rId War l i there OOuld be a long siege of COrTUPtl9n and bloodshed. due to man' s continuation to offend Gad ( through the blackest of sin--sin that has spread aIl over the globe. The Madonna Maria told him that this would lead into the Fiîth and most terrible period of Il ~ that during the Fiah S~ege nlue! b100a wou1dbe shed al~01)-e,---EI:iar-therewould be man powered flying machines and that they would drop great des­ ·truction, that there was golng to be complete destruc ­ tion of ci ti es and vi llages, that all the nations on earth would be involved, and in his own beloved country there would 5e much bloodshed. TIle Madonna Maria also told him that there would be a battle between the Whi te ~hristians and the Black and YeIlow people, t~t 11 the EnItes, causing much sever~Black people against the Whi Forces wou1.d..JlJ:.oJl.§e the bloodshed. There wo-Uld be strange happenings from the sky and under the Vatel', and that two of the l argest rivers in his Country would l'un red. The sky will become....red and in sorne parts of his Country the ami will darken C.Q.ID­ pl etely. She told George Washlii'gton that the !!:vi l Forces would beli tUe him•. say:ilng that he------was only the JI heFo for children's stories, he would be a. foi'gotten man. The Madonna Maria told him that after much bloodshed and ,(darkness in manY, parts of the world, there would be brightness and peace and love and hannony. Gôd' s love would reigil over all men. -~ ('The Fifth Siege is noUl) "The Fifth Siege is now. n These words were spoken by Mary Ann Van Hoof durlng her suffe.ring and immediately following the Revelations given by the Madonna Maria to the Father of our Country. These revelations need no interpretation nor does the above statement. Everyone cannot help but reCOgniZe the fact that aIl of thoseRevelatio~s given f( ta Ge.orge Washington have-m"1'~tmren place, except for the Firth Siege, and no thinking person can help 6ut recognize that the Fifth Siege is~w. The stage is aIl set, the Forces of Evil are runn~ rampant. Power mad -69­ -
  • 76. J.gents of Satan are at the wheels of control in aIl countries of the world, and most of us ma are now aU ve will live ta see or will die in the fulflllmen tëifthe Fif.t~Land final RevelatIOn given by the Madonna Maria "ta the Father of our Country. Only if we follow the requests of Gad and His Holy Mother can we expect ta be saved. Gad will save only those who are friends, those who are His own children, for He would be only contributing ta the defeat of His o~ pUrPo~e l i this were not sa. Are you one of Gad' s own or are you one of those who have accepted the lure of Satan, lures which are solely of this world. Reman­ beraï"f you can get from Satan you must get while on earth and enjoy entirely on earth, for v.hen you leave i t you will take no more wi th you than you came wi th; in fact;nrost of lis wITrI eave wi th much less. We came wi th a new clean body and soul and then we recei ved the Sacrament of Baptism and the contamination of orrgin'al sin was removed, we became truly the children of d. The world is l i e a house in which everything is freshly pain ted. We cannat live in i t wi thout sooner or later becoming stained, and while Gad has given us the ( solvents for the removal of those stains in the Sacrament of "Conressibri an'd Penancë,- DIessed will be the souls who stand before the Judge with no trace of contamination. The Fbrces of Satan, it seems, now are on the win­ ning side, and what the,y have ta offer appears very at­ tractive, but the revelation of the end of the Fifth Siege proclaims brightness~~ac~-, love and harmony. (kt~QY.e~J reign over aIl men. The men who follow Satan cannat foresee thi~for he has purposely blinaea theu eyes ln arder ta. dest::Oy 1 of the fact that satan promotes and fUrthers the teachin and acceptance of Atheism, he himself is no Atheist, fa y thèU souls;---'th..eJ"_aliLHefLht~Lonl.y~ictory,for ln sp1 te none knows better than he t~xlstence. the omnl.Po-t.ence, the power of Almighty Gad. -70­
  • 77. VII AN IRISH DISRAELI March 15, 1957 - ·Call on St. Patrick to help those that are now being plotted aga'ïnst,' who li'ëOiièe '1 s~d. 1here will be anoflier meeting, not ta €fieir good but to their downfall. They have hopes that the one who bears their name would help them, but the Nihalists and Disraelis have it weIl planned. ­ ----Alliëëting WIll soon be held between the betrayers and the name carrier of St. Patriçk. The Irish are b;1pg luIled to sleep feeling that the Prime Minister will be their hope for salvation. The Disraelis of the past have planned i t and are aIl ready to use him now.· NOTE: IT HAS BEEN GiVEN IN PREVIOUS RE.VELATIONS THATIOEV'UERQ'S A OISRAELI. A TRAITOR To HiS COUNTRY AN'O AN AGENT OF THE FORCES OF EVIL. HE HAS JUST BEEN RE.ELE,CTED AS PRIME MINIST~I)F IRELANO AND THE PEOPLE HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT HE 15 A PATRIOT AND WI~E INSTRUMENTAL IN SAVING THEIR COUNTRY IN THIS TIME OF ~ T~~LE. THE OPPOSITE l'S OF COURSE~E. HE....HAl' BEEN ANII AG.ENT OF SATAN'S FORCES FOR "'''NY. MANY YEA.RS AND 'liAS SPONSOREO BY THEM FOR ELECTION THAT HE M~GHT CARRY OUT THEIR ORDERS AND SELL HIS PEOPLE DOWN THE RI VER. H HE, ALONG WITH A CERTAIN AMERICAN CARDINAL OF IR~H IPXTRACTION: 'liAS VERY 'ACTI XE I/LPBOMOTlNG THE LEA~F NATIONS FOR THEIR MASTERS, THE CARDINAL 1 S NDW DEAD AND H A SPA S SEO 0N TOT H EON L Y R E 'II A RDA S ER V AN T 0 F THE D E VIL ( C~N' EXPECTI IN LACT', THE ONLY REW"RD THE DEVIL, CAN G7VE. OEVAL ERA 1S 74 YEARS OLO. 'So HIS PAL SHOULDN T HAVE TO .·AI T TOO LON G FOR HIS COMP'AN Y. ·We do not pray enough, we leave our eyes be blinded with the .g r1 agan da 0 f the~1Ji sraeh s and -en e Nlfiâll sts, whom we fi a e 1) eërl warned about far back, way back, but we pay no h eed. We ID el' l'il y go on daily and lis.te n ta the tllnes of El v1's presley, J~ the tunes....Q.f ( evil sangs. We ih and...d..aD.r.e...ou rse lyes lllto death and horror while the Enem~ woRkp da"y and n=ight. They are -71 ­
  • 78. not tired, they don' t sleep, but we Christians we sleep, we sleep. When i t' s too late, then we' 11 ~ise our hands and scream to Our Lord ta help us, lRlen i t' s too late.. Oh, ~ememb~r it has b.een planned long ajO. It Jl. ~tarted .. th thaty pleces of SIl ver, ",d i t' S still fP- 1ng on because we Chris ians 0 not follow Christ' s Way. e lin oursel ves to Our Lord. He 1S no 1 l'st l'ilour hearts as He should be. "Our Holy Mother, She is always in tears. Look at Hel'. Wake up, at least to save your soul. Wake up." (Mary Ann was crying as she saw Our Holy Mother in tears) ~ "God loves us. He is MercifuI. If He wasn' t merci- fuI, do you think we would still be here] Our LaW loves Ameri ca. She would not have gi ven the Pather of our Cpuntry the message She l@ve him, hoping that America would be the guiding light of other nations. mstead of that we are following the Saine footsteps. We are leaving t!!.e Serpent lead us. The Serpent who is coiled and striking. One work is the U.N. The second is in the center of our country. It rs'the hub on this side and the hub on the other, the seat 0 f evil. ·Pray, pray much. Save the Youth. Our Lady has pleaded for the Youth, the children. the innocent. the victims of the eIders. We are sa blind, the parents;-the blinded parents oftoday, the parents ho let the child- l'en rule them instead of they rule the children. The child today tells his father and mother what he or she must do, and they obey their children. The Holy Family showed us and told us how to live. That is why God the Pather, God the Son, and God the Ho ly Ghost permi tted the three on earth--to show man the humble, simple way of t life, not splendor, but ~umility and humbleness. Man has used the material (bd gave us to destroy himself." The story of Rip Van lVinkle is truly symbolical, for though i t was certainly not the purpose or intent 0 f the author in wri ting up the story, he i s truly repre- sentati ve of Americans today. They are asleep, they have been asleep for a long, long time. He was drugged by the strong wine of the Gnomes and slept for rnany years. ~ (Âmerican people have been drugged b,v the strong wine of ~ies and propaganda and lulled to sleep by an overdllSe of f entertainment and amusement. During his long slurnber Rip Van Winkle became an old man, weak and decrepit, d~g [~ the long sleep of our people we have become weak, the Enemy has crept all O'ver us and has stolen from us our freedoms and those things for which QUI' forefatê ers -72-
  • 79. fougb t and died. Oh God, what can be done to wake up ili1s present day Rlp Van "lokIe, our Ireat foo112h, slumbering American peo~e? "'!he;}'" (the DisraeÎ s) have already injeeted deatb Il l~o their fonller Prime Mlnister (Anthony Î@.en), whlch was also gl ven here before. Ho'lV many men are the Dls ­ rael1s, ILe Nlhalists, going to InJect death into? No one can see the truth. Our own I~der 00;- is readY to go. That has a11 been planned. A heart attack ls very simple. caneer is_another one, but today they need ÏÏot ( use cancer because they are already dropping it from the sky. "Frayer is a11 tha t is 1 eft, pray and save souls, show the fallen away the path, the true path to Our Lord and Gad, whom Our Holy Mother i8" pleadlng wi th to hold back His Wrath. How mueh longer will He listen ta Her Pleas, while we merrily go on sinning, the blackest of si n. " "'!he Fifth Siege i s now and recen tly because the trouble lies in the area where Our Lord was boni. 'Ihë.Y wanE ta destroy the spot, the Sacred ~ot where Our LOrë! was born and that is when He Himself WU! oTî]eet.· NOTE: THE FIFTH SIEGE ."5 GIVEN IN THE REVELATION GIVEN 'BY OUR HOLY MOTHER TO THE rATHER OF OUR CÀUNTRY. "1bere r,Ïever were enough prayers for the leader of our country. l t wa.s glven in 1950 on May 29th, i t was told that the GE'neral would resign and becollle your Presi ­ dent in 1952. Ihat General ls today our President. It ...as also given that if enough prayers wouid be'said, that he would save our country, or he wIll ruin i t, and it ls Just the opposite. We are lettiog bim -.QQ..wn, clown, down 'Ni th not enougb prayers. "Our Blessed Mother pleaded in 1950 to save the youth, to save the innocent from the sins of the eIders. Rer Message again was not h eeded, for the you th, have been educated and is sho'Ml. 1:lY how it leads in riots, in revo­ lutions aU over the world. The ki11ings, the rioting is being clone by the youth. Did SIe not warn: us? Did we heed Her Pleas? NO. Clean out the schools? NO. Clean out the theaters? NO. Your li terature? NO. 'hat have youdone? Everything points ta a NO. NOTHING. A few try, but it's too much work. Do the Evil 'Forces quit? NO. l have seen the work of the Fraulein, who in hlstory is listed as dead. The Fraulein from Germany is very active. She' s not dead. She' s much alive. She does not sleep. The only time she rests i s between sta­ -73­
  • 80. tions, in an airplane or enroute on a train. She works twen ty - four hours a day. SIle knows i f sb e do es not it will be death, sa sbe goes on for Satan helps her along. We Christians have not the faith in Gad and the Blessed Mother to give us that strength that we have to have to fight the Enemy, the Serpent of Evi loess. No, we do not have the fai th in Almighty Gad and the Blessed Mother who is ready to help us when we need Hel'. NO. Th~ ~emy works to destroy us while Our Lady sheds tears for Hel' children whom She loves, who have no fai th in Hel'. "01 Blessed Mother, Oh Heavenly Mother. "Too little, too late. Too little, too late. That' sour motto. " (Mary Ann shakes her head, she is crying) -­ "No 1 Nol" "Joan ie is ready to help us in battle. Theresa is ready too. SIl e' 11 ;soothé our wounds if we only have fai th and courage in Our Blessed Mother and Hel' Di vine Son. We Catholics have been given the Faith to follow.• (Mary Ann smiles with ber anns outstretched). She was asked, "Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?" Hel' answer: "Joanie, Sorrowful Mother and 1heresa. So beautiful." (Màry Ann is smi ling). NOTE: THE STORY OF THE FR"UlEIN. " SPY FOR THE EVll FORCES H"S BEEN PREVIOUSlY WRITTEN UP IN THIS WORK. Friday, March 22, 1957 12:10 - "Plotters, evil plotters at work. Huge meeting of..the Grand Masters and those other smal1er~s. They ca11 themselves Apostles or Di sciples, what an in­ suIt to Our Lord. Abba EbbanTs]liS{ one of the cohorts'll The Grand Master of them all certainly isn' t little Abba. Ebban, i f you could onw see him bQYL:llJg to the r8a1 one. "1 cannot reveal the Grand Master' s name for the sake of many souls. ifuo dares to mention his ~ t 11 die. That has been the rule from way back when the 1 Grand Master a>lomon was in control. He set those ruies. l imagine he would strangle me now if he could. He was in control centuries back, and from then on we have had new Grand Masters as age took them, or hell took thw to their home where ouly these kind could possibly go. Thei l' fingers are dripping wi th the blood of O1ristians that they have destrol.ed. They use the blood of O1ris­ tians for their ri tuaIs and their hideous ceremonies of Satan. You may call them ant l-Chri sts for they certainly are not for Christ, but the!r smooth talk, their swe~t smiles call many to theiroidding. If you could see them -74­
  • 81. now at the meeting, what they caU Sons of the CoveBant, or today also known in America as B'nai B'rlth. Only fJ ~e Grand Master of each continent o~UDtry Is ï>ë"r­ ml tted ta ~ttend this meeting that i s now a/X>ut ta go into session, but there is a head Grand Master al sa. Very little, very few are aware of his existence or con­ nection. 1 wouldn' t dare whisper his name ta His J( Holiness Pope PiULX..lLfor fear of the Evil Forces nèar-tliere hanning Him. _ --.-o&Holy Father, i f 1 could only come ta you and tell you what 1 know. If 1 could onIy point out ta you the CardJnaJs within Your HolY()Tficetllat are not for you but against you. You know sorne of them, 1 am sure, but not aIl. Our Holy Father was the only living HôlY Father who is in the Garden of Gethsemani. None of the others had ta ~? throup the terraI' and the werght that th~~...pres.e.nt Holy ~lét IS now wltnessfng ~the weight bears sa heavily on His sho~s.• NOTE: THESE REVELATIONS DIRECT FROM HE AVEN CONT"IN TH EVE RIF 1 C "T 1 0 N 0 F THE PLO T 0 F THE JE WS. THE AN TI. j CHR-IST. iT GIVES US ABSOLUTELY AND ""T TY. YERI. FICATION OF THE GENUINENESS Of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LE"RNEO ELOERS OF Z'ON" AS THE BASIC L 0 PLOT Of THOSE S"ME ELOERS FOR THE CONTROL OF THE WORLD AND THE DES TRU C TI CN 0 F CH RIS TIAN 1 TY • 1T G 1 V E SUS T~ CE Il TAI N TY OF THE TIME OF BEGINNING O~ THE PLOT WHICH CORRESPONDS - EXACTLY WITH THE TIMEOT-ÔRIGI.N GIV.EN Hl (Al PftOTocoLS THEMSELYES. IT GIVES US WITH "BSOLUTbnCE~~TY~T THIS PLOT HAS CONTINUED_WITHOUT.--AI'l_Y INTERRUPT.I0l!. FROM THE TIMe:- OF ITS INrnTIONûNTIL THE PRESENT TIME. "'ND THAT T~C;;~~;-MA~~·E~R LEADERS OF THE ANTI.CHRI ST HAYE REIGNED IN CONTINlfOUS succEsSION FROM THE BEGINNING UNTIL THE PRESENT Q"Y. IT TIES THEM UP DIRECTI-Y THR~UGH THEIR RITUALS AND CEREMONIES TO THE WORSHIP OF ~TAN. THEIR FATHER. THEIR FATHER AS PROCLA'MED BY JESUS CHRIST IN HIS WARNINGS TO US. These Evil Plotters, these Sons of Satan are ~t work right now plotting our destruction, the destructIon of aIl Ch ri stian~ the control of the world. . The S-Ipreme Grand Master of the AntI-cnrlSi and .all of hiS second~ry Grand Masters, representing aIl cont~~ents and, each rnaLor untry of the wOrld are now in session. 'lb the people co ' ..~. tion of l of th'" world i t is more than v th B;nai B nt , the organization that con~roJs ree­ fi' maioo q . the orpni zatioD wj th rnembers of wfnch $ome of our CatEaU 9 Hi Sl:archy have hobnabbed and allowed -75­
  • 82. themselves to be photographed, the organization that promo tes b~8tnerhQod as part of their plan to destroy Christianity. III ~ny of our clergy can' t see the hidden hook in the b~ t ana swâ110w it. They help these members of satan' s Synagogue promote this brotherhood deal and thus their O..Wll destruction. A very good example of wRat I mean is contained in an article which appeared in Look magazine, Peb:ru.ary 21, 1956 issue under the title Why Do Our Re ltgtons Ftght Each Other?" It was wri tten by the Rev. John A. P' Brien, Ph. D. I would like very stronglY to suggest to Pather 0' Brien that he study the Tal- l(mUL. the Bible of those whom he is tryîng to con ­ vi n.c.e us ta li ye and cooperate wi th. Our rel igi on teaches us to fight the devil, our enemy. He is ad ­ VQcating that wE!"wobente 'With them in brotherhood. Here is a paragrâph ta]{en from the article: "What comparable slander has long been circulated against Jews? The forged document, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, depicts an alleged plot to create a Secret Society whereby the Jews through the economic con troIs would rule the world. Though re ­ peatedly exposed as a forgery and slander, it is still being circulated by Anti-Semites. " We would certainly expect the Jews to di~wn this criminal plot. as they have. Many common, ordinal] Jews do not even know of i ts existence. That is proclaimed in the Protocols themselves. The leaders of the Forces of Satan know of, recognize and foHow the basi c plans con­ tained h erein. "Our Holy Pather was the ,mly living Holy Pather who is in the Garden of Gethsemani. None of the others had to go through the terror and the wei that this pre'Sent Holy Father 15 no l g, and the weight bears sa neavlly upon His shoulders, knowing that those that are to stand by and be fai thful, see the glimmer and ( the worldly attractions rather than Our Lord' s wishes th a t i s bes to wed upoîl thélil. Hl s Hohn ess' g~ea tnessJ that is about Him is also a fear by the Enemy, for they do not dare ta ignore Him completely, for to them He is 0thin g. He only is there to fool the ,dupes. Th~ don' t ... I~'" dare say. for they are not sure. they' re stil~ not sure, r; b ut the evilest ones of themall Say fhere lS no Gad. They stilJ fear that there courd te a God. For~s, Luêl!er, €bey know there lS a GM. BUCth.eY- do not let Ilrl the human on eartb know tbis, not ~ët. Por tney leâr • -76­
  • 83. 1 (,1) 'W wj 11 no t con ti nu e if the,- thQ!lg1} Lth ere
  • 84. Himself, but we are His children. God's children--or God's Ehemy, which are we? Which fits us the best? Do we cl1ng ta the tail of Satan? Do we reach out for those long poin ted fin gers of Satan that are fil tl!:f and d~ipping with every sin Rossible? Or do we reach up for J,( the Rand of 0l!.L12!:..d which is only pure.•.. pure, clean, 1 salvation, theLiglïf, the hope of mankind. ,"There' s only two roads to follow and two hands to reach for -- liatan, the destroyer of human souLs or Our { Lord, our Gad. salvation and hope. Etemal Hfe. ­ "WAKE DP! WAKE UP!" (Mary Ann has tears in her eYes) "Why don' t you join th.e Father of our Country who ~nelt down in t.he cold sno,"" âtI~ IGe In ~a:1l9 'florge prij:­ lng to Gad Almlghty to save H1S Beloved Country. lt lS no different now. TIte Enemy,has outnumbered ~ou ~ many thousands or millions.- Pray like he did. He was ëî2ed, 1I.so will you. He won the battre ~ith starving, cold, JMthungry men. Weak from cold, but strong ln sQ1rit. Where are we? Warm and comfortable, luxuries glimmer ."about us. Weak in spin t. for our Country, for our Bles­ I,sed Mother and for ~er Di vine Son. Weak. Where is the true love that we profess? Where i s it? "Pray, pray for the Vicar of Ch ri st. Pray for your Country. Pray as you never prayed before. No excuses now. No excuses. 1'11 start tomorrow, but today l'm go­ ing to do this. 1 haven' t got the time yet today, but l'Il start tomorrow. Will you meet the tomorrow, or will the Ehemy of God throw down the destru.c.tioIL.fQr the, greed [ arïdihë-âmbi tion of ~:êif-Iblorifica.tion, the mind of Satan ta destroy the good? Or will you take out the time today and give it to Your Lord and God and ~~ry? You must pray for yourself. You must do i t yourself ­ NOW - for tomorrow may never come. Tbmorrow is too IJhte. "There is a great disturbance right now within the Kremlin, but if the prayers would only be said to help If that d_~~~nce to let the enemLg~at Hs own throats. Bï.îftliey wi II Dot pray enough. For..-an.illL__1W--Ket the enemy-fl:ghting itsel"f," haU of the battre is won.;-­ -78­
  • 85. VIII LIS T a F S U B VER S 1 V E S The names of many men have been listed in the pages of this writing. Wherever names were given or exposed as being members of those Forces of Evil that are wor~ing to destroy, 1 have not hesitated to put them down. You will find them scattered aU through the wri ting. Here are a list of many that have been mentioned by Alexander III, our visitor from Heaven, many who contributed to the downfall of his great country and who would in Ükë'man ­ ner destroy us and ours. Sorne of them mentioned~id Iftheir work for Satan many years ago and have received from him the only reward he can give--hell. Sorne are still alive and actively doing his work now. Their reward is still before them--hell. Sorne whose activities have not been written up in other places in the writing are written up here. athers' names are just listed. No attempt has been made to put them in order as to the time of their acti vities. Many are mentioned in history, but the actual record of their activities and subversiveness was there concealed rather than revealed. The Rothschilds, of course, must come at the head of any list. ~st of these others were under their·con ­ trol and direction. As leaders of theJSatanic Forces ( they were evil kings of the world, the leaders of the FOrces of Cfirist's Enemies. ­ ( 'D~li, one of the Rothschilds' most valued ser­ .. vants. - Metternich, a clerk of the Rothschilds, who through t~ power and influence became the notorious Prince Metternich. Manneseh. alias Massine, a Rothschild servant who carried 011 tlIelï wolk in Italy as did Disraeli in England. He was a promoter of the Revolution and per ­ secution of the Church. C~r served the sameJlw.]?ose in Sardinia as ~ssine in-rtaly. -79­
  • 86. urrMUllat, - at the instigat10n of-Disraeli polsoned Tzar NIno.)as 1 of Russia. Rabbi Israel, an important Zionist Jew was in ­ stnunen tai. as was Lazarevi tch, in gettin_g_~ni!!. into Rus­ sia. ­ , Adolph Schiff. a Yiel banker ancL-tinaIUÜe.L~O helped finance the revolutionary forces in Russia. and other parts of the world, includin'g our own country. Mortimer schTff- the same---- ­ Paul Warburg - the same Felix Warburg - the same Rabbi Israel Wise - a Zionist Jew pIotter Rabbi Stephen Wise, a later version of the same thing Bernard Lazar, another Devil' s Agent Kuchanovitch - Russian revolutionist Molitov - another revolutiooary Krubachev - another revolutionary Kruhkov - another revolutiooary l Rabbi Israel Moses - Arch-Zionist pIotter. He was a_ fri~nd o( Di~li and aided in plott.i.Q~ the death of Abrah am Linco ln. f K~hchev - Present day Russian leader of the Corn­ t munist Party. Always a leading revolutionist. H~s l, behind the murder of th.e 4Q.....OOO Poles. A power mad, , driïiïkenrnaniac. ­ Ado~remeaux, a French world pIotter. He said they wollid use the yellow and the blac.ks against the ( Mli tes. It was don~ in Russia. NOTE: THE IDEA OF PROMOTING TROUBLE BETWEEN THE ~ WHITES AND BLACKS IS BY NO "'EANS A NEW IDEA. BUT SIMPLY 1 THE FURTHERING ;.:ROMOTION AND OF AN BALLYHOO OLD PLAN FOR CIVIL AND RI~HTS AND,INTEG~N ALL OF OUR PRESENT DAY IS JUST PART OF THE PLAN IN OPERATION. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THOSE BEHIND N.A.A.C.P. -- Levy or Leyvitch. another Jew subversi ve . Lord----raTiiïerston of Great Bri tain, a world Masonic leader, promoting for the. destruction of theShurch. -OUo Von Blsmafk. the Iron- (llàzi'Cèlor of GermanY:" ~) ( wa§...promoted _to power and !8:.~ com~ë!erY~Ined::'d~a- '~." ~~ __w the Fottisc1ü!ds. He was a man of limi ted inià;rc;.a­ tion andmediocre mentality. but onLwho served his mas­ ters very well. Nanolea"; III - Not only a puppet of the Rothsdlilds, J 1 but also the bastard son of one of them. Artiste Briand - ~ OÎi'e.~time French Premi er. worthy tool of the lHâden Hand. -80- .t- ,l'
  • 87. Kagenovi tch ) Kuchanovi tch ) AlI Russian revolutionaries. Krubachev ) Leaders of revoIt. Wi,a ) Rabbi Ludw ig Bla - Was a subversive Zioni st Jew lead ­ er in Ibdape~t in the time of Alexander ICiii-d- Iii. Anoth ­ er of the Devil' s Agents doing the-work -of Anti-Christ. Piccoli Tigre - Was head of the Haute Venti Rom­ aine, â secret Masonic organization i 0-_-1822 and on..eJ'hose avo.l'@d in~entiQJLJ'la::LJtestruction oUhe Catqo_li~rch. Finkelstein - Alias Litvinov, Jew Russian Commissar serving the purpose of1iTSMàStë'rs. Finkelstein. Rabbi Louis - Another subversive Jewish Rabbi, Zioni st leader. Chaim Weisman - Jew leader of Masonic Secret Socie ­ t ies in the service of the EYI1agogue of ~tan: .... W,ê,isenhaupt. Adam - Was an agent of the original Rothschild, old Amschel. He served in h is devilish deeds much as Di sraeli served someo_LtlLe_1a,~~ i Ids. sch Lfoy<f George - Rothschilds' World War I Premier in Great Bri tain. Samuel Insul - American embezzler, was Roth schilds' agent. - ' Alfred MQnd - _~~~~ alias. Jessie or Je~at Sel1gman, Je,!~naIlci~~,__helped fi­ nance one hundred and fifty million dollars for the build­ , ing of the Panama canaf.-One of Rothschildso--a-gents. -DëSëhmaÏÏëiUi~noldoor Louis - anotheto is-ubversive Kadar or Kadorovi tch - Conraa Kadorovi tch. a subver­ l si ve Jew is now Janos Kadar, the Russian puppet head of Hungary, persecutor and executtgner Qf the~ian people. - - Deladier, active at the time of World War II."" ---­ Another agent or stooge of Hidden World Government. A ~apiro - one of Satan' s Agents. Most of his descendants oÏ today are of the same ilk. Otto Kahn - another of the big Jew fina.Itciers~nd plotters for Jew world control. Charles G. Dawes - Stooge and agent for the Roth ­ schilds [invisible Govemment. MorriS Oppenheim was an early day Jew'subversive. D~ Abba Hell~l Sil ver - ano ther leader 0 f Zioni st Jews. No good subversIve member of the Anti-Christ team. Godlstein was an active promoter of Secret Masonic Societles for the destruction of the Catholic Church du!ing the earlY nineteen hundreds. -81­
  • 88. Gi~~enheim, subversive agent of the Rothsehilds. Veisse, the Jew subversi ve MlO killed Huey Long. K~'1ov, also an agent of the Hidden -Güvernment of the Anti-Christ. Rosenfel t - the same Zig'iiI'Qi;QY or Zinniowi ev, Rothschilds agent, time of Alexand"rII and Alexander nI. Ap~, another of the same - also used an alias. Rabbi ,J~es W, Wise, another subversive Rabbi. SQn tephen S. Wi se. Kavenovi teh - secret Fllssian Police. GI~eaux, ~~.Mentof the Rothsehi Ids. added greatly to the suffering of the people when in ~ th~~e J' ~ was a erop failllre j 0 France. - ~ '<t' He bou@..l..Jill..JI!.!.u;lLQJ_tbJLJvhellt and then raised the priees way up. forcing the people to pay those exhorbi­ tant priees or starve. Many were forced into making loans which also added to the profi'ts. It...J@!Ljust further pl..undering of the Qlri~ans. - Israel Lazareviteh - Alias Parrus, exploited the whi te Rus;,ians in like manner; eaused mueh trouble in OdessY~ He wasoênfiiëflïrin~.in~ and('fr~ ou.t.-9,.f ~ Sl"iJ"ê-ri a, where theY had been confined as drunken, riot­ in~~ls. Later, because of their unserupulousness and radi cali sm----t.!l~LJ'.ex.fU2.LQll!.Q.:t!LU~_tpolsto head the '--.:...... ~~~~1 uti o~~ry._~u..n...!tuss~i~au.. ~. After his promotions in Russia, Lazarevitch made mil­ lions of dollars exploi ting the Germans and Danes in the coal mining industry. ,- c....,,",- (1:"""4.:.1',/ 1 k, ~~ __ ~~) -:82­
  • 89. IX WHY THE TZARS HAD TD DIE . iVe aIl know the great menace of the world that Rus­ ~:lhas become since i t was destro.Y.gd by th. e Forces of - - ' ~as become th e base of operation from whi ch 1 the.. SatanIc rlo.rces spread further havoc and carr.Y"on / thelr destructIon. Its people have becomëthêSI!Yes) of the~e powers >ho govern them. Vany thousands of them i!ve dl ed as liuman sacri fi ces on the anar 0 f Satan. E~ery effort has been made tu.. stamp out O1nstlani t<Y sa ' as ta make them more Villing tools of evil. Theil' ef­ forts ~o thlS end n"ave not been successful, for th..e..re are stIll maIIY, many thousands of good Ch ri stians in Il 'RUSSi a. Many who still worship and pray through"th;ir beloved Madonna Mari a. The Communists have expanded their boundaries and brough t under their domination many more countr! es :§id many more million slaves. - Why Vas Russia chosen as the target of' destruction by the Forces of Satan? Ilrhy were the Russlan TZars des ­ troyed? Was it because they were evil despots as his ­ tory has portrayed by propaganda and lies. No! It was bec811se the Rus si an Tzars were th e most Ch ri st i an ru! ers on eartn and RîJ SSla th e mos t Ch ri sti an cO'tni Lty 6ïl Ml th ûhder the tzars, Paul î, Alexander l, ~cholas l, Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II. l t Vas because each one of these Tzars wan ted to promote p-eace, prosperi ty and happiness under God for his people. Eacnwan ted to improvl:) th~_sj;.wJdar_d .oT~iv:rng--fOi'the m~s. It is true that they met Vi th fr~s~ration in achieving these things because of the actIvIty of the l subversives within and without, but eacb:tried during his reign. . rhe Holy Alliance which was intended t~b~_a trulY Christian Alliance under God and which was promoted by AlexanëIêr! and signed by Frederich Wilhelm III" king of Prussia and Francis I. Emperar of Austria was a sincere -83­
  • 90. effort to promote Christian Unity and Christian coopera­ t!.2.E for peace and for the good of those ruled. As usual i t was .blackened by propaganda and li es in the .)0 press of the day and also in the History books . ..The Satanic Forces sent many Jews and many of their agents into Russia to try to spread Judaism and thus destroy Christianity. 'rhe RothschUds financed this program. The sarne identical thing is being used in this country right now. The promotion of Interfaith and liro th erhood. We hav~ jn tbi S C0;;S "ŒEVi l in the Bahai Temple i s to prom ~stroy Chrisflanlty an" u~ ......... " v "~'v ~"""'o ~~~.. lies, incl udlng members of the Hierarchy, those hl}-ve falleu for the olan and cooperate wi th i t . - Iiow the Jews love to publicize i t When they can get a member of the Catholic Hlerarchy InvoIved. li!2!' they-love to put plctures ln the papel' ol Catholic Bisliops or Pnests VIth a couple of big Jews or Rabbis ana sorne Qf these ln the Priesthood seem to enJOY l.t mo. Yes, Chri st warned us when He said: "You are of your Father the Devil and his work you will do, n but we refuse to accept the waming. Otbers have wamed us as weIl. Alex said we should help one we refer ta as GrQssemutter, for she has wQrked very hard tQ brin forth the great work 0 Monsi nQr ,Touin of France, whose wor lS ln isbelief and dis­ èredl ted by our Church-alld country, so i t is not heeded si:Tshould be. Thi s, _].0 me, ptlts Heaven' 5 stam of an royal on the work oL ns oUln , NOTE: He: H>S w ARGE VOL.UMES IN F~, E P NG FREEMASONRY AND PROVING TW FYEflY '..UlE OF THE PRoroco';,.?> IS BEING BROUGHT ABOUT IN L.IFE BY THE J~s. =­ - 84­
  • 91. x HOW THE TZARS DIE AIl the Tzars were killed by the same Forces of EviI. M?st o.f the reason s for their assass inatio ns have been glV:n 1.n the story and boils down to this, they were too Ch rI stl an, too Catho lic to be allowe d to live They wanted peace and prosp enty for tfie1r people ,'th'e Anti ­ Christ ~rces of Evil wanted war and disrup t10n. 'tiu:. S] were th eu har:.v..ests -b-anŒsts-in-.golcL.foL....t./:).ey fin ~ed aIl wars, the partie s of both sides for the huge profit s they could make. In additi on every Chris tian kllJed Vas a blow at ClIris tiani ty whose destru ction was their a1m and desire . Ci.!Ml :J]beca me Tzar of Russia in 1796. He was a very brilli ant and lovabl e charac ter and nQt at aIl the madman that histor y fias painte d him. He Vas chosèn as Grand Maste r of the Knigh ts of Malta, a positi on of great honor. As the Knight s of Malta was'a Roman Catho ­ lie organ izatio n, this put the head of Ble Üithod ox Catho lic Church of being in the unique posi tion of being SUbje ct to the Pope. The Evil Forces were very much that this relatio nship might effect a pennan ent ( afraid union betwee n the two divisi ons of the Church . Q.!..d 1!!!.schel Rothsc hild l, Chief Agent of satan' s, Forces was tearin g his hl!ir in anxiet y for t~un !gn would str..ê!}g­ li then the Church condem ned by film and his contro lled secret Mason ic soci è-rr es-:- tObe des troyed . Thi s made Paul 1 a target for destru ction b ~s Agents . The first acts in plot to destro y him was to blacke n hi s chara cter by p ropaga nda and liçs so t:hat wnen the actual plot was fuI fi lIed and the ass~ a­ tion was carrie d out, the public ~uld accept it more as an act of justic e than as the fouI murde r which i t ~c­ tuallY was. This policy of hell' s own angels iS~l2 QPula r and)J eU-e_ctLvELj;od~ as 11 wa~ El centyr y .and a_Qll.arte_r ~o, y the chata c~_an ~ then blacke n and' then destro y. De~ro -85­
  • 92. th e man. ~aul was.~t~ail]led to deathJ by a group of con­ SpI rato.rs. HIS Wl te had betra,yed him because she had b~n pOlsoned in mind agalnst him. His son, Alex~der wh? was. his successor and became Alexander l, wa~ (tn.cked lnto cond?ning his father' s abdi cation, butJii'"OSt c~!..!alnlY not filS murder which left Alex verYïiii.iëh gr! et s triCKen. PaulI became the first of the Tzars to be assassi­ nated through the efforts of the Rothschilds. Agents of" Satan, ~d that for no crime other than the savlnLPf tt!.e Catholic Church. Il ~lexander J)succeeded to the throne as Tzar. He was guilty of the same crime as was his father. He wanted peace and prosperlty for his people and wasa gqgd Christian. The &Ynagogue of Satan feared that under him the Church mlgnt De unIted. He was ent1cêd into attending·a Jewish &Ynagogue on an occasion when fQod was seryed. He partook of some of the food and was ~olsonea.) The truth was coyerëd up, and 1 t was gfven out that he died of typhoid fever. This Y/as done in order to prevent reprisaIs against the J eWs. Jallies ~thicnrrd was the lnstigator of-rne crIme. The poJlson us.,ed wau.qua tofann~ The victim turned dark before l he died. Alexander 1 was followed in successiDn by his brother, Nicholas, who became Tzar{Nicholas 11 Tzar Ni.cholas reigned for a period of Ebirty years. He tri ed to follow the program of the t'NO preceding Tzars, that of liberal_policies with his people and of peace­ fuI exi stence 'Ni th his nei ghbors. He w.as gui! ty in the ( eyes of Satan' s Agents of the salUe crimes asnÏs fatlier and--hls-nbrother. He died from(I)oisor1)adm!,gj.stered by [)octor Mundt. The crime was commi tted at the instiga­ ~ of RôthsCh.iJd' s agent, Benjamin Disraeli. Hist~ry tells us that Nicholas died of a broken heart. He dled March 2, 1855. [Alexander U) succeeded to the throne following hi s father' s death. He was determined ta carry on the policies of his father and uncle. His activities have been w:r:..LLuU-.ll.p in the stOLY-PY Alexa~l!r Visi ~ from Heaven. nl~re were a number of atte~J_~n his life by Shootint bombing and poi~n. aU instjga~ed by the same Ev}! Porces 61 (àkjrr.ê:~ed them~ 1/ ~~so~~y. The__t!~l--~~sucçessful attempt was by as the Tzar was returning from church on SunQ.aY, - 86­
  • 93. 13, 188l. Tzar, and he .. __ . __ " thereafter, - - .The death Of[Àiexander lU) has been written up Just as l s toI d to Mau Ann sa l wi 11 fiOt repea t i t h ere PIjnce Nicho "as, the son of Alexander IDl bec ~ Tzar of Russi~aft.ar t.h.e-d.~th of f i ~ . I~ He. Nichol~ was the last of the TZars. His assassination. along wi th al! the members oThis fàiiiTl Y and_sorne o.f_tQW_se.r..x-an.Is.,>_was one ôf the rnast das­ tar9.lwrim.e_s_ey<eL.comm itted in aIl "i1istory. rt was, as Vere the assassinations of the otner Tzars in ­ stigated and engineered by the same Evil Forces th~ des ­ endants of the same rnoney cha,ngers that Christ had rrven froID the temple. only now t~were in control '- af Qrld finances. Now tfiey were su~ersives bëhlnd the] control of aIl governments, aIl revolutions. aIl des­ truC't1()ft-and-al'1-int71~gue. Now, just as tney hadëru­ cifîêëîcnris~tiëi"'W'ëre trying to destroy Christ' s Chu rch on earth. NlcfiOlas ÎI had tried to contact sorne of his of­ fieers and officiaIs, and heu he was unable to contact any of them. decided that things were in such a state of affairs as to necessitate taking his family and fleeing Îrom Moscow, After hurried preparation and wi th j ust a few of their trusted and faj.thful servants. the Emperor and his family fled to Tobolsk. They were eventuaUy' discovered there and placed under arrest: They- were be ­ ing retûrned from Tobolsk to Moscow when the train was stopped at Ekaturinburg in the Dral Mountains by Russian revolutionists and the Royal Famfly was taken off the train. They were held in a. local mansion. SverdJ...oV. h ead 0 f th.e Secret po. li ce .and ih. such c'lila­ citL.gne of the leadlng §ubJœr.sUes ln ~la. ~l.8,2,. - _ NOTE: SPELLING Of _ agent of the Rothschilds cont.I:o.UecLS1m.er l'iorld Govern·· men t, put a drunken Jewish criminal in charge, by the / namê of Yurovsky ...... 1 MUST SAY HERE THESE R!SSIAIj AND THAT 1 AM JEW NAMES. NOT THEY SURE 'MERE Of THE GIVEN TO MARY AN'N BY ALEXANDER i rr AND, HE GAVE THEM TO HER IN ~E.!!i.AN. WIT'";ïHIS GERMAURONUNCIATIOtl ÂND MARY AI'IN'S INTERPRETATION, TD ME ALL 1 COULD DO WAS TRY TO SPELL THEM AS THEY SOUNDED. Yurovsky had aIl the regular Rt!ssian awsy_ from the house and put t.oreign re,v.olu char~e, bëffi on the inside a.ruC'crn=:th.e_oJilsHL _u __. -87­
  • 94. imm.ediJû-fJ vicioi tLof the house. July 17, 1918 about midnightn:Y.~/wokéup the Royal Family. They aIl got up and dressed themselves and came downstai rs and en tered into a large rooll. With them came the other members of the party which con­ sisted of a cook, a maid, a chauffeut:-tlïe family physi'ci-an ily-narne crr-Dr.- Botkln, and-the personal man secretary _anaconfidënt;Qf the Tzar.--The Tzar' s family consisted of the Empress -and their five cbildren. fQ1F daughteI"ê.. and a son. The Tzar, the Elnpress and the son and-Weir ~ seat_ed on chairs, the re~&t.QQd'lj Thet:'e w~e twe:Lve members of Nicholas'oartVn the r09m. Eleven men entered- triëroom, ~ky, Ivan Zargov ~d nine others. Then the procedure of torture started. They wan ted ta force Tzar Ni chol as ta reveal ta th em tM Il 'J j t "!le~a'?_outs_/Qf the secret dôcvmentatjgn(Ytilich woulux­ pose the activitles and the plots or1ii~ secret Evll For­ ~and of-tliëiÏ' -secièt ~ihali st, Juëfalc MâSoifiê ""S'Wîie-, lies which also contained the signed~~reem~ts for the 1 lJ.!li tiJlgJ)Lth.e__Romaa and ..Qr~~ Catholic <h urclï es. This ll documentation was very much feared by the satanic Forces and they wanted it destroyed. Tzar Nicholas was the only one who kne" where i t had been-n"rdaen-bY his 1ather. This documentation dated back-fa r- rn-ore than --a:- cen tu~for ft had been s'tarted by Paul I. 'lZarfrom 1796 to 1§91. --n1e -tortureapplfëd ta Nicholas WlMi the wast 1i&r­ ri~ic; the mosthorrible that can be applied ta man, an.r man who loved his family. Mary ADn said when describing ~at follows, Alex spoke with such rapidity and showed such great depth of emotion that tt .was very har~ to interQret. ~ ". . Ow Li tUe Saint' realizing that Mary Ann would have trouble~th it, helped out b!' intec:>reting 8 gond DQ..r­ tian of it direct ta me. " l wil l do the best that l can, but l am sure that no words can describe nor can any person actually visualize the horror, the terror, the emot1ons or the pains and suffering, the men!al tor!;2re of tho~o l w~~victims o~is most .dastar~~all c:rlmes ln history. l am sure I§ave Q.e~ Œer..-.tlî.e.....Jllnrd!_with :,;m. tQ'PAin t th.e .picfu.r:e nor th e abili ty_ to pu~ them to­ gether. --'Iii e first oressure braught to bear upon the Tzar and which of course had ta be witnessed by aIl present -88­
  • 95. was th e torture of the servan ts and lIlembers of the party other than the family. Imagine if you can having your servants, faithful servant~ and friends, tortured to~ath befos~_y~ur eyes. Fast the threat to kHI i f you wouldn' t give in and then th witn ssin Qf the actually torturou~ death, ~Qr those fiends 0 e who were the execu ­ tloQers dLd-Do~ shoOt-r0 KTII qulcxly and mercifully buLto. infUct a,s_much sui1ërtÎ1 g asthew-ëolITâ, as much to~e. The victims were shota"'giin and agafDin shoulder joints, in leg joints, in hi~s, places that would create_tJie Most terrible pains and li palnful, l.iJl.ge.rbg_ck!!Jh rather than a swift, merciful one. Imagine if you can witnessing something as horrible and then think of the addi tional h~rror_of !DQ.W!ng-1!!.at JI' you faced the same fate--the .same terrific pains, that your._own blood woûld )spla§h on the floor as fueirs us dotQg. They could close their ey-es~üt'-ït would not be possible to close out the horror of the scene, but they could not close out the sounds of the ~tSé, 1 fil thy talk, tQ..~-.,Çju:..sing of fhe persecutors, the ) a§sas§!ps. They couldn' t close out the ~~~~ryS of J pain of the tortured viJ~..t ims. - Z~v grabbed the second oldest daughter to him and made-5ome veJ7 nasty suggestions and passes toward her purity. HfS talk was filthy. He grabbed the top part of her garment ari'd'ripped i t from.her shoulder, exposing her body. Hel' brother, young thoug1:l he was, l~ped-to-..h_er rescue. Th~ guard shot /:!_e_r. bl"Q.~_~the knee and in the private pa~Lo_t hi..sbody. _H~e _~ to _ . the floor mQaiïî!lg and groanin~!n th..e terri n~ pain .J.!lis caus.§d. Nicholas then tried to spring up, and he also 'lwas shot in the knee and rudely pushed back on the chair and told him to behave. Zarkov meanwhlle was hold­ ing the struggling girl, making-beastlike passe-; upon her beautÜü'l whitebody. The girl in her struggles got ho Id of his beard wi th her finger in the corner of his right eye. She dug her finger and her fingernail in deep. She would not let go, even with him biting her in the shoulder. She ripped deep gash~s from eye to cheek. Cursing, he shot her in the breast and pushed her rudely from him. ben this occurred, her brother again tried.. _~se from -th-efïôor:-and ZyJWv shorlïiDlll1.r~emOï"etiœes Ul theTô.wer abdomen annip, leaving him paralyzed and h elpl ess. -89 ­
  • 96. Al el. said that God and the MadonnaMarîa must baIe been with thetll through aIl of this horribl e blood,y or ­ aeal, for they di~t-wblmp..e.r_(U-.JLz:L.Q]LtfQr mercy. 'Ibe youngest daughter told her father not to give Ir in to them Jor <bd was wi th them and would take them y straight to Heaven. RIs flfe, the Empress, aIso begged him not to gi ve in to the murderers. 'Ibis beautiful faith which was there shown exem­ plifies that deep fai th which was characteristic of the Russian 2eopîe. Al~a5 des~tt6ed !liat Pâlth to Mary 1 ~ ManYof the Russians still possess that beautiful F~ even after forty years ô{ concentraied effort on the~.Lof their~vil. Gadl-ez~vemm~Ilt t.o stamp 1 it 'l~' CDd Almighty cannot and will not all0'LS uch F'aitb. ta be unrewarded. We in this country must pray to God that these Ru~an Christians be saved and that ynited with the rest of the Christhns, we can be saved, the wô"riërëiiilbe saved. The Satanic EnI Forces cannot know ~or the devil m~es ~em b}in~bU~ tlie b~od g! eaclî' <lJ.ristian fliey des"t"roy lS not tru destrotêêÏ, but, hrings {hem one §tep dIoser Lu the-tr-o~êl'ftûàI and U~YQiqable destruction and condemnation, for suc~~ the WtIf 01 God. 7 -­ .!ll.S!!21as w~rced to watch the death struggles ( of aIl of bis daughters as one by one death finallY Wlped où'ttliëpaîn andtorture. He was forced to watch the death struggle of his son as he lay in the ever-widening pôO}of fils own 6IOOd. He was forced to watcn his be­ loved wife and mother ofiris:cnfTdren-8hê>t severai tlmes iiï"Plaçes that woufd not cause Immediate death, but '- greartOrture, urîbearable pain. He- couldii' crnPbüt seethe blood oozing out from the clothes to fall drip by drip and drop by drop on the floor, anatnen1ïër final collapse.-'JtiSroefore llie final coIlapse of his l' wi fe, she reach ed h er hand toward Nicholas and said, aLiebschen (Lover), Gad is wi th us.' After the scenes of horr0L... tortu!e, pain and death that he was forced fo view, anything they could possibly inflict upon hiiiïmust have been as nothing. '!he bullets tïïat en tered-hi s own bOëiY could no longer cause pain ta him. '!hey could only herald relief from suffering and torture, welcame re ­ ~iifi strong sa died the 1.'t of the Tzar'. • great man. a man-:-aCMIstian m~. a IIflfn-wllo-hàa ~sunered al.! III th.e. pain§.~ciJixi.on_a_s .ha.d-hisJasfër befôre j im and that at the hands of the same Evil es. To cover u or fi s as 0 aIl crimes, -90­
  • 97. the bodi:s of aIl of.those assassinated were dumped into an old mlne shan WhlCh was then bombed shut, adding to the further mangI1ng and destruchon of the bodies. _-r Other names mentioned by Alex as having a guilty connection wi th thi s deed were Voikov, Safarov an d Go loshekin. When th e Tzar' s family was forced to flee, they were forced to travel light and thus left rnost of their possessions behind them. 'lbere were some j ewels and official documents left behind. Sorne were hidden bYJ' ~~sted officiaIs and servants before they ~e captured. One who was of the Secret Police, by the name of lov, was captured and tortured untn he gave in and reVealed the iJEereâbouts of sorne ot Oïe rildden j ewelry. li( So!!)e of the àocurnen~ m~t have been ~~scovered to this day. Many, lDany ()).ristians in Russia and other satelite 1 states have suffered the sarne type of persecution, th~ sarne type Qf I?jory saddistic torture and aeath at the hands of the c5'âless. ion IDay face the sarne UJlless the warnings of Our Ho!Y Mother and Alex are heeded. You who blissfully sleep on in false security and heed not the warnings; you, who either discard reason-2r-~.o lazY or stuyid ta think, you who allow-I9~Ls~11-!~e ltil~- to ;leep by lies and propaganda face exactly the sarne fate. ­ l ~IY hop~ pray that when my t,i:;"e It can show a -pôi'tlon orthe strength ~Fal by hlID whQm-histonr has portrayed as weak. - -91 ­
  • 98. XI THEY HAD Tü DIE Assassinations has always been the stock in trade of the Evil Forces. It has been their means of removing any person who in their judgment stood in their way, any who refused ta do the bidding of the Hidden Governmen t and even .thei.r own members who had failed or who they were afrald mlght be turning soft. ~ As previously wri tten one of the devils who p~­ t~d Mary Ann, on one occasion while in a boastful mood bragged that he and Benny (Disraeli)hâëf plotted th'ell d~tLof o~ of our great~esid.ents,-Abr:aham I.;nmln. WHY? Abraham Lincoln was probably the greatest single reason for the failure of the Bri tish and Jew bankers ta divide and destroy the United states of America through the Civil war. He Qlanned. ta issue in-] 11 terest free money hich would h f f the hands of thu a ~he contra of a lona} Jew bankers; 1 in fact he did issue t!H:~eJl1iUion dollars worth. --xl ex '~Take the mQney cont.rol out of the hands ( of the International Bunkaderîes, the Ehglishers.. • Œbrâham Lincolu.fwas a great surpr ise ta the Jews. They dld not oppose his election because-~n~ought they COUYd easify dUi?ë the man, whom tney lookeêf'Üeon as a simple backwoodsman. His ability ta € f ilnk, is roresl ght and fi 1S aQPli ed coliïiiloil sense was a great shoëk.and surprise ta ttem. Lincoln Vias able to readJ theIrPîotsand saon reco~.e-I:.eal enemy of the unt"on was not the souflClnLtJ:.8._the.r......th~e-International Jew Bankers. Hedectded to estab h a stem wherebY th states coU Id rrow Hec' rom e peop e. .....2,E-­ t Igress approved the PI.an. Satan' s money chan.gers reco nized tFiat througtî the Lincoln Plan h tates -'ll g woul e rano we. He w~condemned ta die by e same forces which killed six Russian lzars. ten i Kings and scores of other high officiaIs lU or eT ta con­ trol the Viiàncesof tbeÎt ÇQuntries~~ from them -92­
  • 99. t.he ,,0:;"' ....... u'" WJ~~l~ P~1!l! ( for WAS CH,t,RLES -93­
  • 100. out in his whole lifetime. ---r-wbna-~r-Et[Ënhower learned anything about the Jews from this same King Saud' s son with whom he h.;:ts just recentfl been in copference. If he learned too rrïuch and allows i t to effect hi s polici es in any /Way, there will probably soon be an opening for Vice Lpresident Nixon. -94-
  • 101. XII THE lCONS AND EASTER Al exan der said th ere are many yet tha t love th e Madonna Maria. The images of the Madonna Maria are beau­ tiful. very beautiful. IVe must feel proud of ourselves ....nen we put our freaks along side of their Madonna (l ~ar~as. There is be~uty in Her face, there i s kindness ln Her eyes. There lS love and compassion in the Baby Jesus' eyes, on her arms. They calI them reons, The uni versi ty that bears the Madonna Maria' s name, Notre Dame. th§., freaks they have to represent Her, the beauti­ fuI Lady and Her Divine Son, does not fit for an ugly ( comic strip. let alone for Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord and God. It doesn' t fit. They' re freaks. They' re hideous. The stations, the Passion of Our Lord. ....no suf­ fered for us and the pictures that represent Him, they' re Ir fteak~ they' re hideous, they' re not human. There is no Passion, no holiness, no loveunothing but Satan in~e pi ctures. That i s in th e place that bears Our Holy Mottïër's narne. Not.re Dame uniyersity. a Catholic uni ver­ si ty where they teach our youth, our professors. Are they proud of this ugliness? Is that culture? Art? Even in Russia where the Evil i5 trying to dea1;roy Her, th e vornen fi lâ~~e:i-F-lH::-e-aS-ts....n~i r hearts, a little picture, an icon, but when She look~ up at them i t' s a beautifUI face! It'-g--o-ealIttfuI! It shows the lOVe that thepeopie reaiiL have for their Madonna Man a. Isn""'tthat~t-theY'~e tryi-;g to tell us, 'they'-re aIl evil? They are not. Their leaders are, ~t is true. They have Satan in their fiearts=t>Ut the ooor Il lman, the humblëp~on, th~stiU sn~ in the sha~ws ItOSliow their love, to teach their 11 ttle ones. T~ have to sn eak_t.luJQjJ; , but they do teach their l i ttle children of the Madonna Maria. They pull out the picture Il and show it to th~d t. ell~~Qever, never t? forget 'l th e Madonn.a:=Mâria..- t..Q.Sal.LfuI:-1LelP--th-at~ wlJ1.....nJ'o­ t~. Then they show them how to kneelaown and -95­
  • 102. pray. The little ones fold their little hands and pray, i:iïït they warn them, don' t do it in the open. They must be careful, tney must nat do If ln the open, ror-the Evil Ones will harmthem:-That is what is being ta.Ught in Russia right now. Resurrection is near and in Russia they will have t~Madonna MarIa and Our Lorur,-anTI we ln th1s beautiful country, the land f h free and the home of the brave, what will we do? We' Il saon have li t e bunny ra bit-­ coming with aIL the tinsel, aIL the paint, the eggs. ifuere is Our Lord? The Resurrection? Where is Our Holy Mother? No, they' Il be forgotten while many look for a new hat, a new outfit ta wear for Easter. It's not the Resurrection for them. It's Easter, the beautiful din­ ner, the plans for the Easter Parade. ~here is Our Lord, who has just risen, ifuo has risen ta be the salvation for man because He truly loves ·us. We turn ta the bunny, the poor innocent rabbit, the bunny. That's the Resurrection. Wake up people! Wake upl Wake upl Don't let-1he Evil One whQ is drowning his fears with Vod~pray pray tQ the One that is going ta die for us very shortly for we are re-lIvIng, supposed ta be re-living ( llle Way to Calvary and then the beautiful Resurrection and the Madonna Maria. Criticize the freaks that are supposed to represent your Blessed ~bther; criticize them, refuse to buy them. NOTE: THIS WAS GIYEN DURING THE THREE HOURS SUFFER· ING ON APRI L 5. 1957 AND 1S JUST AS GI VEN. ALEXANDER TELLS US OF THE iCONS In the year Qf 940 the Madonna Maria appeared in Russia to a young mai den whose name was Olga. During the same year She alsQ appeared to a young-rTIan whose na me was Vladimier. The MadQnna Maria appeared during a periQd of turmoil and strife ta encourage and strengthen the Faith of Her people that they might better bear the trials and hardships which they must face. Vladimier and Olga are now both saints in Heaven. Each was honored by having a city named for him and her. You can find the cities of thQse names on any old map Qf Russia. The names have since been changed. The God­ less Forces could not permit cities to carry names that paid honor to any favored of God or the Blessed Mother of God. the Madonna Maria. The head of the Russian Ortho­ dox Church was at one time located in the city of -96­
  • 103. Vladimier. From this day on the Madonna Maria was brought into the hearts of the Russian people. There has never been ~~ater dev~tion_to the Madonna Maria, Our Holy Mother lB any other couDtry in Hie wofld. 'llie icons of vladi. miel' and Olga are very beautiful. They iDs;pi...re ~at love and ~on in the hearts of aU the people. The icons show great love and compassion in the eyes of both the Madonna and the Child Jesus. In the large Cathedral you will finti the most beautiful iCQDS in..,!he li ~!1d;_2:.lso the most beê:1lVJ.!!L.d~vQt-iQll.in the world. Ther~_~reater devotion in the wbole world. Paul Itwas in~ired in a dream in which the MaOQnna Mari: of'1'1adimier apQeared to him, to try to promote the unionofthetwo great branches of the eatholic Church, Roman and the Orthodox. His efforts were not successfu l as we know. He recei ved no cooperation from the Pope. 11) the yearÛ8!ID th ~ M~~~L,!~ri a appeared tO) (Niëhol~ a grandfather of Alexander III an~ again asked that the two great Churches combine into one. She said that th..erLYould not beJlQP_Lor _salyat:Lon. fO.1"_1;,henilliïës s it was done. We have already told you in Alex' s Story of the ef­ forts that were made by his grandfather, J1is father, himself and his son Nicholas II in trying to secure that uniëiii -ân~d also orthe obstacles that Vere placed in th ei l' pa th s. In October 1894 the Madonna self. This time She appeared to l ......v~~u~v. "'u "U'UUv. but Alex thought it' was delerium and hiâ"iie was (]ying. She told him t~~n_that th:,re woul!. b~ ~o salv_ati~r ( manlfiiïdlilifëSs the two etiurches Un! te. That the world would turn more to evil, to strife and struggle.She also ~(6 f told him how il!W.O.Lt..mlL:i.1.J/.i§ tp.-Dmt.e..c.t.AU_of the doeu­ m7;n taUon.­ - n was M~er that the ~~c:umen~a~ion wa"§'_Q.rotecte~. Romanovs were religious men and loved .. verymuch wi thall thefr hearts as ëIo . paSt lITstory. Here we must go into a little of Church History to explain the divisions of the Catholic Church, the Roman or ~t:>ther ŒJurch and the Eastern Orthodox Cllurch. The two Iigreat branches of the Church while still combinèëflü1d operating as a unit under Rome had, when the fiqal~~ak came, been under str~ined relations for about two cen­ -97­
  • 104. turies from the time that Photius had been Patriarch of Constantinople in 857. Photius had been appointed by the Bnperor as Patriarch of Constantinople when 1 gnatius former Patriarchl had dared cri ticize h im for living in sin. P.Q]e StJicholas the Great upheld 1 Ignatius. The matter was finally settled. but relations remained some­ what s trained. The final break came between the Eastern and Western divisions of the Church during the time of Pope Leo IX, who reigned as Pope from 1049--54. This Pope, during His Reign, lTh-dJ..Jll!ght again-Rt__the __ev.ils of §imony and othe..!" reforms th~t were tearing down the Church. RJpe 1 Leo.IX recei~ed an insulting.letter from ~ic~e~l CaeÏ1Ï­ ( lanus, Patnarch of Constantinople decljl.nQg.Qpeüschisn. Micheal was excommunicated, but the schism remained in spite of attempts at reunion. ttle story of~whlclï-nas been tord in the work-given-by Alexander. There were many contributing factors which caused the spli t. but i t was mostly .l!!..Ï.-sunderstanding and p:Fide in which bath sides were at fauIt. The death of Pope Leo 1 X in 1054 was undoubtedly h asten ed by gri ef over th e news. We may rest assured that the organized force§.of evil, the Anti-Christ had much to do witl'i a ravating ~con lIons which led to the final sp~~. between the [ two divIsIons of the CafliOIl~rc~l~de and Con­ o~r has always been their motto, and the strategy of their plan of action. They drove the wedge deeper and deeper and have so far been able to prevent its reward. In Russia Our Holy Mother is known as the B~o­ dw,a which in their language means "She who gavetiïrth tO"Gbd.· She truly occupies in Russia the place in the hë"a:'rts of the people that a true Mother of God and a true Mother of the people should occupy. the is a great ~art of thelr every clay lives, not just someone to Whom reverence and respect must be paid in Church on SUnday, not just someone to be called on for prayers and favors • on occasion, but rather someone actually Dresent at aIl fll times, actually part of the. familY, to share t.heir joys and their sorrows. The RUSSlans truly love thelr Bogoro­ di tza. No Russian home was complete without their icons. r ln The Madonna Maria' s icon alwa shan s in the east.er.n ,;-or­ 0 e e room and before it in constant VIgIl a li1t1e llgnt bOth§". Here the day begins in prayer; here -98­
  • 105. i tends in prayer; h:fe lite be~ins and here i tends l'Ii th the Madoona Maria wàtêbjng orer aU. No important move or event, QO major project is ever entel'ed upon by any of the household wi thout asking Her Guidance and Hel' Bless­ 1 ing Het jntercession wi th Her Son. No city too large or no village tao small ta have sorne Shri.ne, sorne. spot or sorne iron buil t in Her honor. ( Hel' lCons OCCl1 led the places of honor in aIl of the O1urches of Russia, beautiful ons. There are sorne ver~ .Qe~!Jfiful Russian Icons ta be seen in the Vatican at Rome. They l'lere taken ta Rome and presmned ta the Roly Father by the Russian Tzars Nicho­ las l, Alexander II anàAIeXander III as each in hi~ journeyed ta Rome ta see the Holy Father, in their ef­ forts ta bring about a union of the Orthodox and the Roman branches of the Catholie Chureh. Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII, bath Popes who loved Our Holy Mother very mueh, l'lere very mueh pleased wi th the Leons they reeeived. 80th reeognized the faeS that eaeh Ieon represented the be1'L1ï!!man efforts P2ssible ta portray the Madonna Maria, the Moj~er of Gad, as beautiful, as eompassionate and as loving as possIble, and the Infant in the same manner. The Leons themselves were beautifully deeorated and bedeeked with real jewels of great value and l'lere real gold erowns eovered with jewels. The Leons, though pic­ tures and not statues, were sa designed tbat a crown eould be placed on them. The extreme care with which th§Y l'lere made and the riehness of their decorations sh.Q.wed the love and respect in sa far as is humanlY pos­ ( ~ible whieh the Russians paid ta their Madonna Maria, the Queen of Heayen. :::::::m-e lcons of Vladimier, of Olga, the Holt..1i!:.gin of Kazan the Blessed Mother of Czestoehowa, the Bogoro­ d,!. tza' of Kien, aH b;autiful, aIl loved, honored, .re­ vel'ed, aIl part of their daily lives, aIl are enshrIned in the hearts of the Russian people. She cannat be Itak,en fram tbpm She is part of them. There is a beautiful story behind eaeh Icon, a story which rivaIs the miracles of Fatima, of Lourdes or of ~ en " LLê:2j; eUe. --­ arty years the forces of the Godless have sp~nt rYIng ta destroy Her, ta remove Her from the minds and hearts of the people, but ~~s sti2! t~r:,;,~ $he Wj)lj remain there, and we who are arso ner c~lTdren must pray. must fielp Hel' and the Russian peQDle 50 that She -99­
  • 106. can once more be replaced on the walls of aIl Russian homes, sa She can once more receive openly that loving, reverent respect and homage ta which She is entitled. In old Russia the most common greetin w "Ma the Peace of Gad be wit you. an ln areweli it was "May the Blue Mantle of Our LadX coyer you with-lts gracious folds and keepyou safe." ~f mu frienas: is my wish for you. -100­
  • 107. XIII CRITICIZE THE FREAKS How can any insti tution. aDY Church or any school expect the blessing of Jesus Christ ta be upon them when they display Him, and particularly His HolY P<bther. as a monstrosity. a hideous caricature? 1 rnost certainly would resent IllY oYo!} mother being portrayed as the hideous character that 0111" Holy Mother is portrayed as in sorne pictures and statues. 1 am sure Chris t can' t feel any different. I t is sacriligious to portray Our Holy Mother as anything other than the beautiful LadY that She is. Sorne of these hideous pictures, these hideous statues, could o~ly be inspired by the Devil. and those who dis­ play them should expect no blessing other than that which the Devi! can give them, and the Devil' s blessing is a cu rse. 1 have seen a nunber of RussLan icons, pictures, and they are aIl very beautiful, aU pa,y tribute to and show love and respect for the subject, aIl are worthy of the reverence and respect that should be shown to a portrayal of Our Heavenly Mother. In a neighboring pari sb where our chi Idren used to attend school, they have in their Church statues of Our LadY and Our Lord which portra,y thern as emaciated bean poles and then when you enter the school building, you come face to face with a cement mODster, but don' t be afraid. 1hat is supposed to be Our Holy Mother! H' s an insult to bath Our Hoiv Mother and Her SOn ta portray Her as such. 1 have seen heathen idols that looked more human and JOOre beautiful. Ta add insult to injury sorne beautiful statues were shamelessly discarded to make room for these hideous caricatures. Oh God, have mercy on them for their insults for it can only be through ig ­ norance and stupidity. These are examples of whfl:.t is called~rn--ar.t, Mo_dern Art inspired -DY th~ De.-'lil. Only beauty is in ­ spirecIUirough Hëaven and certainly those hideous, re ­ -101­
  • 108. pulsive figures and pictures could only be inspired through Hell. Who could be inspired to reverence love and prayer by looking at a hideous caricature? Surely those who promote or even permit those repul­ sive, hideous unlikenesses of holy figures to~s­ played are certainly doing the wnrk of the Devil. mose who made them are not artists. They are car­ toonists. -102­
  • 109. XIV THE MONROE DOCTRINE AND THE EVENTS LEADING UP TO IT Tzar Alexander l proposed the Holy AllillDce which was agreed ta by the King of Prussia and the Einperor of Austria. Because Alexander l was a true Christian ruler, as has been previously told, he wanted ta promote Chri s­ tian principles in tblL..l:Yling of other countries as weIl as his owo. 'Iha.promotion of Christian princi~les was the last thing that the Qevu' s $gents, thé Mths ­ childs, desired. Through their agent, the notorious Clements Metternich, ..ma was tll.en in control of Austria, another Alliance was drawn up, th~ quadruple Alliance which was agreed by Austr1a, Rus si a. Prussl a Md Gre..at Bri tain. Great Britainaroppea out aijd Ê'ËSI&!l:ce came into the agreement. This agreement Vas a powerful tool in Metternich' s hands ta create the dislIDi ty and disruptions upon which the Forces orEVl.l feed. This was another instance where the explanations offered in the histary books do not follow any course that could be figured by reason unless you recognize the subversi ve ame being played by the Evil Porc scenes. rough the action of this allianc- LL France was induced to send soldiers Inm ( Ferdinand VII stay on the throne in 1823. hne the King of Spain had been rather shaky on his throne and the Spanish Government in a weakened condition, colonies under the domination of Spain in the Western Hemisphere had declared their indepen·dence and set up their own gov­ ernment. Ferdinand VII thought he could utilize the same forces who had made secure his position ta re-subjugate Spain' s colonies in South and Central America. ~nd was against Spain' s regaining these colonies for selfish motives, you can rest assured, but nevertheles s assured by Great Bri tain' s atti tude, President Monroe incl uded in his Message ta Congress in ~cember 1823 the famous Mon­ ~:x:ga O?ctrine which in the main declared: ?it That the New World was no longer open ta -=­ -103­
  • 110. colQuizaiion-.bY.-.EurQ.pean Powers. 3) That any attempt to extend thei r system~ of government to any portion of the Western Hemisphere wonld he dang~rous to our peace antlSïffety. 0- That any attempts ta overthrow the newIy-born independent governments of Central and South Ame..r.:Çca J W~Luld be looked upon as evidence of an unfriendly dis­ posi tion toward the Uni ted states. This declaration of doctrine on the part of the United States was without doubt successful in preventing much exploi tation of these smaller and weaker countries by the Forces of Evil. However. while i t has prevented their being forcibly subjected to outside rule, i...t....!J,.a.. ~no.t preyented the1r invasion and subversion from wi thin in the same manner in which we h_!lY1l been and are being invaded and subverted in our Country. They are Slated for the same destruction that we are. The Agents of Satan' s ~nagogue have heen lan ted and are doin their .- They are being aided and abetted there by the same Q.urchased stoo;, and trai tors, by_the same type of mis­ guideR 5r$ asned rPftls as we have in this country. -104­
  • 111. xv HOW THE TRUE FACTS OF HISTORY ARE CONCEALED First we have three paragraphs taken from a history book common1y used in th e pu bli c schoo ls in our co lm try. It is in fact the book from which l taught Modern History in the Necedah High School for a period of six weeks in th e fall 0 f 1954. Th e book i s The Mak ing of Today s 1 World by R.O.Hughes, Director of Citizenship and ~cial Studies, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Copyright 1949 by Allyn Bacon. Paragraphs on Page 526: "In 1836 there was another revolution in Pol and. Then someboqy tried to shoot the Tzar. Things like this made him think the people did not appreciate him and turned him away somewhat from his liberal policies. Later (1881) Alexander II decided to give Russia a Con­ sti tution. He had one aU drawn UP. but the day before i t l'las published he l'las assassinated; and there l'las no chance for a Cousti tution in Russia for a long time. "Then came Alexander III (1881-1894). After Alexander II' s experience. you could hardly expect that hi s sucees sor would be mueh inclined to try expcrimen ts. Anyway Alexander III l'las a stern, relentless tyran t, and free governmen t made no h eadway in Russ ia under him. "Finally came Nicholas Il (1894-1917) , The last of the Romanoffs.' Probably he meant weIl, but he was weak and changeable. He l'las easily influenced ])y his l'lite ami oth er hangers-on of the Imperi al Court. Pograms, or riots against Jews frequently oceurred and the authori­ ties seldom did much to prevent them. Hundreds of thou­ sands of Jews left Russia as a result of such persecution many of them coming to the United States." -=' Mueh that would refute sorne of the statements made here which paint a very false picture,lhas already been written up in Alex' s story ·so there is no need for too mueh comment. History doesn' t. however, tell us ..tW J most of al] the l'lars and revo1utions were promoted by ---::;::r=::: -105­
  • 112. &atan' s Agents, the International Jew Bankers. In one sentence of a paragraph it says that Hie attempted assassination of the Tzar turned him away from his liberal policies and the next sentence contradictorily says he decided to gi ve Russia a Constitution and that he was assassinated the day before it was published. ~NO m_ention was made of the Forces who assassinated him or wEo wanted him assassinated. It was the sa:iiie DeviLl s Agent a~ain. Alexander III is described as a ruthless tyrant and still i t is Alexander III who as the Vi si tor from Heaven has given us the true picture of the events of the time. Nicholas il is portrayed as a weakling in this his­ tOry book, b~t he was the weakling who had the necessary "guts" to wal;ch the torture an..d assassination of his l.QY..ê~s rather th an gi ve to the Evil Forces tha t· J Il which they were trying to get. SUch a weakling i s, in lIY estimation, qui te a man . .Pograms or riots against the Jews were promoted by the Evil Porees te arouse symp'athy for the Jews and to cr.gate hart ppblj 'lÎi;Qr asaiRst Q 891iRtrd' wbj ch thW wished to destroy. One statemen t is true defini tely and not slanted, and that is the fact th.§,J hundreds_.91JhQusan_ds of Jews left Russia and manLQLJJt~I!LC-alIl~O the U!!.iJ;ed States. l will leave you to j udge whether that has been to our advan tage or not. Another means of controlling the minds of men and also their activitieshas been through the formation of hundreds of Secret Societies by the minions of Satan. They have an been fonned Wi th the same purpose in vi,gw, to dest roy Chri sti ani ty an d particul arly Catholici sm. Th""èYhave aIl been controlled by the same Forces of Masonry and Judaism, headed by the SUpreme Council of the SYnagogue of Satan. It seems that there is sorne pm'chologi~!.n men' s minds that makes them suekers for any kind of secret society. Ta be asked to join tickl~ity and gives them that important feeling~ igrther p][ay on this psychological w~ll.f'Jls. tlLe-iJiEia of excl1!§ive­ ness and secre~t~ is used. M~n are attracted into these societies from the social angle. or because of the contacts it will mâke foL-th.em_Jm.i.ch may be useful in the promotion of their business or their jobs. -106­
  • 113. Alex told us of the great number of these or­ ganizations and that the purpose of a11 is the same. He named sorne of them formed in Europe. "Haute Vente Romaine" was the name of one which was excl usi velY for the nobili and th e very ri ch. As wi th lmos of t ese organizations, 2P the sur ace i t had been ) to do good and many of those attraeted into i t were a~tracted by th at facto ~owever, as wi th aIl or g aniza-!l tIons you mu t ert8.1n e sa emn oaths 0 e aI­ [ Iowe ta join. Once in ou are u oa s a en aM your hàhds are tied. Then the member is gradually Ied through the various degrees, aIlowed only to rogress as he acce ts the teachin s and hi osa . s of the or er. e r al of 0 t e oaths taken lS PUl~~'~~~"ffi:~~;ty d~th and many murder~ have been commi ed of ose who betrayed them. Aiso ln many cases where these murders ,lhave come to light, the murderer has been proteèted.& lthe other members and justIce un der the Law lS Ifever done. IŒiccOIO Ti"gge was t~e leader of the "Haute Venti Romaine" 1882. "n He was also a Grand Master of the Learned EIders f :Billl. ~l of the various ~s have been organized under the same auspices, and for the same purposes. Ve have had as examples the Black Shirts, Brown Silirts, etc. The n s 0 f the Covenant Vas an organization of Secret 1 asonry formed by e an was exc1usivelY ~~s. rt later became t~ai B' ri th, the highest order Of"Jewl sft Masonrrtodfly :::>4The Alla Vendeti Vas a secret MasOOic organization in Italy whpse ilim Vas the destruction Qf Ghrjstianity. - In Germany the Bunden Stoffen was another of the secret societies. A Jew by the name of Goldstein was very acti ve in the promotion of secret Masoni c Soci eti es in the early 1900' s. The promotj on of actual i mmorali ty was included in the ri tuaI of sorne of these secret organizations. ~ n OrsJ,en Or.uidism is such an organization of which there are members in the United States as weIL as in Europe. Sorne of' Drui ds h s been an out rowtllOf I(anaient pagan prac l,Ç,.es, certainly and defini telY not Chri st! an but Anti-Chri stian. The Secret Societies can control and influence a man to their way of thinking by the shee.s we~t of]5p­ ( fîîIon, and he soon finds himself agreeing wi th them and ~Hlin!li aoy scru"Bles ne m~have. Very, veryTewÎ;en -107­
  • 114. 1 ~ ) -108­
  • 115. XVI THE COLO R S CHEM E Most color schemes are planned to put harmonizing or contrasting colors together in a manner that will be pleasing and attractive to the eye. The schemes of the. Agents of Satan are aIl just the opposite. They want~ to create lack of harmons, disunity, hatred and blo~d b~n the aiffe~ent colored peoples on the earth~ith an alm of destrOYlng them and particularly al 1 of those who are Chri s ti ans. l ~~lp~ Cremeau~J a French Disraeli and an Agent of Râ sc ( push out the whites. they would use the yellow race ta the l1ds sald The Madonna Maria told(G~ne WashingtoIl,jthat dur­ ing the Fi fth Siege there VouIa Be a batiI e between the blacks and yellows and the mites and that the Evil ForCeS) VOiiId arQuse -tnêblack peopleagainst the whi tes, call.§.ing much severe blQQill;hed. It has been given in our Work and is wri tten up that when the attack on America cornes, it will be the Red ') Chinese who will make it. It was done in Russia. JI Of the more than tweJ),ty mil- l"ion people murdered in Russia, most of them weW wni te amr-Christians. Of the oiher millions allowed ta starve needlessly, most of them WBlé àlso white and also Ch,Lis ­ tïans. - In accordance wi th what the Madonna Maria told George Washington, the Evil Forces are now most certainl]' trying to arouse the blacks against the whi tes. Thoêe who have romoted the so-called Ci vil Rights Legislation, tlil!""1Jl­ ~ion of the schools, the forced association of whites and blacks on buses and in public places has no l other thought in mind than ta create disuni ty and race hatred. They are the Evil Forces at work. -Many hi g Negro Communi sts, such as Roy Wilkins, Jackson, Johnson, Paul Robeson, Adam C. Powell and Dr. Ralph Bunche are helping ta pour fuel on the already -109 ­
  • 116. smoldering fires. They. traitors ta their own race wOûld l~d them ta de~tion. They are in truth blacker of heart ihan of skin. the members of the SUpreme Court ai the Uni ted S~s, those who pass on -the l egah y ot our leglSla­ € tian under the Consti tution and interpret the meaning of our laws have been appointed not by virtue of any abili­ ties they have, but solely on their willingness ta follow the orders of the Agents of Satan, the îfiVisiblê Jew GOvernment. What can be expeeted when one of the mem­ bers of that body of Satan' s Servants, and-a-t~~f satan,jeux FrantIurerfs8Ys: "The Consti tution does not mean ,aE it say , 1 means what we say it means." We can rest assured that any interpretation they put in laws, any SUpreme Court de~isjon~~ded QQlm will be those of the Ev)l Borces and designed ta create disunity and race hat.!:.Eld il}-J.iccorcianc~Jit_Q the Color Scheme. l'then the fighting of the Ci vil IVar was over and the slaves freed, the Forces who had promoted the Ci vil IVar ( for our destruction continued ta try ta promote that destruction by crea tian a f racial prob ems. The South par icularlY in areas of Negro predominance, was flooded wi th cheap carpet bag poli ticians who were willing and eager ta promote the further destruction of the South by 1 controlling Negro votes and haying themselves elected ta office. They were cheap racketeers who Vere interested in 12:..~ing their pockets at the expense of the »eop1e. It .· { was only through the grace of Gad that our Coun.try sur­ vived that perlüCllNrtfiOUt belng destroyed. Many wounds left have not been healed ta this day and this present agi tation ta create race hatred can cause them ta again break out inw open sores. That is what the enemies of Gad, the Exil Forces plan. It IS also a part of the C910T Seh eme. The promotion of mongrelizat!Qn, the intennixing of tbe races ta the destruction and demoralizahon or 60th, is alsoan important part of the Color Scheme of the Evi l Forces. The National Association fOL the Advancement of 1Colored People;-orror SliOrt the N A A ~. P., an organi ­ 1 zation supposedly ta promote the interes of the colored 12eople, has been taken over by the Jews ta 5e used for th~ purpose of bringing destruction both ta those whom it is 1supposed ta better and ta the whi tes. l ts Presiden t i s ArttiJîi Springarn, who black as he may be inside i s Yid ana not-n negro. -11 0­
  • 117. Its founder was W.E.B. Du Bois, who carries a French name, if it isn't an alias, but who if he isn't a Yid is sure doing their work, as he lias 72 Co~st 'l citations. ChannIng Tobias with 50 DommMnist Front lIst­ ings is the Assistant Treasurer. Senator Herbert Lehwan an-arSupreme Court Justice Felix yr:âkfurter, bath members of Satan' s &ynagogue and most va ue agents of Satan him­ self, are direcfOrs. Roy Wilkins, 9 Co muni Front ci tations, Thurgood Marshall, 5 Communlst i tations, andCongressman Adam C. PowellWlth 7-3l1îmmunist Front citations are aIl active in the con~()f N.A.A~.P. QUOTE FROM MESSAGE OF OUR LADY Tü GEORGE WASUNGTrn "The Madonna Maria also told him that there would be a battle between the white Christians and the Black and YëTIô"Y., people, that the Evil Forces w~iL arouse the Black people against the llèli te causing much severe blood­ slïed. • • December 27, 1956 - "There will be accidents, violence and death due to the segregation prablem. In sorne places they want to l'etcrn to segregation; in others they are obj ecting to i t. " December 31, 1956 - "There will be more segrega­ tion trouble. li - December 31, 1956 - "There was sorne more shooting at the buses in the segregation area. ,,---­ -------:fï1the Fall of 1954 - 1 told you about the desecra­ li ting of QlUrches and the buming of Churches. li - January l, 1957 - "There will be roore flare-ups in the segregation deal. It i s being pushed again to create more trouble. " January 2, 1957 - ·Wilkins, a negro, is talking to a group in Birmingham. He' s not doing any good, just stirring up trouble, trying to arouse sympathy for the Negroes. • - - January 7, 1957 - "How do you pronounce Robeson, Hank? He' s a big fat subversive Negro. He i s b~nd sorne of~e threats those Negro Ministers have been getting rn-tne segregation deal. li January 18, 1957 - "The segregation situation is much worse than they tell us in the papers. li NOTE: P~I ROBESON WITH MANY COMMUNIST CITATIONS JUST CARRYING OUT THE COMMUNIST PLOT. ---yanuary 24, 1957 - "Negroes R~n. Jackson, John§9n and Williams a~e ones who are-nerping t~te -111­
  • 118. the bad disturbance down South in Georgia Alabama and Tennessee. The seriOüsness oCtlîe sltuati'on is not told pn the papers. They arrested sorne of those Negro Minis- I ters that told the people to turn to Gad. Th~ arr~ted the one you heard speak. " NOTE: 1 l:IAD HEARD A NEGRO MINISTER SPEAK ON A RADIO PROGRAM. HE GAVE A VERY GOOD SPEECH AND VERY GOOD ADVI CE TO HI S PEOPLE. TEL"':"'NG THEM TO TURN TO GOD AND TO PR.!YERS AND TO I{EEP AV/AY FROM VIOLENCE. HIS TALK WOULD NOT FIT IN AT ALL WITH THE PROGRAM OF THOSE V/HO ARE TRY· ING TO CREATE HAVOC BY INCl TING THE BLACK PEOPLE AGAINST THE IVHITES. F'ebruary 8: 1957- "There' s sorne more shooting in the segregation area. They are going to arre.st another Negro Minister. They are trumping up charges against Kasper. TIley wan t to put him where Ezra Pond i s." , NOTE: KASPER IS CHARGi~H INCI~ING RIOTS AND CREATING TROU~N THE~TEGRATION PROBLEM. J HEARD HIS TALK AND HE TOLO THE V/HOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT TH~ T-RüTH. HE SAlO WHY THIS INTEGRATION WAS BEING PUSHEC AND THAT THE OFFICERS IN U:I-" NATIOIiAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE '(ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE VIERE JEilS. AND THAT THE J rrs W.!' R E B E H 1N 0 THE V/ H 0 i E PLO T TOC REA TET R 0] U 9 L L BE· TWEEN THE RACES. October 23, 1957 - "They have got the ~13ç,{ GiéUlt stirred up; now all they have to do is sUr ur tne Yel 1 Q',': and the 'lhites are in between. They cal"! !;rind iF""en; right UP." F'ebruary 28, 1957 - "The segregation trouble i s go- ing to pop. hites, Blacks, Ye11ows. We should have J) sorne more Washingtons and Lincolns. Il May ~1, 1957 - "Thl s rnee~lTIg that' s comi~g Lill.. i5. to promote nots of negro and Whl te youths. Th.§ are golng If f;ë)" make accusations against negroes. " May 13, 1957 - "Negro situation, K.K.K., youth sit- uation still getting worse. It' s no better. " May 14, 1957 - "Tne K.K.K. is getting much stronger a11 the time. It is bad, mueh Vorse th an. before. 11 May 15,1957 - "There's a big conventIon of the ( K.K.K. scheduled for June Vi th a big drive on." . . May 18,1957 - "They had quite a gathe~lng In~ Washington, D. C. last night. Powell Vas the ~~t 1 (Representat~ A~am C powel). They a~e dOlng sorne dirty work' to sorne of tfiose guys tomght. lhey used som ~ ren~gades ta stir up a mess and create trouble, som -- Wfiites from Elie educated gangs. 11 --- -112-
  • 119. NOTE: THIS .AS A NEGRO MEETING IN WASHINGTON. D.C. IT .AS PEACEABLE AND RELIGIOUS. BUT THAT IS NOT THE .AY , SUBVERSI VES .ANT If-:- THEY • ANT . TO CREATE TROUBLE AND l RACE HATRED. POWELL IS SUBVERSIVE - M a y 19, 1957 - "More youth trouble. AND A YotÎth demon­ COMMUNIST. stration in Detroit. Youth demonstration in segrega­ tion area." "Youth interfere with parade in Maryland." May 25, 1957 - "The K.K.K. is getting busy with their meetings. They have qui te a group of ffi-called Klan converts in Milwaukee now. They haven' t appeared in their robes yet, haven' t been ini tiated. 1b.ere are more women than before. They are weIl establi shed in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron and Minneapolis; also among students in Detroi t. l haven' t heard of them be1ng ât the Uni versi t;y of Wisconsin yet. • -113­
  • 120. XVII THE CRIME OF UNREVEALED FACTS . How di fferent would have been the path of hi story if It were not for this particular crime? Regardless of reasons, }hose who know the tacts and do not reveal them are as guil ty of a crime as are those wbo commi t the crimes. - - --- Many of our politiclans who consider themselves to be upright and bonest, who are pillars of their commooi­ ties and respected by tbose who have voted them into office, are actually criminals because of the facts of crookedness and subversion that they knolV of ana k eëp covered up. If you Vere even to hint that they Vere 00­ patriotic or that they Vere actually guil ty of treason, they would be terribly shocked. They excuse themsel ves and salve ovel' their consciences by saylng 1 t 1S aIl polJ.~. 1iüt is-thatgoing to be aëéë'pfàblëa8an eXëûse or are excuses going to be accepted when they stand in judgment befere God Almighty. They proclaim themselves to be good Americans who are patriotic and love their country, and then turn [ around and give aid and comfort and further th~ cause of s.!!bversion. Communism and treason by ign.or~ng tfiese '" forces at work in our governnen( anUY~jng thellLi.n coverl;gup their activiti~ They will not only keep st; 11 on 1'il"ëSë activities, but condemn ancr-tum> ewr-'M, secute those who are trying to expose th es e acti viti es. Il NOTE: TAllE. FOR INSTANCÉ. THE CASE OF M.CCAIUIiY ANO ( ( J~ AND ALL THE REST OF THOSE WHO HAVE EX~O SUB. VERSION AND TREASON IN OUR GOVERtl..MENT. 1 WONDER HOW M"NY THOUSANOS OF AMERIC"N T"XPAYERS' DOLL"RS WERE SPENT ON THE ARMY.McCARTHY TRIAL TO DISCREDIT MCCARTHY ~E EYES OF THE PEOPLE. THE TAX,PAYEj3 MUST PAX FllB...!:!.J.-.S-.QN O~TRUCTW! CONDITIONS OF SUBVERSION AND TRE"SON AREj/JI MUCH. MUCH WORSE THAN MCCARTHY EVER IINEW. FOR MCCARTiY w;S STILL FLUSHING RABB.!TS. !:!.~.-'HPN·T liOITEN INTO THE LION'S ~ DEN. -114­
  • 121. ~·I talked to sorne Pri ests ~u alk because__ of the ~ . __ c _ _ ., ~_ 1 Il H '" na u 1'<11 ;:J t. r4 U:) lj T r V t;-ë;II"L e ~ 1 1 Il A 1'4 0 THE WORKS OF POPEffîIU~ l n l*'­ at has nappéilelT to the Church Mi li tan t? Are the soldiers of Christ a bunch of rabbi ts? hy the fear? It certaU!l.Lc~~Lb~fear., of death <-for that i s the even­ tuaI end_t.o...all_men.' s._existence and i~s only through}( dy lng~at_ll1a!L.is_borlLligain to h 1S etëÏ'1ïâl reward. Can it be that those who are th~ custodians of our Faith and MoraIs lack in Faith themselves? Christ, died for us, a most horrible death, not as an old man in bed, but in the terrible bloody sacrifice on the Cross. bat ( greater privilege can man deserve than to be alloweq:to di e in Hl s sërVl ce? -115­
  • 122. xVIII WASHINGTON. D. C. Washington, the beautiful capital of these United States, was named in honor of our first President, the Father of our Country. It carries his name, true, but the honor is very doubtful. 'Yashington. our capi tal, i s living proof of the old adage that beauty is only skin d~p, for undpr the beautiful exterior,---Sheis but a pai.!!.ted JrnbeI. No si.n, no crime,_IlDJ.U.t.h. no di rt can be found in any ci ty in the world th~D}lP. LbeJQ!!.l}d duplicated in Washington, ~. Wasningtoilli1thits !ive percenters, its influence eddlers, its freezers and mink coats. W8.shingtonWIthits 10bbYist""S'With their ready sup ­ plies of cash to throw partiêS. ta give p-resents, to bribe and buy votes. Washi;;to~with its(organizë'd crGiëj wi,th its sm~..ll crooks and i ts big ones, wltheven those 50 large and im­ portant that the law protects them rather than prosecutes them. Washington wi th i ts pjotters and i ts plots, where the money interests dictate Foreign Policy and intrigue. Mlere the Hiddëi1Evi Cfurces 0f the S!lnar _Wo.r...Ld Govem ­ me~t dire~ thé pat~f your life and destiny~the spending of your -tax money for their- best'lrlterestS. ­ Washington with its Foreign Embassies which can and do ser~ astiaS"ëS of operation for;foreisn spy Syste~s, SPieS freëTo come ~go. 1I111lUne to aIrtRe 1aws wh lch rl( govern our people. '--WashingtOrïVith i ts CorllllUnists and i ts trai tors in aH departments of our govemment: (Attention Red He~ng Truman) . -Washington whe&e more hard li guor i s capi ta than in any ci t in th e Uni ted States. tain glves 1 num el' one spot in the world. Washington where Q:>ngress votes for integration the pubI1c scliools anathen sends their own chiidren ~==-;:..;o._ -116 ­
  • 123. Jo private boarding schools. Washington wiw its Di.s.raeli s, Hs Nibal j §4s, i ts ~et Masonic Societies as Alex warned us. Washington where decent Reo le dare not wa. e s treets:.!!:..tli1.-~ t-:-and-i f hE,!'y_go oEl, dri ve wi th thei r car doors locked. Wasmngton where degL.aded negr~oes and whi tes ming].e II tuether in. those relat!Q!ls which a~ joy to the E:,Yil II( Forces behlnd the promotion of mongrelization for our dèStr"ùction hy the breaking down Q.Ll:~e-.b.ar.r.i.frs. Washington where organized K~ttKLof youthful li-e~ors roam the streets and riot in...QPgrLj::lefi@~of th_e~ w, wh er e po)) c em~r:LlLa..Ye..-b..e..elLlllU.n1.e.r.ed, ~ e youthÛlI criminals commit crimes of aIl descrip'tion, examP1ë"'s ~( Whëre most of the youth, inspired bythe 0 their ~rs, are openly on the make and ready to take advantage of any opportuni ty. Washington where decent women and girls rE!llain be ­ hind locked doors at night, evêh in' their homes. - wasfifngton wfiëië there are morELse"x.ua] peryerts than in any like city in the world, where they old J sizable parti!.~that are orgies ~o~ kinds of acts of s~x~~veillon. Washington with its wire tapping, its blackmail and e~on. Wa~gton with its thousands of dODe addicts and d o.p..e-p.eillj!gr s. Washington where the professional women of the night are faced wi th a horribl e business depreSSiO. n~­ cause of_the competition from those among the many thQu~ sâlla female office workers who do as amateurs or seml ­ ---._---­ ~ pros gi v e_away o.r cu Lrat.e_th.os.e__ wa~whiJ~h--UuL..IU:.o­ f~ionals se11, where the real pros are faced wi th the pro-bi~~ of searching out new fields, or t~more ~or­ , rit~..L~. ....fJ!J.e.-P_f taking in washings or sorne other desplsed fOIm of honest l abor. -117­
  • 124. XIX OUR LADY'S NATIONAL SHRINE In thfs samebeautiful city, in this pafnted Jeze­ bel, in this spot where the abys s of HeU cOllles sa close to the surface, ln thi s Sodom of the North It:nerican con­ tinent. our American Bishops have chosen the spot on l'bich ta build a National Shrlne ta the Mother of Cllrist. ta our Holy Mother. 10 give credit where credit is due some 0 f them most likely though t that the Shr ine would serve as an influence for good and would be an aid in clearing up the terrible condition of filth, sin and cri~e that ex1st~ there. They di~ n~t realize that no) ~nne can be bUllt ta stand. ta last down tlIrouib the a(.es unless 1 t 1s büilf on a truly souna founaation. ( l"1rst of aIl ~tbe filth. quaglllll:.eJUd guicksand must !J.l .,- be ~ed~ and the foundatlon must go down ta clean. saUd rock. Our 81shops have the cart before tbénorse. !bey want to bulld the building before they lay the founda ti on. e tact that the Shrlne h en tmder construction for a guar er cen 1;lr.Y' and the Bishops are still begging for fWlds for i ts completion shoul d be an indication to tbem that the Ume i8 not right. the fOWldation has not ll b~. proper~d and tha~_neitber O.?r u>r~Hisiiiës­ sed Mother are t1leased. If Our Lord ana HIs Holy Mother real~dêsired~hat it be built, the funds would be avallable ln very short order. It 1s aiso true that in the jargon of football. tbere have been some bad passes and saille of the funds 1n ­ tended donated for the Shrtne nev~ reached the lnt~ded] .Ioal. l wonder i f the gulltJ feel the)' can jUllie the fi iUres expertly enough ta fool God' s auditQrs? No Sb.rine will be an()w~!L.QY Heaven ta stand 1f. as in thé" case vdth the National Shrlne ta Our Lad;J, .l.t 111 S bullt in a IacitiOiï where -the ooly f()UDdatlon upon "'lob It cm rest Is the ashes of coodemned souls, the ~ ~ -118­ - aiiiI re and sUrlie of sin and corrupt~on. or the ------
  • 125. Quicksands of filth and de.gr_e..s!ation. On the other hand Our Lady has prnmisprj that if our Government is cleaned up, if our Capi tal Ci ty is cleaned OUL <û.JM_v..emÜL..a.ruLtllunan carrion that now in­ fects it,(lP we put Christ back where He started in the position of Supreme Ruler and ever present Advisor to the Christians whom we elect to govern us, "Sh~l appear on the monument of our Pirst President," him in ( wnose honor Washington was named. If those conditions are mer;-nien a. National Shrine to Our Holy il'!other in that location would --Stand down through thiSill"uries. It would be on~tQ~gI~~~_Shrines of the world. It would be~ruly beaut!ful, Dot onl~_on. the surface. It would sh-ine forftibeautifully in the greater honor and glory of the Mother of Our Savior. It wou!~~ea~-ÂD_~~edhaven for aIl the Christians of the world. It would be a source of joy and-pr-raZ··-Îtwoilïdbe a shrine to.which reverent pil­ grims would travel from aIl over the world to pay rever­ ent homage to Our Holy Mother aNd reverent worship ta God Almighty and the Blessed Trinity. Please, dear God, hurry the day when those con­ ditions will be fulfilled and when we may have our '( beautiful Shrine. . . . . . .. . . . March 24, 1955: "Had we followed the principles of George Washington whom Our Lady appeared to as that beautiful Lady. She showed him what' s going to ha~n to Jl( the America he fou~ht for. The monument of George Washington will stand, but the res_t will cru..mble for he was one who loved his country first. himself~t. ~e loved God Almighty and the Country he fought for, and he never fought a battle without a prayer to God Aîiiiighty, a prayer to Him for a deci§Jon, a-Rrayer to Hi'!,! to hele.... and guiael1i.m. -He never made o.ne ~ve without prayers on his lips, although they thought he '( was a .v.er y rUfnIës.s- 'iiiâ"i1'at t imes, but ~~®-_JJ..eJ~ed (1 this way he was prayjng to give~~~~ to win the -baures-and to -fight for the Country he loved. "That is why Our Lady said if Her wishes will be granted, if Her reQuests will be heard, She will appear ijJ;on George washington' s monument, ffiat~~one in the area w111 5e ab!Ll.JLsee...J:!g and look at Her splendors and beauty. but our people are not ready to accept Her. They are building a beautiiùï monument to the naffië of Our Lady, but if it's not built with true love and true -119­
  • 126. faith that monument will neyer survive the purge be­ cause it must be built with the love of Gad, with the love of the Blessed Mother that it was consecrated to. Otherwise it will crumble long before the year of 2000. Shortly after its completion, it will collapse, lt will collapse to nothing, and if it's being built with no more than it's being built with now, it will col­ lapse to nothing. You can't build anything to the JI Mother of Gad unless it' s built with purity;. sincerity ,and true devotion and love of God first.- March ~25, 1955-: -BetOre that can bë completed, Hank, they wi 11 have to cleanse Wash ington and the youth si tua­ tion. Can' t be built on slime,_ on evilness and corrup­ tion. That's the reason for the delay. "It' s aOOut the time they started~building the shrine, that the corruption of youth and our'Government became to be much worse. Black sin and filth in youth, a)so gOy"ernment. It would not have taken that many years for funds had there been efforts made to cleanse the youth 1.situation and corruption in Government. "Funds would have come in over n'-yht, but you can' t build a shrine amongst black sin, forget God and His Ho ly Mothe r, ~ concbne si_n an cL qJL-rupt~on. in ~vemment. "It was during pronibition days, immodest dress, gangland, Christ forgotten. Instead drinking parties led to black sins everywhere from adults down to the youth. If that shrine isn' t built, it wi}l n.QU-e because of lad< of funds, but because we failed to do-.t...he cieansing of youth and government. It will be destroyed by the enemy,_ but if it i~ OOi)t under alean conditions, Ileven if the enemy would try to-destroy 1t, It wJfî he protected. " -120­
  • 127. xx THE STRUGGLE FOR THE MINOS OF MEN The struggle for the minds of men has been going on aIl down through the ages, but at no time has it ever been carried on as viciously or with such concentraterl effort as it h~been in the last half century. As-i:he battle oetween the forces of CJÜod Md Evlïcomes closer ( ta the eventual climax, the eventual final decision as ta whether the worId shall bëCëïi1trol!ed_QL_God or by satan, the Forces of Evil have progressively increased their efforts ta control the minds of men and at the same time destroy their souls. Ir Satan' s agents are ta win their cause it 1S essential. The methods they use today are the result of much accumulated experience, much thinking, much planning and support of the devil Vitn fJ arroT his wÜe and cunningness. There is no science that has been deve loped ta a .,great..e.r degree than that of controlling, of subverting the minds of men, for ta no ( other science has there been applied iU~ concentrated . effort. Christianity, morality, love of country, national ­ iSm, patriotism, freedom--all desirable attributes that 1 stem from the love of Gad and the teachings of the Son of t...GQ.Q must b~ Aestr0l::..d or replaced Vi th a ttl'ibutes of v evil. In {1e las! phrase in ihe previous sentence lies t1le secret, subtle plan of attack of Satan's Forces. It is by means of substitution that they are trying ta destroy Christim1ity rn=the main. They do not resort ta frontal or direct attack unless they feel the pre ­ liminary groundwork has been laid and when they can fee l reasonably sure of success, or when they are in ( co lete control of . m out forcihfy any possible resistance. The method of direct a . ack and physical destruction of the property and personnel of the Church has been used in al! of the states countries where the governments are under the1r control. orlll - - However, the devil 1s far tao smart, tao subtle ta -121­
  • 128. bUil? up a resista nce agains t his plans where he is not ( yet ln co~ e contro l. Chrisr r-anity and morals are so closel y linked tb­ gether that you cannot attack one wi thout attack ing the o~her. The destru ction of Ch ri stiani ty in a countr y wUI eventu ally and most assure dly lead to a decay in t morals and vice versa. Theref ore, we have the alI-ou effor t on the part of aIl Satan' s minion s ta try ta promo te moral deaay, moral degene racy. Their attack to achiev e that goal is on all frontS , but as any smart , they are concen trating their effort s on tnemo st ( farmer fertil e. the most prod~~tive grou nd-- ou~U le destru ction of Youth means the eventu al destru ction of aIl, the ~~ achiey ement of their goal. ~ Di vfdô% ary ta~tJ-cs are anothe r and very aU OfJJ impor­ tant par of helr p ans. If they can occupy man' s though ts, plans, dreams and efrnre S ta the accumu ­ 'laUon of thngs maten al Ctlïe dollar , positi on. hOnor , recogll l hon, fame) , he will have l i tt1e time 1eft for any thinki ng on thinl?$ spi ri tuaI, religi on. Jesus O1rist will be virtua lly crowded into the discar d. -::!!> Anothe r very import ant divisio nary tactic for those who are not entice d by the above mentio ned enough to Èe­ ­ come comple tely immersed, they have pr.Qffioted a great in l terest iU sQQrts and enterta inmen t, baseba ll, footba ll, basket ball. fishin g, huntin g, shows, radio and TV. AIl of those thin ~re aIl right in their places . e AIl people need relaxa tion and divers ion from the routin of a streno us work day, but when those things beco ~o s mind occupy ing and impor tant as to occupy aIl of man' thinkÎ ng and intere st, th en the divers ion has beçome a subver sion. SJ.ch a preocc upied person ha~nQ tim~ for thinki ng of those things which mean freedom . AlI of those things for which our forefa thers, father s, brothe rs and sons have fought 01 away wi thout a re~i- zation of wh p is too late. '!bat ­ i s bat has been happen ing and what i s happel llng even to day. Just as the pickpo cket takes. advant age of your at­ tentio n being foyuse d on someth ing to st~al your purse or watch, so alsôl do the subve mves, the Forces of the Invisi ble Hand of Satan take advant age of Y0}lr focuse d attent ion or preocc upatio n wi th someth ing of inco~se- uençe to steal from you someth ing much more preCIOUS than your purse or your watch. ~!lr Freedom, your ~ ll of li te. is inuch more precio us, but fr:edom can onfy be mainta ined at the cost of eterna l vigl1!! pce and sbould -122 ­
  • 129. only be for those who are willing to sacri fi ce for i t fight for i t, guard i t and maintain that vigil neces: sary to keep i t. Do you deser.,ye i t, or are you one of th ese human parasites who wot1"!O depend"" 011 Soméon e eIse to do your Sbare? The spreading of the su~versive poison aimed at destroying nationalism, patriotism and love of country fias been carried on 11'1 th the slyness or tHe Ser en t thro~g a me l.ums, propa a an »es, slanted and dlstorted texts to be used ln our schools, in maga­ zines, newspapers and on radio, television and movies. Our newspapers and radïO,"" TV newscasts have become instruments more for the spreading of propaganda than for the spreading of the trutTî i1i news tep6rfs. News re­ l ports are prepared in the offices gf the çontrolled press services and released"as news-and then tramea hetlis­ 1 c~s give their slanted analysis of the reports.1Q control the minds andtli1ïïlITng of the public who, ei ther too lazy or too preoccupied to do their own thinkin g, accept as gospel those things which the Hidden Evil F'drces want them to believe. How weIl this program of propaganda and slanted - news has done its job is indiaated by the fact tfiat many - of our Catholic papers are also following their Une. l just recently read an editorial in our own Catholic diocesan newspaper in which this world situation was blamed partlY on the crime Qf Nationalism. ~ben Nat­ r( ionalism becomes a crime then we have really traveled a long way clown the drain. Nationalism according to ther dictïonary means aevotion to national interest or ( national unity and independence, aiso zealous patriotism. )j You can see how faI- we have traveféd(;"n the road towarQ. al - One '()rld controUed government, when a Catholic news­ paper pri~ts an .:~i tor(~diCa!ing, that ~e~o~ion to lilnational InTefeSts ornatIQnartllltY lS a cnme ortfïat zeilOUSJ"latriotism is a crime. 'hat i§""'Clre answer?----ooès th s edi tor have a ëI!Tfë"rent dictionary or is he just following the line of those who condemn and calI an isolationist, a term which in -the usage of tfieuIie WorldètS li. . beCOIlle a di[t~o~demn;if'on ro ne 1 (( applied to anyone who dares to put the Interests of Our Country and _out Q'Wil-peoRle abead of the ambi tion's of t1ie One Yobrlders? We should aIl be on our knees thanking God for the activities and the resistance that have been of­ e fe,red to the plot for wor Id con troi by t.hose to whom t~ s ep1thet has been applied, ~~~_~éaQY_havebeen -123­
  • 130. destrQY.ê,.d. Thank God sincerely for the fact that there are still those in this country who don' t think Nationa ­ lism is a crime. If it were not for Nationalism, this country ) [ '.muI d not b' in " i st,n" ted". Th ,r~ i s on]y one "'n ­ .... tion greater in the hearts of men and m IV h than love of oU!1 ry and t a I s ove of God. Both bring !orth that which is best in maN. wr cannot condëmn I( patriotism or lo~ of Country Wl thout condemning or be- Iifi'liog aU of =à.sJLwffiûîave given their lives, wnose {I blood has soaked the soil in aIl parts of the world in sacrifice. ­ The subversion of our educational system bas been very su6 € l e and graduaI; in fact so subtIe and graduaI that many good Ameritans in the teaëhlng Hela have Mt e reco e 1 a. ,as consls e a su vert ­ ing and coverlng up historical truths. There are many acti ve Commes ln Our school system, as weIl as many Lef~1 Wing dupes who subscribe to the same idiotie idealogles,JN but who would be much insulted if thgy were to be called what thgy actually are. The policy has bee~ to very gradually beli tUe good 1 Americans and American Institutions, and at the same time 1 always hold the U.N. and One World policies up in a very favorable light. Geoue Washington, the Father of our Country. is not portrâYêd as the hem that he actually Il 'vq' was, but while he hasn' t actually been held up to ridi­ cu],e, his deeds have been be.li tt;led and made to appear (( of much less importance. 'DIe same has beeo done wi th aIl National Heroes, except One WôrIders of recent vmtage. They have been he1d up as a bngbt âba snÜl1ng éXâlfi'ple for our young. l have yet to read anything that portrays Franklin Delano Roosevelt as ~thing other th an a ~reat saviol' of bis Country. Alger HISS, the spy and tral tor, 1 1 has even been treâted witn great respect. The Amencan LeglOn has held an ï.llvestigation of the acti vi ties of UNESCO, that agency of the Uni ted Nations which Vas set up for the purpose of infil trating and sub verting our schools~ . IL'.a~L..c.Qndemned by them at thea NillQ..nal Convention. As expected, the ~me.ri.can Leg~n ) H has beeo neld up for much ridi.cule and cn tlclsm because of their action. The implication has been made that J tlïose who foUght. ~l?r the~r country have neither the braiIlS nor the ablllty to Judge. Our Catholic s~hools, to a somewhat 1esser degree perhaps. have been subjected to the same subversion. -124­
  • 131. II/~ -12 5-
  • 132. those who write up their ...articles. in their professional magazines, articles on which they are basing their op­ inions. Mlen a doctor or a deptj st disregards aIl of his IC" former teaching to the extent that he will recommend the < takin in fois n which he knows a umulates he ~ s.}'s em or t of reventin of too "1 ecay. then ...... ~st be one of three things--he is either a subver­ si ve or a trai tor who is actll.ely_tLY.ing to destroy us; a poor, misled dupe who is allowing himself to be used for that purpose; or el se he himself has already absorbed so much of the poison that i t has already affected his ability to think. ",hen the average Intelligent QJOtients of our high sohooI students show a de"ded d;dina, and when thosa tioys lnducted ln to our Army show an average 1. Q. of a l Jtwelve year old. i§n' t iL.t!me to b~girÏ to wonder what sorne of the reasonli-are? "DestructioQ of ~dS" - was gi ven in the Revela ­ tions as early as Marc 2, 1951, Lent of 1951 and the ( ev_idence of that de_~~ruction becomes clearer by ~. -126 ­
  • 133. XX 1 INTELLECTUAL PRIDE Knowl edge and the abi li ty to absorb knowl edge are ho of Gad'~. great gi fts to man. Th~i ty ta absorb k~owl:dge l1ke aIl other God given talents has not been dlstnbuted in equal amount to aIl of us. That intel ­ lectual capacity may be to those who receive i t either a bles~,ing or a curse, depending on whet~.!!" i t is used/ for Gad s greater Honor and Glory or whether-lrr-s-TISed contrary to the teachIi1gs of ôUr kord anctMaster. Many 1. l of the greatest int~lectu"â1s wh.O-.have ever.:..tr".od tiie/lf 1 earth are spending eterni ty in h el 1. Gad expected az:ë: turn from the talent He gave them in the fom ofgood .L... works. &>me Ume agO l hea[d sorne Priests belittle another Priest, whom they considered l'las not quite as smart as ~hey. He also had a speech deficiency. This belit­ tled Priest l'las, l am sure, doing much more with the ( tools God gave him than were the beI1ttlers. l am sure /(bd l'laS getting much more return on t~,e talents invested in him than he was from the others. 1 Gad does not expect the same return from those of a few talents as he does from those of many. H~~o ' l?~s himself in admiration of his own inteIlectual capa ­ I( city has truly lost himself. It would be far better for tilm had he been born an imbecile. 1 t h as been saiel th at i t i s h arder for ari ch "man to get into Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. That is true bec811se Gad expects ~-I turns from a man in prol.l.ortion ta his worldly goods. Most rich men ecome sa aIl absorbed in thêir worldly r( possessions and th-Lfll [ther accumulation 0 mali hat they forget Him who is the source of aIl worldly wealth. the possessions given by God become God, and man wor ­ ships at the feet of an empty idol. In like manner a man who becomes gui!j.Y of intel­ lectual pride is guilty of sel..L.Jro-r.§Èip, guiltyof J'e". -127 ­
  • 134. worshipping that which is a gift of God rather than God HiDlS elt, a gift which can be taken away by God as easily as i t was gi ven. "( '!bere are many more of the Saints in Heaven who ~ were simple souls than of those who were intellectuals and seho lars wh en on earth. No man evel' reached Heaven on the basis of an I.Q. test, so when a man becomes guilty of Intellectual Pride, he is also worshipping an ~ty idol, a veÏy worthless emp!.L.idQl. The more contacts l have wi th graduates from the~ ~urpos.IY 'et~.l 1 so-called institutiUll..S.--Qf hi~rtrrng "The more con­ vificea 1 Secome that our educatlonai system oas been ,obv.n,a to produe, acl." of 1 nt,ll 1"~~c%"hPoo[Js, and l am very sarry ta ~ must 1në1us!.e in t is category sorne of thQ...se who come ou.t..Q.LJ.he Seminanes as Clergy--Catholic and Pr~tant. Ir there is anything on earth that an education should do for a person it is t~~_lltlJL_~w 11 ttle he knows. He has had a chance to swim in a vast ocean of knowledge and should realize that w~le he can s'faIlo. or abso.rJL1s... tr.n1y infini tesimal. 1n ­ stead of his being aIl swelled up wi th lntellectual onde over wnat he knows, he should be filled "ith deep ~u­ mility. reverence and respect for that èLlcb he dO~Lnot kno.... lie should be filÏed with a déep bumiliJ:L.and r( --- remence for the source of a11 Imowl edge-- ~d Almi@ty. -128 ­
  • 135. XXII S POT S o N THE SUN Our Lady has said, "There will be signs given in the skies" and also "There have been signs given, but you ignore them.ft Science has become the Gad of many of our supposedlY learned men. Because science has become their Gad, they feel that they must find or rather give a natural ex­ planation for every phenomenon that occurs. They re­ fuse to accept the fact that it is God who controls na ture. They refuse to concede how small, how puny and insignificant have been the results of their efforts to combat nature. With aIl of their scientific brains and the development of their scientific instruments, they have not yet even qualified themselves to get into kin­ dergarten, much less been graduated from it. Their great intellectual pride demands of them that they give a scientific explanationfor any great phenomenon that oc­ curs, an explanation based on pure theory and fantas­ tic thinking or plain wild imagination. pride will not permit them ta admit that their false Gad, science, cannot give an answer and that the only answer cauld come from our true God who controls and who possesses, who is aIl knowledge. Just as a doctor, who 1s unable to diagnose a case retreats behind the screen of medical jargon to coyer his inability, so also is it with the exceedingly brilliant answer to aIl problems beyond their ken. Yes, 1 imagine by now you have already guessed: ·Spots on the Sun. ft On the night of June 30, 1957, 1 helped Mary Ann ta the spot as we had been daing since the 16th af June each night at nine o'clock, Central standard time. On this even in g as 1 supported her wh ile she crawled but, 1 noticed a display of Northern Lights. 1 have always lived in Wisconsin, and 50 during the period of my life 1 have witnessed many, mag~~s~lays of Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. -129­
  • 136. While we were at the spot this developed into the ~ost remarkable and the most beautiful display that l have ever witnessed. To calI them Northern Lights was in this instance very definitely a misnomer, for in this in~tance the lights came up fromall around the norTZOn on ~n sldes. Tl1ëyaÙ converged as a huge dome right ahove the trees and the spot w ~ n was kneeling and where the rest of us were st.andi-n-g. - - ­ The awesome beauty of the scene was beyond the ~wer of words to describe. The beautiful shimmering streakS of light converged to form the lU:eat dame of God':c; own cathedral. Th_e hu~eness. the magnÜTcaiice. ( the awesomeness, the glory~e beauty--beauty suël'i as on_!LJ.!1e Hand of GoJLQ.Quld crea1-e-.1i-as~verywhere--:-­ When, after viewing this awesome heavenly beauty for a while. l had a feeling of unreality. for certainly such a display couldn' t be natural. l loo~d for real ­ r ity in my surroundings. l could not find i t there ei ther, for these beautiful shimmering ~ts reflected from eve!:): abject giving aU a soft. etheral beauty; .this was sa even of the old rickety. half torn down barn. This was true even more of those abjects such as the trees that possessed certain natural beauty of their '( own, a11 were clothed in this same wond~Iously beauti ­ fuI, soft shlmmering light. My eyes, however, as if someone else controlled them were always pulled bac_~~~ ~~e gx~~~r beauty in the sky. MafY--Ann stayed out until lO:45pm, and l ( watclîed the great spectacleuntil then. Whlle at the Sacred Spot in commenting on the beauty ,/ Mary Ann said, "When the sky is like t~ an_JLiLl&-Led. that is the sign." The Slgn of what? The sign of the beginning of a great period of persecution, of strife, of bloodshed, of horror. of man's inhumanity ta man, of the forces of nature already upset, vis~ting punishment and destruction u~on man, visited upon man according ta God' s Will. in punishment for man' s sins and man' s re ­ fusaI ta fo11ow God' s teachings. The next day after this great display. one radio { commentator made brief mention of the Aurora Borealis ( display of the night before and said the scientists had attributed it to--what? Just guess. Spots 00 the sun! On the night of September 4. 19~ l helped Mary Ann crawl out to the Sacred""S'pÔt at about 8 o'clQck Central Standard time. As l was helping h~r to the Spot. l noticed inst a trace of Northern Lights, a few sjJeaks -130­
  • 137. of flashing light in the Northern sky. None who l'lere present l am sure expected to see the heavenly display that l'le l'lere pennitted to see later on. The lights kept increasing in intensity and in num_J 1be, a~, creeping a'oun d until "'9 c,,",e "Ofi eve", ldIrectlOn--!'lorth, &luth, East and West, and again as on J~e 30th, aIl converg~ove the Spot.---We seemed ta be once more the center of God' s great universe, under the shimmering dome, God' § own cathedral. No l'lords can describe the awesome beaut~. No artist could paint it, 1no camera could transmit i t to film sa that man could view i t as l'le did. Slortly before 9: 30pm, Central Standard Time. the beautiful shimmering lights that fonned the dome of Gad' s r.eat outdoor cathedral. sf"arted to take on color. ~reaks of red became VISIble among the other lights and_these streaks became more and more pronounced until. instead of being unier a ~eat shimmering dome Q.f bright lig~ts!..... l'le l'lere 1.:!"'1dJ~.I:.-a4r.e.aL_shiJnmen.ng_do~ight, varying in color from blood red ta near violet. Here wo-rds fail me, for i t Vas not only the beauty bu.:L.:the porten..t._th..e meaniJlg of it, that added to the awe, to the feelings of those who witnessed. Sorne of those 1 present expressed fear; others l'lere sa taken up wIth the beauty of Gad' s great spectacle that they could only munnur in reverence and wonder. l do no t know Just how many l'lere present at the Spot. Sorne l'lere called by phone and came out. There must have been at least 15 or 16 people who witnessed the great phenomenon at the Spot. How many saw i t from a distafiCë" and how i t appeared to them of course l do not ktïow. - ~ ---- On ce again l h eard news commen t on th e Aurora Borealis, and again the same old answer which science uses to answer the unexplainablenSpots on the~un. On Thursday, September 12. 1957 l'le l'lere at the Sac­ red Spot from 8 ta 10pm, Central Standard Time, as usua~ of late. hile at the Spot Mary Arrn w~s shown in vi2!..0n 'a base or stand, and on i t revol ving very slowly a globe lrepresen~the wQLld. This globe showed portions of the world covered l'Ii th red: "The area around the Suez, the whole Middle ~d)l Mediterranean area are rJtii. covering NQJ:.th._Africa, Fr~nce. Spain. part of Gennany, Italy. Greece and Turkey. Hl'e center part of the uni ted Sfatesi s red, not real red, but. shows some red. En~and-rsa1-rred; Cuba is -131 ­
  • 138. red; parts in Mexico around Mexico City are red. The I}RU~si an area isn' t real red. l t' s rose colored, ex~ aro!!nd the Sea of Okhotsk. Po n;o sai s reëI; .ra:pa:n- ha s dark streaks of red. " At about nine 0' clock, Central Standard time, great red spots appeared, first in the East around thé l moon, and then other places. The whole s9: became r,gd, but it seemed most pronounced in the East and in the West. There Vere no shimmering strea~ there hact been on September 4th, just blooa recl sk.Y. l do not know if thi s was visible from any other JUPlace or not. l have as yet h.-elUJLno c.Q11lI!U!nt._ If l do h~a scientific exprâfiation, l know what it w~-­ Spots on the sun! These further Revelations bear out the previous warning gi ven: September 13, 1957 - "The segregati~n busin~s terrible. No wonder i t showed aIl red in the center of o~ntry.· September 15, 1957 - "Fires, storms and destruc­ tion on the rampage again. " NOTE: HURRIC"NE ESTHER JUST MOVING IN ON LOUISJ"N" CO" ST. "Much of our Work that has been gi ven in the past is coming true now. It is close to the climax.· -132­
  • 139. XXII l REVELATIONS GIVEN ON FRIDAYS OF LENT The Revelations given during the TInee Hours of SUf- ferin g. on the Fridays of Lent are of such great irnpgr- tance ln what they reveal and in the warnings they con- tain that l will use quotations frorn them and enlarge up- on thern sornewhat for your better understanding. 1his en- ( largerne~t, based on the knowledge gained through previous RevelatlOns, should help you and ·rnake it easier for you. l"ri day , March 8, 1957: (12: 19) "Your Press does not print the truth concerning the Canal. You are being rnis- led. nO ur Lady' s ReQuests are not h eeded. "In sorne places rnuch is done and accompli shed; in others sel.L.glorification, s~lf_..'!tlJ.l enters into the picture. &:Irne Churches have great devotions ta Our Lady, sorne Churches have very few. Sorne places the Black Rosary was very successful, great devotion; in rnapy-it tha;t.!!rned into a "Kaffee Klat~t is callëd; gos- JI sip instead of only prayer. No luncheons, no parti es, only praygr. That is why sorne Pri ests rather the Black ') Rosary not be started, for it is bad for the parish when thi~hap.p.ens.-f-or_satan doesnOfSTeep:--satan cares not JI ~orn he use~to lull those that are feebly trying ta do Our Laayrs-Wort, ~eep. The rnind is wiIiing, the flesh is weak. Heed Our Lady's Message, sacnhce, ) pen an ce, the Sacraments freQuently. Our Lady is in tears. There is no JOY or happiness in Our Lady' s Heart now, for they heed not Her Pleas. It is sad ta see the tears rolling down OUr Blessed Mother' s beautiful face, but Her children heed He: not. As the M~ssa?e Saidll in 1950, when_it Wik~ ~am, ~t it lYi:U:Fé tao late. Yes, ~ill saon be tao la~too late for many ~s: ---- "We are now in the Blessed Mother' s Firth Siege, for the sins have increa,sed iostead of decreased. The cleanup of books, schools, theatres, recreation for youth -133-
  • 140. has not been fulfilled. Fulfill the 1950 Message. Un ­ l~bat-~ fulfilled you cannot expect Our Lady to dO it for us. It must JllL..Qone. by the . ­ ([ tude that stood ând heard the words, thJ;:m. here are they? You' re being 1ul1~Y baby. WAKE UPI WAKE UPl" NOTE: MARY ANN W"S SHEDD ING TEARS DUR ING TH 1 S PERIOD OF TALKING. -134­
  • 141. XXI V SATAN' S OWN CHAIN OF COMMAND In the many books and a t' l . activities of Satan' s F r I c es wntten exposing the orces many tems and names h been used, aU referring to the same thin Th' ave no doubt created confusion in the . d g. lS. has people In f t mIn s of vanous referring t ac, so~e peop~e have written whole books . 0 a certaIn partlcular group as being res rt :~:l~;e f~r the whole world situation when in fact the; li part 01 Elie group, a subsidiary so to speak In my o,wn poor way 1 am going to try to trace for' you the chaIn of command of the Forces of Satan and h~pe l can clardy ln yaur minci ta a degree any c~nfu- s~on you may have had. l f you have been confused in) ~, it is because this"huge, many-armed monstrous creation of Satan was designed by him with aIl of his ( ur se. c un n i n~ e s s an d wi l e f 0 c.i-u s t th a t R D..P A go 0 d magician can stand in front of an audiertce and pull sane very amazing tricks that defy detection. He has but two hands to watch. The monstrous, many handed creation of Satan can then most certainlLPractice l..egpmemai.O th.at 1V0~ld defy ~~tiQ!!-E1l-d creater§reat confusion. So..!J$.­ times to add to the further con USlon, tne various anns 0f'_tlle-s e monster are mad.e a ëar tobêfit· ng each other, but should any force try to step between and t 1prevent the fight, he would be apt to find himself in the clutchesof all of them. (1)- Satan him~lf is the supr~me Hea? of aIl the Evil Force~e is the schemer, connIver, 11 ar and plan­ ner. It is he who would control or destroy the world. I t is he as the enemy of God andof Jesus Christ who would destroy the Christian Religion, destroy the Christians. HUs..ibe serpen.tJ1.los e head Our Lady will eventuaUY crush wi th Her Heel. - ~Th.e SJpreme Grand Master of th: World, the Head of ~ism, the mention of whose nam~ls~d always has been punishable J'ii death. The first SJ[lLeme Grand ~ster -- -------- -135­
  • 142. of the 'tbrld Zionism was King SolO!llQn who reigned ver 900 years betore the Ume of dînst~-Since t~ of llSolomon there has always been a Suprane Grand-MâS~of ~~e so-calleiL~~arned EIders of Zion in constant succes­ SIon. - <ID - Under the Supreme Grand Master are the otner Grand ;'Ylasters, one in each m~or countr;y of the world, and otners who may be over a section comprising several minaI' countries. AU are under the absolute rule of the Supreme Grand Master, subj ect to the pain of death for disobedience. ([)- Under these Grand Masters are the Learned EI­ ders of Zion, comprising in number 300 (400 now) each of whom is known ta the l'est of the body, but who are not Iknown generally éven to the Jews or the rrcrs, th~wn l pe.QQJ.Tâ:noove"r whom they main tain absolute contro l, absolute power of life and death. - Among fli""e"th-r"e;-hunct;ed are the 1 eaders in each field of endeavor. ~ _ ThëMOney Changers, the l ernational Bankers who control tIie worId inances, w 0 control the Go , who maintain an absolute stranglehold on the finances of every nation, includi~r~ They can-make busi­ n~Jg:osperity, 1iieY ~an make depr_e~s"sionand-c.reate panic wi th aU of i t'3 associated horrors and human suf­ ferings. They can create war, revolution, bloodshed and horror of aIl kinds."-·-~~an build up nations.theY can tear them ~and destroy them according to tnerr-own whims. They have. - TheyêOmprise the most powerful sin­ gle arm of that huge Satanic Monster. (11_ The huge industrialists of the worlà comprise anather of the anns of the Monster. They control the materials of the world. They manufacture the weapons of destruction, the arms, the ammuni tien, the supplies. They manufacture and control the melli1S of distribution and communication, airl:i.nes, ships, railroaàs, cars and trucks, radio, telephone, telegraph, television, news­ papers, publishing houses. They control the adveE.!Jsing by means' of which they can enforce th.eir dem~ds for en­ ëlorsement0I their policies. /It- Also lù'J10ng their number ,are the greatest doc­ "tors, lawyers. poli ticians of theu race. Tbrough Hiem 8..l1d their influence and backed up in cooperation by the other arms, they have maintained a strangleholQ on mgny professions;- such as me~ andJhe asso.ciated busi­ ( fîeSSthat controls the produc!:> of medical research. all -136­
  • 143. 9ru gs ~~nes. ~ ~ NOTE: IN OUR COUNTRY THE AM;.RIC"'N MEPIC"'L AsSOCI .... "'NO THE A.~RIC"'N DRUG INOUSïRY "'RE UNOER THEIR ... BSO. LUTE CONTROL "'S "'RE THOSE DEP ... RTMENTS IN OUR GOVERN. MENT WHICH WERE SET UP TO~G~LAIE AND CONTROL THEM. THEIR L ... WYERS "'ND POLITICIANS OCCUPY KEY POSITIONS IN MOST OF THE GOVERNMENTSOF THE WORLO "'ND HIVE BEEN ABLE TO FILL MINY OF THE REST OF THE KEY POSITIONS l)'1.IH THEIR IG..ENTS AND STOQ!>ES. BOTH ,JEW AND GENTI,LE, HUI.Q.U,GH THEIR INFLUENCE "'ND THROUGH THE APPLIED PR~SS.uRE OF MONEY CONTROL. - ­ - - _ . - Among the 300 also sit sorne of the religious leaders of the Judaists, the Rabhis. They utilize ~ir po~ons as rel~ious leaders to exer~Dressure an.t.Wn- • Uuence upon the bo:ay-n.L.tlLE~ Jews, to d4:ee.; the think­ in of the comm n Jew to conform to tlre-wislies of the le,aders of-..the Zigp,Lsls. Their power an t e~0nflu- ) ence .9ver their lleoEle is, as would be expected, ~ great. - - Through the power and influence of these leaders of Zionism, J~ws and their Agents have invaded eyery fÏ;;eld JI endeayor and been raised to positions of power and res­ (( t1iI1~ilitY, posUio.ns. o.f great influellce in ewy This is true in our country, the Uni ted states of 1 America. .It is just as true in every other nat~Q.!L.?f ( consequence in the world. ~ Under-the absolute èOfltrol of the previouslY m~n­ tioned ~rc~y of Salan and serving also as anus of that most power ul Monster of the Devil, are the follow­ ing groups of organizations, societies and fronis: ~~ .~- Communism. Communism is but one of theanns of the Monster~ is but an appenàage, su!liect to the head, nurtured by the body. Tt serves as a front b~nd which the head can operate without dete~tion. ~ c-­ ~ created by the head of the monster to serve that pUI-pose. For those who think Atheistic Communism is our main en­ emy, let me remind them that though its complete destruc­ tion woul_d be pain fuI to the Monster, a~ 2YQ..uld the loss of one-of your arms, it would not be fatal. Many of hose who are of- the body-.-QLt!le Mouster and even tho se of the head a~gre~~~~the sion of many by pro­ fessing ta be ac Ive enemies of_and strong flghters If: against the1r(;-;n creation. CalI i t shadow boxing or whatever you will, bgt no one gets hurt anaw~aIl the -137­
  • 144. ) fan lnto each otilers' fighi~ng is over and the fighters retire from view, they ams and laugh in glee at theWa.v 1the people have been fo01m:1"'"".---.....:..~--=---~~.;;. Communis m belongs to the Zionists. They own i t they control it, they support it, _!Jl.m'. use it for thei~ j own purpose. It is their tool, their am. It has ser­ ved them very weIl and for that they love it. 1'lléYlOve. lt, but at the same time would like to make it out to be . a bastard by denying i t paternity. The relationship, however, and the family resemblance i s t ro great for their denial ta be effective. Tao many Communists are Jews and toonlaliy of the Jews Cbmmunists. Yes, Communism iii,our enemy. There is no doubt about that, but those who think that Communism is our main enemy are fighting the horse and not the rider. . ­ --~- Freemasonry. Another ve!:.Y-llO.J'LeI.fiÜ..Jl.r..m of Satan' s Monster is Freemasonry. It is by meansof the Secret Societies and Associated Orders of Freemasonry th~~much o_f ~_.Work has been as;complished. The Masons daim that the origin of their organization dates back 900 years before the time of Christ. That very weIl fits the picture, for i t certainly ties the originof Masonry to those who did originate i t. It ori ginated with zionISm. Howelse migh't l agIt could its!1Tstory have been traced back, for history other than that of the Bible was very seanty previous to about 500 years before Christ? Certainly nothing could have been traced through i t. The signs and symbols us ed in-Masonry_are ( aIl Jewi sh. ThroughQ1ason..r;ïJman y Gentiles have been forced or enticed to dôme dêstructiàDOf the Monster. M~O have professe9 themse1ves as Christians have done tbe l '.Vd1'K o-rt11.~ave aideâ and abetted thos0~bo we're trying ta destroy that i... berrev-e~:" NOTE: lns lan ty. . ch they pr:"ofess t REFER TO THE CH"'PTER ON POPE PIUS IN THE WORK GIVEN TO US FROM HE"'VEN THROUGH IX "'S GIVEN ALEX",NDER 1 Il Particularly from the middle of the 18th Century on, the members of Satan' s Synagogue organized and promoted the organization of(Masonic Societîesf'and then maintained control and directed fhelr activltles. These activities were directed largely against Christianity and particu­ larly the Catholic Church. . "The Grand Master, l shouldn' t speak of hm, but you know' who l mean, i s in the United States right now, Hank. - Something big is up with the Yids. l ~t mean the -138­
  • 145. 1· tle Masters. l mean the Grand Master, the one Wl!0Se name l don' SP8_ e s ln fëlJÏil ted States. 'l'fiey are going ta have a consultation at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, Hank. There' s going ta b e a big banquet there tonight, Hank, at 6 0' clock Eastern Standard time The Grand MasrêTIs here along wi th the Masters of many' dother countries. How e-an~-g..et-.in..--an.G-QlJt sa easy IlHa.nk? Our people are asleep. They don' t wake up. Abb~ Ebban is going ta be among them. What' s going on is terrible, but people still won't believe it. Their theme song is still, i t can' t happen here. n NOTE: THIS WAS WRITTEN JUST AS GIVEN IN THE WORK ON FRIDAY. APRIL 12. 1957. One of the terms often used and one that was used often by Alexander in his work was JiU,lJ,llst. The dictionary definition: In poli tics (a) the doctrine that aIl social, poli­ tical and economic institutions must he completely des­ ~ in arder ta make way for new institutrOns. (b) A movement in Russia (1860-1917) which advocated ( such revolutionary reform and attempted.through the use oGame terrorism and assassination to achieve it. A Nihilist is an advocate of any form of phi1oso­ phical nihilism. -­ Certain1y aIl of Satan' s Forces subscribe ta the po] j c~Qf nihil!§m and app1y its principles wherever i t is possible. The te:nn if not strictly synonymous is most certain1y descriptive of the activities of the Serpent. .'-._..- Another organization on which some writers have blamed the whole world situation i s the Illuminati. The Illumin ati of whi ch tho se wri ters speak i s by dictionary de"finition: The members of an anti-clerical dei stic, republican soci ety founded in 1776 by Adam Wei shaupt, prof essor of Lalv âC Ingolstadt in Bavari a. It l'las suppressed by the 3avarian government in 1785. Here again we have an organization, which as a secret order of Masonry was formed by one a f Satan' s minions to promote for the destruction of Chris~y. Ad'3i1liieishaupt served as the right hand man, th..ê.....ll..rst lieutenant of olLAmsch~8.Lêr, the paternal founder of ti18"Roth;childs family and fortunes. There is no question but What the Order of the ~1­ 1umillati has contrîbut~d much to wor1d chaos, revolutlon and disorder, but to pick them as those solel! r:spon­ sible is as foo1ish as to give Number One bl11lng ta -139­
  • 146. Commun i sm. The.r~e but membe rs of ::moth er organ izatio n or fIQllt behind l'hief! the rea1..-S.er-p..eIJ.t can hide. . A~ l of thi s work has put the finger on those that 6 ar:- gU~l ty. Be(;<1use those Porces of Satan are Jews up made as Jf 111~manl~ of Jews. IVe must avoid judgin g aIl belng gU1Ity . It would be very unChr istian to do so A friend of min~ who had gotten hold of sorne lit~ eratur e l'illich eXDo~ed the actiy ities of the big sub­ versiv e Jews in the great i'orld e.lot came ta me TI a troubl ed frame of mind. nI cannot believ e, he said, ft n~~at the Jews are resp-9 nsibJe for...-tlï:ë..s~côi1di­ ~ for ~lot to destro y us Chris tians. i y, sorne of my best frien sare e(3. avean -eighb or who is a Jew, and who is the first one Iwould go ta if l l'lere in troubl e. In fact, he has proven that he 1V0uld help me out when sorne of my Chris tian friend s turned me down cold. hat should l do about him?" Perhap s the answer l gave to him may also answer sorne questio ns in your minds. Contin ue to love him as you do, for he has proven himsel f more IVorthy of that love than have others . Cer­ tainly becaus e there are Jew crimin: tl.s daes not mean "that aU Jews are crimin als. If that l'lere sa then al! races of people 1'I0uld have ta be condem ned, for there are crimin als in aIl races. Rernember he i s nonië; rerêSP Qn­ sible for what isJbei ng done by the sJJbye rsiye ~w leader s than you are respon sible for what is being done bY'thè State Depar tment of the United States . ~ Jews are good, patrio tic Americ an citize ns. Many have .iV,n their lives ',n defens e of ~~':.. Countr y. They will s as ~ly ( be destro yed by th~~ctlon of thea leader ~ as-anY --O-L.t h..e_r.ê t of us' will. Many of tham have a1­ .rea been destro yed by thos e same leader s to sati sfy . thair thirst for Qower, t eH gr.e.ed. IVIany more will be ( d(!'!'l''bojed b~ i;;':H3 pudia te and refuse tG folIow thatle aderS !îip. '~h~ Wilë J!vft""P 6rces unless the Jews 1'0­ are I~] not crimin als becaus e they are Jews. They are_cr~ls e (h..fY JJ,Le evil, becaus e thg:Llla~.-tl1rawn in wi th ) / be.Q..aJls l Satan and are follow ing hj s dictat es. of ~1he re are many Jews who have thrown off the yake that l;-de i . Those Jews who have thrown off € f iat Al'I(" yoke have been subjec e 0 more VIClOU S persec u Ion and~~' destru ctIon by that ieader shlp thâh have any GentIl es. TIie maln.....oodY of CLtè Jews wul aH face Ebat destru rnon s and share ln the punish ment of cheH ctii'hir tltî Ieâëler -140 ­
  • 147. .--::."'::> IwJeSS they themselves destr If they do not destroy that evi1 l~adership will destroy them. -141­
  • 148. xxv PAR ALLELS In ~u~sia ~any of@-e-.-wbles and aristocra~were weIl satlsf1ed Wlth the old ways, wi th conditIons as they had been under Peter the Great. They felt that if the candi tians of the common people were improved that there would be a lessening of their prestige and power. The,y therefore ei ther openly or behind the SCelles condonedthe r.eYo1ntjQgari es and in some cases cren gave theîii'"""Sup­ p~. POOl' b1ind fools that the were, 1ittle did they suspect that the fi l'st thing that ~uld happen when the l/revo1utionaries taok over would be to put an end to their ttw8J' of life and in Many instances t~. We have an exact parallel in thi s country wi th thos e trai tors and subversi ves who are p 1aying th e devi1' s game wi th those Internationa1ists, promoters of the devi1' s U.N. They, a1so pOOl' blind fools, cannat seern to realize that for them to_win is to 10,3e, that they are promotingtheir Olln downfall, along with that of their country, that should they succeed in what they are trying to do that they will be the first to be eliminated from the picture. They can' t sean ta see the parallels that have taken place back through history, to 1see that they are sawing oJf ~he ~eq_br~~h~t they lare sitting on, and thereby prollloting their own downfall. You will find many of them listed in the pages of this book, and there are Many thousands more. Many are al­ reacty in hell as trai tors to God and COuntry, and Many more are now writing their oWO tickets, and they can't and don' t take i t wi th them whatever they have hoped to gain, be i t wea1th or power. THE DEVIL SPEAKS THE TRUTH The devil i5 } ies i tself and the father of lies, b~ he bas bem known ta speak the truth. 1 On June 14th, Pl:!:!Oe. ~e, as we have called h im, and );.2.' of whom l have written ./ ln he story on the devils, was in a very braggin g and boastfu1 DIOod. He laughed and said -142­
  • 149. he called himself Israel Moses; also called himself King lOf the Jews. He bragged about being one of the Learned EIders. He alsobragged alX>ut the work tflat he and Dis- I I~aeIL another EIder! Benny, he called him, had acêOm­ jplished together. Hebraggea::-àn:ne---.tact~the had plotted th.~ death of Abraham Lincoln and thaf-it was becau_se_o,! thRa~t thacq:-E~~ad f.reed the Slaves)t'I and al sQ.Jle,cause 0 Lwh..a.L.S ee.M.:ed 'IllOLUmPortant to him, ( ~nout of the hands t~~ th~fl!!anc~~Q.fBankers. st"iŒëS had planned to of the Intern1W,gnal the unT.!edIJ· ) - - He also bragged Of ilie fact that(ÂiexanderIID of l~ Russia had tried the same thing to free tlnr-Së-rfS1lîiéf al ­ '( so to take the finances out of the Interuatï"ônal13"aii1t-) ( en;' bands. - He bragged that Christianity would be destroyed, that the evE fOKe-s were wlllnlng and tha1.. we faced the same rate as Russi a. .. _", IVe know of the truth of his statements because other revelations have barn them out. The boasting--2L the dev:iJ.-,J.!.~e !:.ace, who was in ( UL~~i Isra~J Mo ê..'? s, ~s ~()astÎIig of bein.g o~~f the EIders and of the fact-tnat Benj amiu Disraeli Z ( ?Jlo~--:--pro~J.aÏJJled J~Y 'prune Face to beone oitiïeE-l­ l ders and of the part played by themin flie'-stOf.Y' of thclr own plotting and intri ue certainly be)) th- . k in definite t ing the Protocol ta the Jews. rhe Jews have long crie min e Pra ­ tocols to e orgenes and disownin an ccnnection l1 wi th t em, an or a cel' ain y can' t lame However, if the plans contained in the Protocols of the Learned EIders of Zion did flot originate with the Jews, then they have done a remarkabl ~ job in em. promoting plays' stolen from strftleone eise. T e pTâhs e more a 0 ca. en wri tten by - _._-­ undoubtedly sat in at their wri ting, e - -143 ­
  • 150. XXV l THE FRAULEIN l have already written up a report on the activities of th~ Frau~ein, a spy for....' the Communists, the Evil Forces. r.­ Here lS a ~l tUe report on ner rëëëiit actîvities. if-Just shows how Important are the warnings gi ven us from Heaven. It al~o shows how freeLY these spies can enter our Country, can clrculate about and accomplish their work, what little protecticn we have agairn t than and their acti vi ties. The Fraulein landed at §.§l Francisco on Friday the 12th of April, 1957. She immediatelY proceeded to San Qiego where she met with two men and a lYoman. They had"8. conferEnce and exchangOO-Jio.l!le~ion. - After this conference the Fraulein accanpanied by this woman, a small woman, took a plane and flew to Chicago. In Oücago they proceeded to the Palmer H~ Hotel l..nere they met lI'i th a man and a woman. They hact a long conference to­ gether and ex~~d notes. From there they went by train and car to D~t and met a man there whom she had met there Miom sile had met before (l'ri tten up in previous 'oOrk). They had a half hour conference and the man gave her sorne {ilotographs. SJ.egâ";ë- hi~- something in a small package. From-tllere they entered a tunnel and went into ontap..o. l don' t know i f the tunnel goes into Ontario or not, as l lost them for a while, but at least they ended up in Ontario. There they met this woman Mio was shot in Duluth, Minnesota. She~ad a weasel Jooking man withjîer. Alli? a conference they returned to De~t. From Detroi t the two women took a plane to New York Ci ty mere they were met by ~lLgy,Y_l tqI9- you of 1'ôfi'g hme ago. He took them to the Hotel Haruil ton oA1ere they met Jake Arvey of Chicago and a Rabbi, and then the;y entered the hot~re there were ~.al of the Yi ci; 1 eit oyer from a me.eting of the nIgll'tbëfore. A cou le of s go wful angry .•" 'l1lere were introductions. They Vere i~troduced to six people who ~ Ilc~lIr cOlln.tQé--as.Jefug~es. They were Iaugj}lng and talkil!-g~r.tl~ul.ar~Jl.t one of their reJugees who t.:ad -144­
  • 151. gotten i;Lj Oh as il po 1j cem.~JLk'l...]ew York Ci ty. She gave papers to~strange loak:ing guy, who 100kecLlike one of thê Masters. The papers l'lere sorne she had collected àuring her othel' contacts. She was gi ven sorne papers and photos on microfilm. Everything l'las very secretiVè-abOUt these excha.nges. Sh.e Vas wearing a str!!:nge Iooking comb ] in her hair. She removeo an ornarnent from the comb,'" and slipped sorne of the microfllm lTISlde of the comb. She screwed a decoration off of her l'la tch and sI ipped sorne in -there. Then she screwëaaoŒtt-o-n off of lier suit and ----- slipped sorne inside the button. They are supposed to leave for-EaSt--Bërlin toÎnorrow. Sorne of the Grand Masters are going along. They will none of them recognize the others. ~ "Seven or eight women met there with them and re ­ C_~_.iV~c.!.}hë~r_orgers and then l'lent their ways. Th~ lVe-rellll given orders never to recognize each other should they ( ev'érmeet again. They l'lere very attracti ve YOW1g women, appeared very h igh class. They came :in as rerugees. nOne woman l'las gOln g to Miami nOne woman l'las going to Washington, D. C. nTwo were going to the Wel't Coast. nOne woman l'las going ta Chicago. nOne woman was going to Denver. nDuring the talk some of the men became very angry. They l'lere d iscussing the fact tliat sorne of their subs had been spotted near New York and on th~Coast. Thi~ course hasn't been in the papers, but look over our sub ­ [ marIne report. These subs when spotted didn' t happen to be with in our terri toria l waters. 1 nThey have subversive spy nurses in sorne of our large hospi taIs. - ­ nThe Fraulein is returning to a village, a suburb of East Berlin where they often hold·-iiië~-- nOtto ,John is in hiding again (another spy pre ­ ( viously wr itten of, who according to the news reports is supposed to be :in prison). June 6, 1957: "Anna Snrong and she had two men with her. They look like the two l saw at Camp McCoy and camp Douglas and looking over the cemetery where Senatar ,blc­ Carthy.lJ? buried. They are going to a meeting in Ch icago ar-the Palmer House Hatel. They have another girl with them. They calI ber S~a. They are eating and talking in the dining room. Two more men are approaching. and they are pushing another table against theirs. The men are two that the Fraulein met in San Francisco. nI got an awful headache and pressure, pressure, -145­
  • 152. but l want ta watch what they are going to do. "They are studying sorne kind of a map or a dia­ gram. lt's small. about the size of a DQatcard. Those Hlgirls .l'!.re darned good Lo~.ltlng kids. They laugh and EâÏk lJ to cover up and make the meeting look Iike just a friendly party. The two guys l saw wi th the Fraulein seern to be the bosses. e. aiso has quite a little to say. The others seern to be less important, just jobbers. "They are leaving the table now and going outside, getting into a big oid black limousine. A Negro came up ~ ~ld handed something to Anna. She gave him sorne money • -- and he went on. She ooened ft UI). Tt is a manilla en­ velope with another w hite envelope inside. On it says 'Try me for disturbance'. She is satisfied that it is intact and laughs to herself. She puts the envelope in her purse lUlopened. "They are going to the Union Station. SO!1Y..a and two men are going to Detroit. Anna and the two from San Francisco have taken a train ta New York on the Pennsylvania Railroad. It seems Anna called New York first. .. It looks like she talked to David Dubinski. " -146­
  • 153. en ..... ~ - ..c: '"" 'al (J ~ ...
  • 154. Sacred Spot of the apparitions of Our Lady. Our-1~dyof Fatima statue in front of the Sacred Spot in 1950.
  • 155. 0 I.C Cl') .-l t-=' ""' Cl ..0 0 0 l.O ~ 0) tJ .-l 0 r:l .... r:l 0 ..... ~ ..... 0 ..0 0 ::t: Cl ~ ~ r:l ~ r:l 0 r:l r:l ~ < ·8 i: ~ u ~
  • 156. St. Francis Church, Necedah in 1950 Priests (sorne in civilian clothes) and nuns at Sacred Spot in 1950 talking with Mrs. Van Hoof. Van Hoof home in 1950
  • 157. .-i lf"l 0 .-i .... l:: .., 0 p.. r.rJ -0 Il> ~ U CIl r.rJ Il> .., ..c: , .., <:
  • 158. Minature of large shrine requested by Our Blessed Mother to he built at Necedah.
  • 159. XXVII SPY REPORTS AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES December 5, 1956 - "Our frlend did a preHY good job in New York Harbor, but the ship wasn' t supposed to blow, i t was supposed to have be en gone. • NOTE: THIS REFERS TO FIRE ON NEll YORK OOCKS STARTEO BY A SABOTEUR. BUT THE SH 1 P TH AT BLElI UP irAS SUPPOSEO TO BE GONE. 'T Ir"S "NOTHER SH IP THAT WAS LOAOEO 'tf/TH ARMS .«NO_AMMUNITION BEING SMUGGLEO OUT OF THIS COUNTRY IL· ( L~Y. AMMUNITION HAS BEEN IN BOXES MARKEO "CORN. PEAS." ETC. IT WAS THE AMMUNITION THAT CAUSEO THE BIG EXPLOS ION. CORN AND PEAS DON'T BLOW UP. ·The guy that discovered it was locked down i~ide and blew up wi th the ship. - ·We are belng fed mucll false propaganda.• December 13, 1956 - "The gangsters are still busy. There will be more plane wrecks. Train wrecks, gas tanks burning, ships damaged. They won't be accidents. They flew in sorne bad guys with the refugees. There are many good. Sorne really good Christians, "Did you hear about the uprising in Mexico? l told { you theyW5UTcITf""rpat it in [fie pgper. It' s just like ( that filCuoa, ln lre1and. It all starts with thelouth. " December 29, 1956 - ·Our friend the gangster guy with the scar on his face is up to sorne more mischief." He lS down in New Orleans. l suppose he' 11 be dabbling in sorne more oil business.· December 3D, 1956 - "The big gangster is in San Francisco tonight, Hank.· January l, 1957 - "The big guy is still working. He 1 met two guys in San Francisco, the same two who met wi th the Fraulein. They flew to New York and met with Rabbi Prinz and the doctor from Canada. ---­ - - "There is more trouble and rioting in Cuba." January 2, 1957 - ·They are moving the F'raulein to Spain. Look out for Franco. Tonight she is a red head -147 ­
  • 160. wi th ~ck teet~ ~d is wearing dark rimmed glasses. COtto JO~IS one of their behind-the-scenes guys He ~tIQr i_~=rn:i~!l .as th.lLp.rQQ~an~s. • . . January 17, 1957 - "Devils tl!§.t' s what~e, ' causlng accidents that a~' t accidents. " Janu!l..ry 18, 195'7 - <:.,:Otto JO~i s in Paris, disguis­ ed. The Fr8J.llein is in Parr~- - January 24, 1957 -~e two guys the Fraulein used to meet, and one new one, are in New York. They are stopping in front of the Haroil ton Hotel. It' s a shabby place .• January 25, 1957 - ·The~e' s two st~g over Camp McCoy and Yolk FIeld. They stopped right where the road cornes close to the Field. They were standing and talking and writing in a book. There could be something wrong. l don' t feel good about it, feels so funny. They are driving a black late model Ford with fog light in middle piece of grill. "They went and had dinner at Gene' s Cafe in Mauston and drove on toward Madison. They 'are on the way now. l don' t like those two g~§. They spent aIl d~ drivin~ (around Camp McCoy. hen they could see anything of the base, they drove real slow and speeded up when there was nothing to see. , " lllinois license -- K C 89-743 or 8 - 195~'I<.late. l t' s snowing so i t is hard to see. One is smoking Wins­ ton cigarettes from red package. The guy h as a wart or mole on his left cheek, looks husky. l "The driver is wearing a hat and an overcoat. One looks like La.Qill!,rdi§,. Co uld be Ita li an. "The other guy looks like he might be a little taller. He has a Roman nose. He has a cap trimmed with fur and a stonn coat wi th a fur collar. " January 30, 1957 - "In Russia Krushchev, Bulganin, Kolmanovièh, Schmirdovich, Sverdlow, Kuchanovich, Joffe Liginov behind aIl trouble. ( "Sobe~OV:--hê'S'one of the Russian stink pots too. • January 31, 1957 - "What' s he up to now? (Hank says who?) - Our water front friend. He was instrumen­ tal in the lMliting (Indiana) fire and the one in Texas (oil tankërbïew up) and in t'hTsan Francisco trouble (docks). There are too many fires again. "They have cpite a few Yids in seattle, Washington.· February l, 1957 - "The Fraulein is heading f~t -Berlin to get sorne new orders. She is a brunette now. -148­
  • 161. 1 --- ~~r. Otto Joh~ he' s in Paris now, but he is also heading back to E_ast Berlin and then to tbe Elfflederf·- :' where he has a secret hideout. He is according ta re­ ports supDosed to be in prison you knoW:-" ­ -- February 3, 1957 - "You are going to h ear of more accidents. Things are no good. You know sornething, r'l( they kilJ a whole bunch of people iu-sr 0_ (Let. C?!]_e .·C?~t Il of the way." --- ~ February 8, 1957 - "The Fraulein went from ~n to Paris) and then back to East ,(Jerrn~.· ~ March l, 1957 - "The FiàüIêin hasgOîn~ - b~ Hanle She' s gottwo Other gIrls WI tli lier a:tSï're is breaking in . .. That woman l told you about from Canada is in Minneapolis and St. Paul again. Sle has even been in Madison and LaCrosse. In Madison she 'R:l..t-contact=:at (( th e Un ive r si ty . li The doctor from Canada met Hank ... ----:,---- -RêJl.@ Prinz in Detroit, March 12,1957- "The Canadian Spy Ring are meeting in~oiJ and also n ~tawa;, Canada. l can' t get con­ tact with them now. It mu:st be a big deal because ev en the Grand Maste was ere .• ( March 16, 1957 "Tney have spies in aIl our factor~s and in the Pen ,agon. " iVlJ.rch 28, 1957 - "Tha;t big guy with the scar has been awful active again, Harl'lI.. Day before yesterda,Y he ( went ta Canada, then back to N'e.w York, then Chicago and now he's on the way to Los ~ngeles. "There is much activity amon~t the enemy, those in our cQun.Ü:y--tfie sples. ri -April 5, 1957 - '-That Canadi an,doctor is a devil. l4.ank. " _ - - -­ ~l[ "There' s a Russianfactory in the Ural MOlIDta~lns aIl ( lH camouflaged and secret. They bui Id airplanes and ~other big things there.· -ltpril 13, 1957 - "Some-o"f-t"h-e large hospi taIs have sorne subversive spy nurses working in them. " April 14, 1957 - "1' ve always been afraid that sub­ version will creep into theJi2Es~y Clinic because i f the I A.M.A. can't destroy him by condemnation they will try to_geL s()mebody on the inside and subvert from there. " April 22,---r957 - "The Fraulein is home with her Microfilm .• May 10, 1957 - "The Fraulein is boarding a plane in Wes~rlin, Hank. She' s going to Lo~n. Somebody in -149­
  • 162. the Pl.ane s.eems tO-bp eyeing ~up. That man they beat.!!.e in Windsor is awful sick ( from t~e beating. He' s 10 a hotel in Windsor ïïïlîere they left hlm. Nobody seems to be taking care of him." . May 11, 1957 - "The timber tires in the East are no accIdents. " May 13, 1957 - "They have been spotting some planes and som~ st range subs latelY. It's about time, it bas been gOlng on so long. Perhaps i t just leaked out in ~he news: Our FJrenchy with the Goats Beard will see to ( lt that lt doesn t happen again. He has contacts, ~." NOTE: F~y WITH THE GOATS BEARO.V.B. O-U-BOls •• May 16, 1957 - "One big guy just going lnto DniM Station in Cllicago. He' s talking to two fellows there. He' s going to the ticket office; two others are going with him. l have seen them before. One has real rough skin like sorne people after they have had small pox. He' s giving tickets to the men. AlI three of them are going to Denver. Now he' s making a long distance calI to St. Paul. • l' m watching Anna Strong and a group of friends meeting in a little village south of San Diego. TQree or four...-.got into an.-9-rgument and fjn(lW a fight. ~ "They took one in a car and left. There are f~ul" other girls beside Anna. Th-e.Y: hact a big map on the w 11 ( where they pointe<:! out mJ?~ents and ~e in~tructi;~s just l1ke in a school room. The guy talklng had a beard. l don' t think lever saw him before. Th~ s another meeting scheduled to~w.J:!1gIlt....M.-E.Y.~il1e, Illinois. Some at thisliiëëting have to be there, too; the others j ust wai t for instructions. l lost the car in the mountains. 'It seems the guy wi th the beard is the bigger boss. There' s a meeting Saturday night in Denver. The bearded guy will be there. He took a plane tonight for san Fran­ cisc.9-...Wre he has to me~--il. P_ED'~Qll ~..t...J;h.g Consulate. .. Something is wrong. They seemed to point out that there were meetings scheduled for Dallas, Ellsworth, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Corpus Christi, but they were postponed because of the weather. "Something also is doing in Ontario, Canada next week. " May 25, 1957: .~trfclit is one of the most sub­ versive cities in the wor because of its connections ( to Canada .• -150­
  • 163. May 28.,. 1957 - "Everything that gets Chased out DllY place else lands in Buenos Aires and Argendna where Hjtler landed. • "There are too many spies working in our country 1 can' t keep track of aU of them. " . June 4, 1957 - "hy are they keeping what' s going on in Cuba, Haiti, etc. from the news?" June 6, 1957 - "Anna Strong. The guys she' s wi th look like those 1 saw at Camp Douglas and by our Joe." June 12, 1957 - "Qtto John, the Fraulein and AIiila Rosenberg, their time wih--rûrlout t~----- '. Jûrie 14, 1957 - "The Fraulein tried.-J.P---1:aise sorne more disturbance in Franco area, Hank. CQtto John must have done something wrong because his own men in East ,/ Berlin arrested him and threw him in j ail-: He j ust ( came back from Paris. "The secret Police arrested ~ Jo.§;. "Anna Strong and those two men from San Francisco and two women, one called Helena and the other Sophia (sometimes caUed Josie), boarded a plane in New Y'O'rk. They are going to Newfounqland and then to Germany. Another one is joining them at Newfoundland." June 21, 1957 - "The Fraulein landed at San Fran­ cisco last night. She was at Detroit today and has gone on to New York. She made the same usual contacts. " '. 1 C:OttoJwas badly beat up whileTiï]ail ~some~ngl ~ he did wrong ,ilile he was in Paris. He' s in bad shape.. but will recover and be released to do further work. He begged to be allowed ta live." June 22, 1957 - "The Fraulein went to Ne~rk last night and made her contacts. She had a long telephone conversation wi th someone in Philadelphia. This morning she went to Baltimore and then to Washington, D.C. to sorne building near the Pentagon. There one orher fel­ ll1 ows, he looked haH negro and haH ,hi te gave her sorne J linformation'I'rom the Pentagon. îlien she met Powell (Representative Ag,am Clay ton Powell). He handed her something. "She then went to Richmond, Virginia where she met several people, men and women. They ate and dr~k and had qui te a time. She called AU ~t~, Geor.gl a from there and then boarded a plane for MIami Fiorida. To­ night she' s in New Orleans and later tonight she' s go­ ing to fly to Sf. Lours. She also called ~on last night. - "Sorne of t~ntacts she made -151­
  • 164. across with the first bunch of refugees. She will ar­ rive in New Orleans at 9:00 tonight.· June 23, 1957 - -The Fraulein flew from St. Louis to San~go where she m~tb Anna_an..cL.her group who Just arrived back from Germany. They brought(9tto JohjD back from Germany with them. He is still in prêt~ bad shape from the beating he got. He will have to remain in hiding for a while.- June 27, 1957 - "Sophia is in with~ J~ now , 1 (recUperatin g . She stuck h er h ead through a windshield. '. You should see the car." July 1, 1957 - (Qtfo Jo@)has ~en taken to ~ rebel hideout in the mQ..untains west of Mexico City. He was taken down there in a Russian submarine after being placed aboard froma spèed boat- off of San Diego. -He was taken off by speed boat off coast of Mexico. • --Yùh 3, 1957 :. "The Fraulein, ~a, Sophia and the two men from San Francisco flew from Detroi t to Newfoundland. 'Ibey will ~eet ~canadian dncton there an~el fac~:." August 13, 1957 - "Anna Strong, Sony a, Sophia..and another girl ~t!:.oit w!th some oLQur b~~~ot pals. Our<:Qlmp1e faced iLilSis there. The doctor from Can ada i s . afsOWI th th em. - September 16, 1957 - ·Sonya died. ~e got kil1ed inJ,D accident tijat AAS no ac~ident. She spi~led l? a 1~. con fidential' fri end. He splll ed ta a confldeJl'tla1 friend. Tt he1ped the F. B. 1. in some of their pickups." 1 -152­
  • 165. XXVIIII THE BIG BRASS MEETS January 5, 1957: "There' s a big meeting in the <i;aidod. Astor.r~ tonight in New York. Rabbi Prinz and everal deacons. James and Ed Warburg, the doctor from Canada, pelîx Prankfurter, Bernard Baruch, Doctor Isa ­ dore Rabi. Wolf, Ladj inski, Doctor Pishbein, Dave Du ­ binski, Doctor Steinbeck or Ste inburger, Doctor Wh ite, Sinclair, Irve Shapiro, Isadore Lubin, Israel Ragen­ stritch, Weinburger, Max Rabb - aIl present besides some others. "Lehml!n isn' t too weIl. Acts pretty weak tonight. There' s a guy l always want to calI WUhns. It' s some ­ thing like that. There were also sorne big shots there from Standard Oi 1. " SCENES NOTE: THIS GOVERNMENT IS A OF MEETING THE OF '--;....,,;- U.S. -- THE 1 SUPPOSE BIG --~ -_ - SHOTS IT .. BEHINO WIo.S ­ .._.. HELO THE TO OISCUSS THE NEW MID·EAST POLICY FOR THIS WIo.S THE EVENING OF THE OAY THAT EISENHOWER HIo.D MIo.DE THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THEIR NEW MID·EAST POLICY. CIo.LLED BY THE PROPAGIo.NDIo. .;:: B 0 Y s E I SEN HO WER' S MID· E A S T POL 1 C y ~' WH A T A L 0 V ELY BUN CH Il JI OF CUT THROATS AT THIo.T MEETING. January 10, 1957: "~' s resignation was defi­ ni tely decided at the meef'üig of the X men, as was the appoint;ent-~f ~1cMillan. They had "'to soft Redal "sorne be- ) cause of relaticiri'S"""with Prance and the United States.' F'ebruary l, 1957: "Tnere is 'ànottrëYilreeflng at the} {Hâffil1 toh Hotf];) in New York Ci ty. The same two Russ ian 1Jo spies are present; also the canadian doctor and Rabbi Prinz. It' s a kind of a rough meeting because three of l' th,ejr: number just got eaught. l wish people would pray more, then more of them~d get caught. • Mareh 7, 1957: "If he knew sorne of the things l know about him, he'd nail me to a post. He's done it in the pasto Dam the Ali a;: s. -: l never knew his name was II Preyman. ---, 'W~s both no good--Rabbi ,stephen Wjse, Rabbi 1 -153 ­
  • 166. rî~ Wise. "Newspâp~do~' t print the truth. -Th~hs~l. ri '- childs controlled the pa.pers way back ln tne I8a:D'S. hatao you think abou~ow?" M arch 21, 1957 - "I s aw'~an-=-o-;t;-h-e-r-g-r-o-u-p-m-e-e-:t""'i-ng to-­ night in the~otel HiltôïUin New York City. It was secret and guièt. The facés were not familiar, but i t seems like sorne were ReoRle the_Praulein used ta meet. l don' t, know the men, but i t seems the meeting has ta ( do with~the scandaI in the~te.r.s~n:> It feels cre.epy at the meeting. " March 22, 1957 -=---':'~he .!2.:lsr~eUs are in our~ countrY. It's sure no good. We can't sa freely enter t~~(.!?ig s~ep~tve_meet:!:.ng in 2..~ country)." April 12, 1957 - "The Grand Master is present at the)lt -b ( meeting.. He is just one ô1 them.- They don' t even know ~ who he lS. ? "The pot is just about ready to bail over again. l wonder what will stop it this time. " April 22, 1957 - "The Grand Masters are aIl back home from the meeting. • " June 4, 1957 - "There' s a meeting of the Masters tonight in San Franc~sco. Grand)) Even the Sl;!J2.Wlle Grana Master will be there. " .- June 12, 1957 - "There' s a Union meeting. Sony a, the swarthy gULand hi~al, the big E~C_o..as_t racke-1 t~r and ~veaslY faced ~ are there. l t looks like a regular meeting place, has long tables ~d old ~ashioned high back ch_~.Is. It' s at Ifamilton Hot§J)...1D 1 Chicago. The meeting cao' t be any goàëf with those guys ~. There' s sorne negroes there too. Two guys just came in whose faces l have seem in the news sorne place. There are four or five others l have seen at spy meet­ in!L,S. Something is cooking." July l, 1957 - "They are having a spy meeting in St. Loui s. " July 2, 1957 - "There was a meeting last night in ShicagQ of the big Yids. The top ones. There was also a spy meeting in Chicago last night." July 3, 1957 - "There is a meeting of the big Rab ­ bis in the Hamilton HQ.iel, New York Ci ty. . Wise, .Sil ver'JJ Prinz. AlI thegang there. Two of the bIg RabbIS from across the ocean are there. -­ rRaQbi Rosen and Doctor Rabbi Brodie or Broden.· ....- -154­
  • 167. XXIX RAD l 0 ACT l VIT Y AN D TES TIN G F AL LOU T . . September 26, 1956 - "The Brown Bear had another mIssIle test over the barren wastes (Siberia)." October 6, 1956 - "If an H Bomb were dropped on Chicago, the fallout would go to the East Coast. They are trying to control fallout, but they mushroom way up above the clouds and earthly air currents. Since the blowing of the bombs in Nevada, there has been no rain in Kansas and other adjoining states. Normal winds carry eastward. " November 15, 1956 - "They have discovered that the A and H Bombs are very dangerous weapons. Late experi­ ments have proven the great danger of fallouts. " December 27, 1956 - "About ten days ago the Russians were testing A Dombs on missiles and again today. They were testing them on those pilot-Iess planes. " January l, 1957 - "The Russians did sorne more test­ ing on the li ttle pi ggy back missiles. " January 5, 1957 - There was sorne more testing in ft Siberia. They tested the A and H bomb heads. 'The amount and damage done. " January 22, 1957 - "rIf they hadn' t discovered the H bomb tests are dangerous, they would have used them be­ fore this. It will be aclmitted that tbey are dangerous." January 25 1957 - "The radio acti vi ty that l talked about several ;ears aga on-thë Frid~s. would act like cancer, also acts in the respi ratory system and c'auses heart deterioration. Has been diagnosed as being cancer. It' s plain radium action. Ït wili carry into the"8'YStern frôrii IOunds or sores. It.i.s-th-e.-S3.Ill.e-wi..th..-.the_sto~or int~stines! mouth or nasal sores. Sorne skin diseases are just from radio_Jl&t1.vity. - ~- ---'(éôntact wi th radio acti vi ty increases the danger of X-Rays. Vh~!LX=Ray.s-ar-e...-takBIl-~-d-tl:l.er:e-Ls radio", acti­ ( vUy in the bo<1Y-bJ.ood celJs...e~prode. I t has sometimes tf been diagnosed as lukemia, but it is not lukemia. It -155­
  • 168. can be cured by transf usion of clean blood. S::>metimes there are eroptlO ns ITkeb oii s occur. Th ~ keep coming ' and going. Th ~ are i rritati ng and pain fuI, especi ally when frictio n occur s." Januaz y 30, 1957 ­ "The Russia ns lost one of their great atomic energy scien tists. He died about three weeks ~o. He got tao much of that stuff in his ~stem F'ebrua ry Tf95 7 - "Thnigh t weèàn report someth in g new. A~le"'that can-..QLl?JKgy~ck:- Th~ don' t know ." J that the Russia ns have !1ad i t for a long time." 'vlarch 8, 1957 - "They are tzying to tell the people now that. if they. were bombed, th'èYVoouicr-be safer from ( fallou t ln the Clty. 1'00 many people are moving out of the cities ." 1arch 13, 1957 - "You know, Hank, that the re~;ults of radio activi ty will :le diagno sed as cancer . TOO! much '2l. the foo~ prople ~n_~Um-ëTs not. natura l any 1II0rë:" It cantai ns chanic als an9.-R reservi itlveS: - raDou t. People ~n: t ~on ~~d-=-given__ frlJ..~nd grain~3n .x:.... m~· April 5, 1957 ­ "They tcsted sorne more mis~iles last Wednesday withou t warhea ds. They were differ ent, not like the fi rst ones they made. l guess th~ are 150 ­ ing ta stick by the first one. The last one botche d." April 11, 1957 ­ "The last three days -the'-R u-$sian s have been testing some more short range missil es. To.day they tested a big one. Tt shook down sorne more of thÈlir subte rranea n cavern . - -- - ­ - ------rf 3ri tain was as Vell equipp ed as they say they are, they would have used il. They are afraid of the Brown Bear." Apnl2 2, 1957 - "lhy don' t th~ tell the truth with regard s to the jet that came i.n with pa.rt of w~ngsho;) off? The Russia ns shot the Wlng off wlth a mlssll e. "They are testin g regula rly (Russi a) and ::;till workin g on that big thing ." May 9, 1957 - "They are still testin g missil es in Siberi a Th~ are testing again today, testing the small on es. " June 3, 1957 - 'Peopl e are sa strange , ::;0 guI li ble. In the West right now, if every radio activ'e cell llOuld jingle a bell, it lI)uld deafen your ears. People are so gullib le, whLC an , t they wake up? The r~ f the Yid concer ns are buying large quant ities of meat) ­ from Argen tina is -t111l.-r11ïey plan ta use that for them selYes and let the fooli sh Gen tiles eat the radio active ts. materi als. The wester n states should test their faTIOU -156 ­
  • 169. IThere are rashes and skin diseases that are changing }'to allergies.- caused by-raalo-acfiVl ty-.-They arealso ! bo-thered by p~zling illnesses that affect the res­ ( piratory system, tfie stomach, tne heart, and even benurnbs tne brain and -=--- ----:-..."....,~,- .-. =.. slows the tl1inking. Local doc­ tors are stumped and guess at aIl kinds of causes ,(beside what actually causes the trouble, radio actLve ~fallout. The poor Indians out West are suffering from rnài1Y'ôf the resul ts 0 f fallou t, but then the Government isn't worried aboutthem. "The fallout creates skin diseases which erupts and hemorrhage. They don' t react to salve or any rerne"­ di es that have been di scovered yet. Th~ are working on something ta serve as a neutralizer. Many who dietrom - -- thT{a:ilou t havel18.-Jthelr - cases _.-- aly . . - as can .----.:-:0 r -an -- zed- cer T. B. i f lung~~~ affected. Even te>th crum~ln the more exposed areas." -157­
  • 170. xxx SHANGHAING January 1. 1957 - ·There will be more plane crashes and more shanghaing. Th~ need 25 more men for another ship. • February l, 1957 - "There is sorne more shanghaing of men tanight. 11l.ey want ta get 25 to man another ship that will be destroyed. They are working--in- Chicago, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Il "They have succeeded in shanghaing their men. They got six in Chicago, six in Cleveland, six in Cincinnati, three in Toledo and three in Pi ttsburgh. Il 11:00pm: "They have shanghaied men now ~ed and tied and are heading East with them in a big truck. They ~ that ship that was carrying peas and corn> A Süi):. marin;-took off the cargo first, Then the men arl'q tben torpedoed the ship. There will be another oH sli'ck on the water. " March 4, 1957 - ·The Mardi Gras i s on in New Or­ leans. They are going to shanghai sorne more boys there for their dirt3' work. It is easier for them because of the large crowd of people and the many strangers. . ­ ~ri1 18. 1957 - "They did shanghai sorne, Hank." NOTE: THE NIGHT PREVIOUSLY SHE HAD JUST MENTIONED SHAN GH AIN G • "They lured two of them from St. Louis to a1icago. One from Peoria; one from Indianapolis; six from Chi­ cago; three from Cleveland; three from Cincinnati; eigh t from Detroit and Windsor. They took them through the waterways. They are going ta have trouble wi th sorne of them lhen they realize mat happened to them. Il May 25, 1957 - "They are shanghaing more men-­ eighteen altogether. They are from New York, Cincinnati, Detroit, Akron and Pi ttsburgh. Th~ are taking them into Canada anUh~ to_Ne.ÛQunJ!1...aD..9 where they will be put in to a Bri.ti.sh sul:m arin e. " June 27. 195~More shanghaing at New Orleans. -158­
  • 171. Il;(,1",' Wl'rt' six men picked up in that community. One was fra/II ,Ii ssissippi and one was from Bato;} Rouge. They are aIl nl'gro bOYS this time. They have nineteen of then in ml Qld shack in the negro distrT;t ~fB--a.ItTiiiôr~ll drugged, Seven from Atlanta; five from Richmond, Vir­ ginia; five from Baltimore; tO from Delaware," -159­
  • 172. XXXI ARTICLES ON REVOLUTIONS AND ON DR. GOLENDOS AlI governments, large and sm al l, are the targets 1 for destr~ction by th~ forces of 'M);:~d Communism and of 1 ) J those beh1nd, lIDO OM! 1 t and oontrol i t. The Masters of 'lbrld Zionism, those who would control the 0 l'Id, those who serve as puppet masters and pull the strings whieh make their puppets perform are now eoncentrating aU their efforts on the promotion of Orld revo1ution. Revolutions in small eountries are being promoted and finaneed by those same eontroUers of the wor1d' s [ go Id. They are springing up like brush fi res'Set by a "­ maniaeal arson~t, and in truth thc:se evil for~re both maniaes and arsonists as weIl as murderers and pJot­ ters.· We have revolutions in Cuba, Haiti, the Domin~ean Republie. We have social unrest and near revo1ution in most of the Central and South American co un tri es. Mexico is on the verge of revolution. It will break very soon. The heat of dissension is terrifie and when .i t ~U reach 1 . the flash point and become open conflagratlon lS only a matter of time. Again and again on the reports on the location Cl f subm arin es , they have been hanging off the shores carry ­ ing on espionage, sending men ashore and maintaining tnerr-Œrrrt'a-c-ts Vi th-enQse WfïQ_ar.e-pmrnotIïïgTIi"erevol u­ tions. Check over on the submarine reports we have grven and get the picture in your mind. TI-lE INCIŒNT OF' DR. GALENCOS AND JERRY ÎvlUPPHY Dr. GalendQSJ a brilliant Spaniard, carne to thi6 country from SpaIn in 1945. He spent rnuch time in the lbmioican Republic as a professor and had contacts wi th 1and Grked wit~lrrüj :Î.ITQJ~oIutionary leader. Later he came baek ioto our coun try and became a professor at 9?lumbia University. 'll1rough his contacts -ân(l--studies in -160­
  • 173. the lliminican Republic. he was able to gather mat~all which enabled him to expose the reyolutlonary forces) ana those behind the scenes forces. He wrote a book of ' expose. He was._LY.eIY~J1g_MtG.Q:!tJ)l!lJ!l!Lst. The Fbrces of Evil and their tools who were exposed could not rlafford to have the book published. ­ On tneliTgntorï'WarCh 12, 1956 llictor Galendos was drugged and kidnapped from his.2Lotel !:2.QEl.2_~_New York City to Miami, Florida and then into the Dominican RéPublic where he was held captive. He has never been ( heard of or seen since, and you may rest assured his wri ting days are over. [Jerry Murphy jwas just the pi lot of the plane. .l!e must have known fie was invorve-cf1n sometIfi"ilgSIïactY, but the money was good and he Vas for hi re. He i sn' t any moreoecause-he was murdered December 3, 1956 and his body was fed to the sharks. He knew too much and got tQO curiou s as to wh at h ad h aI1.Pen ed to 111 s p as sen ger. ---jerry Murphy' s father-in-l~w died of a heart at­ tack. He also knew too much, as did a hotel watchman w1l.e had seen the drugged man in the plane. An atten­ dant at the Miami Airport, who had gassed up the plane and saw the drugged passenger, has aIse disappeared. Jerry Murphy' s wi fe i s also suspected 0 f having too mucl:l knowledge, but to date-l'they" haven' t found her. -161­
  • 174. XXXII FRAN CO AN D SP AI N Again and again i t has been gi ven in the Revelations that Franco was being pressured by the Forces of Evil. Alex tells us that the Enemy is trying to infiltrate and destroy Spain. ThG' are behind the promotion of the youth riots and labor troubles there just as they were in his om country. He said that Francisco Franco is true to Gad and that he loyes the ~adonna Maria very much. - That Spain should be a major target for destruction by the Forces of satan is most logical to -assvme for sev­ eral very good reasons. . '-'" It i s a good Clni sti an co un try, almost one hpn.ill:ed ~rcen t Catho li c. . l t was in Sp ain th at th e fo rc es 0 f Comm UnI SIj1 were defeated and driven out. The Spanish Civil IVar which lasted from 1936 to 1939 was promot;dby the Parces of the Many Anne:] ~ionster, of which Cbmmunism is one of the A~ Spain was slated for destrué1ion at that time. The International Bankers financed the revolution as weIl as promoting i t. Spain was used as a testing grounds for anns and equipment mostly Communist. ~ world controlled press and news agencies gave their l( usual propaganda aJ)cCSlNîted news sf5fies to mould !2...ub­ lie opinion..in faYOr _of the Commies.:.../1n this êou-nTrY--­ -wa-s-en-H--s--ted and organized a bfTgade of fighters to ' ~(a~sist th~ revolu.tionists. It was called the Abraham ( Llncoln Bngaje wtllch was certainly a desecration of the , name of our greatest American. ~ - - ---'l'o-'-mak-e-mo<nr-::leceJft~abl tOth e pu biT c:-th e pro pa­ e ganda and th e newscasts now beli ttle Franco and his government. They picture him to the people as a tyran-Ill nical Dictator, which 1S of course the usuaI plan of procedure, tear down, beli ttle, disparage, destroy Here given are other~eJations pertaining to Franco that bear out what was given by Alex: -162­
  • 175. October 6, 1956 - "They are going ta make a big play to destroy Franco. 'Ihey will use monarchi sts and youth l riots. Franco will die of a heart condition or cerebral hemorrhage one of these days." ,'iovember 1.5, 1956 - "They are pressuring Franco 8gain. He doesn' t want to give in.· J811uary 2, 1957 - "They are moving the Fraulein to ':.'flain. Look out for Franco. Tonight she is a red head, wi th buck teeth and i s wearing dark rimmed glasses.· NOTE: THE FRAULEIN HAS BEEN WRITTEN UP A NUMBER Of TIMES. SHE 15 A SUBVERSIVE AND A SPY fOR THE BIG B2!S, ?ebruary 8, 1957 - "Did you hear of the youtb. riots in Ca.nada and also in Spain." NOTE: THEY WERE BOTH IN THE NEWS REPORTS. ",pril 23, 1957 - "There willbe sorne lIOre riots in Pranco' s Spain. Tl!..ey have been working awful h ard on po~." ~ May 27, 1957 - "They are still trying to smear ?ranco. He' s kept hi s country out of war since he got con trol. Th ey are trying to make him look like a sub­ v~e in the eyes of the people, as if he ruled by fear. The papers accuse him of ruling with an iron hand. " -163­
  • 176. XXXIII ANOTHER REVELATION PROVEN TRUE Back in 1950 i t was given in the Message that the Enemy was better prepared than we were. AlI through our Work, Revelations were gi ven indicating the degree of their advancement and how weIl they are prepared. During aIl this time our propaganda for home con- sumption has been pointing out our superiority in aIl phases of weapon developmen t, aIl directed at creating complacency in the minds of our people. Now wi th a Russian sateIite circling the world in outer space, the lies we have been fed by our propa- gandists have come home ta roost and it is very interest- ing to note the various reactions which run aIl the way from stumbling, stuttering excuses to talk belittling the achievements of the Russi ans. The fact still remains. The satelite is up there circling the globe. It was pushed up by a guided mis- sile, a missile Mlich could as weIl have been directed to carry an atomic warhead to any city in the Uni ted states or any other part of the world. It could have carried complete destruction ta the city and the annihilation of its people. The Russians have got i t. We haven' t. No stut- tering explanations, no criticism of the scientists, no Senatorial investigations, no beli ttling of what the Russi ans have done can alter the facto Sputnik, Nutnik, :'JIutnik and now in a feeble and puny attempt to match the Russians, our American scien- tists and our Navy an trying to launch another sate- lite which by contrast with the Russians should be ap-. propriateLv called ei ther Ni tmik or l'1'1i tenik. The sad- dest part of the show i8 the fact that the much pub- ( licized attempt looks like iL i8 going to be a colossal flop. It proved ta be the flop that l had predicted, but l wonder if it isn' t serving the purpose that it was -164-
  • 177. supposed ta serve. 1 wonder if that much publicized flop hasn' t done us more da!llage than as if the Russians dropped one of their big Hydrogen ones down on one of our major cities? How. you will say? Have you not noticed aIl the publici ty in the papers letting us know that we can expect ta have ta spend more and more bi Ilions on mor~nd defense. more and more billions ta catch up with the J Russians in missile and satellite development. 1 more billions for foreign aid and in other wys ta re ­ b.i!l1d _our 1 aIl en pr:esti ge in the world. AIl of these things are designed ta cause the American people ta ac­ ( cept, ta even insist on the spending of many billions of dollars, te condone committin~~de. Those Forces that aim at our destruction, those Agents of Satan and their stooges in our government need only to keep us on the road we are now traveling, and they need not waste sa much as one shot on us. In fact, M:iy waste any shots? You most certainly IOuld not be fooli sh enough ta risk combat wi th-,,~ enemy who could be maneuvered into committing suicide, "~o.-in. fact w~s ( ins.i-sting Q_D that privilege. ", 1hat is exactly l'klat we- are doing, tha't 1's exactly what the enemy plans wc shall do. Toma rra w, December 20th, our President arri ves home from a NATO meeting where he has been trying ta con­ vince our Allies that they grant us bases from which ta fire missiles. and accept from us guided missiles which we_h..aY.en..'-_t-eY~JLg..Qt. 1 j us t won ct er ho w screwed up ( tblngs can get? { ,-165­
  • 178. XXXIV BIGOTRY One of the things that was objectionable to sorne of the priests in the Message of 1950 ~~~t that aIl (( religions were mentioned; that is, aIl Christian rell ­ g{ons. That to me was one of the things easiest to accept. In fact, if it had not included the other Chris& ian religions as weIl as Catholic, l could not have ac­ cepted the Message. There is nothing in the above statement that l'S contrary to Catholic teaching. I~] , sure Our Lord has no an dose . ians who are not of the Catholic Faith, and l am sure in this 19 t âgainst-ltle Evil Forces that they are in Tfîe....i~as weIl as us-ëâtïù)Hcs. The enemy is not trying just to IJ stamp out Catholicism, but the whole Chris tian religion.)J l am a convert to Catholicism, but even after l had taken my instructions from a very good priest, l very nearly decided that Catholicism wasn' t for me, and that because of sorne bigoted remarks l heard made bY Cat~s particularl~bY on~ Catholic priest. He was an old priest and was the pastor of my wife's home Church. l attended Mass with her on quite a few occasions, sorne even before l started to take my instructions. It seemed like this old priest liked to find an occasion to mention ·Our Protestant friends" whenever he could, anDhile he said :"Protestant FriendS'". he always spit it out of the left side of his mouth as if he were talking Ilof something dlrty. Whéin--eardthat-:J1e was talking .about my fo l ks as far as l was concerned, and to me th ey ) wer~'and still are a~90d and sincere in their religion ~ e t , and their morallife was just as good. To me those comments of that type are about the best way not to get converts that l can think of. In fact, when you see a bunch of Protestants trudging to Church every Sunday, you know that they are going to r c worship Gad not because it's a mortal sin not to go as it is with Catholics. Also they all stay until chuiëh - 166­
  • 179. is over and don't get up and sneak out before Benediction as many Catholics do. l have even been in the presence of Catholics who would tum off the radio or change the station wh en some­ one started to play or sing Protestant hymns. To me many ~ lof those old hymns ao just as much itltTIeWay oCpraising ,'GoJ.!. as those sung by the CatboTïcs, ànd l am sure lhey are Just as pleasing to God. SOJ]1e of the music is at least ea~~~nything_I have heard in th~ Catholic C~h. So why the bigotry, why the nasty comments? l am sure that in carrying on Christian charity and the work of Gad that those good works are _aIl pleasing to Our Lord. Good works are non-sectarily:r< l am also sure that if the Catholics would share and' let their religion be known, that with what they hay''é to oHer in their Church as compared to what the Pro~estants have to offer, there would not be as many Protestants as there are. You can' t condemn them and expect to convert them at the same time. The smug self-satisfaction expressed in the attitude of many Catholics who look upon themselves as the Chosen of God is galling to people who are not Catholics, and sets up a barrier which is hard to over­ come. There is one thing which we must recognize in aIl humility, and that is this fact: that in the world at the present time there is an estimated two and one half bi Ilion people and each one of those souls is, in the eyes of God, Just as important as yours and mine. Among those who come here as pil grims, l have met many who, like myself, are converts and l do believe that in the main they have a greater appreciation of the Catholic Religion than have many cradle Catholics, for they have had the experience of seeking for something in the Churches of other denominations which they could not find and which they have found in the Catholic Church. l am sure that most born Catholics do not appreciate what they have. r -167­
  • 180. xxxv A N T l - C L E R ICA LIS M One out of the twelve of Our Lord' s Apostles suc­ cumbed to the lures of the devil and betrayed Our Lord. Even today we use his name in speaking of betrayers, of those who have betrayed their trusts. We calI them Judases, not in honor of Judas, but in memory of his d1shonor. One out of twelve: eight and a third per cent. Is there any reason to believe that during the period of elapsed time between the time of Christ and now that human nature has changed, has improved, that the temptations of the devil have lost their potence, or is it more reasonable to assume that we have among the D~s- ciPles of Christ, the Shepherds or Christ' s CIiUTCh about "i J fl/ the s~ percentage of Judases that He_had? l am in­ clined to accept the reasonable deduction. ~À Revelations have been shown that there is su~n ~0 (lin the Church. Propheçjes have proclaimed that there would be. ~owever, when anyone dares to speak of such a thing or to expose the wron dOln of any of the Clergy. ey are immediately stamped as "anti-Clerical". Some of our Clergy, and particularly some of the Hierarchy have, in their pride, set themselves up as ap aristocracy of untouchables, even unapproachables. The ( Clergy, in succumbing ta the sin of pride, look on those souls over whom Gad has put them in ch~e of as inferior and to be treated as such. The greatest privilege, the greatest honor that God has ever bestowed upon man is that of being a Priest, that of being another Christ here on earth, that of re­ enacting daily the greatest of aIl Sacrifices--the Sacrifice made by the original Priest, Our Lord. Along with that greatest of aIl privileges and honors also goes the greatest of aIl responsibilities, that of following in the footsteps of Christ, the example of Christ when He was here on earth. -168­
  • 181. When, as man, he wanders from the trail, we must aIl pray for him, and if possible, direct him back onto the path. When he deliberately tlITnS his back on the trail and goes in the opposite direction, then he is betraYing Our Lord and God. Then he is another Judas. Oftentimes by exposing those Judases during their lifetime, they might be brought back ta the trail and saved; but by not exposing them, they continue on the path ta their own destruction. IVhy then the cry of "Anti-Clericalism" whenever wrong doings among the Clergy is exposed? The Clergy use "Anti-Clericalism" ta hide behind ( just as the Jews when exposed, cry "anU-Semitism" . ­ I now find myself wondering wheth~r OUr Holy Mother J t.... who weeps b itterly for the digre~ions of Her Son' s ~ Priests, will, when Her revelations are made known, be charged with nanti-Clerical ism". 1 Our Lord said: "Render unto Caesar those things that are Caesar' sand unto Gad' those things that are Gad' s. " It is the attempt of sorne of those who are repre­ sentatives of Christ to usurp those things whjch a~e l Caesar' s that has been the cause of much of the per ­ secution that fias 5efallirn the Chur_ch Qo~ou~h-the al!:es. The similarity between the Foreign Policy of thej] Unite~States in regard to our enemies, the Forces of Evil and the policies of the Catholic Church regarding the Forces of Evil is very, very striking. Aided by many in our Government who are guilty of treachery in varying degrees, our Foreign Policy has been one of compromise and appeasement with the FOrces of EVll, our enemies. We have heard much of such phrases as "peaceful coexistence" containment, etc. 1'0 further this Appeasement Policy we have inaugura.ted _ at the instigation of those who WQuld have U~r.9Y~d' various give-away programs which were ta buy for us one thing which cannot be bought=--frlenaSh~utln--reaïity wh-ich-wasdesigMd to bleed us white, ta de~roYou.r It whole eccnomic s~stem sa that we will more easily fall prey 0 our enemles. There is no way ta appease an enemy whose u. i a e)j 1 goa' s our es rue Ion. e mus el er fight or be ëlestroyed. We have been playing our ene 's own game, and at tne same Ime e ting them make the rules of play )Q for many years. During aIl of tfils tlme, wlth smug self -169 ­
  • 182. a..nd a sense of superiority and complacency, l ~tisfact19n we have followed,~ave swallowed the poison p opaganda puLout by the eoeIDles wHnin OUF oroll ga@s;=yés, vi th in our own Government. IVe have played this game of our enemies for so long now that th ey have been able to buüa themse l~o } l where they are much, mlwh more 'p~werful than we. They are in possession of mueh more and much bettar egui~t ot war and destruction. They have worked while we were lulled to sleep. They have conserved their manpower while l/we have allowed ourselves to be manoeuv~~is- sipating ours aIL over the globe. ~ --=:-Our enern-ies are now tr.v:ing verY dillgentlY ta de.s.-}J troy ui? morally and spiritually, to draw us awaY,~ aïiënate us from the ol)ly poss j hle helP---al-ld suPPOrt we 1 have left--QQ.d Almighty. With the aid of much help, collaboration and cooperation, they fiave been~sful f to a remarkable degree. At no time in history have morals in general rëàched a lower-eb~~ in histŒTY-nas mQral degen~ration succeeded iQgetting syçh a foothold with children and youth as at the present tima ~~en JesuS-Christ was here on earth, He fought the Forces of Evil aIl the way. He made no concession, no ( cQm~. He did not advocate a "policy of contàin­ ment" or "peaceful coexistence" with the Forces of.Evil. 1HÙaid_..Qut the paJh. _He_ show.ed the_wgy for those who {were to foIlow in His Footsteps. They could not go to t~right nor could they go to the left. There was only one path that led straight 0 salvation to God. At present many of our i rarch and y are not ÛlJ 19wjne- that pa.t.h. The do e devil. They would rather appease him. Sorne Judases, a~ey ~, have suc~umbed to his lutes to such an extent t~tl they are willing to collaborate with and cooperate with [1 h~in his attempt to destroy the Church formed by Christ when he was here on earth. Sorne who are guilty of that and ;ho have died are DOW da~n~ù~DJd~~d for Eternfty-:-rney are now back hère on earth, ridi;g-Qnl! ~ulders of some__of their former brothers trying to gain themselves sorne company in hello There are many gOClo-PriëSt:S-for which we can thank} Gad, many who-want to fiMt, m.any who want to expose the 1 fruth ln regard to the enemies of Christ. Very often, 1 1iôWëver, tnerreIforts are st~ied. They are told to keep still under obedience to their SUDeriors, S~rs whëïVVould rather appease the devil ~an have the truth -170 ­
  • 183. expospd and have to fight him. SOrne of our Hierarchy_even refuse to follow the will of the Pope. Pope Leo XIII issued an Encyclical, Humanum Genus~ in which-he-exposed as an enemy of the , Ch~rch, Freemasanry. The....American Hierarchy never _let J~ thlS paper Be maCle known. They said that it onlY applied to Masonry in Euro pe and not here in th is Country. ....A.t ~ the time they were making that statement among themselves) to salve fneIr own consciences, the Supreme Head of World Freemasonry was located in this country. In conclusion, this statement, the truth of Wh~' h G o Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop or Priest can deny: her 0 eace ul coexi$~ence with the devil except by giving in to im nd becoming evil -=ro ' rse~ 1 - ­ ****************~* Quote: "There s eems to be doubt regarding sorne facts that are existing in our peisonnel of the Church. The balance is sort of tipped bath ways in regards to the Society of Jesus. There are many, many hard working, good men in that Society (1(rid)there are man.x that are C'US lug gre' t grief aud h a'rnrFo the ëïtfî'"cl,. those that~ are rfI1eâ wItn=1n~le~tual prlde, greed, lust, Im­ l purïty arur-a~hyprocritical. Many of these latter mentioned have caused grief ta the former mentioned be­ I(cause many of these highly educated hold high positions in the order. They are guilty of one of the offences, intellectual pride, over zealous with the idea that they have the better knowl~dge. Much harm has been done through this in the Vatican. "Don't let anyone mislead you that His Holiness has been subverted through these. During his serious illness he left certain things in the hands of those (about him, but as soon as he was able, he took things l back into his own- fiands. It was dUrlng this period though that rumors wëre spreading that he followed the subversion. Many decisions are made without consulting )( him, esp.ecially where sorne grants are given. This is more- seriéiü"Sliereln our country. It was given ta me before those that are involved. We have their records on these things from before. Tt is the reaching out) for, as Our Lady calls it, the Almighty Dollarcthat our Church is gett ing,J?0 shackled by th e personnel. Many of the privates of the personnel are unable ta do anything about it. That has also been given before. It has been given before and the names given in Alex· li ~ ~ - ­ 1 -171­
  • 184. !I~( III' s work of those who worked Vith RomW:,hlo her in the ~Hemisphere. namelv :Vl~xico Cl-ry-;-~xi--;; ----. during the time of Abraham Lincoln .• The f0110wing is an exact quotation from the Message given to Mary Ann on F'ebruary 8, 1958: "1 know there was disobedience from the Hierarchy. His (the Ho1y F'ather'. enc clicals Vere not obeved or even heede . ..; l. askeâ the Question: "Was this in the past or [ present?" Al1swer: "Past as well as present; present very much 50 .• ... is also an exact Quotatioll from the above will always errs muéh. -172­
  • 185. XXXVI WORK AS GIVEN ACCORDING TO DATE Sorne of this Work has been enlarged upon and ex­ p~an~t~ons gi:en. Many of these statem~n~s are of great slgmflcance Just as gi ven because th~y/ fit in to the pic­ ture of world events. l do not beli~ve that anyone will need too much of an explanation. ( September 30, 1956: "The British don' t want us in Iceland. That' s where those tO jets came from. " NOTE: JETS MARY ANN HAD GIVEN A REPORT ON SEPT:EM. BER 29lTH. JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE. October 3, 1956: "The Brown Bear wants Ike and Nixon to win, Hank. They don' t really realize that it's aIl cooked and dried. "Our newspapers haven't told us that Russia has sorne of their top trained men in Egypt. They won' t tell us that. They are men that would be capable of running the Suez Canal. "Iranians do not want the Suez Canal closed. That' s their outlet. They will try to stay friends with Egypt. That country isn't very much united, Hank (Iran). They are pumping oil from there to Morocco. That' s where Eleanor has her interest. "The Ex-justice will probably have a sudden death. He knows too much. "Yesterday they cracked their tunnel. They are try­ ing to put in supports to make i t stay up on one 0 f i ts curves, Hank." NOTE: THE TUNNEL LEADING TO THE ARSENAL (SEE ARTICLE "THE SWORD Of DAMOCLES."l. "Check on the activities of old Brennan, the father of the new Supreme Court Justice. You will find they l'lere no good. The Justice himself belonged to the Jew­ ish Council. They are playing good poli tics, Hank. They will be slipping in more Catholics, but they will be very careful who they pick." October 4, 1956: "They are working hard to open the -173­
  • 186. tunnpl. There are tons and tons of ice .• OctobPr 6, 1956: "A big Russian had a private meet ­ ing l'Ii th Nassar on the Egyptian Canal. They came to an understanding. They are going to stick with Egypt not Israel. Th~.ï.JLave helped to build Israel up, but DOW th ey l'Ii 11 dQ..Ubl.e__~c.ross tnem. ­ "The Russians do not trust the Lion nor do Egypt or Iran. They tried to get England out years ago about the time the pipeline l'las started to Morocco. "The Lion is getting old, sorne of his teeth have fallen out. India pUlled sorne. "Egypt and the Arabs don' t trust Russia, but are taking a ch,ance on Russian promises, They know England has and l'Ii 11 double cross them. They figure Russia the lpsser of the two evils, that' s why Russia has gained such a stronghold. Another Prankenstein is turning on i ts creator and former Master. n It is sti Il the Di~s and the International Bank.e.J::S-..b.eh i n d th e 6 cene s . "It is getting to be a mud slinging campaign, each trying to talk smarter than the other.· (Th ese l'lords spoken in regards to the Presidential campaign). October 16, 1956: "A man educated in Russia is run­ ning the Suez Canal. He has a funny name. "Japan is turning Cbinmunistic. "The Big Boys are now admitting tbey are afraid of H 80mb fallouts. They are checking on the time of fall­ outs and the distance traveled. That is what sorne of thos e subs are doing. "Krushchev and Bulganin are j ust laughing at the squabblin~ l'le are doing. They are gettlng a big kick out ot"tnewa.v American candidates rnake fools of themselves and of each other. "Krushchev wen t too far with hi s Stalin deal. It will backfire. HeCliëlh-,-t[ry te tear down Lenin thougb. " ----~October 30~r956:--Everything is concentrating at the Big Canal. Things may happen before morning. " October 31, 1956: "Things will start to blow wide open after election, Hank. That' s wby 1 saw the Beast. The Red Dragon is stoking up his fumace - shoots tire from his nostrils to burn ulLth..e Green Dr~on. " November 2, 1956: "They' re aIl ready, Hank, to let her go. There' s not aJenui~difference b~tween the (I Uni ted States and B.r.Lt&in_and ~ce. It' s Just prop ­ aganda. " 1 l'las shown the Beast again, Hank. The Body is -174 ­
  • 187. the International Bankers, the h eads are Russia and Great Britain. The body controIs bath heads. Each front leg has claws in the Eagle--one a Bear's leg, the other a Lion's. Do you think, Hank, that the Eagle is going to be ripped to pieces?" November 4, 1956: "Each is blaming the other. They are aU guilty." NOTE: THIS WAS R"EFERRING TO THE RUSSIANS. KRUSH. CHEV AND BULGANIN BLAMING STALIN. "Krushchev is awfully CUri'iling. They get those riots starteaOVë'rsta~and then the Chril:3tians kill each [ 1 other.. They stand by and watch. 'lJl€y don't have to worry. / •( . "The Christi.an..ê-§Qrang--!!Uoq/ ~ly. They should . have waited. It aU started will youth and student riots. IVe haven' t heard the truth yet. "Eisenhower truly doesn' t like the situation. He l trul Y fears nuclear disaster. He won' t have much to say a~t. That' s why they wished he would die a year ago. Why didn't people pray enough for him? They are s HU going to put the plunger down .• Nov~!1!ber.~, 1956: "Have you got Eleanor here again? She' s evil, Hank. She has no heart. If she had any '1 hearf; she wouldn' t ha'[~ JiIpffid against her hliSi5"aïid. " NOTE: ELEANOR WAS TALKING ON THE RADIO. November 7, 1956: "There' s going to be more trouble in other countries, Hank--in Germany, Spain, Tito's Jugoslavia, Sweden and Norway. " ­ (Sweden and Norway was repeated) "Kruschev and Bulganin, they put themselves in trouble unless they have plenty of ammunition and are 1 ready to stand up and fight. "~ev is drunk. He' s mad at Ike. ft November 8, 1956;-;-Tfiere ls-solmuch wrong tonight south of Bresenham. There' s more riots, Hank. Don' t be­ lieve what you hear. It' s no good over there. W~r Il' mostly propaganda. Gromulka is with the Russians. "They aré using young kids, innocent children ~d students. "The Dragon is moving forward, the BroID Bear too. "There are rebellions in South America. There will be trouble in the Philippines. "1 don't want to go, Hank. Be careful, please. Come on, Hank, come on, don' t stop there. Come on. Are you afraid, Hank? It' s dark here. 1 don' t feel good, Hank. 1 want YO'U with me. l'm sick ta my stomach--please, Hank. -175­
  • 188. "Come, Hank. It' s aIl collapsed. There ain' t hardly anybody here. fuat made it collapse? Come look, Hank. There' s lots of stuff buried under i t. It col ­ lapsed mo stly on the workshop. " NOTE: TH 1 S WAS THE CONVERSATION GI VEN ON ONE OF THE VISIONARY TOUR~OF MARY ANN. IT WAS TO SIBERIA ANO OES. CRIBED THEELAPSE OF THE HUGE UNDER ICE ARS~AND-A!rD ( WORKSHOP OF THE RUSSIANS THAT WAS DESCRIBED I~ 6ETAIL IN THE ARTICLE. "SWORD OF OAMOCLES." November 9, 1956: "Listen on radio news and see if they tell of pulling in the leash on Cardinal Mindzenty . . The story is that the Premier acquitted him. One of the reasons they arrested the Premier is because he turned Mindzenty loose. The Premier was trying to get the support of the Christi ans. " "One of the roughest gorillas was sent into Hung­ ary, another Pig Eyes. He' s as rough as Kruschev. " It leaked out that the Christians had sorne arms hidden. The best way to get i t out of them was by starting a revolt. Many good souls think they are figh ting for freedom. They think we will step in and help them, but there's no Black Gold or mineraIs there. It' s different than Egypt and the SUez Canal. "1 saw soldiers moving, including ours. They were moving for the Canal area. We have soldiers aIl over the world. This daily alert doesn't look like Peace. "Russia sent some of our stuff to Egypt (arms and ammunition). Sorne of it was in the boats l saw. We sup­ plied much of i t. It has our own factory stamped on i t. n November 13, 1956: "There will be more accidents that are no accidents. " November 15, 1956: "The Catholic papers seem to fall for the propaganda and even enlarge upon it. "1 wish you could see them, Hank. Rabbi Prinz g~s into the Bahai Temple. It must be a Disraelis head­ quarters. Abba Ebban must go to the one on the other sl~ho is double crossing who? "Uncle sam is going to pay a heavy penalty for turn­ ing his~back'On the poor people of Hungary; also for the destructlon orïr~ma and Njiasàki. The only time we reach out t(). iielp ls for B.Iac MId or so1iie world1y thing. People don' t mean anything. "Pig Eyes (Krushchev) says he' s going to quit stal­ ling around. HeJ~~ing of u§jng .tbe A and H ~bs. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They don't want to destroy the Canal. It would take too long to -176 ­
  • 189. rebuild it and they need it. "Did you know the Russians can drive over the iee to Alaska. They use huge wheeled outfits like AdmiraI Byrd used in the Antartic. There was an attempt made to bridge the Bering Strai t at one time. "Their easiest method to destroy us is by internaI ~sruption; that is the way they ha;e it outlined. "Many letters flooded into Washington asking them/l to help the Hungarians. Many Churches and people are asking for prayers as they have in our diocese. "They are marching sorne of the ,1:Jutigarians toward Siberla. le s cold tfiere." / November 19, 1957: "Hank, /an you picture the Christmas a lot of those people 'are going to have in Hungary, Poland, Egypt and Je rus alfem. "Europe is al! going to bel, shaken by Christmas. There will be a fuel shortage and food shortage. "They are trying to turn the Canadians against us, Hank. "They won' t have to do much to take us over When) they get us tearing at each other's throats. They won't have to drop any bombs. Just move in and take over. • November 23, 1956: "Why can't our Country help those people that are so cold and hungry? "They are trying to lul! us to sleep that they are settling the Suez situation. Trying to make us believe the countries are switching their support over to us. It is not so. ·We had a Happy Thanksgiving in most of this coun­ try. What about those in the East? They need food, clothes and assurance. Those empty stomachs. "If only our Country would turn more to help and prayer, God would put in His Arm. It' s too late to help the Hungarian people now. They are dead, wounded and hungry--how hungry! The Russians are in control. If they could have been warned to wait, maybe we would have awakened and given them the help promised. "There are so many devils. "Pi g Eyes (Krushchev), he' s another one. He' s scared stiff. That' s when they double cross each other. "1 told you last night of an airplane crash, and that they would aIl be dead. It happened, Hank.' November 25, 1956: "Accidents that won' t be asci­ dent...§.. They are happening. Anything can be put in the papers. The &lemy ~ed with the planes,:that's aIl. Things are terrible They are not telling the truth. " -177­
  • 190. December l, 1956: "They just sent sorne more of our vital oil and gas out in this Suez deal, Hank. We will supply them again with oil and men and arms, whatever they need. We have been doing it only it will be more in the open now because of the emergency. We' Il get more of our feathers plucked. " December 2, 1956: "They are putting pressure on ( Turkey. Turkey is sticking up for the United States yet. Greece is too." "There are lots of casualties at the Suez, Hank, but they are not making it known. We must get out of the United Nations before it is too late. "The next Pearl Harbor will be near the Black Gold and by the Red Dragon instead of the Japs. They are sure going to pluck the Eagle' s feathers. They got their war ma..-t ad als--f-r om-us .-T-h-e.v-w-i...J.l-b-e -g et ti ~u r bo ys. " l told you a long time ago .:tbeYJer~Qini""tô use), n~~. .~':. ~:L.~o~s. ~time the neu_tl:~~s­ cape. They will use their boys as UN soldiers. " ~ December 5, 1956: "Last year Eden left the confer­ ence like the cat that got the canlir'y. r m afraid the canary turned a little bitter now. Some of his people don' t like what he' s doing. , Sorne are just covering up their own activities to buffalo the people. -­ -"131ncë~ke-trad-tlnrt il"em-t-attack people prayed more for him. If people had prayed enough for him, he might have done quite a lot for the right side. He's in the frying pan now. l feel kind of sorry for Ike, Hank. Mil­ ton E~enhower makes a pretty good Boss. " ( ( -oe~ember 6, 19Q.§; "The,y tried to assassinate &ien. • L NOTE.: T~ w;:;- No-;.--IN ~ NEWS REPORTS. HE WAS AT BERMUD .... ----Oecember 8, 1956: "Arthur McArthur isn' t like his uncle, Hank, or he would not be appointed. It' s ano­ ther Theooore and Fr.Ell.klin....R.Q~eal. December 10, 1956: "Remember in October l told you Herter would have a better job than they were trying to elect him for. WeIl, he has, hasn' the? You might be hearing of D~' resignation. His health ~sn' t as good as they say it is. Some papers are saylng part time President and part time Secretary of State.• December 14, 1956: "Things are awful bad aIl over. This afternoon l saw many things. It' s no good. The ( earth is like a bubbling kettle. You don' t know where the next boil will be. "Lots of trouble is going to start over the Black -178­
  • 191. go Id - Teh eran, Iran. "We got to work harder and get people to work harder. "Tb...e. ten 0' clock news will tell you about a big ( fire. It was done on purpose. " December 18, 1956: "This is the period for strange things to happen. Things we can' t comprehend. It will be confusing." Decernber 19, 1956: "You are going to hear of more ship wrecks and train wrecks. "Krushchev has got sornething in'~ind because ~e feels he has been double crossed. ~ made promises last ( year at the Geneva Conference. /1fë is having trouble keeping thern .• December 22, 1956: "Krush'chev and sorne of those rough necks would liked to have bombed sorne places at Cnristmas, byt they aren' t so sure there isn' t a God. They always have that fear. ­ "They don' t like Nehru's visit over here. They are afraid we will influence him. They had him believ­ ing preHy much thei r way. " T tol d X-QJL.M.ah.a.tma G!l.ê!!gL was .~..J1Lartyr for his country. H~ ~id fasting and penance for his country. ]1( HeïNas a rellglous man. ---rrl-s-arl--no-goDd, Hank--the Suez situation, refu­ gee situation. Gerrnany is no good, Britain is no good. H' s aH no good for the people, Dot the Big Shots. "1 told you St. Patrick should come back to Ireland. " December 23, 1956: "They are misguoting Our Holy JII Father. He said the Christian Nations should unite and g;taStrong United Nations. The:!!" are trying to twist what He says. " NOTE: EVEN OUR CATHOLIC PAPERS ARE TRYING TO INFER THAT THE HOLY FATHER APPROVES OF THE UNITED NATIONS. WlilCH ISN'T 50. December 26, 1956: "They are going to clamp down on {( incarne tax, The small income tax payer is going to get sQueezed. They are sending out more men ta check on small incomes. They claim several million dollars have slipped through their fingers because they dldn' t check enough. ·What' s so important down at the South Pole. It isn' t any body of land. Why would they want to build bases there?" December 29, 1956: "We saw him, Hank. The feHow in the yellow convertible when we were coming frorn -179­
  • 192. Pamona and Riverside. l asked you what kind of a car it was. It stayed with us nearly to Ventura Boulevard. We saw it again when we took Padre home. It had a white and yellow covering over the spare tire, and hact trim­ mings on the spotlight like they have on saddles. He 1 could be an Italian or a Spaniard. The car was a late l model, 55 or 56. The driver_lonked-like-a-wealthy kid. One who didn' t have to work. " - - NOTE: STARTED THE THIS FIRES IS A AROUND DESCRIPTION Los ANGELES. OF THE - F1RESUG WHO December 3D, 1956: "Sorne of the things our Enemies planned didn' t work out the way they expected them to. They didn' t expect the big revolts of the Hungarian and Polish people. If we in America had given them fielp, n would have made aIl the difference because the Blessed other would have been on our side. Our excuse was ag­ gression and retaliation. Our Lady would have helped Valley Forge and New OrI ans. n like She helped @orge Wasfiln]iw and (ÀEqrew !acksonJat at a nice place the li.N. ( would be if we would put Christ and Our Blessed Mother in there . • The is rather tired lately. He' s not so spry as he was during the election. Don't be surprised to see Ike go backward in health .• December 31, 1956: "What kind of name is Morris Reuben? They arrested a guy of that name for calling in 1 create more contusiOIL~d ( ontiOmbs in New York City. It' sJlart of the plan to to detract trom the reaLJS-In sue.· .:=:::r January 1, 1957: lOWe are being fed the story there isn' t a war over there. Our boys are standing by. SWi tzex.lanc:Lgot tbeir-h.ead in a noose thréugh cooperating ( with the li N They violajed tbeir neutraHtY. - "They are g.iving us th_e ~amLold ..Qr-'2Q~.@.!lda--our boys won't be in. If! -=Krushchev is still drinking away. He likes his Vodka. He is scared, but more cruel than ever. Now wëüId be the time for the people to turn more to prayer, but they won' t do it. They have no time. "The Russians did some more testing of the little piW bal(k missiles. They sure have a slick looking Irp~e~ That' s the one l told lOU about that travels one thousand miles per__hQ.Ur. They slowed th emselves up When) they destroyed their Siberian Arsenal. • 0 NOTE: THIS SISERIAN ARSENAL ~N FROM TESTING "'f 6 NUCLEAR SOMSS. p. -180­
  • 193. . "They have been havlng ~s in Ireland and in JI Russla proper. - - ­ "We got to work harder to mak-e-peop-le UILderstand "The prosperi ty for thi s year doesn' t 100k-gQOd: Han k. " January 2, 1957: "They are still cleaning rubble in Siberia. They are now digging in the middle. They buried lots of eauipment there. "There is a l i ttle sub by the Andria Dori a. It is putting a perescope down. The Andrea DoI/h' is lyjolLQY..er on her si de. Don' t let anyone kld Y9U, Hank. Those on the Stockholm were gui! ty. 1 "Can' tour p-lanes detect that s/uanarine? "Something is going to pop Idose in Ireland, Hank. It' s abOut ready. i _ "There-will be more trouble January 4, 1957~ganin was braggTIlg last-llJ.gh.t that he' s a personal friend of Ike. Tito too. ------If they didn' t intend to battle, ;hy' are they in ­ ducting our boys? hat do they want the big anny for." January 6, 1957: "Thiogs are no good. Mu ch , propa­ anda tal~, but they are still fighting. It is ~g to be ITîuëh worse. It will be much worse in Ireland. "They are all set ta drop bombs on us. "You will be hearing of more trouble in S~n. "Why is i t so important that we get a base in the Antartica? It' s so cold down there. It' s J'LumrnQL..!low south of the equator in Argentina and those places. " - January 8, 1957: "More trouble,' moretrouble in So u th Alllll i c a. "January 9, 1957: "The Queen wi 11 announce the new Premier tomorrow to take E:den' s place. The British people want an election." January 10, 1957: ".11Je Queen app.o.iD..t-ed ..McMil J 'ln as the new Prime Minister because he has more pow~d ac­ ceptance in Ireland and also in the United States. ~ a nice Disraeli. "Our President isn' t weIl, Hank. He doesn' t like some of the things that are going on. l wish people would pray more for him. He might do sorne good ta bl0 9 k)JJI some of their plans, even if i t costs him his life. "Krushchev sits like a cat in front of a mouse hole. This new change will cause sorne delay. "From now on things will be changing. There will be Cabinet changes h.ere and in Britain. There will be trouble in Spain. " -181­
  • 194. January 11, 1957: "The Brown Bear did sorne more testing. " January 15, 1957: "Nobody wants to believe that such things are going on in Europe. It can also happen he re. "They are trying to rebuild Stalin after chopping the props out from under him. -=­ "QE..IV they have been showl.!HL that the Nazis kil­ l~ 40;-000 PoIes. "We have several milli~n refugees and OP' s in this Country already. "Governor Lanche is no good. He' s like Al smith. "There will be youth ri~~~~st~tions ( against the refugees. There are many Yids arnong them. "Don't be surprised if you hear of one of the International Bankers dying, Lehman.· January 16, 1957: "1 see revol ts and riots in I~- land just like in Havana. " ­ =.- January 17, 1957: "lt doesn' t seem real, doesn' t j~ s-e,em as i f such things could happ~n.----- , "It' s aU too incredible. It doesn' t seem as if . man could do anything like that. lt doesn' t add up to anything. There is no gain. It rneans just total des­ truction. Satan must be laughingiIL-J;lJ:i~ at man' s stupidity. -- ­ -------;O-r had hopes that pe?ple woul~y and that the ( suo-lgJranean arsenal wo.u1.iLhe.-d..estr-o-Y-e-Cl. bu t i t looks l.ilLe----.1.!l.ey are saLYaging tllei.r. materials. "The President is not good tonight, Hank. Milton makes a pretty good dictator. They are pushing what they call the Eisenhower Doctrine. They are burning the ciga­ rette on both ends. " January 18, 1957: "Last night l was trying to tell you about the powder plant accident where six men were killed. I t was no accident, Hank." - January 19, 1957: ·You' d be surprised at what' s in­ side the Andrea Dorja. l wonder i f they will ever make i t known. It may be too deep for a di ver. l wonder if ) that' s why they choose that spot. " . Januar.y 20, 1957: "Ice car. l saw sorne men in an Ice car coming from Siberia to Alaska "01.eck "'hen l told you of Siberi~ explosion. " NOTE: A RADIO NEWSCAST JUST GAVE THE NEWS THAT THERE HAD BEEN DETECTED SOME NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS IN SIBERIA. January 21, 1957: "Someone at the door going to -182­
  • 195. shoot the President .• NOTE: THIS WAS GIVEN DURING THE TIME OF THE INAU. GURATION BAllS FOR PRESIDENT EISENHOWER. If wA~ AT THE HOTEl. THE FIR5T OF THE BAllS THE PRESIDENT AND HIS PAR. TY VISITED AND AT lEAST THE FIRST ONE GIVEN IN BROAD. CAST. IT MAY BE FURTHER IDENTIFIED AS THE ONE AT WHICH / THE OPERAI 1C STAR L III PONS SANG BECAUSE OF THE FOllOWI NG PARAGRAPH AlSO GIVEN: "It was a woman who had a gun, Hank.·There was tao J big a crowd and s~: couldn' t get cl02·~n~Ugh. The;e ( was alwê.Y.L.s.o.meQlliLl!L!!.~ay. She W;tS supposed to do i t whenthe woman sang 'Blue Danube'. /It would be lI)uffled during that period, Hank." NOTE: THE RADIO ANNOUNCER SAI~ Lili PONS WOUlD SING THE "BLUE DANUBE WAlTZ". WHICH 1 HEARD ON THE RADIO. WAS EXPECTANTlY WAITING FOR THE SOUND OF A SHOT AND THE ACCOMPANYING EXCITEMENT. WHICH NEVER CAME. January 22, 1957: "There is a big elevator fire in Chicago and another in S"leboygan. l don' t hear them talk about surplus commodities. God is taking care of the surplus commodities with droughts in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, etc. lt will be terrible for the people to go hungry. I f the drought spreads, it will be awful. "Is i t stormy? l hear a storm raging. Are you sure we aren't in a storm? l'm so cold. Storms will be com­ ing, Hank. You can' t feel it yet. "Krushchev is real crabby· and drunk tonight, Pig Eyes, oh so small and cruel looking. He don'~~e the resistance of the Hungarians. There has been a­ nather student raid in what-wa:s- St. Petersburg. n January 23, 1957: "Continue to be vigilant. Do not become careless. America must become alert to aIl dan­ gers from within as weIl as from without. America can­ not afford to fall asleep at the helm. It will be dis­ astrous. • January 24, 1957: "There is unrest in Canada. There are troubled spots breaking out aIl over, Hank." "They have trained the youth to riot. They use them among th-eChrïSn~s- to_CiUî"uiots .and trouble. f wrong. ­ ( ~oor fools don' t ev en realize they are doing so ·Supreme Court Justice W~n can make more trouble l in one week than he could as President of the Uni ted States. He is as bad as Cremeaux. He is even worse than Stassen. Stassen is no good, but he' s just a dumbell. -183­
  • 196. "They had better watch Walter Reuther. He is a no good s ubv ersi ve. "Milton Eisenhower is as much President as Ike. He' s no good. "Senator Humphrey is no good ei ther. "They are trying to get more cooperation with Civil Defense. There is too much indifference; people are not impressed. ­ NOTE: IT'S PRETTY HARD TO LULL PEOPLE TO SLEEP ON ON! HAND TO KEEP THEM FROM BECOMING SUSPICIOUS OF WHAT'S GOING ON. AND THEN IMPRESS THEM WITH THE NECESSITY FOR ( CI~EFENSE ON THE OTHER. THE HIDDEN HAND WOULD RAT_HERlll KEEP THEM DOPEa .ITH LIES AND PROPAGANDA. IVJ January 25, 1957: -There is no peace in store for us now, Hank. They are talking peace and unity. I t is just confusion talk. They are trying to make us believe th eU. N. ilLtMJ.Q.pJLt..QLJLe..a.c-a. _nLeY_IJ eve r ID en ti on God. II -Did you hear of §tudent dots in Montreal, Canada? You should hear it on the radio." January 29, 1957: -Bloomstein - Something to do with the textile industry. Was he one of those Roosevelt guys, Hank? "America would be surprised if they knew of the guided missile stock pile in Russia, in the Soviet and that fast plane if they ever took a ride in it. AlI for war, bloody war. -PQor Alex must be di~~ged to ~ee his country' s destruction, slavery.- January 30, 1957: -President Roosevelt also c~d King Saud, Hank, but couldn' t get him ~o come his wa;y. Now the guy cornes to this country. "It' s no good, Hank, -Thar.e'-s-1-Gts-o.L.tr.ou.b.lfLQYer Black Gold __and big Yids are in control. I -Sassou i" Béàd 61 dOpe éTn g . -Kahn, ~ckefell~r and the abov€ mentioned are lit­ tle fellows compared to the Rothschilds. "Kuhn Loeb are stinkers. Judge Hilton, A B Stewart. Hilton bought them out (Hilton chains of ho te 1s). -Wanamakers took over in Philadelphia. -Gimbels control aIl dry goods. -Rothschilds and Seligmans control al! railroads. They worked hard to d~Stro~rd. There ls nothin left of r ow, a controlled by the Rot,s l s ln Europe; ( 1..lso ln th_e..Jlnit~d Sf~te-s:- ­ -.Prune F~e was one of the Hidden Hand. There' s ~ -184­ ---
  • 197. a record of hirn. He was called Israel Moses. He was on_~of the Grand Masters of_ the lRab~ls. 1t~h;;:-had II a big nam_e. l.!!l lials wer~B That 1.S one of..-0 e Hidden Hand secrets. "Morgenth3u lost strength, had to die. Th!ÇY kill tbeir own~l. Ihey are claimin g Bude.n.z i s anoth er Pompell o. He is partly sincere, but he is forced. / / --"-The group of Russians l named,/thel kllled 43, 000 clergy ofarl êIenominatlons, ~-,-- ,JmfuüïY=3I, 195'/: 'Maybe the" Il wake up and find there is a God. Sorne peopletfi~K th ey h a ve lofS of time:- The-re---hm'-rany· tlm~-- ----aDiddling and dâddIing is no good. Nobody seems to think i t' s important to clean up for our youth - that' s what Our Lady asks." February 1, 1957: "The only thing that saved the people on_ thL®cl!.~a,~riLw~Drayer. The enemy wanted what is in the ship. ~other ship carrying cases labeled Qeas and corn liS. outbound, headin&-f.o.r Israel. It i8 going around the other way. "A submarine is now approaching the Aleutians. " Th e Ru s sian s are still d i g gin gin the i ce. "The ai rplJ!,n--.1L..CIa..sh-waLno acciden t. There will be more aCÇ..i.dentS-that--a.ren~--t...Ac.çjJiepts. ----·Pray for the Vicar of Christ (this was repeated I(seVeral times). He is not feeling good. "ELis ~y J , hea~y J.~en with what rouZ ;à % knows and cannot dt mucn a­ wê ye got to Kee~im alive. It would be awful if He was to go now. You should see Him. Oh no, l don' t like to see him this way. We have got tG help Him, He is so good. Oh Gad, give me His troubles. Bles­ sed Mother, help Him, you love Him. He makes me think of Our Lord in Gethsemane. He is tbe onlyt'ôpe that had to spend aIl oflIis Reign in the Garden of Gethsemane. r1He ë8ii' t trust HfiÇCjffifInals and He knows.. it. NOTE: MARY ANN CRIED 81TTERLY. HER VISIONING OF TH E Ho
  • 198. ~ Çbrist ~rdered me _tOI There ar~ many-lè..0 are from pink tQ. red.J,n the CIe.rgy and the Hierarchy. Many of them were drawnjn for persollài gain in the beginning. Th~y though.t they could un,do the damage they were doing, but on~e ln they couIdn t get out. Satan made them aïi stIcky and gooky. AIl l can do is pray·- .....- - - - - - F'ebruary 3, 1957: "Did you hear any confirmation on th~ ship l .5.aL.§.unk, Hank?" NOTE: No. ANE.....IT WILL PROeABLY BE KEPT QUIET AS HAVE MANY OTHER THINGS. - F'ebruary 4, 1957: "God must be angry, Hank. Look at aIl the accidents, floods, plane crashes, teIIible , ~m~e ~~ions. There' s going to be more floods l and accidents. Gad will put out His Arm and put an end to lots of this nonsense. ----- -"You -;i 11 be hearing of more youth outbreaks in' Canada and in our Country. Highest rate of delinQuency cornes in ages of fourteen to tw~ty, Hank. There will be teen outbr~aks in Montreal, New York and other large cities, ~ , London." - --.--- F'ebruary 5, 1957: "1'bere are 50 many fi res and ac- cidents, there will be more. When God starts creaUng floods, storms, earthQuakes, hurricanes. There will be earthQuakes in the Spring. West Coast. They talked of ( superhighways when you don't even have to steer your car.---gut they forget Gad. "They still didn' t find that ship that disappeared. " F'ebruary 8, 1957: "They are trying to make ft ~-l!( that people take salk vaCCIne in aIl communitles. "Did you hear report of Y...9uth riot in Canada, â1so in Spain." ---- NOTE: THEY WERE 80TH MENTIONED IN NEWS REPORTS')) "The Cornmies are infiltrating Japan again, undoing . the-good~ner~l McArtbuL-did. There' s another cargo labeled peas and corn leaving New York. "'There is going to be some big doings in Washington. ) Nixon and aIl there. Billy Graham is going to be the ( speaker. It does o ' t fit. It must be something on this Brotherhood deal. February 10, 1957: "There will be lots more serious 'floods and horrors. " ------F'ebruary 17, 1957: "Things are awfu~d aIl over 'l) th~k.· F'ebruary 18, 1957: "They (Russia)_go!:...that f ( outfit. Big wheels. Tbree wheels can be u . and ~lllL-..Gr_e.a~. hug,e tires. -186-
  • 199. taller. th an a m cQ..ver i t up. u..:W r.un ri ght o.v-.er~ and . ."Th.ey have been repairing the Alcan Highway. get­ tlng lt ln A number one condition so ~ can hauI~~ts to.Alaska. When our books get out, maybe we will ge a tnp over it." i F'ebruary 19,~: "In 1~50 Our Lady gave me a mes­ sage which says t~nited States would be blamed for causing this war. " February 20, 1957: "There ~UI be fa ~ts, Hank. They will even deceive-the elect.· ~oruar.r 25. 1957: "AlI these storms and floods are just the beginning. They were first in the East. now in the West, next North and South. Where the>' need water ( they haven' t got any. Where they have i t, they got too ~"- - February 26. 1957: She told me Art was at the door. --- He was. NOTE: ART IS HANK's SON. WHO AT THIS T'illE HAO COME TO THE OOOR. HANK WAS SURPRISED AT MARY ANN KNOWING IT WAS HE. "The whole coastal strip will be under water. Just the mountains will stick out. There will be lots of people lost i f that happens, and it will happen i f they throw a bomb on the Coast Line. ----;March is M angry month, Hank. Windy and stormy, East, West. North and South. Q.Ieer th.!..ngs are happening, sorne people think these storms are diabolical. ~ince ( wnen is ne Pllshing Gad out?" --March2,1957: (Radio Talbot dies, Former Secre­ tary of the Air Force) March 5, 1957: "Many things gi ven in the past are going to come true now. " March 9. 1957: "1 wonder who' Il ~irst 1 Eisenhower. L.t.ôId you. tKe~ouJ<Ljlo a~; { Hank. They will. " l said there would be earthquakes. There have been quite a few, even make tidal waves. There is a big one due for the West Coast. 1( "They blew up the Siberian underground village, • Hank Their own testing. . "There was a tremor in the Aleutians. " March 10, 1957: "God is upsetting the ele~ents, )/ Hank. Earthquakes, tidal waves, drou~t, cOTéÎln ~e wrong areas. . "Gad can give Southern California, Mexico, Flonda -187­
  • 200. and New Orleans snow and 70 and 800 temper.atl,lre in the N~rthem States i f He wishes. When those elements change ( llke that. they will be awful surprised. Those are the places where they had so much slave rabor, Hank. "The world situation is-just like a moist tire, i t slows down then hits a dry spot and flares up again. Ir People allow themselves to be lulled to slaep and then another flare up. " March 12, 1957: "Ike is in pretty bad shape ~ilt is Ike's boss." . March 13, 1957: "It has been given you many times about earthquakes and accidents. Lately those things ar~happening more often. "Accidents with planes, trains, ships, segrega­ tion trouble. "Revolutions also has been given. "The deal with the Suez canal and soon trouble with the Panama Canal. The subs are not hanging around Just for fun. "The Disraelis and the Nihalists are behind i t aIl 111 Just as Alex says. • March 17, 1957: "I told you they would get rid of M~ay. They will also get Romulo. " ~arch 21, 1957: "Why don' t m come wi th me, Hank? I t looks like a differen t kind of a guided mi ssi le. It can he carried piggy back. The blueprints look differ ­ ent than the one they have been working with before. Sorne of those parts they dug out of Siberia they needed for this. They had them ready for this when it caved in. "The fire in Chicago Vas al good way ta destroy som tl Jle~idence. There are lots of heroes and lots of louses in that fixe." NOTE: FIRE IN CHICAGO CITY HALL. G ~had ly put down. shipped out. youth riots in the Kremlin. It was quick ­ Sorne escaped,' but ma.n~· ~ere caught ~d Things aren t sa gOOQ ln the KremlIn. "The don't like l p because he wouldn' t agree with j them. l wish the peop e woul.d p~re fer Ike. He (( didn' t agree with Eden; he knew Eden has double cros~;d us. (Conference at Bermuda). ~ "The aIl Eisenhmller a do wha ~ llm o. We s ou also pray for II{ o - a deVll. are getting ready ta bury another island. ~ ~aybe Gad would change him into an Angel ins.!ead "They IVe can use more ge~ers. - -188 ­
  • 201. "The new Russian guided missile has many more gad­ gets. The smaller one rtcl~KgL..!~~"ck. ?1 "w i8 in a hot spot. 1 think he got some dope - from KDtg Saud like Roosevelt did. "Th~' ve pressured him. t would not wan t to be him. " March 29, 1957: "It' s ndgOOd at the Canal. Don' t let them kid you. " April 4, 1957: "The Canad.~an Ambassadar to Egypt (N~n) w~s not a bad man. H'e~as wl th the Commies ~ Years ago llke c~e. He knows too-much. He was push ­ ed to suicide wit~ords. Thexjold bîm he would fie màde ) an example of. They would pin him down and torture him witl! îlhlyes until fië died. He knew they wouja: He knew GJlJ:.l:.QlI wasn' t just a captive of the bandits, Hank . .He was-Tust another who didn' t want to go aloug with them. JHe knew the cruelty they subject people to. He stnmbled I lluto some information he shou~t.· April 16. 1957: "Our country is co~thin. AH kinds of trouble being stirred up. The Old Ser­ pen t i s co i l ed. " "Trouble with segregation and school situation. "TrOUble with labor rackets. "Trouble with Agricultural disturbance. "States Rights trouble. "~' Navy and Air Porce fighting for supremac~and jurisdiction. ­ ( "Rell-gious asp~ct. "Lots of trouble - medical. housing, accidents that aren' t accidents . ..1h.e Enel1lY is waitingJor _us ta desr.roy JI ourse Ives. As usual they instigate the Lrouble. "ALI this has been glven before, now we can see it taking place. "Waterways and Seaways. "Business monop1ies like Standard ail, etc." April 18. 1957: "You know. Hank, the stupid thing î they decided upon about those" two "airplanes-tfïàTCr8Shed ­ imagining a cloud between them. " - April 22, 1957: 'San Prancisco is going to have more tremors. (Pi g . 'SY_W still loves his vodka. He is losj..ng ~round raplolY. Acts like a maniac. ! wiSb people would turn more to prayer. Now would be the time to give him the skids. "They are testing rapidly and still working on tha t big thing. 'So far Great Bri tain has the influence on Jordan' -189 ­
  • 202. ("Which is worse, the Bear or the Lion?" This was asked by Hank). /g!) "The col1apse of the hid~out has got Krushchev If drinking more Vodka .• April 27, 1957: "They don' t tell the tr.,uth in the I( cold war, their seçret war. Casualty lists don' t tell the truth. "What l saw in Russia the other night made me so sick; the night l threw up. 'They are working day and night in their steel fac­ t~s. ~..Y have sorne of the fu!ngarian Qrisoners work-I i~re. They work them as many hours a day as they cano One man was so tired he stu - rned himself b'ad. He w a s . floor moaning. The guards came and threw im into the urnace. ~oUld sme l his flesh burn. Tt was awful, Han. Tt ma e me ~k. l teel sorry for the two men WhO hact to throw film in there. God have mercy on them. They took his cap and and shoes nai led npJ.Qr the oth~~ see. l' m so-sick stomach. " April 28, 1957: "Our Country is just a free for aIl. Anybody who needs any rnoney just cornes and gets it." May 1, 1957: "1 have said this before, th~s are going Red. " II May 9, 1957: "1 think Krushchev is sick, Hank. Some­ }J thing is wrong there; the shades are aIl drawn in his ap'art~ent. l couldn' t eve~k.· May 14. 1957: "The American Medical Association has got quite a weapon in the Post Office. ~ WhOh":~~' ~an~esru.r rised ~f .t:.e~:~~l~i~~:V:~~ o~ ~:::J~ (!( point in the Hoxsey cure. If the live isn' t right it doesn wo ,so ey· a e e liver tad, and t en lt doesn' E work and tbenJilie Hoxsey Treâtment win tail. They-Wi-ll- use chat against him. " '- . May 15,1957: "Investlgate sorne of those labor!j.­ Il tQ;r;Y exp]ogons. They brought enough of those guys""i'irrà this country they should expect them. Explosions here and explosions there disrupts industry. " - May 25, 1957: "Uncle Sam i s getting his coat tail scorched. We should pull the Eagle fram under the paws of the Beast. "The United States has never seen such floods and tornadoes. There will be more. and we are heading for the hurricane season. May 27, 1957: "~es isn't qUlte as drunk lately. -190­
  • 203. Molotov may,have ~d into him. He doesn' t look good though. He salI puffed up, dr1nking must have taken its t21l. ~There is great disturbance in Russia internally. "They have been having trouble in the Dominican Re­ public the same as in Cuba. Britain has their big toe in it." "- June 12, 1957: "Things have ~t up in Russia. Krush­ chev isn't drinking so much. T~re isn' t so much fric­ tion among the top leaders. " NOTE: MUST HAVE BEEN A CALM BEFORE THE STORM. "You knew they found the Frogman. It' s him aIl right. • NOTE: THEY JUST FOUND THE BODY OF THE FROGMAN WHO DISAPPEARED WHEN KRUSHCHEV WAS VISITING IN ENGLAND. HIS TIME RAN OUT. June 14, 1957: "Mll:..rshall Kruchkov has been on the sick list. He is DOW back on his feet. He is not 10s­ j.ng his head like Kl1lshchev. M~v didn' t either. 1 1 KtUshchev, K~ov, M~v and Molintov are the big sh~ V.lshiîiSiU' disappeared you know.---­ --- "Too many people are still believing that Russia ~llis our biggest enemy. TIte International Bankers fin~ce Russia and Communism. ~ .... "The International Bankers are also financing the Churcn of England. ln~ are trying to combine the Arigli- Carl Church with other Protestant Churches and push the Anglican Church aIl over the British l sles. Th~re 1 tighten~~p_on-all-other Chur ches . " NOTE: THEY ARE' DISTURBED WITH THE GROWTH OF CATHO]I LICITY. AND WOULD LIK& TO DESTROY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. ESPECIALLY IN TRELAND. June 21, 1957: "LaBocca 1s trying to influence 1 women. She is talking to groups. " NOTE: THIS REFERS TO ELEANOR ROOSEVELT. "M;.i..lj; 1s trying to influence !ke for Israel." -- NOTE: JUST ANOTHER ONE Of -- - SATAN'S TOOLS DOING T~E WORK OF HiS MA5TERS. June 23, 1957: "Russian test have completely COI-) VGQ-~~ed the subterranean city. What' s buried now-rsgOne. They got out most of the people. They did not lose any planes, but they did lose parts. The exit 1..§. aIl col­ laQse.d,-as-..w.ell._aS-th.Le-n:tr.ance. fi June 26, 1957: "The Russians are searching in the Canadian Rockies for their lost missile .• July 2, 1957: "The RU:ilsi!lns folltuLtheir ~o~t missile -191­
  • 204. in Canada. They couldn' t get it out becglls~n such a rough place,-ê.Q-the blew it 0 he cliff on J which it rested, int~a go~e and~hen a plane dropped SUffie ~xplosiye ta a~ure its complete destruction." July 3, 1957: Mary Ann saw the Red Dragon wi th its feet on the Green Dragon. She was very frightened. July 4, 1957: @6 J9!!iD sJX)ke to youth organiza tion in Mexico. He was introaûced by Dr. otto Hersch. ft This night Mary Ann visioned letters in the sky: S 0 FEZ ) 1 W A R Around 38 parallel SAVE SOULS C 0 A S HEL "There are 963 American boys still unaccounted for in the Korean War. ) (OCCLUDE • SEO U L - - Key. " July 5, 1957: Mary Ann again visioned letters in the sky: S A HAl l, . "They have (etto~ teaching Mexican rebel youths Ihow to revoIt. TOëre is another goy wIth h~m. ri - - July 6~ 1957:--''"There will 6e more youth rioting and trouble in the Kremlin. " July 7, 1957: "There will be more YO~ riots...2E cow and in many European countries. ft ---­ This was the annlversary of one of the days when Mary Ann had a strong taste of the H Bomb. 1 ( TASTE NOTE: AND SHE 'liAS SENSATIOt' INSIDE RETURNED THE BDMB TO HER ON APRIL ON THE 7TH. SAME BUT DAY THE FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. APRIL 7TH, MAY 7TH, JUNE 7TH AND JULY 7TH, July 8, 1957: "Our papers carried the story of parading in Moscow because of downfal1 of Malenkov, ( Molotov, etc. That's not true; people do not prefer ( Krushchev. -----"There may be assassinations, riots and demon­ ~t ~ons, not just paraües. "'t 1s the usuai pruDaganda trliug to fooi the p~ple. " NOTE: ON THIS NIGHT MARY ANN SAli' THE BLESSED MOTHER ST .• JOSEPH AND THE INFANT l'HILE AT THE SACRED SPOT. JulY 12, 1957: "There is much bitterness because Kr~ev is trying to push Bulganin down." ') ( July 13, 1957: Mary Ann saw letters in the sky: LAU -192­
  • 205. . "Our Holy Father is awfully sad and depressed. He lS such a good man, humble and kjnd. Don' t believe them when they say he' s a pinky or just interested in money. " "There will be more youth riots in European coun tri es. " July 14, 1957: "Pig ~es is the cruelest leader :the world has known since the nipeteenth century. He has no h'eart a! aIl. "1 should have followed tfrat fellow the other night . " now he IS murdered. They put hI·m in a trunk addressed ' to California. "He lived a double life in thiladelphja. He was a painter in New York. He was something else. He belonged to llY soY ring. He was at the Ham i l ton. l lost him one night as l lost the Fraulein and Otto John. "There is a big spy nest operating on ~ a Island. - 'That bomb they shot this morning sent up lots of fallout. It wasn't a clean bomb. 'That guy they had to get him out of the waY.~e knew too muct." (Trunk murder). July 18, 1957: "No, No, No. We can' t let them cru­ city The Roly Pathet. Me Eriemy would like to get rid of Hlm becauseHe ls a 5000 man. Juh 19, 19'57: thIS nlght while out at the Sacred Spot Mary Ann saw a large question mark in the trees-­ 1 (~- Also saw the Crown of Thorns on the Sacred Spot, . and a large Y and 5 in the sky. July 20, 1957: 'More accidents that aren' t acci­ dents. Planes, ships and trains. Deaths also that won' t be accidents." July 21, 1957: "This night while out at the Sacred Spot, Mary Ann saw st. Francis kneeling. Then he knelt , on one knee and when those present said the st. Francis Prayer, he stood. This night Mary Ann was again shown the medal that 1s ta be struck in connection wi th the Cause here !'t J J1 Necedah. This evening st. Alexander took Mary Ann from the kneeler ta the front step. (He is a large person and Hank at'1d Ray ran instead of walking to keep up Vi th him to take over at the door when the Saint left). July 22, 1957: On this night while out at the Sac­ red Spot, Mary Ann visioned the following: l ( MALL then PEN l T E N T Also visioned the Thirteenth Station. -193­
  • 206. "The K K K are becoming more powerful. They say they are not against the Catholics, but they are:stab ­ bing them in the back." ---- July 25, 1957: "There's a meeting of subversive~ lower Cincinnati. Youth leader lS there and Canadian aoctor. Couple big Rabbis present. East Coast saboteur' with scar àn filS face. Re's been promoted. He looks like a big shot now. W~l face is there aIso, and S~a an1-S~ia and otoers Re~n witb-the Fraulein. - "1 hopetliey are not planning some more shangha­ ing. l get sick when l see them do that." July 27, 1957: "l' m sorry, Hank, that l didn' t fol ­ low up on E:'onya going to the Dominican Republic. Then l could have told you about Guatemala. ·S:mya, Sophia and one man went to the Dominican Re ­ public. "Fraulein, Anna, Doctor John and one man went to East Germany. :They killed the President of ~ two years ago, and l told you then of the trouble brewlng in Mexico and sorne of these other places. 2_ "The Fraulein is sick. file' s got the Asiatic Flu. '5" "There will be a huge epidemic of that ~âîl. .. They have an epidemic in East Germany. Two hundred and <> ( forty thousand hact i t in the Philippines. ThBLS1i.ed the-re at the rate of sixty ta a hundred a day. "We have somer in this country now, but not much is being said about it. Sorne in Chicago, sorne on the West Coast, but most of it is on the East Coast. That's where most people come into this country who could carry i t. "They are preparing for an out~urst in Puerto Rico. They have had sorne bad shootings and klIIlfigs tfiere. ( "There will be more unrest now in Guatemala. It aIl ( . ti es together. "The leader in HiMapa is n~od. The leader in Mexico is no good. "In Gul~ala they ~ot rid g~ th; President and !he gua~ _mâ n tg aDD il; thatheuard wa~Jo__~I~e. NOW they even have witnesses to pr:o ve the guard dld lt. f You can buy eye witnesses to anythlng clown there for 500 l 1 pesos. When they work for 50ep a day, they w.ill do JEost anything for money, and to them 500 pesos lS ~ lot of money. Give them a little t§guila and they WIll lose their heads. , ~was aIl planned that way, that s why the subs have treerrharrglngaround down there. " -194 ­
  • 207. July 28,1957: ·That earthauake in Mexico City wrecked the spy headquarters. It also wrecked-t~ve headguarters of the rebels in the mountains. None were killed: but four were injpred. SOrne of their equ1p­ ment was wrecked also. ~ "Tbe death of the Pre'sid~nt of Gl!atem~la anlLthe earthquakes s.e.ems to have 'done more gQQ(f' than bad." July 29, 1957: "The youth"riots will be pronOUnced now that we are getting closer t'oschool opening. There will be more now with this trial in Tennessee. (Seg­ gregation trials add toagi tation). - ­ ·There still i8 no let-up of trouble i~!!ê:i.t.i, the J( Dominican Republic and those countries in Central America and the Carribean. "The Fraulein 1s still sick. Sbe js in the village led Dueseldorf. Last night they caugbt one of thôse women who cooperated with her. "I haven' t seen anything of the woman in Canada, the one who was shot seven times. She i sn' t young, Hank. ·I shouldn' t feel good, but l can' t help i t. ~ " e~rthquake even smashed up the short wave radio an~the)J blinker system used br the spies in M~ico. "That airliner in which the explosion took place-­ that was planned.· N OT E: THE RE HA 0 JUS T BEE NAN EW R EP 0 RT 0 FAN AIR. S LINER HAVING AN EXPLOSION ABOARD. IT HAS BEEN EXPLAINED BY....A.LUIBIITING P TO-A-$.UICIDE ATTENPT BY A_':.A~ER--!!:!O .- ­ WAS BLOWN OUT OF THE SHIP. THAT EXPLANATION. HE OF COURSE COULON'T DENY JulyW, 1957: On this night Mary Ann saw letters in the sky: these) ~ MICCINELLI )~ The name of the priest, Father ChaOes, who was and has been trying to promote Hie canonization o.f Kateri Tekakwitha, an Indian Maiden, for 25 years. He celebrated his Golden Jubilee July 15th, the Feast of St. Henry. "They had 27 inches of rain in 24 hours in Japan.~ Gad did that ~o. clear up. Mr. ~ruman' s mess and ta~e aw~ the radio actlv1ty. It lS Gad s way of cleansing. ugust l, 195T:'tIiis night Mary Ann saw this word in the sky: ~ KATERITEIlAK Also -- PRAY FOIt US - - PRAY Fœ ME • "The Praulein is awful sick. She had two spe~la­ lists in last_night, trying .Jo ~eep_ her alive. One -195 ­
  • 208. ShOUld pray. l don' t want her to go to hello l don' t I w~t her to continu~ fieraïrf.j work. l don' t wane 1 dIe and go to hell even after aIl the dirt she pulled. Purgatory would be better. ri Mary Ann gave part of the word missed before: Wl T H A to li1L August 4, 1957: This night Mary Ann again saw the Rising Sun in the trees. August 6, 1957: "~FrauleiI is up today, but she is weak, Hank. ''---­ "~na St!:Qng is in Chicago. She i s meeting wi th three ne roes and six others of their gang. One is the pock-faced g1J) we saw at Camp McCoy an Camp Douglas." 1 -~gusr 9, 1957: "Anna Strong is at 3800 LaSalle ~ ~t in Chicago. Our friend, the youth organizer, has his headquarters there. There was a meeting there to­ night between Anna and sorne of her stooges. Sonya, - and sorne Anna - _ . others were there. Another stoogêlfrom Canada is wi th them. They are talkinJLof one of their) g~~that ~ot caught. His name is A~l. He is not a ( big one. He has lots of contacts, but is just small fry. He doesn' t know the Fraulein. "B~s i s now in Canada." August 12, 1957: "The spy ring is active on Catalina 1 '] I~d. They sen?'messages by placing them in what 10ôks r1 like discarded corn flake boxes and leaving them to . float for boats and subs to pick up. "The Russians are trying to open up their subter­ I .r:..anean arsenal that caved in, in Siberia. They still ( have much material buried there. "Acheson is just as active as ever. Dulles isn't feeling' too good, but i t is not played up in th; papers. H--- is very active because of Dulles' condition." August 14, 1957: "Hank, they finally found some..of those guns and stuff. They found a shipload in Florida. It- was being shipped to Cuba. That mak~i t a little bi t better. They didn' t find any of the stuff that was load­ ( ed in subs near st. John's." That went to the Domii1ican RepublTc and GuatemaTa. "They are getting wise around San Diego .• NOTE: SOME OF OUR PEOPLE HAVE NOTICED THE ACTIVITY OF THE SUBS THAT HAVE BE EN OUT THERE ALMOST CONTINUALLY MAINTAINING CONTACT WITH THE NEST OF SPIES IN THE CITY. August 16, 1957: "The Fraulein is still in East Ger ­ many. She's aIl right, but she' s thin." August 17, 1957: "The American Medical Association -196­
  • 209. is getting worried about the cancer in the tallout areas SomebodY let it slip. . Th~ ~re discovering cancerous gr: fects on.lun$s and skln lrrltations. They are blaming sorne of lt on polio effects. This was gi ven in our Work 'I long ago. " 1( August 28, 1957: "Thev are still trying to kid our . p~op.le that we are ahead of,,~he Russians in guided 1 mlsslfes. '" "There is another rebel o'ii'tbreak in Cuba. It still 1sn' t under-Control. "The earthquake in Mexico Ci ty did more good than Il ha:m. It delayed the rebel out break and destroyed the sples nest. "Russia just tested sorne more A and H bombs, small ones. They' re afraid of the big ones themselves. " "The E... B. 1. has apprehended aj~f our spi es, -b.ut let sorne of them go forJiQlL.oC evidence. hen Ftanltf8r­ I ter sees them in the Court room, i t' s like he never saw • Jthem in his llfe. "Hank, r saw halls and school rooms and auditoriums and all kinds of places filled with sick. Even dance ( halls. Eve~here there were sick people. There wlll be a tremendous shortage of nurses. "~uld that be punishment or would that be to awaken us? fuich? We daren't spread that around or there would be panic. People will imagine they are sick when they are not." September 2, 1957: "One country wants to outsmart the .other.. The Russians have their missiles all r~dy. l We haven' :LgQl...@..Y...:..-.-1h~ are trying to tell us we have --- them. - "The F. B. 1. h as been doing pretty good 1 ately. They' ve beeu scaring our spies so they' re laying low, not carrying on their regular activity." September 3, 1957: 'You' 11 find out what l told you a long time ago about the segregation deal is true now. ) They called the guards out in Arkansas. They are guard­ ing in Texas (not National Guards). "Trouble in Chicago. "They are having trouble in Pennsylvania too. They are ~rying to keep it ~own ap;d out of the news bgQause it causes too much sentlment. September 4, 1957: "The landing of the Russians in J our country is no good, Hank." NOTE: THE FIRST RUSSIAN JET HAS JUST LANDED. BRING­ IHG RuSSIANS IN TO THE U.N. -197 ­
  • 210. "The racial situation is no good, Hank. "Many people think that the situation which was near ta the bursting point is now under control. What do they think they rushed over to the U. N. for? Th.iJ:l.gLare a.!!fully hot. " September 5, 1957: "The Asiatic flu has struck sorne football players and sorne baseball players in the East. ) l t i s al so starting up in several army camps and naval bases. 8eptember 12, 1957: "The segregation business i s getting terrible. l hope it isn' t leading up to what l' ve warn ed 0 f b efore. "~.JtaY.e stoned store and bakery windows. There has been much other violence. ft -- September I:r;-T9"07: "The segregation business is { terrible. No wonder it showed aIl red in the center of our country. " September 15, 1957: "The Suez Canal is about ta bust. "There is sorne more shangtlaing in New Orleans. "There will be JlK)re accidents that aren' t accidents, more lives taken, more disappearances. The spies are be­ l coming more active again. They were so quiet. " NOTE: PICKED UP~~ME SOME HAD OF BE COME THEIR MEMBERS. "The K. K.K. is becoming more active. A'FRAID "There is more cheating in the Pentagon. BECAUSE THE F.B.I. HAD "Pires, storms and destruction on the rampage again. "Much of our Work that has been given in the, past is coming true now. It is cl~e to the climax." September 16, 1957: ~Jhe doctor--!.rorn can~is in Chicago. " ~ NOTE: 1 ASKED FOR THE MAN'S NAME. MARY ANN ANS ­ WERED: 1 DON'Trn-;;'~ , MAN'S NAME. 1 NEVER HAD A HANDLE FOR HlM. HE' S A FRENCHMAN)" '-. -:;..----=.:.,;;,;...---:; "This doctor was in on the killing of the fellow th.eY took from Detroit to Windsor. "Sonya died. Sle got killed in an accident that waSlr no accident. She spilled it to a confidential friend. ~ spilled i t to a confidential friend. It helped the " P. B.!.' ln sorne of their pickups. - ­ "The Praulein is still over across the puddle on account of the shakeup. She' s laying low. The Canadians are laying low, tao. "Our Duluth friend is in st. Paul. She's behind %he youth racket there. ~e was behind that awful killing -198 ­
  • 211. they had in St. Paul. Those three b rothers th at got ( shot just now belop_~ to the spy ring, that' s why they were so weIl armed. --------­ O:Kassick is the name of these three boys, they were in on many other shady d~als. --oThere'sa dope peddler ~p in st. Paul by the name of DeCastro. That New Lisbon~ellow used to buy his dope from him. "There is something awfully shady going on around the Milwaukee waterfront. "Trouble seems to be bubbling more than at any time in the last three months. "The Tennessee si tuation is worse than ft appears on the surface. The Arkansas situation is also worse than i t looks. There i s shady business going on. Sorne from other places are trying to force the situation. The Governor from Massachusetts i s trying to interfere. He is accusing the Arkansas Governor of defiance to his superiors. " September 17, 1957: "Esther is going to do lots of damage (hurricane). It is no wonder we had no subs in that section. The tidal waves are too bad. "You will hear of another tremor in the San Fran­ ciscoarea. They are due for a big one, Hank. " . September 21, 1957: "The're 1s sorne more missile pract1sing in Siberia. It is more toward the VraI Mountains than on this side. "They have sorne rea] small subs of thE kind that can) slip into navigable rivers. They could come into .6;ke Michigan. ----"-They claim that explosion on the bottom of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee harbor exploded after aIl these years, when divers went down. Don' t let them kid .YQu. IIThe~ wanted to destroy sorne evidence. They'll have tr~~9f, but take it from there. "They have been bringing dope and things like that. There is something brewing down there. l should have in ­ vestigated when l was there." September 25, 1957: "There is a meeting of the head Il trouble makers for this racial trouble tonight in the La Salle Hotel, Chicago. The meeting is just about ready to break up. They had dinner and the meeting at the table when they finished eating. It is the s~om where sorne of~ese meetings were held before. "There have been sorne awful attacks on negroes in this city, Bad feeling.ts growing like a mushroom. herell -199 ­ ....
  • 212. NOTE: AT THIS TilH WE WERE IN CHICAGO AT THE HOME Of ONE Of THE PILGRIMS. ·Our waterfront friend 1s at the Palmer House, Chicago. C!easel~e 1s with him. • Septemb-èr-27, 1957: ·Our waterfront boy friend is in Minneapolis tonight. He is heading for Kansas Ci ty, Kansas, st. Louis and New Orleans. • -200­
  • 213. XXXVII ACTIVITIES OF SUBS AND JETS l don't know the exact purpose of this work given. l do know that Russian submarines have been lurking con- stantly to the waters adjacent to the United States and that there has never been any reports of any of our patrols ever spotting any of them. Either our defense system is very, very inadequate or the news lS withheld ( from us. MY own conVlctIon lS tl'lat buth are true, and when you consider the following reports of day after day activity of subs and planes, your conviction must of nec- essity be the same, for there is no other logical con- clusion. It has always been the policy of the pro~agandists who feed the news for our consumption ta sell down the strength of the Russians as if what they had was always inferior to what we possess. This is as stupid as it is untrue. Much has been made of the atomic submarines that have been made in this country. Great publicity has been given to their performance, speed. length of range, etc. The statements made are undoubtedly true. However. we don't know what the Russians have along that line, and they are not foolish enough to tell us. We do know that we have just recently put our third one into operation. Perhaps in the future, say five years or so. we might be able to have a large enough fleet of them to be counted on as an arm of worthwhile power. We do know that the Russians have in operation now 45 0 submarines and enough under construction to b ring tSat number up to 500. fuile fools and stooges continue to feed us proDa-J ganda and while other fools cont1nue to believe it, let' s take a look at the record. In the month of February, 1942, German U-Büats des- troyed 679.000 tons of American and British shipping. mostly freighters and tankers. -201-
  • 214. During the month of May and June 1942, more than one and one-half million tons of Allied shipping was sent to the bottom of the ocean. The greatest number of submarines the Germans ever had in operation was~. Normal deduction would lead us to expect approximately six times the above damage to our shipping. SUre i t is to be expected that our defense against suœ may have been improved in the last fifteen years, but perhaps i t might be weIl to recall that the Russians haven' t spent the last fifteen years in bed ei ther. Russia also has a greater Air Forçe, superior in numbers, superior in performance. Revelations given here, from·Heaven, show also that they are way ahead of us in guided missiles, agaln In both numbers. and performance. ~ ~ o n e stupid General once said, "Gad is on the side with the heaviest artillery", then you had better get on your knees and start praying, and pray that i t isn' t true. September 26, 1956: "Three long nosed jets coming from the Sea of Okhotsk. They are flying toward the Aleutians. There is a submarine there, Hank. They are those that fly at 7_20 miles per hour. They flew over the sub and then turned south about a hundred miles west of the coast. They flew as far south as the Panama Canal, over the Canal, over the Island of Jamaica, then turned west, crossed over Mexico City and then north along the coast and back to their base." September 29, 1956: (9: 45pm) "Jets, Hank, two of them, going over on this side of the Statue of Liberty. They came over from Newfoundland. They are heading to­ ward and going to land at Bermuda; l believe they are British. " "There are three more jets east of Newfoundland. They are long nosed, Russian ®es, flying real high over the Statue of Liberty going toward Jamaica and Panama. The arrow shows that the three Brown Bear jets are going over Panama, then up the West Coast and home. They are only carrying fuel. "There are subs in aIl the usual places. (NOTE: THIS DOESN.'T MEAN TOO MUCH TO YOU RIGHT NOW. BUT IT WILL AS THE REPORT GOES ON). IOctober 6, 1956: "Submarine report: l'-sub near Bermùda 1 sub near Cuba -202­
  • 215. 1 sub east of Panama 1 1 sub west of Panama 1 sub near the Aleutians 1 sub near Japan '. 1 sub between Japan and the Philippines "There are many around t6e Rock (Gibraltar), near Morocco and near SUez. " October 30, 1956: "No sub at the Aleutians tonight." NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN GIVEN BECAUSE THERE SEEMS ALWAYS TO BE ONE THERE. IT IS UNUSUAL FOR IT NOT TO BE THERE. December 9, 1956: "Hear it, Hank, watch them; the Brown Bear has sent thern to check on us (jets). . "There' s a sub at the Al euti ans. "Things are very active in the Bea of Okhotsk tonight. "There are three jets went down along the East coast below the Keys and then back. "Three more went down the West Coast as far as Mexico and back. Decernber 1, 1956: "There is a sub at the Aleutians. 1 sub near West Coast of Mexico There are lots of subs in the troubled are a. " December 2, 1956: "1 sub at the Aleuti ans 2 subs near Cuba 1 sub near Key West 1 sub near Hawaii" December 6, 1956: "1 sub near Pearl Harbor 1 sub near Cuba 1 sub near Jamaica 1 sub near the Aleutians 1 sub near San Diego 1 sub near Corpus Ch ri sti " December 10, 1956: "1 sub near tae Aleutians There is one of our subs near where the Andrea Doria sank. " December 19, 1956: "Last night two jets flew over the Aleutians and went down the West Coast over Mexico Ci ty, up the East Coast over Greenland and home. December 21, 1956: "1 sub near Aleutians 1 sub near Cuba 1 sub near Key West 1 sub near Philippines" December 27, 1956: "Sub Report: -203­
  • 216. 1 sub near Philippines 3 subs near Hawaii 1 sub near Cuba 1 sub near Bermuda 1 sub near Key West 1 sub near panama 1 sub straight west of Mexico Ci ty 1 sub 25 miles west of San Diego 1 sub near Morocco 2 subs coming out of the Sea of Okhotsk Many of them near the battle grounds. • December 28, 1956: SUb Reports: ft 1 sub near Keys 1 sub near Cuba 1 sub near Bermuda 1 sub near Panama 1 sub near Newfoundland 1 sub near Morocco 1 sub near San Diego 1 sub near Los Angeles Th,ere are none at Aleutians.ft December 26, 1956: 'Sub Report: 1 sub 20 miles. east of Corpus Christi 1 sub near ws Angeles 1 sub near San Francisco 1 sub near Cuba 1 sub near Keys 2 subs near Hawaii 1 sub near Philippines SUbs aIl around Suez. " December 30, 1956: 'SUbs are at the same places as last night.ft January 2, 1957: 'SUb Report: 1 sub near San Diego 1 sub near Keys 1 sub near Corpus Christi 1 sub near Bermuda 1 sub near Panama 1 sub near Pearl Harbor 3 subs near Philippines 'Ihere is also a group in the trouble area again. " January 3, 1957: 'sun report i s the same as i t was last night, except the one near the Keys has moved more south west. " January 4, 1957: "ifuy are the subs always at those places. Hank? There is one sub east of Puerto Rico." -204­
  • 217. January 5, 1957: "Slb Repont: 1 sub 50 miles west of8an Diego 1 sub southwest of Mexil,co City 1 sub south of Gulf of Mexico 1 sub east of Puerto Ricà~~ 1 sub northeast of CUba ' 2 subs near Hawaii 1 sub near Bennuda 1 sub near Panama 1 sub 100 miles of Philippines 1 sub 50 miles of PhiIippines--opposi te side 2 subs near Morocco 1 sub near Portugal, heading for Gi braHar. Bunch of them near troubled area. Several in Sea of Okhotsk. Il January 6, 1957: "Slb Report: Subs are at same place as last night, except none near Cuba and none near Philippines. Il January 8, 1957: "Slb Report: 2 subs near Panama 2 subs near Pearl Harbor l sub south part of Gulf of Mexico 1 sub near San Diego 1 sub west 0 f Mexi co 1 sub near Newfoundland.Il January 11, 1957: "SUb Report: 1 sub near Aleutians Remember that liner that went down they reported was a hoax. There is a sub there using a periscope to examine i t. l wonder what they are looking for. January 12, 1957: Sub Report: Il l sub near Keys 1 sub near Newfoundland l sub passing by Puerto Rico 1 sub standing near Rio de Janei ro There are plenty of them in the war zone.Il January 16, 1957: "Slb Report: 1 sub near Aleutians 1 sub half way between San Francisco and Sea of Okhotsk. 1 sub near Keys 1 sub near Cuba 1 sub between Cuba and Jamaica 1 sub near Pearl Harbor 2 subs near Philippines Many around Hot Spot. -205,
  • 218. "Can you hear me, Hank? Jets came from the west go_ ing east. They went right over here. There are three of them, the new ones. They are going over Detroi t. l' m sorry, Hank, l lost them. What are they doing over here now? (Later) "The arrow shows jets are going over Nor- thern New York Ci ty, then up the coast of Newfoundland over Hudson Bay and the McKenzie River, the Aleutians and back to the Sea of Okhotsk. Right now they are nearing New York Ci ty, the time was 11: al pm. The jets were first reported at 10: 31pm. There must be a base along the Sea of Okhotsk." January 17, 1957: ·Subs are at the same places as last ni gh t. January 19,1957: ·Sub report: 1 sub east of British Isles 1 sub near Philippines 1 sub near New Zealand 1 sub near Pearl Harbor 1 sub near Newfoundland, northeast 1 sub near the Aleutians 1 sub near San Diego.Il "Jets, Hank. Three went over the Suez Canal, Egyptian side. They were the 720 miles per hour ones. "Two of the newest ones (1,000 miles per hour) went over Minnesota and Iowa, then east toward New York, then over Newfoundland, Greenland and home. Boy, those two can travel awful fast." Time 10:31pm. January 20, 1957: ·Sub report: The subs are where they were last night, except that there are two near the Aleutians and a carrier." January 21, 1957: ·Sub report: 1 sub at Aleutians 1 sub southwest of San Diego 1 sub half way between Cu ba and Swan Islands 1 sub half way between Cuba and the Keys 1 sub east of Newfoundland 1 sub near British Isles There' s a whole gang of them in the troubled area... January 24, 1957: "SUb Report: 1 sub west of san Diego ,1 sub north of Swan Island 1 sub southern tip of Jamaica, heading northeast 1 sub 25 miles east of Newfoundland 1 sub near Bri tish Isles going south 1 sub near Tokyo, Japan -206-
  • 219. Plenty around troubled area. January 25, 1957: ·Sub Report: 1 sub at Aleutians 1 s ub near San Diego 1 sub south of Swan Islands 1 sub near Panama, Gulf side 1 sub near Morocco 1 sub near Philippines 1 sub near Guam ~~ny in troubled area." Jan uary 29, 1957: "Airplan e Report: "1 can' t find them, Hank. They are gone. Two of them, Hank, they are pretty, the big new jets. "At 9:55 they left the field over in Siberia, flew over Greenland and Newfoundland, then over here, then went northwest to the Aleutians and then to the Sea of Okhotsk. They are still in flight heading toward the Aleutians now. The arrow shows their course. F'ebruary 1, 1957: "Sub report: 1 sub haH way between Los AngelES and F'risco 1 sub south of San Diego 1 sub southeast of Swan Island; 1 sub near Keys 1 sub northeast of Newfoundland There are several subs between the Philippines and Hawaii, goin g bath Wa:/S. Several subs around troubled area Several subs in Sea of Okhotsk. One small sub is near Andrea Doria, putting down a periscope, trying to see into the broken hull. F'èbruary 5, 1957: "Sub Report: 1 sub at Aleutians 1 sub near Swan Islands 1 sub near Keys 1 sub near Cuba 1 sub 100 miles east of Pearl Harbor 1 sub near Tokyo 1 sub east of Ireland" March 7, 1957: "Sub Report: 1 sun Caribbean 1 sub at Aleutians '1 sub near Swan Islands 'lliey are as thick as flies in the danger zone 1 sub near New F'oundland 1 sub nearAzores March 14, 1957:. "SJunds like the whistle of jets go­ -207­
  • 220. ing wrong way through. Three jets came from the south traveling north along the West Coast about 50 miles out. "The jets made a big loop down near northern South America, then up the West Coast to Aleutians and back home to Sea of Okhotsk. 1 March 30, 1957: "Jets today flew dONn from Sea of Oktosk to Aleutians, then southto a point between Los Angeles and san Diego, then crossed country to Jamaica and the Keys, then up to the Coast of Newfoundland, Greenland and over the pole to base. 1 Apri l 23, 1957: "Subs are out tonight, Hank. l sub near Swan Islands l sub near Florida Keys, i t is signaling: l -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 Green Flashes l -- 2 -- Red Flashes Green flicked white in between l -- 2 -- 3 Green. Long pause, then 2 more green. Now circular motion like whirling baIl of fire. Now sorne body in the Keys is answering back. 3 blue flashes l orange yellow 2 blue 3 more blue in rapid succession. "The sub is camouflaged to look like a fishing tug. They are collapsing it now and diving. Last man in just made i t. "Three of our planes are circling around there now. That is the reason they were in such a hurry. "The submarine hasn' t been at the Aleutians so much since the earthquake and tidal wave.• Apri l 24, 1957: "&lb Report: l sub near San Diego l sub Swan Island l sub near Cuba l sub near Newfoundland l sub east of British Islands 2 subs near Morocco l sub center Mediterranean. " May 14, 1957: "Sub Report: l sub by Swan Island (there' s always sorne there) Sub near Newfoundland l near Cigar l near Bermuda l sub middle of Gulf, lying on surface l sub heading for California 9 at Aleutians -208­
  • 221. 1 sub Ireland 2 subs near Philippines 1 sub close to Hawaii 1 sub near Tokyo 1 sub Medi terranean, real small one ihole snag at Okhotsk .9.Ib near San Diego is signaling. Answer from shore. AlI red blinks. Sub in a hurry to get awa,y. Answer must have been danger. There are four planes heading out th at way. Sub dove out of sight. The planes were di ving around area where sub had been. There seems to be a disturbance in town." May 29, 1957: "Several subs in Caribbean 1 sub near San Francisco 1 sub near San Diego They are scattered aIl around Haiti. Cuba. Puerto Ri co, Swan l sI ands 1 sub near Newfoundland They are near Japan and aIl around, too many to re­ port. " Mas 31, 1957:"4 subs near Los Angeles and between there and San Di ego 1 sub Swan Island 1 sub west of Florida 1 sub northwest of Jamaica 1 sub Near Cuba, north side. 1 sub near Newfoundland There' s a mess of them near the troubled East. both Russian and British." June 1, 1957: "2 subs not far from Frisco. bat' s sa in ­ teresting there? "Jets, Hank, 4 of them from the West. Came from Ok­ hotsk. They are heading for Northem Cali fomia, north of Frisco. Arrow points north over Alcan Highl'laY and McKenzi e Ri ver. Il June 4, 1957: "Jets are circling the Aleutians. The ar­ row points McKenzie, Hudson Bay, Newfoundland and then south along U. S. coast over Cuba and Jarnaica. then home." June 13, 1957: "2 s ubs near San Francisco; one i s abou t 25 miles out, the other one is further. 2 subs near San Diego 1 sub near Gulf of Mexico 1 sub near Swan Is land 2 subs between Columbia and Dominican Republic -209­
  • 222. sub near Havana, Cuba 1 sub near where Andrea Doria sunk 1 sub near Newfoundland 1 sub northeast of Newfoundland 1 Many scattered around Far East, Jap an , etc. June 20, 1957: "3 jets, Hank - big ones. They made this swing this afternoon. "Swing southwest over Aleutians, east over McKenzie Basin. Then northwest, then straight south over icy range, east over Hudson Bay to Newfoundland, east from Newfoundland to Iceland, then back over the pole home. Il NOTE: WE FOUND OUT LATER THAT THESE APPARENTLY SEN5ELESS MANEUVERS WERE MADE BECAUSE THEY WERE SEARCH. 1 ING AND FOR WAS A LOST. GUIDED MISSILE THAT HAD GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL "&lb Report: 2 subs west of San Diego 1 sub west of Mexico Ci ty" NOTE: THE SUBS HAVE BEEN PLAYING AROUND WEST OF MEXICO CITY ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS. AND THERE HAVE BEEN SfEED BOAT CONTACTS WITH LHEM AND EXC~~~~RMA. J( !..!..Q.!!.:. SOME MEN HAVE BEEN LANDED. "1 sub near Swal1 Island 1 sub near Havana, Cuba 2 subs straight east of Washington, D. C. just off our coast 2 subs near Newfoundland 2 subs north part of Ehglish Channel near North Sea Again there are plenty of them around the troubled area (Suez) 2 subs close to Tokyo, Japan. Il June 21, 1957: "The sub report is the same as last night, except there are 3 subs near the Rock of Gibraltar. " June 24, 1957: "Jet Report: 5 of the new jet bombers wi th 1050 mile per hour speed came from the North down over Lake Mi chi gan, wen t over Chicago and south to St. Louis; then out west of San Diego, back over Denver, then north over mountainous area over the Aleutians and back home near Sea of Okhotsk. "They also looked over the mountainous area on the way looking for the lost missile. Il June 26, 1957: "3 subs at San Diego, one is real close in. 2 are out further. There is a speed boat making contact wi th th e on e . 1 sub near Cuba (this side) 2 subs near Newfoundland -210 ­
  • 223. 2 subs in North Sea 1 sub just west of! Ire land 2 subs by Gibraltar 1 sub right near Denmark 3 subs near Japan, one is just about in Tokyo' s har­ bor 1 sub toward Russi a from Japan . Several subs in Slez area 1 sub near India Plenty of them in the Sea of Okhotsk lined up like soldiers. " June 25, 1957: "1 sub is heading for Aleutians 2 subs out a l'.aYS from San Diego 1 sub Swan Island , 1 sub Cuba 2 subs Newfoundland, one i s close, other 25 miles northeast 2 subs in northern part of E:nglish Channel 2 subs near Gibraltar, oo'e in the Mediterranean, the other on Portugal side Many subs around Suez area 2 subs near Tokyo 1 sub near Rio de Janeiro July 1, 1957: "One submarine heading through the Bering Strai t (h aving i ce trouble) 2 suts west of Mexico City contacted by speed boats The spy, Otto John, was loaded into a sub from a speed boat off of San Diego and was taken off the sub by boat west of Mexico City and taken into a revolutionary hideout in the mountains west of Mexico City." July 6, 1957: "There are three jets. They came out of Siberia, went over the neck of the Aleuti ans, then turned south to a point just north of East Washington border, then swung east over the moun tains and back north over the McKenzie River and over Fairbanks, then soutbwest to the Sea of Okhotsk. Sub Report: 1 sub in the Gulf near Honduras 1 sub off southem tip of lower Califomia 1 sub east of Buenos Aires 1 sub near where the Andrea Doria sunk 2 subs off Newfoundland, one northeast, one south ­ east Several subs between Hawaii and the United States in Pacifie. " July 7, 1957: "That sub that was off the tip of Southern -211­
  • 224. California last night was apparently waiting for sorne contact, brought in several million dollars worth of dope. " July 8, 1957: "Jet Repo rt: 3 big, fast, slick jets come from Sea of Okhotsk. They swung northeast over the Bering Strait. Then turned south over the necl{ of the Goats Beard and about haU way ta the United states border, then straight east over Hudson Bay to Newfoundland, then circled Iceland and went back over the North Pole toward home. "Vere approaching the Aleutians at 8: 25pm. ·Since the earthquake and tidal wave, they don' t keep subs around the Aleutians any more. There is a great crack that extends from San Francisco north ta the Aleutians. This creates a great disturbance and violent currents once in a while. The strong currents are dan­ gerous for subs. 2 subs west of San Diego 1 sub southwest of Mexico City in the Pacific 1 sub near an island west of Mexico 1 s ub near Swan Island l sub near Havana 1 sub near Hait~ 1 sub about half way between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, heading southwest There are lots of them around the Mediterranean and North African coast. 1 sub lying in bottom of Tokyo harbor 1 sub near south outlet of Suez July 9, 1957: "There was a sub southwest of Mexico Ci ty disguised as a fishing boat. There are other small boats around. "The Fraulein and Soph ia, Sonya, Otto John and anot­ her man are going to be picked up by a small plane and flown from there ta Swan Island. They will then fly from there to Eas t Germany. " July 12, 1957: NOTE: THIS CORRECTION VIAS GIVEN BY A MAN'S VOICE SPEAKING THROUGH MARY ANN ON JULY 12.1957: "Sonya illld Sophia went to the Dorninican Republic and the F'raulein and the two men went to East Germany. Sub Report: sub northwest of San Diego 1 sub southwest of San Diego 1 sup south of Dominican Republic 1 sub in Gulf near Honduras 2 subs off Newfoundland: 1 northeast; 1 went -212­
  • 225. straight east. There are lots of icebergs in this area 2 subs near Pearl Harbor 2 subs near Tokyo 1 sub off Portugal, north 1 sub in the North Sea 1 sub, small one, between Iceland and England Lots of them in the Sea of Okhotsk. July 13, 1957: "There i s a sub off the south tip of the Aleutians. The Russians have been having trouble wi th their guided missiles lately. They have lost severa!. F'ound one near the Aleutians. They have even had them land in Norway and Sweden.• July 14. 1957: "Sub Report: 2 subs west of San Diego, one within blinking dis ­ tance. 1 noticed that same strange light. The Coast Guard was busy. There is a small boat out, 1 think i t belongs to the group. "NOTE: NEST OF SPIES IN SAN DIEGO. 1 sub southwest of Mexico City (submerged) 1 sub Swan Island 1 sub near Havana, it is near a little island wi th a rocky ledge 1 sub south of the Dominican Republic 2 subs near Newfoundland, one disguised as a fishing boat, is unloading sOl)1ething into srnaller boats. They are taking it to island off of Newfoundland. " July 17. 1957: "Jets by the Aleutians now. They are mak­ ing a swing over the Aleutians, then over Bering Strai t, into Siberia and home. There' s three of them." July 25, 1957: ·Sub Report: There is something going on in San Diego The sub is not so close in tonight There are 2 subs off San Diego, but they are further out and laying below the surface 1 sub southwest of Mexico City, lying near a reef 1 sub Swan Island 1 sub near Havana 1 sub just east of Bermuda 1 sub just above the Andrea Doria 1 sub dOMl j ust near 2 subs near Newfoundland 1 sub east of Jreland and west of England 1 sub in the English Channel near the coast of France 1 sub near Gibraltar on Portugal side 1 sub near Sicily in Mediterranean -213 .
  • 226. There' s a whole blIDCh of them in the Sea of Okhotsk 1 sub between mainland and Fonnosa 1 sub lying Tokyo Harbor, another is near bY. " August 2, 195 7: "Sub Report: 1 sub at Newfoundland. There is a small tug there; also like the one l saw unloading that nlght. I t could belong to those 1celand trouble makers. 1 sub near Bermuda l sub near the Keys 1 sub west of Mexico Ci ty 1 sub southwest of San Diego Some arolIDd SUez Many in Sea of Okhotsk 1 lying submerged about a mile from 1bkyo Harbor Jet Report: 3 jets, large ones. They are heading toward the Aleutians from the Sea of Okhotsk At 10: 35pm: "They are about one half hour out of their base. They are still an hour away from the Aleu­ tians. The arrow shows them going straight over the top of the Aleutians, then a little southeast of them, straight west over Hudson Bay and st. John' s, Newfound­ land, then they made a strange 'loop south, then headed straight north for Greenland, then over the top just east of the North Pole and back across Siberia. "1 can never follow the arrow after they get back into their own territory." August 6, 1957: "Sub Report: SUb disguised as fishing tug near Havana l sub off Bermuda l sub near Jamaica" NOTE: THESE SUBS BEING AROUND ALL TIES IN WITH THE REBELLI~S AND TURMOIL IN THESE COUNTRIES. August 8, 1957: On the night of August 7th, Mary Ann reported that some Russian jets had flown over, but she was in too much of a weakened condi tion to follow their course. n'nle jets last night flew out of the Sea of Okhotsk, then flew north of San Francisco, then swung so as to go just north of us, then over the lakes between Detroit and Canada, then northeast over Maine, then over New­ foundland, Greenland and back home. August 12, 1957: NOTE: PLANE WRECK IN CANADA (JETS) "SUb Report: 1 sub near Havana 1 sub near Swan Is land -214­
  • 227. l sub east of Corpus Chri sti, i t' s a small one 2 subs west of San Diego, one is disguised as a fishing tug; the other is submerged 1 sub is near rocky ledge off coast of lower Calif­ omia NOTE: TH 1SiS WHERE SUB PREVIOUSLY UNLO ADED DOPE. 1 sub (small) near Andrea Doria August 21, 1957: "~b Report: 1 sub between Newfoundland and st. John' s 2 subs near Pearl Harbor 1 spb northeast of Morocco 1 sul> northem part of the Engli sil Channel near North Bea. There are sorne around the SUez Canal and al so near TokYo. " August 13, 1957: "SUb report is the same as las~ night wi th these exceptions: None near San Diego None near Andrea Doria None near Newfoundland None near the tip of lower Califomia." August 17, 1957: -Jet Report: "Jets, Hank, Russian jets, 3 of them are coming from the Sea of Okhotsk, 100 miles this way. They are the fast ones, those that travel 1050 miles per hour. They are getting louder, Hank. l don' t want to lose thern. They must be nearin( the Aleutians by now. There' s a map up there wi th an arrow. Th.ey didn' t go to the Goa ts Beard; they went near to San Diego and then swung around and went back home. August 22, 1957: Jet Report: -Mary Ann heard the drumming of the jets Quite a long tirne before she could locate them. When she did there were 5 of them, not like the Russi an jets she had been seeing. 'lhey came doy,n from Greenland. -Drumming coming from the northeast over Newfound­ land. They are different from the 750 to 1050 Russian jets. They are going straight south over Newfoundland. Then they tum inland over Maine and head towards De­ troit, then they swing sharply north over the Ontario Hudson Bay region, back over the bay between st. John' s and Newfoundland and back to Greenland, and that' s l'Ihere the arrow stops. They are not the regular Rms i an jets, and they are not going over 650 miles per hour. " NOTE: COULD OUR BRITISH FRIENDS BE SENDING OVER SOME OF THEIR JETS FROM THEIR BASE ON GREENLAND TO INSPECT US? -215­
  • 228. August 28, 1957: ·Sub Report: ~. sub near San Francisco 1 sub southwest of San Diego l sub by rock off lower California, small one 1 sub <lilf of Mexico just north 1 sub near Swan Island, small one l sub near Havana, Cuba l sub near Key West. This sub was spotted and one of our patrol bombers was diving a­ round in the area looking for i t. I wonder if that will appear in the papers? l sub just east of Newfoundland 1 sub near the Azores Islands 1here are plenty of them in the Medi terra­ nean around the SUez area .1 sub close to Tokyo Harbor 1 sub jus t west of the Phi lippines. August 29, 1957: "SIb Report: 1 sub near Swan I sI and 1 sub near Havana 1 sub near Newfoundland There are more near the Keys. " NOTE: THIS WAS MENTIONED BECAUSE OF THE INCIDENT NEAR THE KEYS ON THE PREVIOUS NIGHT. 1 sub in between Sicily and Italy Jet Report: 1 hear jets. Out of the Sea of Okhotsk to San Francisco, tben over Windsor, Hudson Bay, Greenland, Ice­ land and back over the hump home. "We are going to start an airliner that way. From Los Angeles to Winnipeg, Hudson Bay, Greenland, Iceland and then down ta London and Paris. The winds are treach ­ erous that way, but the Russians have been cutting over that way for sorne time." September 4, 1957: "Sub Report: 2 subs west of San Diego; l close l out further l sub in the Caribbean l sub near Havana 2 subs near Newfoundland; l northeast, 1 southeast l sub near part of the EilgIish Channel There are so many around the Rock and in the Medi­ terranean. 1 couldn' t even count them. It' s fiIled with them. NOTE: PREPARED FOR "NOTHER PEARL HARBOR? 2 subs near Tokyo Harbor l sub in Tokyo Harbor 1 sub in Straits of F'onnosa -216­
  • 229. There are lots of them in the Sea of Okhotsk. September 7, 1957: "Sub Report: None on West Coast None in Caribbean l sub east of Newfoundland 2 subs near Philippines - (Cebu) l sub near Pearl Harbor l sub north part of Eilgli sh Channel 2· subs near Tokyo Harbor There is a whole bunch in the Mediterranean and sorne at the other end of the Suez. September 12, 1957: "Sub Report: l sub one half way between San Diego and Los Angeles out qui te a ways. 2 subs near Havana There are no others in the Caribbean, maybe they are afraid of Carrie (Hurricane Carrie) l sub east of Newfoundland l sub moving toward the Andrea Doria l sub between Ireland and Eilgland 2 subs in the English Channel--l center; l north 3 are leaving the Sea of Okhotsk l sub in the Straits of Formosa l sub in Tokyo Harbor 1 3 subs near Philippines 2 subs near Cebu l sub near Corregidor l sub near Portugal l sub near the Rock of Gibraltar l sub near Morocco l sub near Sicily l sub near the mouth of Suez Many others scattered in the Medi terranean l sub off Portugal is signalling to a fishing boat From the Boat 5 flashes of weird green ic;h blue light l flash orange red ( 3 more flashes greenish Repeat procedure - l flare sent up From the Sub 3 green flashes l l red flash 3 green flashes - 5 of the wei rd greenish Repeat the whole -217 ­
  • 230. Red flare goes up and sub submerges. There' s a pl an e in th e air. " 8eptember 16. 1957: "The only subs around our hemis- phere are one near Newfoundland and one by the Cigar. The rest are aU around the continents of the other hemi sphere. " 8eptember 27. 1957: "At Newfoundland there are two jets circling around over the camouflaged area. There is a sub east of there. It could be a British sub. It is submerged. Right now 1 don' t know what' s up there. If those two jets circling over the camouflaged area would throw a bomb. oh what a racket. "The sub is 20 miles out. " September 28, 1957: "Oh, oh the Rising Sun. I t looks more like a sunflower with stalk and leaves. At first l thought i t was the Rising Sun, then l saw that it was a sunflower with stalk and leaves. Sub Report: l su b n ear Flori da Keys l sub near Havana l sub near Bermuda l sub east of Newfoundl and l sub northwest of Pearl Harbor l sub toward Morocco l sub in Eilglish Channel l sub in the Irish Channel The Mediterranean is crowded with subs 2 subs close into TOkyo Harbor In the Medi terranean where l told you i t showed red on the globe there are even sorne of our own subs. "Who is going to punch them down--the Eagle, Bear, Dragon or the Lion?" -218-
  • 231. ..... '=-' CI: 0 III ~ ... >­ - e~:; !!I Z &101 :1>-­ g~ii :)
  • 232. The Unity Medal with its symbols emphasizes a repeti­ tion of unity in trinity and trinity in unity. Starting at the center at the top we have: The ~ lilies symbolize the purity and chastity and virginity of the Blessed Mother: and these three are one. The legs of the manger resting upon the valley of the earth, and forming the Greek letter "X", meaning Xristos. The sprigs of wheat symbolize the Son of Gad wrapped in the vesture of the human nature of the Babe of Bethlehem that lie might die and in turn vested Himself further in the robes of the Bread of the First Supper that man might "eat" Him (Matt. 26:26); and these three ar--eone. ThlS entlre ensemble depicts the pure, chaste Virgin Mother giving God's only begotten His pure human nature as a Victim for Redemption in the Sacrifice of Calvary, roughly symbol ized by the "X" or cross, as well as the Victim of applied Redemption and Salvation in~e "Bread" of the altar; and these three are one.
  • 233. The foregoing rather enigmatic symbols become more transparent from the personalized symbols in tangent circles at the right: the life and death of Jesus, His Resurrection; His Ascension. And these three are one: one Victim now in Heaven "living always to make inter­ ces sion for us." "Do th is in remembrance of me", He said. He did not say do this in remembrance of my death; nor in remembrance of my Resurrection; nor in remem­ brance of ~~ Ascension; but in remembrance of Me. The one circle showing Jesus Crucified with Mother and the believing Disciple depict the King and the Que~n l and the believin eo le re resented by the Olsclple, as elr su Jects. And these t ree are one. Disciple took (Him -and) Her for his own." -- ,", And the ----­ 80th the foregoing groups of symbols become still further amplified and adumbrated by the triple ensemble of the circ les at the left. The figurative representation of the Hand of God the Father bespeaks the Father who was Creator and Fashioner of the contents of the first symbol. He also was the authority for the death, resur­ rection and ascension of Jesus. "1 came not to do my own will but that of Him who sent me." The Father sent the Son of God to become "lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world." The Father also sent the Holy Spirit (the Dove) through the Son in order to apply the fruits of Redemption by way of salvation for those who would believe and come: "Come to me all you who are burdened (with sin) and are he~ly ladened (with
  • 234. trials) and 1 will refresh you." The Father, the Lamb (with the sealed book. sealed with seven seals, ApocalYEse) and the floly Spirit, and these three are one. The concentric circ les therefore to the right and to the left of the central symbol at the tqp give that [ symbolic ensemble lts fuIIest meaning. Thejr â1tl~a­ ~ comes in the concentric circ les at the bottom. ---There is therefore UNITY between the three above and the three below: Mary and Jesus and manklod and these three are one. The home, the school and the Church, and these three are one. It is at the family hearth that hearts become weIl disposed. It is in the school that minds and wills are further publicly and socially refurbished. It is at the Church that the community assemble or congregate to give the lie to segregation and integration while giving public and social worship ta God. 1'0 Jesus through Mary by man is the verbiage entailed in "lily", ·wheat" and "manger". And these three are one. Beth ­ lehem means "house of bread". The word ·church" means in Greek :.the Lord's house" (kyrie oikia). This is the place where Jesus is at home in Hls manger of Bread on the altar ta aIl who will come there to adore Him. The Priest standing-at the altar vested in the one circle reminds us of the graces that come from Jesus ~rough Mary, through the Mass, through the Sacraments and through prayer ("the sacrament of aIl sacraments").
  • 235. , THE REVE~SE S IDE ,~""- -~-- Our Lady rises above aIl mankind as their Queen. She holds the Christ Olild in Her le ft arm, nearest rkr heart and as much as ta say: "You come ta Jesus through ~." In Ber right hand Our LadY holds the complete Rosary (fifteen decades) which leads from Heaven ta eal!~d JI earth ta Heaven. The Rosary ln Rer nand blossoms out lnto a three-fold bouquet of the assion flower, symbo­ ( lizing the sorrow u , g orlOUS and ~Yf~l mysteries. The Infant excends HiS"rîght han ln benediction to 1 those who come to the Klng throu~h the ~een. For fhe King when He died "willed t e salvï:.ion of aIl men. li He also gave "through the dlSclple" Hu Mother ( t;-be the ~~ther to aIl who would believe: "Woman behold [4 thy son; son behold thy Mother. " ln filS rasE ~h11 and Testament "written ln filS Blood" wherein He willed the salvation of aIl men, it is logical to assume that He, the Kin , made Her the ueen the Executrix of aIl His graces of the Mass of the Cross and the Mass 0 the altar when He said, "Sehold Thy Son." And when He said "Sehold thy Mother" was Ire not telling us if we desire our share of the "bloùd inheritance" we must look ta the Queen Mother!
  • 236. Beneath the Queen's feet is symbolized the written and the unwritten word of God, supported by lilY..Qure nanas. l'fil.S Book in turn is encircled by a crown of thO:rns. This depicts the ty e of crown the crown princes and t e crown prl.ncesses 0 t e l.n~ an t e Qüeen mus~ be willin to wear if they willreely be ( their loyal and royaf subjects. Th~ went to His/l regal death for His family, the Ch~ and the Queen died a thousand deaths as She w~yal to aIl. ~ type of humanity is embraced in the hosts of I{ cluldren to whom the l.nvi~on "Come to me my ll.ttle children" is extended: the Catholic, t~w and thJI Qon-tatholic. And these three are one. Oïi'eby ë>r'i'gin, one by redemptl.on and one by invitation, caIIl.ng 0 ( ".Y,ocat l.on· . "To lkeep thee with purest heart" are the words that spell out Peace: P~e which means souls possessed of 5!.l.Vl.ne chant y anM.ove and,ysanctifying grace. And (( these three are one. '" ­ Our Blessed Mother wears on her neck a cord tied into a unity knot. From that knot is suspended another length of cord the ends of which contain th~be, which rep­ resents the world, and a tassel wh~represents the Christian people.
  • 237. /
  • 238. INIlf:X ­ VOLUMe: III AM, 231 'Army, 174 A fumb, 62, 87, 95, 99, 101, 110, 119, 121, Army. Mc Carthy Hcarings, 125, 170, 231, 246 122, 123, H9, 167, 172, 183, 195, 207, Arnold, Ilenedict, 215, 281, 303 213, 214, 221, 222, 223, 225, 235, 275, Arsenal, 230 277, 279, 308, 309 Arsenal, Sibenan, 197, 270, 271 Abortion, 65, 151, 157 Arti {ici al firecd.ing. IlS, ))6 1ccidents, 30 ,rvey, .Jake, 211, 222, 223, 272, 273 Accidents thct nre not Accidents, 9, 12, Ass~sin .. tiens, 146 128, 154, 158, 168, 186, 191, 192, 194, Assasination!, Qlaracter, 17 201, 216, 219, 237, 263, 271, 288, 298, Astori a Hotel, '112 302 Acheson, Der,", 121, 125, 146, 181, 210, 240, 2,.1 Action & Prayer, 69 Acheson Plan, 40 Ad~J1ski, 245 AtlnJ'lta, Georgi il, 75 Adenlluer, 184, 186, 193, 212 Atlantic Ocean, 163 Adven t, 78, 234 At1ee, O""et, 238 Advent, Fri day 0 f, 270 Atomic Blast, 158 Mrica, 196, 237, 295 Atomic l:i1ergy, 120. 183, 206, 242, 271, 308 Agricultural Department, 174 AtOfnic Laborotories, 309 Ai r Fo rce, 122, 188, 231 Attorney, Di stri Cl., 46 Ai r Way Accidents, 228 Australia, 174 Akron, o,io, 68, 123, 205, 270 ''.ores, 131, 210 Alabama, JlS Alaska, 138, H9, 162, 181, 190, 192, 208 Bahai Tenple, l, 2, 21, 69, 71, -137. 153, 160, Ala",a MCllta1 licol th Bill, 215 17l, 179 Albany, 68 Baltimore, Maryland, )94 Albright, 55 Bame::gDt, N. H., 163 lAI con HighwhY, 153, 192, 211 Bavuch, Bernard, 160, 215, 2~4 A1euti ans, 12, 121, 126, 128, 129, 132, 149, Baton Pouge, Lo., 7S 172, 180, 200, 202, 203, 204, 206, 209, 210, Battle Act, 278. 280, 281 218, 222, 223, 239, 272 Battle Fi el ds, 67, 91, 92 Allies, 173 B, R. S., 41, 66 Ali Rel igious "'rk Together, 91 Ileast, 66, 283, 284 Alrnighty COd, 43, 4~, 69, 94 nently, Ilep., 247 Alumintrn Industries, 17S n. ), Beri a (K, G. 219 IA.M.A., 14, 42, 110, 112, lB Bering Straight, 203, 223, 224 Amazon, 23 Berlin, 127, 146, 171, 207, 232 /vnendaent, 16th, 254 nennud", 123, 124, 126, 136, 154, 180, 184, 193, America, 68, 75, 91, 93, .l80, 197 1 194, 202, :>04 America, Ce<1tral, 136, 172 Bethl ehan, 57 America in Danger, 90 Bethseda Naval flospi ta , MD., 165 America, North, 149, 152 Bible, 258 America, South, 159, 188, 219 niddel, General, 216, 244 America Turn Back to COd, 100, 136 ni rth ûn, trol, 162 American Ai rforcc, zn Bishop Oxnrun, 245 Americall Eag1c, 195 nishop Treacy, 82, 83, 86, 88, 139, 143, 209, AmericQn LegiDn, ·U 230 Ameri COll Medi cal Assn., 215 ni shops, 185 /vnerieall Public, 175 Blacks & Yellows. 103 Americans, 28 Black Oouds, 90 Andrea, Lbri., 221. 222, 223 [llack COld, 226, 234, 289, 290, 291 Andrews, COI""an, 254 Black Raoe, 238, 239, 2,l An""i a, 213 Blessed Mother, 88 AntarLi c, 192 l3lessed MothCl' ;ppears ta Washington, 216, Anti·Catholics. 41 217 Anti·OHist, 18, 23, 53, 95, 158, 185, 202, Blesscd Mother in Tcftl"s, 64, 98 251. 261 Blessed Sacrament, 86 Anti .. Re.Ligion, 158 B1es~ed Trini ty, W(lY to Pcnc.c, 85 Anti .. Se-netic, 10 [llood B.,nk, 297 ;Apoc&l YPSC t 64­ Blue lIantle, 52, 55, 56, 58, 72, 100 ApostrëS,6O,'" 61, 189 Blue Star, 163, 164, 172. 173 .Apostles, Lay, 155, 175 . B' nai Bri th, 239 Arabia, 291 Boggs, Rcp" 247 Arabs, 235, 290 Bombs, IIi story, 27 Arch Bi shop, 0' Hora, 236 Books, Text, 38, 96 ATctie Grele. 192 Restetl, MaslS., 241, 25J Argentina, 32, 33, 172, 174, 198, 287 1 Brack"'" L., 190 Ari zona, 211 Anned Forces, 67. 27S I Bradley, Onar, 244 Brainw8shing, 4, 17 - 1­
  • 239. We---.~'~ ,~, S, .r~ '1, j t,J r VOL. 1 Il llrandei s, Lewi s, D., 4. 121, 244 alin(~se National i sts, 285 Bra,;l, 23, 172, 231 Ülri.st' s Church, 153 Uribery, 234­ Ülrist' s Kingdom, 259 Briti.n, 203, 206, 220, 223, 226, 238, 239, Christian Nations, 5, 31 241, 260, 280, 290 Ülristians, Ytbite, 103 British, 4, 27, 153, 159, 172, 181, 202, 217, Christmas, 75, 76, 183, 194, 217, 299 224, 225, 230, 281, 285, 286, 290 Church, 36, 44, 49, 91 Uri ti sh Canal, 286 Church Devotion, 85 Briti~h Lion, 284 Church & State, 156 Rri ti sh Nationali st, 25 C!llt.'l'~ill.-I!.!l.ston, 25 lll'ooklYT, 158 Cincinnati, Otio. 66, 68, 198, 266 llrothcrhood, 41 Citilcn of Tomorro .... 71 Brothers, 175 Ci vil Defense. 124 Bro.n !lear, BI, 192, 195, 201, 203, 206, 206, Ci vi 1 Servi cc, 279 209, 210, 215, 223, 224, 271, 284, Clark, Tom C., 244 Brut<'lli ty, 91 Clean out the Schools, 59, 76, 77, 96, 99, 147, Buenos Ai res, 204 198, 300 Bulganin, 180, 190, 208, 219, 225, 270, 272, Cleansins, 96 282, 284 Clergy, 36, 44, 61, 65, 68, 70, 134, 135, 156 nuJgari a, 177 l3ullitt, Itnbassador, 242 Cleveland, Ohio, 66, 68 Coast Cuard, 163, 164, 165 le / j 13urlillgton Li~r'l'i Oub, 249 Cobal t fbmb, 62, 99, lOI, 165, 167, 173 {~, Ou ses 2.10 Cold l'iar, 232 Cole, Hep., 247 C.A,A., 9, 127 Colleges, 147 C. Y.O., 66 C<>JT01aoaoents, 53, 71, 79, 100 CaÎ ro, 172 Coornunism,(j)G? 95, l2SC20p 227, 229, Cal i romi a, HW. 187 ~) t4O) 241,.lia, 244,~, 256, Cali fa mi a, Ci::lvemors of, 187 258, 259, 260, 269, 270, 273, 31J, Cal~·ary, Wny to, 100 278, 279, 28), 286, 288, 292, Y C..npalgn, Poli tics, 255 Con-rnunist, <llX7~ 106, 152, 186, 202 Canp:.li gn Speeches, 252. 262 Conmunist fronts, 108 Canado, 34, 35, 73, 149, 1.52, 154, 155, 186, Corrmuni sts, Negro, 197 190, 200, 202, 203, 210, 222, 224, 239 COlIIIIUni ty, 61, 78, 84 Canada, French, 201 Concentration Canps, 192 C.nadion [},ctor, 34, 200, 222, 271, 272 Condon, Dr., 243 Cancer, 30, 110, Ill, 113, 200, 226, 228, 308, Confession, SacrMlent, 52 309 Confusion, 64. 230 Cûncer Fund, 112 Congress, 159, 278, 295 Canoni zation, Pope Pius X 80 Consti tution, 26, 40; 106, 132, 1%, 202, Cardin.1 Mindsl.enty, 147, 178, 179, 209 218, 232, 247, 252, 254, 255, 288, 303, C.ôreer Y!Omcn, 157 307 Caribbean, 124 Contraband, War Materials, 154, 160, 197. 263 Cathal i c Coll ege,;; & Uni vcrsi ti es, 136 Control, Federal, 254 C.tholic, Fallen Away, 79, 80, 85, 86, 88 Control Ci::lvernmenc, 34 Cathal i c Press, 299 Convention, 251 Catholic Schools, 301 Con_ay, Dr., 117 Catholieisn, 57, 66, 67, 78, 90, 91, 96, 230, Coolidge, Calvin, 147 2,12 Corpus Christi, 128, 207, 266 Caucasi ans, 266 Corruption, ~lort,Js, 8 Central G:lVernment, 259 ('.a sni c Rays, II i Central Intelligence, 9, 125, 235 Countv, ;~4 Ce nll<lk , Mayor of Olicago, 31 Count;', Board, olS, 48 Olanccllor Office, 22, 82 Councy, Judge, 44 Chancery Offi ce, 145 County, Supt. Schoo15, '1.6 Character Assa.sioéition, 250 Creator, 72 Chasti Sœlent, 91, 152 Crime, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 44, 61, 65, 68, alt~nica:ls, Air, Oothing, Food, Soil, 107, 158, 94, 97, 98, 115 159, 230, 243, 305, 308 Cri min al , 40 Chernical Fertilizcrs. 213 Cross of O1ril"t, 289 Cheng, Cyrus, S., 243 Cru ci fixion, No.... 29, 70 Chicago, 111., 66, 68, 75, 123, 127, 128, 151, Cuba, 124, 127, 128, 133, 180, 184, 202, 193, 198, 205, 211, 266, 267, 270, 272, 273 204, 205, 206, 209, 210,' 222 'Childr"", Victims of EIders, 52, 59, 85, 96 Cyclone. 98 China, 2, 260 Cyprus, 235 ~, 4,5, 123, 137, 151'1)153, 220, 221, Cur, 2, 27, 28, 145, 239, 258 236, 2.39, 242, 286, 303 Chinato"",, 264, 266, 268,. 271 "0 '" Cz.ar, Alex, 282 - 2·
  • 240. VOL. 1II Dai Iy Mass, 81, 84 Eden, Anthony. 13, 25, 3'~, 120, 152, 160. 166, Dallas, 68, 114 173, 176, 191, 192, 195, 197. 208, 220, 233, D.'fJloc1cs, ~'()niof, 118, 12J, }'l:2, 170,235 235, 236, 2:~7, 28'~ Danfield. ic.flliral Louis E., 2·l·l Education, 39, 227, 233, '253. 300, 301 Düvi.s, Rpp., 241 Educational Dcpnrl.mt'nt. 211 nawe~, 242 E~Yre, 191, 22:1, 226, 286, 290 D. D. T., 214 Eit;htccn Yc-or Olds, 50 Dl' Valera. 23 Eini'tPin, 16ï, 2·n Df'c1aralion, 216, 217 Eis(~ho""'l'I·. r.M"ight, 122. ]24. 12A, 1..6, JS9, 179, DUCI'lJtion, 9S 180, 182, 185, 191, 198, 203, 208, 217, 220. Den"ee, 68, 123, 124, 127, 150, 184. 197, 237, 223, 2:n, 215. 236, 2'13. 2H, 250, 251, 256, 251, 270, 309 278, 279, 287, 296, 301, 309 Oesecration 0 f Cruci fi x<'s. 115 Ei::-enholA'cr, Mîlton,·214. 220 Oestro)' lhlj lIub, 69 Eiders of 7,jon, 8 ·Dcst,"ction. 17, 33, 36, 4:1, 64, 87, 95, 96, 101, Ellis 1.land, H9 103, 104, 106, 129, Hl, 218, 292, 293, 308 Eli1.<lheth, Q.1et'n, 35, 223 lJetl'Oi t, Mich., 49, 68, 75, 123, 129, 200, 270, El Paw, T(·~as., 19,~ 271, 272 Enany, 12, 51, 95, 1:14, 136, 141, 1<14, 154, 176, De"ils, C-2, C-3, Il .. 19, 20, 21, 23, 28, 43, 44, 186, 229, 232, 233. 248 53, 55, 104, 113, 162, 165, 166, 167, 168, Enon)' in Sht::ep' s C1othîllg. ]62 177, 178, 179, 188, 189, 208, 218, 222, 223, Ellen)' Plane, 130, 131 23:1. 236, 258, 259, 260, 267, 288, 292, 303, England, 25, 14, 35, 151, 159. 161, 162, 176, 105, 306, 108 180, ]97. 201, 206. 207, 22:), ~26, 260, '276, Devi Is:, F<'ltso, 21 280, 291, 30:, OC·'il.'(,Furrv ~lutt, 21, 22, .14, 56 English , 73 Oe,li l~, Prune Face, 20, 21 Ess.a)' vlOtest, 7, 8, 9. "u,. 50 Devi ls. hiskcn, 2J Europn, 182, 190 De: 1i nquency, GlU rch, ,.8 f;,il 1'0 cc,,,, l, ll, 15, 27, 29, 31, :14, 13, 69, Delinqllcncy, Juvenile,43, 'H, 46, 48, 50, 67, 70, 81. 87, 99, 136, 114. 161, 162, 169, l82. Delinqufo'ncy, Parental, 44, 118 71,76,' 218, 257, 259, 261, 293, 102 Dictators. 3J 77 E'i 1 One, ] I)ic~, Martin, 248 Exiles, 33 Dintl Q..li TI tupI ets, ~3 Expeoc tat i ons, 6,~ Ihs,lImœnenl, 159, ~08 EXlllosi ons, 9 ni~aSL(_~rt:;. 298 Ex Pri est & Nuns., 175 DisciplirH', J8 ~l~on 13etl'ot>C',n Hussia & L0ad~rs, 128 f'nith, 71, 79, 91, 2:10 r Pisracll. 211 •.....~--·Dl 'il C &" nquH, 31 Falloue, 226, 304. 307, 308. 309 False ldcolof(ics, 37 (hdd,.ionbai'sodor, 191 faroon Indllstrif:s, 2'~4 llipt", 37, 98, 237, 267, 269, 2:0 F nI' East, ZOS Dope Illdu~lrY, :~7 Fnmll~r, 159, 252 Oouble Cross, 120, 209, 290. 29] l'anima, 56, 87, 141, 241 Uouglas, Jlldgt". 2:H, 2iH Father Gaude Heithous, 81 Dr. Itmehe. 207 Father Giugh 1 î n, 23. 125 Or., Conway_ U? . Fllther Cbmi nI c, 169 Dr. Fishbein, 1.13 Fat.so, 178, 179 Or. Jckyl and Mr. lIydc, 23 F.B.I., '19, 236 Ur. Poberts, }]6 F,C.e., 164 Dnnki ng, ·98 F.o.n.. 21, 166, 171, 215 IÀJbî n:;.ki, lO7 Federal GJvenlmcHL, F~eraL lnntrol, 213. 254. 255 ~tllc" Allen, 13, 14, 125. 184, 204, 235, 236, Fini etter, lhomtts K.. 244­ 292 Vires, 9 r~tllcs, John Fos«" 125, 126, 146, 152, 176, 204, Fi shbein, Oc., 1I3 215, 238, 240, 292 Fi vc Wounds of OJr Lord, 73 DJluth, Minn., 204 Flag, 218 Dupont., 214 rIanders, 2116 l)"ekIn, 191 Floods, 98, 99, 225, 297, 298, 304, 308 Florida, 165, 222 Eagie, 195 FluoeidRtipn, 111,.,lli, 305 Earthqllakes, 212, 304 Tood & Drug /'etnin;~tration, ]]0, lU, 114, 304 Earh<irt, ~ï1el i a, 180 Food Conttll'llination, liO Ea~acrMaxims, 60,87,99 Food P018oning, 304 EasL Berlin, 207 Food Refincd, 162 East loas.t, 173, 237 Food Shortage. 145, 161 Easter, 2.17 food Surplus, nA Eastern Hemisphere. 71" ra rd foundauon, 109, 204 Economies, 38 Fore F<tthers, 16 ·3 ­
  • 241. VOL. 111 Foreign Aid, 278 fiai 1 Mary, 58 FOI'cign POlicy, 2JO IInle, Rep., 247 fonnosa, 137, 139, 236 . Hansen, L., 245 Forrt.'stal. J.Il, 244 liarding, President. 147, 168, 302 Vorly lhou:'iitnd Pol j sh Offi ccrs, 32 Harvard La.. . School, 39, 213 Foundations, lOR, 109 Iiallo'ail, 210 Foundation~, Medi cal, 109 lIa'.l:aiian Islands; 202 Fourth CoornarlŒncOl, 100 Il B:x"b, 5'1, 56, 62, 87. 95, 101. 110. 120. 122, France, 153, 155, 156. 186, 18 0 , 197, 201, 208, 128, J48, 149, J67, 195. 206, 208, 212, 213, ~26. m. 260, 291 , n 214, 221, 254, 275, 277, 279, 308, 309 h.,~ 145, >16, H8, 193, 20,1, 205, 237, 238, Il n.W., 124 291. 292 H ea rt At tack, 228, 234 Frankfurter, Felix, 40, 201, 211, 223, 270, 271, He:art FQunclation, 305 272 Ilea'cn. ~'cssagcs from, 18 Franz, Josepl.,1,16 Heirarrhy, 23, 41, 60, 61, 1.14, ISO, 151, 178 Fraulein, 201, 209. 211. 223, 270, 271, 272 tici"ï,{, 53, 5:1, 56, 63, 73, 93, 100, 101, 175 Fred, E.R. 41 liennan, Claca, 5;~, 55. 59, 167 freedom, 16, 228 Free Masons, 257 HéSS, 161 tU:.~·., 21 1'_ F=...!ûJ, 57, 63. 101 t1illman, SycLlf':y, 2'~'2 French, 34 Hiro8hiUla, l.68,~, ~ Fuel s, 145 ~lgcr,ï4. '10, 243, 248, 259 Funy,1utt, 54, 5t:i, H2, 143, 150, 178 lliTLdenburg, TI. 145 Ili'lo"y, Il, 38, 6,1, 300. 302 "'.... '1. Garma Globin, 228 ~J.lj$tory Ihoks, ~ ~229 r-::_~ / Gangs Adult, 69 Ililler, "dolph,~;3,,,,~16. ]~..fiD Gangs, YÛllth, 69, 273 GangsLcr Clubs, 156 (JI.. -- 236,~ ~ Holericld, I1ep., 24, 71.' ....... ~ G<'l.ry, Indiana, ]23, 187 t101y Father, 205 Geiger, CDuntN, lJ 1 Ho 1)' Lund, 232 General Mi tC'hd l, 17R ~ioly Thursday, 69 General Maton;. 270, 272 !Ioly Water, 22, 55, 167, 178 Gtfleva Conference, 166, 179, 180. 183. 235. 289, tlolv Wate·l'. l~yils ()lased by. 20 309 Iioly Week,1955, 76 Gt-'Orgi a, Il.) IIvo"el", J. Ed~ar. ,t9 Gèfmany, East, ]3, 18ll, 193, 220 lIopklrlS, t1arryL. m.L.tLl, 3, 21, 223 Gcnnnny, WcSl, 1.1, H. 184, 192. 207, 212, 220 lIolJ::-C', Col., 2H Gettysburg, 188 t10lSf'Cmlvniu.et: 011 Uname.rican Activities. 248 Gibhons. Floyd, 31. l81 Iloxsc)' C mcr.r Cure, Jl2, Il3 ... Gi br~l tar, 177, 222 tl"b, 1, 2. 69, 71. 239 Glorlils, Season of, 78 Il,,t;hes, 0:" 2B God OH Ma:!iler, 16, 17 tlul l, rnrdell, 3, ·1. 242 Gad the Father, 93, 9ti­ t1umvh ry, Hubt: n, 2'l6 Gad's Will, 59.89 lIungary, 2tiû Golden 1,lr, ·10 lIurric:me;, 98, 99, ]84, 297 GOOtl Squad. ~H I.G. Farbcn Industries, Hl GO'{"'rnment,'1, .~, tû, 41, 61, 76, 106, UO, Inmat'u"'t~ lary, Lons("cratiOJI of, 8-~ 199, 229, 29». 295, 298. 300, 307. 310 In-.nigrati.on L(;lw~. 12, ·266 GO'liemmenl Contl-ol, 2'29, 232 1 nCQlllC Tax. Ft:dcral, 108, 2:>4, 29:i Go.emmt'rll, Federal, 39, 253 Incorne Tax. St.:te. JOB Govemmcltt, Mi li ta)"y, 160 ludepellâcncc l1y, 218 Governmellt. Offi. ci al s, 77 Illdi a, 185, 222. 237, 290 Govemor$, 9R, 187 lndi"nn, 'alpal-aîso, 193 Grace S!.ipping Lines. 189 1ndi ans, 75. 211 Grants, 108, 20'~ Industry, -t2 Great Britain, 8, Il, 12, 77, 28, 29, 3', 103, 1nsll nmec, 229 .120, 123, 1,~9. 152, 174, 177, 178. 182, l nSUrallCl' llackc-ts, 14 ­ 187, J9S. 235. 236, 238, 2'D. 260, 280, 290 Interiol' llt';pl. 2;lfl Gre'IL Iki Lai" Aid$ J-:lIffilY, 5 1ntt:l'Ll:l1.tOlial. 'J40 Gn::at WnodeJ", J 19 Int.ernational Ibnkers, 2, J J, 27. 29, 32, 3:1, 145, Gre,-":e, 238 H9, 161, If,Z, 189, 196, 198, 203, 206, 208, Grpf'd, t1<lred, Jf'alousJy, ]5, 6'l 211, 222, 236, 239, 2,13, 2,,;, 28·1, 286, 291, Gn:cks, 186, 187 .103 Grf'enland, ,~, :>, 122, 123, 126, 128, i:Z9, 1.1J., Intel'nationnl Jcws. 23, 25, J03 liB, 1f,0, 239 IntelTlation,fl Politic~. 23. 2D. 289 Guatf1ï1aJ;.I, 2üJ Intemational naekcteers, 249 Gulf of Mf'xico, 128, lSi~, 20'l, 264 Intemational 0 rI. , lB, 19, 20 Internatlonalists, 25, 26 -,1­
  • 242. VOL. III IIH'cstigate, 66, 68, 14.7 Li 1i enthal, 0. E., 242 1 nvj sllblf' wl'ernmcnt, 125 L.incoln, IBB, 21B, 223 1 l'nn, ~~5, 226, 231 L.indberg, O'Orles, 158, 162, 168, 181. 182. 1 raq, 2:26, 2:H 190, 2,1) 1 rel nnd, 23 Literaturr.:, 37, 51 1sl and of C,prus, 20,~, 235 Little Ibck, Arh.n!>as, 183 i::;land, Ellis, 149 Lockhecd, 272 """,1. 131. 195. 21 J. 223. 286. 290 Lodgc, Cabot, 244 Issue i!lo &rrvivol, 91 London, 27. 35. 201 Long. E.rl, 244 Jalllir:n, 210 Long, Huey. 31. 246 J,pM, 3. 13, 200. 206, 226 Los Angeles, 68, 75, 123. IBO. 191. 205, 208, J apnIlCSt·, 243· 223, 266, 270 Japs, 222, 286 Lourdes. Q.Jr L<tdy of, 141 Jenner, Senator, 190, 204 Love Thy Ncighbor, 57, 84, 85 Jerllsalm, ]86 Loyola Uni versi ty, 39 . Jessup, 243 . Luce, C. R., 244 J<l Planes. J29, 130. 203. 21B. 23B Lusitania, 28 Jet Plnnts. 186. IB7 Je.·s, 1. 10. 261. 290. 291 Ma~ Arthur. Gener.l, 5. 6, 13, 29, 157, 158, 162, John. I1r. Otto. 13. 238, 292 190. 219, 240. 241, 301 John.'5011 I1cpresentati l'e, 247 Machine Gons, 69 Johnson, Senator. 165, 234 Madi son, 162, 202 ~1nJa'SI". J79 Madison, Wisconsin, ]93 Judas, Judasas, 19, 23. 2·1. 55. 63, 70, 96 Madri d, 8 J udd, Reprcsentati ve, 247 Malenkov. 282 Justice Dept., 248 Main Fn€fllY, 144 Juvcni le Crime, 36, 4.7 Manill., 202 Juvenile Oelinquency, .g., '16, 47,48. 49, Manion, Dean, 212 50. 51. 300 March of lAmes, 113 Juw~ni} e Troubl es, 9 Marijuana, 267 Marshall, 125. 240. 242 Kdl.luver, 209, 212, 216 M<lrshall, Gt..'Orge c., 3 hel' 'est, 165, 204, 205. 209. 210 Marshall, Plan, 294 King, McKeul..1 e, 210 Martyrs, 93 h.h.K .. 31. 223 Mary Ann asks for Prayers. 79 Kon,u. 99. 1·'13. 184. 190, 212. 221, 241. Mary Ann, Center of H Pomb, 54 260, 285. 2B6, 296. 299. 303 Mary Ann} Devils chased away"by, 20 Kru~, Julius A., 244 Mal;' Alln, Devils ~101est, 19, 20, 165, 167, 169, Krushchev. 190. 203. 206. 208. 219. 233. 235. 170 270, 271. 2B2, 284 Mary Ann Protected. 20, .21 Kuhll and Loeb, 244 Mary Ann, Relief of .5Jffering for Olristlnas., 76 Mary Alln Sufferi ngs, 76, 88, 129 Labo!' Union Rackets. lOS, 106, 155 Mary Ann Vi sions Hell, 63 La lJeC':'!, Eleé1110r Pooscvelt, 223 ~.Mary Ann Vi sions Serpent, 7S L.aCro~sc, Regi ster. 113, ] 39 t...IMarx,~ La Follf:tte, rohert. Jr., 154 -"'M""ason'ry, 239 La Follette, fbbcft, Sr., 168, 210 Mass, 76, 81, 101. 102 L;,ity, 63. 78, BO. B5, 175. 176. 233. 30B Massachusetts. 84 Lélke Michigan, 2U ~ht8S, J);üly, 53, 81, 84 Land of dl(' [;fl~e, HOllle of the p.ra·e, 228 Mass Murder, 113 La 5ol,,"c, 141, 188. 241 Master Plan, 11, li Last Supper, 70 Material lhings, 94 Latimer. i LI j am, 2·13 Matcri aIs, Scrap, 2, 3 Law. 16 Mc (.arron. Pat, Senator. 30, 174 Lay Apost!es, 63, 71, 155 Mc Carthy, Senuto,!; .Iosc!h, 4. 5. 54, 125, 135. 136. Le:ugllt: of Nation, 23, 244 137, 139, lolO. HI, 143, 144. 152, 154, 155, Lec·. GovNllur, 204 15B. 159, 161. 166. 169, 186, 190, 214, 236. Leh'TInn, Sella LO r, 223. 243. 246 239. 246 Lernni tze,·, L)'Tft<tn, Gen., 296 Mc Namara, 246 Lelld Le"e, 5, 14, I75. 295, 303 Medi at ri x 0 f Peacc. 149 Lcnin, 2, ]45, 220 Medical Cnre, 229 Ler.t. 78. 30B Medical Dept .. 227 Li beral s, 44, 278 Medical rrofes~ion, 115 Library, Puhl le, 50 Medicai Scicntist, 110, III, 276. 288 Librory, School, 50 Medicine, 228. 233, 235, 305 Li fc hC'l'c is a Test, 101 ,1edinë, Judge. 216, 244 Light Signais. 26/~ Mediterranean Sea, 225 - 5­
  • 243. VOL. III M~llon, Andrew, 242 New Orleans, 66, 68, 133, 26,[, 266, 268, 270 -Mendez, Fr~lJcc. 2·~5 ·,'ew.paper, 3, 33, 90, 99, 162, 179, 205, 275, 282, Ment.:d Institution, IlS, 116 287, 299 Mercy of Cûd, 53 New York Ci ty, 65, 68, 75, il7, 123, 128, 132, 147. Messages, IffiPrnJ, II, 18. '~3 1,19, 15'1, 162, 163, 164, 198, 200, 202, 205, Mt:ssages of Our L'ld)' , 99 259, 270, 272, 305 Me~siah, 70 N(~1l' York Harbor, 120, 131, 112, 162, li3 Meteal f, Bep., 217 Ne... York Stilt(!, 169 Meyer, Dr., 167 )lixon, ViceP,·cs., 185. 191,209,250,251. 257, Me)'er. Eugene. 2'U 279, 288 Mexicao, Piolls. 201 Non-Cathol i cs, 66 Mexico, 33, ?:J, 155, 186, 187, 190, 193, Non!. Africa, 237 202, :m, 221, 237, 2,li!. 271 l'lortb l'ncrican Continenl, U9, 152 Mexico Ci Cl', 122, 203, 206, 211, 223 North Pole, lIR, 206, 276 Mil ....·olkec. Wisç(Jn~in, 193 l:orthem &Irol,lf~, 266 Mil i lary llondage, 17 5 Norway, 204, 2JO Mili tary ÛH'Clllment. 160 North Afrir.a, 211, 221 Mini stcrs of G>d, 78, 93. 139 Notrt~ I"h'Tlc. 147 Mind1.enty, Cardinal. 178, 179, 209 Not.!'€' I"JIflf' Univèrsit'.y, 198 Mini Hers, 199 ,'lurlear I.kstl'uction, 306 Minneapoli.,s, Miunesota, 68, 75. 129,.202, 2J], liuclenr Power, 276, 309, 310 268 .!uclc<u· Weapon~. 166 Mi .. iles, 119, 120, 121, 136, 194, 207, 275, ~lIdi .o;l (}ubs. 156 277, 279, 280, 309 r'lun5o;, 77. 81~, 85, 86. 101. 188 Mi~sion Fields, 87, 101 MisSlssippi. Ils Offi<"ials of lhe> OIUlT·h, 229 Mi tchcJ l, Geucral ni Il)', 178 O'llara, An:hbÎshop. 236 Moharrm<'dans, 26J 011 COl11pclrlY, 206 Molotov, 15'1, IBO. 239, 282 Oil ~k>nopoly, J20, 219, 225, 226, 231, 232, 235, Mongol i ans, 266 289, 290, 310 Mongrdi zation, 103, 238. 239, 255. 266 Dil Supply, 176 Mon LbO()mc ry , 235 Ok lahoma Ci ty, 123, 127 Mootl'C:l1, 73 Okhotsk, 130, 204. 206, 210, 212, 218, 220, 276 Morg'lntbal, 215, 2·lj Old Glar)', 96 Morgon, J.P., 24'1 O'lalotlc)', 2,n Mormon, 211 One World G:::>v('rnment, 26, no, 15.), 171, 175. 237, Moroeeo, 172, J.76, 1B4, 186, 197, 204, 226, 239, 242, 248, 25J, 255, 256, 257, 259 '290, 304 One brld Rdlgion, 153, 171, 175, J79, 257 Morro.",., Ann, 182 One orl ders, Il, H, 203, 246, 249 Moses, 16 OpilJ"fl. 268 Mo ther' s Day, 157 Oregon, 211 MOVICS, 36, 5] Orr. L.B., 244 MuLles, Rep., 247 OtlO. Jobn, 205, 207. 238. 292 Murray, JarT!t:s G., 2-+7 Our Falher Prayer, 57 Murray, rl1ilip,. 243 Our 1101)' MOlher. 56. 88 Murroy, S<~natol', 2·'1-6 Our Lady of Fatima. 141, 241 Murder, 29, 98, 151 Our Lady of l.a Salette Slatue.'HI, 2·11 Musi 1,;, 42 Our Lady t.lcdialri x of Peac(~. 52. S,l, 56. SA, 100, JOI Our Ltdy of Ncccdah. 89 Nagflsaki, 20tï Our l.ady in Tenrs, 81, 98, 100 Gn;::" 290 Our Lady' s Wurnings. 111 Nalionali st, China. 242, 285 Oz.rks, 12, Nato, 177 Nl'lvy. 174, 188, 194, 232 Paci fic .ntlSL. 139. 158. 162, 206 N. E. A., 42 Paci fic Occan, 138. ]94 Near East, 235 Pan""., 33, 133, 146, 192. 271 Nccedah, 128 Pan.m. Canal, 73, 150, 182, 206, 221. 23J, 2%, Near East. 195 P.rents, 45, 47, ,19, 50. 52, 57. 59: 6J, 65, Neely, 247 68,69,70,7],77, ISO, 157, 199, 229. Negro, 115 300 , llegnJ and Sport~, Ils Parcnul! Dclinqu'ency. H Nehru, 211 Panmujon, 151, 231 New ne.l, 248, 256 f.2.ti,s, France, :207 Ne....burger, Senalor, 247 Pas~i ng Ilck. 36 New Foundland, 128, 129, 131, 153, 194, 209, 272 Passion of Our Lord, 82, 2:H New lIaTlpshi re, 163 Pasto rs. 70 Ne.",. -lnsey, 16,~ Pas'olski, 211-3 Pau'ioti sm. 38 -6­
  • 244. l'OL. III P'I)'II(', :?·~7 Pn·...;s (imt.I'OJ 1pd, lOG P,,",'c, 61. 69. 79, HI. HB. 'H. 99, 100. 101. l'n's.s. J. 2H7 16ï, 2B2, 2Ho, 287. :oH Ilrl·....."i Ctlhllll(', ~99 flt"'HI tlndxll, :~, ~. ]2~, U9, 116. 151. 167, Pri dt' (1 r ltlf'l', W.1 an, 191, 221, 222, 232, 2'12, 2·H 286 l'.r,i'''-;L,... , H. n,57, 61, 70, -:'6, 11, 7H. ~n, B2, PPgIN, "('sLi>rook, 235 HI, fiS, ~n. 9'~, (lb, 98, 101. LiS, LN, If>l. P(11311(.:C, 31, 98. 13:;. 188 1r'12. 175, IR8. LU. :?flï Pclticillîn, 228 Pn l'st "'", n. P.. j'ID Pt"l1 L'lgon. 227, 271 Pri c:-C, Itl'pr·(·st'lltal.l lC', 2·.7 PC:lld",.pJS,L, l'os .,.;, 2'U Pri ~O!l CHnps, nI Pt'pper. Cl <llIde, 15·~. 2·:ï ,. Pri~tlnus, Cl~ller'll. 81, lJl, 9:2, (n, IJCJ, J2B, IA·l, rp!.~;::' E, ~, l2!l., 2~r 2lÔj ru, El. 2B7 1]2 '-v(~r::"('C:lIlioll. Hel igi(lUS, ].1.~99 Pn~IIlt;I'S of ',11'. 119, lH7, 2:{) Permi s~i 'f'ness, 18 Pri "<ill' Scllool s, :!2f1 Phi ltid('lphis, 68. 75, lCJR Pl·Of.;'rc.'i."i1 V(' f-:dllcallofl, 39, 10 Phillip, Prince, 220 PruhdJi Lion, lOS Philippine hlallds! 127, 136, 1119, 152, l)~, Pl'owll.'l', 17.1 15'1, 177, lH 1, 210, 232. :;o.j, Psy.-iIU1 nb":'·. 18 Pi LL:'lburg. P(:lllll:iY1 "~l!Ii a, 266 Pmp"lIf.;ll11da, S, r:, 9.), IO~). [UH. 122, 125, ISI, PllInf' (rasll(~s. 9 162, 167, 178, IHO. 20B, 209, 2J2, :l18, 2::!o, Pl~asllrc, 96, 97 2:~6, ~:n, ~J8, 210, 2(J1. lB., ~9, :W6 Plot, 1, 2.1 :~, H, 12, 17, 19, 32 Pnllt>r<us orUdc'F~ ur /.1.011. 8. 10, 25 t1 Plot. 0'1(' ürld, l,l, 2i n, 2"l6 'P'i=ô"ll;.'."~nl'<;. S7, (17, 77, 00, 2,11 J .... Plot of AULi -Oll'j RL, lB. 2J, 2:. 104 PI'OVÎll('P Ilf (.ÀJt"bcc, lB6 Plot Ln Ik"Lro)' dl(' Youtil, 68 PlU' l'tu !lien, 136 Plûn of SaLim, 19 "Purge, 26, 79, 96 Poi son Food, "'utt:!". 274, ~01~, 30:') Prune Facr:, 223 Pol ""d, 189, 219, 2,10 P rowl ('l', (FI'i f'IHI), 188 Pol io, 112, ID Pyle, h111C, ;>, 31,235 Pol j ct:, 50 Polit.Îcal C'.<1!lIpaigll. 251, 255. J06 Queen Elizub(:Lh, 1,H~, 15(~, 210, 221 Pol il.icnJ Cm'cntion, 250 Popc Pius Xl!. BO, Rl. B6. '11, 112, 206, 209, Ihbbi IlioL~, 9 2)6, 235 H'H'kets, Hackf'LN~r..;. :H, lOS, J06, 109, lJ 2, Pol Îc(:, 36 ~IB POrn()gfill,h)', 77 Hackl't.s, Spol'ls,. J07, 2JO POfLllSl..', Pa., 14,t 1 !ladar, 122, J21. 2BO ' Portllaul. 148, 2~7 HJdio lct.i'it~. lJO. J7:~, 368 Post "'i l "y. 30, 121 Radio, T. V., .1, 90, 96, 108. 109, 11 151, Poslal Dcpl. 1 227 16B, 169, 119. 202, 205, ~J9, 229. 231, 231 P,)wer MOili :c9, 239 2:.1, 287, 299 Pol ~lIld, 31. :NO R<Jdllo;lll, Hep .. 247 Prél)'<:fs, )7, 63, 13, 88 nCCOOltH'nse, 173. 17.. Priests & ncl1gious, 91~, 199 Rccruc:if)'ingOur·I.JHd, SB, ha, 61. 6:?, 6:~, Precious Blood, 63 64. 67, 69. 72, RI, 91. <," 9B, JOU, 135, pf~!'It'::I'V:ili l'es, 110 Hl!, Prè~idcnt.s. 7( 7&, 102 . Ikd O,-ill')' ,1,. 5, 12.3. .Di, 151. J:i3, 186, Prc:-lidcflt Cool-id#(f:, l,li 226, 23'1, 2:16. 239 President Ei:->(!Ilho .... (~r, 3, 13, 14, J22, 12,., 128, Hcd Cros>:., 297, 2Y~, 30·1 . 109, 111. IBO, IR2. lBS, J91, 196, l'lB. 20.1, Red Dragon, 22:?, 2R5 2U'!, 2101. 211. 220, 2U, 233, 235. 236, 2'14, Hefinf'd Food, ]62 250, 251, 256. 257, 27H, 279, 2B7. 288, 296, RcJonnaLion. 81, 2:N 301, 309 H('fltget:~, 12, _ :H President IYJO:->t:vell, F D.R, '21, lOS, 171, 186, Hell ('. of tJw Tnw Cro~<:. 113, 166 240. 241, 2,1'1, 2'8. 2-19, 253, 256. 270. 29.1, ,m, 61, Hdig1on, Hf'ligll)II.'>, l:w..litljl(lu:" Ol'd('I'S, 302, 252 63, 76, 87. 135, 1.;6, 170. J7h, 188, 229 Presiuél'it r~)()sc't"l t, lheodorc, 168 232 President. Hal'ding, '.... 5, 31, J47, 168, 302 Rel igiotl~ '<lf, 235 President ,'ixon. 195, 209 !lOlO, l:YIl<!;. nl Pn'sidf'nl Truman, 5, 125, J70, 174, 195, ~.j.(), 'Hl i '1..' fol' 011' i ~t, 70 H<'f}I'f:$(11 lat. 2.6, 257, 270 . .101, .102 Hepubl i CiHl :alIOIl<lj COllv('nti Olt. :]13 PrfJsident Mcl<i.llley, 12, 30, 31, J68, nB H(':;;]J(~Cl, 6], 46 President Lincoln, 12, 21, 30, 168 Rc:-;urn'I'UOIl, 70, 97 Prc~adeft. Wi lsofl, 23, 31, 160 Ikuther. 211. 235, 2n, 24-1­ Pn::'iidcnt G~ll·fit·Jd, :,0 Ilevollitiolllll. Ikvolulloni sl.s. '2, :n, :201. ]~:ï Prt':sidcnL i~hingl.Ol. l·l9 Bh(!~, Si !-111illl, 2l:~ Peumlll('ll, J 30 Hi çhmollcl, 266 Pr~.,d c~, U "i s. 260 Ilidg . . ay, jqO - 7­
  • 245. VOL. III Riot, . .13. 34. 106. 226 Scientists. lJ6. 191. 230 Rhodesi:t, 23.0 Seau! c, Wasni ngton, 272 Hobbell-' 1 9H Secret, Jewisn, Zionisn, 7, 189 Roberts. Or.. 1l7. 196 .Self. Glori fication, Pit y, Will, 135 Robeson. P,ml. 13. 207 tSelfishne$S & Greee, .52. 13; 99' Rock of Gibralter. 210. 222. 225. 226. 235. Senste, In"estigating Conmi ttee, 44 305 Senetol's, 113, 154, 155, 159. 165 Rockcf..llers. j.l6) 42, _~, ZU R3ë1ei.l teT' "Ii.. . ~ ~'1l0 ..lli. <r{j) 1W].Ç119 , _, 1&'! Scrp... t, ï. 8, 9, Il, 13, H. 18. 19. 32. 33, 34, 35, 43, 53, 63. 64, 66. 69, 71, 13, 103, 104. 105, 109, 134, 135, ]55, Rogers. ~m, 30, 1"iI. 181 162. 176, 186, 188. 195. 196. 233, 238, Rome. 8, 232 242, 243, 244, 246, 248, 250, 251, 292, Roosevelt. Mrs. (F.O.R.l. 105. 111, 197, 198, 293, 305 223, 236. 255, 256 Serpent of Zion, 266 Rosary. 53, 76, 81, 84, 98, 155, 210. 308. 309 Service, J~hn Stewart, 40 Rosenberg. Ann. 211, 214 Scx Abuscs, 37, 156 Rothchild. 189, 237, 291 IShanghied. 128, 131, 133, 194, 263, 264, 265, Royals Jcwels, 27 267, 269, 211 Rubber, 232 Sherman, 244 Rumors, 79 Short, Gtoneral, 3 Russin, l, 2. 4. 5, 8, 29, 37. 144. 151. 161, Shortage of Food, 145, 183 169. 171, 171, 180, 181. 183, 191, ln, 202, Shields. Bemard, B., 272, 213 206, 207, 211, 214, 218, 219, 220. 223, 226, Shreveport, 7S m,n~m,m,m,m,m,~,261, Siberie. !l8. 121, 126, 121. 128. 129. 131. 210. 215, 216, 217, 279, 282, 285, 281, 290, 139, 159. 181, 200, 205. 206. 208. 220, 222 303, 309, 310, Siberian Arsenal, 120, 121, 122, 160. 170, 192, Russia. "hi te, 2, 225 194, 191, 230, 216 Ru ssi an , Arsenal, 271 sicil y , 204 Russien Rear, 217 Sin, 62, 63, 65, 10, 91. 93, 95. 97, 135 Russian Cossacks, 2 Sinclair, 4 Russi an, National, 25 .sixt.... th A<ioen... ent, 254 Russian Navy, 209 Slender, 250 Aussi an Planes, 194 Sleeping Giants, Bleck and Yellow. 161 Russian, Regime, 161 Smear C.anpaign. 17. 182 Russian Revolution, 27 jSmi th, Frank, 247 Russians, 31, 159, 112, 114 !Smi th, Wal ter Bedell. 4. 243 Soci al Problems, 46 'II Sabotage, 120, 219, 281 Social Seeurity. 293, 294 Sacraments, 80, 84, 308 Soci al Studies, 38 Sacred Cause, .59 .Soci al",.. 254. 294 Sacred Heart, 72 Socialists, Marxian, 39 Sacred ~ot. 55. 56 Soldie .. of o.rist, 86 Sacrifice, 81. 98 Sorrowful Mother, 58 Saint Andre...·, 28 . South, 12 Saint El i .abeth, AsI yum, 117. 199 South .'Wer'ce. 32, 33, 63, 159, 188, 219. 221. Saînt Hegesippus. 189 211 Saint James, 28 South Kores, ~7 Saint Lawrence Seaway. 159, 210 South Paei fic, ~S Saint Matthew, 189 South Pole. 12 Saint Mary Magdalcn. 59 .Southern Hemisphere, I2, 159 Salk, Vaccine, 214 Spain, 146, 205, 237 San Angelo, 194 Sparkman, 247 San Antonio, Te..s. 68, 123. 198, 204, 266, 270 Spellmon. Lora, 108 San l'icgo. Cal., 68, 122, 133, 158. ln, 127, Spics, 12. 264, 269 200, 201, 202, 204. 207. 208, 209, 218. 221, Spi ri tuaI Bouquet, 76, 80, 88 210 Sports, Di version, 8 San Francisco, Cal., 68, 75, 123, 131, 154, 180, Sports, Rackets. 107, 305 198, 205, 206, 208, 210, 211. 221. 222, 223, Spou ses of OIrist, 60, 62 264. 265, 269. 210, 271 St. Louis, t&>., 66. ln 128, 16·1. 205. 206, 211. Satan. 53, 54, 61, 64. 8 , 8<>, 91. 95. 97. 99. 210 135. 138, 156, 160. 169, 232, 261, 306 St. Paul. Minn., 68, 75, 211. 266 Schmidt, Mary, or Sni th, Fraulein, 270 St. PetersburR, 8 Sc"ool •• 71. 108, 141 Stalin, 47,'.89::191. 203, 208, 210, 219,220,282, Schools. Catholiè" 43, 46, 47, 48, 67, 198 - - 286.~ 302 Sehool s, Pri vete, 228 Standard Oil CD •• 174, 286, 291 Schools, Public, 43. 46. 41. 48, 67. 198 Starvation, 144 School s. Su.perintendent of, 44 Sta,sen, 203, 221, 249. 280, 281 Sei ence. 115 State Departm... t. 10. 12. 26. 171, 227, 228, 290. 291 -8 ­
  • 246. VOL. 1Il SCLlte r~ights Progr<lll1, 211, 212, 218, 253, 254­ 1 lUI.T., .160 SLll.ions of tllf:' Cro."i;;, 53, 87 U.N. or U.N.O., ·t, 26,71, 97, 99, ·1~6, 137, Stûtl.lt: of Liberty, 120, ]3], 132, 172, 17~, 207, 150, 15.5, 160, 17<1, 180, 183, 184, 199, 209 226, 228, 233, 239, 2·13, 2'H, 259, 260,1261, SLC'Nl~C"I1, ,dhii, I~O, 209, 233, 2.U, 2'50, 252, 254, 272, 281, 285, 303, 30,1. 305 30 Une! e Srun, l 'H, 197, 209 Still_ell, 239 Une!;co, 11. 213, '245 Stockholm, 22], 222 Union Jack, 28 Stornl~, flood"" ilnd Fi l'es, 99, 212 Uni on Rackets, 218 Stt'ikcs, 33, li, 106, 233 Unions, 13. 228, 233 Sul::mnrinc5, Gf:lllH1n, 121­ Unions, Cannent, 107 Suœl:ritlPs, Hussian . .-l, 12, l17, 123, l:N, 126, 13J Uni ty, 85 l:l2, 162, 16'~, 16i, 180, 198, 200, 201, 205, Unit y, Uome, Schoü! & Ollirch, 81 2U6, 2H, 219, 223, 264. 265, 272 Uni vt'rsi ti C:::O, U7. 148 Subtcrrtlllf:an i'1~.WOrk, 119 l!ni'(':['siLIC:>, GI'<tntS, 10'1, J08, 109 Subtcrranc:an Villagt;:, 118, J8·t Un'J.,mteJ -Gti 1d, 1;')7 Subvcr:.ioll, 37, 178, 23-~, 239, 261, 286, 290 Ul'al Mountains, 280 :l1l!:Z ûmal, 191, 204, 220, 221, 223, 231, 260, 286 Unmlllln, 111 290, 305 U,.S. Cargo Ships, 1::''6 S:.Jffering, Friday, 129 Il.5. F.1)' A., 110, 113, Il'1 S:lffering, 76, 113 U. S. G:lYcnll'II(:n l, J 14 SUI.JI"dtIt: Cou-rl, 39. lU, 121, 227 !J .S. Consti Lution, 252 500, Uellry, l, J2, 13. Sil, 55, 59. 74 U.S. oÎ Europe, 180 S,,,)t'd of Lia'nocles, 118, 121, 142. J70, 192, 231, li.S. lnternar.ionàlists, 26 235, 271 U.S. SCliatol's, L13 Synagogue 0 f Satan, 252, 258 U.S. Still 110,18, 2·3 US.A., 14, 15, 29, 3<1, 35, '1:1, 65, 68,69, 102, Taft, Ihbert. Sr .. ~ltator, 30, 136, J46, 302 146, 152, 155, 156, 109, 116, 177, 186. 221 Talbot, 191 Tfllmlldi c, JudaislTl, l, H, 25, 196, 240 tac~illf':.$, 15! T'lxution, 293 Vailf'Y ~'orge, 97, 216 "T t~ach i ng Pro ff:.'3si 0[1) -'6 V<llparai so, 193 T0<lc:her~, _l99 Vêlflderb~rg, Senator, 10, ]tt·6, 210, 302 Tcapel. rb:l1e. 14, 174, 242 l'an I1o0f, Bob, 20 Tecnnger.':I. 6S, 66, 267, 268 Van !-bof, Fred, S9, 162 Temptations, 62 Van 1100f. Freddie, 127, 169, 193 l'en ConfTlancil1ents, 16, 85, 97, 98, 100 .. Van ~ofr~elati Ve:s. 78 Texas. El p;~o, l, 94 Vnn l-bof, Richard, 20. 193 Texas, San Antonio, 204 Vati can, 32 Tcxtbooks, 38, 96, 229 Veronica's Veil, 53, 86 The Tim~s, 36 Veterans of Foreign Vars. 41 lheaters, 77. 78 l'icar of Christ, 63, 70, 80, 86, 87, 88, 135 Thirty P,eces of Silvc'r, J, 29, 5.s, 56, 63, 95. 97 Victim Soul, 59 179, 239 Vi nson, Fred, 190, 242 Ti to, 162, Iii, 238 Visczinski, 201 Tornadoes, 98 Von Hindenburg, 28, 145 r Train Wrcck5, 9, 30 Vows, f~eligious. 95 Trai tor::;, 19, 112, 141 Treacy, 209, 231 Wakershauser, Betty, 55, 167 Treason, 34, 112, 256, 305 Wakershau.ser, Bill, 55, 167 r'rcasury Dept., 2'27 Wake Up À"crica, 63, 68, 71, 90, 94, 95, 96, 98, Trial & Test, 101 99, 101, 198, 228 Trotsky, 145, 220, 2·0 Wall Street, 182 ',11 1ace, H. A., 4 Tme Church, 70, %, 101, 179, 216 Walter, Rep., 247 Tme Cross, 55, 62, 136, 143, 166 War, 98, 99 Tme Fai th, 66, 72, 79, 86, 94, 96, lOI, Wn l' Bonds, 294. 295 195 War Criminal s, 4 T,uth, 17, J3, 60, 62, 70, 79, 90, 99, War l,pt. 81, 91 m, 199, 240, 302 Turkr.y, 235, 238 Il'ar Maten als, 279, 280, 281, 295 Turks, 186, 187 War Refugees, 34 Twining, G(~n(;rar .lathan, 2.13, 214, 218, 277 Warburg, 42. 2·14 "'<Ir ,ictims & Prisonf'!'s, 81, 91, 92, 93, 230 T{l.t)-he::ld l3cl1st., 283, 284 T. V.& Rodio, 51, 53, 61, 78, 90, 96, 108, WarChOll.'5e, 184 Warren, 201, 216, 234 109, 113, li8, 202, 219,229, 231. ~3~, 299 Washington, Rlessed Mothf:'r Appear~ to, 216, 217 Uk rai nf~. 2, 225 Washington, n.e.. 6B, 117, 123, 193, 194, 199, Umhocfcl', ~1arit>, 5,~, 59, 167 200, 205, 271, 272 -9­
  • 247. VOL. II [ Washingtou, George, 93, 100', B9, 188, 2]6, 2]7, 218 Washington Uni versi tics, 147 Water Poisoning, 172, 214 Watson, C,eorge F. (Supt. of SchoolsL ,q Wa)' of the Cross, S,l, 98 Way ta Ca h'ar)' , 70, 100 Wa)', Truth & Light, 70, 71 Weinbll rg, 223, 243, 2,H Wci :"jland, 245 Wessling, LoUl se, 55, 59 West wast, 126, 127, 129, 173, 186, 19:3, 221, 224, 237, 271, 272 West Gcrmany, 207 West Indj cs, ISO, 1:11, 192 Western i-lfJllisphcn'., 172 -'hat y"e Must [h, 77 ~neele" 190, 210, 246 Whi Le, Paul. D., 1, 24·4 Whi tr". H"ce, 238 Whytc, Dr. Paul, 2'~5. 2:>1 Wi 1ey, Senatof", 247, 297 Wilki(~, WenddI, 31 WilrrH:tt,-~,1, 2, 153, 171. ]99 Wil son, Woodraw, ]60 Wi l 80n, Sec. of J)~f~~n:'1e, ')09 Wisconsin Rapids, 126 Wi se Habbi, 196 Wolvcs in Sheep' s Oothing, 162 World C.nlltro], ], H, 2.5, 35 World Federalises, 26, 256 World G)Vcrnmeor., 25, 26, 153, 171. 175, 213, 237, 239, 248, 2.1, 25., 256, 257, 259 World Plotters, l, 3, 26. :H3, 246, 2SS World ReLigion, 153, 171, 175, 179 Wodd Wa, 1,68,91, 128, 181, 230 Wodd Waf II, 5, 91, 128, 174, 2:jO, 272, 277, 286, 295 277, 286, 295 Wodd Wa, lIl, 91, 98, 262 Wrath of God, 99, 152 Wrong Ibctrine, 71 X-Ray, 131 Yellolll Giant, 12 Ye110w Race, 161, 238, 239, 241 Yids, Yiddish, l, 2, 21, -Il, 116, 221, 2),, 219, 239, 240, 245, 270, 273 YOlltb, 43, ·14, 52, 61, 62, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 79, 87, 95, 98, 137, 150, 151, 155, 156, 193, 198, 212, 263, 269, 292, 300 Yout" Gangs, 9, 69, 156, 162, 198, 205, 220 267, 268, 27 3 Youth Organi~ationJ 64, 65, 1,56, 136, 211 Zablocki, Sen., 247 Zion EIders, l, 8, 9, 10, 25, 222 Zionist I3ankers, (International), 11, 23, 25. 291, 303 ZiQnist .1e",,·j sh, 7, 121, 189 Zionis.t Talrnudic Plot, 14, 21, 104 - 10­
  • 248. 1Nm:X ~~ A fumb, 155, 176, 192, 197 Bcring Strai l, 212, 213 Abraham Lincoln Brigadt~, 162 Bennuda!o, 202, 201, 214, :21H Accidents chat a.re nol Accidents, 28, IIH, 177, Bi rmingham, A12., III 182, 185, 188 Bi shops, 6, 84 Acneson, Dean, 196 Œshops, /vnr:rican, 1]8 Ad~s, John Ç)Ji ocy, Il Bi SfIarck, 1:" 16 Admir.1 Poppoff, H Ulack Geld, 176, 178, 179, lR·~ Africa, N(Hth, 131 'Black Mass. ï4­ Agriculture, 189 Bl ack Race. 110 Ai r Force, 189 Black Shi rt~. 107 Akron, 158 Bl.ck & y"llow Race. 109,111, 169 Alabllllla, III Blacks &: '"hi tes, 1J 2 Alaska, 93, 182, 18, EHessed ~loth(~r. 12 Alean Highwtly. 187, 209 Blessed Mother in Tenrs, 72 Aleutians, 185, 187, 20~, 205, 206, 207, 210, Blessed :btner, 1}.. ~·()tIOIlS to, 97 2ll, 212, 213, 214 Blcss~d Mother and t.he Trinil.)'. Ill) Alger Hiss. 27, 124 iBlock Fb:-io<try, 133 Al exander III Vi si ts Pane, 40 Blue :hmtlc, LOO All ergi es, 157 B'lIai, B' ri th, 75 Almight)' D:>llal'. 171 B:>goradi tZil, 9f.j Arneri ca, 72, 184 &mhs, 155 Amche! M:Jyûr' s Sons Each wvcn.a Gmntry, IJomb, A, 15.> America, Central. 160, 195 l3on>b, Il, 155, 165, 192, 197 America, South, 23, 104, 160, 17.5 &othe-, John Wi 1k,·!,;. 91 Ameri can Bi shops, 118 Bo~ton, 26. 15l Americfln M~d.ical Association. (A.I.A.), I:?S, 137, 1Jo)' le, Hep., 22 190, 196 Brennan, Judge., )73 Andrea. lhria, 181, 192, 185, 203, 207, 210, 211. Br~.senham, 175 213, 215. 217, Bri lish, 12, 92, 173, 18.1, 201, 206. 208, tlIglican Qlurcb, 66, 191 209, 215, 21g Antarlie Ocean, 177, 181 llritish Isles, 17~, IR!. 201, 206, 208, 215, tnti·Clericalism, 168, 169 218 ATlli·OIt"is'l, 6, 9, .10, 22, 23, 'B, 74. 82 ,Bri til"h S-ül"llarincs, 158 Anti·anist, Forces of, {J8, 107 Brotherhood, 81, 186 / Anf.i·Communist, 162 Ilro.n Be.I', 155, 1.6, 17:l, 182, 202 Anti .&meti C, 25, l69 Brov.n 9li rts, 107 Apo.tles, 12, 168 &>lganin, 20, 148, 17 l, 175, 181, 192 ippari tions, 1830 and 1846, 32 8l.JIgaria, 28 Aqu" Tofanna, 18, 86 Byr-d, Aetniral, 177 AJ'.bs, 22, 173 B)'zanlin(~ Ri t,e, 66 Arabia, 93 Budenz, 185 Arcbduke Maximillian, 14 ­ Buenos Ai res, 151, 211 Argcntinn. 151, 156, 181 &>nehe, Dr. 11., Ipb, 109 • Ark.nsas, 197, 199 Bundcn, Sta ffen , 107 Ani stl! Sri and, 80, 81 Bllnden, Orden Oruidi Sil , 107 Ane)', Jake, 144 BusLng Farced, J09 Asi aLi e nu, 194, 198 ASloria l'hleI, 152 Californi", 197, 191, 209, 211, 212, 215, 216 Atlanta, 151, 159 Cal var)', 96, 115 Atomi c Energ)·. 156 C""p D:>ug1as, 145, 151. 196 Attorney General Ucrbcrt Brownell. 30 C_ MeCo)', 1~7. 196 Aurora fureal i s Over Sacrcd ~t, 129, 130, 131 Can.da, 13, 26, 30, 31, 147, 149, 152, 163, Austl'ia, 7, 16, 17, 28, 42, 103 183, 185, 186, 191, 192, 196, 214 Awres, 207, 216 Canadian l:bctar, 149, 153, 198 Canadi an News Reports Co., 30 Bahai Temple, 72, 84. 176 Cancer, 73, 155, 157, 197 Balti",ore, 26, 151, 1.19 Cardinal Collegiunl lJssiclIfl'l in Ibnt. 66, 67 Baruch, Bernard, 37. 153 Cardinal Del Pompai li , Tindaro, 41 ,Baton Fbuge, 159 Cardinal Mind1.enl)', l85 Savari a, 139 C.ribbean Sca, 208, 209, 217 Beu, 175, 190, 218 Cat.lina Island, 193, 196 Beast, 174, 190 Cathedral, 97 Belgiwn, 12 jCaLOOlie Olurcl>, 'l, 5, 9, 37, 138, 191 Benedict Arnold, 24 Catholic Il::lctrinc, 65 Benj.-ni n Judah, 14 Catholic: Hierarchy, 7S Beri a, 20, 8} Cntholic History, 65 Berlin, East, 28 Cathelie School, 12~, 125 Berlin, West, 150 Cathelici,.", 4, 17, 166, 167 -1­
  • 249. VOL. IV Catholici:<nl, Orthodox or Poman, li, 39, ,12 De·ils 1..o05C in the Orld, LOr, 103, 165 Cavour of S.'ndinfl, 79 Devotions, 97 Cew, 217 De Yalera,lDisraeli, 71 Central Amcrj ca, 103, 104, 160 1 195 Dîsplaced Persons, 182 Chapel, 187 lli.::!~'ôlh'.'.:,Ü!l::ll""t" À~§J .107, IBB, 191 Ü1ari ty, 167 Disra(-,li tlenjl:lmin, St