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Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008
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Development of Forestry Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Preparatory Mission Report, SNV, 2008


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The report includes analyses and recommendations concerning: …

The report includes analyses and recommendations concerning:
1) current status of forest sector development and reform needs;
2) foreig experiences in national forest policies and programmes and their usefulness;
3) recommendations, including acomplishment of ToR, for elaboration of the RS Forestry Strategy.

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  • 1. Development of Forestry Strategy of theRepublic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Mission Report 12 to 21 July, 2008 Franc Ferlin, Forestry consultant Ljubljana, 31 August 2008
  • 2. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONSAFWMC Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management CommitteeCTA Chief Technical AdvisorFA Forest AgencyFC Forestry CouncilFP Forestry policyFL Forest lawFSDS Forestry Development StrategyFSDP Forestry Development ProgrammeFDS WG Forestry Development Strategy Working GroupMAFWM Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water ManagementNFP National forest programmePFC Public Forestry CompanyRS The Republic of SrpskaToR Terms of ReferenceWS Workshop 2
  • 3. BackgroundThis mission was arranged between SNV Bosnia and Herzegovina – PortfolioOffice Banja Luka (PO BL) and the Consultant for his advisory support toMinistry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM) of Republicof Srpska (RS) and its Working Group (WG), appointed by the Minister on 24April 2008. The WG consists of nine members from whom one was nominatedas Coordinator.Main objective of the WG is creation of the RS Forestry Development Strategy(FDS) document. The timeframe for its elaboration was set as very short by theMinister, i.e. for 15 November 2008, regardless the new FL which defined nowlonger, nine months timeframe for the FDS adoption.The assignment of the Consultant consisted of the following more specific tasksand deliverables: 1) Presentation of Serbian national forest programme / forest sector reform experiences and providing his opinion and recommendations to development of RS national forest programme / forest sector reform, particularly the FDS as the second1 RS forestry reform element. 2) Contribution to preparation of a longer-term work plan (or project) for forest sector reform development. 3) Contribution to preparation and finalization of the Terms of reference (ToR) for development of FDS study to be financed by the World Bank “Forest Conservation and Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina” project extension.Anticipated contribution of the Consultant has dynamically being adapted onactual FDS WG’s facilitation policy (performed by its Coordinator in collaborationwith the Consultant) and current development of WG’s work and agreementsduring his mission.The WG’s working process has been divided into two parts accompanied by twoworkshops, the first one (in Banja Luka) lasting for one day, and the second one(in Drinić and Banja Luka) lasted for two days. The first WS was mainly devotedto the above point one, the second to point three matters. The Consultantparticipated in both the workshops (WSs).1 In this context, the new Forest Law is considered as first RS forestry reform element. 3
  • 4. Results, conclusions and recommendations Development of the Republic of Srpska forestry reform Overview over current forest sector reform status, development and plansLaunching of the RS forestry reform was initiated by the Agriculture, Forestryand Water Management Committee (AFWMC) of the RS Parliament, on 13 April2007, after the AFWMC was informed with, and discussed on "The condition inRepublic of Srpska forestry sector and forestry strategy development needs",prepared by MAFWM. As a result, the following conclusions were made: (a)MAFWM is obliged to prepare new FL by the end of 2007; (b) MAFWM isobliged to start with preparation of the "RS Forestry Development Strategy"document by the end of 2007; and (c) MAFWM is obliged to resolve the forestadministration issues, through general public administration reform, byestablishing the Forest Agency (FA) and other means.Based on the above, the new FL was prepared2 with certain delays and adoptedby the Parliament (in July 2008) right during the mission. For that reason, start ofthe FDS preparations has also delayed. For a formal start of the FDSpreparation process, the appointment of the FDS WG could be taken intoaccount (i.e. end April 2008). Regarding the forest administration issue and it’sresolving through establishing of new FA within general public administrationlegislation, this has not been done yet. One of main problems for its establishinglied in non-clearly defined (by FL) competencies of FA with regard to forestadministration or service function, in relation to Public Forestry Company (PFC)which already performs the function to certain extent. Now, the FA is part of newFL and shall be established based on it.The FL foresees, among others, development of FDS, and subsequent theForestry Development Program (FDP) as its action-wise document, withindefined timeframe. For adoption of the FDS, the FL anticipates 9 months, andfor the FDP additional 12 months after that. Both documents shall be adopted inthe RS Parliament. By this, the FL defines also a clear time framework forpreparation of further forestry sector reform development plans.2 As main platform for the new RS FL, the Draft FL of Serbia (which was developed under an FAOForest Sector Development Project, 2005 – 2008, leaded by the Consultant as its former CTA)was taken. 4
  • 5. Based on this, the deadline for elaboration of the FDS (required by the Minister)could be extended in order to assure sufficient time for preparation of itsprofessional bases (background analyses and studies), as well as of its verydraft FDS versions, its public discussions, harmonization and finalization forGovernmental and Parliamentary adoption procedures.Since the adoption of the Law preceded the development of the Forestry Policy(FP) and the FL already defined key elements of the policy (e.g. forestryplanning, administration, management, organization and financing), theanticipated FDS and FDP will also serve as instruments for the FL and its policyimplementation. Foreign experiences in the national forest programmes or forest sectors reformsIn order to contribute to the most appropriate further planning of RS nationalforest programme / forest sector reform concept and process, the Consultantpresented his experiences to the WG members, particularly based on results ofForest sector development project in Serbia of which he was the Chief TechnicalAdvisor (CTA). The summary presentation used for that is available at Consultant shared also his Slovenian experiences in national forestprogramme developments (available on as well as from other EU countries.The experiences solved as a background for clarification of the RS forest sectorreform concept and process. General recommendations for RS forest sector reform developmentThe Consultant provided the following two general recommendations for furtherRS forest sector development to the WG (at its first meeting): 1) Taking the RS situation with already adopted FL, in which also key FP issues were defined, into account, the FDS should also be an instrument for implementation of the FL and its appurtenant policy. 2) A body of a high-level advising on FDS (and FDP), i.e. Forestry Council must be established as soon as possible in order to provide political guidance for the FDS WG.As result of the WG discussions and the Consultant’s contribution, the followingjoint conclusions and recommendations of the WG on further forest sectorreform development process have been adopted (at the first WG meeting) andsent to the Minister: 5
  • 6. 1) The WG accepts the obligation for elaboration of FDS and considers that could realize it in qualitative way. 2) It is indispensable to assure full cadre and logistic support of MAFWM to realization of activities on FDS elaboration. 3) The WG members consider as necessary and supported by MAFWM, to prepare a general plan of RS forest sector reform (for the period of next three years), which would serve as framework for planning the development of individual elements of the reform, e.g. FDS, as well as for searching of wider international technical and financial support to that reform (e.g. through FAO). From that aspect, it would be useful to orient further activities also into preparation of a NFP project proposal (at Bosnia and Herzegovina level) for FAO support. 4) It is indispensable to assure financial means for elaboration of Terms of reference for the FSD study (by MAFWM) and for the study itself (which will be performed by the WG) 5) It would be appreciated to incorporate new members into the WG or to form more FDS development teams, i.e. policy/strategic team, technical core team and wider technical team). 6) Coordination of further activities on FDS preparation should be taken over by MAFWM in collaboration with FDS Project / Study Coordinator.The Consultant contributed particularly to the above recommendations No. 3, 4and 5. Development of a longer-term work plan for forest sector reformAlthough the WG has adopted the above recommendation No. 3 (necessity forpreparation of longer-term forestry reform work plan) on its first meeting, furtherWG activities were not concentrated on that issue. One of the reasons lies in thefact that new FL was already adopted in the meantime, defining also generalelements (i.e. the FDS and the FDP) and timeframes for such a plan. Anotherreason was in the fact that for the support to FDS study, financial means fromthe World Bank’s “Forest Conservation and Development Project” have becomeavailable. And the third reason lied in the most recent agreement between theConsultant (as future SNV Senior Forestry Advisor), the SNV and the FDS’ WGby which the SNV could provide its additional support to the MAFWM includingthe mentioned advisory support. 6
  • 7. Elaboration of the Republic of Srpska Forestry Development Strategy General recommendations for elaboration of the FDSBased on his experiences, including Serbian ones, the Consultant provided thefollowing general recommendations for the RS FDS development: 1) Development of the FDS, and particularly the FDP, must be based on previous analyses and studies, e.g. on forest and forest management conditions, forest functions and their evaluation, forest biological and technical reproduction needs, forest economics and financing, public forest administration and service development needs, private forest support needs etc.. These studies could/should be prepared before very elaboration of the FDS. 2) Development of the new FDP should start already before the FDS is elaborated. 3) The FDS should be developed in a way which would already take the anticipated FDP contents into account. For that reason, the Consultant suggested to the WG, to preliminary consider also that possible FDP contents, based on draft Serbian National Forest Action Programme (which could serve as a general example for such contemporary programme). However, this attempt showed that it was a premature exercise for the WG, in order to harmonize the FDS and FDP contents in so short time. Consequently, the WG started to concentrate itself on the FDS contents and structure only, based on corresponding Serbian example. Development of draft Terms of reference for RS FDSThe WG Coordinator prepared in advance, in collaboration with a few WGmembers, a preliminary proposal for development of the RS FDS. That proposalas already quite complex one was prepared by using the Serbian FDS example,and served as a background for the WG’s work (on its second WS).After two days of discussions and reconciliations of that FDS proposal within theWG, the final draft ToR was generally agreed.The Consultant took over an obligation from the WG to finalize and complementit, with all necessary (standard) contents and matters, after the field mission.Based on this, he finalized the ToR (Appendix 1) and sent it to the WG Leaderand the WB Project Implementation Unit Director.The ToR for FDS “project” anticipated the preparation of certain preliminaryanalyses and studies (to be used for description of forest and forestry situationand problems as well as the elaboration of necessary strategic guidelines withcorresponding generic measures) development as well. Part of the ToR is 7
  • 8. devoted also to coordination and facilitation of the FDS preparation process,including its public discussion.As partly mentioned above, the realization of the FDS “project” is mainlyanticipated to be financed by the WB (covering national consultants) withadditional support of the SNV to be assured by both, PO BL national forestryadvisors (Nenad Buzanin and Aleksandar Mrkobrada) and international forestryadvisor (Franc Ferlin). Both institutions could provide also certain financial andother support for covering the costs of participation process.The deadline for execution of the FDS “project” segments has been set asfollows: - Elaboration and presentation of forest and forestry condition including problems (by end November, 2008); - Elaboration of principles, objectives, guidelines including instruments for their implementation (by end February, 2009); - Public discussion on, and harmonization of the FDS proposal (by end of March) - Submission of final FDS draft (by end of April).With regard to available future Consultants’ capacities (as international SNVadvisor) for development of the RS FDS, it could be counted for a maximum ofup to 15 working days of his services until the draft FDS is submitted.The Consultant provided also corresponding elements for preparation ofMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MAFWM, on that mutualcooperation. The draft MoU was prepared for signing.By the time of finalizing of this report, the ToR has already been adopted by WBand individual contracts for local consultants are about to be prepared forsigning. 8
  • 9. LIST OF APPENDIXESAPPENDIX 1: Terms of Reference for preparation of the Republic of SrpskaForestry Development Strategy study (in English) to be financed by World BankForest Conservation and Development Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina –Extension phase (prepared by Milan Mataruga, Franc Ferlin and other WGmembers). Not for public use! 9