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Shot list

  1. 1. Shot List SHOT LIST “Pianist” By Francis Mendoza Draft “1” Date: “14/11/12” Scene 1 – The Street Shot Number Shot Description 1 Tracking shot of Fayes feet 2 POV of Faye walking down street 3 Close up of Faye 4 Extreme close up of degrees mouth 5 Long shot of store 6 Close up of door handle of store Scene 2 – A Store Shot Number Shot Description 7 Panning shot of Faye as she walks into store 8 Two shot of Degree and Faye within the store 9 Low angle close up of Degree 10 11 Mid shot of degree banging a drum 12 Over the shoulder shot of degree strumming guitar 13 Long shot of store 14 Close up of degrees face Scene 3 – A Beach(chorus)Production’s Name Here
  2. 2. Shot List Shot Number Shot Description 15 Zoom out to a long shot of Degree 16 17 High angle of the bang playing then into a zoom Scene 4 – Degrees living room Shot Number Shot Description 18 Two shot of drummer/ guitarist 19 Close up of guitar 20 Long shot of band playing 21 Extreme close up of degrees mouth Scene 5 – Forest Shot Number Shot Description 22 Extreme long shot of the forest 23 Low angle as group of people walk towards the forest 24 Two shot of degree and pianist 25 ECU of Degrees mouth Scene 6 – Living room Shot Number Shot Description 26 Long shot of living room 27 Mid shot of drums 28 Zoom in on drums 29 Close up of degree 30 Mid shot of degree 31 Two shot of degree and other 32 Pan right round the room 33 Long shot of cabinet 34 Close up of picture 35 Zoom in on picture Scene 7 – StoreProduction’s Name Here
  3. 3. Shot List Shot Number Shot Description 36 Mid shot of pianist (tom) 37 Mid shot of Faye 38 Pan to the right of picture 39 Close up of Faye Scene 8 – The Street Shot Number Shot Description 40 Long shot/establishing of street 41 Over the shoulder of people walking 42 Close up of the mans face 43 Long shot of group of people 44 Low angle of people walking Scene 9 – The beach Shot Number Shot Description 45 Long shot of the beach 46 Pan to the left towards Faye Scene 10 – Shot Number Shot Description 47 Extreme long shot of sunrise 48 Over the should shot of three people 49 Close up of guitar being played 50 Mid shot of drums 51 Zoom onto the drumsticks 52 Tilt up to person playing 53 Tracking shot around the drummer 54 Long shot of picture of the street Scene 11 – The street Shot Number Shot Description 55 Zoom in on the picture of the street 56 Tracking along the street 57 High angle of bandana 58 Over the shoulder of the bandana (picking it up) 59 Low angle of Degree 60 Close up of Degree Scene 12 –Production’s Name Here
  4. 4. Shot List Shot Number Shot Description 61 Two of drummer and guitarist 62 Close up of guitar 63 Long shot of band (four people) 64 Extreme close up of Degrees mouth Scene 13 – The store Shot Number Shot Description 65 Extreme close up of Fayes mouth 66 Long shot of instruments 67 Close up of ‘Bassist’ hand picking up the bass 68 Low angle of Fayes legs 69 Long shot of store 70 Close up of door handle and Fayes hand 71 Over the shoulder of Faye 72 Close up of Degree 73 Close up of Faye 74 POV shot of FayeProduction’s Name Here